‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Wednesday Highlights

Paulie still hasn’t made much headway in the Big Brother 18 house as far as campaigning go, but that didn’t stop a few of the HGs from trying to rattle Nicole and Corey into wondering if there’s going to be a vote flip this week. The star of the day, however, was definitely Corey’s eagle puppet. Read on to find out how he played a part in the day’s Live Feeds antics.

Nicole & Paulie listen intently to Corey's stories on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 17, 2016:

8:10 AM BBT – Few Houseguests are up and about.

8:50 AM BBT – James chatting with Natalie while she’s getting ready. Natalie says her neck is still in a lot of pain.

9:30 AM BBT – Paulie doing a little campaigning with Natalie.

11:00 AM BBT – James and Natalie lounging and chatting.

12:30 PM BBT – Michelle and Victor are only ones awake. They’re talking in the kitchen about nothing at all.

12:45 PM BBT – Victor and Michelle discuss how nasty and dirty the house is.

1:10 PM BBT – Michelle and Victor talking about past HG speeches that they liked. She’s planning a big speech if she gets voted out and also has one in mind for Nicole after they get Corey out.

1:30 PM BBT – Michelle wonders if she’s getting the villain edit for all her trash talk but then notes how Britney did that a lot and won AFP.

1:50 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are studying days and events.

3:00 PM BBT – Few Houseguests here and there. Slow day.

4:30 PM BBT – Natalie brings up the winnings from the carnival comp and that earns us Fish since they’re trying to keep it a surprise. She won a few cents and someone got a TV.

4:40 PM BBT – Corey talking with James who is giving him slight reassurances that he’ll be okay and Paulie is the target.

5:05 PM BBT – HGs hanging out talking about relationships and dating.

6:02 PM BBT – James tells Natalie they are 50 percent safe next week because Paul, Michelle and Victor are targeting Corey.

6:08 PM BBT – Paul, James and Natalie talk about how Paulie is campaigning against Corey even though he said he wouldn’t. Paul tells them that Victor wants to shake up Nicole and Corey because he’s still upset Nicole told people Victor asked her out.

6:15 PM BBT – Paul has what the care package will be mostly figured out. He tells the others not to be surprised if Corey wins the CP because of Nicole’s fans.

6:20 PM BBT – They’re all preparing for that CP and Paul says Michelle has volunteered to be a pawn and would be prepared to go home if something goes wrong with the plan.

6:23 PM BBT – Nicole leaves the Diary Room visibly upset. She’s worried that the vote is going to flip and Corey will get evicted.

6:34 PM BBT – Michelle is acting happy and that makes Nicole mad. She says she hates when Michelle is smiley when people are upset. Nicole has said this before. She also again compares Michelle to Christine.

6:38 PM BBT – Corey thinks only Paul would nominate them for eviction. Nicole thinks Michelle would put her up but maybe not Corey.

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      • And let’s hope for a good night…. And that might look different for some…..

        I’m hoping Paulie gets return ticket & redeems himself. He shouldn’t go out like that. It’ll last forever if he does!

        If he does go out suck it up & play nice!!

      • I hear ya….. I can’t help but feel sorry for him only becuz I wonder if he really is like this outside the house.
        I just can’t imagine having to portrait a tough guy all summer long with strangers that I can & can’t trust throughout the time spent in there.

        I should know better but….??? Ahhhhh! I should know better!!? Damn it!
        But I still hope he gets the RT….. Someone shoot me please! Lol

  1. I can’t wait to see who gets the next care pkg. Paulie taking smart about have the RT and how he will put up Paul and Victor. Paulie talking smack again he has not learned a thing. JMO

  2. Michelle actually provides a solid reason on why she shouldn’t open her envelope. I know that it ends this week but they might give 5K to the person who still has it on their way out if kept unopened. You figure they should at least still win something for choosing the right envelope.

  3. Paulie needs to just stop with the Zakiyah; he doesn’t make him look any better. I saw some of after dark when he was talking about how she initiated the act and was physical with him first. Shouldn’t certain things be kept quiet?

    Humph! He wouldn’t date Zakiyah because she is young and immature BUT mature enough to have physical relations.

    I hope he doesn’t have the RT and just relax in the Jury House. Do not talk to Zakiyah, just work on conquering his claustrophobia.

    • I hope Z uses the brain that God gave her and ignores him and moves on with her life. But, she’s in puppy love so I doubt it will happen.

      • I doubt Zakiyah would ignore Paulie, she will just make excuses for him. Paulie gave her enough body language and signs that he wasn’t into her but she ignored them. Paulie said to one of the guys he hope she doesn’t want to date outside of the house, she is in for more hurt. Her family is going to need to help her understand… She may equate them getting physical as him wanting her. I hope that she is not pregnant (we may never know) and use this as a learning experience.

      • I have a feeling IF she is with child we will find out.
        HEADLINES would read:
        First Baby Conceived In Big Brother House

      • If I was her family, I would want to keep it quiet :-). Now, I could see him belittling her and questioning the paternity of the child. We would then have a network crossover, Maury will conduct the paternity test, then family court (is there such a show?) where the judgement is that he has to pay child support.

        Or they can ride the reality television, boat, Marriage Boot Camp; a BB special, BBB (Big Brother Baby), etc…

      • AHHH Paulie is not gonna get in anybodys face (again) Even if he has the RT his reign of “godfather” is over . Paulies mouth overloads his ass more times than not..Paulie is a small man with a small brain.. Paulie is a dam coward when push comes to shove…Paulie Calaforie is a ‘joke” and a bad one at that. I will be very surprised if Paulie does make it to jury house and if he stays I will be even more surprised…

      • I feel bad for the women in the jury house who will have to put up with his ego if he does stay

      • If Paulie does make it to the jury house I doubt that any totally bad scenes between him and any of the 3 ladies will be shown.. Production will edit and downplay arguments to keep from showing Paulies true colors…The show last nite was “fake” as it did not depict what really happened .concerning Paulie his punishment and his bad ass attitude…

      • He’s really to unstable to be in the jury house…I don’t think he would stay..jmo

      • I’m hoping Da’Vonne can put some sense into her, just by her reaction to how Paulie treated Z on the video.

    • Only a man-child like Paulie would ever kiss and tell. He preaches loyalty and does the exact opposite every time he opens his mouth about being with Z. Another houseguest hypocrite.

  4. Any probability experts here? A friend and I are discussing what Paulie’s chances of having the round trip ticket are. Logic seems to dictate that he has a 1 in 8 chance but this seems very similar to the Monty Hall Problem and if it is that could mean Paulie’s chance of having the winning ticket are actually no better then when he started.

    • If he traded cards with someone after every eviction, his odds of having it increases.

      Like when you watch shows like ‘Deal or No Deal’, and you pick one of three doors, and they open one door which doesn’t contain the prize leaving your picked door and one other, the host asks you if you want to switch your door choice for the other, SAY YES! It’s statistically more likely that you will have the prize if you switch doors after an eliminated door.

    • Your logic is correct. Paulie’s chances of having the round trip are now 1 in 8. Technically his odds have not improved since they were 12-1, but we can now rule out 4 of those 12. Everyone started with a .0833333333 chance (1 in 12). The .083333 from Frank, the .083333 from Day, the .083333 from Z, and the .083333 from Bridgette all get equally distributed to the remaining 8 houseguests. (.0333*4)/8 = 0.041666666666. Add that 0.04166666666666 to Paulie’s orginal probability of .0833333, and you get .12499999999999999, which equals 1/8.

  5. Oh, Paulie…where do I begin??? First of all, was anyone else feeling awkward watching him on the show last night? His crying at the drop of a hat was really weirding me out.

    And saying Z is too young for him to date/have a relationship wtih? But it’s OK to have sex with her? Wow! So ready for him to go!

    • His crying outbursts, sadly, are a sign of some sort of mental illness. The fact that he was able to survive all this time happily while he was on the winning side speaks volumes against the person were getting to know now, the real Paulie. I don’t think he lied about having a psychiatrist prior to the show, in fact it makes perfect sense. A confident, sane person would not react the way he has. I mean there are soar losers, and then there are people who create scenarios to their liking to help them deal with the issue. Something that stood out almost immediately to me was during one of his DR sessions that was aired he says he almost feels like throwing the comp so that Corey could win it. This was after the DE where Corey won 2 comps by the way. That statement just proves how calculated he is, he is defeated already, so why not throw that statement out there so that when he loses he can always fall back on that, he “threw” the comp. I think he was too tooooooo toooooooooo hyped up for this, I think he had high hopes, and was extremely cocky entering the house. Whoever “bred” him for this forgot to add the “lose gracefully” seasoning.

      I say a lot of bad things about him because I dislike him, but I wholeheartedly hope he seeks help after this. Mental illness is no joking matter, and many times Ive watched him and thought hes gonna snap. Not in a good way either.

      • I can understand his tears a bit, being ultra competitive myself, I hate to lose more than I love to win. But shyteeee Paulie…first spot in the game where he could have course corrected or adjusted since things didn’t go his way, and he goes absolutely nuclear and has a bloody meltdown.

      • Yea I expected him to kick ass even after being on the block, he didnt strike me as the soar loser he is. But thats all the more reasons why I think he needs some serious help.

        On the bright side, hes leaving soon so he can seek that immediately hehe.

      • You’ve got the wrong sore in this & your last comment.

        Soar is : to fly into the air.

        Sore is : causing emotional pain or distress angry or upset.

        Just so you now know……

        Sore is the correct spelling Jackie

      • Tink, I tend to get lost in the moment, and all grammar goes out the window.

        I very kindly Thank You.

      • I am not. I totally understand. In fact the way you wrote your comment made me think “she must be a teacher” haha I have friends who teach and are almost always correcting me. Ive made it a habit now to purposely do things that trigger that haha. But no, not offended at all. You weren’t mean, or offensive.

      • So now when responding to my comments i’ll expect it??? Trigger on….. Lol
        Hope it’s sunny & happy where you are!

      • Very well said, and I agree he has mental health issues and i hope he is getting or gets the help he needs. I worked in the mental health field for 15 yrs, in a sense I feel bad, but if he really lied on the app, then I only feel bad for the others in the house, that are with him.

      • You know even when Frank knew his game was done he left gracefully. Even after the way Paul acted towards him campaigning and the way Paulie talked to him. They should have let him do his campaign to stay but they were afraid it might work.

      • What I liked about Frank’s exit was that he was honest in the DR, blamed himself for all his troubles and having a big mouth. He left with humility and dignity.
        Meanwhile Paulie blames everyone else for his poor gameplay and wants vengeance. Paulie never even considered that the guys he was stabbing in the back were just as hurt when it was Paulie doing the same thing. Not once has he considered how he hurt the other guy’s feelings.

    • He was also really nice to all of the houseguests in his final words. I liked Julie putting Paulie on the spot about dating Z outside of the game. She has been asking some really good questions this season to the evicted houseguests.

  6. I really cant stand how they leave out Paulie not going to DR for his punishment, his bragging rants… what are they trying to protect? Im sure many people in Jersey know who the real Paulie is, so why try to hide it so much!? They didnt do this with willie! lol Show everyone the real Idiot we all get to see on the feeds!!!

    • They did the same thing with Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda in BB15. They didn’t show any of their disgusting behavior until the fans demanded they show it. Even then, most of the negative attention was directed towards Aaryn and Gina Marie so casual viewers still don’t know how disgusting some of Amanda’s comments were.

      If people create a public out-cry to stop protecting Paulie and showing him in a positive light, the producers will stop.

  7. Well, even if Paulie has the RT and wins HoH, it’s obvious that between Victor, Michelle, and Paul, one of them will win co-HoH and just take out Nicole or Corey anyway. So no worries! :)

      • To be fair the odds of Corey winning a mental comp were against him, too. Really against him. There is always a possibility.

      • Assuming Paulie has the RT ticket, in order for Nicorey and Paulie to survive next week, one of them needs to win HoH, and then the one out of the three not nominated needs to be selected for and win the PoV. Even in that situation, the only way for Michelle to not be the “if all else fails” backup plan would be if she won the next care package, which seems unlikely given how Victor has surged in popularity. So, unless Paulie has the RT ticket, his alliance wins HoH, Michelle wins Co-HoH, the unnominated, AND the non-HoH alliance member wins PoV, this next week will almost certainly take out another member of the minority alliance. It’s not impossible, but there are some things better left unexpected for a reason. Of course, in all likelihood, Paulie isn’t coming back, which gives Nicole and Corey a better chance to survive, but even then their chances are very bleak.

      • I was assuming he didn’t have the RT ticket because I misread what the person above me wrote. It is unlikely but not impossible.

  8. A few weeks ago I wanted Paulie gone gone gone. But once Paul and th house hanged up on him, I am singing a different tune. Same with Frank. I want to see Paul throw a tantrum when something does not go his way. There is something wrong with that guy. I would have loved to see his gave if Frank had RT and if Paulie has it. I want victor or Corey to win. But I want Paulie to come back just to mess with Paul

    • Never cared…Paulie reaped what he sowed. The only thing that will top Paulie being evicted tonight is Nicole being OTB and kicked out next.

      • Corey can’t carry on a conversation. Can you see him answering questions from the jury to why he should win. lol

      • Actually it would be interesting to see the result of Corey getting HOH.. Nicole would consider herself “soooo safe” lol.. and she would be for a few hours anyway…until the ACP arrives and her safety net will be broken.. Yep Corey being HOH with a CO-HOH would be quite entertaining..

    • I want most deserving person to win this. And that’s victor. ??????????????????????????

      • Most deserving… Victor? He has a horrible social game and he was evicted already. No thanks. Most deserving are Paul and Natalie. As much as I dislike Paul, his social game has been brilliant. Natalie is playing a saavy social game too

      • Victor’s physical game is the best, Paul’s social is the best.
        As people they both suck, but as we know the NICE person rarely wins BB.

    • The difference is that Paul and the house’s motive for ganging up on Paulie was to throw him off for the POV, Paulie has been ganging up on people ala Natalie, for personal/vindictive reasons and not gameplay (calling her out on breast implants has nothing to do with the game).. I think Paul is playing one of the best games right now from a pure strategic stance, even tho he could keep his mouth shut a little more.. If Paulie comes back I think he would have more beef with Victor than Paul.. I really don’t want Corey to win — he’s been quite boring to watch

      • If Paulie returns and wins HOH I’m sure Paul will be right back in his arms again and gung ho to get rid of his best buddy Victor.

    • Yet it was Paulie that threw the tantrum. I for one don’t want to watch this dour faced a**hole for the rest of the season and he doesn’t even deserve to go to jury. He has been one of the most epic a**holes on BB to date.
      These are just some of the things this dick has said so far this year….slut shamed women, body shamed women, been verbally abusive to Z, gaslighted Z and made her cry, has threatened physical violence towards bridge, nat & meech. Acted physically aggressive towards females HG’s. Compared feminism to racism. What a gem…JMO

      • Also saying to Nicole and Corey, he has no problem punching Paul, Victor or James in the face….as well as the other threats

      • Think Nat was just playing Paulie. She was sharing with James afterwards what Paulie was telling her and she wasn’t falling for what he said.

      • I do not know how to read Natalie. I was flooded to hear her talking about Zakiyah behind her back. We could all see Zakiyah developed feelings for POS, I’m sorry, Paulie. She’s telling him how much Zakiyah was telling her that Paulie was mistreating her. I’m sure Zakiyah was trying not to put targets on their backs for having a showmance.

        Why was she discussing Paulie and Zakiya’s relationship. No one else talks about her and Jamesie like this. It’s almost as if she wants him fir herself and she was trying to solidify a spot for herself.

        I think Natalie is a very selfish person. And, I hate she is going to hurt James.

      • On BB it’s only the women contestants (Aaryn, Christine) that the audience is allowed to see in all their awful glory – the guys seem to be off limits for some reason.

      • That’s not really true. I can name a guy from nearly every season who was portrayed exactly how awful they truly were. And Aaryn is a bad example for you to use because the producers tried their best to protect her image until the public outcry became too much for them to ignore.

      • I believe that was Amanda that the BB producers overly protected – not Aaryn.
        Please name the guy from every season that got a brutally truthful edit on BB. Otherwise I stand by my comment.

      • Yes, Amanda was a monster on the feeds but this behavior never made it to prime time. In the end everything was blamed on Aaryn and Amanda somehow escaped censure. BB even allowed the audience to boo Christine and Aaryn.

    • Paulie coming back would backfire. Especially when Meech jumps ship. She has more safety with paul, Victor James and Natalie. She is so stupid. Makes no logical since for her to flip.

  9. the Bird shows that vic does at night with the bird from Corey’s costume are the most hilarious thing ever, you must watch them.

  10. I have this gut feeling that Paulie has the RT ticket. Yeah, I get that he has to make plans for next week just in case but have you noticed to a point that his cockiness has returned? Could this be the game changer that his side of the house really needs? Will Big Meech live up to her name and throw a vote in favor of Paulie? Oh so much to think about tonight. I for one would love to see Paulie go to jury and never return, the HG’s need to get in his head again today sometime before the live show just in case there is a returning juror comp so he don’t win.

    • this is what i said on another article “Did anyone notice the cockiness and arrogance come back when Paulie had a
      bear last night…he is positive/secure he has the ticket”

      • I am going out on a limb and say you meant beer and not bear but yeah, he is way to cocky for someone who should know his game is over. Now, I still would love to see that RT ticket used and as viewer’s we all want that to happen. That is why we watch this show.

    • I sure hope he doesn’t have the ticket, but I’m feeling the same thing. You know production will do anything for ratings.

    • Meech is wack a doodle crazy for switching up. She wasn’t promised safety. They are using her for votr, then the dispose of her.

    • Wrong way Willie, how’s your gut this morning? I kinda figured they gave the round trip to Paulie since he was the first to Crack the code. It wouldn’t make since for all the others to receive it win they were slow to fins the clue, and some had to be told what the clue was.

      N8w, if Paulie was so claustrophobic, there’s no way in
      he ll that he would have been able to make it through the tunnel.

      • My gut lied to me or maybe it was just nervous. Either way, what you said about cracking the code and being the first one in there makes sense.

  11. Paulie is talking about Zakiyah and how he doesn’t date girls that young because they’re immature but he’s fine with having sexual relations with said girl. Z wanted to have sex with him but he shot her down despite us all seeing them on the feeds bumping cheeks. Despite bragging to the guys they did it multiple times.

    He is one of those guys who think it’s okay to act as he does but if a woman does it then it is bad. Like, I went to college with dudes like that and they’re awfully sucky to be around because they’re prima donna assholes.

  12. I really think Paulie has issues of being jealous of his brother Cody. He’s always talking about him, saying Cody is better at everything, etc, etc, etc. When Michelle said he would never be Cody or such and such in the kitchen, did you see the look in his eyes…it was pure hurt. I know he’s the oldest child, but there is some jealousy and wanting to be like his brother going on.

    • I never had brothers but I think you’re probably right about the brothers competing against each other with Paulie always losing out to Cody.

  13. IMO, Paul, Michelle, James, Natalie and Victor have gone way over the top with the taunting since Paulie was nominated for eviction. A wise person never burns their bridges. Nothing disgusts me more than kicking a person when they are already down. That said, I would love to see Paulie get the round-trip ticket back into the house with protection from elimination for the week. Nothing better than the look on the houseguests faces when they learn he’s coming back and watching their attempts to justify their behavior.

      • There are a few of us who see it that way, but others are too anti-Paulie to agree. Just because he’s been acting like a jerk, though, does not mean he deserves to be on the receiving end of it, even if it is karma.

        Plus, add to the fact that it was just before a major competition and that amounts to cheating. No matter who does it, no matter who it’s directed at. If you’re purposely trying to rattle someone, anyone, before a competition, then you’re a cheater. Simple as that.

      • The 5 have dehumanized Paulie to the extent that anything they do to him is his own fault and he deserves to suffer all the way to eviction night. Some are even giggling over their mean good-bye message to him. I’ve never seen such poor sportsmanship before on BB.
        I think we still recognize that Paulie is a human albeit a very flawed man and doesn’t deserved to be ganged up on in this manner.

    • Paulie and his allies have been ganging up on people all season long when they were on the block.

      • Well they separated Frank and Bridgette on purpose on Frank’s last night and told her all those lies just to ruin their last night together when he was the only person she had in the house. That’s just one thing and it wasn’t even game related because he was already going home, it was done just to be mean. I’ve yet to hear anyone tell him to stop campaigning because he looks like an idiot like he told Frank but they should because he looks like the biggest idiot of the season trying to use a dying relative for his gain.

      • I’m not saying Paulie’s gang didn’t make mistakes by any means; but I don’t recall 5 people confront the person OTB spewing abuse at the same time.
        What you say behind a person’s back is one thing but to do it to their face, all at the same time is another.
        I’m not excusing any of Paulie’s vile behavior toward Zak at all – I just don’t care to see anyone kicked when they’re down. Does that make sense? I really don’t hate any of these HG’s.

      • Sorry but under the circumstances no it doesn’t at least not to me. I have zero sympathy for that scumbag and he deserves everything he gets. I’m not trying to change your mind and you’ll NEVER change mine.

      • I was trying to tell you why I felt a certain way and then asked if my reasons made sense to you. I thought we could have a discussion and I wasn’t trying to change the way you feel about Paulie.

      • Since, I don’t really KNOW these people I guess I don’t actually hate them, but call me a mean girl, but I love seeing P-lie getting slapped around.

      • For the first couple of days I didn’t mind seeing Paulie get what he deserved but after watching last nights episode with those 5 ganging up on him as strategy so he wouldn’t win the VETO made me uncomfortable. No need to keep on kicking him when he’s down.
        Now they’re discussing all the mean things they’re going to do to Nicole once she’s on her own while laughing. I just don’t care watching that sort of bullying personally but if everyone is all right with it fine with me.

      • But it was okay for Paulie to have sex with Z and tell others about it? Then to say nasty things to Nat? Even if you don’t like them how would you feel if they were your friends or relatives? I thought Da’Vonne’s reaction to the things she saw on the tape that Z brought to the house were perfect.

      • In lieu of have to bear Paulie’s psychotic behavior, they had to placate him to get him to calm down. He took the brunt of everyone voting him out. Can you imagine if he had stayed another week?

        He made a ton of idol threats and I bet he’s sitting his derriere right in that BB house. He’s nothing but full of hot air. I was looking for him to throw a punch, like he said he would do, but he had good sense. Think he was shocked on being voted out.

      • Yes I do. No one was to talk to her. What was it Paulie said to her during ceremony or whatever it was. They treated her like a perona.

      • I don’t recall at any time 5 people ganging up on Tiffany berating her. Most of her abuse was done by shunning her and talking behind her back. I didn’t like the way they treated Tiff either and I wanted to see her return. I don’t enjoy watching them treat each other cruelly and that goes for the way Paulie treated Zak too.

    • How do you think she got ACP? And she’s 3rd from the top on the popularity poll.

  14. It didn’t hit me until just not, but this Co-HOH has the potential of bombing just as badly as the BOB did.

    I have a feeling that, when this twist was originally thought up by production, it was in the hopes of the 2 HOHs being on opposite sides of the house. That would’ve been the best chance of drama – 2 HGs from opposite sides on the block and an all out struggle to survive. But the way things are now, that’s more than likely not going to happen.

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