Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 12 — Tiffany And Frank Team Up, Sort Of

On this episode of Big Brother 18 we see how many cliches Tiffany can use!


We find out that “the beast is unleashed” when Tiffany decides she’s got nothing to lose and decides to make a “deal with the devil.” If she’s going out, she’s “going out fighting.” “Yada, yada, yada,” “at the end of the day” “blah blah blah.”

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” OK, no one really said that but I thought this was a good idea to ask if anyone knows that it means. I’ve never understood that one.


The episode picks up right after Bronte’s eviction and Paulie’s Head of Household win. Frank storms inside and is telling James that all the girls got together and flipped and he calls Nicole out specifically. And since Paulie made Frank safe with his HOH win for Category 4, he has plenty of time to hatch his next move.

Nicole tries to squash Frank’s suspicion of her and Frank seems to buy it, but he’s still frazzled and doesn’t know what to think. Elsewhere, Natalie is bummed she lost her best friend Bronte and James is feeling a bit shunned by her.


Tiffany decides to confront Frank. She tells him this only happened because he was targeting her. And he says that because she was targeting him and he says Da’Vonne is the one who told him. And we get the proof that Tiffany did tell Day that and now Tiffany is lying. So Day comes in and that Frank and Day start arguing. Frank tells her she started drama on her season and that sent her home and this season she’s starting drama.

Da’Vonne remembers what happened last season when she blew up so she decides to do some damage control with Frank. They talk things through and end it with some laughs and a hug. But is everything really alright with them? Not so much. Neither one of them are even kind of past any of the animosity.

Paulie decides that Tiffany won’t be slipping through his fingers again this week. He tells his alliance members that she’s his target this week. And everyone who kept Tiffany is now regretting keeping her. So everyone is again on board with getting Tiffany out this week. For now.

This all leads to Tiffany feeling like a pariah and not realizing that it’s probably because she is playing the season directly after her polarizing sister ran the Big Brother house. It’s clearly just a little too soon for her to be playing. Big Brother casting should have known this, especially two people from Vanessa’s season in the house with her.


Tiffany decides to stop worrying about all that and work on striking up a deal with Frank. She decides to blow up the house. She tells Frank that all of the others want them out. She says he can’t trust Nicole, Paulie or Corey. “None of them,” he says. And just as he’s saying they need to put Day up, Day walks in on them. And Day heads up to the HOH room to let the others know.

The others are convinced that now Frank and Tiffany are working together so Nicole tries to get what’s going on out of her. Tiffany isn’t having any of it so Nicole gets up and walks out. And the same attitude carries over to the conversation Tiffany and Da’Vonne have right after.

Zakiyah joins in and Tiffany decides to just let loose. She almost held her own, too, but then she let the tears flow. This whole edit goes on way too long, so I’m moving on.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. And it comes to no surprise that Paulie nominated Tiffany and Natalie for eviction.

And since Tiffany is now a free agent, she gets to work on Frank again ahead of the Roadkill competition so that he’ll be ready to win and target one of Paulie’s “minions.” Frank tells her if he wins he’ll need to put up Corey.

Let’s get to the Roadkill Competition. This is a pretty simple competition so it’s anyone’s game. In the end, it’s not Frank who wins but Tiffany herself. She decides to take this win to help further build things with Frank. But first, she tells Da’Vonne that she won and is going to put Corey up.

She heads into Frank and Bridgette to talk about who to nominate. They decide on Corey or Nicole and it doesn’t take us long to get to the Roadkill Reveal. The faces pop up on the screen and it stops on Corey. So Corey joins Tiffany and Natalie on the block.


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  1. Well, Paulie sure did get a good edit tonight…they didn’t bother to show the audience how he went off on Tiffany the other day..I think it was Friday..when he told her there is no way she could beat him at anything and that he was bred to play BB. They show all of Frank’s faults..but Mr. Ego and Mr. Hypocrite…they decide to keep him in the good graces of the viewing audience.

    • “Mr. Ego?” “Mr. Hypocrite?” Isn’t that going a bit too far for what is very obviously a case of HOH-itis, which strikes multiple HGs every season?

      • Ahahahaha! Lynn’s a regular here..she was here last year when Van was playing!

    • I wanna see the back of Paulie! Can’t wait til there are no more teams. Will make the RK more fun that way too. Paulie and Frank’s egos need to be brought down a notch! Seems when everyone is safe or feels safe, they get mean and nasty to others.

      • I don’t like his narcissism, either- but with that being said….

        I wanna see the “back” of Paulie too. And vice versa. He’s fine as hell. ??

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      I love all the action this year, but can’t find a single player I’d really like to see win.

      • I feel the same way! There’s no one I’m pulling for. I don’t know if I like any of them. For winning the game that is.

    • I wonder if his comments will be on Wednesday’s episode? Paulie made those comments before the POV, and that hasn’t been shown yet. I too am wondering if they’ll show it as they cut the feeds right as Paulie was approaching Tiff.

      A lot of people have been saying Paulie is cocky. I watch the feeds a lot, and I haven’t really seen that side of him yet.

      • I just see a severe case of HOH-itis. It’s not the first time a HG has been stricken with it. It’s a bit worse this year, as Paulie’s been safe for the past three weeks now, due to the teams ensuring safety for the HGs on the same team as the current HOH.

  2. I’m confused, 1st u said the convo with day was proof Tiffany was going after frank BUT in the clip she said ALL the guys, day took it upon herself to turn in into just frank. 2 bs how does Tiffany find out day betrayed her, is pissed at her but then tells her she won RK and puts up Corey? That made no sense!

    • I agree the edit was so out of order. Tiffany never told Day she was after Frank. Day even told Nicole she lied to Frank. And that happened way before Tiffany was put on the block last week. I don’t understand the comment in this article either about Tiffany lying.

      • If only Day hadn’t started spreading rumors the minute she knew who Tiffany was related to. I thought for sure Day knew Tiff via Van. Evidently Day didn’t go to many of the parties after the season finished like Paulie had with Cody. Probably why Paulie told everyone who he was immediately, maybe because he was afraid Nic would recognize him.

    • She said that she was going to try to use her roadkill win to pull more people onto her side and solidify more allies. She’s using it as kind of an olive branch maybe?

    • Frank thought that because they didn’t have the #s to get Da out they would get rid of a showmance by getting Da and James on their side.

  3. I’m happy about Paul and paulie’ friendship. I like everyone except Tiffany and Frank.

    • I’m in the same boat you are Kiealexa. Although I like everyone except Tiffany and Bridgette. And Frank is staring to lose points with me. In jest or not you don’t smack a woman on her butt whether that’s how you were raised at home or not or whether or not she laughed once or twice or you thought you were friends.

  4. Oh my goodness, Tiff made me crazy tonight. As usual, I’ll preface this by saying I don’t watch the feeds, but from what I’ve seen, Tiff has done an awful job making friends. And then she cries about being alone and hating everyone? Ugh. I’m sick of this girl. I can’t wait until they walk her ass out the door.

    • Paulie is the worst, or should i say King Paulie. This game really brings out the worst in people. Some more then others. Like Day she claims to be so religious and always asking God to help her win a comp, but yet she’s one of the biggest liars and backstabber in the game, and it seems to com kinda natural to her.

      • She is NOT that sweet ! At least not in my opinion!! Pretty? Yes!! Sweet? Uh no!! She’s part of the mean girls who feels safe enough to be a mean girl because she is relying on a man!! Everything she said she wouldn’t do when she formed that fatal 5 alliance!!

      • Ya know, I didn’t see that until bbadboy pointed out her comment tonight. Dang it….fooled again. I would be so terrible at this game.

      • Lol! I would be terrible because I can read people!! I wanna slap the crap out of frank to wake him up and stop blabbing to mean girl michelle and loose lips ass kissing paul!! I’m a frank fan!! What can I say!! He seems like a cool cat!! Unlike some of the others!! Lol. Dang I’m too into this!! This can’t be healthy, lol!!

      • I think Frank is rude and the biggest liar in the house. For the first few weeks he thought he was king of the house. Tried to control everyone and if you went against him he got aggressive. Now that he knows everyone wants him out he’s laying low.

      • Yeah!! I can’t agree with you, sorry!! As of now, he hasn’t rubbed me the wrong way.. And I watch feeds! I get that he’s sarcastic, but I don’t mind it at all.. It’s entertaining!! To me at least!! To each their own right?? I’ll respect your opinion!! ?

      • Yep we’ll have to agree to disagree. I watch the feeds too and seeing him smack girls on the ass, ordering Michelle to wash my dishes woman. Yelling at women when they disagree with him. I don’t care for Tiffany either but when he got in her face yelling at her over the wine and screaming at James and Nicole over pizza that wasn’t cooked enough. Calls Natalie fat, told Nicole she eats like a pig. Nicole was even hiding in another room to eat because of his rude comments. And so much more. I just don’t find that kind of behavior entertaining. But like you said to each their own.

      • Agreeing to disagree is the best!! Why can’t more people be like us?? Lol!! Seriously though!!

      • You must be in love with Frank or want to be his woman if all he has done does not bother you!

      • I’m dissapointed in Fank, he should know cant trust no one on that side! I hope funky Paul leave and cant wait until patty face Michelle leave out the door. Michelle acts like she has some knd of mental problem

      • She played a Tiff tonight…crying and Corey went over to talk to her and calm her fears. I was like, noooo Corey, don’t do this. Michelle is just as stuck up Day’s butt as much as Z is. She didn’t pull this until after Corey had told her they’re going after Day next if either him or Nic get HoH.

      • Not sweet…pretty, I’ll give her that. She’s gotten a bit bold lately; especially when she knows she’s not being targeted yet. Just wait til she’s on the block and see! :-)

      • Well, Dan lied 24/7 and he swore on the Bible and read it too all the time. But I’m trying to figure out is why is it ok for everyone else to lie but not Day (not that I’m a big fan of hers). I’m just genuinely interested. Because from what I see (I have the feeds and read updates) Tiffany is playing the sympathy card.

      • AGAIN, DAY is lying to blow up everyone’s game but it is backfiring and starting to blow up her game. Her lies are made completely up and are half truth’s to where as the other’s are just lying to cover their ass.

      • Where is this again coming from (have we talked before)? Anyway, Michele just told Frank on the live feeds the truth: that Tiff was p i s s e d off with him after their argument in the HOH room (prior to the fatal 5 alliance). Frank brushed it off but Michelle was like no really she’s been wanting you out for a while she was angry with you. (Michelle is very honest) And that Tiff couldn’t stand Frank.

        Now Tiff and Frank are all buddy buddy because they need each other but the fact is that Frank knows he can’t trust Tiff and as he told Michelle he’s just using her for info.

      • Well I can’t wait til frank gets voted out and michelle realizes hes the only one that truly had her back.. With him she was in no danger to go home.. But Paulie has Z…Corey has nic… And James has Nat!! She for sure will be gunned for before any of those girls! Sorry, I just don’t like the girl!! She’s slimey!! Paul and her better make an alliance fast because they are both at the bottom of the totem poll! And they can’t see it!!

      • I think Michelle is hilarious. Great sense of humor. And Frank doesn’t have her back. Frank doesn’t have anyone’s back except his own. He’s thrown everyone’s name out there to put up including Michelle.

      • And to me frank is hilarious and Michelle is a bit**!! So like I said everyone has their point of view!! Like i Said earlier!! Just you wait til frank is voted out and its her versus everyone else!! I think its going to be fun!!

      • Frank attacks people very aggressively. Michelle makes hilarious comments but doesn’t go after everyone. She’s never said a mean thing to Bridgette. So how is she a bitch? And Nicole, Corey, Paulie and Z love her and have her back.

      • Hey!! I thought we were agreeing to disagreeing woman!!?? Lol don’t like frank and I can’t stand michelle!! That is how I feel right now though!! Because I’ll admit with big brother this can change fast!! I liked paul..couldn’t stand paul.. And liked him …back and forth.. Lol!! Same with some others!! Lol!!

      • See we do agree. I have been going back and forth on most of them. I liked Frank in the beginning. Not so much now. But who knows if he stays for a few more weeks I just might be rooting for him. I do know one thing and I’ll bet we’ll agree I sure don’t want Josea winning his way back in.

      • I agree with you Leesa as I like Frank and can’t stand Michelle either. She may not say mean things directly to others, but she sure does when she is in the room with her crew. I don’t find her funny at all and she seems jealous of a lot of the girls. Saturday night or Sunday morning she had a field day bashing Bridgette on the feeds. She was really mean to Tiff after they were really close in the beginning and after awhile she wouldn’t talk with her at all. If she saw Tiff in one of the bedrooms she would just turn around and not even come in.

      • Michelle talks nasty, though about others behind their back which is unnecessary most of the time and a lot is due to her alliance with Day for the most part. Easy to do when you’re not the one on the block, huh? Michelle is hilarious at times and does add to a group conversation. But put her with just a couple people, and she says some mean things.

      • But my point is she isn’t hurting anyone. They don’t know what’s being said. Frank is a different story.

      • True. When I hear nasty comments from some who wouldn’t say that to the person’s face, it gets to me. I shouldn’t take some things too personally myself, and usually don’t. I know what it’s like to be isolated and feel all alone, so when I see someone like that, my heart goes out further to them than the ones who feel the need to kick someone when they’re already down.

      • Leesa I liked Frank maybe the 1st week but the past few weeks he has shown his true colors! Everything that Lavendargirl is true! Sarcastic joking is one thing as most people like that. But the name calling fat shaming butt slapping is wrong! I am stunned you are not outraged? How old are you? Michelle is sweet and funny. She is with Zaulie and Nicorey. She also has Day and James. She is even friends with Tiff. What if Frank slapped your butt and called you fat ugly etc? It would not bother you? How is Michelle slimey? Bridgette is a rat. Yes her and Paul are single and Paul is definitely at the bottom but you do not have to be in a showmance to NOT be at the bottom. She can team up with Day James Tiff Paul worst case. She has lots of friends/allies!

      • Thank you for saying that Michelle is NOT friends with Tiff. She was very close to her at one time, but as I pointed out in my previous post she won’t even enter the room if Tiff is in there. Tiff was in the bedroom with James talking about that very fact and all at once Michelle was at the door and turned right around when she saw Tiff.

      • I respect your opinion. But Michelle would be a fool to trust Frank he’s already made it clear to Bridge, Tiff, and in the diary room that he’s planting seeds and is going to try to get into people’s heads. He’s already slowly working on Corey. At best with Michelle he’ll help her get to to the top 5 then he’ll dump her when he can’t use her anymore I.E for a vote. Michelle’s best bet i think is to stick with her alliance and wait for the cracks to begin. I really think that she James, Nat, and Pail should form an alliance.

      • I cant wait for Michelle to leave, she is a rat and mentally challenged the way she acts. Paulie’s pet Paul look like he should be somewhere in the shower instead of running his funky mouth!

      • Wouldn’t it Michelle who just last night lied about a fake team alliance? I wouldn’t trust Michelle as far as I can see. She also might have told the truth to Frank early on but DAY has lied almost from the start.

      • Tiffany is blowing up everyone’s game she’s telling the truth for the most part but she’s also lying and telling half truths.

      • She’s telling more truths then not!! Michelle IS a biatch!! she’s what gives women a bad rep.. Super catty and has no self awareness!! “Oh.. I am like that….we’ll…I guess I’ll try harder not to be mean!!” Like really?? You have to try hard not to be such a b***h!!???

      • Let me explain this, this way. Tiffany HAS NO ONE in the house. She is trying to stay in the game and wanting to get DAY out, she is I repeat IS spilling the beans and maybe telling half truth’s but after the way Paulie and his cronies has treated her since Bronte went home, can you really blame her?

      • What Da did was play the game though. It was unnecessary because of her position at the time but that’s what I watch BB for.

      • Frank was getting annoyed with Tiff, Tiff had problems with Frank. Da wanted both out so she lied so they would take out each other. It was stupid but she was playing the game.

      • All I’m saying is no true religious individual as she tries to appear wouldn’t behave like she’s doing for any amount of money. That’s like selling your soul.

      • It’s easy to say that you’re a Christian, the hard part is behaving like one. If Day is a true Christian, then I am The Virgin Mary.

    • I so disagree, I don’t have live feeds but I do read Jokers updates. The house pets have treated Tiffany awful. I wanted to smack Day for laughing at Tiff when she was clearly in distress. Mean girl.

      • They were not trying to be mean! They were just so tired of all her crap the past few weeks! Read my post above just a few comments above. I explained the whole Tiff thing with Day and Z etc

      • And Z 2! Giving her attitude: I’m not talking to you if you’re like that! Girl is upset/crying – cut her a freaking break jerk! Maybe eat some of your makeup so you can be pretty on the inside too Z! Ugh.

      • No she didn’t! OMG, yes she did. I missed that because I was so mad at Day laughing. I rewatched that scene & you’re right. Ugh

      • Zakiyah does absolutely nothing in this game besides hide behind Paulie. She puts her makeup on four or five times a day..takes it off..then puts it back on again and is constantly pulling at her eyelashes.

      • She washes it off, climbs back in with Paulie, then gets up and puts it back on!

      • I noticed that and she pats her head a lot and I wondered if it was some sort of nervous habit? What I can’t understand is they are on feeds all the time and some of those feeds make the show so why is it so important to have their makeup on when going to the DR? I never really understood that.

      • Production suggests that they look presentable…which to some means wear something nice or don’t look like death warmed over, which translates to put on your make-up woman! LOL

      • They seem to enjoy kicking people while they’re down!! That’s effed up no matter who’s side you’re on in this game!! But jokes on them on July 22nd when one of their victims comes back!! I hope its either Vic or tiff!! Lol

      • Tiff also knows how to fake cry to get sympathy! Z wanted to talk like a normal person and not to someone who cries too much. Tiff has worn out her stay and they realize they should have just gotten her out this past week. I doubt they make that mistake twice! Even Michelle has had enough and she was a friend/allie with her. She even gave some good tips to Tiff about how to communicate with others so she would not be so annoying. Tiff talks down at people and needs to realize she is not teaching her students and is in house with adults. Did you see these feeds? I think Tiff has fooled you Lavendargirl and Unlucky love. Tiff is very accusing also instead of just asking question. Her tone is bad too and if you girls were in that house or saw more feeds you would see it too. I hope this helps everyone. I do not like others being mean to others. I would be polite to her but would never be alone with her. Only in a group setting so she can’t lie about me. People have caught on to this not even knowing about her sister from last season. She has become like Audrey last year. People are afraid to be near her because of fear of all the lies she would tell. She has brought this on herself! Day and Z even took timeout from game to comfort her. They could have been more supportive but Tiff appreciates nothing it seems to me so best to stay away until she is out of house. She purposely started blowing up everyone’s games after that. Shows her true colors.

      • Really makes sense! I did not know that. Thanks. I did not watch peoples interviews before show with Jeff except Natalie.

      • Audrey runs a BB game – assuming it’s an online thing and Tiff was the winner. If I remember correctly there was 12 HGs. During the feeds early in the game she was explaining how it worked to Michelle and Michelle said she heard something about it and wanted to do it too.

      • It’s just funny that when most feel safe or are safe how mean they get. Michelle even more so lately. Watch how they’ll become when they’re on the block. Michelle and Z have not won one comp, yet are so mean only because they’re listening to Day. Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll spit my dentures out, even though I don’t have dentures yet! LOL

      • You are not wrong imo Joni. Both Michelle and Z have been very mean to Tiff. Same thing happened last season when Day was on. Once Day left things seemed a lot better to me. I watch the feeds constantly – in fact way to much and I agree a lot of it is Day’s influence. When Day was supposedly comforting Tiff she was laughing and the reason she even bothered to comfort Tiff was because she was afraid Tiff was going to blow up her game when she was talking to Frank. We only got some of it on the live show, but Tiff was in that room for a long time and I watched the entire thing. Z returned and then Nicole and Frank for a bit although Day kept telling Frank to leave and then Paul came in and went on and on. Day and Z kept putting Frank down saying he was just telling Tiff lies over and over. They made it seem like Frank went to her to pull info out, but Tiff was the one who asked Frank to come in the HN room to talk with her. So you don’t have anything to spit out even though you already said you don’t have dentures. lol

      • I watched the whole thing too. Then after Tiff was finally alone, Day bragged about how she had to comfort Tiff out of earshot from Tiff. Natalie didn’t do that when she’d gone to comfort Tiff. Neither did Nic for that matter. First compassionate thing I’d ever witnessed from Natalie, which made me like her a little bit! She’s become a dark horse to me and one I’ll be watching as time rolls on. She’s not using James for anything. She genuinely likes James a lot and vice versa. She changed once Bronte left and distanced herself from Bridgette when Bridgette began canoodling with Frank, James’ rival. James will never get too comfortable around Frank. I wouldn’t either..LOL

      • I was coming around to Team Meach – But, boy-howdy, I have jumped off that train fast.

      • lol So true about Z. She has said she never says anything bad about anyone, but she sure does. I don’t recall a cast of women quite like this with such mean girl mentality. Maybe I am forgetting and I know not everyone gets along, but to me this season is the worst that I can remember for this sort of stuff.

      • “Maybe eat some of your makeup so you can be pretty on the inside too Z!”
        I love this line! ^5

      • Yes Day shouldn’t have laughed at her I thought that was pretty mean. But you have to remember that she played with Vanessa and she was used to the temper tantrums and fake over emotional tears. Poor Tiffany can’t seem to realize that it’s a game people are going to lie, use you etc. it’s not personal but she’s made it like its some personal attack on who she is as a person. She’s a real loose canon.

      • I would take it personal if no one spoke to me, or if the room cleared everytime I entered. I know it’s a game, but you don’t have to ostracize.

      • The reason they clear the room is because Tiff has been acting like a psycho. They don’t want any confrontation or to have their games blown up. if you haven’t noticed every time she walks in a room her eyes dart back and forth like some sort of hunted deer, her hair is disheveled, she mops around aroumd cries at the top of a hat. Bear in mind this a grown woman we’re talking about and didn’t her sister tell her before the show not to take things too personally? I would have thought so…she can’t play the sympathy card forever. Tiff isn’t innocent.

      • Kick a dog enough & it will behave just like Tiffany. Then once you’ve made it, twitchy & parinoid, ignore it. When it cries for attention, laugh in its face. Awesome.

      • Only Davonne laughed and we have no idea what was going on in her head at the time. Maybe she was thinking “this girl is crazy like her sister, but I have to keep it together.” She even said tonight that she felt bad for the girl but she had to think of her own game.

        Who knows. Laughing was rude but then so is Tiffany rolling her eyes at people and giving them nasty glares. She isn’t a child she’s a grown woman. Tiffany lied right from the beginning when she made it seem to Frank that she was on the outskirts of the girls fatal 5 alliance. She also told the 8 pack about the Spy Girls alliance and then lied and said she didn’t have anything to do with it. You’re forgetting that before her blow up Frank in the hoh room and her telling people she was sick of Frank that Tiffany was in “with the in group”.

      • Exactly! If you knew someone would lie about you why would you talk with them? Game or not? She is fake crying and using same ploys as her sister. Her sister told her what not to do and she knew this but is doing same thing anyway! What a waste of a cast spot just like Audrey last year! She plays way too hard. Audrey did too. Day and Frank need to go also as they are playing way too hard and Day’s lies have caught up with her plus her hating the showmances has put extra target on her back. I would never be alone with Tiff as she is good liar and it is so obvious her game plan. She does not know how to chill at all. So annoying way to paranoid shady with her stares at people etc She wears those dark sunglasses inside house to spy on people and to cover up her crying! Christina thank you for noticing her eyes etc as it seems we are the only 2 who see Tiffs fakeness and is using this as strategy to gain sympathy like V did last season. Tiff would drive anyone crazy! She is no fun at all.

      • Very true Joni. If you do not watch lots of the feeds it is easy to misunderstand what is really going on with each BB player in the house. None of us fans can know all if you are not inside that house and watching the feeds helps plenty. However you may know more this way but when I see people mistaking the situation I felt the need to say something. Personally I would never attack someone only defend myself if needed. But at the same time especially watching the show you should not play if you cannot handle it. People misunderstand situation and people instantly hate them. Everyone makes mistakes and one week you may not like someone and change your mind the next whether fan or player. Bottom line Tiff Frank and Day have caused their own demise for the most part. They all should have learned from the past but did not. Also Day smiling out of frustration with Tiff is better than blowing up again. Tiff would test any player or fans patience. She did comfort her and called BB timeout since she did not want Tiff to feel personally attacked from anyone. Day knows Tiff is playing like her sister. Just hoping to clear things up for every BB fan.

      • haha I like you already Redsoxfan. I agree as much as I have some sympathy for Day (because she does have a daughter) but i’m ready for her to leave because she obviously has let her mouth get the best of her again. Also people are just ripping her to shreds behind her back and it’s really pathetic to see. I also can’t take seeing Frank anymore. I see now why Ian called him out on his season; I never got it before but now I do. He likes to come across as this great good hearted guy but he’s really slick.

        Also, notice too how in the beginning of the season Tiff did her hair and wore makeup and now not so much. And she also wears hats all the time just like Vanessa!

      • I have nothing against Day as a person. She played better this year which is not saying much since she was the 2nd one eliminated last year but she played way to hard and would have been fine if she just chilled more. Day Tiff and Frank played too hard. Franks jokes went to far. He should know he should not be touching any woman inappropriately! His fat jokes to most of the girls and being like a bully was too much for me! Atleast he seems now like he genuinely is sorry and did apologize many times to Day. I do not think he realizes he hurt all the girls in the house. I would have asked the girls what they wanted to do about it if I was in that house. I would have confronted him or told him nicely privately that what he did was wrong. Naturally people are going to want to put a target on someone else and Day brought most of it on herself with all her lies. She also could not accept being the only single person with the final 5 and blew that up too. Frank seems better now as a person. Hope he is genuine? Tiff is shady as a player in that house. I could never be alone with someone that obvious would throw you under a bus and lie. Best to stay away. Would love to be in that house and regret not trying out. Next year for sure!

      • Day wasn’t in the house long enough to play with Vanessa, she watched from home like the rest of us.

      • I think she knows Vanessa a little better than you and I do. But that’s fine.

      • She was only in the house two weeks last year before they voted her ass out for doing the exact same crap she’s doing this year. She knows Vaness’s game personally from experience two weeks more than any of us because Vanessa hadn’t even started her crap when Day left. But that’s fine.:-)

      • She’s lasted longer this time because she knew when to strike and when not to this season. She didn’t know how to reign it in her season and took a lot more things personally then than in this season.

      • She knew what to do when she returned though…similar to what Van did and used Tiff as the vehicle to do so.

      • I watch the live feeds and they are awful!!! I actually feel bad for tiff!! I too like many made the mistake of pre judging her.. And yes you can tell they’re sisters.. But you can also tell they aren’t the same!! Michelle is the one that is on my shi*list as many of comments make it very obvious!! Lol

      • I have seen the feeds and depending on how much you have watched Tiff has brought alot of this on herself! Day did start it but she is so similar to her sister and it is truly annoying! She cries too much and is too paranoid that it would drive even calm people nuts. Which is what she has done. She doe snot know how to socialize well either. Mostly she stares at people shady like sleeps cries and needs to trust more. She is always going to be paranoid even when Paulie was HOH the 1st time and she knew the full plan to BD Victor! She still could not just chill and relax. She is using crying as a last final attempt to gain sympathy. She would drive you nuts also! Day was trying to calm her down but Tiff should not have been cast. No one was really trying to be mean to Tiff but she is good liar. Sometimes like Day and Z when you get so sick of a crybaby extreme paranoia and just annoying person you would get upset too. Some people said 2 weeks ago that Tiff wears shades inside the house to cover up her crying and to spy on people! Do you watch her closely on the feeds as she is obvious in her overthinking trying to use any info to turn it against someone in the house. I would never trust her and would not want to be mean but would be afraid of talking to her at all for fear she would tell others lie about me. It is a game and as long as it is not being personally cruel like Frank I understand Day and Z in the Safari room being so sick of her crap they just smiled to try and roll it off their back! Tiff is creepy when she looks at people asw if she is trying to read your mind or worse. Also she is using the sympathy ploy as Psychology.

      • I disagree…she’s nothing like her sister other than her voice. She’s playing Audrey’s game more than Van’s. Audrey and her are friends on the outside of the house too. She didn’t get to see her sister that much since they live so far apart. Day spread lots of rumors about Tiff and if you watch Day during Tiff’s meltdown, you’ll notice Day would not leave Tiff’s side. Because Day did not want other stuff to come out to the rest. As for her using the sympathy card, well I didn’t blame her for that. Most have isolated her so much and using her like a puppet and she didn’t know how to appreciate what all did to keep her in the game because of that.

      • Tiff is playing like both! Good point about Audrey. You are very right about Day not wanting stuff to come out! Who would? Ofcourse Tiff blew up the house anyway! Day did start that whole lie thing then changed her mind and after blowup changed her mind again. Day has been wishy washy too much. She is now caught in her lies and her Tiff and Frank will be the next 3 gone! Tiff does lots of shady things that people get suspicious and do not trust her. I would be polite but would never be alone with her as if I was in that house it would be obvious to me she is so shady and not to be trusted so why even talk to her? Then if she attempts to lie about you/me it would be easy to shrug off as lie. It is a game and as long as it stays clean from personal attacks then deal with it or do not play the game and waste a cast spot. Hopefully I will be in there next year!

      • Yeh. Tiff’s realizing it’s so much different watching from the outside than being in there and it was more than she could handle. I’ll look forward to your being in the BB house next year if they renew the contract to continue Big Brother. So far nothing’s been mentioned about any future seasons in the works. 60 min, 48 hours and Big Brother are the only three shows CBS has not cut after one or a few seasons! LOL

      • It is easy for fans to comment from the outside not seeing all that goes down etc Who really wants to be on camera 24/7 eat slop sleep in bumper cars take cold showers etc They put people with different personalities and background to make things interesting for ratings. With limited spots there is no way fans can be 100 percent pleased. Thanks for the info and compliment. Hope the show is not canceled also! There are 7 people in the house I would like to see win. Zaulie Nicorey Jatalie or Michele. The rest of the house can go. James is blessed as I don’t think he will win the game but will get something much better. Natalie is a keeper! I would be super happy with her!

    • It’s all about the editing!! The feeds actually make you feel bad for the girl!! Nothing like Vanessa either.. At least not yet!! I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again!! Those girls are vicious!! Especially michelle, day and Z.. In that order!! I fricken can’t stand michelle!!

      • Michelle vicious?! lol she’s honest and straightforward and if she doesn’t like someone she lets them know but not in a bully way. I admire her honesty and frankness. Tiffany just wand to be treated with kid gloves, she needs to realize not everyone’s going to like you.

      • Like I told someone earlier!! Agreeing to disagree is the best!! I never liked michelle! And still don’t! I think she’s mean and that’s my opinion! You stated tiffany needs to realize that not everyone is going to like you.. Why can’t that apply to Michelle?? Not every viewer is going to like her!! And I’m one of those viewers!! You never know, things can change but that is my sole opinion right now!! Agree to disagree?? Yeah!!!! ?

      • Obviously I’m only talking for myself and no one else, but can you calm down on the punctuation? You come across as hyper and forceful. It’d be a lot easier to “agree to disagree” with you if you weren’t getting all over people (with your punctuation).

      • You’re probably not the only one that’s annoyed with my punctuation. And that’s OK! I will apologize for annoying you so much though. It’s a bad habit, I know. I know better. But the human in me makes mistakes. I’m not hyper and maybe I am a little passionate. But like i said to someone else earlier! I’ve never gone out of my way to personally attack anyone on here!

      • We’re all human. :) It happens. And no worries, I would never accuse you of attacking people. I simply meant perhaps you were being overzealous (which is essentially the same thing as being passionate as far as I’m concerned right now).

      • Not perhaps. I was! And like I stated in another “overzealous” comment earlier, I’m too into this and it can’t be healthy! Lol! But hey, that’s life.

      • Welcome Grammar Police … What’s next … correcting people’s spelling & typos?

    • I want her gone too but I really felt bad for her. Watching the feeds she was so hurt and how would you like it if you walk in a room and everyone leaves and nobody talks to you. She feels all alone and isolated. I don’t care if they want to get her out because it’s game play but have a little compassion. They can still be nice to her.

      • I think Da was trying to talk to her. She told James she wasn’t going to isolate her but her laughing when Tiff was emotional was horrible.

      • Day & Z have the compassion of a turd. I hope all that care that they don’t have for others, comes back to bite them twofold.

      • Eh, I was in a bad mood that night and hated Vanessa a lot so yeah I guess you could say that….
        I know people are saying she’s nothing like her sister but when she starts crying it reminds me of V and gets under my skin.

      • Haha no worries love- I get it. We can be on different sides of the house, and have stuff to chat on these boards about- That’s what makes this show and it’s fans so cool.

    • Nobody is mentioning James. My wife thinks he is lovable, and she doesn’t even like Texas (I do). Posted from PR where we don’t even get Big Brother (thank you CBS, NOT)

  5. On one hand I feel bad for Tiff but on the other hand it’s kinda her fault. Her head seems to have been in the sand for the past weeks. She didn’t even know she was a target last week until they told her.

    • Could that perhaps be because all of the people in her “alliances” kept assuring her she was safe?

      • The fact that she just took their word for it while she’s on the block just proves my point. She didn’t just recognize that people don’t talk game around her so she was naive to just trust what they were saying.

  6. Lol. Paul swooping in with the hug from behind for Natalie while James stands there wanting to “be there” for her. Fail. Lol.

  7. Granted I only see the tv edit but I hated what I just saw.
    Nic/Da/Z all so stinking transparent – grrrr. And arrogant/snide to boot. They need some manners. But Tiff messed up. She could have played them all. Wish they had been kinder. Wish she’d been smarter.

    • I agree. She should have done what Da said – use it in the game instead of being emotional in front of them.

      • Maybe this will be DAY’s downfall. Tiffany using her advice against her LOL.

    • I watched that and what I took from all of that other than how fake concerning those three were was that Tiff caught on really fast.

      • I think she caught on too late. Is she just noticing that no one talks game around her?

      • I don’t think she’s just noticing, more like she just got tired of sucking it up. I think it’s too late though unless she wins BB.

      • I was referring to how fake those three were acting. She already knew that DAY came into the HN room then left just as fast. Next thing you see is Nicole in the HN room trying to find out what her and Frank were talking about, then DAY stepping in just long enough to order into the Safari room, once she goes in there she starts to get grilled again. Then low and behold here comes Z, guess what SHE GET’S GRILLED FOR A THIRD TIME!!!!!!!

  8. I felt a bit sorry for Tiffany because these people are being so mean. I do get that she is annoying, but while they are in the house there is no need to be so mean. Right now I kind of want Nicole to be put up and leave and Tiffany to work with Frank Da and brigitte to get a couple of them out. Paulie and Nicole are the worst this week. I do want Da’vonne not to go.

    • I agree 100%, I really hope Nicole is the RK renom and goes. She’s such a liar, she doesn’t even own up to her mistakes and shadyness

    • I called that one earlier. In order for Tiff to flip the house, Nicole has to go up. It is a win, win and win. Win for Tiff because she stay’s, win for DAY because a showmance is broken up (but with Natalie or Michelle, another one could start just as easily) and a win for Frank because then he has a team he can trust (well somewhat trust).

    • Agree. But I understand why she is being like she is. She has been on the block 4 out of the 5 weeks. She hasn’t really been able to enjoy the game

  9. Did anyone else notice Paulie in his skin tight jeans and no shirt with those thighs?

  10. Okay so after watching tonight’s episode, are there any Tiffany haters that care to give her a little bit of a break now?
    Wishful thinking?

  11. By the way, the saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” means that the bird that is in your hand is worth two that you can’t catch. Basically it’s better to be satisfied with what you have than to risk losing everything by seeking more. :)

  12. Oh! One more thing lol…

    Does anyone else think “I am CORNHOLIO” when they look at the pic of Tiffany that goes with this story (at the top of the page)? Or am I just old?

  13. Seeing the way Tiffany lashed out against EVERYONE during tonight’s episode despite their huge push to SAVE her on Thursday is so telling. But no. Keep focusing your entire effort on trying to make Paulie look bad. Paulie… Arguably the nicest guy in the whole cast.

    I understand it’s nice to have an underdog, but Tiffany and Frank are NOT good players. Tiffany, Frank, and Bridget are NOT the heroes. Sorry. Every season the commenters of this site are fed innocent houseguests like a pack of wild dogs and they devour them with glee. This one’s a stretch though… We’ll see if it works.

  14. Can we all talk…When is everybody going to realize that Paul is playing “both sides” of the House?! James mentioned it to Day, but right now Day is struggling with credibility. James should have told Paulie that Paul is playing both Paulie, & Frank. Its so more than obvious?!

      • She’s in a lot of pain. It’s going to be a slow healing process, but she’s young. This hasn’t stopped her from continuing to play that game that contributed to her injury. Geesh. Kids! She’s not much of a kid anymore like some of these house guests. She’s now in the category of ancient when it comes to the majority who play Big Brother…almost 30! I’ll remember you’re a Joni from now on…very few of us that spell it that way! Why couldn’t I have been a Roni or Toni so I could be “bad” and get away with it? Being a Joni kind of messes that up, huh? LOLOL

      • People always remember me because of the uniqueness of my (our) name. Hate it when they call me Joan. Nothing against name, just not mine.
        I have a 8 year old grandson who is smarter then these players.

      • I used to hate being called Joan too and some make the spelling of it harder than it is by spelling it as Joanie. I still have relatives who write it that way or Jonie. I’m like, well I guess that’s why we’re still distant relatives..LOL My mother said she named me after Joni James, a singer. Never heard of her, so about 11 years ago she sent me a cd of this singer’s songs. Still never heard of her, so I just tell many that I was named after Joni Mitchell who’s alive and well today and her real name isn’t even Joni! hahahaha

    • Paulie for sure got a very good edit from CBS…they could have cut some things from last night’s episode to put that fight between Tiffany and Paulie on the air…I think it was an important thing for viewers to see that shows how Paulie is behaving in the house right now. For him to say that he was bred to play BB and there was no way that Tiffany could every beat him was pathetic…I have really been trying to like Paulie..but, it just is not happening!

  15. When Tiff was crying, both Day and Z were laughing, but they only showed Day laughing. Day is like the Beyonce of this show and Z is like Michelle. You’d ask Michelle who? Exactly!
    Her showmance wasn’t shown and I think they didn’t even show her roach coach, did they?

    • But Z started first by saying, “I’m not talking to you if you’re going to be doing that!” Tiff was crying. The gall of Z, who’s had her head up Day’s and Paulie’s butt believing both of them over anyone else.

      • Well at least Day went over to Tiff, and tried to console her, and to tell her to get back into the Game…And this wasn’t the 1st time Day had been there for Tiff when she has had a meltdown. That’s why I don’t understand why Tiff is blowing up on Day so much for?!

      • Oh Pul-eeze! The only reason Day showed any compassion was to try to get more information out of T. She showed her true colors more than once, even in this one episode.

      • Seems to me, Paulie is getting “a real good edit” all around. Where was his blow up at Tiffany? Where were his “Napoleonic diatribes?”

      • Yeh, I’ve noticed that too. But how much can be shown within 45 minutes (when the rest of the hour consists of commercials)?

  16. Wow I came too late to this thread and there was World War Tiff earlier …. Hahahaha.
    Everyone … please #CalmYourNipples

    • I have a feeling this isn’t going to happen. Tiffany ruined her game already, but she’s definitely given many food for thought moving ahead. I don’t see Tiff getting enough votes to stay. I want Day gone next because of how she and her crew treated Tiff. Then it’s time to go after the other guns, Paulie/Frank, either one is fine with me. Paulie gets a little power and he goes berzerk. Take him, Day, and no more teams out of the equation and who doesn’t feel all that safe anymore? Michelle and Z. They’ve had a cloak about them way longer than they deserve. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but that’s how I’d like to see the cookies crumble!

  17. Only got a chance to watch me be the first half an hour of Sunday night’s episode but, I do feel sorry for Tiffany! She is alone and has been alone 4 weeks now. She doesn’t have anyone! And for no good reason! And it’s just like I said, she had every right to Spill the Beans to Frank because why not!? She’s most likely going home so she might as well go out fighting and at least try!
    & I have zero like for Da’Vonbe now! After seeing how she treated tiffini when she was crying and covering her face…. Day laughing! What a super b****!
    UGGGGG. … don’t like her at all! At all! Yes it’s a game but it’s also real life and people have feelings!
    My personal opinion of Tiffany crying, it seems like she doesn’t want people to see her cry and she tries not to because she doesn’t want people labeling her like her sister. She seems to try and hide it! Anyway, I feel bad for Tiffany! She has no one! And for no good reason! Simply because people assumed… I repeat assmed she was going to be like Vanessa, just like people on here on (the comments since the very beginning) not giving her a shot no matter what she did… people saying she could be exactly like Vanessa! Same with in the house! She was never given a fair shot and you could tell she really tried to play differently but fell victim to what was happening and therefore her emotions got the best of her! She’s obviously emotional like her sister but that doesn’t make either of them bad people!
    I would be exactly like Tiffany if I was on the house and had no one! And so would most of the people in the house! Can you imagine if Nicole had no-one? Or day?

  18. Branden – Surely you jest about not knowing the meaning of the old adage “a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush” – I’ll get back to that, ,,,, more important is the fact that (unless I missed it, then disregard this whole thing) you have been totally ignored by a whole bunch of people. Are you insecure about that? Are you crying? Are you waiting for us all to come to your aid? What? No, panicked emotional outburst? Oh, wait, you are just going on with your life? Focusing on the game? Thought so. Good, then you know what to do with your original question – you’ve got a computer – look it up! Don’t try to distract us with your foolish questions. Now get back to work. Love ‘ya.

  19. LOL at that intro of this article. I had a good laugh this morning. Thanks for putting up these articles Branden, I never miss one :)

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