‘Big Brother 18’ Season Finale In Just Four Weeks

In just four weeks the winner of Big Brother 18 will be crowned before the Jury and fans but with this latest Jury Battle Back twist that winner could end up being any of the final eleven Houseguests of the season.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Seven Houseguests remain inside the house right now on Big Brother and they’re expecting things to drop to six this week but that won’t last long when someone comes back and the journey continues to crown one of them the winner of a half million dollars!

The Big Brother 18 finale will be held on Wednesday, September 21st after the Survivor 2016 premiere (meet the new Survivor 2016 cast at our fansite, SurvivorFandom.com). It’ll be a busy night between the two shows and probably means we’ll have a 90-minute Big Brother finale and a 90-minute Survivor premiere. We never need that much time for Survivor and it’s never enough time for Big Brother, but that’s how it’ll likely go.

So we’re marching toward the season finale of BB18 with just four weeks to go and effectively seven HGs left in the running even after Thursday’s eviction. To get to the end we’ll need to start wiz bang tossing HGs out left and right and that’s not a bad thing.

The pace of the game slowed this week as Houseguests settled in on their target and there’s not much active gaming especially with so much control cornered by such a large group as there’s not much need. I think that’s about to change with this week’s twist.

Once another player is back in the game we’ll get a new fight for control and possibly a shake up of the existing alliances. We’ll need to be down to the Final 3 by Sept. 15th and we’ve got one extra player at the current pace so expect another Double Eviction and that’ll get us on track to head in to that final weekend with three in the house and eight in the Jury.

Just one month left to go and eleven Houseguests all still have a shot at the prize money. Who do you hope will take home the half million dollars and crown as the Big Brother 18 winner? Share your thoughts below and get ready for more Big Brother!


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  1. Still hoping for Vic to win. If not him, Paul. After that, I’m just being honest, I could care less.

  2. After some serious thinking (YUK it up LOL), here is what I have came to so far.

    Paulie wins the buyback. He will Nominate both James and Paul. The reason’s are obvious but his target will be PAUL. Now I know some will say different but here is why I think this. James warned Paulie of Z leaving as well as letting Paulie know his game is up (smart move if you are expecting to be in F2 and need the votes from Jury). Paul on the other was instrimental in getting Paulie evicted. I am sure Paulie has spilled the beans about all the remaining HG’s to the other in Jury not knowing one will have the chance to come back. His Renom will be Michelle should one of them come off the block.

    If Victor returns, he will put up both James and Corey. More than likely it wouldn’t matter which one leaves since I feel this will be the DE week AGAIN. Paul would have to win HOH for the second eviction and James or Corey (whichever didn’t leave earlier) will be gone. In case the remaining wins the Veto and comes off then look for Natalie or Nicole to go up.

    Keep in mind that these two scenario’s consist of them winning not only the buyback but the HOH as well.

    Now if for some unknown reason DAY or Z wins the buyback and HOH, look for Michelle to team up with them. One showmance is gone, one Bromance will be broken up and that leaves two showmance’s left in the game. I look for both James and Corey to go up regardless whichever one of these two wins. with the better half of each showmance being the renom of the one that comes off the block. (Corey wins Veto, Nicole goes up).

    Bridgette is the only one I don’t have good reading on just yet but I will guess and say that Michelle might be her target because and only because Michelle in her mind should have been voted out before her.

    Keep in mind these are just my opinions and predictions and they might not agree with anyone else on here. Nothing personal to anyone because we all want someone different to win. After the next DE I will then make my prediction and on whom I think will win this year. I would do it now but there is still too many things that can go wrong on who I pick at this moment.

    • Interesting. Not so sure Paulie would not be targeting James for two reasons: James admitted that Z was going only after Nicole confronted him with it and the second, before he left Paulie warned his two closest allies Corey and Nicole plus Paul to go after James and Victor. Whatever happens it’s going to be fun watching who comes back

      • If Paulie returns, I know he’ll be with NiCorey. Since they are with Jatalie, he might target Paul & Meech.

        But then again, Paul is persuasive and may make the case to Paulie that he’s better than a showmance and get him to go after Jatalie (Nat & Meech = Neech/Gmat).

        Paul might push for James to stay to satisfy Paulie re: Natalie, and knowing that Paulie would probably focus on mowing down the other girls if he gets the mindset back for all guys in the finals. Then Paul works on James to get rid of Corey so he/Paulie won’t take each other…..for PPJ boy combo.

        If Vic returns, we have 2 showmances, a bromance + Meech.

      • He wronged a lot of people there. At least from my perspective, he should be targeted by any returnees.

      • It occured to me that if, and i say this only as food for thought, that if there existed a pre-show alliance betwixt james and nicole, that paulie may have been a part of that, and as a result felt and stated that james moves against him were such huge betrayals.

    • I think Corey will be Bridgette’s target, she left on his HOH. She also wanted to nominate Nicorey during her HOH, before Frank talked her out of it. I don’t think she’ll let another opportunity pass.

  3. This is the last season of BB for me. The only TV show I watched was the live Thursday night show. I watched the first couple of shows and I just could not stand the female voices. Is it just me or are females voices becoming more high pitched/whiny. Is it natural or fake? I kept up with the show on this website, thank you Matthew Boyer, Good Job! But, it was so easy to get caught up in all the comments. I cannot wait for Survivor to start! GO GENERATION “X”!!!!!

  4. I can see Nic getting got in the DE. If she does survives that, she is likely to get Brigaded/Britney’d.

  5. This season has been up and down this season. There were some great dramatic moments (Frank v. Da’Vonne, Tiffany’s cabbage patch speech, Paulie v. Michelle, and considering the HGs flipped on power twice was sweet) but Paulie’s ego and the whole house acting like sheep for so long and dumb decisions also really hurt it. I don’t know how I feel! LOL this season is MUCH better than 17, 16 and 15 though

    • This season has not been as bad to me as most feel it has. IMO, there’s nothing on TV like BB and the worst season of this show is better than 99% of the other junk on air. That said, I hope they make some changes to bring the level of competition up in the future. Definitely looking forward to this All Access edition in the fall.

      • I’m hoping that maybe since it’s an All Access thing, they will cast less recruits next season and get more knowledgeable players of the game since mostly superfans will be the only ones watching anyways

    • You are so right. There’s a lot of memorable episodes in this season, and characters. It’s not bad at all. I look at the whole season, not just the players I hate or who I want to succeed.

  6. This season has been up and down but it all depends on whether Vic wins it to see whether it was worth all the endless hours.

    The fact that the HG was swayed in the DR has really struck a chord with many of us. Sure the showmances were fun at first but they have run their course.

    Anyone watching can tell that neither showmance will last beyond the moment they leave the BB house.

    Production has to get with the program. Vic coming back for a second time will be amazing and winning the whole game would be spectacular.

    • Agreed, him returning a 2nd time is the only way I’ll keep watching the season, it’s just too boring and floaters are at the end.

  7. Definitely don’t want Nicole and Corey to win, it would not be fair all they do is lay in bed to comps start. Last years house played bowling or some type of games. But this is the laziest bunch I have seen through out last BB started.They need someone to live
    things up!!

      • I haven’t watched for two weeks, just read these blogs to find out what’s happening, it isn’t much

      • I watch my grandchildren play very boring games of sports. I watch games on TV with lop-sided scores, knowing the team I’m rooting for is going to lose. Why, because that’s the way it is if you are a true fan. But if the refs always cheated and I knew they had their favorites and would use whatever was in their power to manipulate the game, there would come a point to where I wouldn’t waste my time. Each and every person has their limit and chooses when to pull the plug.

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