Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 9

The Big Brother season that would not end is still dragging on – and yet ANOTHER chance for someone to come back into the game happens this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Brother and love that we still have about a month to go. But this current group sleep more than they are awake. Every season there are a few Houseguests that are horizontal more than vertical – but cmon people WAKE UP!

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

Corey & Nicole are the worst offenders of this on Big Brother 18. At least they are doing *ahem* other stuff than just sleep. I am sure they will be mortified to find out what was on the live feeds. Nicole should know better – but, that’s the game she is willing to play this season. More on this later – BUT FIRST – let’s hand out some Bacon & Tofu

Natalie Negrotti – 5 strips of Bacon – I have been saying it for weeks now, Natalie is the one Houseguest that is most aware of what is going on around her. She finally won an HoH – and had the opportunity to make a safe move, or a bold move. She chose the latter and convinced Michelle to follow suit. She also controls James, which is not really that easy. She is the one that caught on to Paulie manipulating the house, and she also was the first one to realize that Paul was manipulating as well. Natalie is now in the drivers seat and controls the house.

Paul Abrahamian – 4 strips of Bacon – have we ever seen a player go from the bottom to the top this many times in a season? Once a “sitting duck” he worked his way into the majority, then fell out of favor, but then won Veto to save himself. His #1 ally Victor may be walking out the door this week, and people may have caught on to his game, but he’s still there and will battle hard the rest of the way. He has wins to back it up & if he gets power again, will not be afraid to make tough decisions. With a juror set to come back this week, he could probably mend fences with Paulie if he comes back, or go back to running the house if Victor comes back. If Bridgette comes back, he will get her on his side as well.

Victor Arroyo – 2 strips of Bacon – usually the person that is set to leave ends up with Tofu – but not Victor. He has been a good sport about being put up and knows it’s a longshot for him to stay. he is waiting for the last minute to try and sway James to keep him, which is smart, since James cannot make a decision and keep it for more than 12 hours. We know Michelle wants to keep him, so he must try and just convince Natalie as well. That’s not going to be easy, but if he can get through to them, then Corey will walk out the door. Oh, and give this kid an extra piece of bacon for trying to keep the house clean!

They can’t all be bacon winners this week. The countdown continues on the next page…


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  1. Dingus thinks it is gross to use communal soap because it has been in other people’s cracks. Although I tend to agree with her about communal soap, there is probably Doofus tallywhacker juice under her nails and in her crack as I post. So please send her a bar of body disinfecting soap and a nail brush along with that towel.

  2. Spot on, Adam! I agree with absolutely everything you said in your article about HG’s and also would like to see Victor come right back in. Paulie would be more drama, but I don’t think I can take it if he comes back.

      • As a Paul/Victor fan, I would love to see Paulie come back just to screw over James. Oh, you wanted a final four with two showmances James? Guess what, because you flipped and didn’t go after Corey and Nicole, you’re now at a 3-2 disadvantage!

  3. I agree about Natalie, but the other HG who is wide awake is Paul, so those two could make it to the final. I think Nicole is playing a good social game that requires a lot of begging and whining, but it has been working for her. Each week she makes sure to butter kiss whomever is the HOH and finds ways to convince them that she and Corey are not after them while secretly telling others differently. She convinced Natalie and if Paul wins may try to do the same so he could nominate the other showmance in the house who she is not supposedly going after.

    • I think Paul would have teamed up with Nicole and Corey, if the returning juror wasn’t taking place. He’s already started by telling Corey how some people told him Nicole was coming after him. I’m getting confused on who is targeting who, these days.

      • I’m afraid that he is teaming up with them and that is not a good idea. When Victor returns he will side with him to take the rest out. I just want Nicole and James out and everyone else can work with whomever.

    • I personally think that James manipulated Natalie when he talked to her about america wants to see big moves. “who do you think is running this house” and he kept on until she finally came up with Victor and Paul then made her think it was her own idea.

      • I do agree with that, but Natalie has been the one telling James who is running the house and he convinced her to put them up. People say that she is using him, but I think he may be using her. He always liked blonds and is constantly defending Nicole who he has a crush on.

  4. First of all, I agree with your rankings Adam, but I have an off topic question since you’re an insider. Did James break any BB rules? (bribing HG) and if he did, how do they enforce it?

    • They should have received a penalty nom. Drerrick and Cody did same thing tho. Derrick bought Cody a truck after he won. Nothing they can do about it then

      • So if we have any “pre-season” plan to align (like the alleged alliance of P/J/N) – we need to have a code word.
        For example, I could say,
        “Adam, let’s agree to take each other to the end and after the show, I will give you some fresh corn on the cob!”

      • yeah..I could say “I’ll kick your a*s after the show”..so it’s really no big deal. I’m sure a lot them does it.

    • Have some problems with Natalie’s ranking. Not sure if she deserves 5 strips of bacon. Seemed to me that James convinced Natalie not to waver on the Paul/Victor noms when she was having second thoughts before the POV and solidified by suggesting the alliance with Dingus/Corey. Think she might have wanted to change the noms and therefore Michelle would have without James in her ear. Would have given her 3 not 5

  5. BAHAHAHAHA, the towel comment made my day along with the Jozea part. That girl really is as dumb as they come. Please CBS do not bring her back as an “allstar”.

  6. Spot on Adam! I hope Victor or Paulie makes it back into the house. It will be the time for Paul to make an alliance with whomever and Michelle. I want Nicole out first then James. James has let his supporters down with his dishonest actions.

  7. I love that you mentioned that Vic is the only one cleaning haha…that house is going to be so nasty without him.

    Also LOL at “Corey is in the house.”
    That’s literally all there is to say about him. He is existing.

    • It already nasty after last night at least the bathroom is. As of last night Victor is refusing to clean it again. Like Victor said last night these people are just ungrateful POS.

      • In the past when he said something to James & Nic after making a mess after he just cleaned they got mad at HIM. He asked a couple people to help clean on Sunday and they all layed in sun or watched! Ungrateful POS is right.

        Watching the video, the scene was laugh out loud funny! Cleanup was not…

        I like how Vic talked to Michelle about slowing down when she eats so that her stomach has time to know she is full. (About 32 min into BBAD). He is just a nice guy

  8. Adam – great article. Couldnt agree more. If the do evict Vic (it should be Corey). then I hope he is the one to come back in!!

    • There’s still a little time left for the house to flip and send Corey home, although it’s doubtful.
      If we end up with a finale of Corey/Michelle that will be a complete travesty.

  9. I agree, I agree, I agree. I do not like though! I’m so tired of Nat talking like a little girl to Jamesy, lol

  10. Give Corey some credit. Sure, he never does anything, but he managed to make 2 people fall in love with him, and one of them was a dude.

  11. Uh, Adam, your wrong about Nat being on top of things. Bridgette hipped Natalie to Paulie. Bridgette started the whole “let’s get Paulie before he gets us” move. Not Natalie. Also, it was Nichole who went running to James and Nat about Paulies plan for Nichole, Corey and and Paul. Natalie didn’t figure that out on own either. Don’t go giving credit where credit ain’t due. And with this bunch of boring, sleeping, clueless houseguests very little credit is due.

    • Natalie knew it was going on – just too afraid to say anything cause she thought it would backfire on her. As soon as Bridge confirmed it to her – they teamed up to get Paulie out.

      • Not a bold move though. Fear has prevented people from stepping out to initiate anything until the house is on board, which kinda makes sense.

  12. I think Natalie is getting way more credit than she deserves. She’s always had an idea of what was going on but it’s always a very vague idea. All of her theories are about 75% facts and 25% is stuff she pulled out of her ass.
    Michelle has been the worst player this week. All of Natalie and James’ schemes result in a no win situation for her but she still goes along with every plan they propose.

    • True, but to be fair she isn’t anyone’s target and she has more awareness compared to everyone else in this game.

      • She isn’t anyone’s target because she is weak and pathetic. That’s not a huge feat to accomplish. The nature of the game always incentivizes being mediocre, just look at who’s remaining.

  13. Thanks for the ranking, Adam. Don’t necessarily agree with them, but I still think it’s cool you share your opinions with us!

    I do agree, though, that Paulie coming back would bring the most drama to the house, and that’s always a win for us watching the feeds. This week started off strong with the flip, but now things are too quiet. I haven’t been here for a couple days because there just hasn’t been anything interesting going on, so nothing for me to really comment on.

      • Not everyone wanted Paulie gone. We may have all disliked his personality, but there were some of us who respected him as one of the few actual players in the house this season.

  14. What stuff does Corey say? It’s hard for me to believe what people are willing to do in bed on this show with the cameras on. With family and friends out there and everyone knowing your business. Eeek

  15. Hey Adam allow me to give you some bacon for your spot on analysis. I know you’re not playing, but what the heck.

  16. It’s sad that newbies are playing a better game than the vets. I see either of the three bacon nominees winning this game. Maybe they deserve it, maybe they don’t. But defintley more than the tofu razzies.

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