‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Final Four Shifts Eviction Target

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds the Final Four alliance gathered to celebrate their good fortune this week on BB18 and prepare for the path ahead. The new Head of Household had set a target for the group but not everyone was on board so it was time for some persuasion.

Victor is getting messy on BB18

With Nicole and Corey controlling the majority of this week’s vote the choice would ultimately be in their hands but wanting to keep the F4 group working together they knew it was better to persuade than later ask forgiveness. It appears they pulled it off overnight.

Flashback to 10:15 PM BBT 9/3 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Victor is talking with Paul, Nicole, and Corey about their choice between sending Natalie or James out the door. Victor wants James gone and in good part because James voted him out. Victor also explains that he just doesn’t see Natalie as much of a threat to his game and really he’s right but that’s an individual position over the group’s.

Natalie would try to work with Victor if she stayed as she’s discussed with James. It’s not like she’d have any good options at that point but she feels it’s her best choice and that’s where she’d go for support. The rest of the group knows she’s obviously coming after them because who else and she’s very capable in comps.

We’re hearing all three of Nicole, Corey, and Paul advocating that Natalie is the better choice to evict since she’s been performing better in comps than James and they’re right. She’s been coming close repeatedly while James’s bread and butter comps are endurance ones like The Wall. They also point out that Natalie is getting more fired up to compete harder while James seems more like a broken man over his game falling apart. I’ll admit that they’re making a good case here.

Victor yields and agrees to go with the group on this one. He says they can vote out Natalie but he’s going to be so upset if he ends up on the Block and voted out by James because he let him stay in the game after having the opportunity to get him out.

Victor admits that he’s mostly just upset because he really wants James out on a personal level but knows they’re right that Natalie is a better option since she’s more of a threat. Victor is on board with the group to vote Natalie out.

They all agree that it’d be better not to tell them anything though. Victor had originally announced in his noms speech that James was his target and Natalie was just a pawn. They hope this way James might not study since he thinks he’s going. Then on top of that James will be befuddled heading in to the next HoH comp and be at a disadvantage.

Jump ahead to 10:45 PM BBT as Paul and Victor are left alone when Nicole and Corey leave. Paul wants to talk in private and discuss what’s best for the Sitting Ducks but you can tell he’s still pushing for Natalie to go. Victor continues to yield to the group’s want for Natalie to go. He’s on board with the decision and even suggests it’s good for the whole group since that’s what Corey and Nicole really want so they feel comfortable about the alliance. Victor is thinking ahead to next week when he’s potentially at their mercy and unable to compete for HoH.

So there we go. The new target for the week is Natalie and if things don’t flip again then she’ll be voted out 3-0 and Paulie will find himself with yet another woman in the Jury house. We’re still several days away from the next eviction but considering Nicole and Corey have long wanted Natalie out instead of James I don’t think they’re likely to change.

What do you think of the F4’s latest plan to go after Natalie and leave James behind? Is it the better move or will they end up regretting the choice once it’s official?


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  1. Paulie’s personal Hell will continue for another week. I’m sure he’s been secretly hoping one of his boys ends up at the jury house with him but no dice. Day, Z, Bridgette, the Big Meech and now Natalie….seems like he is paying for his crimes against humanity! Mwahahaha…..

    • Is it good or bad? I mean his “friends/allies” are still in the game and still have a shot of winning…

    • I hope so, however, that hinges on whether or not maxZ has again succumbed to her previous state of stupid and again shares a bed with the dirtbag.

    • Paulie showed his Gay tendencies while in the house and morphing into Paul Jr. I think with all of the collective hate of the Jury women and women in general, this might just push ole’ “Mr. Tighty Short Shorts” into full blown homosexual. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities for Paulie to go on the Frankie Grande Gay bar tour for $$$. after he wraps up BB.

  2. Victor and Paul have been playing a great game even though Victor has been giving chance after chance… so he doesn’t deserve it…on a personal level they are both scum and wish nothing but the worst for them and with that said everyone left sucks lol one of the worst seasons ever

    • Not too fast…Vic/Paul could be evicted. Game is not over, then it could be one of your best season ever.

    • I agree Jason! One of the worst BB seasons in history and some intelligent players should quickly see the pattern of Paulie bullying other HG’s. Having a HG’s ousted twice and still back in the game is very unfair and not heroic. Should next BB allow HG’s the chance to return 3 times next season?

      • Beastmode Cowboy, Zach, Jason. I was sad when Caleb was taking out of the Survivor game.
        Will came back a couple of times, Boogie unfortunately for us haters was back 3 and so was Janelle.

      • Especially a VET like Momma Braid who got evicted so fast her first season that obviously the Producers didn’t get enough of her DR. Boy how her fans and the producers love her spicy DR. Seems like this season on the broadcast shows that their has been more DR and especially scripted DR than ever.

      • As much as I love it I think I would quit watching. When they do that stuff it certainly looks like they want certain people to win. I would like it to go back to the old way. New people, food comps or competing for have-nots.

      • OMGosh, Brenda, don’t you know better than to say you would quit watching. You’ll stir a hornets nest. ;)

      • Nicole came back in her season and I was very excited about it. I wanted for her to win it even after getting evicted once. As long as the returnee plays a great game and keeps his or her self safe then I think it’s fair.

      • How is it fair? They were voted out, plan and simple. In Victor’s case voted out twice means that he was not playing a winning game. BB needs to stay out of the game and let them use strategy to survive. That is the only fair way to play the game. Remember this is a game, high stakes, no less. What other game can you play and go out and “win” a chance back into it? Not fair to all before him who played a good game to the end to get the prize. The problem is production does not have a good game plan to start with so they have to make it up as they go along. Check out other countries BB game to see what I mean. More entertaining and a lot fairer to the competitors.

      • Maybe being evicted twice means other players see how good a player you really are and they gang up and get those out. Also, how is it fair that you can be the weakest player (true floater) and be F2? Like we say at the racetrack: “That’s rac’n!” IMO, goes with the territory, not unfair.

      • Yep, you cross that finish line first, it doesn’t matter if you limped across, was pushed across, slid across, shoved somebody out of your way, or was going full speed ahead, you win. But unlike BB, cheating is not allowed….that is, if you get caught.;)

      • I agree Linda, this way it evens the odds that big guys like Victor aren’t always voted out in the first few weeks because of their athletic ability.

    • They all had the chance n he just won them both he deserves it n I think him or Paul deserve the win at this point, hopefully before the week is up they realize Natalie is better for a vote on their end over James he will side with Nicole n Corey which is why they want Nat out!

    • I like Victor but don’t care for Paul. He is is trying to run the games like Paulie did, tine for him to go!

  3. Voting out Natalie will only be good for Nicole and Corey. These guys are not thinking clearly.
    James will side with Nicole in a heartbeat and I think they have a secret deal together anyway, so of course she will come up with an excuse not to get rid of him.
    Natalie will be a third vote inside the house for Victor and Paul and they could get rid of the other side much easier.

    • At what point will james realize he made a pact with the devil? Does he really think Nicole will kick Corey to the curb? I hate that production fangled the end game.

    • And good for Paul. Paul and Natalie can’t stand each other. Smart to get rid of Natalie because she’s better at comps than James and has come in second in both mental and physical comps. If she stayed and won HOH I think Victor would be safe. But I think she would put up Paul and Nicole just for personal reasons. She’s jealous of Nicole. She even told James last night she wanted to be with Corey on day one. Too bad he shot that down. Ever since she’s gated Nicole.

      • I was so glad to hear Natalie finally admit that she was jealous of Nicole because of Corey. Must’ve made poor James feel like $hit though.
        So Natalie started the aggression against Nicole and not the other way around, since natalie admitted she was trying to get Corey to get rid of Nicole as Jozea instructed her to do.

      • What made her spill her guts to james in the first place? I missed that part.
        Was she punishing him for supposedly ‘ruining her game’? James was stunned and shaking his head like you said but how could he not understand that Victor and Corey were more desirable to the girls than he was?
        Natalie should never have done that to him. Some things are better left unsaid.

      • I don’t remember how it started. She was trying on clothes for James and they were talking about who was going. James said he was and Nat said she was. Then Natalie started talking about the first week and wanting Nicole out. Then she said she thought Corey was the cutest guy and started flirting with him and wanted him to help get Nicole out. James was shocked.

      • I think since Natalie knows it’s getting close to the end game for her, she is slowly trying to let James down easy. She opens up more each conversation about her future plans which don’t include James. he has even said for her to quit trying to break up with me. She has also said that she wants to focus on her future work after the show when he talked about them staying in touch with each after the show.

      • Well! Since Nat no longer needs James it time to throw him over the side. I was just reading about this at Jokers too. Nat saying she wanted to concentrate on her career after the show hint, hint. I suppose it’s good that she’s trying to let him down easy at least but let him down she will.
        I don’t get James at all. Why does he think some one like Natalie would be happy living in Texas with a boyfriend that was broke after paying his child support? Doesn’t he understand that for an ambitious gal like Natalie she would be miserable living his lifestyle.
        Why doesn’t James realize he really isn’t such a great catch for a romance.
        But his pitiful pleas of “Don’t break up with me” are so sad.
        I’m pretty sure he’ll be flying straight to NY after the show to ‘visit’ Nat.
        If she’s too mean to him she could lose a lot of fan support.

      • I truly don’t think he thought he had a chance until she gave him encouragement. It’s sad really, he seems like a decent guy.

      • It hasn’t been easy to watch James become ensnared in Natalie’s web that’s for sure. I wonder if he will stalk her after the show?

  4. Paul and/or Victor will be one or both final 2. Nicole and Cory have no chance of winning against either one of those two. Nicole was dumb for voting out Michelle over Paul. Paul and Victor are the most deserving but not very likable. Just my opinion

    • Yup. Bottom line is Nic/Corey have to win Final 4 veto and final 3 HOH to have a shot at 500k now. GL with that.

      • I see that happening.
        They have been winning now when it actually counts. Victor is not in charge anymore, Corey is. Not only does he have Veto, but him and Nicole have the majority of the votes.

    • Victor needs to wake up. He is all about agreeing with others and not thinking about his individual game. Paul is completely looking out for himself and using the rest for his benefit.

      • That is why Victor did not deserve two shots at coming back into the game. He is not a good strategist or game player. BB needs to stay out of the game and let those playing have a chance to use their strategy to win. I do not like Paul but he is playing a good game. Flexible and adapting when needed to stay in the game. Look how he moved in on Nicole/Corey when needed to stay safe. He was not on the same side most of the game but he adapted when needed.

      • I agree with you there. Victors last HOH he was going to put up girls until Paul told him to go after Paulie and Corey. Now this HOH he wants James gone but once again he’s doing what others want. He’s good at comps I’ll give him that. But not good at the game. Voted out twice doesn’t make you a very good game player. IMO.

      • I agree with you absolutely on BB staying out of the game. I would love to see a game with no returning vets and once evicted, stay evicted. One shot only unless it’s an All Stars season. Sadly I don’t see BB doing that, at least not often. It’s been the formula for several seasons now.

    • Michelle was gunning for Nicole and it would of been James, Natalie and Michelle after Nicole. They talked about it before Michelle was evicted. So I’d say she made a smart move. You don’t leave someone in the game that’s gunning for you.

    • Meech and James were plotting to get NIC out and it only takes two votes so if she left Meech in then she wouldn’t be around to win anyway

  5. IF James stays then look for him and Nicole to be F2. They had a deal since day 1. James will vote with Nicole and Corey if 1 of them wins HOH. Paul and Victor are screwed next week if Paul doesn’t win HOH.

    • Brenda James is going stay natalie is going to be evited 3 to 0 vote . The wrong person won Hoh this week should have been Corey. If Corey was Hoh and say victor was pov winner noms stay the same James would be going because paul and victor would both be voting out James and nicole would be voting out natalie

      • Oh I know that. My point was Victor said he didn’t want to regret letting him stay. He will regret it, because Nat would have worked with him and Paul. James won’t.

      • To a degree, Natalie is more of a threat over James game wise. On a personal level, just as with Michelle, James is a bigger threat to Victor and only Victor at this time unless he has his eyes set on Paul which could happen.

      • I disagree with you wrongway Willie about natalie being a bigger threat is because James has thrown every comp which he could have won 5 or 6 of those comps

      • Nope I don’t believe that. He might of thrown 1 or 2 but that’s it. He’s just trying to make himself look better by saying that.

      • Hard to say at this point who James would be willing to work with. It could go either way.

      • sorry I am still not sure on that. I think he will work with whoever has the agenda he has that week.

      • I think there is a chance James will work with Vic. Vic has a lot of Nicole anti-James quotes in his pocket.

      • I would love to see Vic & James go at it for the prize. I think maybe with Nat gone James may actually play the dam game

      • Paul wants Natalie gone. So he would vote out Natalie along with Nicole. James would still stay.

      • If James won out that would piss off natalie because she would know he throw all the comps

    • Especially now that he realizes Natalie is not loyal by the mere fact she said she would not speak with him if he worked with nicorey.

  6. Natalie is getting screwed by making a big move when victor was voted out the 2nd time just to come back in. When James was Hoh he did what paulie wanted was frank out was a wussy move and natalie is now paying the price for James throwing comps. Now James will never have a chance with Natalie after the show because he is the reason she is getting evited over James .

    • I dis agree and agree with you at the same time. Yes, James has had his hand in her eviction but at the end of the day, it was her decision to put Victor on the block. Regardless of what James was telling her, she could have went the route of putting Corey up and Michelle could have put up Nicole. Now since Paul won the veto that week it would not have been used and more than likely Corey would have been voted out and then Paulie would have been the one to come back. Of course with Victor winning this HOH, Paulie would be back up on the block and would would have won the Veto wouldn’t have been Corey. Just food to think about.

      • Doesn’t it seem as if no one’s HOH was really their own.. other people have dictated the game, which seems odd to me.

      • I was thinking about that this morning. All of the HOH’s seem to have been swayed once they set their target.

      • Not really. Nicole announced her target straight up. Didn’t try to backdoor. She wanted Jozea out and she put him up and he went. She wanted Michelle out she put her straight up and she went. She’s the only one that controlled her own HOH’s.

    • Themselves the breaks. It’s a part of the game. Victor earned his spit. He did not big, throw a comp, nor back stab anyone.

      He has cleaned the house behind oink, oink pigs.

      H’ll yeah, he deserves to win.

    • James never had a chance with Natalie – win or lose. He’s her sloppy thirds in the house, and he should have remained aware of that the entire game and played accordingly.

  7. So glad to see Victor has changed his mind about natalie and agreed to her going out next. His feelings are purely personal regarding James and understandable but if Nat some how managed to get to the end she could win over V or P in the finale since the jury is mainly female.
    Good work Nicole for making the guys do what’s best for your game – I see you learned from Paulie. You not only kept friendship and harmony in your alliance but removed your biggest enemy in the process. If you can keep winning comps you can might it to finale night yet :D

    • Nicole did not learn from Paulie; if anything, it was the other way around. Nicole’s on her second rodeo, and played this time around pretty much the way she played the first time around. Paulie’s problem is that he didn’t choose one way to play and stick with it; he tried Derrick’s way combined with everybody else’s way, and that’s what clogged up his game and led to his demise.

      • How do we know if Nicole learned that move from Paulie or not?
        We don’t; but that was my way of comparing her game move to paulie’s similar game move, except it cost paulie the game due to the way he handled the same situation.
        Paulie’s alliance turned on him when he wouldn’t bend, while Nicole’s charm and social game got her what she wanted.
        That was never supposed to mean that paulie and Nicole are playing the same game, but that that particular move was similar to Paulie’s.
        Sorry for the confusion.

      • No confusion – and certainly no apologies necessary. My point was that Nicole’s game play this entire season predated Paulie’s by two seasons.

      • I know, but what did that have to do with my above comments? You’ve lost me here Grace.
        Once again, I was not comparing Nicole and Paulie’s gameplay at all, but that the particular move that Nicole used last night to get Natalie evicted is the same type of move Paulie used this season – making others do what is great for their own individual game.
        I’ll well aware that Nicole is a vet too :D

    • I’m not so sure that Gnat would win over Vic or Paul because the jury is mainly female. She would most likely have Bridget and Meeche’s vote as well as James but I don’t believe that D’Avonne would vote for her and Z will vote the same way as D’Avonne. D’Avonne had said in an eviction interview that she was pulling for Vic and Paul. Can’t believe that Day would be impressed with Gnat’s reliance/using James to get further in the game. None of Paulie, Nicole, Corey would vote for her over Victor or Paul. I would see her getting 3 votes against Vic or Paul. Her best chances would be against Nicole, Corey and maybe James.

      • Except I do not see Paulie voting for Victor to win since he was the one that had him evicted.

      • I want to agree with you so bad here, I just have no idea of how he would vote for the winner.

      • I can see why you think that way Willie, especially after paulie’s week long eviction week tantrum.
        Paulie is a bad sport by all means but to show sour grapes by not voting for Victor would show to the world what a bad sport he is and I hope he has enough sense not to make a fool of himself when voting time comes.
        It would be nice to see him graciously recognize that he got outplayed by Victor.

      • Maybe just living in the jury with all of those females has woken up his sensitive (female) side. Can you imagine?

      • LOL. You are giving Paulie way too much credit. He doesn’t care what the world thinks of him. In his mind he will be right, and everyone else will be wrong.

      • Sure he does. A man with that much ego and narcissism wants to be well thought of by everyone :D

      • I do not think that Paulie has a conscious. His behavior mimics every sociopath that I have ever met. He does not care what others think. He is never in the wrong and feels that his “victims” deserve what they are getting. That became more than obvious to me when he was being told how awful his behavior was in the BB house by most of his “victims” in the jury house. He just shrugged it of and ignored it. His vote in the end will be decided purely by who he thinks deserves it in his mind. It does not matter how they played the game.

      • I don’t think Paulie will be bitter and still vote for one of the guys. If Corey is in the F2, then that’s where his vote will go. Taking Natalie or Corey is the best move for Victor and he should try to save her this week.

      • Zak would definitely NOT vote for Nat so her close friend Day might not either I agree.
        Oh yes, Natalie would do best to work with Nicorey but she dislikes Nicole so much (and the feeling is probably mutual) it would take a miracle for that to happen.
        Nat is so focused on revenge and getting out one or the other of Nicorey which is purely emotional and not a reasonable plan of action. She wouldn’t deserve to win if she did go after Nicorey for personal reasons.
        No doubt Nat would go over to Victor and help his game
        But that’s why this move by Nicole is so great. she managed to make Victor agree to a move that wasn’t good for his game. Otherwise, Nicorey would’ve had to go against Vic’s wishes and lose his trust.

      • Nicole took out Michelle because Michelle was the only person in the house that wanted Nicole out for only personal reasons.
        If by chance Michelle had won a comp in the last few days Nicole would be a goner.
        I think she made the right move to get out over-emotional, train wreck, Michelle and her irrational way of playing BB.

      • Strictly a game move. Michelle was trying to ruin her game in any way possible so the best move for Nicole was getting rid of her – even if she didn’t care for the woman.
        Nobody in the house is after Nicole except for Michelle and Nat. Nicole should have both of them out by Thursday and she can breathe easy to the end.

      • From Victors’s view, James has proven he wants Victor gone. If Victor’s target is James (like it was) that’s not personal, that’s also a game move. Therefore, Vic shouldn’t be backing down on getting James out.

      • Victor said he realized last night that Nat was more dangerous and needed to go next but he was making an emotional decision to get out James since James had gotten him out before.
        I don’t blame Vic or anyone being resentful toward someone that evicted them at all. At least Victor admitted his decision was based on emotion and not a good decision after the other 3 pointed it out to him.
        Getting Natalie out is strategic, getting james out is personal imo.
        Victor’s decision to put them on the block was both strategic and emotional.

      • I know, and that’s why NIcole getting Victor to do what’s best for her game instead of his game is great strategy imo.

      • So you think Nicole should have kept Michelle in the game, even though Michelle had been threatening to evict Nicole ever since the Day eviction that MIchelle was never able to come to terms with?
        Would that have been a strategic move to wait around till Michelle got rid of her?
        I’m not sure why this is so difficult to understand.

      • Strategic is getting out someone that’s after you. Which Nicole did. Personal is targeting someone because you’re mad at them because they didn’t tell you they’re voting Day out. Which is what Michelle was doing. For being a super fan she sure sucked at the game.

      • Nope Nicole took her out for strategic reasons. Why the hell would Nicole leave someone in the game that has been gunning for her? Just the night before eviction James, Nat and Michelle were talking about going after Nicole next. She made a smart move. James and Nat would never put Michelle up or vote her out and they clearly stated that.

      • On the same note…why the hell would Victor leave James in the game when he has proven he is gunning for him? That’s my point.

      • Exactly. Victor doesn’t have a backbone. He did what Paul wanted his first HOH. And he’s doing it again. That’s where I said Nicole is playing the best game. She has gotten out everyone that has targeted her. Either by her own nominations or her own persuasion to other people. This is what’s best for her game because she knows Natalie will target her and probably has a better chance at winning HOH then James. Your comment was Nicole evicted Michelle for personal reasons. Which I disagree with. You didn’t say anything about Victor leaving James in the game.

      • So do I LG considering how many people were trying to get rid of her from the beginning.
        She outlasted Frank and Day and all the Jozea devotee’s that decided she was a snake for playing a good game. I hope she’s the last vet player standing.

    • She’s played a great game and deserves to be in the F2. But I don’t think she learned from Paulie. She’s played strategic from day one and is always planning ahead. She’s one of the only ones that has played her own game. Although Paulie was playing a good game until he got so arrogant and thought he could control everyone.

      • Nicole is playing a great game and she’s been doing everything right here lately.
        I think I’m going to edit my above comment since I didn’t express it the way I should have.
        I didn’t think Nicole learned anything from Paulie either, but that the move she made was the same as Paulie’s way of making others do what was best for him.
        So glad Natalie finally admitted her jealousy issues with Nicole and that she was working to get Nicole out from the beginning since Jozea told her too.

  8. Is Victor making the right decision here? Some say yes and some say no. I think game wise, it is in his best interest to keep James. He should also let James know he will stay right before the eviction so he can secure James to his side of the final four so they can get Nicole or Corey out. Him and Paul should take James to the F3 only because they think or know they can beat him in a comp, the same way they can beat Corey. It will be all about the jury votes from this time forward. Now as for the jury votes, I feel at this time it can go anyway the wind blows. So many unhappy players in Jury that feels none of these people deserve the money.

    • Do you think Victor taking Paul to the end is a wise choice? I personally want Victor and not Paul to win.

      • I think Victor taking Paul to the end is a risk – a $450,000 risk for both of them. It’s so much better going into F2 if one player is obviously stronger (and more deserving) than the other. At least for me it would be; I don’t like surprises. LOL

      • I think either Victor or Paul should take a weaker player to the F2, even if that person is James. Then let the votes fall where they lay.

      • Everyone other than Victor and Paul are weaker players so taking any of them is a wise choice. I do worry about the jury voting for Nicole. I remember Da’vonne saying she was playing a great game and may give Nic her vote. I think Natalie or Corey are the best ones to take for a sure thing.

      • There are enough women in the jury to band together and vote for a woman just because of gender – the heck with game play. And so be that, if that’s what it is. I would hope the jurors don’t vote that way, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Would hope not. I have to have more faith in women than that, there are some strong minded women in the Jury

      • I hope they don’t vote that way either … Sort of like how they banded together during the game … not.

      • Depending on what the comp is, anyone of them left in the house can be a weak player. Some comps are easier for some and harder for the others.

      • I thought the year Nicole played it wasn’t and I want to say last years first part of three wasn’t either but then again this old feeble mind of mine can and does wander.

      • Really? Don’t you miss the days of real alliances like Chill Town and the Brigade? Why are so many BB players and fans so eager to take the weak player to the F2? I completely believe that Boogie would have kept his ride or die partner Will had Janelle not evicted him in the F4 veto… Just like Cody did with Derrick, yeah he lost, but Cody said if he couldn’t beat Derrick fair and square then he didn’t deserve to win! I completely agree with that.

        You know, Corey said one smart thing this entire summer that I completely agree with (yes, I know shocking huh?? lol) But he said “to be the best, you have to beat the best” and I think BB used to be like that in seasons past, but not so much anymore. I would really like to see that come back. Perhaps if Hg were not rewarded for coasting through the game by being taken to the F3…maybe BB would have HG that actually compete all season rather than coasting or floating along… That is just my opinion of course.

      • A lot of the players aren’t playing “to be the best”. They are playing to win 500k. That means you take a weaker person to f2.

      • But Grace if players were not rewarded for coasting along in a season…if they were forced to play harder and not lay in bed all season…
        Don’t you think the game would be better for the fans all season long?

      • I get that, but as players and fans…we complain about BORING seasons and boring HG who lay in bed all day, right?? Well, my point is this…if it was not beneficial to play BB in such a fashion anymore, players would play the game differently. If players did not take “weak” players to the F2, then HG would play harder. That is the point I am trying to make.

      • I thought Nicole said it but Corey and Nicole are one in the same. Getting back to the weak player. Would Victor take Paul over a weak player? I say more than likely he would. I doubt seriously that Paul would take Victor over a weak player.

      • Yeah, but if you really want to be the best, you should beat the best. That is just my opinion, but when you have a ride or die, you should honor that. I think Boogie would have taken Will to the end in season 7 if Janelle had not evicted him. And I think we can all agree if Boogie had taken Will, Dr. Will would have 2 BB wins under his belt and not just one. Would Boogie have regretted that decision, possibly, but when a player has a strong ride or die alliance that everyone knows about, if they dishonor that by backstabbing their ride or die, then the jury could turn b/c of the lack of loyalty and honor. Kind of like what happened to Dan in season 14. IMO, Dan played a better game than Ian, however, b/c he had played so fast and loose with his word and had spilled so much BB blood…the jurors did not want to see him win. So Ian won, when Dan had actually played the better game. The same could be said in season 3 when Danielle faced Lisa. Danielle had played a hand in many evictions saying “it was just business” but she made a lot of enemies along the way. Paul has made some enemies, but if he backstabs Victor, I truly think his shot at winning will be gone. If Vic backstabs Paul, he might not get as much hate, but Victor’s own code would not let him do that… and that is my observation on it.

      • OK, so does “beating the best” necessarily mean the best has to be sitting next to you in the other chair at F2? Just thinking about last season – Vanessa was arguably “the best player” (not my opinion, but seemingly the majority’s), but it took Steve to evict her at the end, since no one else had the guts to do it earlier. Wouldn’t that singular move by Steve make him the best player? Isn’t the best player (in the end) the one who wins?

      • Grace that is my point exactly. Steve took out Vanessa by a fluke win in the F3. If he had been sitting next to her in F2 he would have lost. He should have still lost. Liz had not done much of anything all season, but she did more than Steve. Steve taking out the best player should not have earned him the win. Had he taken Vanessa with him and still won, now that would have been impressive.

      • Victor and Paul are the ride or die duo to beat this. If given the choice Victor will take him but to say it is a wise choice well, lets just say it will be an interesting choice.

      • It’s a choice that will give Dr. Will the best debate possible between jury members, that is for sure! :)

      • At this point, I think Vic and Paul are ride or die. Kind of like Cody and Derrick…if either one of them backstab the other, the jurors might vote against the backstabber just because…

      • I do like the idea of seeing the two ‘newbies’ (Vic/Paul) make it to the end…I think it’s neat.

      • Will he maybe? Wise no. Paul is the only one in my opinion with a shot to beat Victor. I agree I prefer Victor over Paul.

      • I do too, but I agree, Paul is probably the one player left that can make an argument that could beat Vic… He’s survived aligning himself with huge targets (Josea-Paulie), he’s been OTB 5 times so far and never evicted and has played a great social game. On the other hand, Victor has been evicted twice, but he’s come back each time. That works both in his favor as well as against b/c BB purists think he should’ve been gone in his first eviction while others think he deserves it b/c of the heart he’s shown to battle back. IMO, these two are the ones who deserve to be sitting in the F2, but who wins…? That might be left up to whoever Dr. Will endorses! ;)

      • That would make the most interesting F2 – and exactly for the reasons you mentioned. Both Vic and Paul have very interesting resumés to bring to F2 and, like you said … the votes could be pretty much be a crapshoot.

      • Exactly. The one edge I think Vic has over Paul is Victor is a nice guy. I can’t think of anyone who really dislikes Victor. Whereas Natalie and Michelle seriously do not like Paul. Moreover, where Nat’s vote goes so does Jamesies’ lol! Those 3 votes could easily swing the vote in Vic’s favor if P&V find themselves in the F2 in the finale.

      • BB Purists/super fans never like ‘battle back twists’ However in Vic’s case, they also realized the battle to get back in the game was not easy, and fans/Purists found themselves rooting for Vic. His popularity soared.

      • Agreed. However, there are a few out there who still think he should have been gone on his 1st eviction and that is a case Paul could make. I am not one of those believers…I think Vic should win it b/c he has played this game with huge heart, he’s kept it classy (no ugly scenes on eviction night) and he’s been loyal and a straight shooter. IMO…he is the most deserving.

      • Agreed. Though I think Victor’s edge is that he is nicer than Paul, I think Paul upset more jury members

      • Me too. Although, I think he might endorse Paul b/c of the clever social game Paul has played…it’s reminiscence of Will himself. Think about it: nominated a bunch of times, but never evicted… attaching himself to the power center of the house, making eviction decisions, all the while not winning many comps. Sound familiar? It should. It’s the strategy Dr. Will himself used when he won BB 2. Paul is doing a pretty darned good job of imitating it. The one thing he (Paul) lacks however, is Will’s charm. Paul irritates people where Will charmed them. Could make a huge difference. :)

      • Haha! I wonder if Dr. Will will return to rig the jury this year? just kidding.
        If he can get the jurors to think rationally instead of emotionally (ahem, Michelle) we could have the first female winner of BB since Rachel. :D

      • Both of them have a shot. I don’t think it’s predictable where the Jury goes. Paul is articulate and knows how to argue. Actually both of them are. Vic can be emotional and likable when he talks,..which is good.

      • Paul’s articulation can also be a huge turnoff. He would definitely need to tone it down to get them to listen, first of all, if he is a F2.

      • That’s true too….If he wins couple of more comps, he could just let it go, no toning down.ha!..btw, he needs to win the next HoH for their survival.

      • Yes, he does, and I think it will take Divine intervention for that to happen. For some reason, I don’t think God is watching BB.

      • I agree that they both have a shot. That’s why I don’t think Victor should take Paul to the end or Paul taking Victor to the end if they want to win. If either V/P in the end against anyone else they win. The best would having V/P final as the jury could go either way.

      • If I was Vic I wouldn’t take Paul, or if I was a player, I wouldn’t any of them, but as a fan, I would like to see both of them up there.

      • I predict that Paul has at least a 55% chance of winning against Victor because he made sure to stay friendly with all of the evicted HGs, even apologizing to Michelle before she left. Always made sure to butter kiss in his goodbye messages. Paul has definitely watched more seasons than he is letting on. He knows how to play this game and I think Da’vonne is the only Juror who he nominated.

    • IDK Willie, I think a lot of the jurors would vote for Victor to win. Da’ already said she would. Bridgette has no animosity for him. Meech was mad at him when she left, but that was b/c she felt he ignored her during her final week in the house; those kind of feelings go away pretty quick. Paulie might still be upset, but I think Paulie being Paulie would rather say he lost to a physical beast like Vic than to someone like James or Nicole. JMO, but I think Vic could easily swing many jury votes his way if he is in the F2.

    • I can see why Victor would want to get rid of Corey after Nat due to his size and athletic ability, especially since Vic will need to be a comp beast form here on out to survive.
      Bringing james or Nicole with him would probably be his best move.

  9. In your opinion does anyone think that Corey is one of the most boring houseguest of all times

  10. This is the miracle I been waiting for. With Natalie gone James can get fired up to play the game. If the HOH is endurance and James wins they all will be kissing his butt.

    • You’re so right there Alyce and I would love to see james try to win it all so he can earn the true love of Natalie and help his baby daughter through out her life.

      • You think James winning it all would earn the true love of Natalie? If Natalie stayed with him at all, it would be till either he ran out of money, or put all the money in a college fund for his daughter. Natalie couldn’t care less about James.

      • Ah, I should have added that comment was written in ‘being facetious’ font :D
        Sad to say I agree that james is being used here and the sooner he’s away from Nat the better.
        The only way Nat will stick with James is if they get invited to play TAR.

      • No way would Gnat last TAR and I can’t even imagine James being able to put up with the type of maintenance she would need on that kind of trip.

      • Only a saint could tolerate high maintenance Nat I agree. I feel sure she’ll use James to get any kind of publicity possible :(

      • Yeah, I think she’s like a pitbull when it comes to what she wants – never lets go til it’s hers, then drop it like a rock.

      • I was thinking of that very same word ‘leech’ when describing Natalie. She’s sucking the very blood and life force out of James and he’s become a zombie.
        I can’t wait to see his face on eviction night when Nat goes.
        Please BigBrother, let us have a real blindside just once this season!!

      • There’s another word as well…Vampire, and despite how TV and movies portray them…having the blood sucked out of a person is not sexy!! LOL!
        I don’t think anyone is going to say anything, however, I hope Victor tells James and the ONLY reason I say this is b/c I want Vic to get James on his side so that if james won HOH he would put Paul up instead of Vic in their alliance. :)

      • I’ll be glad when the current vampire craze is over with , I don’t find them sexy in the least lol.
        You could be right about Victor and James, either that or James is going to play with pure emotion and start a vendetta to get rid of Victor for evicting his true love Natalie.
        Maybe the DR can talk sense into him but he seems pretty far gone at this point.

      • You know what, I actually do not see Victor as james’ targert should he win HOH. I honestly think it will be Paul and Corey (even tho Nat instructed him to go for Nicole). James has said he likes Victor and compares himself to Victor in that they are both “straight shooters”. IDK about this b/c James has broken his word on more than one occasion, however, the fact that he feels this way says he likes Victor. I honestly believe the real reason James wanted Victor gone was b/c Victor was Natalie’s first choice as a showmance. She even said it last night. She said she liked Corey on the fist day, but quickly turned her attention to Victor after she got to know him. It was Victor that put a brakes on any showmance ideas, not Natalie, therefore, IMO, James was intimidated by that and wanted Vic gone; i.e., if Vic is gone, Natalie could never turn her attention back that way, right? Like I said, JMO, but think about it…

      • That mysterious romance that occurred between Victor and Nat before the feeds began leaves a lot open for speculation doesn’t it?
        If Natalie was flirting with all the other guys as well, Victor must’ve known she would be detrimental to his game if he were jealous all the time.
        I believe Nat still wants victor and that’s why she wants Nicole gone next.
        All of this had to have made james feel so uncomfortable and was probably the reason he tried so hard to get Vic out.

      • Hahaha! As if India! You’re so funny. I’m assuming you’re not at all serious right now! However, if they keep James, I hope he takes out Paul or Corey and then a wild ride of BB could actually begin! :)

      • You get me TGJ :D I love you sense of humor too.
        That was just wishful thinking for poor ol’ James, I still kinda feel sorry for him.
        Wouldn’t it be so nice if he would turn into a beast of destruction once Nat leaves and fights his way to the end? Oh well, we can only hope :D

      • LOL! I figured you were acting out! ;)

        Okay so India… Nat’s final instructions to James last night were… If he (James) stays he needs to nominate Nicole and Paul if he wins HOH. He’s utterly whipped by her, but it’d be interesting to see if he follows orders after she’s gone! ;)

      • Since Natalie could never get revenge on Nicole she’s now instructing James to get revenge in her place. Talk about emotional players – she’s turning into the worst.
        It doesn’t even matter in the least to her that getting rid of Nicole is not jamesy’s best move at all.
        I believe Nicole could win over Corey or James at finale night and James might be able to win over Corey.

      • I think so too. Vic and Paul have already agreed they are taking her to F3 instead of Corey. I think she would take Vic as well, reason being, I think Nicole sees Paul as the HUGE threat he is. Yes, he has not won a lot of comps, but hello…? neither did Dr. Will and he is touted as being THE BEST BB player of all time. I would not mind seeing Vic sitting next to Nicole on F2…but then you know, Vic is my fave and I think he would beat her! ;)

      • YES! I didn’t know Vic and Paul had made a final 3 or not so I’m so glad to hear this.
        Victor and Nicole are my favorites too and I want them to reach finale night together. I don’t think Nicole can win over him though.

      • I agree. If Nicole is next to Vic or Paul I think she loses. Against any of the others she has a good chance.

      • Yes, she does. Cody actually picked her as being in the F2 this season. I would love to see her and Vic in the F2 b/c I think Nicole has made herself underestimated all season b/c she is a returning vet. Granted, I was not happy that she spent so much time “cuddling” with Corey, but she still managed to get out of bed to make alliances and/or save her (and Corey’s) butt when she needed to. I would have liked to have seen her show herself a bit earlier as being the little comp beast we all know she can be, because that would have made for good BB TV, but I understand her game play. She had a target on her back the minute she revealed herself. Nicole is good at comps, I want to see her competing against the best players, not her showmance, who she has (at times) carried in this game. Just my opinion.

      • I agree. I wouldn’t mind if Corey went at F3 or 4. The only thing if she sits next to James or Corey I think she wins. If she’s next to Vic I’m sure she’ll lose.

      • Earlier in the season Nicole tried to play hard and tried to work with Frank on the side. That blew up in her face and Frank and Day did everything they could do to ruin her game.
        She survived that and decided to lay low for awhile –
        a good strategic move if not exactly exciting to watch lol.

      • Yeah, they discussed it after Natalie made her speech to them. They genuinely like Nicole and (as we’ve discussed India) we both think Vic is crushing a bit on her…however, I think one of Nicole’s biggest assets with the guys is this: she is a bit of a tomboy and I think Nicole genuinely gets along better with guys than she does girls. Reason being is that most girls make judgements based on emotion, I do not see Nicole doing that a lot. Look at Michelle, she HATED Bridgette and the reason for that: b/c Frank liked Bridgette better than Meech! I mean seriously, really?? Nicole doesn’t make those kinds of judgements and that is why guys like her. At least that is my opinion.

      • Since Nicole lived on a farm all her life she does seem more down to earth than the other female HG’s this season.
        Maybe they couldn’t relate to her and her old fashioned values she was taught growing up.
        They dehumanized her by calling her a snake and felt righteous in their hatred of her since she was a snake.
        Thank goodness we aren’t living in Medieval times or they would be delighted to see her burn.
        The best thing that can happen for Nicorey is for him to go on a comp run to keep them safe.
        I would love to see Corey lose to Nicole and he would since he’s considered well off financially and doesn’t need the money.

      • I think she just seems more comfortable around guys…perhaps it is b/c she feels validated by the attention they give her or perhaps it is b/c guys aren’t as catty as women and Nicole seems to have a problem with that kind of stuff. I’m not sure, but I do think that she just generally relates better with men, so therefore, men treat her as one of the guys and that can pi$$ off women like Natalie, who are used to being the center of attention b/c of their looks. Just my opinion, but I hope Corey gets voted out and Vic/Paul and Nicole make it to the F3.

      • I don’t think it’s true love but I think they might remain friends. I can’t see Natalie hooking up with a man that has prior obligations to a child, he is not uppity enough for her.

      • Natalie would probably be jealous of any attention James shows his daughter. It would take the focus off of her.

  11. I hope at the pov ceremony James blows up his own game for natalie and does the same thing michelle did and calls nicole a snake and tells Corey and Nicole if you keep me am just going to come after you too and am wanting a final 3 with Paul and victor not you nicole or corey.

    • There’s nothing James can do. He’s a sitting duck regardless. This final 4 of nicorey, vic and Paul is solid af. I bet James will want nothing more than to join Natalie in jury!

  12. I think Natalie will want James to work with Victor and Paul, but at the same time I think James will go back to Nicole

      • Actually that’s not a smart move… because if Nicole or Corey win next week’s HOH, Paul is going on the block and Victor will likely be sitting next to him…

      • Why would Nicorey want James out next since they have superior numbers over Pictor with him on their side?

  13. It’s definitely the best strategy for them going forward, and I’m not just saying that because I’m sick of Nat-Nat’s constant whining. But she is much better in the comps than James is, which could screw them if Nat-Nat were to win HOH next week. Safer to get her out now.

    • I agree with you that Natalie has been better than James in competitions…which is really pathetic for James because I don’t think Natalie has been very good at all. I also agree I’m sick of her whining.

    • Gnat played James pretty good, but I think James played most everyone with his act of not being allied with Dingus all season. When she was the HOH, James manipulated Gnat, with the help of production, to work with Dingus & Doofus. Gnat went from a giggleganger who only wanted to make it to jury, to feeling more confident and playing the game. I give it to Gnat, but definitely not by a knockout.

  14. I think that nicoreys whole game move on this is to get James to team up with them next week so they will have three against two cuz you know James won’t got with Vic and Paul. If Vic and Paul were really smart they’d work it in their plan now to tell James hey bud we are gonna shift the target to nat so we can work with you next week and try to pick James up before nicorey can.

    • Right, it would be best for James to work with Nicorey since there’s no way he could beat Pictor at the end.
      BUT, Natalie gave him orders to get out Nicorey so he’ll do what she wants instead.
      I hope something can be done about James’s advanced state of being brainwashed though. :D

      • He got real upset with Natalie for saying she wouldn’t talk to him again if he worked with Nicorey. So I think that was his plan all along. If he wasn’t planning to work with them it probably wouldn’t have mattered that she said that. For whatever reason ( pre game alliance or not ) both James and Nicole definitely feel protective of each other. They’ve both looked out for each other throughout the game.

      • My computer is acting crazy and I don’t know if I replied to your comment yet but here I go again
        I read where Nat said that to him and I don’t think she meant for that to be taken literally at all and was spoken in anger.
        Of course James will work with Nicorey and not Pictor so it was wrong for her to interfere and give him bad advice just to be spiteful toward Nicorey.
        Also, last night when they were in bed James put his hand on Natalie’s knee and she brushed it off saying she didn’t like PDA’s.
        He seems to be getting on her frayed nerves right now.

  15. Send Natalie out? Okay, I’m done. Someone just tell me when Corey gets sent packing then I’ll watch again. Bye for now.

    • Empty threat and you know it. We hear it every year, and every year no one ever follows through. BB is just too addictive.

      • Believe me, saturn, there are people who are capable of breaking addictions and many too wise to ever become an addict. :)

      • True, and I’d never make light of something like that, so I’m sorry if that offended anyone. I really was just talking about the fact that people threaten to stop watching every season and never do.

      • No, seriously. I stopped watching and will only come back on finale night or after Corey gets evicted. Among the remaining houseguests, he’s the only one I who doesn’t deserve to win in my opinion.

        “BB is just too addictive.” Yes. Yes, it is.

      • No, seriously. I stopped watching and will only come back on finale night or after Corey gets evicted. Among the remaining houseguests, he’s the only one who doesn’t deserve to win in my opinion. -_-

        “BB is just too addictive.” Yes. Yes, it is.

      • OMG Corey’s going out tonight! <3 (I still follow this blog. I just don't want to see Corey in my screen again. -_-)

  16. tonight your going to watch victor beat natalie in the Hoh chicken wire comp when victor actually got help from nicole by nicole giving natalie broken eggs

    • What are you talking about? Are you joking or being serious here, b/c how could you possibly know that Nicole gave Natalie broken eggs? I mean seriously…not even Natalie complains about this situation you speak of, and Natalie complains about EVERYTHING!

  17. I can see both sides of this. For Victor’s game personally, I think keeping Natalie would be best for him b/c Natalie likes him and will align herself with him, however, Victor is a loyal person. He will not turn his back on an alliance like that and will do what is best for the group as a whole. For Nicole’s game getting Natalie out is best b/c Natalie does not like her or Corey. I can only hope that voting Nat out this week will not come back to bite Victor!

    • If it was up to victor natalie would be safe because at the beginning of the season victor was not really nice to natalie that’s when she went to James and when victor was evited natalie let him have it in her goodbye speach about not being nice to women when he came back natalie told victor am sorry and are really close now like a brother and sister relationship.

      • Um…that is not exactly true. Do you watch the Live Feeds? I’m asking b/c how you described that is not how it went down…

        In the beginning of the season Natalie really liked Victor and he liked her too, but he didn’t give her enough attention and put the brakes on any kind of showmance with her…that is when she turned to James. As a matter of fact, Natalie actually liked Corey first, then Victor and then James…if you want to get real technical. Natalie’s dislike of Victor for a bit there was b/c he rejected her (in her eyes-FYI Victor does not see it as so melodramatic) and while she has since gotten over it, I would not call them close like brother and sister.

        Truth be told, Victor was actually closer to Michelle and (before he was betrayed two weeks ago) wanted to take Meech to F3 with him and Paul.

  18. Am starting to think that big brother is a sexist show because no female winner yet again

    • There’s been at least 5 female winners in the show’s history just off the top of my head. It isn’t the show’s fault that so many women don’t play well enough to win.

      • Grandpa i remember rachel season last female winner . Remember that guy Lawton thought had some type of super power was evited and 1 of the 1st 5 players who were evicted had a chance win a challenge to get back into the game it was a online poll that had Dominic winning the online poll but had rachel future husband Brendon unstead fixed then he gets evicted again first member of the jury which rachel won by 1 vote fixed. Then with 6 players left Porsche was Hoh and noms were rachel and Jordan and Porsche opened Pandora’sBox for the pov comp and Rachel was going to be evited over jordan dual twist saved them both another fix by production

  19. Everyone knows that production influences the game for example natalie hoh she was going to put up nicole and Corey and production had her target paul and victor instead is why Michelle was co hoh so victor would get evited and bring him back as part of the jury buyback twist then had paul and victor fake a fight to just go to nicole and Corey to turn on natalie and James. It’s so obvious that was all production .

  20. Nicole and Corey thinks James will go with them on what they want! I don;t think so I believe he might go with Victor after the chaos last week!

    • Their game is over if they keep James. Hopefully, the tide will change again, but it’s impossible for James to go with core/Nicole voting natalie.

  21. People don’t realize that James and nicole have a final 2 deal before the season started that’s why nicole wants natalie out. If it’s true James played natalie as much as she played him.

  22. This is a smart move since obviously Natalie is a bigger threat than James. James is pretty much weak on his own and Natalie can alteast fight without him (contrary what her DR sessions say). So if they can cut Natalie and then James I think they might have a smoother final 4

  23. Nicole and production want loser james there so that’s what will happen. They want her in final two come hell or high water

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