Big Brother 18: Paul & Paulie Plan Order Of Next Evictions

This week Tiffany and Frank are working hard to shift things against Da’Vonne but for now it’s a steep, uphill climb to make that happen. Paul has moved from Revolution underling to Paulie’s Yes Man and that’s got them discussing who needs to go next.

Paul Abrahamian consults with Paulie

Earlier today while Frank stepped back in to the house Paul updated Paulie on what Frank had offered up from things he learned yesterday from Tiffany and possible best ways forward. Paulie wasn’t too interested and had his own ideas of how to take out Frank and his allies.

Backing up just a bit, to 11:45 AM BBT this morning Frank was busy telling Paul about the Fatal Five alliance as Tiffany revealed to him last night. Frank advocated that they needed to target Da’Vonne this week while Tiffany is alone and would likely target the women who betrayed her rather than them.

With Frank inside and Paul started to relay details of the Fatal Five. Flashback to 11:58 AM BBT as we come in to the conversation mid-stride. Paul explains how the idea of Tiffany going after the other girls, but Paulie says it’d be best to take out Tiffany this week to “make sure [Frank] has nothing” instead of getting out Day as Frank had told Paul. Paulie does admit that there could be some truth to the Fatal Five alliance, but he doesn’t give it much weight.

From there Paul says they could put both Frank and Bridgette on the Block under the guise of trying to BD Da’Vonne, but their real plan is to target Frank next week. If Frank wins Veto then Day goes up but they’d still vote out Bridgette and pretend it was a surprise to them.

From there Frank would have one less ally then they’d let Frank and Da’Vonne go after each other. If Day is out somewhere along the way the guys agree they could put up Natalie and Nicole then Backdoor Frank as an easy exit for him.

Just before Frank returns and ends the conversation Paul circles back around to confirm that Paul wants Tiffany gone this week, testing the idea that Frank suggested about keeping the isolated Tiffany and getting rid of Da’Vonne this week.

Also of interest during the talk was when Paulie starts to contemplate maybe they could hang on to Frank a little bit long then wonders if he could be trusted. Paul says Frank is a liar and needs to go to which Paulie agrees and drops the subject. Seems like there was something rolling around in Paulie’s mind so we’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

Paulie wants Tiffany out this week but as he pointed out he doesn’t have a vote and has to rely on his allies to make it happen. They need just four votes for that and I think it’s likely to happen unless we get another big shift like last week. Tiffany will keep working with what she knows about Day and once we see Day up on the Block on Monday the talks should renew.

What do you think of Paulie’s plans to take out Tiffany, Frank, Bridgette, and then Da’Vonne? I’m not so sure Frank will be easy to eliminate, but they may have the time to try if the numbers stay on their side.


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  1. I would hate to see another season of Vanessa-ish shenanigans. Get Tiffany out now!

    • I don’t think Tiffany has been nearly as obnoxious as Vanessa was last season, but we’re all still reeling from Shades of Van, so it’s not a bad idea to get her while [if] the getting is good.

  2. I think Tiff should have stuck with getting out a showmance. Maybe if she put up Nicole instead of Da she could work on getting votes from Paul, James, Da and Mich. In my mind it would make no sense to get rid of Da over Tiff so it’s really going to be an uphill battle for her.

  3. It’s interesting how like – and unlike – Paulie is to Cody. There is so much of Cody in some of Paulie’s actions and thoughts, but in others they seem to be polar opposites. Too bad there is no Derrick this season to keep Paulie from tripping over his own self-annointed halo.

  4. Oh yea, that makes sense. Let’s send Tifanny home, who legit has nobody left, over Da’Vonne, who has been lying this whole game, is a good social player, and has multiple alliances on her side

    • Dude she just formed an alliance with their main target while Da is on the bottom of her alliance and nobody trusts her.

      • Da is not on the bottom of any alliance. If that were the case, she’d be going home this week

      • Why would I send home someone in my alliance over someone who wants to come after my alliance. I said Da wasbat the bottom because she has a final 5 with 2 couples. At this point Paulie trust Paul more than Da.

      • Why would they want to send Frank home when he trusted those people 100%?? Oh that’s right, because they can’t think for themselves, because whatever Da’Vonne wants, she’ll cry about it until she gets it

      • Because they are playing BB not the give Frank 500k game. Frank was running the house and Da recognized it. That’s why he wants her out.

      • How was Frank “controlling” the house? He was part of an alliance of 8 people who all came together and decided on game moves together. Frank didn’t send Victor home. Frank didn’t send Jozea home. Da’Vonne just made Frank seem like the puppet master because he’s so good at the game and she doesn’t want to be considered a threat before he is

      • Frank making good game moves is very different than him controlling the house. The 8 pack as a whole controlled the house for the first 2 weeks

    • So tired of Day and all her manipulations and lies. She even started the rumor that Frank called her a slut. He told Paulie he would never say that as it would not only look bad in the house, but back home as well. He told Paulie about Fatal Five which Tiff told him all about because she wanted to blow Day’s game out of the water. Unfortunately, everyone believes Day and everyone runs back to tell her everything that Frank or Tiff has said. Day has so many alliances and F2 deals to protect herself. She has one with James, Z, and Nicole. She had one with Tiff and Frank as well. I can’t believe how these people keep believing Day. A few are questioning what she is up to, but not enough to do anything about it. What irks me the most is how Michelle, Paul, Z, Paulie, Day, Nicole and Corey sit around bashing and name calling Frank, Bridgette and Tiff. It’s personal attacks and nothing game. The only two that don’t bash are James and Natalie, but James believes in his F2 with Day so he warned Day that Tiff was going after her. I’m disgusted with the majority of these people. jmho

      • I guess you haven’t seen the video where frank DOES in fact call her a slut? He says it jokingly after she calls him a douche, but it definitely happened and is not a rumor. Da’ just blew it WAAAY out of proportion.

      • Yes I saw it when it took place on the feeds, but that’s exactly what I am talking about Da blew it WAAAY out of proportion to serve her own purpose. She turned something that was the both of them joking around with each other into this big thing like Frank had said it in a mean spirited way and was an attack on her which it wasn’t. She does this all the time and not just with Frank.

      • Yes. I saw that too but ONLY after day called Frank a d—bag first. I would call day slut too if I were Frank.

      • Frank absolutely DID call DA a Slut! Which then DA trying not to seem offended fried back with and I quote “only on Tuesdays!” DA is the only one in the house who’s game is actually good and Frank knows that which is why he’s pushing her buttons hoping to set her off to then get the whole house to side with him she needs to go! As far as Da lying go watch the old shows the camera doesn’t lie!

      • I’m sorry you have your opinion of Da’s game being good, but I respectfully disagree. She just starts trouble all the time and not just with Frank. Other’s have caught on to her game and are starting to mistrust her. They might not do anything this week, but they are already talking about getting rid of her so it’s just a matter of time.

      • Hey Jacee2, nice to see you back on this board, join us during the show tonight. Should be the thread that says “Tonight on ….”.

      • Hey Captain555 nice to see you as well. Just saw your post and wanted to say hi. I have family here and they went out for a bit, but if they don’t get back soon I will try to join you. :)

      • Can you just admitted to you called the girl a liar about the whole “slur” thing the admit you know he did not fact call her a slur. Wth???? She did not lie whether anybody things it was blown out of proportion or not doesn’t matter. I wonder how trivial it would be if he calls your mama, girlfriend, or sister a slut.

      • If she insults someone, or “insluts” someone xD (it was originally a typo but I decided to include it for giggles), then she should expect to get insulted right back. I don’t understand why you’re acting like she’s innocent instead of a grown adult who knows the possible repercussions of what she says.

      • She called him a douche yes, but he could have called her many other names like jerk,and what not, I think calling her a slut was taking it too far

      • I don’t see why the same thing can’t be said about Da’vonne. You can also argue that calling him a douche was taking it too far. What’s your point?

      • Day calls Frank a douche, no one bats an eye. Frank calls Day a slut, it’s suddenly a big issue. I’m not condoning Frank’s other actions (ass slapping), but if you insult someone, why would you not expect to get insulted right back? The whole situation was just silly.

      • They all lie and manipulate it’s big brother they have to to try and win and you people kill me with all the hate you call yourselves big brother fans but get offended by people actually playing come on it’s a game and a game you have to be manipulative to win

    • Main reason Tiffany is going is to isolate Frank. Frank alone is hard enough to beat. But Frank with his allies in the game practically steamrolls the competition.

  5. I said last week they should have gotten Tiffany out. This week, Tiffany needs for DAY to stay over Nicole. Here is why Tiffany needs to put Nicole up. The other side, would vote Tiffany out over DAY but with Nicole up on the block, that would give Michelle hope for a open Corey to work with. DAY would have possibly gotten a reprieve from Tiff and Frank, two people she desperately needs right now as they need her. James can work on getting Nicole out because he has no dog in the fight plus he is seriously pissed (not showing it yet) over the whole Natalie being on the block thing. Paulie will lose the Mafia attitude (we hope) and be brought a notch or two and be burned like his side did to Frank last week. Then next week will be just as exciting as this week is.

  6. Tiffany should put up Davonne and continue to work the votes! She has nothing to lose! I think the alliances are loose and can change on a dime! She has two votes in Frank and maybe, Bridgette. Nicole and Corey might flip to evict Davonne as Nicole wanted her out in her conversation with Frank! She is a bigger threat in the game and sets up a Paulie vs Frank scenario if Davonne gets evicted! The rest of the floaters James and Natalie will welcome that scenario too! James is not even part of the other alliances.

  7. Natalie is such a waste of a space this season..James was telling her that the water they spray on them while they are on the wall is really cold…Natalie says “what wall?” OMG!! She does nothing. That is someone you take to the end.

    • How many comps has michella won 0 just like natalie and natalie is a better person than Michelle who only talks crap about people not in her alliance. Natalie almost won Hoh when bridgette won

  8. I would like to direct this message directly to Tiffany and Vanessa and their families if they are reading this. Yesterday I said some very unkind things about Tiffany that I should have never said. I should have just made a comment about the poor sportsmanship she demonstrated after learning that the people that just SAVED her from eviction were just trying to save her to send a message to Frank. She was a sore winner and just blew up everyone’s game instead of trying to be appreciative that she is still in the game. Instead of saying she was a poor sport, I made bad comments about her sanity. This was wrong of me and I am sorry. I took down my comments. I would never want my grandchildren to know that their Granny doesn’t practice what she preaches. Life is hard enough without some grouchy old woman making Tiffany feel worse about herself. I know someday she may read this or maybe not, but I could not go another day without trying to make things right. I still think she should be evicted because of her actions since the eviction. Please forgive Granny.

    • That’s very gracious – and sweet – of you to post this retraction and apology. It sets a good example:)

    • You go, granny. Despite what we’re seeing all around us, there still is some good in the world.

    • Well said, Miss. Sometimes we all fall prey to the urge of posting anonymously with no one in the room to call us out on what we’ve said. But to later delete those words while also taking personal responsibility for them? That’s a rare thing.

      I didn’t read your original comments but applaud you for doing what you think is the right thing.

      Well done!

  9. Tiff is talking to General Paulie right now, Spilling everything about Da and more. Campaigning of course. Whether I root for them or not, I respect a player that doesn’t just go without a fight……anyway, we’ll see if he believes her.

    • That confrontation is what I wanna see….have mentioned it in several post as to why it has “not” happened….

  10. Paulie is on a power trip thinking he’s the big boss man. I hope that catches up to him very soon.

  11. In order to shift the high rising tides
    Frank and tiff need Day on their side.
    By putting up Nasal Nurse Nacole,
    Leaves sleep walking Corey no where to go.

    A new alliance begins to take hold
    Causing the wolf and his boy to lose control.
    This could spell their ultimate disaster
    At the hands of Frank, The Puppet Master.

    While Paul the Pigeon is busy taking notes,
    No Game James and his dame continue to float.
    Zakiyah continues to play lying down,
    While Michelle runs her mouth wandering around.

    If this new alliance of “Misfit Toys”
    Finally outsmart the Wolf and his Boy.
    The house he had, he thought was Brick,
    Will finally realize it was just a few sticks.

    Haven’t said much about our cabbage patch girl.
    Simply because she’s in her own little world.
    She don’t know much about BB before or after
    That’s why she clings to The Puppet Master!

    I hope our Misfits can turn this game around.
    Sending the Wolf and His Boy back out of town.
    The other floaters will be left in shock
    Realizing their boat never left the dock!

  12. What I find hilarious about all of this is that Paulie is so dead set on getting Tiff out because of Vanessa, but in all reality, Day is probably a much closer comparison in terms of strategic maneuvers in the game.

    Looking like Tiff is going to put up Day with Roadkill and honestly, if I have a player like Day dead to rights, I’m taking the shot and banking on someone from my side winning the next HOH. It’s a risk, but I think it’s a lot better than the potential alternative of Day skating by and pulling the same stuff that she already has.

  13. I would like to see a newbie win. Right now, I’m thinking Paul or Paulie, although it would be nice to see a girl win but none are playing their own strong game. Who do you all want to win right now? Does anyone else think Corey is really gay?

    • He’s a super straight guy who’s comfortable in his own skin. Just read his homophobic tweets and find out.

    • I think it would be a SHAME to give
      potty mouth a dime. His parents must
      really be ashamed of him

  14. apparently from what I heard Day is now the target and Tiffany is safe YAS

  15. Da’Vonne could have played a good game if she stop trying so hard! Stop trying to play people against others. She was safe and not a Target until she started throwing out lies and manipulation! If she does go home, she has no one to blame but herself! I think she could have gone far if she kept her mouth shut. The only thing she’s good for now is watching her in the diary room!

  16. Where does “Z” ift into all that Day has said and done? I thought she was a knowing party to all Days plans and lies.. Were the 2 of them not joined at the hip at one point? What happens when Day tells that “Z” was in on her plans? Cause Davonne will not go down alone so she has to drag somebody (s) with her…

  17. – Interesting to see former enemies turn into allies. Let’s see if they can get Day out

    – I gotta give this to Paul, it’s nice to see that he’s willing to start a new game considering he has nobody in the house. I think we can call this new duo, the Pauls.

  18. I don’t think any of the houseguests especially Paulie realize that he should hold on to all his cat4 teammates as long as he can because if he does, the better the odds of safety each week for him, as they are the only team that has all 4 members intact and better chances of one of them getting HOH until the teams breakup. Paulie should understand that he should have alliance with CAT4 (Frank and Bridgette) in helping him to be safe each week.

  19. Not putting too much weight in any plans for the future at this point, as the Battle Back has yet to be played. They could get rid of either Tiff or Da this week… only to have them back in the house next week.

  20. I hope Corey goes home. Don’t like his game. Ok now I feel like I’m connecting with someone in the house, finally?
    I can see I’m developing feelings for tiff. A woman to another woman level. Common house guests don’t be mean. Treat her good. So high school?

  21. Tiffany killed her own game by going after Day…she was essentially the one who campaigned to keep Tiff last week. In addition, Nicole/Paulie/Corey/Z is gonna be a tough alliance to crack in a couple of weeks. Nicole would’ve been a much better renom option for Tiff.

  22. Day the snake is the worst of all the house guests and should send her packing as soon as possible.

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