‘Big Brother 18’ Schedule: Final Live Show Dates Reveal Eviction Pace

Only a few weeks remain in the Big Brother 18 season and we’ve still got seven Houseguests left in the running which means it’s time to start knocking these last evictions out left and right.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

With an extra HG back in the game the house suspects they’ll be seeing another Double Eviction coming up and it’s also what I thought they’d do this season but a new release of Big Brother 18 schedule details shows that may not be happening.

CBS has released the upcoming live show schedule through On Camera Audiences, a site where fans can site up for free tickets to live shows tapings, and it looks like we might not be getting a Double Eviction after all.

The remaining live show tapings are scheduled for the following days all the way to finale night:

  • Thurs, Sept. 1st – 6 HGs left
  • Thurs, Sept. 8th – 5 HGs left
  • Mon, Sept. 12th – 4 HGs left
  • Wed, Sept. 14th – 3 HGs left
  • Wed, Sept. 21st – Finale & winner revealed

The next two Thursdays will have traditional schedule shows but after that we’ve got a few changes. The Monday show suggests we’ll get a Fast Forward week instead of a Double Eviction. That’s a compressed series of events over a few days instead of a regular week or instead of a DE’s one-night round of chaos. They might end up taping that on Monday and airing it another day instead of broadcasting it live. We don’t have CBS’s primetime schedule yet for that far out so I’m not sure.

Downside to the Fast Forward is we’ll probably lose the Big Brother Live Feeds until the results air.

Then we’ve got two Wednesday shows starting on the 14th of September. The shift of this live show to Wednesday was likely because NFL’s week two Thursday night game is on CBS which would be an overlap. That makes the Sept. 8th show the last Thursday episode of the season.

The last Big Brother taping on that list is the BB18 season finale on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 when the winner will be crowned and awarded $500,000!

Busy four weeks of the season left to go here! Want to be in the audience? Get on the waitlist at OCA.


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      • Yes! 8:00 EST, 90 mins of each show!
        “Because I’m happy
        Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”

      • That would be great, imo. But if I was a TV viewer only, I might feel differently abut that.

      • I watch all 3 CBS shows, but The Amazing Race has got to be the best show on television.

      • I’ve been up to date with TAR Can Mary, and enjoying it very much. I like Emmet/Jill because of their competitiveness…do you?

      • I didn’t know they had the show in other countries. What channel do you watch it on?

      • Oh, I don’t have it on my cable/channels. I get it from internet..it’s a little complicated…I’m always behind a day, but that’s cool.

      • I watch some things a day behind on a watchtvseries website, but sometimes it pops up at midnight. They don’t have BB there or The amazing race.

      • I’m glad to hear that Cyril, I was actually wondering if you were watching it. Emmet & Jill from BB Canada – they were so cute on it but wow their constant arguing is annoying. I kind of like Frankie & Amy.

      • The new survivor is Millenials vs Gen X. Millenials -ages are 18 – 31, average age 25; Gen X – ages 33-52, average age 40. It has to be more interesting than this season of BB……..

      • Absolutely! I looked on the site the other day, but couldn’t remember the other group name.Thanks, SJA!

      • That,s mostly because producers like A Grodner believe that anyone over 35 already has 1 foot in the grave and can,t do anything,but boy is she wrong

      • They won’t let him win, he is obviously a great competitor and if he does win it will be well deserved. Other than Paul and Vic, the rest of the remaining HGs are all floaters hiding behind great players.

      • Well they gave 2 spots to re-enter. I truely think a Victor win would revolutionize big brother in a huge way

        The hate would be so big that they would get rid of returnee comps. They would also have to cut most of the twist and limit it to one season long twist.

        BB production better enjoy it while it lasts.

      • I would rather them just cast 18 instead of 16..that way we wouldn’t have to endure these jury buy backs..once a HG is gone..their game is over.

      • same.

        Dear BB

        PS. If we want to watch BB twists with a side of competition then we will watch bbcan.

      • I would rather BB go back to less weeks of the show and not get so involved in the game or choosing favorites. I would love for America to play and choose nominees. I think they would get more viewers if we get to engage in the game. Voting seems fishy and they could choose whomever they want.

      • I want the old twists to come back..DPOV, Pandora’s Box. Coup ‘d tat..comps for HN…that was when BB was really fun to watch…Let’s go back to old school BB again!! Can you hear me production?

      • I like that idea except the Coup ‘d tat its just cheep unless its in a comp or everyone has a chance to get it.

      • Pandora’s Box would be good. How about a new twist? The HOH that opens the box gives each of the other houseguests a small reward but the HOH gets a punishment. At the live eviction the HOH must remove a nominee from the block and take their place. Telling anyone about this punishment in advance would mean instant eviction for the HOH and give safety to both nominees. That’s a twist no one would see coming. Expect the unexpected!

      • I would question whether anyone in the house could keep the secret long enough to make it to eviction night.

        I have applied several times. It would be my luck to finally get into the house and then get tripped up by my own suggestion.

      • You said you did not like Friends or Seinfeld. Obviously, that isn’t a requirement, but if I was on the selection committee and a contestant said they didn’t like those type shows, I would tear up their application. LOL…Hope you have a sense of humor.:D

      • Wow! You read one of my previous posts and remembered something I said. Seinfeld himself said that it was a show about nothing. I don’t get why it lasted for so many seasons. Yes, I have a sense of humor, just somewhat different than yours. I guess we both enjoy Big Brother or we wouldn’t be posting to this site.

      • Yes, I remember, because I have spoken to so few people in my life that didn’t care for the shows it always kind of sends a red alert. Don’t ask me why. It’s like when I see a dead snake on the road, I ALWAYS get an involuntary shudder. It’s uncontrollable. But it’s good to know you have a sense of humor and I can joke with you. :D

      • I would enjoy meeting you on BB 19 so we could laugh at each other. What a hilarious sight I would be in a unitard! I would enjoy being the most unexpected (and oldest) winner in Big Brother history.

      • We’d probably be quite a sight in our swimwear. Come to think of it, that might be one of the reasons there are very few people over 40 on the show. But self confidence goes a long way in carrying off a unitard. I think we’d rock it out!

      • I think so too! It took me enough years to have the courage to make an application video. I have become a lot more courageous lately. So we all have a good laugh over it and get on with the game.

      • I love America sabotaging the game. Having a mole in the house and even choosing their HN. Right now they are focusing more on showmances rather than making it a fun game to watch. They think America wants to see couples, and I’m sure many viewers do, but i’m sick of it.

      • Seasons 2-7 has 0 interference from america except with the returning evicties 2 or 3 times. They all had (except season 2) 1 season long twist that players knew about and played around.

        They were probably the best seasons.

      • I would normally like the idea but if this seasons votes are any indication I’m all set. America votes for literally every useless player in there. Congrats guys! Vic would deserve it if he won BTW. He worked hard to win back in.

      • I dont know… then it would become a popularity contest instead of a big brother game. It’s why the UK and other versions of BB dont interest me at all. However, the care packages and MVP twists are fine as it’s still up to the player on how they use what America gives them

      • And you run the risk of having people who may only watch the TV broadcast effecting the game and we have seen how CBS filters the broadcast to show some HG’s in a more favorable light than they deserve.

      • I agree they either need to shorten the season or if they want to do 90+ day season, cast enough houseguests to cover the entire season. Buybacks are so annoying and they mess up the dynamic of the game.

      • Victor isn’t a great player. Paul and Paulie made all of Victor’s decisions for him. From the remaining houseguests left Paul, Nicole, and Natalie deserves to win in that order.

      • A great player wins comps and keeps him/her self in the game. I think Nicole has played a good scheming game, but she only wins comps if it is given to her. Twice she was given HOH and hopefully this time she’ll regret it on her way to the jury house. Paul deserves to win as well, but he rubs me the wrong way and i want him to go after Nicole and James.

      • Nicole and James have not been nominated. Natalie has only been nominated once I think Paul has been nominated several times but a lot were as a pawn. Victor has been nominated 2 times and gone home 2 times

      • Nicole and James spent most of the season hiding behind the best players. It is now that they are awake, but hopefully things will go sour for them. I do agree that Nicole has played a good game, but other than Michelle nobody has been after her and James evicting Victor made him a threat for the first time.

      • A great player doesn’t need to win competitions because they are able to talk themselves out of trouble. Big Brother is NOT about competitions. This isn’t MTV’s The Challenge. How many competitions has Will Kirby won? 0.. how many influence did he have in Season 7? A LOT. Great players use their social abilities or strategic abilities to keep themselves safe. If you need to rely on winning a competition than that means your game is bad.

      • I do agree, but that is not always the case. Unless the rest of the house is a bunch of idiots who get manipulated. At the beginning of the season it was going that way for Paulie and he even threw comps, but if you are a threat and the whole house wants you out, then you are a good player. Paulie was one, and so was Frank, but they still got evicted and couldn’t win their way back.

      • If your a threat you made yourself threatening to the other houseguests. In Big Brother you never want to give people reasons to target you. Victor was targeted back in week 2 because he wasn’t liked. Than last week, he was targeted because he was associated with Paul and because Vic made himself a threat by winning competitions. A good player is able to maneuver their way through the game by their social or strategic skills. If you always have to win comps than your game sucks.

      • …and don’t forget Ian Terry said..”big component of this game is LUCK..lol and I agree.

      • And he is also sharing his pickle juice with the right person. I don’t know as that I would call that luck, but maybe limited options?

      • I don’t think he’d have been as lucky if he didn’t have Nicole beside him, right?

      • I know. I should apologize, but it would be insincere. No malicious intent.
        Missed you today.:)

      • TY I have been so fed up with BB I have been staying away. Sorry …… I won’t be watching next year.

      • I feel your pain. Everyone has their limit. I was a fan of BB, the show that began 18 seasons ago. This is a clusterf*k.

      • The only season I missed was #2. I may not remember them well but I watch them. This year to me is the worst. JMO

      • I think my attitude is the result of being so disappointed with the ongoing and seemingly increasing interference and manipulation tactics of DR/Production. It takes a way from the genuineness of the game which invalidates the experience to a degree, for me anyway.

      • I agree. As many here have said I wish BB would go back to it’s roots but alas CBS and Grodner have not asked my opinion (or anyone else it seems) so I assume production interference will continue on a grand scale.

      • Although some long time fans might not continue their loyalty to the show, I guess there will always be new fans who do not remember the good old days. Give me an Evel Dick any day. As much as I disliked the guy as times, he was the type of player that made BB so popular.

      • I keep coming back each year hoping it will be different and the show will go back to the good old days. Even the showmances are not really showmances. A showmance, to me, is when both parties are into each other like Rachel and Brendan ( I know many don’t like them but I do believe they actually liked each other and they’re married and still together) and Jeff and Jordan. James and Nat are, at best, friends and definitely not a showmance. Paulie and Z were not a showmance, he was just using her. And Nicole and Corey are not a showmance, he’s clueless and using her and she’s just delusional. Alliances, maybe, showmances, no way. Didn’t mean to ramble on but I will remain optimistic that next season will be better. :)

      • I’ve always thought having a showmance in the BB house was not a smart move, but I have to agree with you about Rachel and Brendan. I don’t know how the guy puts up with her, but I can’t help but like her myself as crazy as she makes me at times.

      • I saw where he posted a picture of his beautiful family early this season. Between his Survivor and BB sites, I don’t see how the guy has time for a real life. His wife might not appreciate a TAR site also.

      • Yes I’m sure his time is at a premium. I did ask him one time and he said he doesn’t follow TAR. I tried. Do you have a site you go to during TAR season?

      • Nooo! Three seasons ago, I was a newcomer to computers(I’m 60 and found the tech world to be intimidating). I happened upon the site quite by accident and posted once not realizing that I had entered a door of a family of BB fans. I’ve never started posting on Survivor, although I might try it instead of BB because I have became disillusioned with BB this year. Only one a year for me. I’m really computer illiterate. I’ve never looked for a TAR site but there has to be one out there. :)

      • I understand. I post occasionally on the Survivor site but I haven’t found a TAR site. I will be on the look out for a TAR site and look forward to seeing you on the Survivor site. Have a good night.

      • I did post on Survivor a couple of times last season because I told a friend I would. Just wanted you to know that when I said I never started, I meant for a season. If I don’t do BB next season, I’ll probably try Survivor and if so, I’ll be sure to watch for you. Nice posting with you.

      • Great, I don’t subscribe to CBS All Access so I’m just sticking with Survivor and TAR for the fall season. I get burned out from a summer of BB and look forward to a change.

      • But, but…I’ll miss you if you don’t. You add flavor to the blog here. :-( My curiosity always gets the better of me. I’ll be back, hoping for an even better season each year as it rolls around.

      • I’m having issues receiving all of my notifications. Luckily, I’ve went back to read a few threads today and ran across several replies to my posts that never showed up on my notification page. That’s been happening a lot lately. :(

      • Competitions are a small part of the game, but you don’t win because of it. You win if your game was good enough to win. Victor has been evicted twice. Obviously his game sucks.

      • The HGs wanted him out the 2nd week because they didn’t like him. Last week they wanted him out because he was associated with Paul. If he was such a good player, both times he would have corrected his mistakes. Just because he fought his way back into the game doesn’t mean he should win or is a good player. He is terrible, he has to rely on comps in order to survive (your game sucks if you need to rely on comps), he has no strategic game (Paul and Paulie had to tell him what to do), and his social game sucked. (Yes they like Victor, but he doesn’t maneuver his way through the game socially by influencing people or building trust with people).

      • I guess it’s easier to do that from a bed. Too bad he doesn’t have a person to fake a romance with. Let’s see, who is left? Michelle, she likes to stay in bed. Perfect! hehehe

      • Obviously we see the game differently but I always appreciate reading the different opinions, it’s what makes the world go round.

      • You’ve mentioned that before and like I’ve said before, I don’t get that argument. It shows how hard Vic has had to work to further his game. He used Paul as his social game when Vic was HOH because Paul enjoys yapping. But other times he has proven to be very sociable and well liked and respected. The HGs are in bed so much it is difficult to interact with them much of the time. His competitive game is feared.

      • Victor has worked hard in the competitions yes, but Big Brother is not about competitions. If you have to win competitions in order to survive that means your game sucks. His strategic and social game sucks. He relies on Paul and Paulie to make all his decisions whenever he was HOH. Also he may be liked but his social game isn’t great, he got evicted TWICE because of it.

      • I think he got evicted the second time because he was a comp. threat not because of his social game.

      • He was evicted because he was associated with Paul. If he had a better social game, he could have easily disassociated himself from Paul and tried to convince James to keep him. Victor is a terrible player.

      • Didn’t they try disassociating themselves before the eviction and Vic still got voted out? I think James saw him as a threat and that’s why he voted him out. I don’t think Vic is the best player to ever play BB but considering the HG’s left in the game I think he’s playing a pretty good game and at least he’s playing. Some of these HGs just started playing the game this week (eg. Nicole, Corey, James) so I don’t think much of them.

      • He has 10 comp wins but thats it. He has no strategic mind. His social is okay but the physical game of his makes him to big of a threat. Plus he was saved 2 times and that in its self makes him unqualified to win.

      • Where do the game rules say he is unqualified? He’s still there and he has done the work to keep himself in the game. The others haven’t had to work for their spot.

      • He got evicted. In 10/11 of the seasons your out for good. In 6 or 7 of these seasons you get one chance to come back then its over. In only this season do you get 3 chances.

        So thats why he is undeserving/unqualified. Any other season he would not still be in.

      • I love a friendly disagreement. It’s the arrogant, lecturing a$$holes that have no sense of humor that get under my skin.

      • I’ll admit I have had a bad day before and let one of those arrogant-type know-it-alls get to me. I’m far from perfect.

      • lol, apparently today is Speak Kind Words Day so you’re words are in the right spirit!

      • I think so as well, but just the fact that he has won his way back twice and the other HGs still fear him makes him the best to me. Any other player had gotten evicted and had to try to come back, and I don’t believe they would have. Right now we would have either Jozea or Paulie playing this game again. Victor is a much nicer guy.

      • Well then, isn’t it great that he’s in this season? He applied before and didn’t get in to the house. Must be fate, he was meant to be in BB18 with the chance to come back again…and again. Lol, Yeah!

      • That’s from a viewer’s perspective. From a juror’s, I don’t think they’ll take statistics of past seasons into consideration, only the season at hand.

      • There’s really no single formula to win this game. All the BB greats have said, what worked in their season is necessarily gonna work in a particular season. Depending on the casts dynamic/twists/luck etc. Good social game and you definitely have to win comps to survive…they all go hand in hand.

      • Other than Paul with his blabber mouth. He has also won some comps. Victor is still the best one in my opinion.

      • Big Brother gave almost everyone the chance to return to the game, Victor won, taking advantage of those opportunities. There is no one way to win BB.

      • They should have done like survivor RI tell everyone you get 2/3 chances to win.

      • If you made it to the F2 and played a game that is worthy enough of a win than you deserve it. But if you didn’t do anything or if you’ve been evicted, than in my opinion you don’t deserve it.

      • I agree. It’s not the player’s fault that BB chose to have evictees return. You play the hand your dealt. If Victor manages to make it to the final 2 then he is as deserving of the win as anyone else.

      • ..and did you know according to Derrick that some of the Jurors considered giving their votes to Victoria, had any one of them taken her?…(travesty?) so I don’t know what they’re talking about ‘who f ng deserves to win. lmao

      • Oh, that would’ve been crazy but that’s what happens sometimes. I’m sure we’ve all had seasons where we felt the winner wasn’t deserving but that’s the game. I think it’s rare that I’ve been really happy about the winner but I keep coming back. :)

      • Every season I feel like someone is not deserving. I am still waiting for that season where one of my faves wins it. Ian, Steve, obnoxious Andy. Why did Boogie win, I still don’t know.

      • In Nascar, it doesn’t matter if you shoved a car out of your way, how many wrecks you caused, or if you had someone push you over the line, if you got across that finish line first, you deserve the win. But, if you get caught cheating, there are huge consequences.

      • I had a few moments of love to hate Derrick, but if I had been a jury member I would definitely have cast my vote for him to win. Of course, that is me on the outside looking in.

      • I know. He was hands down the best player, but as a viewer I couldn’t stand him. I always like the nicer, non schemers. I don’t like when people don’t get found out and get away with things, but of course it is not his fault the the house was full of idiots.

      • The jurors were asked if Cody would have gone with Victoria how many would have voted for her and I think all or most raised their hands.

      • Voting for her would have been a big F.U. to Derrick for screwing them over.

        Bitter as jurors can be, I had a feeling that Derrick was half-expecting a unanimous vote from the jury for him to win.

        Not sure he knew about Donny’s promise to Cody that he has a sure vote from him.

      • I was just really trying to make a point. People here are trying to debate who deserves to win, which is crazy..

      • As far as being eligible to win, statistics have never really come into play as a factor either. You have to also take into consideration of who the jurors are too that will be deciding the winner’s fate as well as the type of season that was played (this one is not like any others in the past). I say if Vic and Paul are left, they will choose to give the win to Vic. Anyone else, well we’ll just have to wait and see who’s more worthy or deserving. Am I right?

      • At this point I’m really not sure who the jurors would vote for if it came down to Vic and Paul, hopefully Victor.

      • BB Podcasters have praised Vic’s Jury management, It’s impeccable. We all know that’s hard to do on BB….talking about social game right.

      • That’s why I can’t get it in my head how anyone could argue Vic’s social game. Sometimes the less you say, the better liked you are. Take Paul for instance…. lol

      • You’re making me laugh today. lol..and you’re catching me when I’m serous. I used to do that to you a lot..lol

      • You still do. Don’t think I haven’t caught on to your tactics. When you are “watching” me going over the edge, you magically appear to throw me a lifeline. You’re my little lifesaver. :)

      • Sounds about right. I don’t get the feeds but from what I read here and what CBS shows us Vic doesn’t seem to have made any enemies so far. I do think James is jealous of him but not sure how that would play out if Vic makes it to final 2. I think even Paulie would vote for Vic

      • I think that Paulie will be the only sore loser and possibly James who will not vote for Victor. He will have the majority of the votes.

  1. Victor is getting my vote for AFP..whether he wins the game or not. James is a little too confident..he thinks he has it wrapped up in a nice little bow. Not from this viewer..he doesn’t.

  2. Looks like Victor might just pull out a win. Don’t think it’s fair that he got 3 chances though. Especially since Frank was the only one that got zero chances.

    • Frank got voted out before jury or he would have gotten the opportunity to compete as well. Brigitte did.
      Victor wasn’t lucky to win those comps, he was the best one.

      • But the first five eliminated got to compete in the buy back. Frank was the only one that didn’t get to compete because he was eliminated both one week too soon and one week too late. No matter who it was, it would suck. I’m not taking anything away from Victor, BB gave him opportunities and he ran with them.

      • And Victor also got voted out before jury. That’s my point every single person voted out got a 2nd chance except for Frank. And now Victor has a 3rd chance. Maybe they’ll give him a fourth too. If he wins its been given to him not earned. Takes more then comp wins to win the game. And being voted out twice is not good game play. JMO.

      • Did he? I thought he would have been the first jury member. Who left after Victor?

      • Victor was one of the first five that got voted out and battled their way back. It was Glenn, Jozea, Bronte, Tiffany and Victor that had a chance.

      • But why hold it against Vic? Should he have not taken advantage of the chances he had? This doesn’t even make sense.

      • I’m not holding it against him. Of course he should take advantage of it. Just like if he’s given a 4th, 5th, 6th chance. I hold it against production. They’re giving him all kinds of chances to win the game. It’s like he has an advantage. And it’s called “production”. If he wins great but he didn’t earn it production gave it to him.

      • And he had a chance to come back the fourth time as well if he had a round trip ticket but then he doesn’t.

        But him coming back on his accord speaks volumes how much heart he has in this game.

    • Frank also had a chance at the round trip ticket. So if you want to say Vic had 3 chances, then Frank had 1 chance

    • L, do you think repeatedly saying it’s unfair, will change anything??? It is what it is.

  3. CBS has always had the better broadcasting on tv. I watch almost everything on television related to CBS. The soaps and BB, Survivor, and Amazing Race. Our CBS affiliate in Savannah the Big Red 11. Had to give a shoutout.

    I would like to see only 16 HG with no buy backs and cut out the twists. Ninety days is way to long. Also, add a few Gen X, Millenials and Baby Boomers to the mix. It would make for some great interactions and see how the mindsets have changed through the years.

    • Agreed. I would like to see a return to ‘classic’ bb with weekly noms and basic PoV and lots of comps for prizes/money in between – entertaining, challenging comps.
      And would the producers PLEASE make it a term of contract that the HGs must clean the house regularly?!!!

    • If you think 90 days is too long, then the one we have here in the Philippine had a season that went past 155 days (while BBUS is going for a record 99 days this season).

      Going for a whole 100-day interval would be a rite of passage for this particular version as just about every other BB have done it.


      • How do you suggest that these RETARDED labels aren’t used? If you follow any news programming these labels are used. CBS will use these retarded labels to describe the next Survivor being broadcast in a few weeks. How about broadening your vocabulary by fully understanding the span of years for these Generations of people. Thank you!

  4. Does anybody know how many HG’s there will be in the online fall BB? Or how many weeks it will last? Just wondering.

  5. Expect the unexpected allows for creative license to maximize advertisement revenue. Add-tracking anthe like allows the show to target adds to the viewing audience. Subliminally, we all direct the game, and if we get casted likely hood of showmances, it is because the folks that do the market research have determined that is what a good portion of the audience wants to see. Metrics people, Metrics.

  6. Getting really tired of being told that my feeds are going to get cut… why am I paying for something that I don’t even get to use have the time?

  7. Why are these people always talking to the cameras. I don’t care about your family or reasons why you want to win the money. Everyone there wants and needs to win the money. America doesn’t get to choose the winner, which is fortunate or else James will win.

    • Haha. Yes it’s clear from the voting on the ACPs that the TV viewing audience is a whole different breed from those of us who follow the show online or by Live Feeds.

  8. If Gnat wins veto and removes Michelle from the block, who would Dingus renom. I think Vic. Ideas?

    • Ok, lost it there for a minute. I’ll try again. If JAMES wins veto and used it on Michelle, who would Dingus renom?

      • Delete the other one. I think it will unfortunately be Victor because she is refusing to nominate James.

      • She couldn’t nom James anyway if he won the veto, but I think she would renom Vic , too, if James won and used it on Michelle. Just hope James doesn’t win it.

      • Yes she could, but for some reason I don’t think she would, even though Doofus seems to want Gnat evicted more than Michelle. Dingus would be showing her hand to James plus going back on her word to him. As much as I would love to see that happen, I can’t believe it would. It’s fun to speculate when there is nothing else going on. :)

  9. So according to an article on Jokers Natalie is dangerous to feminism because she used her femininity to make James go against Paulie.

    • Well Doofus is using his feminism to make Dingus go against Gnat? Is there not an article about that?

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