Big Brother 18 Renewed For Return Next Summer

CBS is expected to welcome the return of Big Brother 18 in the summer of 2016 next season thanks to a double renewal of our favorite reality series previously announced last year.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother on CBS
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother on CBS – Source: CBS

Since the 2014 announcement from CBS confirming both BB17 and BB18 we’ve seen another strong season with a fantastic cast, despite contrary statements from the CBS president. This group of Houseguests delivered strong ratings and a satisfying season while overcoming the initial attempt of the “fan favorite” Battle of the Block and a “season long” BB Takeover.

I’d expect CBS to share a press release detailing the summer season’s rating successes for more specifics, but I know we saw a big rise in traffic here on our site this year over the past two seasons. I really believe this reflects a marked increase in an exciting installment that gave us plenty of drama mixed with some surprising strategies.

While we don’t know for sure when Big Brother 18 will premiere I think we’re likely to see a similar return of the late June 2016 debut and a 13-week season running in to mid-late September next year.

Want to take your shot at the half-million dollar prize? Online applications are now being accepted and open-call casting events are expected for the spring, but no dates or locations announced as of yet.

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  1. I enjoyed the season as I always do, but this season was one of the worst. You have to admit this season was not as strong and the cast was weak. If CBS says it was bad then you know it was bad.

    • Bb needs to stop putting “wannabe celebrities” on the show…Frankie, Vanessa, Austin…that’s getting real old. I loved the show when it was regular people competing for the money. I liked it better when BB didn’t use promotional people on their show. That in itself makes the game look rigged and then when you actually watch the fake “gameplay” it’s obvious there had to be some kind of deal between them

      • Amen, Carmuss! Unfortunately, these days networks don’t want to see ‘real’ people. Ratings are better when they cast plenty of ‘eye candy’.

      • It is proven that casting more attractive people increases ratings, but is it possible that so many shows use eye candy casting that by not using it it will differentiate the show causing an increase in ratings. Today so many shows are using clearly attractive people that by having a show that isn’t it could make more people watch.

      • Thing here is that BB already has a HUGE fanbase who will watch it regardless. They don’t need gimmicky casting – in fact, the vast majority of us HATE it! – to still have ratings & make money. Personally, I think it’s time for Grodner to go. Her ideas have gone stale. I mean, when the fans in the house can tell you WHICH comps are on which days & be almost 100% correct, you’ve got problems!

      • All of the comps are so similar to past season every time one comes up I know what it is, what is the best strategy to take with it, and who will likely win. They really need some different ones.

      • They probably only keep them around so they can use the same basic sets from season to season. It’s cheaper that way. (Not better, and certainly not more creative or challenging, just cheaper.)

      • Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Sadly, I don’t think that’d ever fly…at least not now. Maybe in a few years..but not right now.

      • Nice idea, but with the Bachelor/ette franchise and its copycat dating shows, it’s been shown it won’t work. The Bachelor/ette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise only use beautiful people because no one wants to watch ordinary-looking contestants. Remember shows like Average Joe – that tried the “average person” idea – it lasted one season, I think, while the Bachelor/ette just finished season 29 (or was it 30). I don’t mind beautiful people, but now it’s only about beautiful people who think they should be famous, as well.

      • The flaw in your statement is that you only used dating shows. For that particular sub genre of competition reality shows they rely on attractive people in order to draw viewers. With a game like Big Brother a less attractive cast can work better.

      • It could, indeed. I agree with you. We could all name HGs we enjoyed getting to “know” throughout the years who were certainly not considered “beautiful.” This season, though, Vanessa was the oldest player; the others were all young and beautiful. Jason was right: “why is everybody so freakin’ beautiful?!” Not much diversity this time around.

      • And diversity is what made the show great in the first place. Wasn’t the point of the show when it all started to see how different, key word different, people play the game and react to living with each other. The point in my opinion was to have something similar to the real world, seeing how different people react to living with each other, but a competition. By removing diversity (in every way race, age, religion, etc), the point of the show and what made the show interesting has been removed. Don’t get me wrong I still love the show and will be right back to watching it next year, but it is not as good without diversity.

      • Right. It started out as being a microcosm of society – a social experiment to see how different we were and how the same we were, and how we could work together toward one common goal. That’s what made it innovative and worth watching. Seventeen seasons later all I can conclude is that casting has just gotten lazy.

      • Agreed! I’ve been lobbying years for more diversity (and no I don’t mean diversity as in we have one token gay person, 3 token ethnic minorities, and one twin or something ridiculously pc like that)… Where are the people over 35yrs? How about over 55yrs? Where are the people who live paycheque to paycheque? Where are the soccer moms who pack their kids’ lunches everyday? Where is the local hero who donates all his free time to charity? How about a villain who actually enjoys their job collecting people’s property from those who can’t pay their loans on time? ..etc, etc, etc

      • I don’t want to call names to support that statement but we know there have been very popular HGs on BB who were not generally considered “as attractive” as others.

      • Absolutely I would say most of the favorite house guests are not the “attractive people” of the season. Look at this season JMac and James were not chosen to be the attractive people and they are the favorites. I would certainly not consider either of them unattractive, but compared to someone like Clay who is chosen for simply that reason they are not. Last season Donny and Derrick were the same. Not unattractive, but not the “attractive people” of the season. Zingbot even made fun of Derrick for being the ugly person of the season. Then look at the Jokers poll who do you see at the top JMac, James, etc. Who is near the bottom Clay, Shelli, Liz, Julia.

      • Good observations and stats that the producers really SHOULD look at. I think people like ”good looks” when they are from the girl next door, and not so much the model with an attitude of superiority. ;)

      • That is just using this season and a little from last season as you go season by season I would guess it is the same for the most part.

      • Donnie from last season was no eye candy, but yet one of the fan favorites. Johny Mac is no eye candy. But he is leading the polls.

      • Oh I disagree. Yes on average you’ll get people who gravitate towards the lowest common denominators. BUT there are Outliers in every marketplace. Big Brother became famous not by TnA but by a cool concept. And heck there are real good looking people out there who aren’t models, actors & minor celebs so why not use them as we saw in the first seven seasons? Personally I think Jun remains one of the best looking winners who wasn’t cast onto the show.

      • That’s what I’ve been advocating for a while! Yes TnA sells, but the ”product quality” goes down and therefore you will often see shows who are Outliers do well in the marketplace. You just need to make sure that when you go ”counter culture” you do so with a good product.

      • I think they should take some of the people who are on survivor or get the ones who do not make it on the show.

      • Think she means the recruits are there for eye candy, mostly. For example:
        Liz said she was the prettiest girl in the house (she didn’t know why she didn’t have anything going with any of the guys at that time) – from last night’s Mem Lane show. She was a recruit, I believe.

        James thought Meg had a Taylor Swift quality.

        Clay – caught both Shelli’s and Meg’s eye, and a recruit.

        I thought Becky looked amazing, esp’ly given what she went through. A recruit.

        Jackie is a dancer/entertainer – “recruited” from TAR.

      • LOL. Well, Da’Vonne gonna be p*ssed at you… I thought Becky was attractive too and Julia & Meg. And Audrey if you swing that way and Vanessa too.

      • Oh, I agree. And Meg was absolutely adorable! Not only was she very pretty on the outside—you could tell that the was the same on the inside. :) I just wrote my comment that way because I thought it would be funny saying Clay was ‘pretty’. All the ladies were lovely!

      • I agree. I didn’t find this season to be overly attractive. Young yes, attractive..meh. I can’t see it in the twins, but can’t remember my initial perception, which makes it hard to know if it’s appearance or my reaction to their personalities.

      • Yeah, where are all the one-legged people? Just exaggerating but I agree with you. And yes, I know who the winner of BB1 was and he was one-legged.

      • Eddie. Saw him in a movie he was the lead actor in it. Only reason I watched the movie was because of him. No the movie was not good.

      • Did the film seem to jump around? Sorry, couldn’t resist… actually watching him move around you pretty much forgot he only had 1 leg.

      • I know a kid with one leg that uses the same walking sticks that Eddie uses. With them your upper body becomes so strong that you can move with ease. The same thing happens with the kid I know you forget that there is even a disability because it has such a small noticeable effect.

      • who was not normal in this cast? Everyone in this cast is the average person you would find at your local store. Although they should end recruitment.

      • I personally have never seen a 6’5″ fully tattooed wrestler, a transgender person, a hillbilly asian, or a millionaire poker player at my local stores. But, maybe I am not going into interesting enough stores.

      • Okay you probably have seen a million air they just have not said they were out to everyone and a tall tatood person. I have also never seen a transgender person but she was there to “represent” and hillbilly asian is probably more common in texas or down south.

      • Oh I have seen many many millionaires. I can walk to shops and see many right now. But, professional poker playing millionaires, never. A tall person with tattoos ok I have seen some, but that look like Austin not in my local shops. Can’t argue the transgender or hillbilly asian comments though.

      • And the twins who are models? And the minor celebs who were on another reality show? Like I said, I really need to see where you’re shopping! ;)

      • I didn’t think Austin was a wannabe celebrity. He was a long time fan and talked about old contestants.

      • I agree 100%. Not 85% (like Vanessa always says. 85%). It seems too rigged with all the celebrity wanna bes. It is ruining the show for real people that want to watch real people.

    • I “like” the people on this year’s show compared to other seasons.
      But I agree they came off as “weaker” players compared to other seasons. Some of that I’d write off to the recruits but for the most part, I just think Vanessa was out of their league. If she hadn’t been on this year’s show, I think we’d have seen a different show. Well obv we would have but you know what I mean? (I don’t think the cast would have appeared to be so weak.)

      • I get what you mean and agree to a point. Vanessa was out of their league and it made it tough just like Derrick was out of the others league last season. Not saying Vanessa is Derrick she is not as good, but it is a similar comparison. However, the players even with Vanessa not involved I feel would be weaker. No one really seemed to know what was happening or how to play. Without Vanessa my guess is they would just wander around not knowing what to do.

    • every season I’ve watched live has had the same online comments. “this season sucks! that strategy sucks! that move sucks! the players suck!” and yet this season we have had consistently exciting moves, big blowups, and tons of power switches (remember when Shelli ran the house?) if you guys would get your heads out your asses I think you’d have a lot more fun watching. this season was awesome and anyone who says otherwise is just mad the season didn’t go the way they wanted. I for one love when the season goes an opposite direction from what I ever expected. it’s much better than knowing Derrick would win episode one and watching him have no competition getting there.

  2. Hey, did anyone happen to catch Julie Chen on the Sundance Network show, Hollywood Reporter? I think it was a week ago last Sunday. A bunch of producers and hosts of reality shows talked about their particular shows. Julie actually talked about Aaryn Gries (BB15) and her racist remarks. She actually said her name! Well, just her first name—but I couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t stand the girl—but singling her out, when there were many, many HG’s that said things just as bad–if not worse–blew my mind.

    • Aaryn was bad, but CBS really put the focus on her. It actually, and I can’t believe I am saying it, made me feel bad. They made it seem like she was the only one doing anything bad when actually she may have not even been the worst.

      • I know! That’s what I meant—why single her out? I felt badly for her too. I couldn’t believe she actually said her name.
        Edit: I didn’t read your comment well, Bill. I just realized what you meant. Ginamarie was much worse than Aaryn. She said horrible things.

      • Ratings. All for ratings. If they say many house guests are racist then people will just say that’s a racist show, but when Aaryn is singled out it will be the one racist evil villan vs the house. It makes for an interesting season especially with Aaryn’s comp dominance. But, no reason to bring it up now.

      • I think Julie singled her out because of the Asian comments Aaryn made. Being Julie is Asian she won’t ever forget that. But she should be neutral as a host on TV. Especially when Ginamarie and Spencer were ten times worse. And she never brings them up.

      • Maybe for discussion on a tv show, Aaryn’s racist comments were the easiest to bring up? IDK – I didn’t see the program. But for Julie, maybe that was the most difficult one she’s had to deal with and they couldn’t discuss everyone (due to time)? IDK.

        Also, some of GM’s and Spencer’s comments were so lewd that maybe they can’t be said til after prime time? Just trying to see her way, that’s all. But if I do catch THR on Sundance, I’ll watch it; maybe they’ll repeat it.

      • You’re such a sweet person bbadboy by giving Julie the benefit of the doubt. :) That was serious—not sarcastic. Sundance is a pretty liberal channel and they don’t edit many things. But I DO see your point. I can’t imagine being attacked for my race. I don’t know…the whole thing upsets me, SO—I’ll think good thoughts! I really do appreciate how you see the best in people.

      • Awww, you’re sweet! I have Sundance. I’ll do a Search & see if I can find it. I’ve seen that show before but I don’t record it. I’ll check it out. I’d be interested in that episode. Thanks for the heads up! :)

      • You’re right, LG. That’s why it sticks in my craw that she mentioned Aaryn. Frankie said that lesbians made a ‘choice’, ‘but males..not so much.’. So where was the outrage in that? I realize Julie had every right to be upset. In fact she imitated Aaryn making fun of the manicurists–and Julie said, something like ‘I’m part of the tribe…so I can say those things…she can’t.’ I’m not quoting her exactly. I just couldn’t believe that she singled Aaryn out on the Sundance show.

      • Aaryn’s asian comments were far from the worst things said that season. I have many asian friends who wouldn’t even be offended by them. The other things that were said. A different story.

      • Not just the asian comments, but because she is the easiest to attack. She is young and attractive, in my opinion it is between her and Cassi as the most physically attractive ever. Maybe Cassi, but Aaryn’s up there. It can be shown as teaching a young girl who is treated well because of her looks a lesson. It also makes it worse that she was the first of the main controversy people to leave.

      • Yes people love to build up and tear down by nature.. Makes us each feel a little bit more important when we can make statements of value & judgement, which I think people went to town on when Aaryn was highlited. Heck I remember commenting that season about how Aaryn needs to be chastised but not moreso than the rest of the house because the whole cast was prone to making racist, sexist, elitist and homophobic statements… Why Aaryn was given a hostile audience and the rest were spared from that was unacceptable in my mind.

      • Many contestants have used retarded. Even loved contestants have used it. Will Kirby called Howie retarded, the exact phrase was “This has been an enlightening experience for me as well because I have never had a retarded friend before. Thank you.” and it was one of the funniest highlights of the season. They showed it on the show and everyone loved it. That however was 10 years ago so it was a different time. But, worrying about someone saying retarded is the least of the worries for CBS with other things contestants say and do.

  3. Also want to say the ratings were not strong this season. They were strong compared to other shows, but compared to past big brother seasons they were lower.

    • I did not say “fantastic cast ever.” I said it’s been a fantastic cast. They’ve delivered on drama and strategy at levels we sure didn’t get in combination last season.

      Sure, go right ahead and quit on future seasons because you were disappointed in past seasons’ casts. That makes a lot of sense.

      • I’ll back you up there. You clearly said fantastic cast. You never said best ever. Also, agree that quitting on future seasons due to this season makes no sense.

      • I agree with you. Last season was a snoozer. This season was moderately better. They really need to get rid of BOTB.

      • I wouldn’t cry if BoB went away for a little bit or forever. Glad there was no reset button this year or Pandora’s Box. It might not have gone the way I wanted but still, I don’t care for those.

        Last year, I agree on the snoozer comment though Derrick was fabulous. But it was boring watching him lead the lambs to slaughter. This year, at least we got surprised with blindsides, power shifts, and it’s only now that we are pretty sure we know either would take Liz and we were not sure til maybe the last few days of that (as sure we can reasonably be). It’s been exciting. Villains & heros.

  4. I just want another season of all-stars… people who actually know how to play the game… people who aren’t there on the show to “get there name out there.” Do an all-stars season. Have 18 houseguests in honor of Season 18, and heck, even do a triple eviction one week to make up for the abundance of players.

    I know people got tired of Season 13 and 14 with returning players, but make them ALL returners and let em battle it out. All houseguests from Season 8 on are eligible to return. You could have some incredible game play with the people who could come back and play again.

    • I would love an all star season and it would be less risk for CBS because they already know how players would perform. I would say don’t be too quick to not bring back those prior to season 8 though. It would be interesting to see how they play after all this time, similar to this upcoming survivor season. After 15 years seeing Nicole back and how she would play after now being able to watch how others have played the game. There are a lot of possibilities for some really interesting game play using all seasons.

      • Not necessarily. That’s why I think it would be better to have house guests from all seasons. For many viewers some of the house guests would be new. Also, their strategies may change which would be interesting to compare to their prior strategy. That’s why I gave Nicole as an example. Only those viewers who watched season 2 would know her and her strategy may change. You are right that some would be similar, but if you lost I would expect a change in how you play the game. CBS and us will get a better look at how this would work after this survivor season concludes, but I assume it would work out well.

      • I think someone like a Jeremy, who seemed to learn a lesson, or even Devin, would approach the game differently.
        Someone like Derrick would have to adjust his game since he can’t be “undercover” anymore. That kind of thing.
        I don’t know if there are 18 people I want to see from the past few years.

      • Agree with all of them. Jeremy and Devin because of poor game play and Derrick because he’s a target now. Will did it successfully, but could Derrick? The past few years I could not find 18 I want to play, since season 8 I could find 18 easily, including all of the seasons there would be more than enough to pick from.

      • Plus, age and life itself has intervened over the years. A person changes over 15 years in every way possible.

  5. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get good ratings for a fresh show that’s put up against a summer of reruns, especially if that show has been enjoyable for most of its 17 season run. But Les Moonves is right when he says CBS was disappointed in six or seven cast members in Season 17. I’m guessing that number isn’t higher so casting can get away with less egg on their faces. But this recruiting of people who neither know nor care about Big Brother is a huge waste of time and space for fans who would love nothing more than to spend their summer in the BB house. How about next summer fewer recruits (like none) and only fans get signed in.

      • Jeez, are you ever right about that, Bill. It’s been exhausting reading some of the comments this year. I have to admit, I’m guilty of arguing with those things that live under bridges (lol)—but it was NOT as enjoyable this year.

      • Well, you’re right. But when you have 10 or 11 recruits and only six true fans of the show, the bias in the house is skewed in the wrong direction, and that doesn’t help to make the show more enjoyable. It’s not fun for us to have to watch a handful of people try to teach the game to 10 or 11 people who didn’t want to be there in the first place and don’t care if they stay or not. That’s annoying, exhausting and a waste of everybody’s time.

  6. Like any other shows that’s been running for over 15 years, a slight decline in viewership is expected every year, but still making a lot of money to renew it. I’m satisfied and will continue watching it.

    • Me too, Cyril. This year wasn’t the strongest—mostly because V dominated the game—but I’ll be in front of the TV when the new season premiers!

    • I agree. I enjoyed this season and look forward to every season. There ratings are way up. So they lose a handful of viewers. They also gain a handful. Am I happy with the final 3? Nope. But we can’t always have a happy ending. As far as who they cast I don’t care if it’s a bunch of young good looking people as long as they are BB fans that know the game and not a bunch of recruits that know nothing. Also I would like to see them change things up. Get some new ideas. Some new comps. Bring back DPOV, rewind, Pandora’s Box, things that shake up the game. Looking forward to next season. Hopefully David will be back!

    • For me this year, the banter on this site was more fun than the show itself. During the live show I found myself sometime more interested of reading people comments here and on twitter. I think the increase of traffic on this site is more due to the fact that the show was full of bad players making a bunch of bad moves.

      • BBN provided all the humor, strategizing, and general snarkiness that I love, and which the HGs rarely provided this year. I depended on it to make sense of what was going on and love the commenters here.

      • I just ignore them. Feed them, they stay longer. Sigh.
        You won’t change their minds or their attitudes no matter how nice you are to them, so why try and be miserable when you come here to talk about a show you enjoy? Scroll…

      • It’s what they say on forums in general. If you don’t respond, they will go away. People don’t like talking to themselves. (Well, except for Steve.)

      • I agree Capt. BBN is the best site. I love the commenters here. Particularly Jasmine and Tinalee..they’re short and direct to the point.

      • I had a smelly climbing plant once called Jasmine. I didn’t like the sickening odor. I stopped feeding it. It never matured.

      • Wow! I read Wikipedia about him. Dude!! Have you seen the movie inspired by Popoff that Steve Martin starred in, “Leap of Faith”?

      • lol I saw that movie, but I didn’t know it was inspired by Popoff. He’s wack. I still see him on TV. You should order his miracle water on a vial. and try it on your rose garden. lol

      • That’s what it said on Wiki about the movie. He’s still on TV? My roses are at the end of their season for blooming. I wonder how big of a donation 15 vials would set me back? God help those who need to resort to that kind of attention, seriously.

      • Tinalee IS sweet! She doesn’t SHOVE her opinion down your throat and then argue over and over and over—(ad finitum-ad nauseam)—only to accuse you of being sarcastic and stupid. Jeez, Louise.

      • Cyril,
        OK, so I have a goofy question to ask you. You don’t need to answer, I’m just curious—and I’m NOT hitting on you! LOL. Again, you don’t have to answer…I’m just curious. Are you married or betrothed? I really AM just curious! And again, you don’t have to answer…just tell me to mind my own bee’s wax. I’ve always wondered about the men that I chat with. You, Captain…um…yeah, that’s about all the men I chat with! As I’ve said (like, 100 times now)–you needn’t tell me anything, because it’s really NONE of my business. But, are you? I feel stupid for asking, but it’s too late—it’s already out there and I can’t make my delete thingy to work. You don’t even have to go into it—a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will satisfy my curiosity. I know I’m goofy. And now I’ve turned into TL because this post is so freaking long. lol! OK. That’s all. Again, you don’t have to say ANYTHING to me. I’m just curious. Also, I REALLY don’t want to screw up our friendly banter by asking you this question. If that happened, I’d feel like the most stupid woman on the internet. Seriously!
        Sharona (the-goofy-and-curious-and-goofy)

  7. I live your site and all that but I’m pretty sure this site got more visits because people didn’t want to watch the feeds. I saw lots of people who said they cancelled their subscriptions because they were tired of or grossed out by Austin and Liz.

      • Unless there’s something more recent out there, here’s an article about Julie leaving after Season 15. But note the date: April 1, 2014. (It was an April Fool’s joke.)

        EXCLUSIVE: A source close to The Big Brother Insider has told us, exclusively, that Big Brother host; Julie Chen, will not be returning for Big Brother 16.

        Julie has hosted Big Brother for 15 seasons and is the wife of CBS President Les Moonves.

        Our source says, Julie plans to spend more time hosting the CBS daytime talk show, The Talk, spend more time with her son, Charlie, and also begin work on her new Autobiography about her early life as a Journalist and News Reporter.

        CBS plans to make the official announcement sometime in the next week or so.

        We are sad to see Julie Chen leave she is a icon of the show. We are also excited to see who CBS will get to replace her!

    • Love both of those ladies, but Margaret Cho would have to rein herself in too much – she’s hysterical and needs somewhere she can be let loose. Jane Lynch is also very funny, but probably would consider hosting BB as taking a step backwards. I’ve seen Margaret Cho on Fashion Police, but what show is Jane on this year? Love her dry sense of humor.

      • Either one would be great at the exit interviews. Jane is hostess of Hollywood Game Night. I think Margaret has enough ‘somewheres to let loose’. I doubt Jane would consider BB a ‘step backwards’. Either one has lots of confidence to be spontaneous (as opposed to Julie’s stiff and halting demeanor).

  8. I liked this season’s cast. They weren’t on par with Vanessa’s game and some of that is due to recruits, some just got gamed. This was a ‘good’ cast, just not up to dealing effectively with Vanessa for most of the season.

    I did not care for the BB Takeover Twist. Did not like the Twin Twist either.
    This year Zingbot was kind of lame, though normally I look forward to it.

    I do like some ideas folks on here have suggested like:
    Have finale on Sunday (no need for Wed show) – unless –
    Have a reunion show for the “Memory Lane” portion. Also, even though it’s only a few days after the finale, I would assume that several of them would have some appearances being lined up that they could mention or a site with all their social handles, etc, for people to find events themselves.

    Have some indoor challenges when the cast dwindles down like maybe:
    laser tag, darts, basketball. IDK. Just maybe make it a luxury challenge – IDK.

    • I like the reunion show idea. I always love the survivor reunion. But, the main thing I want back next year is the circle key box where keys are removed one by one.

      • I think the reason they removed that is because it takes 2 minutes to show the circle box, but 10 seconds to show on memory wall. so more time to show other drama etc. but dont get me wronf, i really miss it too

    • I am happy with most of the HGs except only one, the Big Troll. He’s just urgghhh-uhhh.
      Not really liking the twin twist either, just because of their personalities most of all. Can handle one, but when they are two and one is in a vomit-worthy showmance … enuff said.

  9. While I liked this season, and don’t think it was one of the worst (I’m looking at you BB9 and BB15), they really need to do things differently. First, stop the Battle of the Block, it never works the way production wants it to. The HoHs always end up working together and there’s all this throwing, etc. Just, no. Second, please stop with the recruits. I am sure there are more than enough eligible people who apply for the show the good ol’ fashioned way, and truthfully they deserve the chance way more than some ‘country hottie’ at a basketball game who doesn’t even know what the show is. Third, it’s getting too predictable for the houseguests. They know when the double evictions are coming, they know what comps to expect, etc. If you know there are essentially 2 extra people in the season then think of something different, or have the double evictions one week right after the next, or do one the very first episode. Something where the houseguests can’t pinpoint when it’s going to be. It’s not exciting for us, and it allows them to strategize with it too much. The whole point is that they’re supposed to be on edge and caught off guard. A lot of that gets taken away when they’re sitting there expecting to be told by Julie that “by the end of the night, another houseguest will leave the house”.
    Okay end rant haha.

    • For double eviction they just need to change the way they do it. In BBCan they do asurprise eviction. Basically after the Thursday night show, they do the whole week in 24 hres and we get to see that on Sunday night.

      • There was a few power shifts
        Everyone was playing hard and to win
        And they had a back to basics after week 6 started

      • This season was trash lol. Players were dumb as rocks, and there weren’t any twists before(including the twins cuz everyone knew) or after the twins entered the game. It was watered down, boring and very unentertaining.

      • what are you talking about everyone was playing the game and playing it at the beginning. There were power shifts and strong female strategists (first time in like 10 years)

      • Agreed! I started watching at season 12 & this season is definitely the best in my opinion. I would say this one and then season 12.

      • Since season 12 I would not agree, but I can see it as not the worst. Compared to seasons like 6 or 7 or 2 not even close to as good.

  10. I hope they do a coach theme again since its obviously not all stars..

    But make it different then season 14. This format I think would work better.
    16 new 4 returning 4 per team (I know 20 is huge but it can work.)

    Have the coach’s comp played before hoh and then have the winning team play against each other for hoh.

    Let people have the option of nominating their own team mates (would be amazing drama)

    Let the Coach enter the game after they get down to 1 player.

    This could be fun. It would make it more strategic for the players and coach’s.

    Coach’s should be Derrick, Vanessa, Ian, and Steve

  11. I did not enjoy the cast this season. Frankie almost ruined last season and Vanessa, this season. Neither were great seasons, imo, but I enjoyed last season’s cast more. I really hope there are no Frankies or Vanessas next season. I’ll always think Freaky Frankie was cast to bring attention to his little brat of a sister. I haven’t seen anything to substantiate all of the CBS/Vanessa show rumors and hope there is nothing to it, because if anything comes to light, I will be very, very unhappy. Here’s to great Survivor and TAR seasons.

    • Oh i see your someone who watches for personality not strategy. If thats the case then you can gladly go watch BBUK because news flash the us/ca/br have been strategic for the past 14 years. Just to give a heads up.

      • Miss ER, I miss Austin soooooooo much. I didn’t realize just how much he stroked my entertainment nerves. BB isn’t the same without his manliness to gaze upon. lol

      • Just think, K—at the beginning of the season, I seem to remember someone (you) who thought Austin was pretty cute…and I had to talk you out of it. Remember?

      • Oh, yes! You said how cute he was…how you liked his degree in Medieval Romance…remember? Oh, wait…that was me.

      • LOL, and those tats! Amazing just how much a 1st impression can change after you get to know someone, isn’t it?

      • My muscles could have used some relaxing the past few days. Just the Mimosas probably would have done the trick since I never drink alcohol. I’ll have to look that up to see what is in it.

      • You know why I said that, don’t you? OMGosh! V mixed muscle relaxers with her mimosas (Champagne and OJ)! I couldn’t believe production let her do that. Dangerous combo. I still can’t believe it happened—and it happened more than once. So incredibly dangerous. I was actually concerned. Don’t laugh at me–I’m serious. Still doesn’t take away from the fact that she a bully. How’s the back today?

      • Not laughing. Champagne and OJ, really? I’ve never tasted Champagne. I’m wondering if she was lying (Vanessa, lie?) about that to play up a fake weakness maybe? IDK, but it is hard to imagine she would be allowed to have both. My back is just something I deal with on occasion. It’ll be fine in a couple of days. And your’s?

      • Nope…true. It was on Fri. or Sat (both?)….anyway, it was disconcerting. As for my back…well, let’s not even go there. I feel awfully old lately! Try Vodka, peach schnapps and OJ. It’ll cure what ails you! ;)

      • By coincidence, this was a topic of a post with Capt the other day and I meant to delve into it, so I just did. A mixed drink with peach schnapps and oj is called a Fuzzy Navel. If vodka is added, it is a Hairy Navel. I don’t know which I had when I tried it, but yes, it was Delish!

      • Yes, you are right…Vodka, Schnapps and OJ is a Hairy Navel. If you add cranberry juice to that mixture, it’s called “Sex on the beach.” Yummy. And the drink is pretty good, too.

      • It’s about time for my husband to go to the liquor store to buy his wine. You are making me want to try that. :)

      • Sooooo yummy. It’s easy to get drunk though, because they’re so good. Especially the Hairy Navels. Hope hubby is feeling better!

      • I’ve never been drunk. My husband use to every now and then and he is a cute, sweet, quite drunk. I was always worried I’d make a fool of myself ’cause I’m so corny already.

      • LOL LOL. Yes, he set new standards to which all males should strive to achieve. In his own mind at least!

      • I have to agree. Every time I watch the commercial when they say “never a dull moment!” I think, really? I wonder if the HGs are as bored as I am.

      • Were we watching the same show? These HGs had next to no drama and strategy was all planned out by Vanessa. When the cameras focused on Austin diddling around with Liz, you knew there wasn’t much else going on. Frustrating season.

      • Even last night when we were dragged down Memory Lane all we saw was Vanessa telling us every five minutes that both Steve and Liz would take her to F2, too much of Austin and Liz doing whatever it is they were doing, and a smattering of other competitions and hijinks (thanks to James). Exciting season, for sure.

      • They show what’s there and since some think the season is scripted maybe they need to hire some new writers.

        They had a variety this season, 1 transgender, 1 gay, 1 prankster, 2 weirdos (at least), 2 shomances, 1 nomance & 1 nerdmance… lots of fights (drama), so what if it came from mostly 1 person? Our emotions were up & down all season, frustration, hopes dashed w/non-eviction of certain HGs.

      • I don’t watch for the strategy, drama or entertainment. I just like to watch the pretty colored balls floating in the pool.

    • What they need is something to occupy the HGs after the veto meeting on Monday until the live show on Thursday.

      Either luxury comp or food comp. Or give them funny task to do in order to either win a luxury or a punishment. They do that BBCan.

  12. I thought that this was a great season, I don’t know what Les Monves was talking about when he said the cast was horrible. This cast is the reason why we had a great season. It lost some excitement around the first double eviction, but overall I thought it was a good season. Better than the last 5 seasons.

    • Les Moonves looks at the bottom line. That’s how he knows the cast was horrible and this was not a great season.

      • Well Les saying this season is bad is subjective. Just because he is the president doesn’t mean whatever he says is the truth. I think this is a good season, easily in my top 10 season. The cast was okay but they delivered when it comes to entertainment.

      • What he said was based on the fact that advertisers pulled out of BB and feedsters cancelled their feeds left and right, starting about six weeks ago. So you can decide for yourself what’s true and what isn’t. He doesn’t appear to be basing his comments on the “entertainment factor” (or lack of it), but what this Season cost CBS on several different levels.

      • Especially some visible personality, like Evel Dick that announce it on every roof when he cancelled his feeds.

      • The evel dick cancelling and other past players saying how disappointed they are, Dan, Janelle, Ian it did not look good.

      • How do you know that advertisers are pulling and feedsters are cancelling? Are all this hearsay or actual facts?

      • True, but what he says matters. In the end if he thinks it was a bad season it was a bad season. Our opinions matter little compared to him. Although I do agree with him.

      • His opinion matters in the sense of what the president of CBS thinks. But as viewers who actually sit down and watch the show, our opinions matters WAY more than him. He just produces the show (not really but you get what I mean), while we actually watch the show. Just because he is the president doesn’t mean whatever he says goes. Feel fee to agree with him based on your own personal opinion, but you don’t have to agree with him just because he is the president of CBS.

      • Although I would love that to be the case, it is not. Our opinions do matter, but not as much as those involved with the show. Since he is the president it does mean whatever he says goes. In the end it is his decision what happens with the show and who is cast. He makes the decision so what he thinks of the season is more important and will have more of an impact than what we think. Although, our opinion on the season will affect how he feels about the season. Also, I agree with him because I think he is right. The cast this season was not as strong as it was in the past.

      • I read that article too, and I would interpret it as, “casting could be improved”..which is a good thing coming from the President of CBS.

  13. Annoying conspiracy theorists that claim everything is rigged unless your fav is doing well YOU NEED TO SIT THE HELL DOWN. There was never a poker show on CBS and its been proven so congrats on yet another FAILED attempt to pull some STUPID idea out of thin air. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

  14. I hope everybody will join us Wednesday night at 20H00 (8H00 pm) at
    survivorfandom dot com
    Come chat with during the show.
    Hey Matthew, when will you do one for TAR ? I think you once said it was a good idea.

  15. #IsSheForReal? From the BBN tweet:
    Van: “Liz, do you know how many minutes 600 seconds is?”
    Liz: “No.”
    Me: Sigh.

    Almost as funny as Jeff explaining to Jordan what a “quarter to 2” meant.
    Jeff in the DR: “She’s so darn cute!”

  16. I don’t agree this was a great cast at all. Vanessa ruined the season, IMO. I think Audrey, in particular, could have been a good player if she hadn’t cottoned on to Vanessa’s lies and become a target. In general though, with the exception of a brave try now and then which the HGs were to stupid to support, they were a bunch of frightened sheep. If they’d had the sense to band together and get Vanessa out early in the game, some of them might have eventually shown good game play, but somehow they were all completely intimidated by her. She’s such an in-your-face bully, and most people don’t like unpleasantness, which is why she got away with her mentally off behavior for so long. I doubt CBS saw the full extent of her craziness when she was picked, but it shouldn’t have taken them long to realize they had a certifiable, manipulative, sociopath (or whatever she is) on their hands, and they should have taken her out the minute she started trying to bribe the other HGs.

    • Yes because what Audrey was doing was so much better then Vanessa. Really? She was only liked because she was transgender that’s a fact. Audrey was a terrible lier and it blew up in her face at week 2 and she lasted 2 more weeks before her own alliance could not take her anymore. So yeah Vanessa made this season great.

    • I was thinking about that the other night – how would the season have played out had Vanessa not been there. My bet for the three frontrunners would be Jason, Becky and James, with JMac and Steve as runners-up. I doubt they would have put up with Audrey for too long, and probably wouldn’t have tolerated the Austwins for as long as they were in the game. It would have been a different game, for sure.

      • You make some good points. I think I just really enjoyed it when Audrey called Vanessa out, although she wouldn’t have lasted for many episodes.

      • And I think that confrontation in the HN room is exactly when Vanessa started sizing up those who appeared to take the bull by the horns (mainly Jason and Da’Vonne) and decided they had to go. That confrontation seems to have been the catalyst in what happened next, when bing, bing, bing, they were all evicted right in a row.

    • I totally agree. the first attemp at bribery should result in a reprimand of some sort. Continuing to bribe the house guests should be cause for expulsion from the game.

      • Oh totally agreed – but if we applied this rigid ”first sign and you’re out!” application on all contractual rules, then think of how many people SHOULD be booted for singing when they’re not supposed to, or making signs & symbols to avoid being heard/seen by the cameras & mics, or physically touching and intimidating each other, or….etc.

      • I know you’re not allowed to share or allocate prize money, but she has her own money to bribe people with (again making the show a bit frustrating)…

    • If Vanessa had not been on this season, then it really would be one of the worst seasons. Her gameplay is what made it so entertaining to watch. Everybody always says well Vanessa only did so well because the other people were dumb or bad players (which is a ridiculous & biased opinion). But if that’s the case why would anyone want to see a game with just them? People are just mad that she has done so well so they are trashing this season. It’s a shame. She will win this season and certainly deserves to & she will be back for All stars and certainly deserves to. She is in top five greatest players at least imo.

      • We will never know for sure, but “I”, like EnglishRose believe that Vanessa destroyed this season. She killed the others game play by bullying them all the time.

      • She brow beat them…honed in on their PERSONAL weaknesses—not just game weakness—personal weakness. She pecked away at their self esteem. There’s a huge difference between dominating and domination.

      • Well I think she had a lot of detractors who didn’t like her this season, but her methods (bad as they might be) were effective. She deserves the win, and in the end, she really was the best player.

      • Oh, I have no problem admitting she was the best player this season. I just don’t care for her style of playing or for her at all really. She would be a bully and a victim in the span of 2 minutes. If you’re going to make bold moves and manipulate own up to it. Don’t cry about it. It’s a game.

      • Easily best this season, but ever? Will and Dan tier 1, Derrick and Danielle R. tier 2, Ian, Maggie, Jun, Eric, Dick, Janelle tier 3. I would put her tier 4 with players like Boogie (maybe), Rachel, Jordan, Hayden (strong players who did well, maybe all won depending what happens to Vanessa, but have flaws in their game that make it so I can’t put them with the real greats). Good player, but not top 5, a contender for top 10.

      • Wow it takes some deep observations to make that type of distinction… Although I’d rejig the list a little bit, I am impressed at you articulated it!

      • You can certainly change it a little. I even was questioning some of my choices. Should Derrick be a tier 1b? Danielle R was great season 3, but I was disappointed a little in all stars should she be moved down a tier? Janelle great comp player, but struggled with some game play, but 2 top 3 finishes, does that make her tier 3 or tier 4. Jordan won and then 4th should she move up? Should Boogie even be on the list? Should Danielle D? What do you do with Eric?

  17. The one thing i wish the house guests would have done different is to make there own moves instead of following the top dogs orders all season ! It was so predictable and no move really surprised us. The only big move was back dooring Austin/Judas.

  18. I really want to but there’s another, larger part of me that doesn’t believe any amount of money is worth dealing with that many people in a small house. Especially if they’re idiots.

  19. I think the only reason that you saw a hover traffic to this site is because your posts we’re more interesting than the show. I stopped watching it and just use this site just to keep up. Very underwhelming season

  20. Oh here we go… it’s gonna be the most Twisted Twistier Twists of Big Brother ever!!! (Now let’s see which model agency, former houseguest, celebrity sibling, professional athlete and youtube sensation we can muster up here)…

  21. I won’t even bother watching next year if the cast is not more diverse cast. I will not watch a bunch of 23 year olds at summer camp again.

  22. I only wanna see Becky, John and Shelli playing again, they were my favorite players from this season, and I hope that the next season had a better cast.

  23. If it’s the same type of casting then i’ll have 3 free evenings a week next summer. Get houseguest who want to play the game, not looking for fame after the show. I think some menopausal women with some mamma boy grown men would bring more drama than Vanessa brought this summer

  24. This season was dull and boring. It was the Vanessa show from the beginning. The twists did not last long. No Pandora’s box. The twin twist worked because the girls were popular and the guys had little say in anything. One reason you had more this year was because our Dish Chick Carolyn left the scene. I am very glad and grateful that I found you guys. You have a top notch site. Thank you very much!

  25. A weak cast, simply means a weak season, which can only mean a weak winner. I found Vanessa funny and creepy at the same time. strategic? not quite, put anyone who is good at playing poker, in a house full of idiots all summer and its easy to look like a mastermind. I totally loved Vanessa’s meltdowns, Audrey’s tantrums, and Steve acting like a spaz. it was a average season at best, the allegations of bribery kind of ruined it for me. but CBS can only learn from this season and make the necessary adjustments. I say bring on BB18, so we can forget this one already.

  26. No recruits, no wannabe celebs, no twists…more variety of houseguests and true, real life fan gamers of all ages, shapes and sizes…it’s not the Irish Spring dating game…it’s that simple. Maybe try for an Emmy this time…reality tv should be at least somewhat real.

  27. I just hope BB returns to am older format for next season. I hate the way battle of the block effects the game play. IMO it was much better when everyone just scrambled over one hoh per week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a season of actual fans who know how the game is actually played! This season’s mix of wanbabee reality TV stars was terrible. Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing another all star season as long as Vanessa isn’t included. The only plus of them including Vanessa is that I don’t think she would fair well with a bunch of previous players. And dear god please no more Frankie.. Yuck!

    • BoB could be good for the game, but it would need to be retooled. They need to find a way to stop this throwing the comp. Make it so people want to win it.

  28. Why does America vote for idiots like james and Johnny mac for America favorite player I vote for the best player who mad it too jury which is shelli why do you think shelli gets more air time then anyone else in the jury because she is the best jury member player

    • It’s not a vote for the best player, it’s a vote for the most like. So based on personnality, not play.

  29. I’v been dreaming of that US vs Canada BB. That would be fun. But the stipend is in the way. It’s considered a revenue as far as the IRS is concerned, so for Canadian to come in the US to play in BB, some arrangement would have to be made with ICE, some form of visa or work permit. Technically I’m sure it could be done, but maybe it’s much work or too conplicated for CBS. And if they wanted to do it in Canada, similar problem would be encountered.

  30. dont worry everyone, this season will be rigged too! we’ll get another Vanessa! better yet – she will come back! yay….now lemme go throw up.

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