‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 11: Sunday Highlights

You can tell the Big Brother 18 game is starting to wind down because the Live Feeds were even more quiet than usual Sunday. There is something afoot, however. James has accepted his fate, but little does he and Natalie know that the others have something else in mind this week. Oh, and there’s still plenty of showmance bickering. Read on to find out more.

Victor Arroyo on Big Brother 18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 4, 2016:

11:00 AM BBT – HGs starting to get up for the day.

11:30 AM BBT – Victor and Paul discussed whether or not to vote out James or Natalie. They both worry that James has been throwing comps and could come at them strong if they keep him. They also worry Corey might be holding back on how well he’s been performing.

11:55 AM BBT – Natalie comes to talk with Victor and Paul about keeping James and sending her out. Natalie says she’ll play to win if they keep her. After she leaves Paul says he thinks she’s trying reverse psychology on them after yesterday trying to convince them that James was the guilty party in a bid to stay.

12:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging around outside in the backyard relaxing and tanning.

1:05 PM BBT – Natalie is getting agitated with James and says they should just be friends.

1:15 PM BBT – Natalie goes to apologize to James. She wants them to enjoy the week together.

1:30 PM BBT – Corey, Victor, and Paul laugh about Nicole and James trying to tell them to vote them out this week.

2:15 PM BBT – Nicole is certain Michelle stole some of her make up. HGs discuss not liking Michelle’s attitude and especially how she also stole Pablo from Paul.

2:45 PM BBT – HGs trying to figure out if Michelle really was related to Dan or not like she claimed on her way out. Nicole believes they are related. (They are not, as confirmed by Dan G.)

4:10 PM BBT – James and Natalie relaxing in the hammock together after having made up from their earlier fight.

4:15 PM BBT – Nicole with Victor and Paul discussing James and Natalie’s relationship. Paul thinks Natalie is faking it with James and angling for AFP. Victor jokes with Nicole that if Corey doesn’t want to marry her then he will. Paul offers his hand in marriage as well.

4:20 PM BBT – Paul mentions being coached by DR on how to deliver his talks as they want more attitude with it.

5:00 PM BBT – Nicole is crying and stressed with Corey due to something that happened between them while the Feeds were off. Nicole continues to stress and Corey sits quietly waiting for her to stop. Nicole mentions to him she’s so emotional and hasn’t had her period in three months.

5:10 PM BBT – Corey now frustrated with Nicole for making a scene in front of everyone and possibly something that goes in the show.

5:15 PM BBT – Corey goes outside and talks with the guys about Nicole being so upset. Victor and Paul agree that she was really angry earlier. (We still don’t know exactly what happened.)

6:22 PM BBT – Natalie jokingly (or passive aggressively) accuses James of throwing the veto competition. She says he should’ve done better since he was in the military.

6:25 PM BBT – HGs are AGAIN discussing who will get America’s Favorite Player.

7:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging out and chatting.

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  1. Although my distaste for Gnat has grown recently, and James needs to open his eyes and see the thorns on that pretty little rose he is loving to look at, I thought Paul enjoyed the talk with James just a little too much. I’ve seen a little bit of a malicious side to Paul before that kind of rubs me the wrong way. Hard to feel sorry for James, though, this season for some reason.

    • Paul’s perception of Natalie and James is that all three of them (including Michelle) were trashing him on a personal level the previous few weeks (which they had been), so I suppose he’s getting some pleasure on seeing the tables turned and now they have to grovel instead, something Paul has been forced to do the entire game.

      Not saying his attitude is right, but understandable after feeling like the entire house is against you on multiple different occasions.

      • I don’t ever remember having the impression that Paul was grovelling. Sure, toning it down some, which is difficult and unnatural for him. Even when Paul is being what is his idea of nice, his real intention a lot of times isn’t to be nice, but to get some back-handed jabs in while pretending to be nice. I have went through spells of liking and disliking Paul, laughing at and then being disgusting by his behavior and language.

      • Yeah, I would describe his behaviour with Paulie as pandering rather than grovelling. Those first few weeks of his working with Paulie, especially the week Vic was blindsided were embarassing to him

    • I agree, Paul often takes things too far especially when he tries to ‘get into their heads’ and I think you’re right he seems to relish these confrontations a little too much. Hope that Vic is noticing this and is prepared to deal with it when (if) it gets directed at him.

      • I think Paul has caused Vic some issues with HGs that Vic isn’t aware of simply due to their friendship. Some Hg’s have a hard time trusting Paul so Vic is guilty by association.

      • Or is Vic letting Paul do the ‘dirty work’ for him so he can say that he (V) has treated everyone fairly, it was Paul who said those things? I think Vic is playing smarter as the season goes on and I notice that he is really watching Paul now when Paul is talking to the others

      • Oh, that is a huge possibility and probability, but I’m just not so sure Vic realizes how much Paul is distrusted. Michelle nor Gnat care much for Paul and in the process, had a hard time trusting Paul/Vic combo, so I do think the friendship has had some negative affects for Vic. But the irony of that is that it could help Paul win this game.

      • Yes he would be guilty by association just as some of the other HG’s have been throughout the season.

    • Paul was interrogating James. He and Vic then told James that
      Natalie basically threw him under the bus. James told them somethings
      about Natalie because he was obviously surprised and hurt. The reality
      is at this point there was no reason for Paul to do this except to cause
      a big rift between James and Natalie and cause James pain which doesn’t
      make sense because one of them is going to Jury anyway. Just the fact
      that they “summoned” him to the HOH was weird. It never pays to get too
      corky in this game. They plan too tell Nicorey about their talk with
      James. It may be game play to get Nicorey to switch their target to
      James. Just seems like Paul enjoyed it a little too much.

      • Actually I think there was good reason to do that to James. Firstly Paul wants James hurt bad so he won’t win comps. And what better way to hurt James bad than to tell him Nat doesn’t like him that much. Paul got some valuable information with that move. When it comes to “liking it too much,” I think Paul has good reason to take pleasure in maybe throwing a few stones at Jatalie. They flipped on him, and got his best friend evicted. James is loyal to one person and that’s Nat, everyone else he will flip on at the drop of a hat.

      • Never really thought that Zach had a strategy, I always assumed he ranted without thinking about it beforehand lol. Could you imagine Zach and Paul together?

      • Paul is 100% using a Zach Rance move. It’s interesting how we’ve seen so many past players strategies in Paul’s gameplay. For a person who says he hasn’t watched much Big Brother he’s playing this thing like a guy who has studied every move every great player has ever made.

      • I really don’t know. I think it’s two things, the first being he learns quick and the second being he really just has the personality traits of so many different players all mashed up into him. He truly does have a lot of Zach Rance qualities to him, he’s also got some James Rhine in him, maybe a little Derrick, some Jun strategies, a whole lot of Dick’s loud mouth. He’s a weird hybrid of a floater and a mastermind with a mouth that can talk him out of absolutely anything. It’s a little weird actually.

    • To clarify based on another comment you made, did you actually watch the conversation or just basing your opinion on entries from updates? Not trying to attack you or anything, but when you reference Paul “enjoying it too much”, having watched the feeds myself it didn’t seem like they were giggling over it afterward.

      Immediately when James left they started planning on how to explain the convo to Corey and Nicole should it come up. They were actually quite serious about the whole thing.

  2. Nicole wants Natalie gone because in the words of Nicole Franzel. “I would rather be evicted by a guy than a girl”.

  3. I am glad James was told that natalie threw him utb. He needs to realize that its one way street and she doesnt care about him nearly as much as he cares about her.

    • I think she did go around the house and steal personal items from the other players as souvenirs. Wasn’t it already proven that she did that?

  4. I’m not sure how to take the Vic and Paul convo with James though it seems more like Paul did the talking. Pretty sure that he is working to have James on their side for next week as it will be necessary IMO to take their shot at Nicorey. Also believe that the guys feel that Gnat has been using James and perhaps there is some sympathy for James and again, they don’t want him throwing his game away completely for her at this point in case he can help them get one of Nicorey out. Whatever, I hope that James really thinks about what was said and redeems himself by starting to play for himself. Would I like to see James turn against Nicole? Yes.

    • I hope James realizes that it was out of bounds and below the belt for Paul to talk about his relationship with Natalie. Paul is no friend of his, why would he go there other than to stir the pot. Victor was silent and told him not to mention the convo to Nicorey because he did not want to be part of sleeze. I thought Paul had more class then going this route.

      • Is it out of bounds? This is a game and Gnat and James have a partnership in a game. James may think he’s in a romance, Gnat is not there. She has played the blame game with James, bullied him, talked down to him and thrown him UTB. I’m glad that he has been told about her convo with V/P. Do I think that Paul talked to him for purely altruistic reasons? No, but I’m glad James knows and I hope it fuels him on to start playing as I said before

      • What relationship? James/Nat? lol There’s no such thing…Well, there are some idiots in the house that thinks this is E-Harmony. This is a game, you stir the pot. lol

      • I watched the conversation on the feeds, I don’t recall him ever talking about James’ relationship with Natalie. I merely remember him bringing up that Natalie regretted trusting James’ strategy in the game.

        James was the one that constantly was bringing up the fights and stuff that him and Nat were having. To which Paul actually seemed to be trying to shut down by telling James that he “didn’t want to get into all of that.”

      • James seems very reluctant to accept that Natalie has friend zoned him right now. I’m glad Paul didn’t rub salt in James’s wounds.

  5. One important distinction here is that during the talk between James & Paul/Victor, James told them Nat had said if he teamed up “with certain people” that she wouldn’t talk to him again.
    Later, after James left, Paul/Victor discuss how shitty it is of Nat to tell James he couldn’t talk to THEM or she’d be mad. So, although James meant Nic/Corey, Paul & Victor still don’t know that Nat wants James to team up with them over Nic/Corey because they assumed by “certain people” James meant them.
    This is important because whoever stays will be a HUGE advantage to whichever duo manages to reel them in.

      • Well, if you believe the conspiracy theories, Nicole & James have had a F2 since before the season started. lol

      • I believe that F2 commitment was true, but hoping it is now over after NicHole’s betrayal and James will go with Vic/Paul. I think maybe James is just not sure at this point.

      • James is one stubborn guy, I see him continuing his quest to evict Victor – especially since Victor caused Nat’s eviction.

    • According to this article, by reading the 1:10 entry, it sounds like James did specifically refer to Dingus & Doofus as being the “certain people”.

      • That’s why I posted. Branden made a boo boo when writing the 1:10 am entry. James never made the distinction that the “certain people” Nat didn’t want him linking up with was Nic/Corey. You can tell if you listen to Paul & Vic afterwards b/c it seemed to really bother them. They assumed it was them.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, Paul is smooth, smart and entertaining. But he now five deep into the douche pool with the personal attacks, vulgar insults, particularly against the girls. And there was absolutely no reason to go down this relationship path between James snd Natalie. Sorry, it crossed over the line. Why kick someone when they are down. Not very manly. Isn’t there a Bro code?

  7. Nat has used James throughout this game. Without James she would have been evicted weeks ago. Now, Nat is out to humiliate James. This is just wrong! You don’t do this to others. Look at Paulie as an example. What goes around comes around. James deserves better. Evict Nat and maybe James will become rejuvenated . James can possibly win HOH put up Nicole and Corey. Just me wishing the best for James. Nicole gets voted out then the excitement begins. A F4 with Corey, James, Vic and Paul will be an adventure. James could possibily win. Again, me feeling sorry for James and my dislike for Nicole.

    • James brought this on himself. I don’t feel sorry for him. Again, he blows his game for a woman out of his league and he knows that. I do not want to see four boys at the end. Like Nicole or not, she’s played a good game. She’s NEVER been nominated. When Derrick did that is was “Derrick is king, Derrick is a god, blah, blah, blah. But when a woman does it, she doesn’t get any credit.

      • True and there are a lot of good female players.
        – Janelle
        – Rachel
        – Vanessa
        – Amanda
        – Helen
        – Neda
        – Cassandra
        – Sarah
        – Loveita
        – Danielle R
        – Danielle D

        This list goes on

        I thought Nicole was just there to get a boy, but I think she’s starting to redeem herself in my eyes. But she needs to do a lot more to win the game, since being not nominated isn’t enough.

      • It seems that depending upon what circumstances they find themselves in, many HGs, especially Nicole, attribute whatever they can to their “strategy”. Few are really honest about what luck played a part or how their own strategy didn’t work.

      • Derrick was never my choice in BB 17. Nicole has played a great game but she isn’t my choice as a winner. I don’t base my picks on the sex of the contestant. I watch their overall abililities in the game. This is why my choice was Victor and Frank. Victor has made it further than Frank. Like I always say about opinions, they are like buttholes and most of the smell.

      • I think Vic will go down in BB history. I would like to see him and James go to final two. Maybe now that James has pulled his head out of Nats ass he can see more clearly and will fight to win this

      • I think Vic believes he can beat Paul and wont trust going to the end with anyone else because of their friendships with the people in jury

      • Same here. I base my picks on gameplay. This isn’t a game about gender, it’s a game about competitiveness and strategy. That’s why Will, Dan, Derrick, and Dick are well known- not because they’re guys, but they’re really strategic and smart players.

        Plus there are also good female players too. Maybe they haven’t won but they have gotten hall of fame in my eyes.

  8. So sick of Paul and Nicole. Nicole is ugly and has one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard. Paul is ridiculously annoying. He sounds like Richie Rich, on a never ending quest to try to fit in with the normal kids. “hey guys look at me I’m cool, I’m cool. Sure I don’t have to work but I’m just like you. It’s not friendship if you don’t pay attention to me.” I’m not sure how he was never targeted right after josea because those two were the first to say we have to go after the vets.

    • Has he pissed a lot of HG’s like most of the evicted ones? He’s starting to annoy a lot of the viewers though. Watching him on feeds, I can understand why, but I can also understand why he’s still in the house F6, due to his game play.

      • Yup, I can understand why, also, and, yes, he can be VERY annoying yet entertaining. He has made me lol many times and cringe other times.

      • lol Yeah, I was watching them play pool last night and there was f bomb/sack of sh*t on every sentence he makes. After a while I was desensitized from his swearing, and it was like normal to me, and he was making me laugh.lol I have met guys like that. They act like that to certain group of people, but not to everyone.

      • I’ll have to say that I have lived 60 years, worked in a paper mill for over 20 years with over 90% men, and I have never met anyone who spoke like that, not around me anyway. I’m not naive enough to think it doesn’t happen. Hey, I’ve seen movies. lol

      • Every time Nic misses the shot, he tells her “you sack of sh*t” haha..and Nic wants to keep him longer in the house.

      • Yeah, she realizes that Paul is an equal opportunity insulter. He talks like that to everybody and loves it when his targets get all upset.

    • Because after Jozea left, Paul later kept his mouth shut (something he was supposed to do from Day 2). He later improved his social game by making muffins and being more gregarious with some of the people. Ever since then, Paul has been pretty much everyone’s best friend and let other people tear each other down. Paul is smarter than people give him credit.

      As for being annoying, well that’s just him being the youngest (not an excuse but still that’s expected).

  9. Natalie through James under the bus blaming the decisions on James and not taking responsibility for her game moves and paul and victor told James about it and james won’t say anything to natalie about knowing she through him under the bus. That just sealed her eviction.

  10. Hi guys, this is my first post on here and it’s really surprising to see so many Paul and Vic fans. I have watched Big Brother since season 1 and I have never seen a player evicted and returned that many times. I know Vic is a fan favorite but my goodness every challenge was physical. I think CBS really wants Vic to win. It doesn’t make sense that Nicole would vote out Michelle when she OBVIOUSLY knows that Paul and Vic are the bigger threat. Since most of the games were physical this season and CBS rigging everything it’s a no brained that rich boy Paul and physical no game Vic is going to the final 2!

    • It isn’t Vic’s fault that they had two buybacks this season. Victor has heart and has crushed competitions. I wasn’t a fan in the beginning of the season, but I’m pulling for him to win the whole thing. I think Nicole wanted P/V to target J/N. Like Victor said, James used him to get rid of Paulie; now N/C are using him to get rid of J or N.

      • He definitely crushed in competitions but again most of the comps this season has been physical. All he needed was to be evicted a 3rd time and had the round trip ticket. All I am saying is that production was too involved this season. They should have not had so many come backs. Fan or no fan, give the money to the guy who was evicted twice.

    • I thought the conspiracy was it’s rigged for Nic? This rigged thing is becoming so unreliable now….From now on I will only believe on Mickey’s theory..”the wall” at wickialike Drek wall..yup..yup…oops

  11. Here’s my best senaRio for Victor : take down James, nominate Nicole, draw a tie, evict Nicole for her hysteronics

  12. You know what bugged me about that conversation between V/P&J last night? It wasn’t that Paul told James about Natalie throwing him (James) UTB, b/c she did and James should really know what she is saying behind his back. No, what really bothered me was how Paul immediately wanted to lie about his reasons behind talking to James to Nicole & Corey. Why? Someone who wants to lie for no reason makes me think they lie like that all the time. Vic made a point of it by saying “where do you draw the line between strategy, playing the game and simply being a shi@%tty person?” And that actually shut Paul up for a moment! ;) Vic was not referring to Paul of course, he was referring to Natalie, but it made me think about Paul and how his first instinct was to lie to Nicole & Corey about the convo w/James when the truth is not only simpler, but less sketchy. Vic did not like the idea of lying (b/c Vic is an honest person) and was adamant that they just keep it simple and not create some outlandish story…and he finally got Paul on board with that idea, but it was really weird how Paul’s first instinct was to lie at all when talking to James about who targeted him (and Vic) is a legitimately understandable question…this makes me think this behavior is not merely BB strategy for Paul…it makes me think he’s like this in RL as well. Scary…

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