Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results – Update: Bridgette’s Injury

Power of Veto results are back for our latest Big Brother spoilers after Friday’s nominations and Roadkill competition readied the Houseguests for another face off in the backyard. Now we can look ahead at who should be our final nominees for the week.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Just as before, six Houseguests gathered to compete after two players were drawn to join the HoH and this week’s three nominees. One of those Houseguests now holds the Power of Veto.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results:

  • Bridgette won the Power of Veto!

Today’s players were Bridgette as HoH, Paul and Tiffany as her noms, Bronte as Frank’s RK nom, and then Natalie and Paulie as the extra draws. Da’Vonne hosted.

This was the explosion comp. Bridgette won her team an Outback meal. Day says she thinks Tiffany knows she’s done. Frank says she’ll either use it on Bronte or leave things alone.

Update: Bridgette was in the DR when Feeds returned. She was injured after the comp and now has a sprained ankle and is on crutches. Frank had to carry her up to the HoH room. We’ll see how this goes.

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What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

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    • I believe her plan was to keep noms the same however she felt frank took over her hoh and with all girl power I think she may pull Bronte down and renom Corey or if she goes with frank then Natalie but I can’t see her doing that at all. I just hope tiff doesn’t go.

      • There no point taking someone off the block to put Natalie. Natalie was a lat resort. As you think, I feel she does nothing.

      • If Bridgette wants all of the spy girls safe she should take Bronte off. People might vote out Bronte but they’re not voting out Natalie.

      • Really? I think out of the three nominees, Bronte only has slightly better chances at staying than Tiffany. The 8 pack minus Frank might come to the realization that voting out Tiffany is very stupid and I don’t see them voting Paul out.

      • I rather Paul go out and fight against Glenn, Josea or Victor. I wouldn’t want Paul to be in the house if Josea or Victor come back.

      • I couldn’t care less if Paul goes, I won’t be too cheerful but I can cope with a Bronte eviction, I REFUSE to accept Tiffany being voted out this week.

      • I’d love to see Tiff gone. I don’t think I can take much more of that Vanessa clone in the house.

      • A fan?
        Believe like I do that she was never given a fair chance and it doesn’t matter how many tears she sheds or how paranoid she is (& rightfully so! She has been on the Block for 2 weeks now! Who wouldn’t be paranoid!) She’s automatically labeled to be exactly like her sister! It’s a joke! I mean I don’t watch feeds and I haven’t watched that much Big Brother after Dark but if she really crying all the time?? And if she’s not “crying all the time” is she “sitting alone creepily peeking out through her glasses?!” LOL
        I would love to see Frank on the Block for two weeks and see how paranoid he gets! Or Mama day and see how much she cries! But no because Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister she’s going to do and play the exact same way! Which seem to work for Vanessa! She did make it to final two!
        Honestly at this point I just want Tiffany gone only because I’m tired of reading all that negativity about her and her sister! It drives me crazy! And it’s totally blown out of proportion! She was never ever given a fair shot!!

      • I agree 100 percent all that’s happening in this world and trolls have to be negative and nasty for no reason on a lot of the players not just her! I for one day whoever has the guts to do that show I wish them the best annoying or not it’s s social game hello

      • That’s true but that’s what happens when they bring siblings and past house guests back, people are so quick to judge. Just like they do davonne. I would actually love to see Tiffany still in the house. I want to see if she can mop the floor with them like van did last year. half these people would be in there crying as well lol. Van made it to final 3 btw.

      • No repeat of last year it was horrible and so was Vanessa . Get Tiff out she is annoying. Love Paulie.

      • An eldrly person once told me one snarky definition of diplomacy is the ability to tell a person to go to hell and that person is convinced they wi enjoy the trip. Tifvany and Vanessa may or may not be unaware of how un-diplomatic many find their blunt, interrupt and blurt it out questioning style. Some cannot relax while speaking to a person of this nature. Especially if a dramatic, storm off, reaction can be expected, with no hope of being low key as the convo is strewn all over every where to any and all present, and zero hope of resolution unless you pursue and beg. Most folks avoid such interactio. No judgement, not a commentary on good or bad person does this make. In fact, it can be seen as brutal honesty. Some out here may agree that there exists a need to be a bit more subtle, or, risk folks wishing to minimize interaction, to the point of avoidance. In the bb house, that leads to vote to evict.

      • You use too big of words for me to follow LOL you lost me at ” an elderly person once told me…..”

      • That’s what I’m hoping for. If the fatal five (or 4?) and Natalie decide to vote out Paul, Bridgette can break the tie.

      • But she is really worried about Bronte going on her hoh and I’m sure she promised if she won it she would take her down. I think she stupidly still trusts frank and thinks he will renom Corey however I’m not sure if she knows yet that frank is rk

      • If I remember correctly they had a conversation with Frank and the spy girls where Frank asked if Brontë were to come down would they be OK if Natalie went up and then Natalie said yes. I think putting Corey up was Bridgets back up plan if Tiffany or Paul came off. So I doubt Frank would do that if Brontë comes down

      • Only if Frank is desperate to take away a VTE from the other side will he put up Natalie. He doesn’t think he needs it. He may try to get Corey up but he’d have to be convincing reason to get the alliance to turn on Corey at this time. I know he wants Corey and Paulie out but getting the votes is something to consider. I’m not sure he’s ready to get, even in his mind. If he was, he’d have put him up already. Maybe he’ll go thru with Natalie just to appease the alliance but James would probably volunteer knowing Tiffany is the target.

      • But doesn’t Frank already have his back up nom in place just in case Bronte comes down?

      • if she pulls down Bronte then Frank will have the renom as Bronte was his RR nom.. Frank will renom Natalie

      • I’d like to see Bronte stay on the block because a wounded Bronte is less grating than cocky Bronte for the week. I don’t like Bronte, k?
        Only other person Bridgette MIGHT save is Tiffany so the other side doesn’t vote her out but she’d probably put up Corey if she did but that would only be if she thought the girls – incl Tiffany, Nic, Michelle, Da & Zak – would VTE Paul (any guy) this week along with Natalie and go against their alliance, leaving Frank, Paulie & James free to VTE Bronte. That’s a h@lla plan! Lol.

      • I’m pretty sure that if she pulls down Bronte then Frank (who won the RK comp) will put up Natalie ~ it would not be up to Bridgette, so if Bridgette wants to put up Corey then she would have to take down Paul or Tiffany…

      • If Bridgette takes off Bronte I hope that frank puts up natalie and they vote that waste natalie out waste of a houseguest and another recruited player that has never seen the show Natalie

      • if she pulls Bronte , FRANK gets to put someone up.. he won RK and nom. Bronte..

      • Bronte was the roadkill nominee, so if she is taken off Frank chooses the replacement.

      • You do realize that the roadkill winner picks the renom if their nom is vetoed right? Since Bronte is frank’s RK nom, if she takes off bronte, then Frank, not Bridgette, picks the renom.

      • Bronte was the roadkill nominee, so if she comes down Frank gets to choose the new nominee. Of course Bridgette doesn’t know it’s Frank.

      • No she isn’t. And yes it’ll tick Frank off some.
        But I think she might just to feel like a bad@ss by “saving” Bronte even though she wasn’t the target and IF the girls are going to try to save Tiff and VTE a guy – Paul or if Frank gets Corey (or Paulie) OTB. They’re only 2 votes so they need Da, Nic & Zak to do it.

      • I thought she was wanting to evict Paul out, so there will be less guys in the house.

      • Thats why I don’t watch this much anymore. It’s always the girls being sexist and doing a “girls only” alliance. All because they have different genitalia. It’s weak. It’s a very weak way of playing and it happens every season, even on Survivor. Notice the guys alliance always includes females. Oh, but you guys CAN’T be sexist, huh. It’s weak and pathetic.

      • Yeah, maybe Bridgette wants to gain a little ‘street cred’ by being a real bada$$ and show everyone who’s really running her HOH :D

      • Yes, that could happen but I don’t see Frank putting up Corey ~ Frank will put up Natalie…

    • Frank may just ask for a “pawn” with the target being Tiffany. Frank’s pool to choose from:
      Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Da, Zak, James

      Unless James volunteers to go up like he did before,
      Frank may try to get Corey up if he thinks he can get him out this week.

    • Whatever Frank tells her to do LOL I can’t stand when people win HOH & someone else pretty much plays it! But I equally can’t stand when HOH comps are chances games! Complete luck! Yyy Big Brother???

  1. Not a fan of Bridgette or Bronte.
    Guess Brontes not going home this week.
    Guess girl power will target Paul or possibly Corey if Frank puts him up as the RK replacement. and try to save Tiffany to go after Frank next week.

    VTE Paul or Corey – 2 spy girls,
    VTE Tiffany – Frank, Paulie, James

    Which fork in the road do Nick, Zak & Da take?
    VTE Tiffany along with their alliance
    Or – VTE Paul along with the girls to get Frank out next week IF he doesn’t win HOH?

    • Even if the spy girls want Paul out they’re not going to get the votes to do so. Fatal 4 will definitely vote Bronte out before they would even consider voting Paul out.

    • You think there is anyway that Paulie wouldn’t vote Tiffy?
      If Paulie, James, Nic, Zak, and Da voted for Paul, Tiff would be safe. Of course, that would give our Keister Noodle, Frank, a little heads up that things are not going as planned. He’s going to be hard enough to deal with, much less allow him a couple of days to let it simmer to a slow boil before the HOH comp. Better to keep him in the dark until the big bang.

      • Um… so the 8 pack minus Frank is going to take out one of their numbers just to keep Frank in the dark for a few days? That’s funny.

      • Seems like it. I guess they are so afraid of Keister Noodle that evicting a definite vote to help them evict him somehow makes sense.

      • Tiff seems to be so emotionally exhausting that the women might be ready for her to go as well. I’m still emotionally exhausted from watching Van last year.

      • I try not to think about it. I let Van get to me. I never will understand why the HGs didn’t call her on her BS. The HGs and production, imo, let her go too far.

      • That’s the part that got to me as well and I’ll never understand why Production was letting her make shady ‘deals’ with the HG’s concerning their prize money; they were supposed to give it to Van and then she’d gamble with it to make them more money.
        It wasn’t until the fans were howling mad about this breach that BB finally made her stop using the HG’s possible winnings as strategy.
        Just watching this con artist run roughshod over a lot of innocent young’uns was exhausting for me to watch.

      • I think the guys also don’t want to vote out another guy. Their numbers are dwindling.

      • Do what he planned to do to Tiff – Rile him up before HOH so he can’t focus? Lol.

      • Love NASCAR … I’ve been out all day, so I am recording it. No LOL, I’m serious!

  2. well 2 drama queens are enough for me Tiff needs to go then we still have Day

      • I hope she does, it will be interesting to see who Fake (er, I mean) Frank puts up next & how he explains his choice.

      • why is everyone so against Frank? because he slapped some butts? gimme a break, Davonne needs to go, liked the woman at first, but now I cannot stand her

      • That should be enough for any self-respecting woman to dislike him, imo. People are raised differently, though. If ANY guy smacked my almost 17 year old granddaughter’s butt, his face would be tenderized meat. And he’d better hope her Papaw doesn’t hear about it because he would go to the boy’s house and speak to his parents. That’s just the way it is in my neck of the woods.:D

      • He’s old enough to know he shouldn’t touch a woman like that without her permission. It’s not okay. I don’t like Day other.

    • I think she will, too. But she’s sooooo impressionable, I think if Bronte & the other girls get her lathered up, she may feel like a Kick@ss.

  3. Please vote out natalie a waste of a house guest who lied to Jeff in a interview saying she has seen the show and just told Bridgette and Bronte that she has never seen big brother on the feeds today

    • I agree, but no so much because she lied in the interview, but because she is so annoying.
      With all her squeals, giggling & toe-playing, she is exactly the type of female I can’t stand being around. Girly-girl my ass … I have seen 5-year olds with more maturity.
      And then when you put the 3 powder-puffs together … pure torture.

    • Most of the newbies lied to jeff in saying they’ve been watching a couple seasons when really these newbies only saw BB16, including Jozea, paul, and natalie

      • they really dropped the ball this season on casting, as many loyal people that watch and these are who they chose?

  4. I’m actually kinda surprised Bridgette won… I guess she’s more competitive than what I gave her credit for. She might turn out to be a beast! Lol also, is she saving Bronte?

  5. How did she win? Thats shocking. Im just hoping she doesn’t obey Frank the Tank

    • I’m curious to see if Bridge will be able to remain in the house – no idea how serious her injury is either.

  6. It does not matter what she does with it if most of the house will vote for Tiffany. I just hope Paul is safe, but will he choose to vote Frank out if he is nominated.

    • I don’t think Frank is eligible to be a renom due to his team immunity

      • He’s not, but I am hoping he doesn’t win veto or HOH next week. Every season there are a couple of contestants who are disliked by many and I think Frank and Tiffany are those. They still have their fans just like Vanessa and Frankie did.

  7. I understand some of the hate for Frank with the sexist/overboard things he’s done with the girls, but honest if everyone didn’t stop trusting him after that he would be considered to be playing the best game… Honestly with how James has been getting close with power puff, and tiff on the way out, Paulie and Nicole should make a final 3 with frank, and ride there showmances to the end with how many Aliances Frank has

    With tiff gone :
    Powerpuff + James = 4/ Paul=floater / Corey+z+Frank, Nicole, Paulie=5/ day+Michelle = think there alliance but causlties 2

    If the sides swap power on and off it could easily end up with those 3 always having the power by cutting they’re supposed allies at the right times and end up final 4 with Paul, but then again this isn’t accounting for the returnee, or the total distrust of Frank, what a shame..smh!

    • Frank definitely wants Corey and Paulie gone so he will be the only big guy left in the house and could dominate in the challenges. I don’t think he’ll want to go to the end with Paulie for that reason although it’s a good plan.

  8. Ugh!
    Okay so some fans / viewers want Tiffany out of the house because she’s upset because she’s been on the Block for 2 weeks now! And because she’s paranoid, again because she’s been on the Block for 2 weeks now!
    So yes I read comments about Tiffany being emotional and paranoid! But I’m just curious because I don’t watch the live feeds & I don’t really watch too much Big Brother after Dark, is she a bad person? Has she said and done bad things?
    I have yet to read anything stating she is a bad person or has been playing a bad game or is I mean or rude to others in the house.
    So, aside from automatically being put in the same category as her sisters play last season and automatically crucified for being on the Block for two weeks and therefore being paranoid and clearly upset and wearing her heart on her sleeve therefore being upset! Would she be that bad of a person to actually keep in the house? To actually align with? Why?
    Oh that’s right because she is Vanessa’s sister and Vanessa did not have very many fans last season!
    So again this brings me back to what I originally said from day one pretty much. Tiffany will not and is not getting a fair shot because she’s Vanessa’s sister! Frank turned everyone against her for no reason aside from he was paranoid she was being too paranoid! But then isn’t most of the house wanting Frank out? And therefore wouldn’t it be smart to keep Tiffany around because she clearly wants him out! And wouldn’t it makes sense to the other house guests that perhaps again they didn’t give Tiffany a fair shot and are making mountains out of molehills because they listen to Frank initially???
    Again I really don’t know! These are true questions & fair questions in my opinion :-)

    • Honestly,I think Tiff’s ticket out was a combination of two things…first and foremost, she had words with Frank last week and bruised his enormous ego. Secondly, Paulie led everyone to believe that he was the one person who could calm poor, fragile Tiff like he was some kind of special “psycho whisperer” to further build his ego.

    • One of the things that I didn’t like about Tiff was that when playing that word game she didn’t throw it. if she won the game there was a chance that Victor would still be in the game. I wanted Victor out so her gameplay bothered me.

      • Yeah I completely understand but put yourself in her shoes, she’s on the Block and she’s getting a vibe that her Alliance is turning on her. She was right! So she had to play for herself. I totally understand what you’re saying! But again she’s gotta look out for number one. No one’s looking out for her!

  9. Hey everyone I just read a article that paulie is the projected winner of big brother 18

  10. Tiffany is the worst, so glad she’ll be walking out the door Thursday! I think Bridgette will use the veto to save Bronte and Frank will remon Natalie.

  11. Does everyone know that natalie told Corey she does not like James and she played James ,just like she played victor week 1

  12. Paul is sure doing something right in his social game since he should be the obvious vote this week. Tiffany sure did something wrong in her social game to be the choice over him.

    • Unless something changes, as of now, I don’t think she will.
      If she does, unless something changes, as of now, Frank would most likely nom Nat.

  13. If Bridgette uses the veto on Bronte then Natalie goes up since she was Frank’s roadkill nominee but I doubt Bridgette would do that to her friends

  14. Only good guest who is fun and playing game and loyal to eight pack is frank other house guest suck and are boring

  15. Frank has been loyal to his group everyone else making deals and calling him fake Davone whines about everything didn’t she call frank a bad name and I think frank is rude but I think he is sincere that he likes Davone and was sorry but of course you can hate someone but not forgive

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