‘Big Brother 18’: Michelle Reveals Her Plan To Paul, Paul Runs It Back To Paulie

Jump to 11:59 AM BBT Cams 1/2 as Paul and Paulie settle down in the side bedroom. Paul lets Paulie know he was just out talking to Michelle who told him she had her DE plans but they weren’t him (Paul) or Bridgette. Paulie says that just leaves him and Victor. No, no, says Paul, she said not Victor either and he doesn’t think she meant Paulie. Paul instead suggests she meant James… “And??” asks Paulie with a sly smile. Paulie knows Michelle meant him! He was just at the meeting where she called him a huge threat with all his wins.

Paul keeps rolling and tells Paulie that Michelle said “it’s going to be a big move and benefits most people.” “She means me,” says Paulie. Paul disagrees. Paulie isn’t buying it. Good grief, Paul. Paul had just spent days fighting to keep Michelle and now he’s making it clear that she’s coming after Paulie. If he was trying to get Paulie to reach the conclusion of Michelle’s target being James then he should have said she said James instead of leaving it open to the obvious interpretation the rest of us reached.

Paul resumes his campaigning to keep Michelle saying he’s worried that if Zakiyah stays and Bridgette goes after Michelle then Victor and Paul are left without a female pairing/coupled and are then “easy targets.” Paulie promises Paul that they’ll send Zakiyah or Nicole home then during the DE as an offering to calm his worries.

The talk continues as Paul is once again losing this repeat argument. Paulie assures Paul that Zakiyah would put up whoever he told her to nominate. He’s certain of it. Even if it was Nicole and James. Paulie is not going to back down on this.

Paul tries again and says that if Michelle stays then she would put up James and Natalie. Paulie still doesn’t believe that’s what Michelle meant as Paul continues to push this angle. It isn’t working.

After several more minutes of the same discussion Paul again asks, “so you want Michelle gone this week??” Are you kidding me, Paul? How does he not get this? Paulie is not going to agree to let Zakiyah go and if he doesn’t do it this week then why would you believe he’d do it immediately after in the DE either?

So initially I thought Paul was just a doofus and thought Michelle really did mean James and Natalie for her big targets despite having clearly been suggesting Paulie as her target. Maybe instead it was just Paul trying to execute a terribly devised plan by revealing everything to Paulie in hopes he’d come to the conclusion that Michelle was after James. It just doesn’t make much sense and it definitely did not work. Paul blew it here and it could have big implications.

James had told Michelle and then Natalie that he could use his power to knock out votes enough to keep Michelle. Since Paulie had spent days trying to disguise his determination to keep Zakiyah by saying he didn’t really care either way then James could plead ignorance. James strongly suspects Paulie wants to keep Zakiyah to use as a tool against them and we just heard Paulie confirm that.

Now Paulie knows for near certainty that if Michelle stays she’s coming after him. Should James try to go through with the plan to cancel out Paulie’s vote and either Nicole or Corey’s in an effort to keep Michelle then he’s exposing his cards. This would be an indirect attack on Paulie through Michelle as a proxy.

I don’t think James can do this anymore unless he’s ready to stand his ground against Paulie and divide the house. With what army? Natalie, Bridgette, and Michelle? Against Paulie, Victor, Paul, Corey, and Nicole? No way. I’m calling this one dead in the water thanks to Paul not keeping his mouth shut. Of course later when Michelle likely talks to Victor he would probably run it back to Paulie too because that’s what all these HGs seem to do. Find something out? Go tell Paulie!

What do you think of this mess? What was Paul trying to do by running it back to Paulie? He’s still sitting here trying to convince Paulie so he must have thought this would help his argument but in what possible way? I really don’t get what Paul was thinking here. And can James continue on with his ACP vote flip plan or would it expose him and Natalie to too much danger? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. You pretty well summed it up. Paul thought that Paulie would believe what he was laying down. He should have just said her target was James or even Nicole. He didn’t think this out well. Too use to telling Paulie everything and when it comes down to lying ..he is about as bad as James is.

  2. Yah Paul definitely messed this one up. I’m positive he knew Michelle meant Paulie as her target and he was okay with that. I think he wants to take out Z and have Corey/Nicole/Paulie vs. Michelle/Bridgette/Natalie/James with him and Victor somewhere in the middle. If James is willing to stand his ground then he, Natalie, and Bridgette can still make this happen. Too soon to say.

      • After her POV speech (from the way it sounds), no doubt in anyone’s mind it’s Paulie. She prolly should have held back on the blast. Stealth is not her longsuit.

      • Yes she ruins her game with her big mouth and sucky attitude. Paul should have kept his mouth shut and not ran back to Paulie for the hundredth time! Then Z would be going but James is too chicken to go against Paulie’s side of the house unless he thinks he can get away with it. M and Paul ruined that. The possible excitement most fans hoped for got ruined by bad players M and Paul! The blame goes to them now not James.

      • no she didn’t unless it was during a conversation he and she had much later on in the day..

      • I listened to her tell Paul it was Paulie. With the reasons why as well. I can look up the time for you if you want.

      • wellllll u go back and find it cause what I saw and heard she did not mention Paulies name out and out as him being her big target She did mention to Paul about Paulie winning comps it could have been 2 different instances

      • She did not reveal any names to Paul or to Z for that matter. But she already put a target on her back when she gave a speech during the Veto ceremony that listed statistics of Paulie’s wins. So when she reveals that she’s wanting to make a big move if she stays, it don’t take a genius to figure out who her big move target is.

      • But she ruined it by being that obvious and while on the block is really dumb! Also Paul should have said nothing to Paulie. These players suck. Poor James. He wanted to make a move and blindside Paulie but those 2 ruined it! Bye M! She ruined her own game in so many ways! Actually Nat and B will make a big move if they win HOH. Nat wants Paulie and Vic gone! Are you watching the after dark feeds?

      • She’ll go have a good cry and it’ll all be better. She’ll enjoy the jurry house much better anyway. She can sleep her life away instead of just sleeping for 17 hrs, eating for 4 hrs, and crying the other three.

      • If there wasn’t so many obnoxious people this season she would have been one of the 1st people gone! Her comments the past 2 weeks have me completely against her now! I was a fan of hers till then. She says so many mean things and making that speech at veto ceremony was the all time dumb this year like James did about Day going home in the safari room when Day was there. He said B and V going when that meant ay would be gone since they were on block together last week. Paul is a fool too running his mouth too Paulie about M! I hope it will be this easy for me next season if BB takes me! .

      • Hope you make it. If you do, just remember the fans and that we see EVERYTHING, almost. :)

      • Ok thanks! I will be entertaining and funny and will be embarrassed at times but nothing I will be ashamed of as I know the cameras are on 24/7! If I get on I will probably make some comments to the live feeders after dark like Steve did so you know what the TRUTH and his plan was. He was so alone for the most part. He really on had Jmac!

      • Honestly not sure! I think when it was really late and most or all were sleeping he said the truth to his mom! He was saying so many things and going back and forth with so many decisions about what the fans wanted and what his mom would want him to do and what HE should do most of all. He is definitely super close with his mom! He is a mama’s boy which he admitted many times on the show to everyone of the players last year. He was really good with mental comps and that puzzle with using that harness to guess all the players nicknames from last season the only comp Meg was good at if I recall? The only comp Meg won was the fashion one I believe? Otherwise she did not win any comps! It was the BOTB comp. That puzzle using harness comp is coming up after DE! We shall see. Steve did joke with camera at times too so maybe that is why you thought he lied and others last year said he was weird and crazy! He was mostly missing his mom and family and speaking to his mom though.

      • I always thought Steve was very intelligent. Being a Mama’s boy isn’t such a bad thing as long as they know how to put their spouse or SO first, if they have.

      • Steve and V were the 2 smartest players by far last year! Also they would be some of the smartest players all time for BB players. But to clarify so there is no confusion which happens too much online is their social games were seriously lacking and lack of confidence for Steve and V’s paranoia were definitely their downfalls. I was talking mentally and book smart intelligence. V is or was not only one of the best poker players but has a law degree from Duke and another degree at another top school too if I recall correctly? As for Steve he is an engineer of some sort. Bio engineer perhaps? The way they were able to know the Days comp which V won is extremely difficult. Steve had an ok social game where V’s was terrible. Tiff was too much like V in all the bad ways and it got her evicted besides Day pitting her against F! Tiff was too shady and paranoid it would have driven most people nuts!

      • I do not know if S is still single? Sadly I am but I do know how to put others 1st! My future wife will be treated the way GOD intended with honor respect love kindness compassion understanding care loyalty honesty etc Nice guys finish last as they say but I am no loser. I have the right mix for most women.

      • OK, you’ve won me over, lol. You be patient and God will send the right one your way. Nice guys don’t finish last where it really counts; don’t ever believe that.:D

      • Ok thanks for the compliment! Too many shallow fake women in my state! Most are gold diggers sadly. Money and fame is what they want most. Not a nice guy with good character personality beliefs etc You are right all in Gods timing!

      • Mary, I was here first! lol j/k
        I’m long timed married anyway. If you can snag him, go for it.

      • At 11:49 a.m. BB time she said she could tell Vic/Exec about Paulie’s wins and why it would be good to get him out. Then Paul tells her that Vic is close to Paulie. She said well please don’t say anything because I know you are close with Paulie too.

      • That was before the veto ceremony though and she said it again after the ceremony to Z and Paul without naming names and Paul took that info to Paulie, without telling him who she was talking about after Michelle told him not to say anything at all. Maybe Paul thought he’d draw out what Paulie’s plan was if Z stayed. Who knows. All I know is Paul could have kept that to himself, but he’s a sh** stirrer so it’s just not in him to be quiet.

      • The veto ceremony was before that. It was this morning. 10:52 we got fish 11:35 we got feeds back and veto ceremony was done. She said this to Paul when she was laying out in her bathing suit by the pool. Z was not there. I just got thru watching it again.

      • I remember that convo, just didn’t remember her actually name dropping, though. So maybe it is a good thing Paul didn’t reveal the person’s name…but Paulie ain’t stupid…he knows he’s the one she wants to make the big move over…due to her ceremonial speech where she pointed out his stats.

      • Paulie also knows that Paul wasn’t being totally truthful with him too. There was a big strain going on when they had their convo in London room. Paul should have kept his mouth shut for sure! James was all ready to make the move with keeping Michelle. Now he will be worried about the target on his back.

      • All because Paul couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I know! Hopefully he’ll be able to gather enough people together to go against Paulie before he decides to go through with it. Who knows!

    • Only way I believe that James will stand his ground is if I see it. It completely goes against everything he’s done the entire season.

      • Well he did put Clelli up together last year so he has made big moves before but has little help from his allies. His allies mainly Meg last year sucked so bad and the grossmance and V kept winning things and Steve got Jackie out during DE so he had no shot. M and Paul ruined James blindside. It would be a miracle if James still got Z out now. How confident would you be with Nat B and M against the rest of the house? James is already a chicken so if the plan is blown up game over for him and M!

  3. Paul won’t win because doing stupid stuff like this. I can’t wait when Vic is on the block and Paulie put him there again! Paul and Vic can take control of Paulie but they are to blind to the game.

  4. Ya’ll can be mad at Paul, but Paulie is his closest ally. Why WOULDN’T he tell Paulie everything he knows?

    • Paul wants to stay in the game. To do this, for now he has to maintain the loyalty with Paulie and let it ride while getting out the others, especially ineffectual players like Michelle, who just proved that she doesn’t think clearly enough. Her kamikaze blabbing about Paulie shows how unworkable she is for any kind of serious manuveuring. Unfortunately, Victor is similar to Michelle. Even though he’s physically strong, he keeps showing himself as a strategic mental midget. He’s like a dog chasing his own tail.

    • Paul wants to keep Michelle. Paul lets Paulie know that Michelle is coming after him. Paul asks Paulie if they can please keep Michelle.

      It’s a facepalm moment, like I said.

  5. Somebody buy Nicole a Breathe Rite strip already, so it can open up those collapsed nostrils of hers! So tired of her nasally whiney voice .

      • She shouldn’t have gone on TV if she didn’t want people to talk about that nasally voice. I had hoped to never hear it again, because one season was enough

      • That’s a pretty lousy justification to use in order to pick on someone. Even so, it’s something that’s talked about constantly, so why bring it up yet again?

    • You KNOW she has to snore like a mofo. It probably sounds like she’s trying to suck jello through a slurpee straw.

  6. Oh FFS just when there was a glimmer of hope this season might get interesting, Paul blows it right out of the water.
    Each of the guys except Paulie are, as someone else here noted, nothing but ‘meat shields’. Truly as gutless as they are stooopid, they each deserve to go down in ignominious defeat.
    As much as I detest Paulie’s character and persona, he probably deserves to win. And I hope he ends up dumping each of these meat shields and takes the most useless remaining female with him to F2.

    • paulies mission is to undo his idiot brother cody’s massive gaffe. cody had the chance to cut derrick and take victoria to the final where cody would have easily won instead he showed massive weakness and GAVE derrick the victory. paulie is on a mission.

    • That’s my only hope for a good outcome- watching Paulie ditch these rats who have been soooo loyal to him… and then having nobody vote for him to win because he’s a trashbag.

      • and if paulie takes bridgette to the finals theyll vote for a scrub or respect his game? thats the problem with bb. look at ratchet davonne. crying like a hoodrat over frank slappin her butt in a joking manner and blowing it up to get him out. then shes voted out and snitched the house to victor. shes trash a dirty rat. game respects game except when the game is full of cretins like michelle, victor,fingered nicole and lapdog james and whiny natalie pleading like a spoiled brat to be given a hoh win and despicable paul making innocent naive girl cry for no reason other then being a horrible person. this cast is pathetic and the only guy with any guile is paulie and the only decent guy with balls was frank and they did him dirty. trashbag is the only one in the game who is playing to win.

  7. I can’t stand that idiot Paul, i would of punched him in the face, and duct taped his mouth shut by now.

    • paul is your prime self hating sjw cuck type. when he entered the bb house he was instinctively drawn to the scrubs because hes soooooo current year so he instantly became bff’s with the gay, the black, and the latino because pauls the euro white dude who is soooooo progressive and down for the cause.

  8. guys like paul are brainwashed by doting armo parents that they are the best and the smartest and so handsome. so they think everyone is stupid and that they can hoodwink people easily. unfortunate for him paulie is his intellectual superior and has superior intuition. what paul doesnt realize is that paulie now knows hes capable of betraying him by talking to him like he’s some sort of big dummy. time to watch this friendship fracture.

  9. Paul, you are dumb. You have no idea how to play this game and I would love it if you would ‘friendship’ your way out the door. Lol, unbelievable.

  10. Paul’s DR lately may look like he already got this game figured out….still a simpleton…s**t!

    • In the voice of the late great Judy Garland:
      “If they ever black your eye, put me wise.
      If they ever cook your goose, turn me loose.
      If they ever put a bullet through your brain…I’ll complain.
      It’s friendship, friendship, such a perfect blendship.
      When other friendships have been forgit,
      Ours will still be it
      Lah-dle-ah-dle-ah-dle, hep, hep, hep.”

  11. I can’t stand these cry baby women.
    The guys are a bunch of dolts practically kneeling down to Paulie as if he were a God.
    Don’t like this season.

    • How about men with a really big mouth like Paul? He’s as bad or worse than at least some of the women …

  12. One thing I don’t get, Nicole told Corey she and her brother never gave their parents any trouble, always lived a good clean life, right after her and Corey on national internet did the “deed”. Yeah, some good clean x rated living there, Nicole. I would have died if she was my child doing that on national internet.

  13. I really hope James and Natalie turn against Paulie. Because hey somebody has to.

    • That’s what we were all screaming about Vanessa this time last year. It finally took Steve to do it at the last possible moment. If this year plays out like last year did, we may have Paulie around for a while yet.

      • It’s sad when two nerds (Johnny Mac & Steve) have more common sense then a bunch of model wannabes (Nicole, Corey, Z, Victor, Michelle, Paul). Atleast the Rockstars knew that Vanessa was a threat and actually considered taking her out at final 4.

  14. James was banking on Vic to be on board for Z to leave. He was sitting there as they talked about it with Vic, Nic, Corey, and then Paulie. Vic is now on board for Michelle to leave and said he would talk to Bridgette to vote out Michelle and would talk to Paul. If James makes a move now..he will be setting himself for a big fall and a big bullseye on his back.

    • Definitely, he’s already a target, but it just got bigger. The ‘flip the vote’ changed in just hrs. It’s only Monday, so s**t can still happen.

  15. He could tell James Paul’s version of the story; that M is after James & Nat. Then he would change his mind but not sure if he would believe it.
    Z wants to target Bri & Vic so paulie would have to do more manipulating to get her to change to James & Nat

  16. What the hell is this LOL. Can we get Disgus back? Legit the only good comment form in the WWW

    In actual BB news

    This shows just how great Paulie is at BB

    also Z might be pregnant and be carrying you know who’s baby LOL

  17. This shows how great Paulie is at BB

    in other news Paulie might have gotten Z pregnant. No joke lol

    • Just shows you that Paulie is smarter than the other house guests including Paul. Paul talks too much! He blabs and blabs like a girl!
      Zip it once in a while, dude!

      • LOL. Yep, men have to stop saying women do all the blabbing. Women do blab, but Paul is giving us a run for our money. ;-)

      • Z and Paulie were fooling around on the live feeds a few weeks back and people are blowing it out of proportion. It was only a little oral sex amongst friends with benefits. What an example she is setting for her students.

  18. Don’t you just love these house guests blabbing every little bit of information they have! Michelle being on the block and giving Paulie more reason to take her out? Don’t these guys watch Survivor where the tribe members share information on a need to know basis? LOL

  19. Paul is an idiot, Paulie is a egotistical idiot. Z and Victor are nothing more than Paulie’s sheep. Nicole and Cory…still not decided if they are stupid or just more sheep. Natalie and Michelle seem to be the only ones in there with 1/2 a brain..James might have 1/3 of a brain…but it don’t matter, they have already waited too long to try and do anything. They needed to keep a few others in that had some guts..but they left in the last few weeks. Bridgette gets on my last nerve..and will stick by Paulie until he gets rid of her. This has got to be the dumbest bunch in the house since BB started!

    • Bridgette has no choice. She just has to lay low and observe and gather information. Without an alliance, she is at the mercy of everyone! Her only chance is winning HOH to stay safe for now. Sticking with Paulie gives her a chance to survive and go further.
      When there are few players left, if Bridgette is still in the Big Brother House, she has a chance to make a move for herself! Not now!

  20. Oh, dear heavens. Well, in the beginning I thought Paul at least *looked* smart. I no longer think that. SMH here. Does Paul actually think he’s helping his own game by blabbing everything to Paulie? Does he not realize he’s just sabotaged James and put a target on his back – or does he just not care? Everybody needs to stop talking to Paul. Period.

    • I’d lot it better if Paul would stop talking, screaming, whatever that is he does. Just reading something on Jokers that he says, it’s loud!

      • Maybe he has Aspergers, isn’t that where they cannot control their outbursts? Is it another illness ?

        His vulgarity is too much sometimes.

      • I think Paul is just use to being the center of attention. When they showed his family on the show the other day, it was obvious that he was a Mama’s boy and that she spoils him rotten. He is a very vulgar male.

  21. No way James can follow thru now thanks to Michelle and Paul not being able to keep their mouth shut. I thought Meech was a super fan, she must not have paid much attention , the game is all about keeping you mouth shut.

    • The last people to do that were Danielle R and Jason from season 3

      no one else has kept their mouth shut and ears open

  22. I think what Michele said is messing with Paulie’s head. He keeps bringing it up. lol

  23. Hate that Paul had to open his big mouth to Paulie…why, when he already knew Michelle had two guaranteed votes to stay, which implied James and Nat had talked to her, since James holds the CP power? WTH Paul…guess you didn’t want Michelle to stay after all. Paul has a difficult time now playing both sides of the house, where before it was easier to disguise. Stupid move on not just Mich, she gave a speech at the Veto ceremony singling out Paulie but now tells Paul without him even asking her what her plans were. He didn’t need to know any of this right now. James now knows of Mich’s “big move plan for the DE and he’ll now have to cancel his plan to keeping her after all. I still hope James can figure out another way around this little ditty. I have a feeling he won’t attempt it now and thus lose his only shot at getting Paulie evicted from the house.

    • It still could happen. James cancels out two vote’s so instead of 7 people voting, only five will vote. That still leaves three votes to evict someone. Regardless of what Paul does now, all James has to do is cancel out both Nicole and Corey’s votes. That leaves both Paul and Paulie to evict Michelle and James, Natalie and Bridgette to evict Z. All James has to do is do the math and his plan will still work.

      • That is a definite possibility, WW, but Bridgette just said that Nat is wanting her to trust James and she just can’t do it. Maybe she would trust Nat enough if that is what they decide to do, but I’m having my doubts. I’m usually more optimistic, but these HGs are downers. :(

      • Bridgette is between a rock and a hard place that is for certain. She will have to have a heart to heart talk with James and let James explain it to her as to why Paulie wanted them two up on the block together.

      • He’d need Nat be present for that talk. She is the bond that could bring those 2 together, if at all possible.

      • You should really apply. I’ll email you the app. You’re good. I’ll take you up to F3 and blindside you.

      • Yeah, uh huh. I’m sure, since you are this big managing producer out there in LaLa land, having you for an advocate would rate me the level F3,as in what, the anteater position? Friendship.

      • He talked to her not long ago and tried to explain about Frank getting evicted and I think he told her that it was Paulies idea….(did not catch the entire conversation) but I also believe that she went to Paulie with what James said and Paulie told her it was not true.. have to check to verify if i’m correct..

      • It wasn’t just Paulie’s idea, though, it was a collective decision that got James to put up the two people he previously promised safety to.

      • Yes, he’s definitely on the wrong show. Do you know how many women would jump at the prospect of dating James? Half of america.

  24. Why can’t anyone in that house keep their darn mouth shut? Michelle calls herself a superfan…hardly! No way James will do the flip now. No drama this week.

    • There was enough drama during the nomination ceremony this week. Everything is building up to the double eviction this Thursday.

  25. Too bad Paul didn’t know anything about BB before entering the house.
    He obviously still has a lot to learn.

  26. I don’t understand how if James uses his ACP prize to save Meech how that’ll make his army just Natalie, Bridgette, and Michelle? Don’t Paul and Victor want Zak gone?

    • Paul and Vic wanted to stay in final 3 with Paulie. They will try to do this as long as possible. And unless James goes to Paul and Vic and says he will help to keep Michelle..they will just let Paulie have his way.

    • That’s what they want, but that’s not what Paulie want. Are they ready to go against Paulie?…I think his F3 with them is a sham.

      • I hope Paul realized that “sham” during his conversation with Paulie earlier today…but I doubt it..

      • Only thing going for those two, they can win comps, but still very naive on the game. They think Paulie can take them to salvation. Paulie got some good advice, I bet Cody told him NOT to take good competitors on F2..like what he did! lol

    • It’s going against Paulie, and Meech would be only one who would, now that she’s on the block

    • Giving the care pkg to Victor might wake him up. I can hear Paulie” America just wanted to see you dressed funny. “

  27. Paul blew it, but the house should vote against Paulie commands and go after him

  28. Actually the only thing that would happen if James and Natalie voted to evict Z and used his 2 votes he can toss out, James would be exposing his game. 4 votes and Michelle stays. He can pretty much predict who is voting against Michelle. Michelle would become an asset to James and Natalie. Natalie has finally started observing what’s happening. She knows Paulie is running the house. It’s time for someone to shake up the house and if James has a shot at all, he better use this advantage to flip the game.

  29. I am gonna laugh my mfao if Zakiyah were to be pregnant..It has been mentioned as to why she has been so sick as of late…I don’t think there was an actual baby making event but then again I was not under the covers…

    • If she’s just now showing symptoms of pregnancy that would mean she would have had to have conceived at least 4 – 6 weeks ago which means her and Paulie would have hooked up after knowing eachother for as little as 2 weeks.
      Yeesh these desperate women. And these sleazebag guys. Clearly AG is still in full charge of casting.

    • If she’s sick it’s because she doesn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom, and then eats. She’s probably the reason Michelle got so sick too, or Michelle has that same nasty habit. They really need to put a sign up in the bathroom like they have in restaurants “all houseguests must wash hands after using the bathroom”

    • They might have sex when the live feeds were off.
      But I don’t think it could happen. Anyways … none of my business hahaha.

  30. I read on Joker that Natalie told Bridgette she has a boyfriend name Josh and asked her not to say anything (4:54 pm BBT)
    Poor James

  31. Paul doesn’t understand how Big Brother works. At some point he’s got to realize it’s about showing your cards when it’s necessary, and not while in the middle of the hand. He’s exposed, his will is exposed, and Paulie will obviously take advantage of this.

  32. why would you be afraid to get blood on your hands -that’s what happens when you cut a snakes(PAULIE) head off

  33. The last time I check Pee Pee is a thing, of course Pee2 will tell Pee1 anything, that’s what Friendship is for.
    Just because most of you don’t like Pee1 and want him Gone Gone Gone doesn’t mean Pee2 has to follow your way of thinking. He wants or expects Pee Pee to be F2, of course Pee2 wouldn’t want to cut the head of the snake (oops I mean Pee1) now.
    Paul’s loyalty lies with Paulie, not Michelle, and he does the right thing by telling his ally. You might not like it, but as Celine Dion always says … That’s the Way It Is.

  34. My first comment, don’t judge!

    I just keep thinking of the Derrick vs. Vanessa leadership styles. I would compare Paulie to Vanessa (not her personality, but her game): strong socially, good at comps, and command for most of the season. However, when it came down to final 3, she was evicted. Paulie is trying to cover all grounds necessary to make final two, but if Michelle/others can get Paulie out before F5, the fight to the end would be much more interesting without a laid out plan from the house leader. Just my opinion…

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