Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 5: Friday Night Highlights

Victor is back in the Big Brother 18 house, someone new is finally in power, but the targets appear to be on the same people. The HGs got reacquainted with Vic as some new nominees got acquainted with being on the block. Read on to find out what went down on the Live Feeds after the long outage.

Victor & Frank enjoy the BB18 lounge

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 22, 2016:

9:01 PM BBT – Feeds return.

9:02 PM BBT – Day says Frank was staring at her before the ceremony. She thinks he thought she was going up.

9:03 PM BBT – Corey suggests Frank is defeated and ready to go home.

9:05 PM BBT – James confirmed as the HoH winner.

9:10 PM BBT – HGs discussing the 5.5 hour endurance comp that we did NOT get to watch. Grrr.

9:20 PM BBT – Corey tells Frank he’ll use the Veto on him if he wins it.

9:25 PM BBT – Paul is very upset. He doesn’t like Frank and Bridgette acting like victims. He’s going to go off. Tonight. He’s gonna do it! He swears…

9:27 PM BBT – Natalie warns James that Paulie is telling Frank he didn’t know that Frank was going up.

9:30 PM BBT – Natalie asks James if the house is changing their minds on targeting Frank. James says no, still Frank.

9:35 PM BBT – James says he was rushed on his noms and didn’t plan it out. Thinks he might have made a mistake nominating Bridgette. Natalie isn’t happy about that.

9:40 PM BBT – James is upset that others are acting like they didn’t want Frank up now that he’s nominated. Natalie says she warned James that she didn’t trust Paulie.

9:45 PM BBT – James says if Frank comes down then Bridgette goes home unless he puts up Da’Vonne. Natalie doesn’t think that’s a good idea since Da’Vonne wouldn’t target them.

9:50 PM BBT – Natalie promises James she’s not made at him, but he made a promise not to put up Bridgette then he did it anyway.

10:22 PM BBT – Paulie and James talking about Frank wanting to come after both of them. James tells Paulie Frank asked him if he could trust Paulie. He reminds James that Frank said he didn’t want to be at the end with James because everyone loves him. Paulie says Frank and Bridgette are only going to be loyal to each other.

10:25 PM BBT – Nicole and Zakiyah are talking important game strategy. Just kidding. They’re talking boys. Z assures Nicole she has good chemistry with Corey. They wonder if they’ll date outside the house. Nicole is worried about long distance… Are you kidding me? Just go home and do speed dating events them if that’s what you want, Nicole.

10:28 PM BBT – Paulie and James talk about how if they wanted to decide to keep Frank and Bridgette this week they could. It doesn’t sound like they’re leaning that way, but they say they have options.

10:30 PM BBT – Victor stops by and lets HNs know food is ready, then remembers Natalie is still a HN. After he leaves they all agree that Victor is a completely different person and much improved after just two weeks gone.

10:35 PM BBT – Nicole and Z are still talking about their showmances.

10:35 PM BBT – Paulie says if they get either Frank or Bridgette out the other has no choice but to play hard for the group that takes them in. Paulie says something about Frank not winning anything yet (despite two Roadkill comps).

11:00 PM BBT – Paulie talking about all the BS Jozea spewed. He says he wasn’t a good person and he isn’t into the fake it until you make it “type thing.”

11:03 PM BBT – Paulie tells Frank he talked to James about possibly flipping the vote this week. He said if people went to him and said they wanted Day up, he’d do it. Frank says and she’d go home. Paulie says he doesn’t want to sacrifice a guy like Victor (hmm, you already did once, ha).

11:05 PM BBT – Frank tells Paulie he can’t pull this off without him. They talk about how legendary this could be (getting someone out who has never won a competition in two seasons?).

11:20 PM BBT – Zakiyah getting worried that Paulie likes Natalie instead of her. Good grief.

11:25 PM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette to absolutely take the Veto even though they’re both up together. He doesn’t want her to pass on it so he can have it.

12:00 AM BBT – Midnight arrives and Natalie can eat again. James stopped being a HN when he won HoH.

1:10 AM BBT – Zakiyah is crying over Paulie now…

1:15 AM BBT – Victor lets Michelle know that Tiffany told him to only trust Frank. Michelle responds with laughter. Victor wonders about the girls acting mean to Bridgette.1

1:40 AM BBT – Paulie suggesting they evict Bridgette before Frank. Michelle says that’s good for her.

2:05 AM BBT – Paulie lets Paul know they should get out Bridgette first. Paul immediately disagrees and wants Frank out while saying Bridgette is no threat. Paulie reminds Paul about the guys’ numbers and suggests they need to keep work down the number of women.

2:25 AM BBT – Michelle mentions hearing drilling upstairs in the hidden room. She asks Paulie if he heard the noise. Paulie wonders if they’ll open it up during James’s HoH. (Sounds like they’re expecting Pandora’s Box, but the secret room is different this time.)

2:30 AM BBT – Paulie mentions the endurance comp lasted until sunrise. Grrr.

3:30 AM BBT – James and Natalie are chatting away in his new HoH bed. After about a half hour the pair goes on to sleep.

5:00 AM BBT – Corey and Nicole are kissing and cuddled up in bed.

Victor is back and Frank is in trouble, but Paulie may end up coming to his rescue. Meanwhile too many women are focused on their romantic lives rather than their Big Brother game. We’ve go the Veto competition coming up on Saturday afternoon. Will we see the return of Frank the Tank?

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  1. My dislike of Paulie grows daily. It’s not his fault that these HGs are such lemmings. He’s the type of guy that would take them to the cliff and shove them over the edge. I so wish something would happen to where he and Frank ended up OTB together this week and let these brainless nincompoops decide which one will be their Jim Jones for the remainder of the season.

    • It seems as if its getting easier and easier each season for 1 person to basically take control of the rest of the house. People just come in looking for love and forget about the true concept I suppose.

      • So true! This has been such a disappointing season for me so far…every season since season one..I have had a favorite..everytime…this season..I could care less who wins and I hate that! Casting dropped the ball this time around. So disappointed with Nicole and James..thought they knew better…Frank is at least playing the darn game…Day is a liar…Paulie is an egomaniac and hypocrite…Paul is a rat who knows nothing like he thinks he does…Z..well, she is just a waste of a space…Natalie..thinks she is at cheer camp..could care less about the game…just wants to get to jury to get the money…Michelle..mean girl, as is Zakiyah…Bridgette..way too sweet…Corey..can’t figure this one out yet..does he really like Nicole..I think he is just using her..does he really have a final 2 with Paulie..I think he is just winging it as he goes along…I just am not enjoying this season so far…if Frank leaves, since Paulie has everyone under his spell..just go ahead and sign over the check. Don’t understand how these HG’s are that stupid not to realize that Paulie got advice from Derrick..and he has told them that..and yet, it goes right over their heads. What a bunch of dummies!

      • I don’t see Nic or James returning a 3rd time (all stars, etc), given their propensity to prioritize romance over gamesmanship not 1 but 2 seasons.

        Nic may not be in trouble this week but there’s a lot of game left and she needs to gather Intel and talk with Vic some to feel him out. Strategizing post show dating – sigh. Not a good look for her.

      • I know that you and I feel basically the same way about the showmances, and I don’t know if there is any truth to it, but I read somewhere that BB was casting some this season specifically for the showmance aspect. If it is true, I guess Nic and James are living up to the expectations. :(

      • I think they did this too but I also think they didn’t plan for it to backfire like this. I think they were hoping for people to pair up and go after each other to make it an even playing field, not group together and have a “leader”.

      • Well then, I guess they get to eat their own words. You know the ones, “expect the…..

      • I wonder if Nicole will start being herself again if Corey gets evicted? Maybe she’ll start playing the game again and be over this “i hope this love lasts” bullcrap lol

      • Great summarize. I couldn’t agree more. I think I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show. Done trying to root for someone that just disappoints me. Maybe if Corey goes Nicole will start playing the game again. She was the one I wanted to make it to the end.

      • I’m actually starting to hope for Nicole and Corey to make it to the end. Here’s why. Corey is actually starting to put things together and is seeing a bigger picture. I think he’s starting to be more loyal to Nicole than to Paulie because of some of Paulie’s moves. Nicole’s real problem is Zakiyah. If Z isn’t there then Nicole doesn’t get sucked into showmance talk wasting time. She can talk game to Corey and see what needs to happen next. Other than that, yeah, just sitting back to see what happens. Frank is ok, I just don’t like his behavior.

      • I’m glad to see another Nicole and Corey fan here Valerie as I’ve been rooting for them all summer. Corey could take Nicole far in the game, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • I wasn’t a fan of the duo at first because I wanted Nicole to be alone and play her game but after a bumpy 2 weeks of adjusting, I think they’ve figured it out and are working well together being on the same page on what they think of the other HG’s.

      • I’ve always been a Nicole fan since her first season.
        Corey is surprising me too.

      • Exactly…Z is a big problem for Nicole right now and she needs to realize that very soon.

      • This is my thoughts exactly. I loved Nicole and I was rooting for her, but she’s too caught up in romance with Corey… I almost hope Corey gets evicted because I want the old Nicole back!

      • The way Nic is acting if Corey leaves she’ll just start crying and mess up her game.

      • It’s also a casting issue. Many people this season had no idea what Big Brother was

      • Hmmm, I’m sure that’s a great benefit for the returning vets to go up against newbies not knowing what BB is all about.

      • I’d say the casting managers tended to keep that in mind as they recruited people… the funny thing is, the vets are pretty much just as dumb as the newbies lol!

      • So they have to keep coming up newbies who are even more dumb than the vets. lol.

    • That would have been a great idea to have both Frank and Paulie on the block together…that would be like Frank being alone up there. These HGs think the sun rises and sets on Paulie’s words. Quite pathetic actually.

      • Paulie has become the new Frank! Looks like Frank has gotten humbled a bit as well, I don’t love Frank but I do want him to win POV

    • Looks like Derrick taught Paulie well! He already has everyone under his control. Frank better win VETO. Better still, win VETO then, find that hidden room and get that power whatever it is!

      • No one in that house can hold a candle to Derrick. As much as I love, and have confidence in Frank, Derrick was a master manipulator like none I’ve ever seen. I’m SO hoping Frank get’s that veto!

      • Agreed!! I actually feel Paulie is playing more like Vanessa, nothing like Derrick. He’s bossy, very vocal, intimidating people, especially if they’re on the block. That’s very Vanessa. Like him trying to justify his behavior towards Tiffany before the RK reveal?? Him bringing it up constantly saying “I wasn’t bullying her. I was just stating facts” makes it even worse. Especially when these idiots agree with him! I hate when people say “I’m just stating facts” to try and justify their rude behavior. No people you’re just being rude, simple as that. If Paulie doesn’t get an attitude adjustment quick then he needs to go ASAP.

      • I know EXACTLY what you mean!! Then there’s the, “I’m just kidding.”

        I really don’t get why people are so intimidated by Paulie. Maybe it’s because he’s an arrogant jerk-wad, but what’s going to do to them–other than try to get them out of the house? That’s what I don’t get. They truly seem afraid of him. Bunch of scardey-cats; who, if they don’t treat the people he doesn’t like, like dirt…then he’s going to (gasp) GET THEM.

    • Paulie is a snake in the grass because he is doing everything that Frank has done but with no, for a lack of words, BEATDOWN. James should have just manned up and put who he thought was the biggest threat up on the block instead of letting Paulie tell him what to do. Again, James word in the BB house can’t be taken for granted. He promised Natalie Bridgette won’t go up like (just like he promised Shelli last year) then put her up anyways.

      • After all of these years of BB and the promises that have been broken and lies told, anyone who would jeopardize their game by taking the easy out and trusting someone to keep their word made during a comp, deserves whatever happens to them.

      • While I know James’s nominations have upset a few here maybe James doesn’t want to make new enemies? Nothing wrong with getting someone else to do his dirty work later in the game. The big guys are still shielding him for now so I can see why he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

      • I will give you that but James is not as secure as he thinks right now. I think he should have teamed up with Frank and really rocked the boat this week. Once Paulie and his minions have to scamper on which one of them to save and which one needs to go home is the only way to keep them in a realiyty check.

      • Right, at some point James is going to have to choose a side to work with. Since Frank said he would not take James to the finale due to J.’s popularity I don’t think siding with Frank is a good option right now. That may change though and James might be forced to side with Frank if he has to in order to get farther into the game.

      • In order for Jame or Frank to further their game, they are going to have to team up. Once they get as far as they can take each other, then drop the other one and get them out but right now is not the time for either one to go.

      • True, what other options does James have if he were to choose a side.
        If Frank is evicted this will narrow James’s options to only 1.
        James is at the bottom of Paulie’s alliance and he has to know this.
        Don’t know if James is ready to make an enemy of Paulie by defying his will at this point. After all, he wants to make it to the jury with Natalie .

      • I wish James would’ve done what was best for his game. Maybe he thought putting up Frank and Nat was right since those 2 were at the bottom of the totem pole.
        Day hasn’t really done anything to James (yet!) so I can see why he wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.

      • I do get that but he’s not that clueless to know most of the house is on board with Day going also. So putting both of them up wouldn’t be that bad. Frank understands why he’s up there it would just be Day that would freak out. Which is fine because then she for sure would go. Then he wouldn’t have made any waves and would’ve gotten out a big target and could also have joined Frank in the process.

      • I know things change quickly in the BB house but last week the order of eviction was Frank, Bridge and then Day. James probably thought he was following Paulie’s orders until Paulie changed his mind.
        I don’t see how Day is a big threat to James’s game right now though and he can still use her for info. No need to make an enemy out of Day when he doesn’t have too.

      • I just think she’s a big threat because she’s dangerous with her mouth. She’s told nothing but lies so how could you believe anything she says you know. She’s not useful for anything, info, winning comps, nothing so might as well cut her now before she can do anymore damage. That’s why I wish they would’ve flipped again and evicted her Thursday. Now she gets to sit in the jury house and infect everyone with her lies and bad attitude. My only hope is Frank or Bridgette get the veto, use it and James wises up and puts Day OTB. Then she can be evicted and won’t be in the jury house! Yay! Lol!

      • I wanted Day gone too and if it were up to me she’d go this week. Have you noticed she mostly targets the women with her lies and doesn’t dare go against Paulie to his face.
        Maybe that’s why the guys aren’t as threatened by her as Nicole is.
        All of her attempts to ‘get back’ at Frank for slapping her on the butt were devious lies; she’d be too cowardly to do anything to his face.
        Once Day tries to ruin the guys games they’ll understand how dangerous she is to keep around.
        I think Natalie is jealous of Nicole for taking Corey away from her because Nat recently said if she wins HOH she’s going to put up Corey and Nicole.

      • Yes to everything you said! Ugh I can’t stand Day. And yes I think Natalie is jealous. Why of all people would you target them? If she’s saying she doesn’t trust Paulie then put him and Z up! Ugh this girl… smh.

  2. Why are the females,especially Nicole,only talking about romance & dating?Seriously,Nicole worried over long distance dating instead of $500K? What a ditz!!!!

    • This. All of this. Z is killing me. Paulie this Paulie that. I get it, he is pretty. But how is money not more important right now, who would sign up for BB for the dating in the first place!

      • On the bright side, Zak doesn’t seem to be very greedy, neither does Nicole lol.

    • And the sad thing is Natalie is doing way better than them since she and James are actually plotting.

      Kind of

  3. James made a big mistake with these noms. In fact, he should have thrown the comp since he is not a target on anyone’s radar and everyone seems willing to work with him, including Da, Frank and Bridget.

    Poor Vic, he comes back and the first person he talks to about what Tiffany told him is the biggest snake in the house, Michele.

      • Yah he was, but also he was trying to ensure Bridgette didn’t win. Also I think you meant to say Friday Night Highlights for this article. Thanks for all the great work.

      • Or maybe he was trying to make a big move like with the whole Clelli thing. Keep in mind James always tries to get a big target out every time he’s HOH (Jace, Clelli and now Frank)

    • Agreed that James screwed up. I’m rather surprised he has turned into another puppet on Paulie’s strings. (And now Paulie isn’t even owning his input in the decision to put Bridget and Frank on the block) James was easy going last year on the show, but he still seemed to make his own decisions.

      • I would have definitely went for Day and Frank and let the chips fall as they may.

      • Not if he’s trying to get Frank out. Nobody’s going to VTE Bridgette over Frank. It’s a tossup between Frank and Day.

        If Frank comes down, then he can put Day up… or Vic, Paul, or Paulie.

      • Paulie has already been talking about voting Bridgette out before Frank…

      • But that’s just it. He won’t put up any of them now. If he was really smart he would suck it up and put Day. No one cares if she goes except maybe her minions Z and Michelle.

    • Well you gotta keep in mind, there comes a certain point in this game where you gotta get your hands dirty. And James is a guy who can take that risk (Clelli anyone?)

      Plus Frank and Bridgette wouldn’t work with James, since Frank knows that James is one of the people after him anyway.

      • Actually Frank did try to work with James. James didn’t want to work with him.

      • I said tried. He went to James and put his hand out a few times but James didn’t want to work with him.

      • That’s because Frank worked behind James’s back outside the 8-pack, so James couldn’t trust him

      • So your saying ONLY Frank worked behind Jame’s back outside the 8pack alliance? What about DAY? What about Nicole? What about Michelle? What about Corey? You get my point. Paulie was never in the 8 pack so him working behind Jame’s back is understandable.

      • I know that other people worked behind James’s back. It’s just that Frank has caused people not to trust him with his constant lying. And James feels like he can’t trust Frank, and Frank and Bridgette seem like a big threat as a duo.

      • But are they really a threat? My guess is because certain one’s say they are a threat we as viewer’s and some in the house that eagerly drinks the koolaid believe they are a threat when in fact they really are not at the moment. That can change though so don’t get me wrong on that one.

      • Franks said he wouldn’t take James to the end since everyone loved james. Frank is no use to james now.

      • Vanessa was the big move that season, not Clelli. He knew what Vanessa’s role was in all that mess but still chose Clelli to nominate. Not a big move, just a douche move because it was all personal. He ended up ruining his and his alliance’s game by, yet again, not getting rid of Vanessa.
        He’s on that same course now. This time he’s doing what Paulie wanted instead of an actual big move or a move to benefit his game like putting Frank and Day up or even Bridgette and Day with Frank as BD. He can still do that if Bridg or Frank win the veto. We’ll see.

      • Actually it was more on the lines of Clelli being a huge duo and being a major factor to blindside Jason. Yeah James did it out of revenge but at the same time Clelli didn’t make their situation better by throwing Vanessa under the bus.

        Vanessa did renom Jason, but she did it under the influence of Clelli

      • Vanessa wanted Jason gone. She didn’t need any influence from anyone. If you believe she had to be talked into putting Jason up then you are in denial with James. Yeah Clelli was a duo but they were following Vanessa. That’s like trying to get rid of Nicorey because of something Paulie did. Makes no sense.

      • Yeah now that I think about it, Vanessa did want Jason gone. However Vanessa originally wanted Austin out, but changed her mind. And to be fair Vanessa did slither her way past the blame game of Jason’s eviction. And Shelli didn’t make matters better by constantly lying and eventually throwing in the challenge.

      • After Clelli had decided to throw Vanessa under the bus to James Shelli was called into the DR. After a long interval she exited the DR and had changed her mind about throwing Van UTB.
        I still can’t believe they didn’t undermine Vanessa either.

    • So stupid. He just made enemies, and instead of picking a side he stays in the middle! Now he’s just a sitting duck unless he miraculously decides to stop being James. Cause this is way too reminiscent of season 17.

  4. I hope Victor wises up quickly and sees what’s going on in the house. Trusting Michelle enough to mention what Tiffany told him is like trusting a viper. On the bright side, his main focus is on Paulie as he is the one who BD’d him. Maybe Vic can help change the balance of power.

    • Paul already told him everything about the house dynamics. Vic was telling Michelle that, but he’d already told multiple people about Tiffany’s last words. He told Frank that’s what was said as well which got Frank recruiting him. If Frank can choose veto he’ll most likely choose Victor. From what I can see for now Vic is working with the “house” to get rid of Bridgette, Frank, and Day over the next 3 weeks in whatever order.

      • Thanks for the info Fayt. I don’t have the feeds so I miss quite a bit. I didn’t realize all that had went on.

  5. Come on Frank, find that secret room. Curious too what the power would be if you found that secret room. Could upset the apple cart! Wouldn’t it be cool if the person finding the secret room can secretly nominate 2 people to replace the 2 on the block? That would turn the game on its head! Imagine Frank and Bridgette getting off and Paulie and Zakiyah placed on the block as replacement?

    • I was thinking that as well. Similar to the Coup d’etat power Jeff won in season 11. That was a game changer and I’d love to see something like that again.

    • I dont love Frank. However, he isn’t a bonehead and a follower like James and he’s the only one that would go against Paulie. I at least want Frank to take Paulie out.

    • I don’t think anyone really hates James. It’s just James is at the bottom of the totem pole on his side of the house. He’s just doing what everyone else want. So he is going after someone that wasn’t really targeting him anytime soon.

      • How do you (the royal you, not just YOU you) know that James isn’t doing what he thinks best for HIM? Just because “everybody else want”s it, doesn’t mean James is doing it for THEM.

      • I never said that this isn’t what is best for his game but I was stating that I understand and see why many people do not see this as The best option for James.

    • I like James but I think he made a bone head move on this one. It will come back to bite him in the butt later on, just watch.

  6. I see Paulie, Paul, and Victor probably working very closely moving forward. Zak is being really overbearing, jealous, and emotional which is probably going to spell the end of her game soon. Paulie strikes me as the bromance kind of guy especially looking at his admiration of the Cody/Derrick/Caleb deal from his brothers season. I think he wants Corey as well, but hard to say who Corey would go with between him and Nicole. Same issue for James and Natalie. If Paulie, Paul, and Victor did team up they could win quite a few comps.

  7. I’m actually really disappointed with the female HGs this season. Looks like only Da’Vonne and maybe Natalie(she told James she didn’t trust Paulie so she has some sense) are playing the game as far as females go. Bring back Danielle Reyes, she’ll show the girls how it’s done! Lol

    • It’s sad when the cheerleader chick has more sense than most of these females.

      • Watch it, Mr.! ;) I was a cheerleader and graduated with a 4.0. There seriously are a lot of very intelligent women who have been cheerleaders. Haven’t you ever watched DCC? :D

      • She’s still a great cheerleader and still incredibly smart! Not to mention hysterically funny and witty. And pretty darn awesome. Oh wait..who’s KSJB again? Lol…Love you, Lady K !!

      • I still have my pom poms. And thank goodness for that uplifting underwire or they’d be a whole lot of shakin’ going on. :D

      • LOL…I’ll be right there with you. Dancing with my walker, granny panties hangin’ from the front.

      • You two would be either the absolute best to go out with or the most embarrassing company in the world.

        Probably both.

        At the same time.


      • Did you check the bathroom corner? There might be a pair there :D j/k I’m sure you have lovely undies Sharona lol.

      • LOL!!! Oh my goodness! WHY on earth did I make that comment?! I guess that’s what I get for being a smart aleck. LOL!

      • Thanks for having a sense of humor. That makes this fun to people like me who like to joke around a lot. :D

    • yeah the girls are SO lame this year…and even tho Day has demonstrated some ability, she shoots her mouth off way too much and can’t win comps.
      I miss Janelle…heck I really miss those earlier pre-AG seasons…sigh…

    • Tiffany was the only one that was playing the game. Nicole started out playing and then time warped back to high school with Z. Day is playin too hard, the lies came back to bite her and rightfully so. Making up lies about HG’s never goes well in that house and hopefully she’ll be gone soon… Like this week.

  8. I really don’t get why putting up Frank and Bridgette is a bad move. Frank has proven time and time again that he’s not to be trusted. He’s been calling the shots from Day 1, and people caught up to him. If anything I think it’s a good move on James’s part. Considering Carrot Top and Cabbage Patch are a strong duo, is it any wonder why they’d be targets?

    • What damn game are you watching? Paulie has been calling the shots and pulling strings for over two weeks now.

      • If Paulie was on the block, then would he have the votes to go? Paulie has coverage. Frank doesn’t.

        I agree that Paulie is calling the shots, but at the same time he has more coverage than Frank does.

      • So you agree that Paulie is calling the shots and I agree that Paulie has the coverage but just because Frank is OTB then that doesn’t mean that Paulie should be up there with him. DAY is more of a threat to James and GNat than Paulie is right now. DAY should be OTB with Frank then let the chips lay where they fall.

      • I never said Paulie wasn’t. I’m saying James made the smart move to go after the duo who have been playing puppet master and lackey for a while. Frank worked behind James’s back a bunch of times, so James couldn’t trust him.

      • Again, Paulie is the Puppet Master and the shot caller this season. What he says goes. I like your style and yes Frank worked behind Jame’s back but least you not forget….wait for it…………SO HAS PAULIE. Look Frank probably had intentions of ever taking Jame’s to F2 and neither does Paulie. I will give you that much. In the beginning I was rooting for James but quickly turned to Frank when I saw what he was doing and I was hoping that somehow those two could work together. That didn’t happen either.

      • I can see your point.
        If James knew what Paulie was doing then he would be on the block and not Frank. And I also agree that Paulie is the puppetmaster, and is calling the shots. Yes he is also working behind James’s back, and it’s apparent he’s tight with Z and Corey.

        But at the same time Frank never did any good either with his constant lying for the first three weeks. True everyone lied, I’m not denying that. But Frank has done the most lying and James feels like Frank can’t be trusted. Could James make a better move? Yes. But keep in mind Frank is public enemy number 1 with his constant lies and lording over people during Bridgette’s HOH.

      • See if you had said that earlier, we would have come to this conclusion sooner. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement there.

      • Didn’t Paulie say last week when he was HOH “I am not afraid.Put me and Frank on the block together,we will battle it out. I a not afraid of Frank”

      • Yep and he also said he was bred for this LMAO. What the hell does he think he is a damn race horse.

    • Paulie appears to have made the worse decision of his game…he is strongly considering saving Frank. OMG

      • He was campaigning hard last night and again this morning. He has me convinced.

      • I wish he would. He and Frank(and Gigglette), 3 people, if my math is correct. Let’s see them win all of the comps from here on out. I would love to see the entire house come to life and really play the game, working together to get rid of Frank and Paulie; see what those bodies can do without a head.

      • Obviously I need to read more before I have an informed opinion about James noms, but so far I like James’s strategy of laying low and letting Paulie think he’s running things for now.

      • Paulie is using James for sure, then Paulie goes and pretends(I think he’s pretending.?) he doesn’t agree with the noms. I’ve always liked James. I do wish since he chose to win and not throw the comp that he had the guts to tell Paulie to back off. As you say though, it might be his strategy of laying low. I hope it doesn’t backfire.

      • Paulie is turning out to be some sort of control freak.
        He might be pretending to Frank and Victor that he doesn’t want them to leave but after watching BBAD last night it did seem that Paulie was sincere in suddenly wanting to align with Frank again.
        Paulie seems to think if all the big guys join together they can win all the comps and easily get to the finale.
        If so, Frank has done an excellent job of worming his way back into the power alliance.

      • Paulie has me confused about what he really wants to happen, except, of course, to win the game…at all costs. As much as he would like to think he is, he is no Derrick.

      • Now that I’ve caught up a little it seems that Paulie wants the guys to join up and get rid of the gals. Paulie is foolish to trust Victor or Frank at this point.
        Or else Paulie figured out that Frank is his meat shield.

      • I really don’t see any of these women being capable of outplaying the guys at this point so another male winner is looking likely.

  9. Used to like Paulie….not so much now. And Nicole WTF. I really like Nicole but her and Z act like they’re back in high school. The best thing for Nicole would be if Corey got voted out. Then maybe she’d get her head back in the game.

  10. Omg Z can you please leave Paulie the Frick alone and just play the freakin game!! I ask as a viewer who is sick and tired of seeing rivers of tears for a guy who may or may not be interested. You came to play the game not to find love!! *Sighs*

    • haha. Yeesh – this summer has the LAMEST female players in all the seasons I’ve watched. Either they can’t win comps or they can’t strategize or they’re bawling their eyes out or obsessing over a summer fling.
      They need to picked off like gazelles on the Savannah…

  11. Come on Day…..Secret Room….I need you in the game to get out Paulie, Corey and Nicole.

      • not behind the door..but to the left of the door as you are going out. It has that lion looking thing on it.

  12. Paulie needs to understand that James is the HOH now and not Paulie.
    What’s with the push to change James’s nominations? James didn’t do that to him when P. was the HOH. In fact, he’s always cooperated with Paulie’s wants.
    I don’t think this is a bad move for James at all. He hasn’t made any new enemies which would have happened if he nominated Victor, Day or Paulie.
    James has said he’s playing a laid back game for now and nominating the 2 people at the lowest on the totem pole shouldn’t hurt his game too much.

  13. Now there are people in the house that don’t belong there. Even though Victor won fair and square. But his anger and temper is going to get him thrown out by production. Then one of the other 4 evictees could have been in the game. I think Day because of her weapon (her braids) and I don’t like her because she wasn’t going to stop till Tif was out. Creepy Paul needs to go. These 3 have chances of going to jury while a good person (Tiff) went home It SU..

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