‘Big Brother 18’ HoH Endurance Competition Tonight On Live Feeds

Are you ready to watch a Big Brother HoH brawl tonight when a live endurance competition surprises the Houseguests after the latest twist of a returning Juror is revealed? Get your Big Brother Feeds ready because that’s where the action is going to be and you can watch it all play out.

Big Brother 18 Endurance comp on Live Feeds

Starting just after the live eviction show is over the endurance HoH competition will likely decide which Big Brother 18 Juror returns to the game and who takes over in this soon to again be divided house.

If you’re new to Big Brother or the Live Feed then you may not realize fans can watch in-house cameras everyday to check in on the latest HG plans and mischief. When it comes to endurance comps we can turn on those same camera views and watch the battle for power live as it happens. These are what we call the Live Feeds and are now part of CBS’s “All Access” service.

CBS has promised that things will kick off at 10PM ET (7PM PT) so you’ll want to be signed up and ready to watch. If you haven’t signed up before then you can get the 1-week Free Trial to test out CBS’s All Access online video service. After that period you’ll be billed $5.99/month and can keep watching the Feeds for the rest of BB18 and the special online only fall season of Big Brother.

Big Brother Live Feeds Free Trial Sign-Up:

Follow this link to sign-up now for your Big Brother Feeds’ Free Trial to set up your account and be ready to watch tonight’s HoH competition as it plays out live online only.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds featuring HoH endurance comp

As an added bonus, when you sign-up through the links and banners here on our site you’ll be supporting our writing team and efforts to give you coverage every season. CBS credits us with a referral fee and that’s a lot of how we’re able to do this site so thank you in advance.

If you aren’t able to sign up then rest assured that we’ll have our regular complete coverage of tonight’s endurance competition posted live on the site as it happens.

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and then follow along at 10PM ET for the Live Feed HoH comp. It’s going to be a wild night of Big Brother.

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  1. I guess James will decide not to throw a comp now..since it is an endurance and he has to show his manhood with those. He has annoyed the you know what out of me this season! No AFP for him, Please!

      • Even Corey might try to finally try to win a HOH comp, stranger things have happened I suppose.

      • Oh yes, I forgot about the DE – apparently Corey’s been throwing comps all along then.
        It will be interesting to watch the HOH comp tonight since I don’t think anyone would want to throw that one, except maybe James.

    • Not voting AFP for him. My vote is going for Natale for getting the ball rolling to get Z out.

  2. I will put my money on Bridgette tonight for the win. I know it is a long shot but considering the alternatives she should be the best choice to return.

    • You have any buffalo nickels? I’ll up you 10 wheat pennies. lol I like Bridgette and I think she is a smart girl. I don’t think she is fond of James, but she would still most likely align with Gnat. So……
      no, nO, No, NO! hehe

    • I’d like to see Bridge back in the game. Seemed like she had just started playing when she got evicted.

  3. We don’t know what type of endurance comp that it is for sure, however, they started early and we KNOW that usually means they are building the wall. If it is the wall comp for endurance, Corey is already out. Tall men just can’t handle it. James is going to be the front runner to win, but don’t count out Da or Bridgette. Women usually do very well on these wall comps. Paulie and Victor are straight up comp beasts though and we can expect a fight from them. Will the fact they are very muscular on their upper torso’s be a hindrance on this wall comp (assuming it is the wall comp)? James is probably the favorite here if it’s the wall comp, but who wins from the Jury as they will only need to last the longest against each other. We know Da and Bridgette can go HOURS! Expect something insane from this cast because these guys seem to have insane drive, and we might be talking 5-7 hours.

      • Am i remembering correctly here from bb15? Jury members competed alongside current houseguests for hoh. Last jury member survivimg in comp won their way back in, and could have gone from jury, or freshly evicted, straight to being the new hoh?

      • Yeah, I’m thinking the HG and jury members will be playing in the same comp like you describe. If so it’s going to be awesome.

    • Good point about Corey – something I noticed about endurance comps years ago is that they favor the small and slender; the tall and/or muscular guys rarely do well in them. Just another subtle way to divine who production wants to win – in this case, I’d say they clearly want to see James or Nicole win it.

  4. If this is an endurance comp I’m assuming it will go longer than the live show tonight so won’t that affect the voting for the last Care Package? CBS will not be able to include the returning juror in the vote that begins tomorrow without giving away the winner.

  5. Will the fall season have shows on YouTube for those of us who can’t watch the live feeds daily?

      • You have feeds right? I hope it’s like BB15 where 4 Jurors compete with the HG’s “off the wall” endurance comp. Everyone throwing each other under the bus, talking smack, revealing secrets. lol It was awesome on feeds…I’m rooting for Vic to return, just because I think he has the ‘will’ to win. I also like his attitude.

      • Yep feed on the feeds. Like they say, “the real show is on the feeds.” It robs me of time and sleep, but it’s worth it:)

        You’re right about that BB15 comp…one to remember Cyril. I hope we get a good one tonight!

  6. Glad we’re actually guaranteed action on the feeds. CBS hasn’t been too keen on letting us watch this season.

  7. I’m really happy with it being an endurance comp to see who wins a spot back in the house, rather than just a carnival game where luck wins out.

    Coming back into the house is a big deal and the person who wants it the most should have the opportunity to earn it.

  8. So, we’ll see who comes back only if you have the feeds? Don’t have feeds, so I guess I’ll have to check back. Please post ASAP. I’m guessing it will be between Vic & Paulie. Interesting…. Or, we’ll have a long shot come back.

    • You can get a week free with the feeds. You should really check it out. It also helps this website.

  9. If it is endurance, James, Paul, Paul or Victor would have the edge. It seems they are trying to give the next HOH to whoever comes back in! What are the chances that the next HOH is endurance? I hope Victor does not win the battle back! Anything to throw a wrench in those plans.

  10. Watching Natalie and James on the live feeds disgust me more than Paul just calling Mĩchelle the c word I need to stop watching now I’m even disgusted with myself uggggh worst cast ever.

    • Paul called her that? See, I really want to like him. He’s totally likeable. But I hated his racially insensitive comments early on and that crap about Natalie that he started and fanned the flames on and now this? Paul, dang it.

  11. Seems like they’re really not going to be giving viewers much time to vote on the care package then, no?

  12. I can’t wait to see what happened between Paulie and Zakiyah. Will we have our first baby conceived in the BB or Jury House?

    • Paul got into it with Natalie and James, who are both proving to be not very bright. Also, a staged fight between Vic and Paul.

  13. Wow, Paul is SUPER loyal! (No sarcasm). Currently throwing himself under the bus to have a chance at saving Vic. Awesome stuff. REAL Big Brother. Also…can no longer stand Natalie.

    If Paul or Vic end up winning this whole thing, I’ll be very happy for them.

  14. Natalie and Michelle are so fooled by all of this, that they think Paul is actually voting Vic out, and Natalie’s telling Vic to go mend things with Paul to get his vote back!!

    LMAO!! I’m cracking up. I can’t believe this is actually happening

    • I can’t believe anyone would fall for that. If they’re really at each other, tell Paul he should be happy Vic is leaving and let that sit.

      Then just watch closely.

      Besides, Paul & Vic could/would make up next week.
      Paul & Corey – never.

      Dem girlz. Geez Louise.

  15. Just before fish, they may have finally convinced James to flip? This should be interesting!

    • If that happens, I hope they send James out the door. Nothing personal – Just dumb, dumb move on his part.

      • Couldn’t agree more.

        So let’s think this through James, Nat and Meech: Paul is now working with Nicorey AND doesn’t trust Vic anymore. But for some strange reason Paul is VTE Corey and keeping Vic in the game (who openly said he’s coming after Paul). But you three still think Paul and Vic aren’t working together??? Wow.

      • Exactly. Even if it was real – between the 5 of them, they can’t beat Paul and get him out next? They have to have Vic to do it? Then who gets out Vic?

        Let Paul be a jerk and make himself the biggest target in the house. At least everyone else gets a weeks reprieve. Turn the tables on him. Tell him he can’t be mad at you – You’re mad at him. Make him a HN. Eat crap. Ha!
        Fine Paul – You’re right. Don’t worry – Well evict Vic tonight so that’s one less person coming after you right?

        And James “what if” someone did return? Prolly Paulie? You really want Paul/Paulie/Vic all there together? How long you think that “madness” will last?

        The timing of it all isn’t a clue?

        Sorry Janes but you deserve to go home if you fall for this. Sending home your ally to keep an enemy to get out another enemy. Dumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumb move for your game. This is Marcellas/Lawon level dumb! Hahahaha!

  16. If Victor and Paul pull this off, they need to be nominated for an Emmy! Unbelievable…I hope it works :)

    • Just hope that Paul is not going too far with this because Victor is the one that will pay.

    • I’d say it would be up there with Dan’s “funeral,” but not as good as Dan’s cast was smarter.

  17. Corey stripping last night, trying to be all schmoove – and Nicole in the middle of facing down Paul.

    “Are ya’ll fighting?”


    #awkward #WhenStrippingGoesWrong

  18. Paul is just proving what he said to them the other day, they really suck at this game.

    • And Natalie is bragging about how she is smarter than Paul, while he has her completely fooled. Lmao. I’m so hoping this works out.

  19. James is in a bad spot with Victor and Paul but Natelie is in a bad spot with Nicole and Corey. I don’t see any path in which Natelie and James are final 2 together especailly if Paulie comes back because Corey will run back to Paulie and Nicole isn’t strong enough to protect James. I really hope Victor stays and Corey leaves.

    • Yep, the writing is on the all with Jatalie. There’s pretty much zero chance they both survive the next two weeks.

    • I think each person will clean for themselves and everyone will use the HOH room. Vic wins and he shouldn’t allow anyone to use it while he’s HOH and make them clean it.

      • I have seen them wash their own dirty dishes and cup. They also wash their own clothes, but the beds are always messy and no one wants to clean the bathroom.

    • In all fairness. I saw James helping Victor clean sometime and they have showed James doing dishes and sweeping. On this site, they showed James was the one to unstop the drain and clean the shower when it had all that goop from the HOH completion clogging it. Not defending, but Corey and the girls are the only ones I have not seen cleaning, and Paulie when he was there. But by far, Vic has absolutely done the most cleaning. Good for him

  20. Victor won the last endurance comp, but Paulie and James threw it, so we will see how bad he wants to go back in. Paulie should start fake crying in the middle of it and lose.

    • I can’t speak for other comps, but Paulie was literally dying up there. He looked fatigued. He can claim how much he threw it, but he wouldn’t have went 10 more minutes. That’s why he dropped so quickly after Z did, because he was drained. IMO.

      • and just to reply to my reply… I meant, just this specific comp (Hangin’ Around rope comp) was hard for Paulie. He could probably win a Wall endurance comp. He’s not that tall, and I think he could beat other HGs this time.

      • Yep. He admitted after the comp that he was toast and couldn’t have lasted much longer.

  21. Some please explain-

    The live feeds are down now for jury battle back right or what?

    Wouldn’t make sense to have the HG know about jury battleback before the vote.

    • It’s my understanding that the comp will take place directly after the live show which will be around 7:00 PM BBT or 10:00 EST.
      BBAD is on @ 10:00 PM BBT or 1:00 AM EST.

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