Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll – Week 6

Our latest poll is open for this week’s Big Brother 18 popularity contest where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the 2016 season. We’ve also got our results from last week so we can make our new rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

Fifth week in and we’ve still got James at the top of the votes with what could be a lock for America’s Favorite Player yet again. Not only that but all four of the returning Vets are holding down the top four spots in the popularity poll. It’d be nice if CBS split out the AFP votes with newbies in one list and Vets in another especially considering the Vets are already paid more to be there, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Frank made a big surge to move up to the second position with nearly 22% of the vote even though he only went up one position in the ranks. Nicole dropped a spot to third and Da’Vonne went up one to fourth.

Overall the biggest improvement this past week went to Bridgette who jumped five spots up to eighth place. Natalie and Victor each tied for the next biggest climb with three spots gained for each of them, though Victor went to 11th while Natalie got up to 5th. That made Natalie the highest rank newbie so it’s not surprising that she also won the first America’s Care Package.

The biggest drop went to Zakiyah who fell to 13th, down 3, while Paulie dropped 2 to get 6th place.

As for our Jozea Watch, yes, he found his way to the very bottom of the poll again this week though Bronte looks to be challenging his dominance of that position.

Check out the full results below and then be sure to scroll down, vote for your current favorite Houseguest, and then scroll a little more to tell us why you made that pick.

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 5 vs Wk 4:

  1. James Huling – 31.0% (+0)
  2. Frank Eudy – 21.9% (+1)
  3. Nicole Franzel – 11.7% (-1)
  4. Da’Vonne Rogers – 8.0% (+1)
  5. Natalie Negrotti – 5.8% (+3)
  6. Paulie Calafiore – 5.4% (-2)
  7. Paul Abrahamian – 3.9% (+0)
  8. Bridgette Dunning – 2.51% (+5)
  9. Corey Brooks – 2.5% (+0)
  10. Tiffany Rousso – 2.3% (+0)
  11. Victor Arroyo – 1.7% (+3)
  12. Michelle Meyer – 1.1% (-1)
  13. Zakiyah Everette – 0.8% (-3)
  14. Glenn Garcia – 0.5% (-2)
  15. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.3% (+0)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.18% (+0)

Vote here to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 6 of Big Brother 18.


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  1. I don’t get James getting 1st all the time. Yes yes a nice guy but he doesn’t play the game. His HOH he let the house decide. He follows Natalie around like a puppy dog. Wake up James. And speaking of Natalie her climbing in the polls I guess people like all the leg kicking and squeals.

    • I’d have more respect for James if he owned his game. He maintains this ‘nice guy’ persona but this is two seasons in a row now where he made a deal with someone for HoH and immediately went back on it, with Shelly and Clay and now Frank and Bridgett. I have no problem with people lying in the game, but they need to own it, at least in the diary room. His ‘nice guy’ act isn’t fooling me.

      As for the poll numbers, bigbrothernetwork readers don’t like people who play the game. It is what it is.

      • I don’t understand what you mean by “owned his game”. Coz he did say in the DR: “words are the only thing we have in this game, and you don’t go back on it unless you absolutely have to” or something like that. He also admitted that last year he did the same thing to Clay and Shelli. He may go with the house with Frank and Bridge together on the block, but his initial targets were Victor and Frank anyway.

      • That’s a good point. I guess I have more of a problem with the way the show portrays him. I feel like he does a lot of lying in the game and the show goes out of its way to validate him and sweep it under the rug.

        His quote you mentioned doesn’t hold up. He didn’t “have to” nominate them. He had lots of other choices. He wanted to nominate them.

        But just like Clay and Shelli last year, he went back on his deal with Frank and Bridgett. It doesn’t matter that Victor was his ‘target’.

      • That’s a good point. I guess I have more of a problem with the way the show portrays him. I feel like he does a lot of lying in the game and the show goes out of its way to validate him and sweep it under the rug.

        That quote you listed doesn’t hold up. He didn’t “have to” nominate them, he wanted to nominate them. There were plenty of people he could have chosen from.

        But just like Clay and Shelli last year, he went back on his deal with Frank and Bridgett. It doesn’t matter that Victor was his ‘target’.

        P.S. Paulie wouldn’t top my list, by the way. I think he’s playing a better game than people give him credit for on here, but he’s not my favorite houseguest.

      • In James’s defense though would you rather have two people or the whole house against you? Just saying.

      • I honestly choose who I like more and not necessarily who is playing the best game. I want Da’vonne to win, but she is horrible at comps and is an alright game player. Paulie is the best this seasons, but he is not as great as he thinks he is.
        Derrick was the best and I couldn’t stand him. I hated that he won.

      • I feel like that’s an arbitrary distinction. Is this not the proper place to note the “best” houseguest?

      • It can be if that’s the way you see it, but most people here choose it based on which HG they like best … I think, I might be mistaken tho. It’s similar to AFP, it’s not about the best HG either.

      • It is titled “Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll” whatever that means to you. To me, it’s which HG I happen to like better than the others regardless of their gameplay.

      • same here. I like Da’vonne and James. I enjoy watching Natalie and James. The most hated now that Tiffany, Bronte and Jozea left is Nicole and her annoying pet.

      • That’s the way I view it and the basis for my vote, and it is why I vote for James every time. : D

      • Just like a man; you don’t pay attention to details. I need to have a one on one with your SO, if there even is one. ;)

      • Well you borrowed the white flag last time and haven’t even returned it yet.
        Never mind, keep it, I am feeling generous today.
        You are welcome.

      • No, I said you borrowed, but never said from me. I am generous today giving away things that are not even mine.
        Yeah you are welcome again.

    • Hanging out with former AFP has its benefits I guess. That and all those shout outs to “America”.

      I really think she’s no dummy. I just wish she wasn’t content to be a juror and would have come in playing the game – focusing on it – and ignoring the cameras. (constant hair stroking & posing on tv)

      I think she might enjoy it (as much as one can ha ha) – the experience – after it’s over (win or lose) and I think she could have helped herself more. Granted, Paulie wants only guys at the end but before it got to this point, I think she could have really caught on fast to the game and been a solid player; not just a sweet personality.

      • Constant hair stroking and posing sounds more like Zakhya and don’t forget eyelash stroking.

    • I agree. James has played a terrible game. A waste of a spot. And he his dumb. Frank and Bridgette had similar interests to James. They were aligned. No way Frank or Bridgette moms James or Natalie. James called this a big move. What a joke. He is being played completely. He looks like an ass on TV. Why is he AFHG? I loved him last time as he was his own man , more or less. This time around he is being manipulated just like everyone else.

    • It’s a popularity poll, not a who’s playing the best game poll.

      Not sure how familiar you are with baseball, but one of the better players is Bryce Harper, nobody denies his talents, but he’s a huge douche and no one likes him.

  2. I still vote to save Tiff. Surprised that she’s so low on the list here while in jokers she’s always in Top 5 / Top 6.

    • Jokers is the the most fickle group of voters I’ve ever seen. They change as the wind blows. They flip-flop on who they like and dislike more than Trump and Hillary combined.

      • They got it right last year with James continuously topped the list there while J-Mac was the king in here.

      • That guy is just SO irritating!!! Even the little dance and smug smirk-wave or whatever the f*ck that is he does in the opening credits just makes me wanna throw stuff at the tv!

  3. So good to see Paulie DROPPING in the polls. Hopefully he’ll be shut out of Final 2 by a hair and the be crestfallen to learn he’s lost AFP. Haha.

    • He’s prepared to be hated by America but win the money tho … per his answer to Jeff’s interview before entering the house.

      • Well as I said I hope he wins neither – just can’t stomach his arrogance

      • Yeah I know, me too, what I mean by that, he wouldn’t even care if people hate him hehehe.

      • I choose the money over what America thinks. He only has to care about those people in his circle and I’m sure they will be happy if he wins. Which I hope it never happens. James should be the one to make that huge move and get rid of him.

  4. I hate Nicole she’s awful!!!!! I can’t wait till they get rid of her like the four boys did Brittany. Nicole is throwing everyone under the bus!!!!!

    • Nicole isn’t playing to win, she’s playing to be the last girl standing! Can’t stand her fake a$$.

    • I think that’s how you play the game. Making sure you are not the target and she has done good so far because of Corey. It will be hilarious if she is voted out over Brigitte or Z and Corey votes her out.

  5. I can’t believe James did nothing all season and is still at the top of the list. Now this is real sad.

  6. Nicole being so popular is quite annoying. It is possible she may even get one of the packages. I hope not. All Nicole needs and deserves is what eventually will be coming to her once she leaves the BB house.

    • Nicole is the 5th most popular hg that’s still in the house on the joker’s poll and since it’s pretty accurate if Da’Vonne or Bridgette get evicted and don’t return that will put Nicole at 4th place so she will most likely get co-Hoh care package

      • Is that poll only for this site or for the whole country?
        If it’s only this site, then it doesn’t matter because all the viewers who vote are not coming here.

      • Too bad. I was hoping only people here liked Nicole that much. I can’t stand her.

  7. Its James and his likeability that keeps him on top…I don’t agree with James on some of his choices in the game but hes the guy that even tho he puts em on the block he don’t kick em when their down.. at least I have never seen him do it..

    • James may be more bland compared to last time, but I get the feeling he’s the only houseguest who isn’t a major douchebag.

  8. I don’t understand how someone can vote for Paul or Paulie! They are so anoying! Like please tell me why you vote fot them? If one of them gets ACP I will seriously stop watching this season.

    • Why would you stop watching the show over a silly thing like that? Thats ridiculous! You must obviously not be a true fan of the show, or you would not consider to stop watching Big Brother. And personally Paulie is my favorite, (along with Natalie) because he’s actually playing the game unlike most hg’s and he’s pretty funny.

      • They are bullies. They bullied Tiff,Bridge and Paulie is now really rude Z for no reason. And the worst thing is that everyone tolerate that.

  9. I kinda get why James would be on top, he seems to be the least cattiest houseguest compared to people like Paul or Michelle. However he’s still kinda bland, even more than last year. I like him don’t get me wrong, but he hasn’t done anything that’s …… how I say “special”.

    This is why John deserved it last year, his whole game was more than just lying and backstabbing he also provided entertainment for the viewers and his fellow houseguests and became an underdog you wanna root for. James while he isn’t a douchebag, isn’t as entertaining. But then again look who we have in the house.

      • Bleh…Even Johnny Mac’s horoscope profile says “entertaining”. Not assuming that you would believe in that kind of thing of course~

      • Sure did. I watched him wake up early, go outside, and silently sit by himself. And I watched him and Steve silently play chess every night. Real exciting stuff.

      • Actually there’s more than just that stuff. There are moments when he’s socializing with houseguests and strategist to get Vanessa out

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