‘Big Brother 18’: Nicole Warns Zakiyah Of Paul’s Threat

Nicole didn’t take too kindly to finding out Paul had been throwing her name around to Michelle and other HGs as this week’s target debate continued on for Big Brother 18. Now with Michelle on her way out Nicole was sure to return the favor last night in a talk with Zakiyah.

Zakiyah & Nicole share whispers on BB18

The ladies were alone in the bathroom when Nicole began to explain to Zakiyah how Paul was looking to take her out and Victor was in on it. Guess who could end up as a new target in this week’s Double Eviction?

Flashback to 8:41 PM BBT 8/8 Cams 3/4 to listen in on the conversation.

Zakiyah starts off asking if everything is good for this week and Nicole promises her “100%.” Nicole then lets Zakiyah knows that she had to fight along with James, Paulie, and Corey against two other HGs to make sure Zakiyah was staying this week. Zakiyah asks if it was Bridgette, but Nicole says no and then confirms when Z asks about Paul.

Nicole adds that Victor was the other HG going after Zakiyah, which doesn’t surprise her at all. Continuing on Nicole says that Paul is now trying to put a target on her (Nicole’s) back by telling other HGs that Nicole was the only one who wanted to keep Zakiyah.

Zakiyah promises Nicole she’ll keep this a secret but if she gets HoH then she’ll put both Victor and Paul up together. Nicole says she would make the very same move for the Double (nominate Victor and Paul).

Zakiyah is curious how she raised up as a target for Paul and Nicole claims he said she was a “comp beast” along with “so many points” and “he’s basically scared of you for some reason.”

They continue to discuss Paul’s possible motives along with his comments of Michelle being easier to control before settling on Paul’s desire to get closer to Paulie with Zakiyah’s departure.

Nicole lets Zakiyah know her four champions got together with Victor to let him know they were keeping Zakiyah this week so that’s been setted. She suggests James will cancel out Paul’s vote and another so her four allies can vote to keep her and she’ll be safe on Thursday.

Looks like Nicole has positioned herself well with Zakiyah using this information while painting a target on Paul’s back. Later Nicole let Paulie know she had turned the tables on Paul so he won’t be surprised by her move. From other conversations Paulie has suggested he wants Zakiyah gone soon, but it’ll be interesting to see if he has to take sides between Zakiyah and Paul in the next few rounds.

What do you think of Nicole’s decision to share this information? She threw a lot of names around there and has basically committed James and Corey to keeping Z, the latter of which was a sure thing but James had been wavering. Looks like that should be over for this round though.


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  1. Smart move to make Paulie decide between Zakiyah and Paul next round. Finally the women are starting to play BB!

    • I know! Nicole was pretty smart here… I want to see a girl win HOH in the DE. Natalie has a lot of potential tbh, she just needs to start speaking up more.

  2. Its really annoying how the whole house knows the double eviction is happening. They are suppose to be a surprise. BB needs to change the week the do DE so the house won’t know.

    • They anticipate it because it happens each year, but they don’t know for sure it’s this week. Last week they thought it’d be that Thursday too. They just keep shifting a week and preparing again.

      • But it’s fair to say the DE will be a A-or-B HOH. Who knows who’ll win that. I was as shocked as everybody else when I saw Caleb win it in BB16. And steve won it last year, even though he tried his hardest to throw it. I wonder how times Julie will have to remind them to reset. This doesnt seem like the brightest bunch.

    • @ The, I agree!! I think they should do a double eviction Week 1 or Week 2 or even do a triple eviction like they did Season 3 on Big Brother Canada. But I agree it should be a surprise

    • To be fair, they did switch up the timing from the past of seasons. It’s a week later than it normally is, because the evicted houseguests become the first two jury members. It’s not much, but it is something.

    • I agree…how funny would it be if it happened around week 4 or 5, and then AGAIN towards the end? They could plan an evicted houseguest re-entry/battle back to make up the extra time.

  3. i just wish nicole knew Paulie is behind some of the Z being evicted not just paul so she didn’t run and tell him anything he needs to go befoore victor

    • She knows…. She also should know by relaying that info to Paulie that she put a target on herself cause Paulie is gonna tell Paul…Its a vicious circle

      • Is Corey even aware of what’s going on?
        If Nicole wants Zak to stay why wouldn’t Paulie want to continue to work with Nicorey?
        This is so confusing right now.

      • Paulie don’t care…Nic is wanting Michelle to go because she will be affecting her game sooner than later if she stays. Paulie will soon be targeting Nicole in getting her out.

      • I think Zak will be more loyal to Nicole than Michelle so I want her to stay for that reason and through the DE. Nicole or Corey needs to get Paulie out during the DE since he’s ready to clip her but I don’t see that happening any time soon.
        I hope James and Corey are sharing info about the other 3 guys. I think the best thing to do would be getting rid of Victor or Paul next. They’ve served their purpose and now they need to go – too untrustworthy.

      • She told Paulie to cover her behind. She didn’t want Z to tell Paulie Nic had talked to her and said Paul was wanting Z out. She would have put a bigger target on herself had she not told him.

    • She’s trying to keep the red target off her booty for as long as she can. If she wins HOH, then the guys should start scampering

  4. How in the heck is Zakiyah considered a comp beast? She’s too busy putting her makeup on and drooling all over Paulie to even take a comp seriously.

    • It was quite laughable to say the least! I think Nicole was telling this to Z to paint a target on Paul so that her and Paulie’s attention to targeting Nicole was put on the back burner for awhile. Not sure it will work, though. Paul is Paulie’s gopher!

    • I doubt Paul really feels like she is. If he said it, he was using anything he could think of at the time, to get her evicted instead of Michele.

      • True. It is so sad to watch Zakiyah degrade herself with the way she is always all over Paulie. They were in the kitchen the other night at that island thing in the middle..and she had her arm intertwined with his and she just kept kissing his arm up and down..he just stood there..no reaction from him..then last night she was in the bathroom and he is looking at himself in the mirror (big surprise there) she comes up behind him and wraps her arms around his waist and his look in the mirror was like “again?” When he decides that he is done using her and evicts her..she will probably go off the deep end!

      • Well originally I don’t think he was using her at all. I think he was actually interested in her at first but then once he got to know her he stopped liking her because of her clingyness and her personality. Now he is definitely using her though just because he is afraid that she’ll blow up his game if he drops her.

      • Well she’s also a good pawn who can easily be manipulated but that’s the main reason why he hasn’t stop his “showmance” with her

      • I think back to Lane and Britney in season 12..I think Lane really wanted to take her to F2..and he treated Britney with respect all along the way…Derrick and Victoria..he was using her the entire time as well..but, he treated her with respect. Paulie saying that he has Z trained and the berating her gave her in the Paris room last week..he obviously is using her for “his pleasure,” and maybe a little game, too…he is just so darn cocky and that to me, just ruins him as far as his personality goes and trying to like the guy. I would love for someone to clip and tag Paulie.

      • I think you have said a very truthful mouthful. There are still posters here who leave the impression that Paulie is just playing the game. They have a right to their opinion, but I’m with you. There is absolutely nothing he can do to make me respect him or his game.

      • That’s what Paulie did in the hot tub. I think we might have to get another name for PP because Paul doesn’t deserve it.

      • I really liked Lane. He seemed very respectful of all of the women. Unlike this season…..yeah, I’m looking at you P & P and Victor, and I can’t forget Frank, the farting a**hole.

      • He better double glove himself and not rely on her to use birth control because she’s already planning on having his “pretty little” babies.

    • It was because of that last HOH comp where she was fine and M threw up. So Paul thinks Z would be harder to get out than M. To judge on 1 comp is dumb. Also Paulie pitted Paul and Z against each other as Zaulie has been like a roller coaster. Z said she wanted Paul out at some point and Paulie relayed this to P about Z when Paulie wanted her gone. This was a week 10 days ago? Things change DAILY in that house. You want a person gone one day and the next you want to save them. This is what is going on with Zaulie! Z was actually doing really good in that comp for once.

      • She finally realizes she is alone besides M and M is gone now after Paul and M screwed up James blindside for DE! She realized Paulie dropped almost immediately after she did and realizes the truth now! Nic is cluing her in also but with some truth and some lies!

      • You made me want some M&M’s. I went to the pantry and all we had were the dark chocolate ones. Those are my husband’s. I’m a milk chocolate gal. I settled for a rabbit shaped Hershey bar left over from Easter. :D
        Z might have realized the truth in that instance, but she refuses to except it.

      • Hey thanks for the compliment! I love regular M N M’s the best! Dark chocolate is actually very healthy for you like blueberries! I actually love milk and white and yellow chocolate the best! You should try Milka chocolate as it is European but they brought it to the US a few years ago. It has a purple package cover and comes in lots of sizes! It is really good. I think it is Swiss chocolate? Z is stuck now as her only hope is to win HOH ride Paulie’s butt and stay friendly with Nicorey! Too late for her to work with anyone else now. Plus like I was mentioning in some of my other posts with Heather that there are so many reasons why WE both said they almost can never work. It can be done but only like 3-4 girls at the most. This year even 2 girls getting along is rare. Lots of jealousy pettiness bad hygiene and bitchy attitudes from all of them! Natalie and Nic are the 2 nicest girls for those who watch the AFTER dark feeds! Without watching the feeds you know less than 10% of what the truth is! I watch the after dark feeds because watching the three 43 minute shows you only know like 5% of the obvious stuff and that is it. I think M and Paul ruined James big move blindside for Thurs sadly! Those 2 have such big mouths and are bad players especially M. What was M thinking in that veto speech I have heard so much about! I can’t wait to see how she ruined her game threatening Paulie while on the block! Dumbest move this year! There have been so many bad moves already this year!

      • Milka, never heard of it, but I’ll check it out, thanks. Yes, dark chocolate is healthier, but what little bit of sweets I eat, I eat to enjoy and I don’t enjoy a more bitter type chocolate.
        I am anxious to see what Michele had to say. Whatever it was, it must have gotten under his skin and that has been enjoyable to hear about.

      • Yes Milka it is so good! I am a huge chocolate fan! I would be surprised if you did not like it! I have a sweet tooth so it may be too sweet for you? But I do not think it is that sweet just good! Yes M made 2 huge mistakes telling Paul her plan and running back and him making even bigger one telling Paulie since he wanted Z out! Also Paul was a moron telling Paulie this. M should never have said she was coming after Paulie in veto ceremony while being on the block. How dumb is she for being a SUPER FAN no less. She did not use his name but it was so obvious. Watch the clip! She just talked about Paulie’s wins to the house! I need to watch the clip myself!

      • I like my tea sweet and my chocolate sweeter so I’m sure I’d love it.
        I don’t have the feeds, but sometimes YouTube has little clips of BB moments. Thanks for all the info, Redsf.

      • You are well above my intellect on that one, but I love learning new things. I’ll look it up; sounds interesting.

      • Thanks for the reply. I reread my post so I would understand your’s better and saw that I used except instead of accept. :(

      • I mean Z, in relation to the way Paulie treats her, versus the fact that she knows it’s wrong.

        From Wikipedia:
        In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

        Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency (dissonance) tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance—as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it.

        So you can see the struggle she goes through- the way Paulie tarts her is in direct conflict with how she believes she deserves to be treated. It is uncomfortable- but instead of facing the fact that she’s been acting contrary to her inner belief system, she (unconsciously)finds a way to re-balance by masking these red flags and denying that she is experiencing them at all.
        I’m a psych major lol…I hope I was able to explain myself adequately. :)

      • You had me intrigued enough that I went to Simple Psychology and read a little bit about it. That was very sweet of you to go the the extent you did to explain it. It’s a very interesting theory. Psych major? Two classes of it was enough for me many, many years ago when I started college at age 16. Are you finished? It’s obvious that you are very intelligent.:)

      • I’m not quite done yet but let me tell you… I’ve absolutely had my FILL of theoretical psychology heh. I feel like I could go the rest of my life without without hearing the name Jung or Freud or Pavlov etc…and be a-ok LOL
        And YOU’RE the sweet one, my dear- thank you! ♡

      • By now, it’s probably 2nd nature for you to evaluate these HGs as you are watching BB. It’s for sure they would give any psychologist a lot to ponder and lead to a few diagnoses. There you go, your final thesis…an essay regarding your personal research about the behavior of BB HGs. Better than “Are you Subjective or Objective in Principle”, which stressed me out. Lol Good luck!

      • Ok thanks as I get it mostly. I never knew what it meant but good to know mentally/strategy wise if I get accepted to play next year for BB 19! I can now defend myself better. Paulie does talk in circles and lies more than I knew! I hope Z goes then him next! Lots of good convos with Paul B M Nat James and Vic all want Z out! James has 2 extra votes so Z should go home now which would be nice blindside to Paulie. The fact that B and Paul are wanting this is huge. Then James will not chicken out hopefully! Paulie would have only Nicorey then.

      • Ok will do Patricia! Look for my Steve like Cam vids to give truth to the fans of my strategy game play etc

  5. Oh, it would be so magical if Z won HOH and put Paulie up in the DE… I would laugh so hard! One can dream…

    • Although I would love for Z to put Poopie up (my new name for him), that will never happen. It would be so magical, but she is planing baby names for their spawn, won’t be happening.

  6. I can’t wait for the DE HOH. Paulie shouldn’t be so cocky. The DE HOH comp has known to be fair game for anyone to win. Heck we may see Natalie win HOH for the first time!

    • YES Natalie win the HOH and James win the VETO, the DE is an easy round it has to be fast moving and any body has a real chance

      • You really think if Nat puts up Paulie and James win POV, that he will not use it on Paulie? That would be interesting. The house would be stunned, I think.

    • Yes anyone can win the DE comp! One will be True and False! Nat just came in 2nd in the toughest comp they had this year so she can win! Also she came in 4th in the other endurance comp and would beat you and many others. She will make big move when she wins HOH! Paulie and Vic are her targets 100 percent! She has the guts that James does not! James had a plan to get Z out. Did that blow up?

  7. Hey Matthew!! I would like to show my appreciation for all the hard work you do on our behalf. THANK YOU, This site is my go to site for info and comments and of course the feeds and show, although I have quit watching the show for the most part. It is pure editing and nothing like what really happens in the house on a daily basis. You rock Matthew! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Keep up the good work, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

  8. I don’t even like Paul but he’s got the people I do like’s back. Fingers crossed he wins HOH and nominates James and Nicole.

  9. Why can’t these guys keep their mouths shut this year?
    So Paul wants to get rid of Zak so he will have Paulie to himself.
    Paul wants to keep Michelle because she will help his game.
    But of course Paulie doesn’t want Paul to have that advantage so Michelle must go and Zak must stay.
    Paulie and Paul want Corey all to themselves so Nicole has to go next.
    Will Zak and the remaining women take out Nicole to help the guys game or will they begin to realize (finally!) what’s going on here?

  10. Nicole could be going out the door soon, from some of the things that the guys have discussed. But Paulie is adaptable when it comes to both his immediate and eventual targets. Nicole is doing her best to be the last female standing with her confidential conversations which aren’t really confidential at all. But so far the only part of herself that’s playing the game is her mouth. She began to target Paul yesterday, since she’s seen that Paulie and Paul have been disagreeing about the rather insignificant choice between Michelle and Zakiyah. We’ll see how this works out for Nicole, who seems to be just as insignificant to the guys as Michelle or Z.

  11. I really hope the girls left start to take out the men. (Nicole,Zakiyah) Could be onto something. That is if one of the girls can win HoH during the DE. Paulie going home or Victor would make me a little more hopeful for the girls.

  12. Zak’s mom should just fly in and get her because she has made a complete fool of herself! This girl now telling Paulie to hit~slap her, and choke her.

    • Is she really? SMH!! She’s probably going to need a little therapy after this show. ugh!!!!!

    • My jaw dropped when she said that! She literally said “I can take it”… She literally just told the world she’s ok being physically abused. He replied that he only does stuff like that in a sexual pleasure way.

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