Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 3: Saturday Highlights

Veto day came and went on Saturday as the Houseguests plotted their strategy against the week’s target and the once chance left to disrupt the next eviction. There was plenty of game talk during the day but the night’s highlights were PoV results, Bridgette’s injury, and yes, Nicole peed herself.

Paul Abrahamian tries a new look for Big Brother 18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 9, 2016:

7:10 AM BBT – Nicole and Zakiyah dash out of the London bedroom because they think they saw a ghost. (Nicole had a ghost fear on her first season too.)

9:15 AM BBT – Houseguests are up and around, starting their day.

10:00 AM BBT – Have-Not Food revealed. Popcorn and peanuts for Team Nicole.

10:05 AM BBT – Corey telling Nicole how he thinks Natalie was trying to flirt with him saying it was sexy that he cleaned and something about butts.

10:15 AM BBT – Powerpuff girls talking Veto draw strategy and who they will pick or expect to be picked.

11:35 AM BBT – Michelle is upset about Frank because he told her her game was lacking and she needed to improve things quickly.

12:40 PM BBT – Feeds return from Veto draw. Natalie and Paulie were picked to join the comp. They’re with Bridgette and Bronte discussing the Veto dice game and how it works. Bronte hasn’t heard of it and is worried.

1:30 PM BBT – Tiffany has been working on a strategy for the Veto dice game since she thinks that’s what it’ll be this week.

2:05 PM BBT – Tiffany continues to practice in anticipation of the dice competition. Da’Vonne has been helping her rehearse scenarios.

2:35 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Nicole compare their eviction options between Bronte and Tiffany. Da’Vonne suggests Tiffany would be good to go after Frank if she stays. Nicole wants Tiffany to go. Nicole also feels good that if Corey gets renom’d that they’ll have the votes to save him.

2:45 PM BBT – Da’Vonne thinks they could get Paul voted out if the girls band together on Thursday night. Her and Nicole say they’ll stick together until the end.

3:25 PM BBT – Frank and Da’Vonne discuss Michelle and whether or not it’s time to let her go if she isn’t going to improve her game.

3:45 PM BBT – Michelle is asking Frank all about BB14 and the other HGs that season. She wants to know more about Danielle and Shane.

4:00 PM BBT – Houseguests lounging around telling stories while waiting for the Veto comp.

4:22 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

6:36 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto comp. Bridgette has won but is nowhere in site. She’s in DR for an injured ankle.

6:40 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Frank that she thinks Tiffany knows since she looked so sad after losing Veto.

7:00 PM BBT – Bronte tells Natalie she’s concerned since they’re established as such physical threats in the game.

7:10 PM BBT – Frank promises Paul he’ll be okay this week.

7:20 PM BBT – Bridgette is back from DR and has crutches. Frank gives her a piggyback ride up the stairs to HoH.

7:35 PM BBT – Natalie promises Bridgette she won’t be upset with her if she uses the Veto on Bronte and puts Natalie at risk of going up.

7:50 PM BBT – Bronte tells James she’s worried Natalie will go up in her place and she doesn’t want that. James just nods along and doesn’t reveal anything but says Nat probably would go up. Bronte says she’ll stay on the Block then.

8:00 PM BBT – Frank promises Natalie that Tiffany is going to stay on the Block and go home.

8:20 PM BBT – Bronte tells Bridgette to leave her on the Block so they don’t cause drama with renoms.

8:50 PM BBT – Paulie asks James if he’s told Natalie that Frank won Roadkill. James says he hasn’t, but actually has.

10:00 PM BBT – Newbies discussing casting and the finalists they saw who are now HGs. Paulie says Jozea ran his mouth in the van ride over when they were supposed to be silent.

10:15 PM BBT – Tiffany quizzing Zakiyah on the nominations situation. She doesn’t think Bridgette will use the Veto so noms should stay the same. Zakiyah tells Tiffany she’ll be okay this week. Zakiyah knows better though.

10:30 PM BBT – HGs trying to figure out if anyone could be a twin swapping out. Michelle jokes that it’s Frank swapping out with his brother.

11:00 PM BBT – Bridgette thinks her ankle is feeling a little better. Frank was worried that he fell on her and caused it, but she say’s he didn’t do it.

11:35 PM BBT – Tiffany asks Paul about the noms. He doesn’t think Bridgette will use the Veto so noms should stay the same.

11:40 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey debate whether or not to tell James that Natalie told Corey she didn’t like James. Nicole advises against it.

11:45 PM BBT – Bridgette discovers the HoH screen for watching the cameras.

11:50 PM BBT – Tiffany speculating about the RK winner. She thinks it’s Frank and he’ll influence Bridgette not to use her Veto.

12:00 AM BBT – Frank and Paulie discuss Michelle’s potential to help their game. They think Bridgette is more useful to their team and Michelle wouldn’t support them.

12:05 AM BBT – Frank agrees to not tell Tiffany in advance that she’ll be voted out.

12:10 AM BBT – Frank wants to go after Bronte next week and thinks Day would support putting up Bronte and Natalie together. He also wants to get Da’Vonne up on the Block with the Roadkill.

12:25 AM BBT – Paulie wants James to tell Frank they should go after Paulie and Corey then see how Frank reacts.

12:35 AM BBT – Frank says he’ll give a very tough goodbye message to Tiffany on Thursday.

12:50 AM BBT – Bronte doesn’t understand the Feeds and wonders if they cut each time someone curses.

1:35 AM BBT – Bridgette promises to protect the Powerpuff Girls alliance and will go after anyone who comes after them. Bridgette thinks James and Frank recognize their game prowess and will stick with them as a result.

1:40 AM BBT – Natalie wonders why James is keeping his distance from her. (Likely due to James seeing her flirt with Corey the night before.)

2:40 AM BBT – Nicole pees her pants from laughing so hard after joining in on a prank with the sleeping HGs. She charges for the bathroom and has to take a shower.

3:40 AM BBT – Frank and James are still up talking game. Frank thinks they’ve got several weeks of safety ahead of them.

4:00 AM BBT – Paul lets Frank know Tiffany feels good about her chances, or at least Paul thinks so.

5:20 AM BBT – Natalie and James are still up and talking. Natalie says she wants to vote however the house is voting. James says he’ll make a decision that’s best for their game.

Tiffany’s game looks to be over unless the Battle Back twist gives her a second chance. We could always see an uprising to sent Paul out the door, which surprises me that this move hasn’t gained much traction, but we’ve still got a long way to go before Thursday night.

As for Bridgette’s injury, she won’t have to play in the comp on Thursday since she’s outgoing HoH, but she’ll need to be ready to go by Friday afternoon for the next Roadkill comp. We’ll have to see how her recovery goes.

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  1. So James saw Nat flirt with Corey and she told Corey she doesn’t like James. Hmmm. But yet I heard on Twitter that last night James was spilling a lot of tea with Natalie last night. I hope he keeps her close for his game but doesn’t give up too much info to her. Corey/Nic may have to spill to James at some point.

    • I read where it seemed James was wanting to tell her about Frank winning the first RK and putting Bridgette OTB but Nat didn’t want to know because she was having a hard time lying to the girls about knowing he won this RK comp. Was it caught on feeds when Nat supposedly told Corey that she didn’t like James? She has told “her girls” just the opposite. I’m not fond of her anyway because I believe she is serious about just wanting to make jury and is not going for the win. That’s not ok, imo. But if she is messing with James, I really hope she doesn’t make jury, although she is making sure she isn’t on anyone’s radar which means she’ll probably will make jury. That sucks!

      • I have been looking for an answer to the Corey/Natalie conversation about James. I can’t find it. I thought she really liked him. Ummm

      • This is the 2nd time where I read a post about it and I read on Jokers where Corey told Nicole, but I have yet to see where someone saw it on feeds or anyone else heard her say it. If we’re suppose to go by Corey’s word on this, I’m not buying it until I see more proof.

      • I have not found this on the feeds either. I also looked for the times that Frank supposedly called Day a slut but I cannot find that either. Did Day make that up? I know she has done some lying but I am losing track of what she has lied about and what actually happened.

      • I don’t have feeds but I read Jokers and I do not remember seeing where one of the posters posted the convo where Frank called Da a slut, just where she said he did. I do know there have been many other abrasive things that Frank has said to some of the gals posted by the posters on Jokers. So, I don’t know whether that was one of Da’s lies or not.

      • I do remember seeing when frank called Day a slut I can confirm the fact he did

      • That’s reassuring because I was so upset that Nat was playing with James’s emotions. Maybe Corey was trying to upset Nicole and make her jealous by making this up – I wouldn’t put it past him.

      • He was called into DR for smacking girls on the behinds, but not for calling them names!

      • Natalie said she hates this game and only wants to make it to jury. It is an insult to us, as loyal BB viewers, that casting recruits these HG’s who have no idea about the game of BB..and we have to sit through, especially those of us who have the feeds..and watch this stupid play go on..they wing it as they go. It can’t be that hard to find people who know the game and want to play it, can it?

      • I don’t think BB would have had so many seasons if there wasn’t a huge viewing audience. The average age of the audience has been brought up a couple of times on the site, but no one seems to know. Maybe they are mostly over 40 and “ineligible” to play. :(

      • I wouldn’t care if they were 75..if they know the game..fine! Most of these HG’s this season are absolutely clueless. It is so irritating!

      • Wouldn’t that be a hoot! An all over 50 cast. I’d watch. Wouldn’t have to worry about missing anything late night scampering.

      • LoL, I’m 56 also. Can you imagine the comps? I wonder if they would let me add a little Benifiber to the slop? OMG. So much fun!

      • We would all have to apply our arthritic least I would..and make sure some oxygen is close by!

      • Comps would have to be in the am. Anything in the afternoon may interfere with my designated nap time. I was thinking a walk-in tub with those soothing jets would be nice in the HOH. ;)

      • I’m almost 57 and I’m never in bed by 10:00 p.m. hahaha Hardcore night owl here! :-)

      • I’m almost 51 and would love to play also. As long as the comps weren’t too physical lol. Have severe OA with a hip replacement. Comps can be using crutches or a walker lol

      • I’d gladly welcome a game where everyone is of age, and that means over 45, for me. I would find that interesting. And make them all single, could put an interesting twist to it. I know we don’t want the dating game, which is essentially what BB is, but with older people and cooler heads, it could be fun, maybe?

      • I’m finding this season so hard to watch and I’m a die hard fan. These ninnies preening around for the camera is annoying at best and I never want to watch Natalie slather on 5lbs of makeup again in my life. Sadly this is not to be. She is so cute without all of that glop.

      • Tiff was a member of the 8 pack when Frank put Bridgette up on roadkill was she not included in the information that Frank had won the RK if so why hasnt she told Bridgette that and blow Franks play with Bridgette

      • She just found that out last night or early this AM. Paulie accidentally let it slip that Frank won both RK comps.

      • would be great time for her to backdoor frank NOW! use POV and take a nom off and put frank up and round up the votes!

      • I was talking Bridgette she won POV take any of the 2 nominations off the block and put Frank up and gather the votes Im sure Frank wouldn’t have time to save his rotten ass

  2. I can’t friggin’ wait for Frank to go. He thinks he’s the BB shiznit. Sorry Frank, you’re nothing but a douchebag.

      • As soon as Frank realizes that the 8 pack has turned on him, he will rally the power puffs and Paul to form a group of five to attempt to survive. It could get interesting.

      • Frank thinks the PP girls are under his control. I think it will be harder than he imagines.

      • Frank is the manipulator of this season. I kind of admired that Vanessa was able to manipulate so many idiots, but Frank is not as smart as she is and he does inappropriate things. I think since some of the players watched Vanessa and Derrick do their thing so well, they are now aware of what he is trying to do. It is annoying when players don’t get rid of people they have watched played this game before.

      • It’s like watching someone with no arms thinking they’re better than Serena at tennis.

      • I’d say not as aware more than not as smart. Vanessa wasn’t some Big Brother genius. She was just so paranoid that she considered every possible situation. She’s nowhere near the same level as Derrick.

  3. So Frank’s staying on Tiff this week and going for Bronte next week (if that physical threat Bridgette doesn’t take Bronte down after winning POV again). He wants to throw up an all girl bench: Nat, Bronte (target) & Da for RK. Hmm Not Paul for RK??? Hmm.

    • Means if Frank gets his way, Bronte will be last competitor for Battle Back. If that’s the case, I hope either Victor or Tiffany win it. Probably Tiffany to help the others if she’s a forgiving kind, but not to win.
      Only would like to see Vic return cuz he is a good underdog despite his poor gameplay and strategy, and he can win a comp. Hell also be easy to VTE after his usefulness expires.
      Of course this is just if Frank gets his way. I’d love for Bronte to go this week and Paul next, leaving Nat and Bridgette in the house as sitting ducks.

      • I really wish for Victor to come back and maybe this time he’ll listen to Paul. If Da’Vonne is evicted, then I hope she comes back. This year I am liking her a lot more than her previous season and she seems to be playing a better game.

  4. I don’t understand Nicole. She wants to get rid of Frank next week, so why evict Tiff? Besides, what Tiff does to her that really pisses her off? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Does she want Tiff gone this week – or is she just having to vote with the gang? I know she doesn’t trust Tiffs emo jags but seems like she’d tolerate that long enough to get Frank the Tank out first if she had a choice. I just wonder if she would prefer to keep Tiff if Tiff had a shot to stay? Maybe she thinks she doesn’t need Tiff to evict Frank? Idk

      • Probably Nicole is scared to rock the boat before the PoV renom. That’s why starting Monday night the live feeds will be interesting. Mama Day wants to keep Tiff. Paulie and probably Zakiyah can be easily persuaded to keep Tiff.
        Michelle is a question mark.
        Corey probably follows whatever Nicole decides.

    • If anyone bucks on evicting Tiffy, Frank is going to get suspicious, flags will go up, and Frank will not be easy to deal with. Why make it harder on themselves? If the chance opens up to BD Frank, at least he will not be on guard.

      • Oh Frank isn’t that bad. When majority don’t want something, he says okay. Where’s the big ogre

      • Ha! I think he is a schmuck and tries to intimidate the others. He has been a little less abrasive to the gals this week, but, too late; they’ve seen the real Frank. It would be thrilling to see the Keister Noodle evicted by a BD this week.

      • I was listening to the BB gossip show last night, which by the way, is a fun thing to listen to…they play clips of what is going on in the house…Frank was talking to Michelle and told her that she better step up or game or else she’s out the door next..was he joking, from his tone, I don’t think so…told her Bridgette was doing much more for his game than she was…that she was rude to giggly Bridgette…and she basically better change her ways. I hate that Frank is running this house in such a controlling manner right now…he said he is going to give Tiff a mean good-bye message..I would love if this would be another “Nick” eviction..everyone thought, I think it was Elissa, was going home and Nick was blindsided. I really am disliking Frank alot this season. What happened to my favorite player from season 14?

      • I read that and I don’t think Michelle thought he was joking. He was getting a point across with no tact, as usual. Since he IS Frank the Tank, it seems he thinks he is entitled to reprimand others. I was cheering for him for a few days, and at first, I thought he was just playing around, but he has gotten too big for his britches.

      • He is getting everyone evicted who he thinks would not be a vote for him on the jury. I don’t know what happened to him..but, he has been nothing short of a total jerk, intimidator, mean, and insulting player this time around. Can’t stand him…we need Helen in there to make a Bronte blindside happen!

      • I’m wishing Tiffy stayed just to see Frank irritated, but I think that is the reason she will most likely be evicted; to keep Frank’s red flag from climbing the pole. I know she isn’t well-liked by some, but she doesn’t like Frank and that is definitely a check in the right column.

      • If they keep Tiffany, then Frank may lose trust on some of his alliance member and try harder to win HOH and veto next week. He needs to be backdoor’d.

      • ‘Michelle’ truly is a non-entity and I’m not sure she even really exists hence the ‘ ‘ but what difference should that make to Frank or any other player at this point given that she has had very little involvement in or bearing on strategy thus far.
        Obviously he is treating her like someone who works for him like he does the other females. What is the matter with these women that they are letting themselves be pushed around like this?!
        Quite frankly if they don’t start to push back the deserve what they get from this guy as he will just continue to see their compliance as something to exploit cor his own game.

      • So Frank is the 2016 BB bully. 8 pack better watch out. Three longer he stays in the game, the more HGs he can charm. He has already charmed Brigett, Nat and Bronte. Then he will sink his teeth into the rest of the newbies and start taking out the other side.

      • I don’t think Bronte and Natalie trust Frank, just Bridgette. They were talking about not saying anything to Bridgette because they feared she will tell Frank.

      • Yes, Frank is that bad. He has repeatedly touched the women inappropriately, yells at them, called one of them a slut, the list goes on. He needs to go.

      • Do you know when this slut comment was made? I have not found it. I have not found it in any of the daily highlights either

      • Nicole, Brigitte, Tiffany, Bronte, and Zakiyah are extremely annoying. Their voices alone should be the reason they get kicked out. DA’Vonne and Natalie are the only girls that I like in the house. James and maybe Paul are the only guys I can stand listening to.

    • I think Nicole is trying to stay under the radar. She has such a big alliance that she doesn’t care who goes as long as it is not her. She also watched vanessa last session and knows that if you leave an emotional person in place too long that it is really hard to get them out.

    • They don’t need Tiffany. Most of the house is planning to vote him out including 2 of the Spy Girls. Don’t know about Paul and Brigitte.

    • I’m not buying the Nat is all about James, dosnt’ make a lick of sense to me

  5. This was a crucial POV for Tiff’s game. It’s a shame she didn’t get it as I was just starting to like her, and I’ll be sad to see her go. I really don’t get why most members of 8 pack want her gone over Paul or Bronte. Some are concerned about her blowing up their game, but the division between the house is pretty apparent so if she actually did so then it wouldn’t affect anything imo. She is another # for the 8 pack, and they could use her to put Frank on the block as he’ll surely be heated when he’s nominated next week, so why not direct all that heat at a person he already dislikes? Strategy!! It’s a shame the HG’s don’t see things this way. I hope this decision works out for them.

    • Were you a Vanessa fan? Tiffany is just trying to be like her sister and will probably end up talking more than she needs to. She has to go and I do hope sooner than later.

      • I was def a Vanessa fan. She was behind most evictions in her season, and that in itself is impressive. I can tell that Vanessa gave Tiff some tips, but Tiff’s game is more social though she seems to be disliked by the whole house unlike Vanessa. Tiff isn’t a stand out player per se, but I was starting to enjoy watching her for reasons I can’t exactly pinpoint lol. Ultimately though she is a number for the other side so they’d benefit from keeping her, but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

      • Vanessa was a great player, but her emotional problems and manipulations made me hate her.

  6. Got BBAD playing mostly for background noise… Paul is such an idiot. He’s using a lot of $5 words out of context in a lame attempt to sound smart.

    The other houseguests are morons if they vote him out any time soon.

    • EXACTLY! They could keep her in the game to after Frank, and if she is unsuccessful, all they have to do is point the finger at Tiffany!

    • I think the 6 of them want them both out so the order doesn’t matter and this is a good time to get her out without one of them having to nominate her. Plus they don’t want Frank knowing they want him out and keeping Tiffany would be a huge red flag

    • This is the best time to get Tiffany out since none of the 9 pack girls put her up. They may chicken out later in the game. They planned to get her out anyway, but were hoping Frank goes first. He can go next week if it is possible.

  7. Bronte is concerned they’re appearing to be physical threat. Spacey Girls think they can really do this game.

  8. Wow the Powerpuff girls may be clueless about the game but they know how to stick together and keep their alliance intact unlike some other alliances we know. *Coughs*-8pack and fatal 5

    • I’m not sure about Brigitte since she tells Frank everything Natalie and Bronte tells her. She told Frank that Bronte wants him out.

  9. Watching Brigitte and Frank on BBAD is like nails being hammered into my head. She has this annoying little girl giggles that is so ridiculous. Frank seems to be bothered by it, but tolerates it since he knows she is on his side.

    • Bridgette seemed to be irritated at Frank for a NY minute after she was told of his abrasiveness to the women, but in all reality, I think she idolizes him. Giggle, giggle.

      • From what I have been watching, I don’t think Brigitte is using Frank to get ahead. think she may really be falling for him. Frank is older and she is immature so I don’t see him feeling the same way. She tells the girls one thing and tells Frank the whole conversation.

      • I got the same impression Sam, Bridgette might be crushing on Frank right now.

      • Here I thought Bridgette was wising up to Frank. That didn’t last long.

  10. I can’t believe that little hussy Natalie told Corey she really doesn’t like James. No need for her to lead him on like that either.

    • She is flirting her way to the top and telling him otherwise will ruin her chances to get him interested. She does not know he rather go with Paulie.

      • Natalie is a good actress is all I have to say; I really thought she was fond of James and was being sincere.

      • Natalie may be into James, but if she wants to flirt with other guys then she has to lie about it.

      • That’s because her fake tits and bravo juliet lips have gotten her everything before.

    • Did you see it, India? I’ve been trying to confirm that she really did say it. I hope Corey is lying.

      • All I heard was the same thing you did at Jokers; Corey told Nicole that Nat was flirting with him. That’s all it said – now I’m thinking it might not be true. Surely Nat isn’t dumb enough to upset Nicole by flirting with Corey?

      • I was referring to the one where you posted me after I replied to Eclectric…same subject on this thread.

      • Is it the comment about Corey on Jokers then? I don’t know how much longer I can stay on here as my computer has gone nuts on me but I hope you gd is feeling better too.

      • Yes, ma’am. I think we’re talking about the same one. Dang computers!
        She has expected swelling but ok so far. Thanks.

      • So good to see you here Joni, hope you’re feeling a little better.
        What’s this ‘hex’ of which you speak? My computer keeps crashing.

      • I’m feeling okay. My dog is still missing, 6th day now. Sharona said her computer was acting up and I told her I put a hex on someone but didn’t expect it to be on her. LOL

      • Well thanks a lot! I had to go over to the disqus site to access bbn since all those pop up ads make my computer freeze up it seems.
        I’m hoping a miracle will happen and you’ll find your pet. It’s so sad I know.

  11. Nicole peed on herself. Was she laughing hard or what? I hope she doesn’t have those kind of issues at this young age. She didn’t sound embarassed. She told Frank he peed on his GF and he said, in the shower. I guess that is another form of a golden shower??

  12. I never like seeing the HGs injure themselves in the comps, whether I’m rooting for them to win or not. This game is hard enough without adding physical injury to the mix.

    • How many women can ever say that Frank the Tank carried them up the spiral staircase in the BB house?

  13. I’m confused… I’ve seen Nat tell Bridge and Bronte that she REALLY likes James. I didn’t see on the feeds where Nat told anyone she didn’t like James… Is Corey making this up to maybe make Nicole Jealous or did that actually happen? I can’t see Nat lying to her girls and telling that to Corey?

    I really don’t care for Nat BUT I’m confused. Love James though!

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