‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 36 — A New Competition Steals The Show

Tonight’s Big Brother 18 was filled with too many bogus edits but we got to see a brand new competition that I’m going to go ahead and call one of the most awesome in the show’s history. Credit where credit is do type thing.


The episode jumps in right after Victor named James and Natalie as his nominees for eviction. Victor feels great that he is again getting revenge. Natalie continues to pretend like the showmance she and James had was ever real and James is probably thinking about winning America’s Favorite Player again.

And then there’s Nicole. Who is in tears in the diary room because James is on the block. This is just more proof that Nicole and James had a preseason alliance before entering the house. Sorry, Victor, but there’s no way you’re getting your revenge on James this week. Sorry, bud. And since Paul doesn’t like Natalie, it’s not going to take much work for Nicole to get James to stay this week.

It doesn’t take Natalie long to let James know that this is all his fault. And I’d like to say she’s being a little hard on James, but she’s not. She’s 100 percent right. And they’re not taking the fall for James’ past decision, SHE is taking the fall. James will still get Nicole’s protection and more than likely a spot in the final 3 with Nicole and Corey.

Natalie apologizes to Victor and Paul and lets them know that she trusted the wrong people and that she and James made the wrong decision. Paul and Victor let Nicole and Corey know that Natalie threw James so far under the bus. So now Nicole has an even bigger case to keep James over Natalie.


It’s time for the Power of Veto competition and since Fall TV is almost here, we’ve got a CBS-mandated theme. I’m not going to promote that new fall show any more than it has already been promoted because CBS isn’t paying me to do so. Let’s just say it’s a totally unoriginal show that will be canceled after one season.

As for the competition, it’s actually a pretty sweet one. Each HG is locked in a room and have to figure out how to escape that room and two others. The person who does so the fastest wins the Veto. Natalie completes her mission in 9:06. Nicole is up next and she can’t figure it out and gets blown up. Not really blown up, unfortunately. So Natalie still holds possession of the veto. Victor is up next and just barely misses the 9:06 mark and is blow up. Natalie remains the veto holder.


James is up next, and since this isn’t an endurance competition, we don’t have to worry about him beating Natalie. Especially in this competition. He of course runs out of time and is blown up as well. Corey is up next and despite being Corey, he actually beats Natalie’s time and takes the veto from her. Paul is last and the new time to beat is 6:14. Paul does not make it. He’s blown up and that means Corey wins the Power of Veto.

That was such a great competition.

Natalie is now worried that they’ll think she’s good at competitions since she came in second and will send her home. And they kind of are thinking that. The Final Four alliance gets together to talk it out. Victor is the only one still pushing for James to go, but he’s starting to see the case for Natalie going.


The pressure gets to Natalie and she starts grilling James over whether or not he has a final three deal with Nicole and Corey. She tells him that if he stays this week and works with Nicole and Corey she will never talk to him again. And James isn’t happy with that ultimatum. So to sum up this storyline, it’s basically producers trying to control the game even more by making sure Natalie doesn’t take the America’s Favorite Player award from James at the end of the season.

Of course Corey doesn’t use the Power of Veto so nominations remain the same and Natalie will be going home Thursday night and Paul and Victor will likely again be on the outside the house majority.

Side note: Rewatch the episode and listen for the snake rattle sound effect at the very end when they cut to Nicole walking away from the veto meeting. That would make Michelle happy, I’m pretty sure.


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  1. I can’t wait for Natalie’s speech tomorrow. She’s going to call out Nicole and Corey so hard, I really hope it makes Paul try his hardest for HOH and scare James out of working with them.

  2. It was kind of amazing how when Cory started the comp how he pretty much went right to the pipe before even looking around the room.

    • I noticed that too! I am not big on conspiracy theories but I thought it looked suspicious. Especially considering how dim he usually is. At the very least they got him his meds they have mentioned. At worst they gave him tips.

      • Paulie left. Corey isn’t Paulie. It’s been a while, and it’s real, he won’t come back in the game. You can relax. No need to continue to make Corey guilty by association.

      • I think CBS edited it just so conspiracy theorists would think Corey cheated. I mean come on..hgs sat there and watched on tv screen the ENTIRE comp for each hg. Minus Nat because she was first. Don’t you think that the hg’s would have asked how Corey knew to go straight to the pipe?? He didn’t go straight there..it was edited for time sake and who knows maybe to stir the pot in the BB Fandom. Corey won fair and square.

      • I don’t think so. I think they only got to watch the comp AFTER they were done competing! It only shows them watching it, AFTER they were all covered in dirt from the bomb…except for Nat, cause she didn’t get bombed.

      • No..I seen Nat commenting and the others while the others were competing. It was real time and they were commenting while it was going on.

      • Yeah but he got to the next in like one minute. All the others took at least 2 min. He never even looked around. He pushed the doo shut then turned straight to the pipes. He never even glanced at the man hole. In the room with the lockers I think he only opened maybe 3 lockers. I never used to think it was rigged but last night makes me rethink some things.

      • He looked straight at the manhole at the 9:04 mark. Then looked over on wall and seen pipe not connected to anything. He is smarter than what people thinks he is.

      • Yep! He glanced at it, and assumed you wouldn’t be able to just unscrew it with your hands (who would think that? That’s too easy) so quickly went looking. He also has a little thing called peripheral vision to see pipes on the wall.

      • Actually the first one I timed out. Took Paul 1:06 minutes Nat 1:20 minutes and Corey 1:49 minutes. He never even got the wire to help him with that comp.

      • Exactly. I guess production told him “Nah, screw the wire Corey. You’re the real MacGyver!” Use your fingers buddy!”

        Give me a break, naysayers of Corey.

      • Production may have told him in the DR before the competition because production is biased to Nicorey

      • I don’t think they edited it to make it look like he was given a heads up. He was given a heads up – the guy isn’t that smart

      • Thank god I finally hear somebody say this! This opinion has been way too sparse. High five, and to Lavendargirl below, and to saturn0205 wherever he/she is.

    • Not only did he head straight to the pipes but he never even looked at the patterns on the wood over the man hole cover. His first pipe and he went straight to the first one that was closest to him and it was the right one. Although, I did enjoy watching James hit his head on the plexiglass LOL.

      • LOL i loved james hitting his head too, hope it knocked sense into it where natalie is concerned though, and yea corey was super obvious not looking around just goin right where he needed to go…ridiculous

      • I think this was fixed to make sure James stays. Because if Natalie would have won and taken herself down then for sure James would be evicted.

      • Not really and here is why. Reason 1, if it was meant for James to stay then Natalie would have been the winner and she would have taken James off the block.

        Reason 2, Grant it this could be far fetched. Natalie could have saved herself and Corey would have been on the block and James would have stayed. Well that is if you believe the whole pregame alliance deal thing.

        Reason 3, A more far fetched one here. Corey could have saved James and Natalie would have went home. even though Nicole would be on the block.

        Reason 4, Now I am just reaching for anything to grab at. Corey could have saved James or Natalie could have saved either herself or James and out of the blue, both Paul and Victor had a fallen out and Paul went on the block with (depending on who came off the block) James would be safe.

      • You know has much as I agree with you on that, I have this feeling she would have taken James off the block. It would have been a interesting move to say the least but reason 1 was based on what was being said in the house.

      • It was all a ploy to make sure that if James won the Veto then he would use it on her. If she would have won it, she would have used it on herself. She would have let James think it was his idea for her to do so. 100%

      • Willie, I think your Reason 2 is the most likely outcome, but with James leaving over Corey by a 2-1 vote (Paul and Nicole vote out James, Nat votes out Corey). Where you assuming Nicole would VTE Corey in this case?

      • Yes, this reason was based on the pregame alliance between Nicole and James. In that case, I see Nicole voting Corey out over James. That is why I said it was far fetched.

      • I never have believed they had a pregame alliance. I put that reason in there to cover those people too so they don’t complain. I tried to give everyone in here a participation trophy.

      • I wonder now if Nicole would have taken him off. She doesn’t want to show her hand at the moment but she does want James to stay. Of course she and Corey have all the power as to who stays this week not Victor.

      • Yeah, production may have told Corey what to do in the veto competition in DR before the competition

    • He has ADHD and has medication. However, he’s not allowed to have it while on the show. I’m sure that has something to do with him focusing on something he’s interested in.

      • Which is strange, because other players with ADD and ADHD have been allowed their medication in the past.

      • I never heard of not allowing medication. It is over prescribed; however, I don’t believe that about his medication. I know fans have complained it gives players an advantage. If you don’t need it and it’s prescribed, it may. If you truly have ADD, it just evens you out

      • well he certainly doesn’t need it. He walked straight to everything in the comp. He even made it look like production gave him directions

    • Hubby and I noticed the same thing. We both felt that wad rigged. Corey never looked around, went straight for the pipe.

    • Let me guess, Corey isn’t among your favorites? Maybe he had an intuition. My first thought was the pipe as well. Stop with these garbage rigging calls.

      • Yeah, maybe that’ll hold some weight if just one of you could somehow find a way to prove that you’d still be saying all of this if it wasn’t Corey, who people irrationally don’t like. I don’t respect ridiculous bias. Like I said, my first thought was also the pipes on the wall. People claiming he didn’t even look at the manhole and act like his going to the wall was in one motion after opening the door. No. He stopped for a second, I could easily argue glances at the manhole, assumes you won’t be able to just unscrew it with your hands because that would be too easy, sees pipes in his peripheral vision on the wall, goes there, grabs one and it fits in one of the holes. Pretty sure there were only like 3 pipes for 2 manhole screws, yet people act like “OMG HOW??” that the first pipe he grabbed fit. Pretty good odds and percentages on his side.

    • I saw the same thing. He also retrieved the pipe for the water beforehand. That seemed staged for him. IJS

    • Ever heard of editing? They can’t show the nine or more minutes it takes for each person to complete the comp.

    • Weekend at Bernie’s Corey isn’t that clever. He would still be in the first room if BB didn’t tell him how to play each room.

  3. Knew I shouldn’t have read this one, God – (and I’m cutting myself off there before I start cursing).

    Once again, Branden, your bias is getting the better of you. Yes, James is totally at fault for Jatalie’s current predicament, but we CANNOT overlook Nat-Nat’s involvement in their doom. She’s just as guilty. Don’t buy into her cr*p. America is seeing her for who she is – a whiny, spoiled child who can’t take responsibility for her actions.

    Which is precisely why she’s not winning AFP this year. Look at your polls, dude. Nicole and Victor are James’ competition right now. Natalie’s no longer close to being in the Top 3 slot and after this week, I have a feeling she won’t be again.

      • I’m wondering if she’ll “finish the job” when she gives her little departure speech. By that, I mean I think it will show her true colors – at least I hope so.

      • If she gives the speech she’s planning, then that’ll be the final nail in the coffin for Natalie.

      • I hope James knows she actually lied right to his face when she said she meant “Nicole” when she told P/V that she listened to the wrong person and she actually said James’ name when talking to them.

      • Well, the Sitting Ducks told James what she did and after the fight last night, he seemed to have woken up. Of course, they still spent most of the day together, so who knows what’s going on in his head right now.

      • I’ll just be glad it’s over in two weeks. This season sucked. I rarely watch After Dark. I’m still pulling for Victor and Paul. If Paul doesn’t win HOH, they will be up, and Victor voted out again

      • Maybe not, but he’s at the top of this site’s poll, so that’s what I’m basing it on right now. I honestly don’t know if he stands a chance, but I don’t think Natalie has any.

      • Not anymore that’s for sure. I’m happy that CBS finally gave her a more balanced edit. They hadn’t shown any of her darker behavior on the show to this point. Really hoping they air the post-bullhorn fight tonight on the show as well.

    • Glad to see other people noticing the trends of Branden’s writing. Tells it like he sees it, or wants to see it, not “like it is”, as he claims.

      • Quit reading then? He told it like it was. May be a few opinions in there too, but he told it like it happened.

      • It’s fun having an opinion and then having somebody tell you “quit reading then”. It’s an opinion, not all opinions match, that’s kind of the point of them. As long as I’m not being rude, which I wasn’t, then I think I’ll read whatever I want to, thanks. It wasn’t even my original comment, I was just responding to and agreeing with somebody else’s thought. Yet I don’t see you telling them to quit reading. I find it laughable that you think he tells it like it is. This is the same guy who muted an entire competition due to an annoying voice, when his job is to write recaps, and competitions are a pretty big part of a show’s recap. I’m sure he was telling that “like it is” too.

        But hey, opinions.

      • I have no problem with you opinion about the show. I was just pointing out that if Branden’s opinion bothers you so much, don’t read his articles. I’m sorry if I offended you. That wasn’t my intention.

      • You didn’t offend me, we’re good. And I’m not bothered enough by his writing to not read it. He sometimes has a humorous line or too which I enjoy. I kind of look to see more of what biases he’s gotten into this time. For example he talks about players getting inaccurate edits a lot and yet he’s fine to go right along with the “Gee I sure ain’t roo bright” edit they give Corey. Interesting. I think he, like many others, still has Corey pegged as guilty by association from being friends with Paulie.

      • Yeah, it’s not usually this bad, though. Well, okay, it was bad during BB16 with Frankie, but I think just about everyone agreed with it, so it really didn’t register as much. And I don’t mean to b**ch this much about it, I really don’t because I appreciate everything Matt and Branden do for us on this site, but sometimes, I just get tired of hearing it.

      • Yeah I agree. This season he wouldn’t stop with Paulie. It definitely gets tiresome. But I also agree that the team here works hard (especially Matt) so I’m not trying to sound ungrateful. Sometimes it feels like Matt doesn’t sleep, and you can’t not appreciate effort like that. He does very well.

    • She did take responsibility, too. She said it was her fault for listening to James and trusting Corey and Nicole. I heard her say it on the episode more than once. I don’t think they edited that in?

    • I agree. I read the article and before I’m halfway through it I know who wrote it. Like all of his articles.

  4. Is it just me or was it extremely sketchy the way Corey walked in and went directly to the pipe in the veto comp?

  5. Branden you are way on point here.

    James messed up Natalie’s game big time and production is trying to take away AFP from Natalie
    (who deserves it more than James)

      • James does not deserve it. He ruined Natalie’s game and got rid of everyone because of his jealousy

      • Natalie ruined her own game. She has a mind of her own, doesn’t she? She didn’t have to do anything he wanted her to do. Stop giving her excuses.

      • James betrayed her trust. He needs help because he seems to mistake this show for the dating game.

        Natalie will prolly never speak to him again and she will be so right.

      • james told her what he was going to do, she made a choice not to stand up for herself..people do to you only what you allow..she is a narcissitic mean girl who made a bad choice now she has herself to blame

      • James lied to her and manipulated her. Hope America doesn’t reward him with AFP.

        He’s a nasty bitter old man.

      • are you implying she is not a grown woman with a mind of her own and the capacity to make choices?

      • JAMES lied to HER???? Yeah, no, I totally see that. That’s why she spent all that time bashing Paul 2 weeks ago. That’s why she snarked with Michelle about Victor last week. It was all James’ doing.

        Again, stop giving her excuses. Nat-Nat’s doing just fine on her own.

      • Hello, ever hear of sarcasm? I know it’s hard to read that on the internet, but I think the post spells it out clearly.

      • and Natalie thought going after 3 guys was a “CATCH HIM IF U CAN” version of the bachelor.. or “How To Snag a Half a Millionaire Winner”….best thing James could hope for is that Natalie walks out that door Thursday and keeps walking till she sees the New Jersey welcome sign…

      • James sold Natalie a bag of damaged goods. His motives were purely selfish this entire game. He just wanted Natalie for himself forgetting that this was a reality show.

    • There was no way that Natalie was ever going to win AFP. She is not a great player and does not deserve it. I do agree that James was teaching her the game and she was following his advice with nominations and most of her game play this season. Every time Natalie had a hunch, he will squash it with his stupid gut feelings. They are both to blame for their nominations this week, but they can’t all win the game.
      I would like Natalie to get AFP, but it may best if someone who is not Nicole or James and played a good game would get it.
      I do not believe that Cory’s Veto win was a fair game and Natalie could have won. Since Nat broke it off with James, BB will love to have Nic and Corey at the end instead.

      • Corey’s veto win wasn’t fair at all.

        James totally messed up Nat’s game.

        Production seems to be getting involved more and more. It’s becoming so obvious and America is not happy about it.

      • Nothing wrong with his Veto win at all. Nobody ever wants to give Corey any credit. It’s ridiculous.

    • AFP doesn’t have anything to do with how a person played the game, does it? I think it’s their personality, etc., or am I wrong?

  6. I’m glad you feel compelled to mention the preshow alliance in every single article. Right now my personal favorite might potentially be in trouble, which is concrete proof that Nicole had a preseason deal with James (I guess through cross-country telepathy?) and is probably also Allison Grodner in disguise.

      • Cool. I don’t like Paul on a personal level, but I agree he’s playing a good game. I wouldn’t mind him or Vic at the end, either. Would be ecstatic to see Nicole in F2.

      • Yeah, now that we’ve seen Nicole really get into game mode, I’m starting to like her more and more. The way she played her HoH last week was a thing of pure strategic beauty. But I’ve been rooting for Paul since almost the beginning, and his uphill battle has been incredibly satisfying to watch. Paul and Nicole F2 would make me very happy.

  7. Natalie was perfectly fine how the game was going for her until they hit the Corey vs. Vic snag. They talked about it and Nat decided to go with James decision, then Vic came back into the game. We know there was not a lot of talk or blaming James until Nicole voted out Meech. That’s why it’s not totally fair to blame James for everything. He was fighting for what he thought was right, and Nat didn’t. By the time that snag happened, they had been in the house for a while and Nat knew how things worked. They both did not play the best game, but James taking the fall for all of it is ridiculous. I’m not even a big fan of theirs, but fair is fair. She finally told James she just wants to be friends, and I’m glad of that.

  8. I love Nat Nat! I think she is smart and a strong player. She was 100% correct in that the rest of the HGs are afraid of her AND she was correct when she told James they are going to vote her out because she is showing how well she performs in competitions. They’re all talking about it! As far as the rest of the HGs go, they’re very immature. Instead of talking about all of a HG’s positive qualities (such as Nat Nat’s) they’d rather sit around and degrade and slander the person by talking ugly about that person. Did they forget that the way they treat someone who is about to be evicted helps to shape that evicted person’s decision while in the Jury House? And have you read the live feeds on Twitter? James continues to do Nat Nat dirty and plays as if he’s the victim.

    • I think you’re a little backwards, lol. Nat-Nat (which is NOT a term of endearment, fyi) plays the victim.

      As for the HGs attitude, that’s how they’ve all played this season. Dirty and nasty goodbye messages galore this season. Production must be having a field day editing them all.

      • James is the victim of heartache and Natalie is causing it. She has done a lot this week so James could convince the others to keep her. Everyone in this house is playing the best that thy can. Some flirt, lie, snitch, back stab and other get production assistance.
        I think Natalie’s behavior was a lot better than Nicole’s with their showmances and I think Nic will do the same thing Natalie did to cory or Vice versa.

      • Unless Corey breaks it off first. I don’t think he’s interested in a long-term commitment right now.

      • He may wait until after the show to tell her, but I think Nicole may betray him and choose James for F2 over Corey if James stays tomorrow.

  9. I understand Natalie is upset and that its James fault she is on the block and going home BUT saying she would never talk to him again if he worked with Corey and natalie!!! WHAT!? How does she expect him to possibly win?
    Can anyone who watches live feeds tell me if she apologized or took that back at all?? Please tell me she did, I really liked her before that statement.

    • ok once again only grown folks can go into the big brother house if you make a choice based on good bad or made up information, the choice was still yours along with the person who fed you said information…

    • she doesn’t know how to apologise, she only knows how to give speeches, apologies include the wrong you committed aswell as taking the responsibility for it…

    • For Nat-Nat to apologize, she’d first have to realize that she was wrong. And in Nat-Nat’s world, she’s always right.

    • She apologized to him and explained she said it out of anger. You have to understand where she’s coming from. She’s done a great job at hiding her disappointment for days and probably just exploded out of frustration. How many times have you told or thought to yourself that “if they do it again, I’m never going to talk with them!” LOL

      • Thanks! I totally get saying things you don’t mean- which is why I was hoping she apologized! Thanks for letting me know!

      • Yeah…they actually made up (cute as usual), but she found out he went to the guys to tell them all about their argument. She asked him why he would share their business with them, and he gave her his usual “what did I do wrong” look. Once again, she had to bite her tongue by not telling him how wrong he was for doing that. (This I totally get because you would not want your husband sharing your argument with his parents…right?)

  10. I love Nat Nat! I think she is smart and a strong player. She was 100% correct in that the rest of the HGs are afraid of her AND she was correct when she told James they are going to vote her out because she is showing how well she performs in competitions. They’re all talking about it! As far as the rest of the HGs go, they’re very immature. Instead of talking about all of a HG’s positive qualities (such as Nat Nat’s) they’d rather sit around and degrade the person by talking ugly about that person. Did they forget that the way they treat someone who is about to be evicted helps to shape that evicted person’s decision while in the Jury House? And have you read the live feeds? James continues to throw Nat Nat under the bus AND plays as if he’s the victim.

    • actually it was natalie who threw james utb and paul and victor knew it the moment it came out of her mouth…she just has alot of growing up to do…probably one of those kids who want a participation trophy rather than a first place trophy…

      • Agreed. She did mention James’ name. However, she also told James how she really felt. That’s mature. She made a poor decision because she wanted to protect and trust James.

      • james and his gut gave her bad advice, and he did the same with meech bad advice, it’s what you do with that advice that makes or breaks your game and i agree james and his gut should have hushed and let the girl do things her way

      • Production has been very biased in their editing. James isn’t as nice as they paint him out to be.

        He has been so cruel to Nat in the live feeds.

      • Production has really done a good job editing the live feeds. They have consistently tried to paint James and Nicole as better players and people than they actually are.

      • You do know what live feeds means, right? It’s LIVE. We see everything in real time. The only thing about the feeds that production can control is BBAD. Otherwise, we’re watching what’s going down in real time, just as production is.

      • Yeah, well, it’s getting ridiculous all ready. Conspiracy theories are one thing, but claiming that the live feeds are edited? I mean, seriously? That’s someone who’s just really looking to blame everyone and everything because they don’t like the way something is going. Kind of like Natalie.

      • Even the “live feeds” can be controlled. We get “fish” when production wants to hide something. We’ll get someone else’s shot when hiding something. All of this is carefully played out.

        James and Nicole are dirty, with Paul following in 2nd place.

      • Production edits them for the show and America gets to see what production wants to them to see it and how they want them to see it.

        Nicole and James have been getting preferential treatment. They must be doing this to attract past players to come back to the show again.

      • Way to contradict yourself, friend, lol. You were talking about the FEEDS, not the SHOW. Nice try, though.

      • Right, and yet that’s exactly what you said.

        “Production has really done a good job editing the live feeds.” and “(James) has been so cruel to Nat in the live feeds.” Direct quotes from you.

      • It’s not that hard, actually. “Production has done a good job with editing down the feeds for the show.”

        Whatever, it’s water under the bridge.

      • Production is trying to make a reality show more and more like a scripted show. America caught how they gave Corey a heads up in the POV comp today.

        Nicole and Corey would have been put on the block and voted out weeks ago if not for production trying to control the HG’s decision making.

      • Wait, reality shows aren’t completely reality? Wow, what a shocker!

        LOL In all seriousness, this happens year after year. It’s the big joke about reality shows.

        As far as that POV comp, I don’t believe they gave him a heads up. Corey seems to be smarter than we give him credit for. And, as you said, they edit these shows the way they want them to look. I’m sure production likes the idea of conspiracy theories. It gives people something to talk about. No such thing as bad publicity, right?

      • There isn’t no such thing as bad publicity but they lose credibility.

        Imagine how heartbroken the families of these HG are after living through this experience!

      • Yes live feeds should mean live, but did you ever call a radio station, or a live talk show? They have a 15 second delay in case of whatever, I think this show is no different. Otherwise they would need a really good psychic to tell them to show those fish.

      • I know there’s at least a 7 second delay before each live show, but I’m not sure that’s the case for the feeds. Because the fish have been know to pop up for no reason at all. And they’re always slow to close down the feeds on a backyard shouter. It was a while before the fish popped up last night.

    • It’s really sad of James to keep playing the victim when he’s the one who has backstabbed everyone in the game.

  11. I wish Nat would stop using the term soulmates when talking about James in the DR, because she just sounds foolish and insincere. We all know that is a nomance and she isn’t a very good actress. ??

    • I wondered why she was saying that in the DR. I think Natalie may be interested in pleasing James fans. She wants to come out of the game with a bunch of people butter kissing her in the streets.
      If I see her I will say hello.
      There is still a part of me that thinks that she may genuinely like James, but his game play frustrates her. He is also very jealous and she wants to socialize to be part of the game with others, not just him.
      James seems to just want to be on top of her all day and doesn’t let her breathe.

      • The day basically ignored her and gave her space she came running to him and jumped in the same bumper car with him. She is definitely sending mixed signals.

      • She’s just being a friend and acts with him the same eat she would act with one of her guy friends. He is purposely taken them the wrong way and then gets disappointed and upset when she just wants to be friends.

      • So what you’re basically saying it’s Natalie does not have a mind of her own. If she can be manipulated that easy I guess she isn’t the spectacular player you make her out to be. Since she lead James on and had no intention of hooking up with James from the get-go I guess she got what she deserved . She kept telling James he was her soulmate and that she loved him. You don’t call a guy you want to be friends with your soulmate. If she just considers James a friend what is the difference if he’s friends with Nicole or cuddles with Nicole? Natalie cares about one person and one person only….Natalie.

  12. I hope Nat Nat gets America’s Fav. I like Victor, too. But when he’s on top, he is ugly to others. He’s never graceful about his wins. Nat Nat remains consistent in her behavior.

  13. Awww….Poor little Jamsey…Nat and James both used each other..Natalie is right with her perception that James has a F3/F2 with Nicole and Corey…he has been lying to her…she is now calling him out..especially with what she heard in the BY last night. James’ edit tonight made it look like he deserves alot of sympathy because he has been treated so bad by Natalie…he hasn’t.

    • Tonight’s edit of James was done to get America to feel sorry for him. But America should feel sorry for Nat for having to put up with him for the last 80 days.

      • And we feel bad for her… why? She’s done nothing to earn our sympathy. Maybe if she took responsibility for herself, but she has yet to show she’s aware that her actions have consequences.

      • I agree. I think she would have been out weeks ago. James helped protect her. He may have given her bad advice but she took that advice, no one made her.

      • Yep! James has done nothing to show me that he deserves to win this game…he kept saying that he was the glue that held him and Nat together all season…now she is starting to realize that his true allegiance may just be to Nicole and Corey. Mainly Nicole. I feel kinda bad that she is leaving. He did give her alot of bad advice…and she had faith in him..thinking that he knew what he was talking about since he has played the game before..so she took it.and is now regretting it.

      • Exactly he gave the impression that he knew the game since he played it before when in reality he just used that to try to get closer to her.

        Glad she finally realizes this and as painful as it may be to her now, it’s for the best.

    • I do feel bad for James. Natalie acted like a catty bitch. I supported her all season saying she was just a sweet girl who really liked James, but I now feel I was wrong. Shes not as sweet as I thought. I do believe James likes her.

  14. What are the chances of Nicole turning on Corey and taking James to the F2?

    Vic is a good player but he loses humility whenever he’s HOH.

    • I really believe she would take James. I believe they do have an agreement..and you are so right about Victor…he is so mean, nasty and arrogant when he has any power in the house. I have been observing that all week from him.

      • You are right about him being nasty, mean and arrogant when he’s in power.

        TBH still not enough to vote for James over Vic.

        All and all, Bridgette and Bronte may have been the nicest players.

      • Yeah, I think that’s when it happens. Paulie was fine during his first HOH. It was the second one where everything changed.

    • Since I somewhat believe the rumors and speculations. I think she has to do it since production may have set it up that way. Watching Corey playing Veto tonight seems to confirm it for me. It is James, Corey and Nicole as F3. I don’t know what the deal with Victor is, but he may be a F3 instead of Corey.

      • Production definitely has set it up to have James and Nicole in the F3 or F2 to attract more past players to come back to the game.

        Some players want no part of BB after the first go round. So they try to give them better incentives and placement assurances.

      • I think they have players return to help these kids feel like they know somebody in the house and dont feel so alone. James is always saying people dont know what being in this house does to a person. Others have said I dont believe I’m back in this house. Da couldent get out of there fast enough and with a chance to get back in, held Zs hand and jumped out of the comp and back into the luxury of the jury house.

      • True, Da and Z wanted no part of it and chose to go to the Jury House since the pay was the same.

        Great points to Sara & Lynn here

      • Da’vonne is a joke. I’ve seriously decided I will chime in with this everytime I see anybody even remotely defending her. She has a daughter at home that she later cries that she let down. You jumped after 17 minutes. Absolutely no sympathy if that’s the kind of effort you want to give for your daughter’s future. I guess she doesn’t think $500,000 will go a long way. Yeah, she still gets stipend money, but it’s not half a million dollars, is it? Screw her.

      • Yes just tuned back in.

        Watching them play and wondering the following …

        Vic and Paul are thinking their F4 will prevail and James will be out next week.

        Nicole and Corey have already decided to reel James in which means that either Vic or Paul are leaving next week.

        It’s been a good run for Vic but voting Nat out this week means that he’ll be heading to the Jury House. The $5k bribe really blinded him.

  15. If James and Nicole really have a side agreement, they should be disqualified and Natalie should be allowed to stay. They could then shorten the season a little if needed. If production is endorsing it, then that is even worse. I hope Vic wins and keeps thwarting their plans. It would have been smart for Victor to want James out and work on Corey since Corey suspects something with Nicole/James.

  16. I don’t understand why Nicole wants to be the last woman standing. What is it going to prove? How many jurors are going to vote for her being the last stuffy nose woman standing?

    • I don’t think it’s so much that she wants to be the last woman standing, as much as she just wants to make it to the end. It’s kind of a big deal when a woman makes it to the end of BB, because it doesn’t happen very much.

      • It started with the first season when a man won. I remember watching every season after. I have wanted a strong girl alliance since. Nicole said that she rather get voted put by a man than a woman. She feels pride being the last remaining woman instead of being the woman who wins the ultimate prize. She is leaving men in the game that she knows will beat her in the end. It’s not about her making it to the end, it’s about her being the woman who is the last.

      • A $500,000 sacrifice for that? I don’t really think so … rather I think she has evaluated her own game and knows she doesn’t deserve it, can’t justify it in a jury plead and couldn’t possibly get the jury votes, so she’s making up some ridiculous reason for losing IMO.

      • I agree. I just don’t understand why she wo u ld leave the two biggest threats in the game that’s why I said she wants to be the last woman standing, it just doesn’t make sense. Your right, she will never win.

      • Me, too, same reason for trying to figure out her real motives for saying something that makes no sense at all.

      • That may be a perk for her, and I see what you are saying, but Nicole is trying to position herself to win. If she wasn’t then she would have never had the thought of a her, Corey and James F3. She also wouldn’t be planning on turning against Vic and Paul.

      • Your so right about that. I hope she doesn’t win Kesha. I really hope they don’t give her sympathy votes!

  17. I could sit on a porch in a rocking chair with a glass of iced tea and a smile on my face for a good long while thinking about how people think Corey is stupid and Natalie is smart. Even better, the idea of one person thinking both of these things. Just hilarious.

      • I think Corey is smarter than Natalie. But it’s not even people going along with the “Gee gosh” dumb edit they give Corey, or even if they just think he’s dumb…what really gets me laughing is thinking Natalie is smart. In any context. But especially those who simultaneously think she’s smart and Corey’s dumb.

  18. I did really like that comp, although it seemed like Corey had some help, when he walked straight over to the pipe without even looking at the manhole cover first. It was nice to see something new. It would be awesome to see that again next season.

  19. This was really tough to watch tonight. I felt so sorry for James having to endure Nat’s verbal abuse – it was horrifying to watch Nat crush James in that manner.
    I think the only reason Nat keeps berating James about the Nicorey F4 is that Nicole got her in the end and she can’t stand that at all.
    I believe Nat is absolutely furious at Nicole for beating her time and time again this season and since she can’t attack Nicorey she’s taking it out on James instead.

    • And don’t forget weeks ago when Nat told James to promise her that Nic would go before her!! Obsessed much Nat??

      • I remember that too Dawn and another time she mentioned I just want Nicole to go out before I do. So there’s a lot of competition going on between those 2 we’re not seeing except on BBAD and the feeds.
        Since all the coverage has been so biased against Nicole and Pro Natalie none of this ever seems to get mentioned .

  20. Thank you, thank you, Branden! I said on another post earlier tonight that Natalie didn’t seem to be as harsh with James as I’d heard, or read. And it is his guidance that took her to where she is now! I’m so glad to see someone else has the same opinion I do for a change.

    • I think one reason James looked and seemed so hurt is because he is so blamed guilty of playing to further Dingus’s game the whole season, therefore he was manipulating Gnat the entire time. Don’t get me wrong, she was using him, too.

      • I think we all need to remember that James was in a alliance with Nicole and Corey for a long time. He never actually made an alliance with Natalie. He would say to her on more than one occasion ” i’ll keep you safe as long as I can” James has been true to his alliance Natalie just wasn’t part of it. He protected her as long as he could and it’s her fault she never really expanded her relationships in the house. She has to take responsibility of how she played the game.

  21. I loved the comp but I disagree about James. I felt bad for him. He may have made bad choices but Natalie did not have to go along with them. I think James got her this far in the game and helped protect her and she showed her bitchy, catty side. I liked her a whole lot less after watching this episode.

    You know they didn’t really get blown up but it was funny how they made them change shirts and put dirt on their faces.

  22. Natalie is missing a piece of jewelry and wondering if anyone else thinks that Michelle took it.

  23. Natalie was so close I was hoping she could get the win but the big brother God’s said no! Looks like James is staying but let’s see how it play’s out. If nicorey makes it to the final 2 I’m not watching this anymore this was the worst cast ever so I don’t even want to see the next cast!

    • Good observations Eugene. James has played a very deceitful game and America is beginning to realize that.

    • Natalie is thin – don’t know why she keeps believing otherwise. Must be another conspiracy James started so that he can play on her insecurities.

      • LOL…you can’t be serious. James is playing on Natalie’s INSECURITIES? Brother, you’ve got it backwards. If anyone is playing on insecurities, it’s Natalie playing on James’. And you’re right…Natalie looks great at the weight she is—she has gained weight since moving into the house. I’d say at least 10 lbs. It looks terrific on her. She could gain another 5 lbs. But let’s get something straight here: Miss Thang is the one who has been playing James’ like a fiddle. ‘I love you (when it suits me)’; ‘Stay away (when it suits me)’; Jamsie, I love you (when I need attention)’; ‘Go away (when someone better is paying attention)’; ‘I love you (when you’re furthering my game)’; ‘I never want to see you again (when things didn’t go my way).’
        She is a mean spirited user.

      • And, did someone not post last week that she told James that if she won BB, she would move to his city and buy a big house so that he and his kids could be /
        live with her, ???

  24. So let’s speak hypothetically but from the looks of it, Nicole and Corey are going to reel James in to vote out Vic and Paul.

    So for Final 2:

    Would Nicole have a better shot at the $500k if she takes Corey or James?

    Is there still a chance for Vic and Paul to make F3 – yes but very unlikely with Nat being voted out tomorrow.

    • Hmmm it’s close but I’ll pick James. Corey has a lot of guy pals in the jury and the girls don’t care for Nicole. At least James has managed to offend both male and female jurors.

  25. I just read on Jokers that Nicole said production told her where the key was … however, I saw only that one comment about the subject and the read started out with that, so I have no idea what came before .. she could have been kidding or something … I don’t have the feeds .. anybody know what that conversation was?

    • I wasn’t watching at that time (feeds are getting deadly dull) but there was an earlier comment made about 2 of them needing help to get out of that room made before last night’s episode. Having seen it now, knowing that as soon as the best existing time expired they quit, the only reason I can see for Production to help is to try to manipulate the outcome.

    • I’m not saying it happens all the time, but I’ve seen Joker’s in the past essentially make things up. Or at least say something that was completely twisted and over-blown for the sake of dramatic effect. So, take that for what it’s worth, I guess, but it’s a reason I don’t really read Joker’s stuff

      • A couple of weeks ago I seen it happen on Jokers and they took off 2 posts. The person who had posted it for Jokers has not posted since then. I think it was Cassie or something. Yesterday seen where they took something off again and said it was a not game related comment. They are posting less and less updates lately.

      • I saw where Cassie’s remarks were deleted by the editor at Jokers too – did you see the remarks before they were deleted? I’m curious to know what they said. I depend on Jokers for most of my info so if they can’t be trusted I don’t know where to go now.

      • Good reminder …. I sometimes give them too much credit… I also know how differently people remember things or I guess perceive things .. my husband and I will see or read the same news item and come away with a completely different view… we are always surprised when we go back and watch or read it again. Never ceases to amaze me. Of course, I am always more surprised when I am wrong!!!!! (which happens to be more than him).

  26. On Jokers, Natalie is complaining about her glute and has a James massaging her butt. Mixed messages? The message seems to be taking on life, but Nat grabs his hand. Big sigh. The one thing everyone including my self forgets is Nat chose James in this game because the other men she was initially attracted to were taken or not interested. James actually did help Nat get further in the game before it all fell apart. She also understood the power she had over him. He’s stupid in the game, but in the Nat and James game…she had a lot of power. Friends don’t massage your butt. Lol.

    • I’m not saying it happens all the time, but I’ve seen Joker’s in the past essentially make things up. Or at least say something that was completely twisted and over-blown for the sake of dramatic effect. So, take that for what it’s worth, I guess, but it’s a reason I don’t really read Joker’s stuff.

      • I’m sorry…I actually meant this for the comment below yours. I post as a guest so I can’t erase posts.

    • For some reason Natalie’s ego can not accept that she got beat at the game of BB so if she can’t blame herself she’s got to blame poor James (who got her here in the first place) or Nicorey.
      In fact, I read that in Natalie’s speech tonight she’s going to lay all the blame on Nicorey and let them have it for outsmarting her!!

  27. No sympathy for USER Nat here. She went from boy to boy, finally settling for one she considers, obviously, below her. So, instead of a real showmance she would have loved (Paulie, Corey, Victor), she has a pretend one and uses James. She had no game besides following James, so I could care less if following James was a dead end — nobody forced her to agree with James. Tough. As for James — screwing Frank (and Brig) to their face to pull out an HOH leaves me no sympathy for him, either. I’ll say this, though — Nat’s crapping on him guaranteed him fan fave, again, when I thought it was slipping away. Yes, it was smooth editing, but it was also pretty damn factual.

  28. Haven’t been a fan of Jamsie’s game play this season; could he have done things differently? Sure…but I’m sick to death of Natalie blaming him for every single fricking thing. If that’s what she wants to do, FINE…then stop at that. Don’t blame him for ruining your life in the game one minute, then ‘Jamsie’ him the next, because you need a boy’s attention. THAT’S what bugs me. Finish it with him or don’t…but for heaven’s sake, child—cut the kid loose NOW. Quit giving him mixed messages. The ‘I wanna be friends’ stuff doesn’t hold water when you keep jumping into his arms and telling him you love him! You know James is naive when it comes to girls. You KNOW this. The only reason you keep allowing him (yeah, I said it–allowing him) to hang around, is because the boys you want to be with aren’t available. Knock it off, Natalie! The boy has feelings! He’s not very bright about girls, and you’re taking advantage of that. Don’t make me stop this post and come into that house.

    • How about. You’re my soul mate. Nat even had the nerve to say she was never going to date again. James said one of your exes. She goes, no I was dating in here, you. Shut my mouth. Weird girl.

    • But Sharona, Natalie can’t break if off just yet because she might still need him in the future when they are cast to play TAR or Survivor.
      So best to keep him confused until she’s used him for all he’s worth.
      Plus, if she pretends to be James’s girlfriend, all of the James fans will just love her too!!!
      This gal has got it all figured out I’m afraid. I wish James would dump her on live TV.

      • Oh. My. GOSH! I would die! He’s too nice to do that…and I’m glad. I know he’s naive and yes, a little delusional…I’m just sick of seeing him being used. I’m making a mean face at Gnat.

      • Poor James, you know he had to have been picked on during his school days for being the smallest guy and probably didn’t have much success with women. Natalie totally took advantage of that and should be ashamed of herself.

  29. Not sure about the rest of you all, but, Nat is no Meg .. Ha !!! Perhaps, a faksmance this season, but the relationship between James and Meg in their season appeared to be more real / natural ??

    • I think it was, and that was because Meg was HONEST with James in telling him almost from the beginning that they were JUST FRIENDS!!! Meg never let James think it would be more than friendship between them, so anything James may have hoped for in his own head was his own issue.

      • Meg certainly didn’t keep telling James that he was her soul mate either. That kind of talk would confuse any man in love.

      • I couldn’t agree more. She’s given the poor guy mixed messages all season and that’s just not fair. What really irritates me about it all is that she knows EXACTLY what she’s been doing. Brats like her do it to me all the time to keep them off-balance. Grrrrrr

  30. As well as Victor has played the game, if anyone deserves a heads up from production, he does. If production is paving the way for James and Nicole, then someone must be handing out blow and/or hand jobs. Those 2 are the most pathetic game players in BB HISTORY! Why do either of them deserve AFP or the CASH? ONE lays up all season giving it away like candy while the other chases the lollipop begging for a lick. Now, suddenly, 3 weeks from the finale, one is throwing one under the bus while the other is sobbing, telling her summer lover she will take the jilted lover with her to final 2. Sounds and looks like James is Nicole’s Pimp. She’s worked hard for the money. If she wins, hopefully, she will help out her Pimp, and provide for him some strange since it appears he can’t get any even if he begs and follows it around like a dog in heat.

      • Well considering that his lover has told him she’ll take james over him to F2 I think his odds are better on the other side of the fence. But, hey, if you like getting screwed in more than one way, then he should just go for it! Lol.

      • Dingus would deserve that. Doofus has used her to his advantage in EVERY way possible. She can’t see the writing on the wall. Most small rural towns I know that have one page annuals and a teeter totter big enough for all of the students to ride at the same time(joking) have specific derogatory names they use for gals who act like Dingus has on national tv. She would deserve that, too.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

      • That’ll be the kicker. He didn’t have to put out to get his bag of money! Although he sooo tried. But, she may have to spend a little cash for carpet and bed burns. Lol. Maybe he can purchase some goodies after the show. Who knows, Nicole might throw him a pity party.

    • How has someone who has been evicted twice played the game well? You give an athlete like Victor enough chances to come back – especially involving athletic competitions – sure he’s going to make it back.

  31. she should have told v+p to tell nicorey to vote out james then they would have to show their hands when they vote out nat at less v+p would know they can’t trust nicorey

      • I see the comments about the comp rigged for Corey to win and I believe you are right. Here’s why. Nicole said on the live feeds that after she had passed Nat’s time, production told her what to do on the earpiece she was wearing. So that explains why he didn’t look around the room and went straight for the pipe and why he didn’t even try to use the chain and wire to grab the key.

  32. It was soooo obvious that Corey was told were everything was in the POV competition! Shame but not surprised….. Lol!

      • Of course it was edited. It’s all edited from the live feeds. That just goes to show you how little film they had of Doofus they could show. Imagine if they had shown when he first opened the door, and he points to the pipe and says “oh, I see it”, as production whispered what to do step by step. Edited big time. :D

    • How do you think the 3rd and last part of the puzzle was rigged?
      Was that seesaw wired so as to automatically send that little ball of whatever it was over the fence and into that big vat?
      Do you have any suggestions how they might have done that???

  33. Sorry but I’m jumping on the bandwagon that Corey knew what was up w/ the competition. I thought it was weird how fast he was and kept saying to myself “wow, Corey doesn’t seem this smart, how is he so good at this?” LOL! Didn’t even occur to me until now that I’m reading all the comments that he was given information prior to competing. Yup, seems fishy!

  34. I see the comments about the comp rigged for Corey to win and I believe you are right. Here’s why. Nicole said on the live feeds that after she had passed Nat’s time, production told her what to do on the earpiece she was wearing. So that explains why he didn’t look around the room and went straight for the pipe and why he didn’t even try to use the chain and wire to grab the key.

    • I agree that the first part was edited to make things look fishy.
      But then I thought maybe Corey is so tall he didn’t have to walk over to the thing to see what needed to be done.
      The other thing that happened that makes me think it wasn’t a rigged contest was the 3rd part of the puzzle with putting stuff on the seesaw and then jumping on the seesaw.
      That was be impossible to rig don’t you think?
      Also, the other contestants were watching the whole comp on HOH TV so the times couldn’t have been fudged either.
      Just a little food for thought.

  35. NO WAY Corey wasn’t coached. Production isn’t even trying to hide ANY of it: the preseason deal, the favoritism, the manipulation, you name it.

    There is just too much mounting evidence to dismiss it.

    Shame. BB seemed like a good game. Now it just seems like another scripted “reality” show.

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