Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 7 [POLL]

We’re down to only seven votes this week on Big Brother 18 and after James’s Care Package twist only five of those votes will have an impact. That means just three votes will be enough to send either of the final noms on out the door in the first of two evictions on Thursday night.

Corey counts off the votes on BB18

The Veto Ceremony wrapped up on Monday and set this round’s final noms which opens the gates for campaigning. It didn’t take long though for that to have come to a likely close.

Overnight Monday we heard from James and Natalie that they would vote to keep Michelle while using James’s power against Paulie and Corey or Nicole’s vote. Then with Paul’s vote to keep Michelle and possibly Bridgette’s vote it would be all locked up. Well that fell apart fast.

After Michelle campaigned to Paul he ran it back to Paulie somehow thinking it’d help save her. Of course that’s nonsensical and did the complete opposite by solidifying efforts against her giving Paulie the ammo to share that Michelle was going after “big targets.”

Jump to a few hours after the Veto meeting to find Corey, Nicole, and Victor debating the decision. Flashback to 3:38 PM BBT 8/8 Cams 3/4.

Victor asks about the plan and Corey says he doesn’t know since Paulie and Zakiyah are really close. Now there’s just no way anyone hasn’t figured out yet that Paulie isn’t letting Z go. Victor suggests Paulie was okay with Z going. Nope.

Corey reminds them they’ll need to coordinate with James since he’s going to cancel a few votes. “I’ll do whatever,” adds Nicole continuing her streak of taking as few positions as possible this season. Victor again suggests that Paulie doesn’t care so Corey says he doesn’t either. It’s a house full of no-cares.

Despite not caring, both Corey and Nicole start to give reasons why Michelle is more competitive than Zakiyah. Now Victor doesn’t care either so it’s something they can all agree on.

So what will they do? Let’s talk to Paulie, suggests Corey. Ahh yes, the season of Paulie. They’re sure making it easy for him, aren’t they?

James arrives at 3:42 PM BBT and the talk continues. They want to know what James thinks, but in case anyone forgot, Victor still doesn’t care who goes. A minute later Paulie arrives to guide his helpless allies.

Paulie tells them that since Michelle called out all his wins and pointed out what a threat Paulie is for everyone’s chances at winning the game that he wants her gone. Yep. That’s his argument and everyone just laughs and laughs. Paulie also points out that Michelle said she wanted to get out a big target that would benefit everyone (read: Paulie). Instead of realizing the potential gain there they all agree that if Paulie wants Michelle gone then they’ll gladly oblige.

So what’s the plan? James has now promised Zakiyah he’ll cancel any votes that are going after her. Of course he also suggested the same to Michelle, but I think that plan is over. James could end up canceling Paul’s vote and maybe Natalie’s just to throw the other away. He can’t use it on himself. He checked.

With just five votes we should expect to see Michelle voted out unanimously during the first of two evictions during Thursday night’s DE adventure. I’m expecting James, Nicole, Corey, Paulie, for sure to vote out Michelle and that’s one more than they’d need to make it happen. Looks like Michelle is toast, but maybe she’s got that Round Trip ticket. Even then she could just end up evicted twice in one night! Now that’d be crazy.

What do you think of the house’s plan? Should an opposition rise to stop Michelle’s eviction or would it make no difference?


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  1. Can NO ONE realize that voting out Z will weaken Paulie without a direct hit? Bridgette/Vic/Nat/James + Paul could team up then to get out Corey/Nicole/Paulie. Sigh

  2. When I voted over an hr. ago, 52.42% had voted Z would be evicted. Although I was one of them, I was surprised at the result. I voted what I was hoping would happen and not what I thought would happen and I normally don’t do that. It is currently down to 51.6%. I’m wondering if this many people honestly believe she’ll be evicted?

    • Probably just a lot of wishful thinking (I always vote for who I want evicted weather that’s realistic or not)

    • I usually check to see if it asks who will be or who do you want to be when answering these polls.
      But I could be the minority on that. I don’t see why people would think Z is going at this point so I think it’s wishful thinking.

  3. James had a good discussion with Michelle He was as honest with her as he could be under the circumstances…James made one mistake that may come back to bite him…Micelle told him about wanting to get a big target out. James told her not to be telling everybody that cause it would hurt her game..( James knows about her conversation with Paul yesterday) She ask James not to say anything and he agreed….James should have told Michelle that Paul had already blabbed …By not telling her he left himself open to being the person responsible for Paulie knowing.. just wait for it…

  4. At this point, I would rather watch reruns of What’;s Happening than the Paulie show.

    • I have all 3 seasons on dvd! Also I have What’s happening now on dvd! Classic show most of them gone now. The good old days. Rerun and Shirley died years ago. Not sure if the mom died?

      • I was driving my fork lift one night and seen this young African American female driving another one at work one night. She was new to stock, I then got my phone out and sent a text to the Supervisor (who was in a meeting with his boss and several other Supervisor’s), in the text I asked him where did they find Shirley from What;s Happening to drive a fork lift (seriously, her hair do made her look just like her). He bursted out laughing and came a milimeter of getting yelled at.

  5. James wanting to use his special power to negate his own vote perfectly sums up this season.

    • I would be stupid not to use the votes on myself if I was OTB and allowed to do so… Why in the world would I wanna use it on another person if I needed protect myself??? Common sense question on James part..

      • Asking the question before he knew who would end up OTB is cool … but looks like he might use it to shield others from knowing how he really voted … weasel reason … serving both sides again.

      • its got nothing to do with his vote per say…..its the 2 people that he will cancel out might make a difference in who stays..

      • I thought according to the rules no secrets. So the way I take it James has to say whose votes he is cancelling so everyone knows. I may very well be wrong.

      • I think, yes, he has to say whose votes he cancels but who those votes were for would not be revealed just like every week, you get to know the count, but who each person voted for is always a secret (as much as it can be in this house).

      • By no secrets it meant he had to reveal what the package was, not what he planned to do with it. He didn’t have to reveal his plans to them until the night of the eviction, but nobody knows how to keep a secret if their life depended on it.

  6. Note in next Care Package: Hint to HGs – don’t go in the hot tub and don’t eat the peanut butter.

  7. Apparently James asked DR if he could cancel his vote, He was told it’s not allowed. lol James ultimate cop out.(typical James game)…Every week he should eliminate his vote..geesh.

    • Grrrr. That is infuriating that he would even ask that. Unbelievable that AMERICA votes to give you a care pkg to help you with the game and you are like, meh, I’d like to use it on me. How is that strategic?

      What happened to last year’s James who wanted to “bathe in blood” and make “big moves”?

      Please no more James on BB – not for comic relief or anything.
      If you’re not going to play, stay home.

  8. I really hope Zakhya leaves. I think Michelle with her obnoxious crying may try to win and put up Paulie and Victor.
    I can’t stand everyone left except Natalie and she even gets on my nerves with her childish behavior.

  9. Really James? People give you one job and you blew it. Y’know I wonder how you’re gonna survive this game by following the Executives.

  10. Yes yes I would love it if Big Meech has the return ticket and then she gets evicted twice in one night. Oh gosh yes please BB God make it happen!

  11. House of idiots are now voting for the $500,000 winner…..wait for it… Wait for it…it’s Paulie!!! I am in shocked, I did not see that coming…

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