Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 4 — The Messiah’s Ego Grows

Just when you thought Jozea’s ego couldn’t get any bigger, Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 18 shows us just how wrong we were.


The episode picks up right after the Road Kill Ceremony. Paul is now on the block and Frank is laughing because no one suspects him as the person who pulled that trigger.

Jozea Flores, aka The Messiah, decides that Paulie Calafiore needs to go because he’s a veteran’s brother. And since Jozea runs things that’s what’s going to happen. Right? Hahahaha. Jozea also decides that Michelle is the one who won the Road Kill competition and nominated Paul.

Zakiyah reminds us that she, James and Da’Vonne all know that Frank won the competition, but he’s telling them he’s convinced it was Michelle. So they all play along to help keep the 8 Pack alliance under wraps.

Paul’s paranoia spikes when he sees Bridgette laughing along with Paulie and he starts to wonder if Bridgette put up Paul to help cover her team instead of her alliance. Paul gets Victor in on the paranoia, but Natalie and Bronte try to squash that to help out their fellow Spy Girl.

And it’s time to pick players for the first veto competition of the summer. Joining Nicole, Jozea, Paulie and Paul are Da’Vonne and Corey. The 8 Pack is happy because they have three of their members playing the veto and their chances of keeping nominees the same are pretty high.

The Veto Competition finds the HGs in embarrassing and cheap dog costumes paired with stupid sound effects. Let’s just skip ahead to the results. Despite the numbers the 8 Pack had in the competition, Paul wins the Power of Veto.

Paul is happy he won the veto, but the people who are eligible for nomination are starting to swear it. OK, only Bridgette is sweating it because everyone else knows they’re just fine and Frank isn’t going to nominate them.

Elsewhere Tiffany decides to tell Paulie that she’s Vanessa’s sister. And they strike up an agreement to take care of each other. So we have a little siblings alliance now.

It’s time for The Messiah to part the seas or whatever a messiah does. Jozea calls a meeting to make sure all of his “followers” vote out Paulie despite whomever the secret Road Kill winner dominates. The rest of the episode is of Jozea talking about how wonderful he is, how smart he is and how he runs the house.

At the veto ceremony, Paul of course uses the veto on himself and Frank goes with the only possible replacement nominee: Bridgette.

So either Bridgette, Jozea or Paulie will be evicted Thursday night. And even though I’m going to miss Jozea’s delusions, I’m pretty sure it will be Jozea who will be walking out the door.

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  1. I sure hope that they don’t tell what the vote count is. Can’t wait to see Jozea’s face WHEN he gets evicted. (oops)

    • Hi Elaine, Cheryl here. I know what you mean. This is going to be TOOOOO EPIC to see the look on Jozea’s face when he is voted out tomorrow. I don’t remember what season it was when Justin got voted out, do you or anybody remember that guy, or that season? Justin also thought he was the King of the house walking around in the Kings robe that was from some compteton they had, and from then on Justin wore that Kings robe right up until they evicted him out of the house that he did not see coming, he thought he was sooo safe that he did not even bother to pack his things the night before, only thing is, is that Justin lasted a little longer than Jozea, who will be the second person out of the house this season. I record BB every time it comes on, so it will be a pleasure watching this clowns reaction over and over and over again…lol…lol

      • Jozea’s plot thickens every hour he’s there. He’s convinced Paul, Victor and Bronte that he’s safe and that Paulie is the one going home. What gets me is that Bronte and Victor know how the game is played and that anyone that’s on the block is not safe. Jozea is in on who the four of them will be getting next. They’re oblivious to the rest of the houseguests’ talks and actions and who their real target is this week. I soooo cannot wait to see the expression on Jozea’s face when he’s the one to head out that door. Before that I cannot wait to see how Bronte, Victor and Paul vote…I have a feeling Paul is going to vote however Frank wants him to…what you all say? This is the tensest first week ever in BB! This much chaos doesn’t usually happen til week 3!

      • I agree! I don’t think I have wanted someone voted out of the house so bad this early!!!!
        OK maybe I have…..example last season, Da’Vonne! But shockingly enough I actually like her “so far” this season. I can say shockingly enough!!!
        Paul Will vote how Frank tells him to?? I haven’t been following the feeds or spoilers yet! Just watching the episodes but, really?? I haven’t finished watching tonight’s episode so maybe there’s more but I was just surprised to read that. Maybe I still wil finished watching tonight’s episode so maybe there’s more but I was just surprised to read that. Maybe I Will start to like him after all!

  2. Jozea is no messiah, nor is he intelligent enough to pretend. I love when Frank was telling him that being on Big Brother does not mean he will get any type of fame or attention since not many important people watch the show. CBS has offered them tiny parts on their soaps, but none have gone anywhere else. Jozea is trying to be the next Frankie and get the same type of attention, but too bad he doesn’t have a famous sister that could guarantee him 15 extra minutes of fame.

    • I,m glad i,m not on that show,Josea is such an arrogant ass that i would ,most likely get kicked off the show for throwing his arrogant butt thru the wall,i cant stand arrogancelike his .PLEASE vote the jack–s out .

  3. BB…please stop putting mean girl Bronte in the DR so often. Tired of hearing her squeaky voice. This girl has a very nasty side to her.

  4. I gotta give it to Paul w POV. I don’t think they expected someone to stack that way. I sure didn’t. I’d b terrible at that game. worse than nicole bc I’d be sick and falling in it. ready for tomorrow. hope they go into vote still expecting paulie to go.

  5. Jozea pretty much has Frankie Grande syndrome- arrogant and self centered to the point they see themselves as a God. I really hope this is a character, because that delusional entitlement is really sad.

      • Do we know what happened? Obviously, it was something BB production didn’t want us to see. It looks like Tiff has been crying (unless she just took her makeup off).

        Update: Okay, everyone looks upset!!! I’m guessing a fight broke out.

  6. I watched Tuesday night’s BBAD and I can’t believe how many mean girls there are. Besides the newbie girls, Day and Zakiyah are just as mean. Day started talking about how girls never last to the end because girls start being catty. Excuse me? She was bad mouthing the chicken dinner that was cooked. Both said they were not going to eat the chicken.they started bad mouthing Tiff and her wearing sun glasses during nighttime, like Van. This convo was being done up in Day’s, oops I mean Nichole’s HOH room. Camera then shows Day eating a plate full of chicken. Fast forward downstairs where they are enjoying liquid courage. Camera pans to Zakiyah. You guessed it Zakiyah,was wearing Tiff’s sun glasses.

      • as I was typing it felt like ground hog day. Three mean girls in BB 15, three mean girls BB18. Always up in HOH room Amanda,Mccray BB15, always in HOH room Day,Zak Bb18. The most despised HG, Jozea BB18 most despised HG Andy BB15

  7. Hi everyone! I’ve been a longtime fan of this site but just now got the courage to join in on the conversation. Anyways, I was very impressed with Paul’s creativity tonight with the Veto comp. I disliked Paul at first but now with this Veto win, he’s showing that he’s here to play. I think that once Jozea is (hopefully) evicted, Paul will start to play a smarter game and maybe even align with Frank :)

    • That’s the hope. I think he’s a big softie at heart but trying so damn hard to be that tough intimidating tattooed guy. He just got his front tattoo just before the sequester if I’m not mistaken. And didn’t he say something about his heart being pink or something? Lose the beard, get smacked in the head by Gibbs from NCIS and voila a new Paul.

      • Then you haven’t been watching the feeds, my friend. He’s threatening everyone left, right, and center. And he and Bronte have said some pretty nasty things about James.

      • That’s why I said he acted that way to be seen as tough intimidating tattooed guy, my friend.
        He’s not on everyone’s priority at the moment, if you care to follow the convos. Victor, Bronte and Tiffany are in everyone’s lips, including from James.
        Let’s see once Jozea’s gone, how he would react, exactly as what he threatens or not.

      • Doesn’t excuse what he said about James.

        “You stay together, you …. trust each other, you shut the …. up and you work together. But instead you let little Korean man invade your brain, what the …. are you doing?”

      • That’s besides the point of what rainflower was saying and my reply to him/her.
        So yeah.

    • welcome. i too was impressed at paul’s play in POV, but i cant go so far as to say he is here to play. see it more as a “fluke”. i just dont think BB thought that game out well and overlooked the possibility that someone could cram the bones between like that. good for him, he won. however, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed on the thinking part and he says some very ugly things

  8. Btw from the preview it’s mentioned there’ll be a big surprise. I think the surprise could be that whoever evicted tomorrow will be replaced by Glenn, since he’s on sequester right now.

  9. OMG, now something’s happened between Frank and Tiffany!!! And the moment things got bad for Tiff, she pulled out the Vanessa bag of tricks and burst into tears and went off about how her own side is screwing her over… RIGHT WHERE BRONTE COULD HEAR HER!!!

  10. The Frank vs Tiffany confrontation … gosh I am really disappointed with him right now. I think he’s getting cockier by the minute, he shouldn’t have hinted anything to Natalie and he shouldn’t have talked that way to Tiffany. I agree with Tiffany, Frank seems to treat her differently. Sigh.

  11. OK, obviously I have been busy and haven’t stop by to say hello so first of all hello :-) and secondly I haven’t been back to write extremely long post LOL but for now …….
    I am here to ask if Jozea is going home without a doubt? I haven’t been up to speed on the spoilers and whatnot so I really don’t know! I mean I assume the is going home without a doubt? I haven’t been up to speed on the spoilers and whatnot so I really don’t know! I mean I assume 100% he is going home???? & I really, really, really hope so! But is there a chance he is not? I hope not! and from what I’ve seen just on the episodes he’s going home but I just need some reassurance LOL
    What an idiot he is! I wonder if he will look back at the few episodes he was in and be embarrassed or he is really that dumb and he won’t even see how stupid he was/is!

    • Look like it is his turn. If Jozea doesn’t the BB house, there a lots of viewers here, on twitter and on facebook that will be pissed.

      • oh ha ha you answered me on here :-) yes, it’s very clear he is unliked by the viewers but, does the 8 Pack definitely have the numbers to vote him out? Is there a chance he will stay? God I hope not!
        is the eight pack as strong as it appears on the episodes?

  12. PLEASE say Jozea is without a doubt going home!?!? Please please please!!!!
    but I’m just following up here to say something I can’t believe I would ever say. I actually like Da’Vonne!!! I can’t believe I’m saying it! And I’m actually saying it because I’m using talk to type LOL

      • or editing LOL and what about my other question Captain! I was just about to Facebook message you because I want to know if that idiot is going home for sure, without a doubt?! I don’t think I can handle another week with this Messiah LOL

      • OK I’m going back to bed now LOL chat with you tomorrow/today :-) good morning

  13. & another thing! Is oh crap I forget his name! Hang on! …. OK I’m back ha ha Corey gay?
    obviously not a big deal but I was just wondering if it’s editing by big brother?? or if he is still in the closet? Or if he is in fact gay?
    & ALL The houseguests have not realized Tiffani is Vanessa’s sister? I know a few know but how can they all not know!? She looks like her and she talks like her and they have the same mannerisms! Maybe they all do know and I just don’t know they know LOL
    I was a huge Vanessa defender as some of you may remember from last season!? Just curious what peoples opinions are on Tiffani? I have never met her but I heard she’s super sweet! and very, very smart!

    • I’ve read things about people wondering that about Corey. I haven’t seen anything that makes me think he’s gay but I only read updates and he’s usually barely in those anyway.

      As far as Tiffany, I have a theory. Paul and Jozea both said they’ve only seen season 16, which most people figure was in sequester. I’m thinking they didn’t show last season to the newbies on purpose because they didn’t want them making the connection right away. And let’s be honest, most of them would because her looks, speech, and mannerisms are practically identical.

      • Of course I don’t care! I said that! I was just wondering if it was anything more than anything! That’s all! And the fact that Nicole has the hots for him. Nothing more nothing less. Take it easy

      • I didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way! I was just curious if it was big brother editing or if he was that’s all! Not a big deal

    • I definitely agree with that. I’m not crazy about the teams stuff, but the third nominee done secretly is going to be entertaining for a while to come.
      Plus, the delusional new players are a riot. I almost feel bad about how hard they’re being played….until they open their mouths. Then I’m loving it even more.

  14. Thank goodness for dvrs! Ha! Took a couple of times of rewinding to get me past the first 5 minutes of the show with Jozea telling Da that’s why he’s The Observer. Lol. …Hawk (with the sound effect “Caaaw.”). Rofl. Took me rewinding couple times to get thru that patch for laughing so hard. Bless his heart. That was so good. Maybe that will be the opening cutaway (at the end of the opening montage “Previously on Biiig Brother”. Excellent!

  15. Omg I’ve never seen anyone so conceited in my life! How Cocky can he frickin be!!??

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