Tonight On Big Brother 18: Nominations & Roadkill Twist Results

Tonight on Big Brother 18, the remaining Houseguests prepare to find out who Frank nominates, I mean Bridgette nominates, as Team Frank takes safety and control of the house this week.

Big Brother 18 HoH competition in Week 3

Along with the regular HoH nominations we’ll get the Roadkill competition and the nomination that followed to set us up with this week’s three nominees.

Bridgette may have won the power but Frank is in her ear and leading her along the way for this week’s nominations. That should leave you with little doubt over which way things should go, but Bridgette let her allies know these are the picks she wanted to make too.

CBS is noting the show will air “after 60 Minutes” tonight instead of just saying the usual 8/7c so we could get a bit of a delay. We’ll keep an eye out for any schedule changes and post an update here if we have one.

There’s been a lot going on in the house this weekend and plenty of interesting turns in the latest strategy so check out our spoilers and see what’s been going on.

Join us back here at 8/7c (hopefully) and chat live with other fans throughout the show. Want even more Big Brother? Download our Big Brother App, join us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates.


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  1. Thanks to Matt’s heads up, I just checked the schedule. In my area, there is nothing “live” on before 60 minutes. That is usually the reason for BB to be delayed. Hopefully, it will start on time tonight. I have missed some of BB before because I didn’t check and neglected to set an extended recording time.

    • Lucky you. Golf’s on here. During feetsball season I’m always having to adjust my DVR on Sundays; I didn’t expect to have to do it during the summer.

    • me too but golf is earlier (1400-1700) maybe there’s a possibility it’ll go beyond that hr cushion before 60 mins starts. I’ll set dvr to record show after bb, just in case

    • Every summer if I’m not home I miss part of the show since I record only 1 hour. This summer I made sure to record for a lot longer because 60 minutes tends to end a lot later most Sundays.

    • I set mine to record 60 minutes so if it goes over, I won’t miss BB and I also extended the time to record BB as well!

    • That dang’o 60 minutes! If it does cut into your show/recording, you can always go back and watch full episodes on the site. I’m not sure what time they post them…

      • Ah, modern technology! I remember not having a TV until I was around 7 or 8. We had 3 B&W channels, rabbit ears, and we had to go outside to manually turn the antenna. It was heavenly!

      • You also had to get up and manual change the channels. I also remember having a party line phone service.

      • And if the knob broke off, you had to use pliers! hahaha Loved my grandmother’s party line service! hahaha Women sure did gossip a lot then too!

      • We had 2 phones 1 in the house 1 in the barn. Us kids would split up and listen to one of high school kids sweet talking his girl friends. hahah

      • They are posted in the wee morning hours, the Day after the show airs. So tonight’s show will be uploaded sometime around 2-5am Monday morning.

        I wonder if the videobrother stream will be on time?

      • Good to know thx! My mom and I go crazy when 60 minutes runs over time… I have to have my BB fix ; )

  2. Thank you Matt! I’m losing interest slowly this year. Still read your blog, thank you for doing it and watch the show, but the feeds have been a big dud, at least for me, especially with all of the kewpie doll voices, starting with Bronte and going on down. Since I’m not in the know as much as I use to be, what in the world happened with Frank and Da. I’ve read Allison had to step in and get Frank to issue an apology?? I’ve tried to find out what it was and to no avail. If one of you kind folks would bring me up to speed I would dearly appreciate it! :) A good Sunday to everyone!

      • I thought he had just insulted her daughter. I did not know he touched her inappropriately. If BBHG hit another player, then they get evicted immediately, but if they touch someone inappropriately nothing happens. I would make sure the producers evicted him if I were in there.

      • She doesn’t know about him making the comment about James and her having kids and not caring if they have kids or not they still need to go plus people tend to vote for people with kids when facing someone who doesn’t have kids so he doesn’t want to sit by either of them at final 2.

        Along with smacking her butt (he’s also smacked Zs) he’s made comments that have upset her as well. Told her to “shut your damn mouth woman” Called her a slut, told her that her “titties were sitting right today” and other things along that line.

        I will say that both Z and Day when smacked played it off and didn’t let on that they were offended at all even though I think Frank should know better. Days frustration build up until he smacked her butt after she was crying about him in the DR and then she yelled at him to stop smacking her ass and it was after that that she finally complained to the supervisior in the DR.

        Nicole made the comment that Frank playfully hits her in the arm
        BUT that he has left bruises on her arm and she wants him to stop.

    • Also, unless Frank kept it to himself Allison didn’t step in and make Frank apologize. PAULIE (after he got the ok from Day) pulled Frank aside, set him down and let him know that even he doesn’t appreciate when he smacks any of the girls butts and that it’s not acceptable behavior and that is what made Day so upset. Frank said he didn’t realize that, that he grew up differently and said he would let her cool off for the night and apologize to her the next morning which he did. And he said he wouldn’t do it again.

  3. What’s wrong with Zak? She belongs to two alliances and she’s nervous and emotional.

  4. If these women were smart, they would vote out Paul. I don’t understand the hate for Tiffany. Bridgette should play her own HOH.

    • Me neither. If they get Paul out, it’s 8 girls vs 4 guys. Girls could dominate the rest of the game.

    • As per say, these females are not smart enough to do that on this show. The Fatal 5 and the Spy Girls are simply and utterly stupid and immoral. Just like in the real world outside of BB. Simple biatches cannot work together. My cat has more intelligence and common sense than these female imbeciles on here. That’s why Hillary will be a bad president. Please vote for Trump and bring back on Apprentice on NBC.

    • I always tell people that as long as it does affect the greater narrative of the show, production will be left with no choice but to show everything onscreen.

      I still remember we were treated with the yelling game that was that POV comp in BB15.

      • They addressed it head on, it should be the end of it…….Back to the game.

      • Seriously I really think ppl r overreacting ! Frank’s a jokester, plain & simple. He’s one of my all time favorites, ppl need to chill. Omg let’s start something again this season ?

      • .love it when you come in like that…”so..what do you think of Frank?”..HE’S A SCHMUCK! lol..pao

      • I’m sure Frank didn’t have any bad intentions, as he said, probably something in his family that they do. But Day has the right to set the boundary. She could probably get over it now, but then we don’t know what it is to live in that house.

      • I agree with what ur saying but she probably could have handle it by herself instead of telling the whole house & crying in the diary room. Until this point I always had the impression her & Frank were buds ?

      • I think emotions were running high with Da and Z and everything was taken out of context by production. You had to see the whole conversation. Everything they aired tonight was pieced together. It did not all go down last night. Plus Da threw the first punch by calling him a douche, which is just as offensive as him calling her a “slut”, just not on Tuesday, though, and it escalated from there.

      • Exchanges between him and Da, I thought were fair game. The spanking and the girls negative/unwelcomed reactions were visual, and was the topic on BB sites and Podcasts. Optic wise, it’s better for Production to confront it than not.

    • I think they must have been getting complaints like they did with the racist who were on there. They decided not to wait.

  5. Natalie is the right fit for James, as his first lady for world domination that is. Bwehehehe!

    • I knew she liked him. She won’t admit it to the house so they won’t label them showmance.

    • That was funny. I think she was thinking about Corey or was going to talk to herself in the mirror so the water went the wrong way.

    • You had to have seen what Michelle said to her before she walked into the bathroom! That’s what eventually led to her choking on water! Michelle, though I don’t care for her as she’s not done a lot in the game, think floater, but she has good timing with funny comments. I just can’t remember what she said this time. I just know that Nicole had just left her when they aired this little ditty.

  6. Can you imagine these players playing Survivor’s memory wall, where you have to swim back and forth to answer it. lol

  7. Shelli Poole BB17 is twetting: “Is anyone else suspicious of this Roadkill Comp…??”

  8. Da’Vonne should have made the producers get rid of him. It is ex u al harassment.

  9. Sometimes I wonder if James forget he’s playing BB..not hide and seek. lol

  10. Brigitte’s comments make me cringe and laugh at the same time. With luck, she may win another, but not on her own. The Veto is the only thing that she has at the moment, but starting next week she could go up next to Frank.

  11. Bridgette.. It’s hard to believe her DR, because she’s clearly a puppet.

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