‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Paul Pitches James To Ditch The ‘Golden Couple’

After today’s eviction we’ll be down to the Final 4 HGs for Big Brother 18 and that’s going to be two solos and a showmance heading in to the final week of the season. Anyone would be nervous about being the odd man out when the hammer comes down on the F2, but is James willing to do something about it?

James Huling ponders Big Brother 18

Victor and Paul will be split up today one way or the other and Paul is preparing to continue on in his journey with a target in mind. Last night he worked on James to see if he could turn him from playing next to Nicole and Corey into playing between them.

Flashback to 2:20 AM BBT 9/12 on your Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now).

Paul is telling James that he fully expects Nicole and Corey to take each other to the end so if they don’t do something in this next elimination, at the F4 round, then the odds of making it to the end get even worse. Now we’ve heard Nicole tell Corey she’d be a fool to take him to the F2 and has clearly expressed she wants to go there with James instead, but it might still be a surprise for her to cut her dream guy obsession even at the risk of $500,000.

James is surprised to hear Paul suggest he’d take him to F2 instead of either Corey or Nicole. Paul is reminding James that Nicole has never been nominated and “no blood on her hands” as he puts it, but she has made cuts this season. Paul moves on to detail how Corey has only been up twice with plenty of wins under his belt just like Nicole has done this season. Whether Paul is making his own case for not taking them he’s also planting seeds with James about their strength before the Jury.

James points out that if Victor had put up Corey and Nicole on the Block then they wouldn’t be in this situation. Paul agrees but says Victor’s issue was being loyal to Nicole and Corey when they weren’t loyal in return. James tells Paul they (Nicorey) did the same thing to him and he tried to warn the guys about that last week then they did exactly that very thing right back against Paul and Victor.

Paul tells James he loves Nicole and Corey, but he “ain’t writing them a $500,000 check. I don’t love them that much!” Paul is trying to convince James that “I have, we have a better chance” against each other than they do against either Nicole or Corey when it comes to that round table discussion. “Who has Corey pissed off?” asks Paul while saying Corey can completely wipe his hands clean of his entire season.

At 2:30 AM BBT Victor arrives and joins in the talk. Victor knows he’s going but he’s still willing to join in the talk and help persuade James to go against Nicole and Corey if he’s in that position next round.

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  1. What would James’ argument before the jury be? I won one HOH and I did exactly what Paulie wanted me to by evicting Frank. What else? Nothing. He already has his 50K just for being a vet, he has his stipend for everyday he has been in the house, plus more for jury..he has been playing for AFP and that is all..oh yeah…he also has his 10K payment coming from either Nicole or Corey should one of them win. James will be doing no flipping!

    • Between a Paul and James F2, Paul would have a full two solid votes off the bat. Paulie and Victor. James would have a solid four votes off the bat. Nicole, Corey, Natalie and Michelle. It will come down to the last three votes of Bridgette, DAY and Z. DAY being the one that scares me the most because she will be torn between her old team partner of Paul or her returning vet partner of James. Z may or may not vote the way of Paulie or she may or may not vote the way of DAY. Bridgette doesn’t care for either one but it was James that put her on the block and sent Frank home on his HOH time.

      As for the pay of the vets, they only got a certain amount to be there this season with the addition of a little more if they make it to the jury stage which three of them has. They do not get a weekly stipend like the rest do. As for the $100,000.00 payment, that was only between him and NIcole. She would give James and Natalie the money but buy Corey a gift. James would give Natalie, NIcole and Corey the money.

  2. Literally no one except for Paul and Victor deserve to be in the final 5. If I had to give my ideal top 5 based on GAMEPLAY and STRATEGY….I would say Paul, Victor, Paulie, Natalie and Michelle. Paul and Victor have laid out great plans, Paulie pulled strings for so long and Natalie and Michelle had the guts to go after Paulie and then Victor

    • I would say Bridgette over Michelle, but other than that I agree. I think Bridge had more to do with the flip than Meech, and she would have fought harder to stay.

      • I think Bridgette an Michelle did an amazing job turning the tables to get Paulie out, the down fall was Bridgette got put out in the double

      • I loved Bridgette and Frank but Frank’s game was a train wreck this season and Bridgette was basically guilty by association. She shined in her week against Paulie but at the end of the day she was expendable because she had no allies and was therefore a dangerous wildcard who could win comps.

      • Well the point is to make it to the end there for no matter what or how they played the reality is these 5 made it and whoever makes it to final 3 than 2 made it so they deserve it it isn’t just about game wins its more about psychological game play to win big brother

    • In your opinion. Some would say that even though we really like Victor he was evicted twice (now 3 times) which means that he was outplayed three times, and came back through comps, which means his “strategy” was just to win comps.

      • Victor wasn’t lucky to get back in the game but earned his spot to return. The house is just intimidated by him because he is smarter than most of them.

      • I think it just feels cheap to me that he had two chances to re-enter the game. We are all use to one person getting back in so we kind of expect it but it seemed crazy to me to let the same person battle back twice. Especially when Frank didn’t get to play in either comp. He had a good run but at the end of the day he’s too big a target and only had one real ally so unless he won out it was just a matter of time.

      • I don’t know about smarter, but definately stronger. He earned a spot that was a twist not a normal game move. He barely had any idea that Paulie was blind siding him the 1st time, the 2nd time he walked right into a situation that Paul had to try to get him out of (which would of been a great move had it worked), most the time when he was putting people on the block it wasn’t his idea but Paul’s of who to put on the block. His strategy is that he is the brawn and Paul is the brains.

      • Yup. Vic has been fortunate to have been in the house with his ‘game counsel'( think of paul as vic’s
        ‘attorney’ giving advice and playing the social game of going behind vic and explaining everything away.
        Paul’s social game has been the double-edged sword of the game. I can’t wait until both vic and paul and r in the house and the females go wild laughing at them for getting the boot. ;-)
        I hope paulie , paul and vic all break down in floods of tears.

      • Unfortunately i don’t think that is going to happen. But it would of been fun to watch. I think if Paul makes it to the final 2 he may not get one female to vote for him.

    • The problem I have with this logic is that all the players you mentioned except Paul made pretty big mistakes that eventually got the best of them. Paul made plenty of mistakes too but used his great social game to lose the heat and even came up with a clutch POV when he needed it. Victor messed up and paid the price time and time again. Paulie got too big for his britches and didn’t realize he lost the house. Natalie never played her own game and Michelle did nothing all season except cry.

    • I don’t think you are being fair to Corey and Nicole. Their game play and strategy has been solid for awhile now. Not taking away from Paul and Victor because I like both of them alot but Corey and Nicole earned their spot over the rest of the people you mentioned.

      • I just prefer people that try to stay loyal to the same people. Paul and Victor stayed loyal to each other and so did Corey and Nicole but up until DE, Corey and Nicole were floating by and using a ridiculous alliance to keep them safe

      • Fair enough. I on the other hand don’t mind players doing whatever they need to. Sometimes can get ahead by throwing comps, floating, lieing, backstabbing etc and I’m fine with that. This year the house had big targets like Frank that everyone obsessed over so to me it made sense to float. Being a showmance puts a big enough target on you that being low key is a good thing. Any showmance that gets this far gets kudos in my eyes and now everyone is paying for it because they are peaking at the perfect time with their comp wins.

      • I don’t respect players who launch personal attacks on other players but switching alliances and lying doesn’t seem particularly dirty. Come on, this is Big Brother! There were several times the “good guys” this season started fights with people before comps just to “rattle” them. Like when they ganged up on Paulie. That’s what I say is dirty.

      • Well I dont think calling another player out to expose their lies is a personal attack. In doing this, I think the argument gets heated, then insults start. To me, lying and backstabbing all throughout the game shouldn’t be celebrated. Im just of not a fan of “smiling faces, lying to the race’s” lol. I dont respect their game at all…

      • Yeah but it’s a game! Can you imagine a poker player who never bluffed? Or a football defense that didn’t disguise their coverage. It’s just the nature of the game.

      • I’m aware it’s a game, I just dont say “GO TEAM GO!” for those type of players. I tend to admire the game players that get far, shooting as straight as they possibly can, thats take more skill. It’s easy to be fake. Vanessa wasn’t my pick but I respected her game because she didn’t backstab EVERY SINGLE ALLIENCE she worked with, plus she was alone.. Nicory is pure evil. I can picture then somewhere in a dark room, lighting an animal on fire or something, laughing. They’re just creepy.

      • Absolutely not in my book. I wouldn’t trust her in or out of that house. Plenty of players bounce checks. In fact i loved when James screwed over Shelly and Clay last season. There is something yucky about the way Nicole does her dirty work. And, before you say “Its a game!”, I know that, and I’m also convinced she’s that way outside of the house. Michelle was 100% correct, she is a snake. What did it for was that evil smirk her and Corey shared when they were alone in HOH after he revealed his nom plans. It was so creepy. They are evil. I can see them both lighting a goat on fire and watch it burn while doing that smirk.

      • I wasn’t going to say it’s just a game, as I truly believe that with the immense amount of pressure, stress & duress the house guests are under, inevitably their true colors ALWAYS come, no matter how hard they try to hide them. This house shines a glaring spotlight strictly directed at all of their moral & personality flaws. That’s why I don’t understand why so many people who have emotional issues before going in the house still chose to go.
        Anyone who’s a fan of this show knows that under the bright lights, cameras & glitz at it’s basic fundamental core, this show is nothing more than psychological warfare & a lot of these people DEFINITELY should never have gotten past the psychological evaluation.

        Look, I don’t agree with ANYTHING Nicole has done this season, not even almost a little bit & I’m not in the least bit a fan. However I also don’t think that she’s pure evil. When Corey was discussing nomination Vaul, Nicole showed empathy for how they would feel, remorse that she knows it needs to be done, but she doesn’t want to do it, guilt for breaking their promise & compassion for them that she’d be betraying them… although I saw NONE of that with Corey. The only thing I saw with Corey was dollar signs in his eyes & open space for rent inside that head of his.

        While we can agree to disagree, the expression “pure evil” would imply that they are sociopaths & sociopaths lack any feelings of empathy, sympathy, guilt or feeling towards the victims of their crimes.

        Money makes people

      • Listening to her whiny voice is like sliding down a razor blade and landing in a vat of alcohol .The pain is excruciating.

      • This is so true! Cory is going to sprint away from her when they let them out. I wonder if she had a botched nose job. Her nostrils are vertical. It looks a little abnormal to me. I think thats why she sounds so nasally. I dont how Corey does it.

      • Lol I’m not complaining, just pointing it out. I like dirty players in the game as it makes it more interesting. There is a reason some of the best to play the game are also some of the most rotten, dirty players you will find. Like The Donatoes, Dan and Dr Will.

    • What did Natalie and Michelle do other then lay in bed and complain about how everyone was mean to them when they in fact were being the mean girls. And Victor got evicted twice so I would say that’s bad game play. Nice guy but not a great player.

    • For me, I could never put Paulie ahead of Nicole (and prob not ahead of Corey). He played a forceful game that alienated many of his own allies and made himself a huge target mid-game. Nicole has been in the middle of a lot game moves while never being nominated, despite being a vet. And I agree with Justine: Bridgette > Michelle. I’m also with those who penalize Vic a lot for being voted out twice (3x, soon), but that debate has been had plenty of times. JMO.

    • Michelle did SQUAT in this game. One of the most useless piece of crap HGs ever. All she does is cry. Top 5 HGs as far as game goes is Paul, Paulie, Nicole, Day, and Corey.

  3. That’s a damn good argument Paul is presenting to James. S**t!, who’s the newbie here Paul or James? What’s there to think about? A chance to win 500k, or at least 50k is way better than the stupid 10k deal he made with Nic. He’s a moron if he doesn’t listen to Paul…I don’t understand why people would vote for this guy to win AFP…it’s stupid!

    • I totally agree! But, I don’t think James will turn against Nicole. IMO..James is not a good BB player at all. I hope they never ask him back..and for that matter..never have vets back to play.

      • I am sick of the “stunt casting” with all the real players out there that are dying to get on the show, we get over half the cast each season that does not even know how to play! Natalie, Paul, Bridgett, Bronte, etc. were all recruits. YUCK!

      • That would be very exciting… Corey/Nicole would be in trouble (unless one of them win veto, then James would be screwed)

      • Yes!..oh I hope so. That’s the only reason I haven’t cancelled my feeds, but I also haven’t watched them lately.

      • You have not missed a thing! I think this is the first season that I could have cared less if I watched the feeds or not! I am not going to cancel though..looking forward to this “Over the Top” edition. Should be fun. I just want this current season over with!!

      • Cheers on BB OTT…hoping for good things!

        Little worried though…there seem to be some rumors of a returning player or two.

    • Paul would be the most directly screwed over by their illegal deal, which could be no longer a “victimless” crime. If James inexplicably doesn’t turn on the N/C, he takes Paul down with him.

    • Very well said. He’s a moron if he doesn’t listen to Paul

      You nailed it right on the head with that comment.

      I don’t understand why people would vote for this guy to win AFP…it’s stupid.

      James does not deserve to win AFP and hopefully, production’s sweet edit doesn’t help him.

    • I completely agree, Cyril! I”m so done with James. I hope he goes out 3rd. I don’t even want him to get the $50K for 2nd place.

    • I have to wonder if James is stupid enough to believe anything Paul says? I think he’ll sit back and watch what happens before making his move.

      • Ha! Both Paul and James are very cunning and I don’t think Paul realizes that yet. Underestimating someone can be a good way to lose the game.

      • Yep he’s going to wait to see who gets HOH and who wins POV. I’ll bet he agrees with both sides and stays in the middle.

      • Because Paul is devious and tells a lot of lies. Yes, they all lie, but through out the game Nicorey have been there for James, even when he turned on them and stabbed paulie in the back.
        Also, because I heard Paul say to Victor that Nicole should be there F3 indicating he thought he could beat her at the end.

      • So when Paul lies he is devious but when Nicol lies it’s strategic. Also, wouldn’t it be stupid for him to believe she would take James to f2 over the guy she’s been under covers with the whole game?

      • That would be very stupid of him. I’m with ya. Why would anyone at this point make another deal with Nicole. She backstabbed EVERY deal she’s made. I cant stand players like her. She makes my blood boil.

      • I don’t really think you want to hear my opinions Danikey and I don’t wish to argue about them at this point of the game. I have no idea right now what he thinks Nicole will do but it should be obvious to him that they would all have a better chance of winning this season if Corey is sent to jury soon.

      • I already know what your opinion is but I don’t think me not agreeing with your opinion is arguing. Paul can win easily against Corey or James. I also think Nicole wins easily against Corey or James. James’ only chance of winning is against Corey so he would be stupid to keep Nic over Corey.

      • Since Corey was friends with most of the guys in the jury I’m not sure James could beat Corey at all. The fact that James is a vet might also prevent him from beating newbie Corey.
        But if James takes Nicole the to end he would have a better chance of winning since they’re both vets.

      • James has no chance of beating Nicole. She can bring her point across better than him, she’s done more than him and the girls will vote for a female to win. I don’t think Corey will articulate his points well so that’s why James has a chance with him.

      • I agree. Last night on bb after dark, ( wasn’t live) There was an icy conversation between Cory and Nicole about the f2 with her and James. She asked him if he thinks she can beat James in F2 and said, “no” and that was it. He didn’t even look at her. He seemed so annoyed by her. I had never seen him that way. It puzzled me because Vic was still in the house, so Paul hadn’t won hoh yet. It was odd. It was like she was telling him she wouldn’t take him to the final two. I can read Nichol so well. She had that fishing, scheming look that no one seems to notice. Especially her fans. They think she is an angel and she definitely is far from it. I would have been like Derrick, she would have been gone a long time ago if were in the house.

      • I don’t think James has a chance of winning over anyone but his only chance would be taking another Vet with him to the finale.
        I’m pretty sure Production wants a female in the F2 as well.
        I want Corey to leave next, don’t care for him and he doesn’t need the money so adios.

      • I cant believe you think Paul is devious than Nicole, thats insane! Also, what lies have Paul told. I’ve obviously missed them. I thought I’ve been watching his game closely.

      • This is a place for opinions which we form after reading many blogs, Jokers, and watching the TV episodes and BBAD. By this stage of the game everyone has formed their own opinion based on the evidence presented.
        So, I’m not obligated to write you a post documenting every time paul lied; but I do know he lies a lot and can’t be trusted as opposed to Nicole.
        If you’re unable to see the difference between paul and Nicole I don’t think I could change your mind at this point. :D

      • James would be stupid NOT to believe Paul.
        James backstabbing Snakole and Corey is no different than Snakole and Corey backstabbing every alliance they’ve been in.

      • Paul is the equivalent of a ‘used car salesman’ in the game. He has the social game and clown personality to get attention, working for him.He either glad-hands to get his way or turns everything into ‘the night of the long knives’ and threatens, insults (called one of the females a c*nt to her face in front of the others) talks and schemes behind their backs and guarantees revenge against his ‘enemies’. Lies like a doormat and is sneaky in ways that make nicorey look like backward 5th graders. That’s why ;-)

      • So because he is a better liar than Nicorey James would be stupid to listen to him? I think James would be stupid to trust someone who is closer to someone else in the house regardless of what she tells him.

    • But is he pretending to go along with it? Wish the feeds were up so I could see what he’s really thinking.

    • You’ve got that right, he is a moron and has proved it repeatedly. It really p o’s me that someone like Paul has to depend on James to get to F2. James is where he is mostly due to luck and that ‘s not what I want to see at the F4, or later

  4. People need to start tweeting CBS. The fact that James is still mentioning their deal to give each other cash is ridiculous. There has to be some kind of penalty for blatant cheating

      • It was discussed on two occasions in game. They most definitely can do something about that since it is against California law for contests, which is why it’s in the players contracts.

      • They are just _talking_about doing it. There needs to be a verb in the equation before they are guilty. Actions not words.

    • I was watching the feeds yesterday when they started talking about it again…I thought..Seriously, James..you are going there again? Corey joined right in on the convo..agreeing to the agreement. He said something like “you know it, brah.” BTW..that “Brah” drives me nuts…So, James could really care less what place he finishes in..he knows he gets some cash one of three ways..their deal with the 10K, being in F2 and placing 2nd or winning the whole thing…which he for sure does not deserve the win. He has done nothing.

      • He wants AFP because he would still get his stipen and the prize money. He said last year he made more than 2nd place did.

      • No stipend for the vets.Google it and read the breakdown of money for vets and new players, which are different amounts.

      • If he wins the top two he doesn’t get the stipend but otherwise he does they all do and vets get what they contracted.

      • I think Corey is a Mama’s boy. He’s definitely NOT a hunk, as Nicole makes him out to be. His language skills are zilch. He’d have difficulty holding an intelligent convo with a cabbage.

      • Nice gal but she spoke so low I could never understand a word she said on BBAD. That irritated me to no end and I was so glad to see her go.

      • Agree about her speaking but not as nice as she pretended to be, from what I observed and heard

      • I can see why the TV viewers might’ve thought she was such an innocent, sweet girl, but in reality she was far from that imo. Bridgette was sharp and conniving.

      • We call corey “Mumbles’ cause we couldn’t understand a word he said for the first few weeks. We wanted to lobby cbs to add subtitles when he was speaking. No a great mental giant corey is not by any stretch of the imagination. Not an honorable guy, either. A real POS.

      • I was thinking the same thing about “Brah”. It drives me crazy too. And they constantly use it.

      • I can’t stand the whole “Brah” term either. But I’m even more sick of anything out of Paul’s mouth.

      • Oh, me too… Cannot. Stand. The. Bruh.

        Also, I’m SO over Corey’s new ridiculous catch phrase “whooo, let’s go!”. He sounds moronic repeating it over & over again, in hopes it will catch on. I cringe every time I hear him say it.

    • The most hilarious thing about all of this is when people just pop into here and try to denounce us for talking about the cheating at all. You would think they work for the government or something.

  5. I would think that was common sense. When James was talking to Natalie before he left, he said he wasn’t going to even try to win the HOH because he knew that the two couples would want to break the other couple up, because it only made sense. I am sure he knows that he would have to be an idiot to go to final 3 with a couple. He just isn’t showing his cards. Nicole knows that as well, and is well aware if they want to make it to the final 3 they will have to win the veto.

    • I don’t think James can win against either Corey or Paul so he will probably go with Nicorey if at all possible since he trusts them more than Paul. He might not have a choice though he keeps losing comps.

      • Not really sure what you mean, but the option is go to the final 3 with a couple and if either of them win the final comp they will not take you to final 2. Or split them up and you have a better chance of sitting in one of the final 2. Nicole would definately take James with Cory out of the picture. If Paul had to choose between Nicole and James he would probably take James to final 2 and even if James didn’t win he would be guaranteed the $50,000 prize. I think James would have Cory, Nicole, Natalie, Michelle and Davonnes vote and he could beat Paul. Against Nicole he would have Michelle, Natalie, Davonne, Paul, Bridgette.

      • I was just opining that James would probably take Nicorey to the F3 but would take out Corey instead of Nicole if he had to make a choice.
        Right now I think all 3 guys want to take Nicole to the finale.
        Plus, I’m sure the DR would love to have a male and a female in the F2. Paul had already told Victor that Nicole should be their F3.
        So James will be disappointed I think if he trusts Paul right now,

      • Ok i see what you are saying. Unfortunately I think Paul got HOH so either Cory or James or even Nicole may be out.

      • I just heard that about Paul too. I think James will vote out Corey…hopefully.
        If Corey wins VETO james will go home, I suspect.

  6. I have a feeling that Nicole might cut Corey. Some of the comments she has been making leads me to believe that she will cut Corey. Especially if James is in the final 3 with Nicorey.

    But James is still an idiot to go to the final 3 with a showmance. His ideal situation is to evict either Corey or Nicole (mainly Nicole) at final 4, go to the Final 3 with the other half and Paul, than evict Paul at final 3. I think James can beat Corey at final 2.

    • James may well cut Corey but if Corey were HoH and James won veto, I don’t think he would cut Nicole.

    • It would be a good idea for Nicole to cut Corey since she can be assured of his jury vote and he’s friends with most of the guys in the jury.
      I can wait to see Nicole cut him either.

  7. It’s super frustrating that they can keep breaking the rules and have no consequences.

  8. For BB production to allow James to remind Nicole and Corey about their “deal” is very insulting to the viewers and other players who have followed the rules and played the game fairly.

      • This is my opinion based on a lot of mounting circumstantial evidence. It does seem that production does rule the game, and that is exactly why Dingus, Doofus, and James deserve not one iota of credit for anything because WHOMEVER Production was favoring would be where Dingus, Doofus, and James are right now with productions manipulations and influence. So it is not by chance, or great gameplay, socially or strategically on their part, it is because of who they are.This is not a game. It is a farce. I’ve accepted that fact and it wasn’t easy to come to the realization that I had been a fool to believe otherwise. Many BB fans might can accept this and still be entertained. As for me, I’m honestly very hurt and feel betrayed because of all of the time I have put into BB believing there was integrity in the game. Dad blame it! :(

      • I haven’t enjoyed reality TV as much since I realized how the producers manipulate the game.
        However, I’m still not able to get RTV monkey off my back…
        I get angry when production manipulation helps a player that I intensely dislike and I cheer when Prod. helps my fave win the game.

      • The worse thing about it is that I had to admit to my husband that he was right. Dang! Oh well, at least I can admit that I was gullible. Is American Pickers for real?

      • i have to say i see tv like i see the internet ya just can’t believe it all, the 2 sure things remain death and taxes lol

      • While it seems there are some people who can evade paying taxes, death will eventually catch all of us. We might cheat it a time or two.

      • I would have to say no. They filmed close by me once. When it was done the owner of the property said they took his barn and filled it with stuff for them to go through.

      • Ah, say it ain’t so, Dreamer! What am I left with, Trump and Hillary? hahahahahahahahaha…..No comments necessary.;)

      • Dreamer, have you ever heard anything that made you think Survivor wasn’t genuine or played out fairly to each contestant?

      • Only one thing I can ever remember. There was a comp held and it was between Ethan and Boston Rob. I remember during the comp they were racing up to a station to untie a knot. Ethan was way ahead yet it took him forever to untie his knot. Rob caught up and pulled one string on his knot and it opened up. He took the lead and won while Ethan was still trying to untie.
        That was years ago though.

      • Thanks, Dreamer. I’ve watched every season, but I’ve always watched things from that “innocent”aspect, never even thinking about such possibilities. First year on BBN(3 seasons ago), I remember a couple of people laughing at me(in a nice way) when I questioned why they were talking about production interference. I thought they were joking. Last season, I didn’t think it was nearly as blatant and obvious(to me anyway) as it has been this season, jmo. But now I’m skeptical of everything. Ugh! Takes much of the entertainment value away when I have to constantly remind myself that what I am seeing is nothing but a facade. Hoping the same isn’t true for TAR or Survivor.

      • Yes, in the beginning I never watched the feeds or read any spoilers. Still don’t do the feeds, just read all the spoilers, here and Jokers. It is enlightening how one can be edited for the broadcast shows. I think that is one reason James is so popular.
        But don’t feel to disheartened. We can still have fun, I love your posts and commentary. You and others here always make the season more enjoyable. :)

      • BBN has meant a lot to me. It was the first and also only site that I post on where I actually feel like I know some posters as friends. Thanks for your kind words and the info you provided me. :D

      • I think what really got to me this season was Nicole giving production footage..on more than one occasion. I am like you, Karen, I have watched since Season One…I never really gave the whole production interference thing much interest at all up until about the last three seasons or so…but, THIS season has been a wake-up call for me as well..I felt like just about every conversation or strategy session I was listening to..I would think to myself..OK, is this real or is this scripted from production? To me..that just takes away the fun for me and I really hate that I feel like that with one of my favorite shows.

      • You described how I am feeling to a tee, Lynn. I’ll be mad, then I feel betrayed. Then I think should I fell insulted that they thought we viewers were not smart enough to figure it out eventually, or do they not even care that they were duping us into believing the show was fair, genuine, and was played with integrity. It’s really sad, too, or has been for me. It’s 18 seasons, Lynn, my dear Hoosier. :(

      • They are not actors, but real collectors but pre-selected people for the shoot. They can take days to shoot, just like shooting a film, and some of them don’t even make the cut for the season. Guy Fieri/Diners Drive in and Dives went to one of our Diner in our neigborhood, and the Diner was closed for the shoot, with only selected costumers. Pawn Stars, we went to see the shop in Vegas, and they’re not even there half of the year. They only show up there to shoot for the season, but they’re real selected costumer

      • I was looking for them seriously. lol Had a long talk with the security guard. I was disappointed I thought I would see them. Chumlee and the old man lol

      • cheer up K, at least you’re not being played by a giant Doofus on national TV — and more importantly you figured it out before the season ended unlike a certain Dingus we know, lol

      • tr8ppng, I have tried to reply to you 4 times now. I think I have figured out why my post will not go through so I will send the same post that I did yesterday with one tweak. Here goes:
        I’m really down in the dumps, tr8ppng. I feel like a doofus. Now I’m wondering about TAR and Survivor. I’m going to do a little research on them before I invest any more time watching something that could be just as fake. I want to watch something that is real. Does that even exist? Please don’t tell me Red ne ck Island is not real? lol

      • K, Glad you persevered. Did have some problems yesterday, it appeared that I had gotten booted off Discus but after a few tries I was back on. Understand you being disappointed with BB after some of the events of this season but I remain hopeful that Paul will prevail. I have followed BB more closely this season than past and have questioned if the interference is more blatant now which from others’ posts seem to be the case. The positive is that there are many on this site who agree with you. Hope you don’t disappear from this site as your insight and humor have added so much for me and I know others. This has been a disappointing season for sure, it just needs to get done. Hang in there!

      • I think my post finally went through. I had no idea that the word
        r e d n e c k could not be used. It’s the name of a show on CMT for heaven’s sake!!!!

      • Believe me, I wish it wasn’t true. I’m having a hard time with this. I know that sounds silly, but realizing that everyone does not have the same opportunity to win has put a whole new light on BB for me. I can’t pretend that Paul might talk James into going along with his thinking because if Production tells him he can’t do it, then he won’t. I honestly do not believe he has free will to make that decision. That’s purely speculation, but there is intelligent reasoning behind it. It’s just taking me time to let this sink in.

  9. FYI

    Big Brother Updates ‏@BB_Updates
    The live feeds are down and will remain down until 9 PM PT tomorrow, after the eviction episode. The eviction will be taped today #BB18

  10. James is going to play the middle and side with Nicorey or Paul depending on who he’s speaking to. He’ll then wait to see how this next HoH goes and make his decision then.
    If Paul wins and either James or Paul win veto, he’ll take out Corey. If Nicole wins HoH and Nicorey wins veto he’ll side with them to get Paul out. If James wins HoH or veto…well we all know that isn’t likely right?

    • I don’t think James can beat Paul in the F2 and I sure hope the DR isn’t pushing James to make a deal with Paul j/k :D

      • I think you may be right India, but I also feel that James is thinking that his best shot at final two (and second place) is with Nicorey broken up and Paul in final three.

      • I hope not Dan – I don’t see Nic taking Corey to the end, not if she wants to win.
        But since Corey seems to be disliked by all but a few Texans I suspect he will be the next to go.
        Then James will stab Paul in the back and take Nicole the end.

      • We’ll see! I’ve got my money on Nicole to win the next HoH. Really don’t think she’ll make a move to take out Corey until final three HoH…if at all (IMO, she won’t have the stones to make that move).

        That final three, multi-part HoH favors Nicole with the combo of endurance, mental, etc. (and doesn’t favor James: not strong with mental, or Corey: not strong in endurance). If she wins it she’ll get to choose her final two partner.

      • I would love to see Nicole and James battle it out in the finale endurance comp. I seriously doubt if Nic would be able to cut Corey so I expect james to do it for her. She’ll need a pep talk from DR in order to make that move.
        Could the next HOH comp be the face morph one or is that POV? Nicole could very well win that one but Paul is not to be overlooked as he’s a very bright guy.
        If Nicole does cut Corey that could help her resume immensely.
        I’m looking very forward to watching the last days of this BB season.

      • No, the face morph comp is always for POV so they may be skipping it this year? Yesterdays HOH comp had to be all mental and probably “Before Or After” or “What The Bleep”? That’s why it would of been better if Paul would of won the last HOH, Nic would of used the VETO (on herself, if she would of been on the block, or on C or J, if they had of been nominated). Then Vic would of been the renom & he’d be evicted on Paul’s HOH. Ha! Also, it would of been N/C/J playing for next HOH with Nic winning.

  11. Agree with the commentator that we should tweet our discontent over the show being rigged in James and Nicole’s favor and how they have been allowed to make a side deal.

    This is just another unfair advantage.

  12. The example CBS is setting with this season’s BB is that people can only sleep their way to the top while those who work hard never win.

  13. Victor needs to blow up Nicole and Corey by letting Nicole know that Corey told him that he has no interest in her outside of the house. If he has to go at least try to give Paul a fighting chance

  14. Maybe my TV color is f….ed, but I SWEAR that Corey had darkish brown hair. People keep saying he has blonde hair!! Beside Nicole there’s such a VAST difference in color that I can’t possibly see how anyone can say he has blonde hair for God’s sake!!!!

  15. So James and Nicorey once again mentioned the “deal.”

    Here’s a question for those who had the feeds last year. How many times did Vanessa try to bribe her alliance with her poker winnings? I remember it happening nearly every other day, practically.

    So, once again, we have a case of something that’s becoming annual, and yet people are blowing the entire situation out of proportion because it’s about James and Nicole, who are being vilified simply because they’re not as naive about the game as Vaul (who everyone hated at the beginning of the season, if anyone cares to recall, as they were recruits and heavily connected to Jozea – not to mention all the fans who were raging about the nasty racist and violent things that came out of Paul’s mouth, comparing it to BB15).

    To make a long story short, production didn’t do anything about it when Vanessa bribed the HGs last year. There’s no precedent for them doing anything about it now.

    • Vanessa was such a con artist I was fully expecting the gullible twins to give her all the money they earned from BB and have Van invest them in a poker game SMH.
      She even offered Steve financial advice if he won the game; which would’ve been investing his winnings in a poker game.
      I’m sure Steve’s parents were really unhappy when they heard that.
      To me this is the worse than any pregame alliance.

      • I know Vanessa talked about money and financial stuff toward the end of the game, but if I’m not mistaken, she never admitted to being a professional poker player till the game was over – and she told the group as a whole once she got evicted.

      • Nonetheless, she counselled the more gullible HG’s that investing in a poker game was a great way to increase their earnings. She certainly could spot her mark from a mile away.
        I don’t remember who or how many people she confessed to about being a poker player but I do think she told Austin.
        The fans were raising holy he!! about it and production did slap her wrist and make her stop.

    • And Vanessa wasn’t the only one. I seem to remember Dr. Will telling Boogie he’d buy him something. They we find out later he bought him a motorcycle. They all do it.

    • Oh my, I didn’t really noticed Vic and Paul was hated that much in the beginning. (Did I 4get?) I guess since I liked them from the start. Must’ve been blinded.
      I was kinda annoyed by Paul when he started being Paulie’s rat ? tho~ I didn’t even hate Jozea lol. I found his persona to be quite amusing. ??? Messiah…priceless!

    • Vanessa was offering bribes continually. It shocked me that they didn’the censor her. At some point BB did tell her she needed to cut it out. Last night was the first time that I personally heard James and Nick talk about the deal and it was crystal clear what was being said.

  16. If James is playing to win he has to understand what Paul is saying is true. James has no shot at F2 if Corey wins and I doubt Nicole will take anyone but Corey to F2. Even if Nicole is thinking she can’t take Corey James cannot take that chance.

    But the question is, can James win any comps that are not endurance comps with him hanging on to something? I say no and Paul should figure that too. If Paul wants F2, he needs to win the next POV and vote out Corey or Nicole.

    It doesn’t hurt to talk to James at this point but its really too late for that.

  17. One question to everyone that think James is not strategic enough to win this game or those that feel Nicole and James had a pregame deal based on an offer to give each person their four person alliance money if they won.

    How would you play this game? Please explain your complete season long strategy from start to finish about how you will walk away with the money at the end of the season. Please explain how you would make and keep an alliance the entire game even if they do better than you at keeping a target off their backs. Please explain how you will never be a have not, how you will win every other HOH or VETO to save yourself. Please explain how you will not lie and play a good social and physical game the whole season.

    Then come back to reality when you realize the people in the house with you are doing and saying the EXACT SAME THING.

      • Ya, the way you explained our mission really had me think.
        But as I age I think I’d be a good candidate for this game. Hold onto an alliance until you confirmed deception.
        And play middle of the pack n

    • It would take me too long. Let’s go have a cocktail and I’ll give you the whole story. Lol.

    • I would totally suck at this game which is why I don’t judge the HGs on their gameplay. I would be a flip flopper and I would end up lying to everyone because I wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings! I’m a big wuss! ?

      • I don’t have a killer instinct either and I’m not a greedy person so I’m sure I don’t need to apply to BB :D

      • But the whole point of the game is to get the 500k so how can you think it’s greed?
        Then the whole lot is greedy I guess or maybe I just don’t get what you’re trying to convey?

      • In my opinion only a greedy person would agree to live in such hellish conditions over the summer and then proceed to lie, backstab and destroy their competition emotionally if necessary to win the money.
        Meanwhile, those players that have a conscience, such as Nicole, that does not enjoy hurting other people for the money are obviously not as greedy as others who have no qualms about using anybody to win the money.
        I know greed when I see it.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! People seem to think that everyone is supposed to hold hands, sing Kumbayah, and never lie or back-stab ANYONE on the way to winning $500,000!!! I have a phrase for all of you who are delusional enough to think this is how someone should play….”WELCOME TO BIIIIIIIIG BROTHER!” It’s all about winning the $$$, whatever it takes.

      • Backstabbing is part of the game. Cheating isn’t. Well I guess cheating is part of the game now, since people want to excuse what Nicole and James are doing

      • Making deals while in the house is part of the game. Unless one of them has the comp, vote, or social script laying around and studying it, there is no cheating going on. It is exactly what Ms. Heather has said above, IT IS ABOUT DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN THE BIG MONEY.

      • Offering money as an incentive to further your game is definitely against the rules especially when you hear it being discussed numerous times on the feeds.

      • Exactly!! I couldn’t of said it better myself! As some have said-It’s not summer camp(as some seem to think Ha!

    • The fallacy in this proposition, seen frequently on this board, is the erroneous and simplistic black-or-white presumption that a player either lies like crazy or is as honest as a nun. It’s a convenient cover for those whose lie the most, because it normalizes their game play by equating it with those who merely use nondisclosure as a strategy. You may not be capable of reading the subtleties, but the players who are usually go much farther than those whose lack of discernment reduces them to merely lying all the time. Poster child for the distinction is Survivor’s Russell Hantz.

      • Just curious, are one of them people who writes stuff out them contract’s that take an act of Congress to understand?

    • Here’s the thing, we don’t think they have an alliance. They keep saying that they do and proving that they do. There’s a big difference.

      • Yeah it’s so weird that two people in a strategy game would work together for their mutual strategic benefit, right?

  18. It would be smart for James to ditch them. Unfortunately, he isn’t very smart. He also seems to care way more about winning AFP than winning the actual game.

      • James needs the money for his kid and now he’s planning on marrying Natalie so he needs to become a home owner soon. Natalie might not even accept him if he doesn’t win AFP and I would hate to have that on my conscience. j/k :D

      • He needs the money for his kid? Did you miss the part where he went to jail for not paying child support?

      • I will try to find the article and I’ll let you know when I have the whole story if I can find it again. But before he was on BB17, he was arrested for contempt of family court. I’m sure it’s resolved at this point and I’d like to think he would actually give his child’s mother some of the winnings, but who knows

      • Please do. I don’t think James has a lot of money but that’s no excuse not to pay child support.

      • It’s easy to find his mugshot! Just Google James Huling mugshot and you’ll see everything about it.

      • Thanks Buford, but for some reason I have a lot of trouble navigating when searching for more info on something. I can google in the most precise details hoping to narrow down a search but it never seems to work for me. Yes, I’m technology challenge I have to admit :D

      • lol You’re welcome! I probably couldn’t of found it either but I saw a story about BB hg that have been arrested.

      • I heard that James gave his ex a lot of money after winning; and then she has him arrested for not paying child support? Maybe James thought she would give him a break. I bet that new truck insurance is a killer, not to mention new tags.

      • Yep, I heard that with his winnings from last year he gave the “Baby Mamma” a bunch of $$ and then bought a new truck with the rest! If he wins again this year, he wants to open a bar or something?

  19. I believe if Nicole,Corey and James go to final three Corey will get it but if it goes Paul and James that Paul will get it! His best odds would be go with Paul and come in 2nd place! I think?????

  20. James seems like such a troll to me this year: the lovelorn sad sack trolling for AFP sympathy votes, the disadvantaged “doting” dad fishing for 6K for “the kids” to go to Disney World.
    If he paid up his child support, a little better but still not what I would consider a priority. I just get a gimme-gimme vibe from him this year. I’m hoping he doesn’t win any prize money.

  21. The money situation is horrible, what a breach of the game, right? Biggest disgrace ever is when Dr. Will won BB2. It’s a good thing he and Boogie are universally hated by fans for cheating. (And while that’s the most obvious comparable $ conspiracy from the show, I know some other HGs have admitted to/been caught offering each other some form or another of financial benefit during the show)

    Being serious, the reason that I don’t actually see money sharing conspiracies in general as that big of an issue is that it’s not actually binding in any way. You can tell someone you will give them $ after the show, but you don’t have to. I see it as not particularly different than swearing on the bible or something like that. Really you’re just saying whatever you have to to inspire confidence in the other HGs weather you mean anything by it or not.

    That’s talking a little more generally, though. Right now James isn’t promising anyone money to build confidence, he’s just trying to disengage (or stay disengaged) and cash in on someone else’s winnings, and that’s pretty pathetic. And production is still trying to make him win AFP.

    • Hope so! that’s when BB is interesting when the power shifts. Lets watch James scramble to the “other side” now. Now put up Nicorey and hope that one of them doesn’t win Veto.

    • Speak for yourself-not “all” of us! Are you a wealthy relative of his?
      He should of been gone ages ago and needs to follow his boy straight out the door. Someone who just wants to blow the $$ on
      pot, booze, strippers and “partying” shouldn’t win anything at all!

      • That’s your opinion, it’s no ones business what that spend their money on. I haven’t heard him offer anyone money to advanced in the game.

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