‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 35 — James And Natalie Scramble As Victor Seeks Revenge

Three pairs remain in the Big Brother 18 house and revenge is on at least two of those pairs’ minds. In the end, it’s Victor and Paul who gets their shot at revenge this week, while Corey and Nicole once again dodge the bullet.


The episode picks up during the ridiculously grueling Head of Household competition. But first, we get a flashback of what went down before the last live show. Nicole tells James and Natalie that since Michelle hasn’t spoken a word to her all week that she probably won’t be keeping Michelle.

Natalie lets James know that she knew it was a mistake to work with Nicole and Corey (per James’ gut). She goes to let Michelle know and Michelle, in tears, finally realizes that she should have campaigned earlier. Nicole comes in and Michelle tells her that she would break up the strongest pair in the house (Paul and Victor). But Nicole is set in her ways and Michelle goes.

James lets us know via the Diary Room that whatever he and Natalie had with Nicole and Corey no longer exists. What about that pre-game alliance with Nicole, James? Ha. I kid. OK, not really. But does it exist or not?


Back at the HOH competition, eggs are dropping left and right and eagles are coming down at the eggs and squashing them. Finally, 23 minutes in Victor and Natalie each knock one of their three letters down. Then Corey gets a letter. So it’s a threeway tie at the moment. Paul finally gets in the game after about 45 minutes. Corey finally scores again and is in the lead. But Victor catches up right after. And then Natalie is back in it. The threeway tie remains. While James has zero letters. Paul finally gets another letter and now it’s a four-way tie.

After an hour and 45 minutes, James finally gets his first letter but Victor is the first to knock down all of his letters. Victor is the new Head of Household. The only person happier than Victor is Paul. Nicole is pretty happy, also. She’s feeling confident. But James knows it’s the worst case scenario.

The Final Four alliance has a nice celebration in the have-not room, ensuring them and us that there’s no budging on that group of four this week. James and Natalie are also pretty sure of that also. And Natalie starts quietly blaming James and rightly so. She realizes they betrayed Victor and Paul and now they’re with Nicole and Corey.


Natalie and James have the usual veto talk that every showmance eventually has: I’m going to take you down. No, you’re not I’m going to take you down. Blah blah blah.

James decides to go to Victor and Paul to explain himself, in hopes of keeping Natalie off the block. James tells them that he voted Victor out because he had a final four with Nicole and Corey. And Victor understands that and doesn’t care because that was a different time in the game.

James realizes there’s not breaking up that alliance, so he tells them that Natalie wanted Victor to stay. He just wants Natalie off the block. Corey and Nicole break up the talk and James leaves the room.


So at the nomination ceremony, it comes as no surprise that Victor nominates James and Natalie with James as the target. Will he stay the target after Veto and after Nicole, who has wanted to be the only female in the house all season, has her say? We’ll see.

Can’t wait until Wednesday? Check our Power of Veto Competition spoilers here.


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  1. Delighted to see Jatalie splitting up after backstabbing Paul and Victor. Now if they can just take out Nicorey they’re a cinch to win.

      • Because when Jatalie backstabbed Victor and Paul, they did nothing to deserve it.

        Really though, Nicorey should be next, both of the showmances are terrible.

      • Uh, Nicole won HoH and didn’t put James or Natalie on the block ONCE last week, even though she was the current HoH and Veto holder. How exactly did they backstab them in your mind?

        I’m really looking forward to your answer.

  2. At last one of them will still be in the house and it is looking like James will tween now and Thursday’s live eviction. I wouldn’t count Jatalie out just yet nor would I sign that check for Victor or Paul just yet. We still have a long way to go and short time to get there.

  3. Natalie accuses James of throwing the comp. I think he is just horrible at comps.
    It is possible that James wants to get evicted and will like Natalie to go right after so they could have private moments in the house and she could go all the way.

    • I’m sure she would be uncomfortable with all the cameras in the jury house. Maybe at the after party, when nobody is around, she will french kiss him.

  4. So, after informing all that Meech was being voted out, James said that any final 4 that he and Nat had with Nicorey no longer exists. The last time I counted, James, Nat, Nic and Corey, and Meech add up to 5 not 4. So what is his beef

    • Jatalie and Nicorey had a Final 4 thing. Then James opened his mouth and said Natalie wanted Victor to stay. He was talking to Paul, but Corey was in the same room and Nicole was in the bathroom, meaning she overheard everything. That was what made Nicorey nervous enough to jump ship.

      • But James seemed to be upset that they voted out Meech and she wasn’t in their final 4, so she should have been expendable.

      • He wanted the number and someone to go after Nicole and Corey. Natalie was the one that really wanted to work with Michelle.

      • James was upset because Nichole didn’t tell them the plan and kept them in the dark he really didn’t care that Meech went home it was more about them supposed to be working together and Nichole didn’t talk to them which he should have taken that as a sign something was wrong. Meech was a vote for their side and it is all about numbers.

      • He should have asked her. Nobody from that side tried to campaign for Michelle (including Michelle) all week.

    • I agree. Michelle was going to get evicted by them anyway, so it is better that Natalie didn’t have to do it.

  5. Missed tonight’s ep while on our boat with my family.
    However I do feel the need to share with you guys that some people in our marina were partying pretty hard last night and kept us up late and today my dad said “that is not friendship.”
    I almost fell off the couch. :)

  6. I have to say it’s funny but a little disgusting Nicole wants to be the last girl standing when most of the girls this season were all about “girl power”. Not that they were all that successful, but at least they tried to stick together.

    • Uh, Michelle explicitly stated to Nicole she was coming after her. She attempted to blow up Nicole’s game to the house multiple times while she was there.

      I’m not a Nicole fan at all, but that’s pretty messed up that you’re trying to make her out to be something she’s not, just because you personally seem to have a grudge against her.

      I’m not a fan of her game but come on…

      • Was Michelle really making her out to be something she’s not? I don’t think it was smart game play in the least but Nicole is really good at playing both sides and denying her actions. That could be considered snakish behavior. Lol

      • For some unknown reason Nicole is not allowed to play BB like the guys. She is held to a higher standard.

      • The ‘making her out to be something she’s not’ comment was about the commenter, not anyone in the house.

      • I never said that she should have kept all the girls on the game even if it hurt her. I’m only saying that so many girls wanted to show how they could be strong competitors against the men. Even if they didn’t manage to stick together, most of them wanted a girl to win. And celebrating being the last girl means the odds of that happening are slim at best.
        I guess I have more trouble with her wanting so much to be the last one rather than actually acting on it.

      • You’re creating a scenario based on nothing and then attributing it to her, in an attempt to make her look bad. You called it “disgusting”.

        You claim you never said she should have kept all the girls in the game even if it hurt her, but you’re punishing her anyway. It seems like that’s exactly what you’re saying she should have done. You choosing to single her out vs all of the other men in the house is so hypocritically sexist. I feel so sorry for women who play Big Brother because any semblance of strategy is immediately dismissed as “snakish” and then these same commenters have the nerve to chastise them in the end for “not being strategic enough.” I’m not talking about you specifically. It’s just a real issue that isn’t discussed enough.

        Please, when has Nicole “celebrated” being the last girl? When has she “wanted so much to be the last one”, as you claim, and are so convinced of being true?

        She’s doing what she needs to do in order to stay alive. And you know what? It’s actually working. She has a real shot to win.

        Like I said, I’m not a fan of hers, but throwing around these personal insinuations is so unnecessary and petty.

      • Hey, I just expressed an opinion. I admit that disgusting was a strong and uncalled for word here. Sometimes I get a little harsh in my comments and this was one of those times. Still, I feel like some are taking my comment outside of what I meant.
        I’m not “punishing” her, as that would imply that I had some sort of control over her, which I do not. I’ve previously said I’ve lost all respect for her so my comments may seem harsher than is called for. She just bothers me. I guess in the long run I should have kept that to myself.

      • We all have those days. And you’re perfectly within your right to express an opinion, just like others are within theirs to disagree with it. It’s all cool.

        I really do believe you in that you didn’t mean for what you said to be taken too harshly. Sometimes that’s out of our control, though. I’ve taken a lot of heat on here for being sensitive when it comes to all the personal attacks the houseguests get around here, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Honestly. Mad respect to you for owning up to it and clarifying a few things.

        A little snark here and there toward the houseguests is great, but the overall attitude and mob mentality here is pretty shocking. I’m definitely not trying to single you out, by any means whatsoever.

    • Why disgusting? She saw how catty most of them were and stayed out of it. Day is the one that turned on Nicole. Then after Day got in Michelle’s head so did Michelle. Why would she not want to be the last girl standing? Are you saying she should want to keep Natalie, who made it clear she wants Nicole gone?

      • Didn’t Nicole turn on Da first? I thought Da was going after Nicole when she found out Nicole was working with Frank to get her out.

      • They were all working together. Nicole had a final 2 with Frank on the side though. Frank threw Nicole utb a few times. She was not actively trying to get Day out at the time.

      • So what you are saying is Da just randomly started targeting Nicole and Nicole had a final 2 with Frank but they weren’t trying to get rid of Da.

      • No, I am saying Da said she wanted Nicole out sooner rather than later. Da is also the one that blew up the Fatal Five. She was trying to turn Frank against Tiffany. She turned on her the girls first. Nicole was not the only one with side deals for F2. They all had them. Who in their right mind is going to tell someone no to a F2 that early in the game?

      • I’m not saying she should play differwntly. It just puts me off that she wants to get rid of a girl not just because it would be good for her game, but because she wants the “honor” of being the last girl.

        I know I’m not explaining myself well. It’s just a feeling I’ve got.

    • They only TALKED about sticking together. They couldn’t get past their petty jealousy to actually put the plan into action.

  7. I’m really hoping they let America see the real Natalie on Wednesday. She’s refusing to take any responsibility for her current situation. What a drama queen!

  8. I know Victor and Paul are working with Nicorey and everything and are against James, but if I was Victor I would have been pissed at Nicole and Corey just barging into a conversation like that.

  9. After watching this episode, I concluded that; CBS wants us all to be in love with Natalie and believe that her and James are going to ride off into the sunset together once the show is over, because they are soulmates! Yay! Lol ???

  10. I love Victor, but him chanting “unevictable” to himself in front of the mirror after he won HoH was pretty stupid.

    You are evictable, dude. In fact, with the potential for three evictions in a single season, you’re literally the most evictable houseguest in Big Brother history.

  11. I wish Nicorey would tell James that they heard James saying Natalie wanted Corey out instead of Victor and that’s what caused them to align with Pictor. Please, no more talk of being stabbed in the back by Nicorey.

    • James knows that already. So it’s ok for Nicorey to stab Jatalie in the back but if James does it it’s wrong??? Are you kidding me.

      • When did Nicorey tell james about overhearing his conversation to Victor?
        If he is now aware of that he shouldn’t be blaming them for moving on to another alliance.
        Really, did you expect Nicorey to stay aligned with Jatalie after overhearing that conversation?
        Is it disloyal to turn to an alliance with Pictor after learning Jatalie were not trustworthy after all?
        Nicorey’s move to Pictor was STRATEGIC because James is untrustworthy due to his many lies and backstabbing former alliance member.
        He made them nervous – do you blame them?

  12. Natalie talks about being on the bachelor,but she won’t even kiss James, that alone says she would kiss a total stranger but she won’t kiss james.

    • Did u also notice how she said on last epi , how she likes all diff types? I like good looking guys & ugly guys right to James face.. It was like her saying James is the ugly guy she would date! I am so over her but esp now with last night’s jokers feed!

      • Gnat could turn any happy guy into a very miserable one in no time flat. She is very pretty to look at. That’s about all she has going for her. She talks about how hard she works in real life and I have no idea if it’s true, but there definitely is no evidence of it in the BB house.

  13. “Time to start playing Big Brother.” -James

    Then listening to him sound like a 14-year-old boy while talking to Natalie was PAINFUL.

    James, you are going to woefully regret this Season when you see it played back, sir.

  14. Victor is the piece of turd that keeps floating back into the toilet after flushing it a couple of times. I just hate the guy. Since day one I felt that, and no amount of rabbit or bunny ear-wearing has helped. In fact, it has made it worse. His celebrations are too barbaric as if hes a gladiator whos cutting warrior’s heads off. Id like to take a shot at him myself. Show some humility at this point, I say. Nicole is stupid and making bitchy choices, not strategic like she claims. So dumb keeping Victor in when you could have easily backdoored him. When that didnt happen, season was over.

  15. Paul was just interrogating James. He and Vic then told James that Natalie basically threw him under the bus. James told them somethings about Natalie because he was obviously surprised and hurt. The reality is at this point there was no reason for Paul to do this except to cause a big rift between James and Natalie and cause James pain which doesn’t make sense because one of them is going to Jury anyway. Just the fact that they “summoned” him to the HOH was weird. It never pays to get too corky in this game. They plan too tell Nicorey about their talk with James. It may be game play to get Nicorey to switch their target to James.

  16. I seriously have to fast forward through the competitions. This egg thing? Gawd! Can’t they come up with something new? Am I the only one finding the comps really repetitive and boring?

  17. No mention of the Ubly scene? That’s gotta be my favorite non-game scene in Big Brother history! I laughed so hard I thought someone was going to come to my apartment and ask if I was okay.

      • K, in a you tube video Nicole says they don’t have to buy meat because the fridge in full if their farm animals! Lol, nicole is country as can be.

      • Actually, that meat is much more healthy than most of the meat we purchase at the store. But the way she stated it was funny. Nothing wrong with being country, but there is something wrong with being skanky on national TV.

      • So, so true. The girl is so sketchy. Master manipulator. Wouldn’t want to know her.

        After being seen on tv, ever the masterful liar, how can she expect to work with anyone? Who could trust her.

      • I don’t want to say she is masterful at anything except getting boys to fawn over her, and this year, the world had found out why. My question is why would any guy want to bring that home to Mama?

      • You know it kinda hit me that this year’s BB18 has been nothing more than the Nicole show. Think back to who has had the most DR time. Nicole. I wonder how production pitched this season to her knowing she was looking for love? Let’s make you look more like a flat foot floosie?

        In one video she talks about how much she cries????

      • Who knows, maybe the Dingus/Doofus bedroom summer was all planned out. Some people will do almost anything for $500K. ;)

  18. When Nicole switch sides she basically is playing with Corey for 3rd and 4th place. If she stayed with James and Natalie they at least had a chance.

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