‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 32 — Action-Packed Episode Puts A Juror Back In The House

A juror returned, a new HOH was crowned, America made a weird choice with the Care Package this week and a new target surfaced. That was quite the episode of Big Brother 18.


The episode picks up during the endurance competition that will not only name the next Head of Household but also a returning jury. Paul lets us know that he needs to win the competition because he blew up his game while trying to save Victor.

So we get a flashback to just before the live show as Paul is telling James that he knows the house has been coming for him and Michelle pipes in and Paul knocks Michelle out of the conversation with the C-word. And Paul pushes so much that he gets James to admit in front of Corey that Natalie wanted Corey out.

So maybe Paul didn’t exactly blow up his game. His game was already toast with that side of the house and now he’s got Nicole and Corey poised to work with him over James and Natalie.


Back at the endurance competition we’ve got everyone still holding on Da’Vonne is struggling and she knows she can’t make it with Victor on the wall. Zakiyah knows she can’t stick it out either so she and Da’Vonne decide to throw in the towel and jump together. After about 17 minutes.

Corey is the next person out at the 25-minute mark. He was holding up too much weight and his height wasn’t helping any. A little later, Bridgette drops, leaving Paulie and Victor to fight out for the returning spot. And one isn’t willing to budge until the other is gone.

And Paulie is the one who budges. Paulie falls and Victor re-enters the game for a record-breaking two times after being evicted. Victor is too worn out to make it through the entire competition so he drops shortly after. But he’s back in the game regardless.

That leaves the three smallest people — Paul, Nicole and James. That means this could be quite the long battle. Just kidding, long endurance competitions don’t exists any more in this game. Paul holds out as long as he can but drops, leaving the final two in the game.


Nicole and James start talking deals. James wants his fourth wall win but Nicole wants a letter from home. They’re both making safety deals. Nicole plays up wanting the letter from home enough to connive James to give her the competition. He drops and Nicole is the new Head of Household. Michelle and Natalie are definitely not happy with James dropping. But Paul is happy that he and Victor actually have some wiggle room with Nicole as HOH.

Corey and Nicole discuss their options and Nicole is pretty confused as to what to do. She’s sketched out by Natalie and James but is pretty sure she wants Michelle gone this week. And Paul gets to work on securing his and Victor’s spots in Nicole’s trust totem pole. And it worked pretty well. Corey is definitely anti-James at this point, but Nicole says her morals are pulling her back to James.

In the end, Nicole and Corey decide to ride the middle by targeting Michelle this week. They can keep their word with James and Natalie and ride out their final four deal with Victor and Paul.


It’s time for America’s Care Package. And some how Corey won. He got a jockstrap, some sunglasses, candy canes and the BB Bribe. He has $5,000 to make any HG do what he wants.

The care package not going to Paul or Victor sort of threw Nicole for a loop but Michelle is the target but she needs someone else to go up so that their secret alliance isn’t exposed. Paul tells them he’ll go up with Michelle. He knows that it’ll help sell how trustworthy he can be. And it seemingly works. Nicole and Corey agree to ride the game out with those two and they even come up with an alliance name. They are officially The Final 4. Yeah, clever, huh?

So at the nomination ceremony, Nicole names her target, Michelle, and her pawn, Paul. Michelle isn’t surprised and James is happy that Nicole stuck to her deal.



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  1. Ok! Who will be your HG to take the bribe from Corey? He is so befuddled on how to use it.

      • Yeah, I think so. Between the split votes for Paul/Vic and Nicole (and possibly Paulie) fans, it’s not unfathomable to see how Corey won.

      • I had to think the same thing. There is no way Corey would beat Paul 1 v 1 in fan votes right? RIGHT? If so, that means 78% of Big Brother fans are teenage girls….at which point, I need to stop watching ASAP.

      • Votes. Why is this hard? Sorry to sound so sarcastic but some viewers and voters don’t visit these sites and contribute to these polls. I voted for Corey. There you go there’s some reason as to how this happened. Drop in the ocean but still creates the possibility.

      • I keep telling people who doubt but no one gets it. A couple nights ago they posted a poll on Twitter on who should get it. Corey got an overwhelming number of votes. Go watch the BBAD the night before the vote. It shows the votes right there.

      • I didn’t realize that Corey had that many fans. I have nothing against Corey, I was just surprised he won because the majority of his time is spent in bed with Nicole.

      • If you check out BB’s Facebook page, there’s quite a good number of those who felt bad for Corey losing that recent HOH comp.

        One even accused the show for rigging the competition against Corey just because he’s tall. A follow up from someone else said that the show must not like Corey as he’s been a Have Not for many weeks who had to sleep in a bumper care that could barely fit his frame.

        And I’m like: “Hmmmm….”

      • Seriously. The ACP votes have been extremely dumb. Who are these people dominating the votes?

      • On BB after dark, Nicole did suggest to Corey he bribe her to vote Michelle out even though that was her plan anyway, but this way she wouldn’t look too sketchy to James for not voting to Paul out?

      • I thought of that after I posted but then it was too late! Lol I’m just sick of Nicole’s wishy washy behavior.

      • That is why I think that bribe should be cancelled if it goes down that way. Now if she voted out Paul over Michelle for the money then yeah, it should go through as planned. I doubt it will be a tie anyway but that is my opinion.

    • What are the odds that Corey tries to bribe himself to NOT use the bribe….then he finds out that he can’t win the money because he failed.

    • Haha I might actually be okay with Corey sticking around if they show more of how his mind works… initial confusion about the bribe, followed by giddiness (“we could get people to do some really stupid stuff this week!”), and ultimately pouting/bummed out when Buzzkill Nicole said the bribe has to be game related. Such an emotional rollercoaster for him! And he was clearly still trying to think of more super awesome ideas!

      I also thought it was funny how nobody seemed impressed when they found out what the care package power was. BB probably made them act like it was a big deal.

    • 100% the only one who may take it is James. He is that desperate, but NicHole is after it as well. She may convince him.

  2. And so continues the season of alliances that barely last the week and showmances.

    I’m honestly surprised they were allowed to keep Final 4 as an alliance name. Isn’t it copyrighted?

    • Which is ironic because James has told her multiple times that they have a final 4, and she constantly under minds that. Nicole is smart for getting Michelle out, she sees that Natalie and James spend a majority of their time with Michelle who want Nicole out, and they would probably keep her over Cory and Nicole, which is exactly what they said they would do.

      • Michelle and Natalie are Nicole’s biggest enemy right now and not the guys. She’s doing what’s best for her game while not making new enemies.

  3. Okay, so I haven’t been on the feeds since the drone happened, because it went to Jeff, but I read on twitter that Natalie took it to be a personal attack on HER? Is she freaking kidding???????

    • If you look at her funny or smile at her in a weird way, she takes it as a personal attack, and never, ever lets it go.

    • I saw the doll and it did look like Natalie. It said juror #8 and it could be directed at her. Saying James will choose NicHole over her.

    • Natalie was disappointed because she really is smart enough to know Nicole is sneaky enough to do exactly what Michelle said she would and because this was James comp to win..His fourth wall comp…and I just hope he didnt just give the rest of the game to Nicorey!

    • I read that Michelle thought it was making fun of her body so opinions being posted all around.

    • It was hilarious if you have the feeds flashback and watch Michelle freak out she thought it was bringing death lol. Natalie thinks that everything is about her and that everyone only talks about her. She is so paranoid, but I am sure living in that house you are paranoid, I am just tired of everything being about how fat she has gotten.

    • They said there was a blow up doll on the drone with big boobs so Natalie just knew it was aimed at her lol.
      There was writing but it was too small for anyone to read.

  4. Anyone notice the water jet spraying directly into Pauls face during the HOH comp? I don’t like him but boy was that a disadvantage.

  5. Omg
    Iam so sick of this show
    First of all Nichole didn’t win hoh
    James gave it to her she is a snake
    Her side kick Cory well what can I say I voted for this animal abuser because I don’t like what choices I had and did forget about he was a animal abuser
    Paul is a bully when he don’t have his way almost as bad as paulie victor is also a bully if he don’t get his way there were times these two laugh when paulie
    Was treating the girls in the house bad
    So wtf makes them so special
    James is a snake too he will get what he deserves and he was my favorite last year and this year
    Michelle she is also a snake but she
    Woke up and finely started playing the game but I think too late
    Then there’s nat I don’t know where she is at anymore she could play a good game if she would leave James alone and stop whining none you will not like what I have said but like you all have said it’s my opinion

    • If you want to discredit Nicole for this win, then discredit James for pretty much every win he’s ever had in two seasons of Big Brother. Namely the one last year where Shelli gave it to him and this year when Bridgette gave it to him. While you’re at it, criticize Natalie for crying endlessly for Victor to throw one to her a few weeks ago.

    • 1) Nicole did win HoH. The endurance competition more often than not ends with deals being made. It’s pretty much designed for that reason. It brings intrigue into the game. The only way you can lose is if you choose to drop down. She didn’t drop down.

      2) You seriously voted for Corey over someone like Victor? Ugh.

      3) Victor is not a bully. He’s actually one of the few decent people from the entire season. Is he perfect? No. But he doesn’t have to be perfect.

      4) When you literally call every single person left in the game a snake individually, it kind of loses its punch. And by the way, this is Big Brother. I’d rather a house full of snakes than a house full of goldfish.

      5) No one challenged your right to an opinion. And just like you have your right to have an opinion, we have a right to disagree with it.

      Have a little fun! Enjoy yourself. That’s what the show is for. Don’t lose sight of that.

      • I agree. Victor is not a bully and he probably deserves to win the game but he’s already had so many advantages this season it’s sickening. I’m guessing American gave it to Corey to avoid giving it to Paul or Vic. Vic is a great competitor but keep in mind this is the first time they have given 3 chances for evicted guests to get back in the game. Without that meddling by the producers, which many are calling manipulation, Vic would have been gone ages ago.

      • Oh, I am by no means rooting for Victor to win the game. I can’t get past someone getting evicted twice. I was mainly just defending his character.

        Totally agree on everything you said.

    • Watch Big Brother After Dark on PoP if you can. The network show is so edited you don’t really see what’s truly happening. The backstory to the bits and pieces they let you see every week explain most of the stuff you are asking. And yeah, people agree with most of what you’re saying, but we already knew and fumed about it days ago. :)

    • Pretty good analysis. Hard to stand any of the contestants. James is the only one left for redemption in my eyes.

  6. Wow, did anyone see corey freak when Nicole said she was tired, Victor leaves, then she informed corey she wanted alone time with him? ?? He was going through changes then the dr saved him.

  7. They’re complaining about how bad the bathroom smells when james Nicole filled it with flour, baby powder, sugar. What’d they think they’d get later on???? Serves them right. In fact, although Nicole won hoh, she should be made to bath on that stinky bathroom

  8. Why is it “America makes a weird ACP choice” and “somehow Corey gets it”? I’m honestly just asking. I’m not being argumentative. Because it seems like it’s solely just because you didn’t want it to go that way. I hope I don’t hear “because the BBN poll had Corey low” because this poll isn’t the be-all-end-all of the show’s viewership. Why is there a problem with this voting result but no issue with giving useless Michelle something as powerful as co-HoH?

    I’m glad Corey won it. I don’t think it’s a weird or bad choice. I don’t think America gets everything wrong.

    • If you watched an episode a couple nights ago (BBAD) they did a Twitter survey of who should get the package and it was overwhelmingly Corey almost no votes for the other two. I think this was because they didn’t want Paul or Vic to have the advantage, or maybe they just were tired of Paul practically demanding that America give it to him (same night).

    • No, the poll on here also had Corey as top pick. The writers have their favorites too, but I also think they read the comments and a large portion of commenters seem to be Paul/Vic fans. That may be why they came to that conclusion.

  9. Really hoping Victor or Paul win this season because I hate everyone else left. Nicole and Corey are boring and both of them are pretty bad players (Nicole because she’s bad at comps and Corey because he has no idea what’s going on in the house). Michelle is the worst super fan to ever walk inside the house. Natalie is generally terrible at comps. And James is more of a liar than Paul. Paul and Victor are the only remotely competent players left.

  10. I have to admit, I was a little irritated that they chose to show Paul calling Michelle the c— word, especially in light of how they didn’t show soooo much of Paulie’s bad behavior and disgusting things he said over the last several episodes, and also how they did not show Michelle’s disparaging remarks about Paul’s being an atheist. The biased editing continues.

    • Maybe the producers are trying to edit the game to make it look like Victor is the hero and Paul is the villain – although still fun to watch.
      I can see no other reason for showing Paul at his very worst last night otherwise. He’s getting the villain edit.

  11. I don’t even care what led up to Paul calling Michelle that. It’s not a word you use ever. My husband said, I knew I didn’t like him. I also have to wonder why the guys in this house are so silent whenever anything happens. No one ever steps in and says, “hey that’s not cool.” they just sort of bow their heads and pretend they didn’t hear or see anything. I know it’s a game but my respect for them drops every time I see it.

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