Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 1: Thursday Night Highlights

Welcome to our first Live Feed Highlights report for the Big Brother 18 season! We’ll be recapping the top moments from every day and night of the season in twice daily articles with timestamps and details so you can catch up on all the big events of the day.

It was our first night of Feeds and the Houseguests didn’t even know we were watching for the first hour which was a nice treat for us though a little panic inducing for the those HGs caught off guard. Here’s a look at what they were doing last night.

Paulie Calafiore flirts with Zakiyah Everette on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes that you might have missed. Hope you enjoy these again this year!

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, June 23, 2016:

10:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds begin! The nomination chairs are now a nomination couch. Hmm.

10:05 PM BBT – HGs are trying to guess if the Feeds are on but most think they’re not.

10:05 PM BBT – Frank, Michelle, and Bridgette and Paulie are walking around mostly naked. These are their mystery punishments from the first competition. Each of them have pixelated covers to make it look like they’re blurred.

10:10 PM BBT – Paulie and Zakiyah are getting flirty and friendly. Could be a budding showmance.

10:25 PM BBT – Frank and Paulie talking votes. Paulie is a little nervous but Frank assures him the vote is safely in his favor. There is an interesting talk about 11 votes total, but there are 15 HGs which suggests the new competition may have added a 3rd nominee (that with the nomination couch pretty much proves that there will be three nominees).

10:30 PM BBT – HGs discussing Jozea’s comments that have been upsetting other HGs. James retells that Jozea didn’t think 4th of July should be a holiday and commented that no one told Americans to die for their country. Yikes.

10:57 PM BBT – Nicole is crying. She found out they have been on the Live Feeds since 10 PM. She shouts out her mom and it makes her emotional.

11:30 PM BBT – Paul mentions playing in the veto competition, indicating that he’s some how been nominated with Paulie and Jozea (obviously resulted from the completion we’ll see played on Sunday).

11:35 PM BBT – Jozea surprised that we can actually see the HGs in high definition. He thought the feeds were “thermal or something.”

11:40 PM BBT – HGs all hanging out, cooking and waiting on the have-not punishment to expire so everyone can eat. Game talk has been at a minimum so far.

11:48 PM BBT – Nicole and Day privately discuss how everyone is playing it up for the cameras. Nicole say’s it’s making her anxious. Day says everyone is acting so different now that they know the feeds are on.

11:50 PM BBT – Nicole is upset that Jozea told Nicole to shout-out her “ex-lover” (Hayden). Corey agrees that that was in bad taste.

12:05 AM BBT – Have-nots get to eat! Natalie cooked for them but Paul makes himself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Fun fact: PB&J used to be the old HN food before Slop showed up.

12:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut (HGs were wondering if the have-nots could actually eat so production likely cut to tell them they can) then return on HGs eating their late dinner.

12:25 AM BBT – Frank and James talking about the house meeting Jozea set for 2 AM and how not everyone was invited. James plans to stowaway in a trunk in the room where they plan to meet. James says he, Corey, Tiffany and Michelle didn’t get invited.

12:27 AM BBT – Frank and James confirm the 8-Pack alliance – James, Frank, Nicole, Michelle, Corey, Zakiyah, Tiffany and Day’Vonne. James says they also have Bridgette and Paulie on their side.

12:30 AM BBT – James and Bridgette have a pillow fight in the bedroom.

12:37 AM BBT – Victor and Jozea confirm that someone won a competition and secretly put Paul up.

12:44 AM BBT – Victor and Jozea suspect that Michelle is the one who put up Paul.

12:48 AM BBT – Bronte tries to tell Victor and Jozea that Nicole is more dangerous than Michelle. Victor says Michelle needs to go.

12:57 AM BBT – Paul and Victor are counting votes. They think they can trust Frank and think Paul has the votes to stay. Nicole comes in and breaks up their talk.

12:59 AM BBT – Bronte and Natalie talking about how paranoid Paul and Victor are being. Bronte is afraid they would be suspicious if they even want to go to bed. Natalie says they’ve already had enough meetings and she doesn’t want to meet anymore. Bronte agrees.

1:00 AM BBT – Day says a lot of people suspect there are more siblings in the game this season. The paranoia and conspiracy theories are high.

1:03 AM BBT – Bronte tells Bridgette she has to be OK with voting out Paulie. Bridgette says there’s no reason to blow up their game to save Paulie.

1:13 AM BBT – Day gives Paul some false confidence. She tells him that she and Frank are on board with voting out Paulie (they aren’t.)

1:15 AM BBT – James and Nicole are testing out hiding places in the safari room. James is going to hide in there during the meeting Jozea has called.

1:16 AM BBT – Day cam talks about how she is playing the game differently this time. She says she does not like Paul but she’s playing him hard. She says the newbies are playing very stupidly and she’s taking advantage of it.

1:18 AM BBT – Zakiyah comes in and Day fills her in (Zakiyah is among the 8-Pack alliance).

1:23 AM BBT – Nicole says today was a bad day with the third nominee and everyone blaming everyone on being the one who nominated Paul.

2:00 AM BBT – Jozea’s much anticipated 2AM meeting was cancelled. He was too tired.

2:15 AM BBT – Bronte is adamant that a male won’t win this season. She says she’ll vote for any woman over any man in the F2.

2:45 AM BBT – Nicole, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah meet up to discuss having side alliances, but always coming back to this core group. Michelle is also part of their 5-woman alliance, Fatal Five. This is the second all-girls alliance of the season. Will it stick?

So we’ve got a new, third nominee, Paul, and it’s all part of this new twist that no one explained in the regular show so now we know what happened but not how so there’s that. Overall a good first night though and it looks like a solid cast so far. What do you think?

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  1. Yay glad that the right Paul is nominated. So whoever wins the PoV can save a nominee so the other two stay? Well … it eliminates the backdoor nomination then. Hopefully Paulie can win it.
    Between Paul the Beard and Jozea the Messiah … I prefer Paul B actually. Bye Jozea.

    • Jo-zay-away is a little bitch, can’t stand him and him trotting around in his drawers humping the couch was annoying and made me stabby!

  2. Okay, I’m done with Jozea the Mess. What kind of a messiah does he think he is? I am fine with him leaving in the style of Braden Bacha.

    • I wanted Paul to go first after BB aired last night, but it didn’t take long for Jozea to change my mind. He showed more of his true colors and they weren’t red, white, and blue.

      • Nope, after the comments he made about the military coupled with his Messiah complex he is dead to me, gone!

      • He is big-time annoying and I hope to never have to look at him in his man panties again.

      • Oh my, he thought he looked so cute in those, when all he did was look like a complete fool. Bye gurl!

  3. After hearing what Jozea said about July 4th, between Paulie and Jozea, definitely Josea should go first. I can put up with Paulie’s mouth for another couple of shows; at least he seems to be patriotic, but Jozea has no redeeming qualities, imo.

    • Yeah, I’m not very patriotic, but I still know not to make a big deal out of that if I was in the game. He just never should have mentioned that because it would clearly not be the most popular of opinions in the house.

      • I love and appreciate our vets. Jozea obviously doesn’t understand or care about the sacrifices it took and from so many to get him where he is and able to freely say what he did. He’s free to say it, but we are all judged by what we say. He was a jacka$$ before that, and as I said, he now has no redeeming qualities, imo.

      • I think his arrogant behavior warrants all the negative attention he’s going to get, and believe me, I’d love the look on his face when he gets evicted, he reminds me of some sort of Jace/Frankie hybrid.

  4. Jozea kinda reminds me of Frankie for strange reason
    Paul sounds like a an egotistical jackass
    I’m starting to like Frank a bit more (I hated his crybaby attitude in the jury house in his original season)
    I’m kinda Team Nicole for some strange reason, but I’m also team James.
    I think Day is playing the same game she played last time- not a good idea

      • True, but her own team, except Zakiyah it seems, was eager to see her out too. Day seems to be playing more thoughtfully given her personality too, so I think she’s playing better compared to her last run. Specifically, she seems to be her usual self by herself, but tones it down around others. That could easily unravel later on, but she could make a deep run, I bet.

      • The thing is though, Davonne’s biggest fear is going out early like she did in Bb17. With the teams, even if your teammates hate your guts they still can’t touch you. So why would you want to give up that safety?

      • I don’t think I would feel safe with anyone on DaVonne’s team. They don’t like the vets.

      • Well, when you think about it, the twist won’t last forever, but her alliance certainly could.

  5. It could be fantastic if Jozea and Paul get being evicted together the same week

  6. watching live feeds.. . and while James was sleeping … he scratched his butt… then his stomach… then rolled onto his back.. stuck his hands down inside his boxers…. and then rubbed his face…..Can you imagine being on Live Feeds with fans watching!@!??… still love James though.. just wash those hands bro….

    • I give these guys big time props. When the house is full, it has to be a difficult task to keep up, but they do a fantastic job resulting in great info.

  7. Not to get too serious here, since it is only BB, but if a houseguest said “I wil only vote for a (insert race) person to win” wouldn’t we think that is wrong? So why does Bronte say she’d only vote for a woman to win, and not catch any flack for it?

    • According to what’s been shown in the media for the last number of years, that would only be egregious if it a white person says it.

      In addition, as a woman Bronte is allowed to do the same thing concerning gender. Only a straight male would be not allowed to say something similar.

  8. Jozea’s comments and attitude is very off putting. Rather Paul stick around than him. Paul is waaaaaaay more bearable.

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