Big Brother 17: Vanessa Promises Liz Loyalty & Final Two

Preparing for the Big Brother 17 finale we’ve heard talks from Steve alone on his plans for one last eviction, but what about Vanessa? She made it extra clear this afternoon in a private talk with Liz.

Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso discuss their F2 deal
Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso discuss their F2 deal – Source: CBS All Access

Alone in the backyard Vanessa addressed her concerns about Steve by asking Liz if there had been any talks between the two of them for what his plans may be come time for the final eviction.

Flashback to 11:10 AM BBT 9/21 as Vanessa asks Liz if Steve has approached her to explain what he’s thinking of doing on Wednesday night if he wins round three. Liz assures Vanessa she has not talked to Steve one bit. She explains Steve hasn’t said anything to her which makes her (Liz) confident that Steve is planning to cut her. Of course we know Steve is planning to keep Liz and evict Vanessa and he may have hidden that well enough from Vanessa.

Vanessa tells Liz that “no matter what” she hears from Vanessa and Steve this week, the deal between Liz and Vanessa is still good that she’ll take Liz on to the F2. This goes back to Steve pushing for Vanessa to tell Liz that Vanessa and Steve have had a F2 deal for the majority of the season. Vanessa has pushed back on this plan, but Steve continues to suggest they should do it. Seems more likely Steve is just messing with Vanessa to put her in an awkward spot while having little doubt that Vanessa is actually also planning to cut him.

While Vanessa thinks she can win round three she does admit to Liz that she’ll be forced to make a F2 deal with Steve to cover herself in case she loses the last competition. Even then, Vanessa promises, she won’t honor it if she wins on Wednesday night (and neither will Steve).

Looking ahead to Jury Vanessa says she that even if she can’t take Liz to Jury she hopes she still has the Austwins’ votes. Speaking of votes, Vanessa promises Liz that if Steve does make a surprising move (surprising for Vanessa perhaps) and evicts her over Liz then Vanessa will not vote for Steve.

Vanessa again pressures Liz that she can never tell Steve about their F2 or it’ll “ruin everything” which she really just means “ruin her plans.” Vanessa says she really wants F2 to be two women so they can show that women can play just as well as men on Big Brother. I’d think a non-fake sobbing all the time persona would prove that better for Vanessa who was a stronger player than the victim she portrays, but you know.

This should all confirm for us how Wednesday night is lining up for two scenarios: Vanessa vs Liz in F2 or Steve vs Liz in F2. Liz doesn’t know it yet, but she is sitting pretty heading for finale night with at least $50K locked up while either Vanessa or Steve will be walking away with just their stipend. Ouch.

Do you think Vanessa or Steve will get to make that final eviction at the BB17 finale? And what about that vote promise from Vanessa? Would she really vote for Liz if Steve beats Vanessa in R3 and evicts her? If Vanessa believes she’s the best player and Steve beats her, then should she vote for him instead of Liz?

Update: For those looking for it, at 11:23 AM BBT 9/21 Vanessa tells Liz “if I won, like, the people who have been good to me in this game are going to have a f**king Merry Christmas… I’m a big sharer. All my success in life I’ve always shared with other people.”


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  1. Although she has been a villain all season , i hope Vanessa wins come Wednesday.. and if I was Liz I would take her up on her offer to gamble the 50k as an investment .

    • I don’t know if that’s a good idea. People have been saying that in the past few years Vanessa has actually lost a lot of money gambling.

  2. Hi Matt, thank you so much for all the inside updates. I’ve been on the site for 3 years. I haven’t been posting much in the forum, I miss all my friends I’ve made here. Still, I feel included. Even though I’ve been silent, I am still an avid reader.

  3. And what differences does it make if Steve is going to take Liz, the only way Vanessa can be sure of her going F2 is to beat Steve, otherwise shut up about it and stop this psych warfare on fellow HGs this is the finals Vanessa house politics is now futile

      • I have a feeling that Vanessa will take Steve, despite all the talk about Liz is guarantee F2 with either one. She has a better shot at winning it all against Steve, not Liz

      • I agree she has a better shot against Steve but I don’t see her doing that. No real idea why, but she seems pretty set on taking her.

      • Unless there has been a change of heart, the twins don’t like Steve mainly for putting both of them on the block, they swore revenge. They will shallow hard and go for V

        And Austin will tag along to keep the hope that him and Liz are still an item outside of the house, or will Liz snap out of her BB trance about him : )

      • If she takes Liz that’s 2 votes against her and at that point she’d probably lose Steve’s vote too.

      • Liz’s persistent lack of brain activity continues by simply accepting V’s statement that she’ll have to make a F2 deal with Steve if he wins R3. Liz should be thinking: hmmm, I need to make an F2 deal, too. But V’s psyche warfare is so successful that Liz can’t imagine doing such a thing … No brain cells are synapsing here, folks! And Van’s scrotal sac has become so huge, that we should inflate it with helium and watch her float up & out of the BB Back yard! (Oops, got carried away :)

      • Lol that is exactly why I could not stand most of the houseguests this year. Vanessa just basically told her “I will campaign to save myself if I need to, but you better not do the same.” That’s pretty much what she has been saying all season and these guys just went along with it.

      • It’s the damn pot ball. It got to everyone (almost everyone…not JMac) and turned them into pot heads.

      • Vanessa is such a paranoia, I wouldn’t be surprise if she thought that Liz and Steve are now sleeping together : 0

    • This is Vanessa overplaying the game again. This talk is totally unnecessary because Liz won’t be the one choosing. I think this is really Vanessa’s need to show people how she controls them. She is making it clear to Liz that she is at Vanessa’s mercy. Its is one of the things that makes Vanessa an unlikable person.

      What we don;t know is what Liz is really thinking. Does she believe all Vanessa’s nonsense. The last few weeks when Vanessa was making her deals Liz seem to see threw all Vanessa’s BS. Liz agreed with Vanessa but then said she would not honor any more deals with Vanessa. So perhaps Liz is just telling Vanessa what she wants to hear.

      • Right, this is Vanessa personally at work, she needs to feel in control otherwise she feels insecure with the circumstance

        Vanessa also could be playing Liz for possible jury votes, if it turns out to be Vanessa and Steve; and if she can convince Liz she wanted an all gals F2, by extension she could grab Austin and Julia’s votes too for they are group-think

      • She’s definitely playing Liz for jury votes just in case…she’s got her bases covered. Steve needs to win and take Liz, it’s pitiful, but Vanessa needs to be shut down. The jury members should refuse to vote. Protest!!

  4. As much as I dislike it, Vanessa should win buuuut if Steve did win the final HoH and evicted Vanessa, seeing her mind finally breaking would be worth the whole season.

    • Her face and response would be epic. Considering how dramatic she always is, the production crew should hide any sharp objects in case she’s evicted lol

      • Yeah but that doesn’t mean she thinks it will happen. She’s been thinking of every scenario and covering all her bases all summer.

      • You so correct because that’s how diabolical Vanessa is. Wondering if or how hard it will be for Vanessa to cease lying and manipulating once she leaves the house. It will be tall telling once all the hgs are all on the stage together.

    • It just so happens that they both have been aligned with her from the beginning of the game (fair enough)…risky to switch sides too far down the line…I wouldn’t call them idiot sheep…just tired. It’s a long time to be stuck in there so I at least give them credit for that.

  5. Vanessa’s claim that she will share with those that treated her well is yet another example of Vanessa’s arrogance. What about the people you didn’t treat so well Vanessa? This is why I cannot stand this woman and I hope she does not win anything.

    And, frankly, I do not believe her anyway. I think this was just another Vanessa plot to get Liz’s vote if at the last minute Vanessa does choose to evict Liz.

    I cannot wait for this season to end because I cannot stand to watch or listen to Vanessa for one more minute. She is just just a miserable human being and the last time I see her will be a blessing in my life.

    • I can’t wait until she’s gone either.

      Saying she’ll share what she gets sounds a lot like bribing to me. How can people in charge just let her keep saying stuff like this?

      • If they cannot see ho this calls the game into question then maybe there shouldn’t even be a bb18. Quit now before this jumps the shark any more.

    • I agree. “I am such a fabulously wealthy and deserving human being that I will do my best to throw a few paltry Christmas gifts at those of you who played my doormats all season.” Not so fast, Vanessa. How about the knife you stuck into Steve’s personal weaknesses and continued to turn it all season. Do you think a crappy gift is going to help that wound heal? Come on, Steve … please win R3.

  6. Steve winning would be worst case scenario for me. Even Liz has more insight than him and did he win one single comp that wasn’t by mistake?

      • That’s mostly true.
        In the past, I’ve always been annoyed with people who say certain players don’t deserve the win, because in my mind if they survived this long then they deserve what they get. That opinion has totally gone out the window this season.

      • I agree. I had my favorites this season. But when I really think about it, none of them really came to play big brother, except Vanessa. Then she turns out to be crazy as homemade sin lol. So she “deserves” to win just because the others were so clueless.

      • I agree. I always say that the winner deserves to win but this season is sprinkled with enough seeds of doubt and potential contamination by production that I am at a total loss. If Liz was indeed helped by production in that comp with Steve, which is now in question, they have to start over from scratch with new producers.

      • I agree. Liz spent most of the season with Austin. Ppl figured out that she ws a twin so she did not succeed in hiding it and did NOT use it to her advantage; she was approached with an offer to keep her so that others can take advantage of the extra vote. Her game play wad to let others do for her and only produce when necessary. She’s a FLOATER!

  7. Hahaha that’s hilarious. I’ve been saying all along how this thing is rigged, and it didn’t make sense the way some people were voting and how they won. Then Steve hears them feeding clues or answers to Liz. That’s too good. Like I said this is only the second season I’ve kind of followed but I knew there was something suspicious about them blocking out the feeds during games or for the diary room. They probably tell the players answers or hints in the diary room.

  8. Vanessa is bribing houseguests, both directly and indirectly. They have allowed it for a reason. It would have been good tv (as Austin would say) if they actually removed her from the show for it. Would like to have a look at the contracts they signed. Are they really gunning for her to win or were they trying to avoid a law suit from her if she got the boot? Maybe the other houseguests should file a class action suit. Maybe the viewers should! We’ve been framed! We need to be reimbursed by the reality tv gods for our time wasted. Really, this is common but it’s just too much in your face.

    • Actually, they did tell her to stop the one time she explicitly said she would give someone (I think it was Julia) 10k if she went home. BB told her to stop and she was like “oh it’s just an expression”.

      But not sharing is more than in the contracts. It’s illegal. Which adds to my confusion over why they never stopped Vanessa or the twins from saying they would share.

  9. Your update, that is absolute PROOF that Vanessa is still a cheat. She was WARNED not to talk along these lines. She did it yet again.

    She should ABSOLUTELY be kicked out of the house right now for saying that! The integrity of the show is at, I believe, a lot more risk than these pretty poor casters and producers realize.

    She must go! NOW!

    • Yeah, I’m shocked that they haven’t stepped in. I’ve been a fan of Vanessa’s but THAT is insane and, I’d think, criminal (fraud). Are they going to allow fist fights next year? Whst gets me is tgat she’s really capable enough that she doesn’t need to resort to that. Trickery is one thing but this is nuts. She wants to increase her odds because her weakness is paranoia. Steve needs to capitalize on that. Get in her ear.

  10. Liz is young and a little silly. Looks like she is almost a lock for at least second place. What I don’t get sometimes is the things she says. She knows there are live feeds and jokers. She is concerned about her birth control pills running out because she wants to have sex on finale night. Doesn’t she know there are other things to worry about besides pregnancywgen having sex with a man you don’t know and haven’t gotten his test results on anything. SMH.

    • She’s not THAT young. I thought that she was 19 be because of the way she behaves. She’s actually 24. I know. She has s college degree and a job. Is the immaturity a generational thing or is she just a silly as person? I’m 39 and was shocked to fund out the age f the twins. They really act like HS kids. As a woman, I was embarrassed. We’re trying to get a women in the Oval Office, ladies. We’ve got to do better!

      • I think they’re hillarious, but if you want sharp steve type women on bb, then yes there will be that perception of the ladies hut your right too, it is a generational thing. Tech-21st ruined kids. RUINED. I had to go to the library to use a shty computer for a report. Thays work on top of work. No cell phone had to walk to the girls house to ask her out. This generation is donnnnneeeeeeeee

    • Why does she need birth control pills? She is madly in love with Mel, her female partner, who would be physically unable to impregnate her. Guess she is not truly loyal even to Mel. Wow.

  11. OMG, Steve appears to be trying to confuse Vanessa. He’s throwing out names from past shows and Vanessa has this look, like you have total recall, I’m screwed. It’s priceless. Go Steve. Give her a taste of her own medicine.

  12. Hey Steve!! Candy apples yum yum hahaha. Even Liz sees right through you so keep on runnin boy. Your little cam talks aren’t fooling everyone.

  13. Liz eats like she’s in lock up or something. We’ll see her on Biggest Loser in a few years putting moves on Dulvet.

  14. I am watching bbad and the camera is on Van eating and that is gross enough but I can actually hear Liz chewing and she isn’t on camera yet OMG! She can do some serious damage if u get in her chewing space.

  15. Now the wicked witch is telling Steve he shouldn’t put his workout clothes on Come on wake the F up Steve she has replaced your mommie.

  16. Guys Do u no if Steve gets a chance to evict The Cry Baby Van ,He will go down in BB History & do u know what that could do for his ego not to say I would probably scream with joy,but that would really be something big for Steve and help him with his confidence and etc. And off this subject mommie dearest on bbad just told Steve he should wait to shave .She is really pissing and grossing me out .Go Steve Let’s everyone have a strong moment of silence to send all of our strength to him to win.

  17. A merry Christmas my ass…what she is really saying is if it’s Steve vs her in the finale make sure you tell Austin and your sister that if they vote for her she will pay them off which is a fucking joke…play the game to win not pay someone to win

  18. I’m only watching the finale to hope that Van makes F2 and the jury blasts her out of the water. If I have to watch her do the whole “aw shucks” routine she always does when she wins, but this time for the whole thing, I might become ill. And I won’t be able to stomach her having a vote in the jury.

    Liz? If she wins this season will officially be a joke.

    Steve? Eh, it would be okay but not the same victory as Ian Terry from BB14. Ian was a true “geek winner.” Steve is a good guy, but just doesn’t have the appeal that Ian did. Plus, watching him grovel to people in the house (esp. Vanessa) has at times been as painful as watching Vanessa cry for the hundredth time.

    All this talk of Vanessa deserving to win because of her game is ridiculous. This season’s HGs were pure morons. Put Van in any other season and she would have been torched mid-season. Her strategy boiled down to emotional bullying, immature confrontations and paranoia. If she wins, it’ll just highlight the terrible quality of the HGs she was up against. If she wins, it’ll be as a villain.

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