‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Sunday Highlights

Corey has a new plan for his $5K Bribe that could lock down the votes and calm Nicole’s worries about getting her target Michelle out the door. Plus, it’s time for fried squid!

7:07 PM BBT – James says they’re going to play honest BB from here on out. No more lies, he says.

7:22 PM BBT – Nicole found James’ comment about honest Big Brother to be sketchy, she tells Corey. She says no one from that side of the house has talked to her this week and she’ll be so mad if Paul goes home this week. Nicole doesn’t think Victor is playing them, though, or would be smart enough to. Corey says he could give Victor the $5K bribe to make sure he votes out Michelle.

7:29 PM BBT – Natalie talking to Michelle about how flirty she (Nat) was during the first week of the game but said she stopped after that.

7:30 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole further discuss giving Victor the money to vote out Michelle. Nicole says Victor needs the money and it would help solidify their final four. They also decide if Corey gives Vic the $5K there’s no way he’d nominate him the following week.

7:40 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey agree that giving Victor that money is a great idea because it will make Paul feel more safe and create more trust among the four of them.

8:20 PM BBT – James and Natalie talk about wanting Corey to use the bribe on Victor to throw the next HOH.

8:52 PM BBT – James wonders why Nicole and Corey aren’t hanging out with them. Natalie says because their alliance is a secret.

9:46 PM BBT – Nicole grabs Corey’s butt and he tells her he will pull a Da’Vonne and get her evicted. They talk about Frank popping Day on the butt.

9:56 PM BBT – Paul thinks none of this season’s showmances will work out outside the house.

10:18 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole and Corey it’s weird that no one is talking about who the target is this week. They all agree that Michelle has basically checked out of the game.

10:38 PM BBT – Natalie tells Michelle that James’ gut feeling is that Paul is going home this week. They decide it’s a good idea that they haven’t been campaigning. Natalie says James will talk to Nicole when the time is right to remind her that Paul needs to go over Michelle.

12:00 AM BBT – Nicole telling Corey all about her relationship with Hayden and how well things were going before suddenly they weren’t. She says they broke up in February, a few months after Hayden professed she was the best thing to happen to him. Nicole was frustrated that he didn’t want to get married or have kids.

12:50 AM BBT – Natalie and James worry about Victor trying to get so close to Corey.

1:30 AM BBT – Victor and Corey are trying to cook a squid (Have-Not food). They’re going to deep fry it then cook it again in the wok.

2:30 AM BBT – Paul and Victor discuss how earlier Natalie asked James to go outside to talk after she saw Paul was in the room.

2:40 AM BBT – Michelle complains that Paul leeches on to those in power and then moves to the next one. (The floater strategy perhaps.)

3:00 AM BBT – James, Michelle, and Natalie discuss the Jury. They wonder which way Da’Vonne could end up voting.

3:15 AM BBT – Michelle thinks she may be done calling out other HGs. Natalie and James disagree.

3:30 AM BBT – Michelle worries about Victor hanging out with Nicole and Corey so much. James worries that Nicole could use the Veto on Paul and if she does then that’d signal either he or Natalie would be going up.

3:35 AM BBT – Paul wonders if James and Natalie still think he’s going home this week. He doesn’t know why they haven’t started campaigning but might be waiting until after the Veto meeting.

4:00 AM BBT – Houseguests are down for the night.

James and his allies are a little nervous, but not too worried and thanks to Nicole’s plans for Veto they should keep on blindly marching toward Michelle’s eviction on Thursday. Paul and Victor are continuing to stick close to their new allies and so far that’s paying off for their game.

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  1. This is going to be a looonnggg week — hopefully Paul/Vic can keep the charade up until Thursday without raising too many red flags

    • They should stage mock ‘fights’ complete with big dramatic Meech-style shout-outs and meltdowns with running around the place pretending to try to kill eachother with Corey having to ‘break it up’ every time.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that things will go South with Paul and Victor this week. It will depend on if and when James has that talk with Nicole. Keep in mind that even though Michelle wanted to put up Nicole last week, both Natalie and James convinced her not too. That should go a long way if James plays the right cards and use the right words.

      • If only someone in the Michelle, James, and Natalie alliance would reveal to Vic how Paul was confident that he could manipulate Victor when he first won his way back into the house and had a strategy with Paulie to get Victor re-evicted!
        Perhaps then, Victor would decide to vote the rat, Paul, out and play the two alliances against each other since he would be less of a target if the Paul/Victor duo was no more.

  2. Have we ever had a season with as much crying as this season? Meech and Gnat make an annoying pair. If I were James I’d vote to evict both of them. Their whining, paranoia, insecurity and body image problems are tiresome. Please — Meech out this week, Gnat the next.

    • She may have even surpassed Amber from season 8 at this point. I agree, I can’t even with those two! I’m glad I’m not stuck in a house with them.

      • OMG! I remember her! She cried in every DR and almost every day, I swear! I think hers were fake though because she helped to instigate Nick getting sent home and then sat there and cried and cried on his shoulder all the while telling him she had no idea!! LIES! Women like that use their tears as tools to manipulate others…hate that!

        Loved it when ED called her out for it! :)

      • She annoyed me to no end! You hit the reasons I disliked her right on the head. I loved the clip show at the end when they showed a montage of her crying in the DR. It seemed like it took up half the show. Lol. Maybe Michelle will meet her after the season is over. They can compare crying techniques!

      • Ha-ha-ha! She was (by far) one of THE most annoying HG of all time. Do you remember how she blew up on Eric after Evel Dick egged her on by telling her that Eric had told him how she did something that was so terrible…and how Eric would use it against her later? It just showed how fake she was. Meech totally reminds me of a nastier Amber!! ;)

      • Lol! I had almost forgotten about that! And then she voted for him to stay anyway. It definitely showed how fake she was. I completely agree with you about Meech!

      • Right. You know what this season needs is an Evel Dick to come in and just clean house!! hahaha.

  3. Paul should have been called out for calling someone the “c” word. Hard to take such a bully and loudmouth. His mother said she is so proud of him. What is there to be proud of?

    • Not that I like or agree that word should ever be used, and he apologized to her for calling her that. However, she has bullied 2/3 of the people in the house and called them names, called them out and fed on people’s weaknesses, I agreed with everything he said with exception to that word.

      • Same. I’ll be glad to see her gone.
        I LOL’ed at Paul’s DR good riddance to the ‘crying, vomiting SUPERFAN’ haha.

      • I agree. I didn’t like the use of that word, but Meech is enough to make anyone crazy. Ready for her to go!

      • I know Paul apologized but I don’t believe he meant one word of it, he said as much he just did it because he knows Meech is gullible. I’m not a Meech fan but James and Nat would do well to listen to her She isn’t trusting what is going on right now and we al know she is right. I just hope James pulls his head out of Nat’s ass long enough to win the next HOH.

      • Calling people out and lying is part of the game. Once it goes personal ie: Paulie, then it should be over for that player. Calling a player a snake is part of the game but calling someone a oh screw it and this PC world, he called her a c$nt. He crossed the line and made it personal. Meech didn’t make it personal onthat level so Paul should feel the heat.

      • Honestly, I can’t think of a word for Paulie that would cross the line. Not that I want to see them listed, but … just can’t think of one bad enough.

      • Paul or Paulie? I see where some are talking about Paul but they say Paulie instead and vice versa.

      • And, besides, anyone who took Meech to the final two would win, hands down, because the jury would never give it to her !

    • Can someone please explain to me what is so foul about the “c” word? Why is it viewed any different from the “b” word?

      • I think that’s a good question with probably no good answer. I think word definitions and culture make strange things happen to “meanings”. The literal meaning is no more than a word for female genitalia – innocent enough. From what I have read, it sounds like it was used at some early time in the name of a street which was inhabited by prostitutes and thus (?) became synonymous with “nasty” and a derogatory term. Whatever … it seems it is recognized today as THE worst thing you can call a woman. Personally, I guess I have fully embraced the current cultural attitude about it because the sound of it makes me shudder. Kind of weird that it has such an effect on people,

      • Crystal, I am with you. What a difference one vowel makes to a word! (In this case the vowel is “u.”) There is the word cant, cent, cint and cont. Nobody is going to die by hearing or saying the word when the “u” is inserted!!

      • Haha glad I’m not the only one, I really for the life of me do not understand what is so bad about the “c” word, it’s just a profain as all the others lol

      • When a guy uses the word it is misogynistic in nature. One site I post on prohibits the use as it is considered a slur against women.

      • I kind of agree with you there. I don’t see it as any worse than any other insult. I probably would’ve called Michelle a C U next Tuesday as well and I’m a woman. She really was being one.

    • There has been so much bad mouthing going on this season from almost all house guests its hard for me to take what he said offensively. Mainly because of how bad Michelle has talked about everyone at one point or another. At least he apologized for what he said, and perhaps was just really expressive in the heat of the moment.

      • I think strategy played a part in how Paul was acting toward Michelle – he said he wanted her to hate him … done.

      • Michelle is a baby….so immature….she claims to be a superfan? She has been terrible at this game. Her spot should have been given to someone else.

      • Seriously. If it was someone who really hasn’t done anything I could understand people being upset but if anyone deserves to be called a c— it’s Michelle.

    • If anything, Michelle is the bully here, and she was just shook because someone came back at her. That’s what happens when you bully a bully. We’ve seen her cry and whine when things are not well, but when things are going well for her she has no problem being mean and kicking people when they are down. Tell me why it’s ok for her to call Paul a scumbag, a dick, a piece of sh*t, or any of the many other things she’s said, but people freak out because he called her a c*nt? They’re just words, and if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

    • I am not a fan of that word either and I think Paul definitely crossed the line, but he did apologize to her later and Michelle totally instigated herself into a conversation that was none of her business. Just like she has done to several other HG. I’m not a fan of Paulie, but the way she treated him when he was OTB was pretty terrible. He already knew he was going home, there was no need for her to keep harassing him at that point. It’s just unnecessary and she has called Paul some pretty terrible things as well, so I think they are pretty even on the bad name calling scales. I don’t think either one of them were right in that situation and they did talk it out later.

  4. Paul is playing an incredible game this year. The fact Nicole and Corey are so worried about him going they’d be willing to bribe his closest ally to make sure he stays is hilarious. This Thursday’s HOH is going to be crucial for setting up the remainder of the game. If Paul or Victor win I feel like the Final 4 alliance will make it intact and then battle it out. I feel Paul is the most deserving among the current 7 HG’s to win, but we’ll see how these last few weeks play out.

    • See that is where you and I disagree. I like Paul but I don’t feel he should be the winner and chances are he won’t be. Whether these four make it to F4 together is mute, once there they will turn on one another so why not do it now. Paul and Victor are comp winner’s and that alone should get at least one of them to the F3 or F2.

      • I really don’t know. Victor has battled back twice, took out a strong player and has a very great social game going. Paul can win comps and even though he lies most of the time, his overall social game is fair to good. Nicole seems to be the chosen one at the moment and Corey well he is just there to fill space. James is a playing a low keyed social game and only one one or two comps plus a care package. Natalie well who the hell knows about her and where her head really is. Michelle, good at mental comps but then again so is Paul. She has a real bad habit of calling people out and crying.

        To answer your question it would seem that Victor should be the BB season 18 winner but as long as Paul stays in the house he might not get the win. Taking Paul out this week will ensure Victor’s win or even taking Paul out during the DE could ensure Victor’s win.

      • Are you sure? they time is off with the amount of people in the house verse’s the finale night.

      • Yes, they’ve got the remainder of the season listed. They’re going to have a fast forward. Can’t remember the exact details but I think they’re having and extra eviction night. They’ll be two evictions in a week just on different nights.

      • The post is called Big Brother Schedule Final Live Show Dates Reveal Eviction Pace. Google that and you’ll find it. :-)

      • I just checked and there’s an eviction coming up on Monday Sept 12th so I guess that’s when it will happen.

      • I don’t care who wins as long as it’s between Vic or Paul but I’m leaning more towards Paul. He has impressed me with how he transitioned from being one of the biggest targets who seemed clueless about the game to someone with a good social game who has actually influenced the game. I think Victor’s biggest move, aside from winning everything, is getting Paulie out which wouldn’t have happened without Paul pushing him.
        I would personally hate to see any of the showmances winning. I was liking Nat for a couple of weeks but she turned me off last week so died Victor or Paul for the win.

    • He is BFF with whoever has a power, How come you rate his game play as incredible? I mean if James wins the next HOH, he will be team jatelie and then the final four alliance would be james/natalie/victor/paul

  5. Natalie tells Michelle that it’s James gut feeling that Paul is going home this week. May want to rethink that ladies is that the same gut feeling that told him no juror was returning to the game? I don’t think James is very intuitive when it comes to BB so I wouldn’t rely on anything he says or feels.

  6. yep the only game/thing Natalie is playing is James…Victor and Paul both see it…Corey has his voiced his opinion as to how Natalie treats James.. Sad that James can’t see it or maybe James does know it and don’t wanna admit that hes being used…Be careful what u wish for James.. sometimes its the wrong thing…

    • She wasn’t too happy with him when he came off the wall and Nic won HoH, imagine how unhappy she’ll be when Meech goes home this week. She’ll blame him and guarantee Jamesie is going to feel a cold wind coming through the house.

      • I can see why Vic rejected her. She seems like shed be a real pain in the ass to date. She gets mad at James over the dumbest things. Whining because he could’ve “won that comp.” Yeah well Shelli could’ve in her season as well but she dropped and it sent her man packing.

    • I believe that Nat is using James to a large extent but since I don’t have the feeds I wonder if you could tell me in what way does Corey see Nat using James? Is it the way she talks to him or something? since this has never been shown on the episodes I’m curious to know more how she’s playing James and what the others are starting to notice about the relationship.

  7. Nicole should ask Corey to send “yer boy” Paul home. That way Vic might come after Corey rather than her. But I doubt she’ll put her squeeze in harms way.

    I noticed all the guys seem to refer to themselves as ‘yer boy’ in the DR.
    EXCEPT Corey….. I guess he hasn’t caught on yet??!! Lol

    • LOL you aren’t making much sense. Why would she want to keep someone that is going after her (Michelle), and evict someone helping her (Paul)? And as you said make Vic target your closest alliance. I get that you don’t like Paul, but your scenario doesn’t seem very logical or in the best interest of Nicole.

    • Why would she want someone to target Corey? He’s her closest ally. And I don’t think there is a situation where Paul/Victor would go after Corey/Nicole before James/Natalie.

    • I think that would be a ridiculously stupid thing for Nicole to do. Why on earth would she want Vic targeting either her or Corey when he plainly has his sights set on going after James and Natalie? Furthermore, by keeping Paul, the duo of Paul/Vic are still bigger targets to James than she and Corey are. Moreover, playing those duos against each other will, more than likely, keep her and Corey as a Plan B option rather than the main target no matter who wins next week’s HOH.
      So tell me again why on earth she would want to keep Meech who is a timebomb waiting to go off on her game?? Nicole is not a fave of mine, but imo making this deal with Vic and Paul was good strategy on her part…

    • My rational for this post was

      A) get rid of Paul

      B) michelle can’t win squat

      C) Victor wouldn’t be mad at Nic so his ‘forgiving’ wouldn’t come into play. He’d target the other 3

      My post was only for Nic to get Cory to vote out Paul who seems to me to be the bigger target. Paul’s a threat.

      Victor’s chance of winning would be greater….

      Plus michelle would be thankful to Nic & maybe they could fix things & work together. Eve with Victor.

      Stranger things have happened.

      I don’t think this is a pipe dream. It is doable.

      End Now smile & show those pearly whites! ????

  8. PleeePLEASE Paul go home. Won’t cha just leave that damn house? Self evict if you know what I want! Lol

  9. I understand Nic/Corey strategy but neither will be able to win against Victor ever, so I understand but don’t agree with. I like Vic but if you want to win this game he has to go.

    • At this point I don’t think Nicole or Corey could win against any of them (except Michelle). The only way I see either of them having a chance to win would be to have each other in the final two.

      • I agree with your statement but they have to get there first. With both Victor and Paul in the house there is a greater chance they won’t get there. They have a better chance against James and Natalie and for the life of me, I can’t understand why most on here can’t see that. I could careless and James and Natalie but both Corey and Nicole needs them more to get to the end..

      • Although I am all for Vic and Paul to be F2, I agree that Nicorey has better chance getting there against James and Gnat. However, since it is Corey who pushed for the Vic/Paul teaming, makes me wonder if he actually had “a thought” that it would be difficult to get Nicole out with a James around and difficult for him to win next to Nicole. I think, though, that the benefit here goes to Vic and Paul.

      • Corey still thinks he is in an all guys alliance and hasn’t realized yet that alliance has done left the building.

      • Corey is still thinking they are in an all guys alliance. It wouldn’t surprise me if Victor or Paul wanted him out more if James comes off the block.

      • Victor and Paul are a much bigger target than Nicorey and everyone will be trying to get the big guys out instead of Nicole.
        These are the cards that Nicole was dealt and none of them look very good but of the 2 choices I believe Nicole did the right thing for NOW, she can always betray them later when she no longer needs them.

      • Cory and Nicole in the final two will be like Trump/Clinton in November. No good choices, lol

      • James is determined to save Nicole at all cost. I don’t think he will betray her. I don’t know if it has to do with a deal they made before the show, production interfering with the game or that crush that he had or has on her. I know that I hear him constantly saying how much he trusts her and Nicole will never do that.

  10. The fact that Nicole and Corey are worried Vic might vote out Paul puts my mind at ease. Clearly they want him there. Only thing I’m worried about now is Nicole’s upcoming chat with James about sending Meech packing. Hopefully he doesn’t change her mind.

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