Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Sunday Highlights

The Live Feed Highlights for Sunday continue below as efforts roll on for shifting the votes against Da’Vonne.

6:40 PM BBT – Corey is relaying what Day said about the slut comments back to Frank. Frank denies and Corey says she’s being shady.

6:46 PM BBT – Right after Corey tells Frank he trusts him 100 percent, Frank whispers to Bridgette about getting Day out this week and then nailing Corey and Paulie next week in the double eviction they’re predicting .

6:51 PM BBT – Frank and Tiffany talking about getting more people to vote out Day. Frank says he will work on Michelle.

7:03 PM BBT – James tells Day to hang with Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany so they can’t talk game.

7:14 PM BBT – Nicole asks Day about Frank calling her a slut. She retells the story to Nicole. She says Frank says he didn’t say it. Nicole tells Da’Vonne she is 100 percent voting out Tiffany.

7:27 PM BBT – Frank and Michelle are alone and Frank tells her he knows about the “Fatal 5.” Michelle plays dumb and asks if that’s the two shomances and Day.

7:30 PM BBT – Frank’s pitch to Michelle isn’t working out. She does not want Tiffany in the house and she tells Frank that. Michelle won’t vote to evict Da’Vonne.

7:40 PM BBT – Michelle is telling Frank she doesn’t get what he went over to Bridgette’s side. Frank tells her to be nicer to Michelle, but she’s not interested in trusting Bridgette.

7:50 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she wants Day out.

8:05 PM BBT – Michelle tells Nicole about her talk with Frank. Nicole tells her not to tell Da’Vonne about that talk because it could make things worse. Nicole tells Michelle she believes some of the things Frank is telling her.

9:00 PM BBT – Michelle is spreading a rumor that Tiffany told her about an alliance called The Advancement.

9:07 PM BBT – Frank tells Paul he shouldn’t try to win anything for awhile because he will seem a threat (sure it has nothing to do with being on Day’s team).

9:10 PM BBT – Michelle has taken the fake alliance tale to James now.

9:20 PM BBT- Paul tells Paulie and Corey everything he and Frank talked about earlier.

9:25 PM BBT – Frank tells Tiffany he’s feeling good about the campaign for her to stay. He says he’s not going to waste his time on Zakiyah because she won’t vote Day out but he thinks he can convince James easily.

10:02 PM BBT – Tiffany is campaigning to Nicole. She tells her that she and Day had a final 2. Tiffany tells Nicole everything Day ever told her and some things she didn’t.

10:15 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Nicole that Day told her the only chance she has at staying this week was to put Corey up. Nicole is shocked. Tiffany tells Nicole that Day is an actress in real life.

10:30 PM BBT – Michelle talks with Paul to make sure they’re still getting out Tiffany this week. He assures her they are. Michelle is confident Frank will target Da’Vonne next week on his own so no need to do it for him this week.

10:50 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole talking with Michelle about why she is so set on getting Tiffany out this week. Michelle is sure Tiffany would target her.

11:00 PM BBT – Nicole says she really wants to send Day home this week. Corey agrees. She thinks they’ve got their two votes plus Frank and Bridgette. Then they just need one more.

11:05 PM BBT – Nicole doesn’t think they can get Day out this week so they’ll go along with voting out Tiffany but then next she wants Day gone. As much as Nicole wants Day out this week she doesn’t want to have half the house mad at her in the process. She notes to Corey how much Michelle reminds her of Christine and and she doesn’t trust her.

11:25 PM BBT – Michelle talks with Paul that Nicole and Corey think she’s being unreasonable, but she wants Tiffany gone this week.

11:55 PM BBT – Corey and Michelle are expecting Paulie to yell at Frank at the meeting like he promised. Paulie sounds uncertain of whether or not he’ll do it. (He’s Cody’s brother, so I’ve got a guess…)

1:20 AM BBT – Nicole again tells Corey they don’t have the votes to get out Da’Vonne this week, but maybe next week. Corey says the rest of their allies are wanting to get Frank out next week instead.

3:15 AM BBT – Paul and Paulie are still awake. They want to do the milk challenge and cinnamon challenge. Big Brother shuts them down.

Tiffany and Frank have been working hard to flip the vote against Da’Vonne who is expected to go up on Monday, but so far it doesn’t look good. Nicole and Corey won’t be willing to go against so many people that they need on their side. We’ve still got several days though before the vote so anything is possible.

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  1. The flipping then flopping is on. Wait till after the PoV renom.
    Day certainly can’t hold her tongue. Excited for that haha.
    Btw wassup with Paulie not believing Fatal 5 existed? Hadn’t Corey already mentioned to him that Nicole confirmed it?
    All he gotta do is ask Z about it, but he hasn’t. Not sure why.
    And I hope “the Advancement” lie is gonna bite Big Meech’s butt soon.

    • Right!! Paulie doesn’t want to believe ANYTHING Tiffany says and even if he did ask Z she probably would deny it.
      I REALLY hope Michelle’s lie is exposed! Last night sealed it for me that I do in fact absolutely positively DO NOT like that girl!! She sounds like a clone of Paulie’s just more hateful.

      • Perhaps probably deep down Paulie knows that if he asks Z about Fatal 5 and Z denies it, he’s not sure his big man’s ego can handle it.
        Coz Z already “lied” to him once about Eight Pack.
        You know, fool him once, shame on her. Fool him twice, Paulie please #CalmYourNipples!!!

      • Lol!!! Yup so true! That is one of the funniest things any HG has said!! Calm your nipples Paulie! Omg hilarious!! Lol!! Oh and I was also gonna say it’s funny that he’ll say what Tiff is saying makes sense to him but yet she’s lying?? He needed 2 other people to confirm that Day talked about the showmance alliance for him to believe she really outted them!

      • From now onwards everything needs to #CalmYourNipples.
        It’s the new “Friendship”.

      • 9:00 PM BBT – Michelle is spreading a rumor that Tiffany told her about an alliance called The Advancement

    • No, I don’t think Nicole confirmed Fatal 5 to Corey. I believe they’re still denying the all girls alliance. Don’t see why it’s even a point, when it was dissolved as soon as it was formed. That alliance ended before it even begin.

      • Corey said to Pauie that Nicole had confirmed the fatal 5 to him. It was in the HOH room after Corey spoke to Tiff and Frank and then went up to talk to Paulie

      • I think your right but I don’t think Paulie believed then just as he don’t believe it now.

      • Hmmmm…must have missed it. Because I know for sure Nicole denied to Corey the F2 she has with Frank. Up to last night, all the other girls were denying and making jokes about Fatal 5.

    • Rooting for Davonne to be the renom for Corey’s spot on the hot seat! That should be good for drama! I bet you she will flip out! It will give the others like Nicole and Corey a chance to flip to Frank and Bridgette’s side. Also, strips one vote off the other side seeking a Tiffany eviction! So, who are able to vote? I count James, Paul, Frank, Bridgette, Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Zakiyah. They may be able to get James to vote out Davonne. Nicole and Corey are already leaning to it! Five votes will win it! Tiffany staying will mean more drama for us! We deserve more drama this season after the past couple of seasons which were horridly boring!

  2. Come on Nicole and Corey!!!! Realize this might be your only shot to get Day out! Thank goodness they still have a few days. And Michelle needs to go! If she keeps it up her mouth will be what sends her packing as well. Keep up making lies Big Meech.

    • Right now it splits down in the middle. 4 votes vs 4 votes with Paulie as the tie breaker.
      Their only chance to actually make it happen is to convince James to vote Day out, a very tall order but still possible.
      Mich, Z and Paul, they are Paulie’s stans, so worthless to convince them.

      • Exactly! I don’t think it’ll be too hard to convince James but we’ll see. I think if it was someone other than Tiffany OTB with Day it wouldn’t be that hard of a sell but since it is… yeah. Crossing my fingers they work on him. And also, once that does happen, if it does, then the house will definitely be divided but not sure if it would be openly divided or just one side being in the dark again. Also noting that those divisions won’t last too long either.

  3. 7:03…Matt, I was wondering if it was Da or Michelle that James told to hang with the others to keep them from talking?

  4. Nicole’s flip flopping is giving me a headache. Her and Corey could easily convince James to keep Tiffany. That’s obviously over half the house wanting her there so who are they afraid of coming after them? Michelle and Zak?! Lol they’ll never win anything.

    • Nicole and Corey – Frick and Frack. Most indecisive two I’ve ever seen. Nicole is all over the place. She learned nothing from her first time in the house

  5. Oh Nicole! You’ve gone from playing foolish to playing the fool. Corey isn’t an after show showmance but you have put your game in the hands of one of the few HGs who knows nothing about the game. Nicole did make a F2 with Frank and the fact Tiffany knows that should send her back to Da to talk through everything. But instead she turns on Da hoping to get her out. Now we could end up with Crazy Train Van 2.0 = Tiffany staying OMG!!!

  6. So Michelle is starting a lie saying Tiffy told her about this totally non-existent alliance. That is absolutely ridiculous move on her part that serves no purpose except to hurt Michelle’s game in the long run. These gals, Michelle and Da think Tiffy is ripe for the picking basically because she is Van’s sister and everyone is open to receiving any negative info about Tiffy. I think Tiffy has proven that she deserves her own identity and not to just be seen as Van’s sister.

    • IMO the only thing Tiffannoy has proved is that she IS Vanasshole’s sister. Oh, boy, here it comes. Ho-hum. Anywho. LOL.

      • I have an older sister who is very bossy and controlling and then gets all emotional to get sympathy when things don’t go her way. I am nothing like her. But if my sister had played BB before me, I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it because I would understand even expect the instant distrust. I would imagine having Vanessa for a sister has not always been easy or fun for Tiffany. I’m still watching her out of the corner of my eye, but I do wish people would at least stop making up lies about her.

      • I also have a sister like that. She has to take control of everything. I try to stay away from her as much as possible.

      • I do mine, too, Elaine, although when she is ill or needs help, I will be there in a heartbeat. Family can drive you nuts sometimes, or it can me.

      • Here too, all I can say is this about mine. I don’t talk to them, they can pass tomorrow and it won’t bother me. Chances are I won’t even go to the funeral. Not only has she been bossy but her and the other Sister’s have lied and accused me of things I never even knew about. I got what I got on my own without any help from my Parent’s or any sibling so they can go Love themselves ( I cleaned that up there). That is me though, I have no idea of how you would feel about yours so please don’t judge.

      • No judgement from me. We all have to do what our conscience allows us to live at peace with and every one’s circumstances are different in that regard.

      • I really get where you are coming from. Some of the things my sister has done to me are outrages. When my brother died back in 1980 she looked at me and told me he was her brother and not mine. You can try to forgive but you never forget!! And that is just oe thing.

      • Thanks for the cleanup, you said it just right and I’m going to think of you as Rightway Willie from now on. I don’t know you, but “I got your back” as they like to say these days.

      • That’s kinda my point. If Tiff wasn’t like her sister, she (like you) would have understood and expected the instant distrust and used it to form relationships. She would have seen the opportunity to connect over all those already formed ideas about her sister and “let everyone in on her secret” immediately as to who she was and how much she was different. That would have made her different right away and open for a whole bonding conversation. Instead, she was totally off base and unrelateable trying to hide it and thus making people think she thought them stupid enough to not recognize her even though she is a mirror image of Vanessa. I think Tiff had the biggest advantages coming in to the game and I just think her inability to relate, her emotions and self-absorption get in the way of clear thinking … just like her sister.

      • If she stays and proves to be her sisters doppelganger, you can tell me you told me so. As of now, I haven’t seen it.

      • I am the one who hopes to hear that from you as I really respect your opinion and I honestly want to be wrong about Tiffany.

      • You know what they say about opinions. :D I have been proven wrong more than right, which doesn’t bother me in the least. I don’t think she will be staying around long enough to prove or disprove, without a doubt, either of our opinions.:)

      • “more wrong than right” … and “doesn’t bother me in the least” … now I know we are sisters!

      • I think Tiffany should ditch the glasses hats and blankets.. those items were part of Vanessa’s game and it is does not help Tiffany to adopt/use any of Vanessa’s tricks…I think the less of Vanessa’s habits/ways she uses the more accepting other HGs would be of her…

      • I think it’s too little too late. Love her or hate her, by blowing up everyone’s game, she blew up her own game in the process and people will never trust her again. If she thought people stopped talking when she came in the room before, it will get worse. Even if they get out Da’Vonne, she is next.

      • Another issue with Tiffany is, she sounds exactly like Vanessa! She even uses “like” about 500 times a Vanessa did.

    • I don’t think Tiffany ever stood a chance in this game..simply because she is the sister of a master manipulator who played BB. I have to admit..Tiffany does not have a good social game at all..but then again…if you have pretty much felt alone in the house, I can totally understand that. That is why I am always calling Paulie a hypocrite because it seems like it’s OK that he is Cody’s brother and his play is allowed to continue..even though, as Paulie says..he “tagged” and “clipped” people all throughout the game and finished in 2nd place..Tiffany is not allowed to do that simply because of the way Vanessa played the game. I have really tried to like Paulie..but it just is not happening for me right now.

      • I’m really starting to warm up to Tiff after last night’s AD and her talks with other HGs. If she survives this week she’s got a real shot.

      • Nicole and Corey have flipped back again to sending her out because they don’t want to upset the rest of the house right now. Their plan is to go ahead and get Tiff out now and send Day out next week. But, we all know things don’t stay the same in that house for more than a few minutes!

      • Ain’t THAT the truth!

        I have a feeling that if they knew about the Battle Back they’d want Day out this week so Tiff wouldn’t have a chance to come back.

      • I’m definitely not a Paulie fan but Vanessa 2.0 is acting exactly like the original Crazy Train. She’s sets up a fight and boom they become the target. Da was the one who fought for her to stay. Da tried to coach her to talk with people and be “fun Tiffany” but she was too stubborn. She said the others should come to her. And she was talking to Frank and Cabbage Patch about everyone has incentives…any of this sound familar?

      • Da started most of this by her lies. Not sure but didn’t some of the HG’s help her with her speech. I could be wrong.

      • Yes, they did. She rehearsed it with some of them..and I am pretty sure Paulie was one of them. They were using her.

      • Da hasn’t lied more than Nicole. Nic did make a F2 with Frank and she was in the Fatal 5, etc Since Tiff outed everything Nic is onboard with putting everything on Da.

      • Day was also the reason Frank targeted her and part of the reason the whole house turned against her. Tiff did do some dumb stuff (she is not completely blameless), but it was 1000% worse for her to do something because she is Vanessa’s sister.

      • As of now, things appear to be going the way Paulie wants them to. He has his snugglebug, he has his “boy”, his target is sitting OTB, he’s got HOH power, and he had a clean pair of underwear when he woke up with a crusty creampie. I think Frank is coming for him, though. I’m sure it won’t happen, but how I would love to see those two evicted back-to-back in the DE.

      • That would be glorious! Paulie is getting way too comfortable right now..I swear when I hear him talking about “tagging and clipping” people..I think it sounds like mafia talk!

      • Paulie got coaching from Cody and Derek, so he is probably worried that Van did the same with Tiff.

  7. Paulie currently runs the house. Whatever he says goes. If he wants Tiffany gone, Tiff will go. He is afraid of Vanessa evicting….. I mean Tiffany evicting him.

      • Frank thought that Tiff wanted to evict him prejury because of what Day told him. Paulie is just paranoid. Ironically, so.

      • No Paulie really is running the house. In my opinion, he has the most social pull. Last week there was a plan to vote out Bronte but it failed because Paulie shut it down. At that point Tiffany was leaving. Than when Michelle brought it up again, they talked to Paulie about it and Paulie approved of the flip. This week, Paulie wants Tiffany gone 100%. Nicole & Corey don’t want to piss off Paulie (they really want Day out), so they will be keeping Day and get rid of Tiffany.

  8. If Tiffany and Frank can convince Paulie then Day will go. Frank, Bridgette, Nicole, and Corey already want to vote her. James could possibly be swayed, but I doubt Nicole and Corey do this if Paulie is strongly against because they’ll want to continue working with him. If they get him on board though it’ll be unanimous because Michelle and James wouldn’t go against the house and Paul and Z would do whatever Paulie says. I personally want to see Day go, and then Victor come back from Battle Back for maximum chaos and entertaining live feeds.

    • Paulie can’t be HoH next week but Frank can. Be careful.
      I’d let Da go another week if I was Nic. Let the house evict Frank if they want next week. If you got the numbers, you better take your shot. He can win. Da hasn’t won a comp yet so I’d take my chances with her in the house an add’l week.

  9. These idiot girls turn on each other within a blink of an eye. All for a showmance…looking at you, Nicole and Zakiya. I hope when they look back at the tape and see how they got played by Paulie and Corey, they kick their own asses in the butt!! I can’t wait until Nicole and Zakiya are OTB and hopefully, if Frank get his way, it will be the two of them OTB together and one of them evicted. Sick of how Nicole and Z get together like they’re in high school to talk about if Corey likes Nicole and if Z kissed Paulie.
    The way this season is going, in my opinion, it’s a toss up between Paulie and Frank on who will win.

  10. Lots of fools in the house. Haven’t they learned by now not to play too hard too fast? Frank and Day have been here before. They’ve both already positioned themselves into going home in the next few weeks. No one even talks about targeting anyone other than Day, Frank, and Tiffany. Whether it’s Day or Tiff that leaves on Thursday, it doesn’t really matter. They’re both going to stay on the chopping block until they’re out of the house for good.

  11. Lets face it Michelle is a mean girl all the way through. She has talked really bad about a lot of people. And Nicole knows that alliance was made up so how long until that comes out. I predict that Michelle is not long for the BB house. I to felt the Christine vibe from Michelle and that only works while the large group needs your vote but then your job is done and they get rid of you.

    • I just wonder if she will storm out of the house like Christine did when she got evicted LOL.

      • The way she fake stomped past Frank when Tiff got saved? Lol. That was a bit over the top. lol

  12. The girls in this game are very disappointing. This is the first time that I’ve been rooting for the girls but they just reminded me why I don’t.

  13. Tiffany told Nicole that Day told her to put up Corey with RK nom. Was that true or false?

    • If I remember correctly, Day was in the shower and Tif came up and told her not to tell anyone, but that Corey was going to be put up as the RK nom. So, false – Day got the info from Tif and I think Tif had just come from her conversation with Frank about “who should I put up?”.

    • the way I understood it was Day told Tiffany that Corey and Nicole were gonna put her OTB if they won HOH.. So Tiffany noms Corey..

  14. For everyone that says Nicole and Corey flip flop, I have a different opinion. I see it as more of them thinking out loud. Waying options and strategizing the outcomes. Usually their direction changes after they’ve learned new information. I think Nicole is scared of making the wrong move and is basically verbalizing her thought process.

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