Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 6: Thursday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 18 houseguests got their target Frank Thursday night and there’s a new HOH this week who is not Bridgette, so surely this week’s target is going to be her, right? Not so fast. Not when you’ve got Paulie running the house. Read on to find out what plans were hatched following the HOH competition.

Paulie and Paul discuss noms

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 28, 2016:

8:23 PM BBT – Feeds return from the blocked HoH competition.

8:24 PM BBT – Paul is wearing the key around his neck. He is the new Head of Household.

8:25 PM BBT – Paul is excited to get a letter from his mom.

8:26 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Michelle discuss plans to send Bridgette out the door.

8:30 PM BBT – Paul asks Corey and Victor if one of them would volunteer to be the pawn to go up against Bridgette so they can have a strong competitor with him in the Veto comp. Victor immediately says no because he is too vulnerable as a returning HG now.

8:31 PM BBT – Paul promises Da’Vonne he’s sticking to the plan and Bridgette will be his target.

8:35 PM BBT – Have-Nots confirmed as Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Natalie as the lowest scores in the comp.

8:55 PM BBT – Natalie is struggling with geography and wonders if Japan is an island.

9:15 PM BBT – Victor and Bridgette chat a little. He’s trying to encourage her.

9:40 PM BBT – Paulie and Corey discussing targets for this week. They know Paul wants Bridgette out, but Paulie is hoping they can shift the target to Da’Vonne. He doesn’t want a guy going up as a pawn so they don’t risk losing a guy.

9:43 PM BBT – Paulie feels pretty sure he can convince Paul to put up Da’Vonne and target her instead of Bridgette.

9:45 PM BBT – James comes by and Paulie floats his plan by James about getting Day up on the Block. James says he’s good with that, but he thinks Day and Paul are on better terms than Paulie thinks.

9:47 PM BBT – Paulie warns Corey that Day is pushing to get Nicole up and out. Paulie says he doesn’t want to get Bridgette out right now.

9:52 PM BBT – Paul arrives. Paulie goes right in for it and says they can’t risk having a guy vulnerable on the Block. Paul says it’ll be fine. Paulie tells Paul they need to put Da’Vonne up and get her out this week. Paul doesn’t like this plan at all. Paul is adamant that Bridgette needs to go this week.

9:55 PM BBT – Paul says he wants to put up Victor and then maybe he can use Da’Vonne as a renom, but he still wants Bridgette to be the target. Paul doesn’t want Da’Vonne going up now and then causing trouble for a full week. Paulie says it’ll give her the chance to make herself a target.

9:56 PM BBT – Paulie suggests they could use Natalie as a pawn instead. Paul says to talk with James and Natalie to get their blessing, but he still wants Bridgette as the target.

9:59 PM BBT – James (and everyone else) is certain next week is a double eviction (it’s not).

10:27 PM BBT – Paulie, Victor and Corey talking about which girl needs to go up if Paul isn’t going to nominate Da’Vonne. Paulie says they need to talk to Zakiyah and Nicole and get one of them on the block.

10:29 PM BBT – Paul is annoyed that no one will volunteer to go up next to Bridgette. He wants Bridgette out, but Paulie is still pushing for Da’Vonne.

10:35 PM BBT – Paul gives in to Paulie about putting Da’Vonne up if the veto is used.

10:38 PM BBT  – Nicole and Z don’t understand why Victor isn’t going to be the pawn next to Bridgtte. They think he’s the best choice.

10:42 PM BBT – Corey tells Nicole that Paul is coming around to the idea of backdooring Da’Vonne. Nicole says he should put Day up outright “as a pawn.” Corey agrees. Nicole refuses to go up as a pawn and says she’d hold a grudge against Paul.

10:55 PM BBT – Nicole still thinks Day should go up as a pawn but then says Paulie should volunteer since he put Paul up as a pawn. Nicole says she wants Da’Vonne out more than she wanted Frank out.

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  1. These HGs are stupid AGAIN this year. This is how BB should be played: HOH decides who they want up on the block and nominates them. The HOH also decides who they want for a renom if applicable. The HGs vote for who they want evicted. This “going with the house” and “not getting blood on my hands” stuff is bullshit. Grow some balls and think for yourselves. If they had an older cast, the show would be awesome.

    • I agree! Cast 30’s and 40’s for the show. People who have experienced life a bit more and refuse to be door mats.

      • I agree Sandy! They need older, more mature HGs for sure! These young kids are just followers. So frustrating!

      • Imagine the intelligent conversations that might be had. I am sure some silliness will occur, everyone can have a silly side, but this is just ridiculous!!

      • The difficulty in that is how many are out there in their 30’s and 40’s that can leave their established jobs for up to 3 months. But I understand our wanting people with a bit more life experience under their belts since logic really hasn’t formed completely in the frontal lobe of the brain til at least age 25. That’s why there are so many under that age that feel entitled, invincible and no set in stone plans in place for their futures.

      • Tiffany was in her thirties, with more “life experience” than the rest, and she didn’t act more mature than anyone else in the house. Age doesn’t equal maturity.

    • Remember that one week when the vote was 5-4? Those 4 votes are getting picked off, 1 by 1. Voting with the house may not be entertaining, but it’s by no means stupid. There’s no different outcome on who gets evicted whether it’s by 1 vote or unanimous.

      • But unless you tell them, they aren’t going to know who voted for whom. I’ve also noticed the followers of going along with the majority also get picked off. It’s the ones with the big mouths who broadcast the big moves who also get cut early.

      • I think the week that was 5-4 was planned out for which houseguests were voting for whom. It was still unanimous as far as the outcome. People who voted were in agreement as to whom they were voting for.

    • Which is exactly why I mentioned in a post on another topic that BB should surprise the houseguests with America voting. Could you imagine how it would shake things up if after the nominations and the veto, that Julie tells them on the night of the eviction, just before they think they are going to vote, that the decision was given to the viewers and announces who is going home? Or instead of an HOH competition, America makes the choice? It’s nice to vote on what the have-nots can eat or the new care package thing, but it would really make it more interesting if America could make key decisions in the actual game.

      • On Big Brother UK they do that, the house guests nominate and the viewers evict. I find it way more interesting.

      • That is a awesome idea.. When said house guest got evicted they would know that America saw them as a villain haha. Amanda was one of the only guests I ever seen get booed that I remember.

    • If James had a backbone he could have told them he was putting up Davonne considering she told him they need to go after showmances. I wouldn’t like people coming to me with an ultimatum “Put up the house guests of our choice or else the whole house will be mad” I miss the earlier big brother when the guests were mostly everyday people and not wannabe actors and models all in their early 20’s. This is how I see it playing out for the ext few weeks.. This week will be Bridgette I bet unless she can win veto. Next in line will be Davonne or James maybe Zakiya. The major players now are Paul, Paulie and probably Victor. It aggravated me how Paul handled the secret room thing. How he wouldn’t allow anyone in it and told others to keep them away from it. Douche bag!

      • I agree Paul handled the secret room thing wrong! He said he panicked as he was afraid F and B were going to get it 1st so he just went for it. I hate the HG’s telling the HOH what to do also! At this point B would have little power since she is mostly alone now! B and Day will be the next 2 gone depending on veto comp. Getting Z out is a total waste of an HOH. She has serious hygiene issues. I like her but her jealousy and her not washing her hair using maxi pad and not washing hands after then putting hands in group food so all can get sick. Chips and dip I think it was after touching dirty maxi pad? Gross! James will need to get out Victor Paul Nicole 1st! Any of those the next time he is HOH again! He should team up with Paulie and Z now since Nicole and M are targeting Nat! Nicorey could have been a good alliance for him. Things constantly change and that is part of the fun of BB! Do you watch lots of the after dark feeds like me?

  2. ha! paulie you go ahead an be the pawn—hope the HGs takes the op to get him out.

  3. I didn’t like how Derrick played Big Brother and i sure as hell don’t like how Paulie is trying to adopt the same game play. Seems like Paulie could go all the way. Da’vonne is the only person in there I think would put him up with intention to get him out, but unfortunately she can’t win anything. James and Nicole are dumb and worthless. These showmances are killing the show. If I wanted to see couples laying around I would watch Bachelor in Paradise.

  4. This could be a fatal error by paulie if noms stay the same after veto. I mean i know paul wants bridgette out but he doesnt vote. If the house is smart they get paulie out.

      • Isn’t funny how Paulie thinks he is untouchable? This isn’t high school, and your not the starting QB dude!!

    • Hopefully James brain will kick on and he realized he’s at the bottom of the list. He could then rally Day, Michelle plus him and Nat to split the votes. I doubt Paul would break the tie and vote Paulie but it’s a thought

      • James realized his low man position on the totem
        pole last nite…could be a problem for Paulie…

      • Time for James to start making moves instead of cuddling with Nat. I wonder if Nicole/Corey would believe James if he told them what Paulie has been saying about them?

      • I know right I was thinking why on earth would James honor that ultimatum Paulie gave him. Frank had no reason what so ever and no desire to put up James. Hell he didn’t want Bronte to go and Davonne had that vote flipped. James shot himself in the foot and will most likely go to jury within a few weeks.

      • They don’t have a real final four anymore. Paulie already said that he doesn’t really trust Nicole and would even target her within the next few weeks. Nothing in the house has stayed secret so far this season. So I could easily see this information getting back to Nicole through probably anyone in the house at this point. Paulie also said he would drop Z too. They don’t have a final four anymore between them. And with Paulie out of the house everyone would have a better chance to win

      • Haha Corey is a doofus she almost acts like he doesn’t know where he is.

    • That would be so damn funny. I just wished Frank was in the studio when he walks out to meet Julie without the round trip ticket. Speaking of which, Julie has picked Paulie to win so if there is a rigged game it would be for him.

    • If brid wins the veto, then they better think of something because since week 3 da cone has been exposed as a liar who needs to go home.

      Frank is the only one who actually played the game right
      Paulie is going to get shot at sooner or later

  5. the going back and forth was funny…Paul could get nobody to volunteer as a pawn…I think its decided that Paulie will be the pawn…

  6. They should add a rule that houseguest are not allowed to talk about nominations until nominations are made. They are not allowed to talk about what will happen with the veto until the veto meeting occurs. They would only be allowed to talk about the vote, and that’s it.

    • That would be the worst rule ever. How would any house flips happen if someone on the block can’t campaign for thenselves to stay.

      • According to Paul, no one can campaign to save their hide. Remember how he didn’t want Frank talking to Michelle.

      • Oh I remember haha “how do I know your strategy is to get yourself off the block?” lol shut up Paul

      • That pisses me off every year a player is singled out and no one is allowed to talk to them.. Screw that I would flat out tell them I’m not alienating anyone because you don’t like them, When he told Frank “You haven’t came to me” Frank should have said you aren’t HOH and you aren’t veto winner that’s why I’m not talking to you about it.

    • You have to remember the HOH usually needs assistance in putting houseguests up for noms. They can’t think for themselves.

  7. Wow, if Paulie is on the block Thursday there’s absolutely no chance he won’t go home, people would be brain dead to keep him over Bridgette.

  8. …And I don’t have to read very far down the list to see that Paulie is already hi-jacking Paul’s HOH….

  9. These little girls are not to bright!!! Every year it’s the same thing over and over and over!! Latch on to these boys and trust every word they say and BOOM, 2 guys sitting in the chairs at the end. And Paul, oh my, I’m pissed, disguising punch a woman in the face, Friendship Paul, SMDH!! He needs to read Da’Vonne’s bible, but heck, it ain’t helping her much either!!

  10. I find it interesting that he won’t put Victor up as the pawn….makes me think he’s more loyal to him than they might think.

    • Victor refused to be the did Natalie & Day refused Corey refused (LATER OFFERED but Nicole told him to let Paulie do it…) Zak refused Nicole refused ( considered options and said no again) Michelle (who was asleep during recruiting process) I’m not sure about but I think she refused as well James was not asked due to helping Paulie evict Frank Bridgett was not ask of course.. This back and forth of who the pawn will be went on most of the nite…

      • Looks like Paulie bit the bullet and said he’d go up. Hope he goes home this week.

      • I can’t say for sure he will… the conversations were all over the place but last I read and heard Paulie is gonna be the the pawn..

      • I can’t stand Paulie, but I sure want to see Day out of there, she is disgusting

  11. I am hoping that these people have some brains…… If Paulie goes up as a pawn then back door him….. But I don’t think they have brains or guts to do anything! Where do they get these people, Big Brother is so predictable and boring I’m contemplating if I want to watch anymore……

  12. If Paulie is thinking now is the best time for him to “take his turn” being OTB, he is most likely correct in his thinking. Right now, everyone has bigger fish to fry, with none seeming to realize that Paulie is the whale, so most likely the tides will not turn and he won’t get stranded on dry land. With each passing week, Paulie becoming a target would be more likely. I think it is good strategy on his part to volunteer since he did put Paul OTB. I’m still not sure he will go through with it though.

    • Paulie is doing this just so he can get himself off to get Paul to put Da up. Paulie sees this as the only way to get Da OTB!! Put himself on for now, pull himself off, and tell Paul look what I did for you, now you do this for me and now put Da OTB. Now let’s see if Paulie can get himself off the block!! jmo

      • We’ll see if he still volunteers after sleeping on it. If he does, we know his purpose is purely for manipulating something and/or someone, somehow, and he thinks he is the only one capable of doing it. If Da is evicted because of Paulie this week, I will be surprised.

      • Paulie’s head is as big as the Goodyear blimp. And if Da leaves because of him doing this this week and it will get even bigger lol!

  13. Going after Bridgette is about the dumbest move Paul could make right now…. She is isolated in the house, her big ally just got taken out, she is virtually zero threat right now. On top of that, you aren’t even on her radar, as she’s likely gunning for Michelle and/or James at this point.
    A much stronger move would be to either get out the drama (Day) or break up one of the showmances. My move would be to put Day up against Zakiya, and then if one of them wins veto put Nicole up in their spot as a pawn.

    • Day is the only one playing the game. You have 3 showmance (not playing the game), one that has a sleeping disorder cause all she does is sleep( Michelle) , 2 numb skulls (Paul & Vic), Bridgette is invisible and then Day

      • The only ones not playing the game are Z and James. I think the rest are in their own ways. They may not be playing good games, but they are playing.

        Day is the obvious target for me because she does create drama and she is the only girl likely to and capable of pulling the girls together in an alliance. Once she is gone I do not think the guys have anything to worry about from a girls alliance.

        Bridgette is a total waste of time and all it does is postpone the inevitable another week.

      • I hate to say it, but I dont like this seasons girls. Mostly I just want them out of the way. Da shut up, Bri go away, Meesh whatever, Z change your pad in front of everybody? then without washing your hands put them in a bag of chips??????, Nicole go back to sleep

    • Paul is just playing the guilt by association card. Also knowing Paul, he’s pretty much Day’s bitch lol

  14. I’m sure Gigglette knew she would most likely be the target this week if she didn’t win HOH. I don’t think it is the smartest decision, but the easiest with the less consequences for Paul. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  15. Wouldn’t it be an unexpected turn of events if Paul’s plan all along was to get Paulie to volunteer so he could turn the house against Paulie and take over as dicktator? OK, OK, I’m awake now.

  16. Funny how these people see each other…Zak said that Natalie was going to float her way to the end and has won nothing…ahhh Zak have u looked at ur track record as to wins???
    Stupid petty females…

    • Does she not hear what she says? She’s useless more than anyone in the house right now. So why not use her as a replacement nom and vote her out, leaving Paulie with a clearer head than he seems to be able to keep with her next to him.

      • No, you keep the non-winners and vote out the strong competitors. It makes it easier to beat them further on. Big deal if someone floats awhile. Its boring for us to watch but if I was playing I would be there to win 500K.

      • You do have a point, but it’s hard to listen to a floater talk about another being a floater and what should be done about that. Z is criticizing how others are playing the game. That’s why I’d like to see her on the block if for no other reason than to stop with the bragging rights.

      • Why would you want Paulie to have a clearer head? As of now it’s almost as big as Paul’s. He needs to go.

  17. I see Paulie shared the bed with Paul last night. He want to make sure no one spends time with Paul to get in his ear. SMH

    • Paul better be careful; if he doesn’t do exactly what paulie wants he might find dead fish at the foot of the bed when he wakens…

  18. The care packages 2-4 could change the game. Delete two votes, safe for the week and co-HOH and safe for the week. Things could get interesting.

  19. Anyone else like Victor more now than when he was first in the house? I’m happy that he’s not letting his “buddy” push him around and refuses to go up as a “pawn”. He also seems smarter and more mature about his game play and demeanor, still has a bit of a silly and immature side, but he’s definitely toned it down (at least from what I read and watch on the show…no live feeds here.) I also like Da’ a lot. Sure she can be a little over the top, but she doesn’t let anyone push her around and seems to know what’s really going on in the house. I wouldn’t mind to see her, Vic, James and Natalie working together.

    • Victor is being (as of last nite) friendly with Bridgett .. He is as of returning trying so it seems to be more sociable

    • I guess his first eviction gave him some humble pie. Plus I kinda agree about a final 3 with Team Unicorn.

    • I wish Paul would stick to Da’vonne’s side and not let Paulie choose his nominees.

  20. Ughh please nominate Paulie! I would love to see this all backfire on him if Da were to win the Veto and not use it! Hah that would be the most hilarious thing that happened all season! Though Mama Da isn’t my favorite she’s the only one I see that would leave Paulie up on the block and kick his a** off that high horse of his. Natalie wouldn’t use the veto on him also. So I’m praying one of them wins the veto to give good ole Paulie boy a taste of his own medicine.

    • Yes, people need to learn what Vic learned, that going on the block means possibly being evicted

  21. dfdgagdaf YES Paul. Put Paulie up on the block as a “pawn” teehehehehehehehe. DO IT.
    I want him out so bad, I can taste it.

  22. They were dropped on their heads. That’s funny.
    I think Paulie should be the best pawn ever and all of the girls should vote his behind out.

  23. How do the people in the house not see Paulie as a huge treat? Davonne is a backstabbing drama queen she can be taken out easily she is a floater. Paulie is running every ones HOH. Since I started watching big brother this is the first season that I actually dislike 90% of the house. James, Natalie are ok, Corey is kinda quite but oblivious, Nicole is a spineless jelly fish liar, Davonne a drama queen classless turd, Paul a big mouth idiot bully, Zakiya a floating follower, Michelle is ok somewhat but also spineless and catty. And Bridgette she is ok. Unless anyone grows a brain Paulie has this one locked in.

  24. I can’t wait for this nomination plan to go wrong. Paulie thinks he’s the master of winning comps, so I really hope Bridge pulls out a win in the POV.

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