‘Big Brother 18’ Aftermath: Did The Right Houseguest Win? [POLL]

Last night on the Big Brother 18 finale Nicole Franzel was crowned the season’s winner over Paul Abrahamian in a 5-4 Jury decision surprising many fans and even Julie Chen herself. What do you think of the results? Did the right Houseguest win Big Brother?

Julie Chen reveals the final key on BB18

After watching through a tight race for the past few weeks we saw things come down to just Nicole and Paul for the season’s F2 after Paul won his fourth straight competition to deliver him the deciding vote where he eliminated James Huling. A few minutes later he may have regretted that choice.

The final Jury vote was as close as it can get with Nicole pulling off the win by one key, but that’s all it takes and she became the first woman to beat a male competitor on finale night. So what of the outcome? Was this the right move by the Jurors, a clumsy mistake by Paul, or just an all round flub that benefited Nicole to the tune of a half million dollars?

I expected the vote to be tight but seriously thought Paul would pull off the win even in the final moments. When I saw James vote for Paul I started to think things were going to shift more in his favor but then Natalie decided to go for her “girl power” move after all and Da’Vonne surprised me most of all. That last vote decided it all and listening to the HGs later provided some interesting insight.

During the backyard interviews on the Live Feeds with Jeff we heard from several HGs, both Jurors and pre-Jury evictees, that Paul should have taken James for an overwhelming win. After seeing that Round Table segment that seemed obvious to us too, but there was no way for Paul to know what was said there. So what about the choice to go with Nicole for the win?

Host Julie Chen told Jeff that even she thought Paul had this win in the bag and was surprised by Nicole winning. She suspects Paul lost it during the Q&A session where neither of the F2 though a few HGs suggested minds were made up already by that point and the shift may have come during the Round Table talks.

When Jeff spoke with Frank they both expressed surprise over Paulie’s decision to vote for Nicole instead of Paul. I don’t know how they could possibly be surprised. You’ll remember Nicole was on season 16 with Paulie’s brother Cody. Cody and Nicole are good friends still and this was likely always Paulie’s plan to look out for his family friend. I’m confident that if Nicole was in the F2 then Paulie was going to vote for his friend from years before this season started.

Natalie confirmed to Jeff that her “dream came true” for a girl to win, something she expressed repeatedly in the season before abandoning that later on and suggesting she’d vote for Victor over Nicole if they were the F2. I can’t help but wonder if it mattered that it was Nicole or if any girl would do for that dream to be fulfilled.

So what about the one vote that decided it all? Da’Vonne explained to Jeff that while she would have voted for Paul over James she thought Nicole “played a hell of a game” and was actually surprised by how many votes Paul earned. Huhwhat? Day’s comments both at Jury and even at the front of the house were clear that she was hoping to see Paul reach the end but then when he does she declined to vote for him and was surprised others were impressed by his game play? Very bizarre.

As for Paul’s closest ally, no not Pablo, Victor said he had advised Paul to take James if he had the chance, but Victor knew Paul was set on evicting James. Victor agrees this choice cost Paul the game. That F2 decision is so critical and this really did cost Paul the game.

But not everyone was disappointed. When Jeff interviewed Corey guess who was walking back his talk of hoping Nicole finds a great guy for herself after the show. Jeff brought up Corey’s comments of no post season relationship for them but Corey is now singing a new tune on that one.

Speaking of not being disappointed, Paul arrive and promised Jeff it was still “Friendship” and he “never cared.” Paul says he had a great time and is thrilled to no longer have to put on a show of fake emotions for the other HGs and personalities. He definitely wasn’t acting too down about the situation so Paul fans shouldn’t worry too much about their “boy.”

So, what do you think about the Big Brother 18 winner reveal? Did the right Houseguest win with Nicole taking the crown? Should Paul have won Big Brother 18? How would you have voted if you were a Juror? Cast your own vote in our polls below and share your thoughts as well.


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  1. Paul worked himself into such a state about James the last week (with Nicole’s help) that he couldn’t take him to F2 and that is what cost him the game. The jury recognized that Paul wasn’t smart enough to take the weakest player so it was like he fumbled at the 1 yard line with 5 seconds left. I think it will haunt Paul for a long time and James won’t be on his Christmas card list.

    • Paul suffers from a severe case of “Grandiosity” and his great opinion of himself and low opinion of James cost him $450k. He thinks he is so smart and he out smarted himself. Serves him right and I don’t think he wants to leave his mommy’s mansion and his pampered living.

      • YEP that played a part in Pauls loss….and if think about it the same could be said about James and his loss of the AFP win…

      • Right, i never once heard James say “your boy” and he never called anyone a derogatory name like “c–t” only an arrogant POS like PAUL OR PAULIE would disrespect a woman like that

      • In the case of calling Michelle a cunt, she was being a cunt, so that wasn’t a big deal. Girls need to get over being called names and being oversensitive babies over name calling. You don’t see guys running and crying to a group of guys for emotional support when a girl calls them a Dick, or pig, or sleazeball.

      • Paul did too. Production was just messing with him. Now Michele, she never washed her hands before eating! :-)

      • What’s with this poor hygiene… I saw Paul, you can tell he was caught not washing…his motor mouth spewed verbal garbage, he washed his hands in the kitchen sink, he kept saying “I didn’t touch anything!” That’s a sad statement for him…Paul learned a valuable lesson in hygiene.

      • I agree. Very arrogant. Even his interview with Jeff after the show. Talking about I don’t care about any of these people and won’t hang out with any of them except Victor. Then he says “friendship”. Yep real friendship. Glad he lost.

      • He just invited them all to his Halloween party at his parents’ place..LOLOL I think he was just still running on adrenaline and didn’t really care to talk anymore than he already did.

      • I agree Lavendagirl. I am glad his fake pompous ass lost. I bet he comes down my way to Louisiana to visit Victor and goes to the usual New Orleans haunts in the French Quarter, then glows a good $13k of his $23,000 after taxes prize money.

      • Off topic but I went to New Orleans for my first time in February for a day and night before I left on a cruise and loved it. I plan on going back for a long weekend.

      • It is a great city and I am sure Paul will love it, but if he comes into a bar with his pompous self he might regret it. lol

    • I don’t think it was that deep. I think Paul truly didn’t see James as a competitor, and it hurt him. He should have taken James – although with this jury, they would probably give James 500,000

    • Serves Paul right…bop talking, sneaky, double crossing, no hand washing FOOL! James got the last laugh…..!!

    • I don,t think James cares if he is not on Paul,s xmas card list ,James know,s that Paul is a scumbag and is disrespectful to women,and is an arrogant loser.

  2. Natalie with “girl power” and Paulie(with Z in his pocket) voting for his brother’s buddy. That just makes for a horrible horrible outcome. That right there just shows that Nicole was gifted a win – she did not deserve it!

    • But Paul repeated Cody’s mistake, and Nicole wasn’t even his partner. I was astonished he didn’t take James, and so was the Jury.

      • The difference is Cody gave up $450,000 for a lifelong friend. They were ride or die boys. It might not have been the best game move, but in the grand scheme of things, it made sense.

        Taking Victor would have been similar in this instance.

        Taking Nicole…because James didn’t deserve it? He truly deserved to lose. Bridgette said afterward he would have won 8-1 based on their mock jury votes….but at the end of the day, it is what it is. He’ll be fine.

      • No, I hope Paul CHEWS on that mistake for a long time…it might make his beard fall off! Then he can’t hide behind it…ZING!

      • I still hope the arrogant ass pisses the wrong person off and they rip off that ugly beard on his face and wipe his arrogant ass with it

    • Totally agree. Another reason they should never cast returning players (except for an All Star Season) or family members of past players.

    • She deserved the win. She played the game from beginning to end. And Natalie told James before her eviction if it was Nicole and Victor she’d vote for Victor but if it’s Nicole and Paul she’s voting for Nicole. So her vote wasn’t just girl power. And Nicole, Corey, Z and Paulie worked together from the beginning and were close. Nicole had their backs until they were evicted where Paul stabbed them in their backs. Paul deserved 2nd.

  3. I guess it was rigged, I have heard all the season about this season being rigged. After watching the show last night, I would have to agree she didn’t earn it! It was more a popularity vot than anything. Very Disgusted with this show!

    • From all I’m reading, Paul should have won, followed Vic’s advice and taken James rather then caring what James said to Nicole. Nicole was not 100% going to take Paul, by the way.

    • It’s not. The decision as to who will win fell to the hands of the jurors. ONly one vote made the difference.

  4. Have no doubt that Paul will be successful in life, this win however will be the highlight of Nic’s life

    • I doubt Paul will ever get out of his Mommy’s Big House and pampered living arrangement. He blew an almost sure $230k after taxes because of his “Grandiosity” and not taking James. With Paul’s high opinion of himself, loud aggressive manner and argumentativeness I doubt he will ever be able to hold a job unless he runs the show. He may be able to capitalize on his BB stupidity in some kind of niche business that runs as the BOSS. Lots of people out like me that can’t stand the Hairy, Tattooed Goomer.

      • Not a TM kind of guy. I just call it , like I see it. What kind of person calls another the C word?

      • OK, help me out here. I am honestly asking this. Why does everybody think a man calling a woman the C word is such a horrible thing, but no one thinks a thing of it if a woman calls a man the D word? I just don’t get it one bit. I’m very curious why that is.

      • Because its DISRESPECTFUL and if u have any kind of education you should know its disrespectful if either word is used in a derogatory manner

      • Excuse me, but I have never in my life used either one of those words. Sorry if I DO need educated on derogatory terms.

      • Nasty men calling women the C word are disgusting ok? What’s so difficult to understand about good manners and behaving as a gentleman in our enlightened times?

      • I never ever meant to imply it was OK. This is not something I come across in my life much. There is a double standard here and I wanted to know why. I always ask if I don’t know. I sure regret it.

      • I don’t see a double standard at all. We live in a civilized world where both men and women are expected to behave in a civilized manner. Calling women vulgar names is not civilized behavior. Does that make sense now?

      • Why does everyone have to be so condescending towards me? I’m removing the post as soon as I get to a computer and will never ask another question I’m curious about and don’t know the answer to. I’ll use Google from here on out.

      • I don’t mean to be condescending at all; I was just flabbergasted by your question.
        If you think it’s ok for paul to call women the C word that’s fine.

      • Have you ever had a woman call you the C word? I haven’t but if someone had called me that I would think the same way I felt about Paul – how crude and vulgar she was.
        So no double standard going on at all.

      • Never mind. You still don’t get what I was asking. But thank you anyway. Obviously I haven’t had anyone call me that if I never heard the word used towards anyone until Paul. I guess it was wrong of me to want to know this.

      • I was remembering my high school days and hearing girls call guys the other word and them not caring. Then everyone being up in arms about Paul, which is the first time I ever heard anyone use that word towards someone. That’s why I wanted to know. I’m a curious person.

      • What other word are you referring to that the girls called the boys.
        Thankfully things like that didn’t occur when I was in school lol :D

      • The four letter D word, nickname for Richard?
        Hmmm, so you think that’s on the level with calling a woman the C word?
        No double standard at all, anyone that uses this type of speech is being crude or vulgar whether they are male or female.

      • Yes, that’s it. Of course I agree with that. I know these words are vulgar which is why I don’t use them, watch them, read them, or associate with people who do. I haven’t heard that language in 20 years. What I was wanting to know is the reaction. It’s so much worse for the C word and I was wanting to know why.

      • Have you even read the comments here answering your question.
        Do you agree or disagree with these comments?

      • The only comments are yours and one other. I already said that Paul was wrong to use that word. I already got an answer to my question. Phonetics and Power combined. That was what I was looking for. I did also say I do not like that type of language. I do thank you for trying to help me even though I don’t think you understand what exactly I wanted to know. I do appreciate you taking the time out of your day.

      • I live with my parents at 26 years old, along with my two other brothers and we are all working. Much economic for us to reside under one roof.

        I don’t see why it’s a bad thing for people to still live at their family homes.

      • My daughters lived with me until they were 24 and 26. Saved up money to buy their own place. It is the economical way to go.

      • Our house is two-three rides away from where I work (jeep, train, then I either walk or take another jeep, or completely skip all that and take a utility van but it will cost me extra).

        Considering Manila’s horrendous traffic, and the monthly cost of renting apartments and condominiums near places of work outweighs the daily cost of making ends meet (food, bills, etc.), staying on the house with the rest of the family is the most ideal way to go. You share all the day-to-day expenditures as well as being able to save up long-term.

        The only way for me to live on my own is if I rent a place in the slums, get offered a job overseas where I really have to live on my own or get married, the latter of which is not my priority at the moment.

      • It’s really not a bad thing, if you’re working and saving money too. But my 23 yr old has not saved a dime working, pays very little towards the bills. IOW, he doesn’t manage his money like you and your brothers do. It’s because he has that safety net always to fall back on. But I love him dearly…he’s respectful, considerate, kind, funny…just that he really needs to get that great job more so because when he reaches 26, he’ll no longer be able to be on our insurance and we can’t afford to pay out of pocket for his anti-rejection drugs he requires. This is the only reason I need to push him towards better things for himself…not stay here among his friends who have no desire to better themselves. As for you and your brothers, then no, it’s not a bad thing to live with your parents if it’s going to lead to your establishing a better life! I know how hard it is out there today than back in my day when jobs were more fruitful.

      • Can I just point out that the “Hairy, Tattooed Freak” as you call him is actually a successful clothing designer..his clothing line may not be your cup of tea, but none the less successful.

      • You probably still think “Momma Braid” is a successful teacher and not a Casino dealer.

      • I’m well aware of what DaVonne’s profession is, Why so condescending? I’m just putting my opinion out here like everyone else, no need to hate.

      • I apologize and I must of missed the part of the show where they talk about Paul’s clothing line being a success. Do you have a link?

      • He hasn’t made the big leagues with his clothing design company…he sells mostly to like-minded people than cornering the market to a vast array of them.

      • My only point is he has a job/career, regardless of what market he targets. I wasn’t suggesting he’s in line to be the next Versace, but I would hardly say he’s incapable of holding a job…

      • Actually, he runs his own business. You certainly have some nice things to say about another human being. Not like you’re being judgmental or anything. Or holier than thou. Or even elitist. No, not you.

      • Paul only has a business because his daddy loaned him money and helped him get it started. Its probably losing money, otherwise why would he leave it for 4 months to do a stupid tv show?

      • I don’t have any information to confirm or deny where the funding for his clothing came from nor will I make uneducated assumptions. But I will say that going on big brother may have been the most brilliant marketing move for his company. With him landing in the F2 he got great exposure which might (might…not will, as this is just a thought with no concrete foundation) catapult the sales for his clothing line. While I clearly get that you didn’t like him, many did and his fan base is likely to purchase from him because of it. I have no hate for any of them it is just a game…

  5. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I thought for sure Paul would beat both Nicole & James. I do think Nicole played the game, just not as aggressive as Paul. I’m OK with the outcome, I just didn’t want James to get anything!

      • Its too bad James played the way he did near the end. I think he lost the respect of a lot of viewers who previously liked him. I used to be a big fan, but all he did this season was lay in bed with a professional cheerleader all day, then stab his friends in the back. He didn’t even try to win mental comps and just gave up. I though he was a straight shooteer, but not anymore. Also glad to see him leave with no money, and by the look on his face, I think he knows he messed up.

  6. To me it’s clear that both Paul and Nicole deserved to win, and their speeches really drove that point home.

    What left me frustrated, however – especially after the backyard interviews – was the *reason* people voted for Nicole. If you truly think it’s more impressive to lay low, make it to the end as a vet, and go the entire season with only one nomination, then say so and make THAT the reason you vote for Nicole. All of those are fair and valid! Half of them seemed to vote for her for no reason whatsoever and seemed to decide well ahead of time. Hell, even if she was simply more likable than Paul, I would have understood that. So that disappointed me.

    Even though taking Nicole to the end definitely cost Paul $450K, I do respect him for it. I’m bummed because I really, really wanted him to win, but I understand and respect that move.

    • What shocks me is Da said she’s surprised Paul got so many votes. Really? So Nicole played a really great game and he was just a place holder in f2? Really bizarre

      • Day is one of the worst people to play the game. Not only is she bad at the game, but she is a horrible person. I hope I never have to see her again.

      • Do you know her? I can agree she’s bad at the game but to say she’s a horrible person know a lot about her.

      • Yes I know her personally. Okay I don’t and to say she IS a horrible person is a little bit presumptuous. But from what I saw and read she certainly comes of as an aweful human being.

      • I love that the producers label her as a school teacher when they let it be known on the last BB that she was a Casino dealer and teacher was a ruse. How come that never came up on this BB when the veterans knew about that chink in her Braided armor.

      • Because the producers don’t even care anymore if they get caught lying and they don’t even care about the truth.

      • I agree and I hope this is the end of the Momma Braid on BB, but the producers and her following love her in DR.

      • I think Day, much like James, lost the respect of a lot of people who liked her in her first season. She showed a really temperamental and aggresive side to her personality this season. It always amazes me that people can’t really learn about themselves and change the way they play the game form one season to the next.

      • She showed that she is one of the most passive-aggressive people to ever play the game. She needs to just go home.

      • I had posted somewhere on another thread that it would come down to DAY’s vote for the win. I even mentioned how it would be a toss up between Nicole and Paul for her because Paul was hand picked by her to be on her team and the way she kept saying how she was impressed with Nicole’s game. I also thought a little bit of that Girl needs to wins attitude she had would make a play in this.

      • Yep, that shocked me too! It wasn’t just about the women being bitter, as she said. And that made it even more confusing that she wanted to see Paul in the F2. I just don’t get it.

      • That’s what BB Gossip’s Mike (or was it Scott?) said. But what a weird thing to say – at that point, she could’ve just said she wanted to see James out of the house. I guess she was on the spot and flustered.

        It’s interesting, though, what she said to Jeff about the girls not wanting to vote for Nic because it seemed her vote against Paul was based on personal feelings. She herself said in RT that his game play was phenomenal but him as a person, less so. Between that and her saying the comment about Paul in F2, I was convinced she’d vote for him.

      • I thought it could go either way. She praised Pauls game but then she praised Nicoles game. I think 2 things that made her vote for Nicole over Paul since she thought they both played a good game was Pauls mouth and then voting for a girl.

  7. Really disappointed that Nicole won. Not because I don’t like her but because I think she got the girl vote and the vet vote.

    • I couldn’t agree more!! Natalie point blank said exactly that in her backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder. And DaVonne at least made it sound like it was because Nicole played a good game rather than openly admitting she voted for the vet/female.

      • Then why didn’t Michelle and Bridgette vote for her if she had the girl vote? She won on game play and deserved the win.

      • Michelle doesn’t think she did anything and I never thought Bridgette would vote for her over Paul. She got the girl vote from Nat, the vet vote from Da, Corey’s because they shared a bed all summer, among other things, Paulie because she’s a family friend and Z because she’s an extension of Paulie. You may think she deserves it and that’s fine but I don’t have to agree with you.

  8. Remember last week when Derrick was interviewed by Julie and he gave his answer as to who should win? At the end of his answer he said it was time for a woman to win. It sounded contrived as if he was put up to it. It sounded weird.

    There were little hints Nicole had a special relationship with production throughout the season. There is no doubt in my mind production influenced the votes or at least some votes for Nicole to win. I am not saying it was fixed, but I do believe they wanted to make this about a woman winning even if that woman did not deserve to win. And who knows, maybe the influenced Paul to take Nicole over James because that made absolutely no sense to me at all.

    In any case, this has always been the problem with BB. Its one of the few games that is not going to result in the best player winning.

      • One thing I won’t miss during the off season (of tv BB): conspiracy theories Lol

        Even if any one of them was true – Idc. What am I gonna do about it – It’s their show – I can watch or not watch. Hooey on the rest. I don’t love some things about the show but as long as I watch it, take the good with the bad. That’s life.

        Actually, it’s a tv show. My life did not change one iota bc Nicole won. It would not have changed if Paul had won. Hate to say it but it would not have changed if James had won. Those folks are human beings competing on a show. Their lives go on, as does mine.

      • I agree. Like I said before by the next day we all move on with our lives and don’t even think about BB until the next season is ready to start.

  9. It was a thrilling season over-all, from start all the way down to the last few moments of that finale when Julie was pulling out those keys.

    Nicole and Paul both gave compelling cases in front of the jury and both have their fair share of flubs during the Q&A portion.

    I don’t blame Paul for opting with Nicole since he always stick with his decisions with no regret. Did it cost him the win? Sure. But the fact that the jury’s decision was split makes this season a season worth appreciated as a whole. Compare to how BB16 ended, this was a much better scenario where both finalists’ game were evenly appreciated as a whole.

    And as much as I wanted a Paul win, I already had a feeling weeks ago that Nicole will take the cake and make BBUS history (of which I posted it on this site).


  10. I was a little surprised, when James voted for Paul I too thought Nicole’s goose was cooked, however when I heard Natalie voted for Nicole I was shocked and realized she had a chance. I was surprised that Day voted for her, and I was happy to see her win. I think they both deserved to win, and I am happy with the outcome.

    • Very different games. I enjoyed Paul’s more (most of the time) but I’m not mad at either one of them for making F2. And very happy that Vic won AFP. Hope they all become good friends IRL.

      • Totally agree. Paul and Nicole deserved to be sitting in F2 at the end and the vote was close…I thought Da would vote for Paul actually, but I can understand her voting for Nicole too b/c of how well Nicole answered a few of those questions, it showed how much thinking she had actually put into manipulating Natalie and Michelle that week…and imo, that is just good BB game play.

      • You and a whole lot of others thought that too! I get why she voted for Nic, though! Time for the next season now and hope Jason returns over Jozea! LOLOL

      • It was an energetic season on the whole, which I loved than the past few other seasons. Never dragged for very long until this past week. I didn’t care who won after Vic left except James. I’m happy with the result of Nic winning even though I was rooting for Paul to, for game play alone, not for his obnoxious outbursts he made plenty of. He did work hard to get where he was compared to Nic. Nic complained constantly over how hard it was for “her” to get through BB. I said, pshaw to that a lot. She’d never survive it if she were Paul if her complaining says anything. Paul didn’t complain nearly as much until the end. :-)

  11. There is no debating of Nicole being a worthy winner. However, the issue comes in with the jury’s reasons for voting for Nicole

    • I don’t think Nicole deserved to win. I can’t respect being a vet and being in bed all summer, wins 500,000. This jury sucked

  12. Paul was afraid of Natalie. Since James and Natalie only had that point to take Victor out, Paul made his numbers and was afraid that Natalie would get the other girls to vote for her men. So Nicole was the bit@h for some of the other guests. That´s why he thought he would win on a landslide against Nicole. He thought only Corey would vote for Nicole.

  13. Paul lost the game with his first question from the jury. If he had shown some remorse for the cunt comment then the women would have voted for him. He would have beat Nicole but with no remorse for the name calling he lost

    • I totally agree. He had a chance to redeem himself and he chose to make his statement of this is how he is in the real world and was not going to be different in there. No apologies killed all his chances. He had the chance and he totally blew it in his jury questions/answers.

      • I don’t believe apologizing for that statement would have changed the outcome at all, the jury had already made up their minds before they spoke to them. I believe if anything the jury would have seen it as an attempt to apologize only to save face with them and sway the votes. They all knew his “loud and proud” personality so they would have seen right through a fake apology.

    • Well, I don’t think he gave the answer they wanted to hear but the person he directed that comment to (Meech) gave him her vote, and even feisty “girl power” Bridgette gave him her vote despite that, too.

      I think Da is a true BB fan and voted her BB conscience and I don’t think Z held that comment against him, in particular.

      He lost some love from some of the viewers though. I was surprised he got Bridgette’s vote over that and even Meech’s tbh. But seeing Meech in the roundtable, I thought: Ok, she is voting for anyone but Nicole. Prior to that, I entertained that she MIGHT POSSIBLY vote for Nicole in the end over Paul and over James both albeit begrudgingly.

      But Meech is telling interviewers she is “disappointed” in Da’s vote & Nat’s, too. Lol. Smh.

      • Yeah, she had moments of hilarity but, for me, she had more negative than positive so I do not want to see her return. I thought she & Nicole would plot together (early on) – yikes! Wrong on that! Lol

      • I loved her the first few weeks. She was so funny. And her and Nicole were very close. She lost the game when Day got voted out and she turned on Nicole for not telling her and wouldn’t get over it. Nicole even told her that she didn’t tell her because she new her and Day were close and she didn’t want Day finding out. But bitter Michelle couldn’t see past that and if she would have I think she would of went farther in the game.

      • LG, there is an account on Twitter called “Xploding Unicorns” – he is pretty funny. Most of his tweets are about his 3 kids (2, 4 & 6 yrs old) and I thought of you when I was looking thru his timeline…your comment about Meech acting like a “toddler”. (That still cracks me up!). Here is one that reminds me of Meech saying to Bridgette how she was “nice” to her “….once”.

        Me: “Be nice to your sisters.”

        6-yr old: “I was nice one time.”

        Me: “You should be nice every time.”

        6: “Once was enough.”

    • Totally agree! I also think his whole attitude reflects on how he was raised. I have seen other mothers, who patted their kids heads too much, telling them how wonderful they are. Then they go out into the real world, believing that they are the greatest thing ever. So it may not have been Nicole who beat him, just his own overblown ego. Myself, I have no respect for any grown man who is so hungry for attention (or camera time) that they would spend the summer waddling around the house with a foolish pool toy wrapped around their waist! He also insisted that he “didn’t need the money” because he has this clothing line (that no one has ever heard of) Good luck to him. I realize haters are going to bash me, but I think I’ll struggle thru it. Peace…

  14. Paul threw Nicole OTB twice… once in evicting James and then in answering James jury question…I believe the jurors caught the slam and it played a part in their decision.. James I believe voted for Paul because of it…

    • I seen that too littlefly. When Paul gave his eviction speech to James, he said that he had to evict James because of what Nicole had told him. Totally throwing her under the bus. I can’t remember the 2nd time right now either..but give me a couple more cups of coffee! lol

      • It happened when James asked him his jury question.. James wanted to know if Paul planned on honoring their final 2 deal.. Paul told him no because Nicole was telling Paul all of her and James conversations….. Hence James voting for Paul cause Nicole threw him UTB (to Paul)…

      • But Nicole was not doing anything that James had. He had to know they compared notes. After Paul said that in the eviction speech to James..I heard Nic say something about Paul doing that for jury or something. She knew at that point she wouldn’t have James vote and that Paul did that intentionally. I think her and Paul had quite a bit to say when we didn’t see or hear them in between changing coverage in there. I hope that Paul and Nic speak and get it straightened out..because I think they both liked each other as friends. Just think after seeing Paul’s interview with Jeff..that they definitely had a falling out!

      • If u go back and watch Nicole got upset with Paul the 2 times he threw her UTB. Nicole realized what Paul was doing…Nicole did tell Paul some untruths (james did not say) to make sure Paul did not favor James….I would have been pissed at Paul too if I were Nicole…

      • Idk, I think if Paul had given specifics on how he played a better game other than he worked his a$$ off and stayed true to his loud-mouthed self (haha) I think his speech would have been better. I was totally disappointed he didn’t win b/c imo he DID play a better game all season than Nicole did, but the jury doesn’t see everything that happens in the house…

        The one A-May-Zing thing that happened last night: Vic won AFP!!!! So-so-so glad James did not!! :)

      • I don’t doubt speeches CAN sway – just saying the ones they gave – I’ve heard some of the jurors say they did not sway. That’s all. :)

      • Then maybe they didn’t. I have no idea what they were thinking, but I can see a legitimate argument for both Nic and Paul to win…so I’m not bitter about the decision. Truthfully, I would have been much more angry and pi$$ed had James won AFP over my personal fave Victor. :)

      • They’d already made their minds up before making their actual vote anyway. They had to let production know as well right before they went on the air. Hate that it’s not really a “live” show when this is the case! :-)

    • Also, I think James was p o’d at Nicole because he believed in the last few days that she was not taking him to F2. He overheard Nic and Paul talking smack about him and Nic wouldn’t give him a straight answer when he asked her what she was doing. He evicted Corey over her and I do believe that he felt that they had a deal and she betrayed him. Paul’s answer to his question reinforced his hurt/anger with Nic. Although she had decided to take him to F2, he didn’t know that. Hence, a vote for Paul

      • yep good assessment lol…to put it in laymens terms Paul and James let their mouths overload their asses.. Paul talked his way out of a win to the jury and James talked himself out of an AFP win…Lesson learned “Never take anything for granted in the game of Big Brother”…Never…

    • I am only glad (for this reason ONLY) that James did not vote for Nicole so that whole {eyeroll} “conspiracy” is mercifully laid to rest. Yeesh.

      I was surprised though he voted that way though after Paul took Nicole. And because Julie confirmed that Nicole told James she was taking him. I figured after hearing that, he would def vote for Nic. So that surprised me.

  15. This is my last big brother show I’ll watch. Maybe it is because this is the 1st year I paid to see the spoilers, which showed me the real show. All this show does is teach people, to win in life you have to be the biggest liar, sneaky snake, backstabbing person to win the big money. Paul might have been a big mouth but he was honest, worked hard , never backstabbed or lied and believed the biggest liar which showed he had class and is on the inside an honest person As fas as Nicole I would never hire her in my business because she has no conscience, I don’t believe she even has values. Yes I know it is a game people ! but anyone who will do what she did can never be trusted in real life. I believe Nicole lost the last round on purpose so she would not have blood on her hands with James, knowing Paul would take her. A person like her who will play a game by lying so good has no morals in my book. Spend the money wisely Nicole because you will now have a hard time having ANYONE trust you. If you are lucky enough to get hired and there is money missing from the till, you better believe I would not believe you if you said you didn’t do it.

    • I can only recommend, if you want to see BB played in a much more cleaner and honest way, is for you to watch Big Brother UK.

      It’s psychological warfare there, yes, but the housemates always keep it straight forward. They hate “game players” and as they want genuine people who they think is deserving to win.

    • I said it before and will say it again….The only negative impact Nicole will have resulting in her being a BB contestant/winner is gonna be on this site….I don’t think Nicole is gonna have to resort to stealing anytime soon…
      And Paul was not the stand up guy u making him out to be.. Paul was a self centered loud mouth jerk who thought he was above the other HGs…His only true friend in the house aside from Victor was Pablo…that should tell u a lot.
      I had no favorite this season….except Victor for AFP

    • OMG, are you blind? To say Paul played a clean game and never lied is simply not true. He lied, backstabbed and did everything you’re accusing Nicole of. I personally can’t stomach either of them, but let’s call a spade a spade here.

    • I have to disagree with you here and I actually like Paul. He definitely lied–he lied all the time, it’s part of BB. I hated Paul at first, but his ability to wriggle out of sticky situations eventually made me come around and like him. Lying is part of the BB game–look at Will Kirby, he has brazenly called himself one of the biggest liars of all time, and yet, he is generally thought of as one of the greatest BB players of all time.

      It is what it is. In BB lying is an acceptable way to play the game…Nicole just did it better this season.

    • I agree, Nicole lied several times While Paul may have been loud and over the top, I don’t remember him lying to anyone? If I’m wrong by all means tell me, but I believe he stayed honest and still made it to F2.

      • He lied to Da when he said he had no intentions of putting her OTB. He lied to Paulie when Paulie asked him if he knew Vic was going to nominate him. He lied to Vic when Vic first came back in the house… I remember Paul telling Frank very specifically “Let me handle Vic, he will believe whatever I tell him”…And Vic did.

        Those are just a few right off the top of my head. Lying is part of BB tho, so I never held that against him. In the end I was actually rooting for Paul to win…

      • He told Da he was putting her up but that Bridgette was his target, and Bridgette really was his target. I will agree with you that did lie to Paulie about knowing he was being nominated. He never lied to Vic when he came back, he told him to lay back and follow his lead. Telling Frank he would handle Vic wasn’t a lie, he did handle Victor, Victor said it best when was voted out the second time, “Paul is the brains, and I’m the Braun”

      • He lied to everyone after Day was voted out that he knew nothing about it when he knew she was getting voted out. He played the victim with one big fat lie.

      • No, watch the feeds in flashback, he told Da’ *after* he put her up that Bridgette was his target, but when Da’ came to him in the HOH room before the POV ceremony he told her he hadn’t made up his mind yet…but she had a feeling he was being shady and said that in her DR session. And he was b/c he knew he was putting her up at that point, but lied to her about it. Also, he lied to Vic about his alliance with Paulie and having a F2 with Paulie… Vic never did find out about that one. He even told Paulie at one point he’d vote Vic out next if they needed to, but he told Vic when Vic came back that they (Vic & Paul) were the ONLY F2 deal he had… Again, he lied.

        Also, I think you’re missing my point here. I loved Paul in the end. I wanted him to win the whole thing, but I see him flaws and all…and I never held lying against either him or Nicole. I recognized Nicole turning on Vic and Paul as a good game move (I didn’t like it, but I respected the move).. Just like I respected Paul’s game, but I am not under the impression that he didn’t lie to get the end. JS.

        Hey, in all honesty I think being a great liar is one talent you need to play BB. IMO, that is what killed Vic’s game again and again–he just can”t lie even to save his BB life! ;) haha

      • I guess I have to agree with that!! They all have to lie in this game. I honestly was pro Vic all the way, so of course when he was out I stuck with his bromance!!

    • OMG this is a game for 500k. And guess what Paul did lie, backstab and bully his way to the end. Everyone lies and backstabs. Once again a game not real life. And he not only had a big mouth but a filthy mouth too. What he called Michelle was disgusting. But you’re saying he had class. Hahaha. And Nicole has a career in real life and will do just fine.

    • I wanted Paul to win, and I was a little disappointed, but I can’t predict her future career based on how she won this game. Past winners like Dan G’s 2nd season my fav player was practically bathing in blood. Nic is a light weight compared to him. You make it sound like her life is doomed after BB. lol..

    • Since you paid to watch, I HAVE to ASK— WHAT IN THE H*LL SHOW ( SEASON) WERE YOU WATCHING because it was NOT this one according to your remarks — Yes Sncole was a snake and backstabbed a lot of people BUT Paul LIED, MANIPULATED AND BACKSTABBED EVERYONE– when Da was evicted, in his good bye message Paul said he knew nothing abt it ( he thought she was just a pawn– wrong he knew she was gong)– Before Z was evicted, James told Paulie it was going to happen — Paulie went flying into the room where Paul was asking when were you going to tell me
      ( abt Z being evicted)– Paul swore up and down he didn’t know anything abt it but yet had spent most of the week planning it with the girls and James and every week the lie and manipulation on Paul’s part continued and more so over the last week when he kept telling Sncole that James said this and James just did this when in fact James hadn’t done any of it—Definitely not being an honest person ( that was Victor’s game play) and definitely not Classy with the way he talked to women

      • one last comment abt Paul and his backstabbing— he said Vic was the only person he had BUT yet for a long time now ( yes long before Vic was evicted) Paul had said he would take Nicole to F-2– he just didn’t tell Vic that– and yes I do realize that it’s just a game and you have to do what is Best for your game BUT even Nicole said she would have taken Corey EVEN IF IT MEANT LOSING TO COREY!!!

      • I don’t remember Paul saying that before Vic was evicted, but I do remember him saying that to Nicole this last week and it seriously pi$$ed me off at the time b/c imo, that is one thing you *do not* do in BB and that is turn on your ride or die… You can lie and backstab others, but backstabbing your ride or die?? Not good BB game play. That is why I’m not sure Paul would have actually done that. I think he might have just been saying that to Nicole b/c he would have to know making a move like that would turn every single jury vote against him and Paul is a lot of things but stupid is not one of them. I think he believed the girls in the house were so bitter against Nicole that he would win against her and that is why he took her. I think he would foresee a bitter jury at him if he evicted Victor at the end. JMO.

      • It wasn’t Paul telling Nicole early on that he was taking her to F2–as I recall it was when he was cam-talking and yes you are right– definitely have to take your ride or die–no matter what

        The Jury wasn’t bitter– they just wised up once they were evicted…

      • I think both Paul and Nicole deserved to be in F2. I think where Paul made his BIG mistake is perhaps he thought the girls were so bitter against Nicole that he had all their votes, therefore, even though James was the safest choice to bring…Nicole deserved it more, so he brought her thinking he had the girl vote b/c they all hated Nic so much. What he didn’t realize it jurors don’t see what happens in the house once they leave, they can only go by what information is given to them and by the information given last night…Nicole appeared the more strategic player imo. Plus, Paul should have apologized for his comments…Will or Boogie sure would have in order to get those votes! ;)

  16. I’m just sad the jury was so naive, although I suspected it. I guess I thought the round table discussion would wake them up..high expectations for such a dull and immature cast.

    • This jury was ridiculous. Z, Day and Paulie sunk Paul’s chances. James is a snake, and I’m so happy he didn’t win AFP

      • tr8pping, I feel the same about you! You were a delight…an absolute delight! Why don’t you join RSA and Cyril and Captain and a whole bunch of us from BB and go to the Survivor Fandom site? I don’t know if you’re into that, but it’s a great place—we have a blast—and it’s a lot less time consuming than BB. Think about it. It’s run by Matthew Boyer–same guy who moderates this site, and since it’s a much smaller group, he usually interacts with us. Think about it, OK? It’d be great having you!
        Find us at (all one word) survivor fandom dot com If I don’t see you there, I’ll look forward to seeing you here next year. Have a wonderful winter!!

      • Thanks Sharona. This was my first season here and really enjoyed the interaction with you and the others mentioned. Will definitely try your group out.

      • Nice to get to know you here, tr8ppng..Trying to spell your name, it’s hard. Its ewokian..like 3peat lol..yup..yup..oops!

      • Hey TGJ, Join us in Survivor Fandom. It’s fun..I get crazier over there. Ha!..hodjie back order.

      • Me too tr8ppng look forward to talking with you there. Always enjoy your posts even when we dont agree. :) You’re always respectful of your fellow posters opinions. LOVE that. :)

      • Now TGJ I don’t think we disagreed very often and when we did, we were both right, lol. Hope to see you at survivor

      • I have had a blast with all of you here! I will definitely be back next year.

        And no…that was not a threat. hahaha! ;)

  17. What I saw last night was CBS stage and influence the entire cast this season, they made a political statement trying to influence and brainwash feeble minds into voting for a woman (girl) because it made BB history. Does this ring any bells with anyone. They vote for Nichole because they wanted a girl to win, not because she played a better game, because she didn’t. Outright media bias, sooooooo obvious.

    • the way i saw it was natalie was the swing vote and she didn’t vote for someone who she felt insulted a female, she was in the kitchen the night paul called meech the c word…i think if that had not happened her vote might have been swayed but she was always about girl power, paul made no apologies for being himself and thats ok too however going forward if i were him i would think before i speak and just call someone any word that might be goin through your head..

      • I may be wrong but I really believe that Paul cutting James at the end played a part in her vote as well. I keep going back to her being the swing vote also.

      • Could be, however, I also think she just really did not like him. Remember HE was the target when Vic went home as collateral damage. Imo, Paul played a better game all season, but the jury does not see everything that goes down in the house and since Paul did not explain his moves in specifics like Nicole did… I really think he lost points in the Q&A part.

      • I can definitely see that. She also didn’t like Nicole either though. I agree about the Q&A for sure. I wish he had prepared better. And as much as I dislike bitter juries, I just can’t blame anyone for not voting for someone they strongly dislike if that was the case. It’s just human nature. I’m wondering if they all go back and watch the season, if anyone wishes they would have voted the other way. Guess we’ll never know.

      • Probably not, but being a good manipulator is part of BB and Paul was really good most of the time. He should have said whatever it took to win that money…and considering how entertaining his past speeches have been, his answers last night just lacked his usual flair imo.

      • Agreed 1000%! As disappointed as a lot of us are, if we look at it clearly we have no one to blame for the outcome but Paul.

      • Da said on Twitter (to those coming at her for casting the deciding vote) something like, “Just because my vote was last, it’s my fault??? She got 4 other votes – Why not go after them like you’re coming at me?” Lol #truth

      • Hahaha! I honestly thought she was going to vote for Paul..but I think Nicole explaining how well she manipulated Natalie and Michelle the week they nominated Paul & Vic earned her another notch in Da’Vonne’s opinion, perhaps just enough to make her vote for Nicole.

        That answer was really good. It showed Nicole’s strategy. Dr.Will would be proud of that move! haha

      • I normally don’t comment on a HGs voice/appearance/clothes (during the game I just want to see gaming) but man, to know you’re on a network finale like that – I just would not have chosen those pieces all at the same time, personally speaking (tube top & thigh boots). If I just had to wear thigh boots & a mini, even a tied up long sleeved button down shirt would have been sexy without “all that”. Or a flowing maxi skirt with the tube top – just not all that at one time. That outfit she entered the house in – that was classy. And I know they were having a wrap party so I get that may have been too conservative for her for that.

        I liked all the other girls’ outfits though: Da, Z, Bridgette, Meech & what little I saw of Bronte’s (couldn’t see Tiffany very well).

        I am in the minority, I know, but I like Nicole’s cute outfit; however, I don’t think I would have worn that to the finale.

        Overall (guys included, too) they were very casual, even for young adults (t shirts, etc). I would not expect suits or anything. Casual is fine as far as I’m concerned.

        But they’re grown and it’s their optics so good on all of them!

      • I have to agree with you here… I think Paul hurt his chances with his answers to the Q&A, but he wanted to stay true to himself and he did. I thought he deserved the win despite that, but I have to admit Nicole really stepped up her game mid-season and the point she made about convincing Natalie to nominate her allies (and getting Michelle to do so by proxy as well) really helped her case far more than Paul’s “I’m the loudest and craziest” speech.

        I was disappointed, but I would have been far more disappointed last night if James had won anything. Speaking of Mr. Magoo…Did anyone see his face when he lost AFP to Vic?? Priceless! Made the whole season better. :)

      • I agree. Natalie said if Victor was in the end she’d vote for him. So her vote wasn’t strictly girl power.

    • If that was the case, the jury vote would not have been 5-4 but an overwhelming majority in favor of Nicole.

      But the two finalists never really have great jury management skills anyway so even in the days leading to the finale, we all have a harder time determining how the votes will from to give one of them the win.

  18. The only redeeming factor with BB18 final results was Victor won AFP with 4 million votes… and $30,000. If anyone won it is Victor who will take BB18 to boost start his career with the amazing publicity he received. He could now be a Telemundo Movie Star…. or Hollywood Celebrity as much as he was loved by America… He can do anything he wants now… Pffffff 500,000K… He will make Millions now… Disappointing that 2 Snakes were F2… both Paul and Snakory are so disgusting I felt like taking a shower after watching them on live feeds. .. Thats why I stopped watching 2 weeks ago…

    • VERY disappointed to see the two worst BB players (ever) at F2. I’m talking personality not game here. Both of them are snakes.

      • Oh Liz, do you really think Paul played one of the worst games ever? I think this was one of the worst (if not THE worst ) seasons ever—but really? I’m not being sarcastic in the least…but do you really think Paul was that bad of a game player?

      • Hey Sharona, do you believe Paul lost when he said he had no one, except ,Victor, when in fact Paulie was with him part of the way?

      • Honestly? I don’t remember him saying that. I was too nervous. But, I don’t think Paulie was true to anyone but Paulie.

      • This has to be one of my favorite seasons ever since Nicole won, but I can understand why Paul fans might not feel the same way as I do :D

      • I’m not bummed Nic won…she made BBUS history! I just wasn’t happy with the cast. If it weren’t for Victor and Paul, most of the season would have been incredibly boring.

      • There really weren’t a lot of HG’s to root for I agree. Thankfully I had picked Nicole to win at the beginning of the season so I wasn’t left in the cold since she kept me pretty entertained.
        Enjoy Survivor Sharona :D

      • Finally two of the best players in the F2 and not floaters. And the best player won. Don’t be a sore loser it’s only a game.

      • have to agree here. This season it was not a coaster going to F2 in order to secure the win. The two best players were in F2 and both deserved the win imo…

      • Always a good sport :D So glad Victor won AFP.
        Now if I can only find a photo of James’s expression when he lost lol.

      • uh huh Walter. What Julie actually said was ‘but with more than 4 million votes the winner is Victor”. That sounds to me like Vic had 4M votes. In past years there have been 10M votes cast so doubt that there was only 4 this year. Maybe you should double check with that fictional IT source of yours

      • You’re right, Julie said with 4 million votes: Victor is AFP. That sounds to me like he got 4 million votes.

      • Not what I heard could be wrong state you source on the 10 mil in past by years. Don’t just say they. Where exactly give a link. Prove how scary smart you are.

      • watch BB16 when Julie gives Donny the AFP. It’s on youtube. So there you go, smarter than you! hahahahaha

      • How about you narrow it down a bit for me there are a ton of Donny YouTube posts. I don’t have time to go through them all apparently you did. So how about a little help for me since I’m so stoopid.

  19. Wonder how Paulie, in that twisted, creepy, little mind of his, would explain Bridget, the feminist man hater, voting for Paul? hahaha

    • He will find way take credit for it.. keep watching and listening…He told Jeff that he and Corey swayed the jury to vote Nicole during the round table session..

      • His head just keeps getting bigger. I thought he would be different outside the house that it was just the game for his actions. I see I was wrong and that’s exactly the way he is in the real world. Totally different from his brother.

      • He’s a horrible person. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt; but this guy…I don’t think he has any redeeming qualities. I truly hope Z can break this cycle of abuse and get the hell away from him as fast as she can—before something physical happens to her. Disagree with me all you want, but I KNOW this guy.

    • I must say, I’m not a violent person, but the thought of getting that creepy little asshole tied up for an hour, gives me many ideas of how to make him suffer. The guy is SO disgusting it makes my skin crawl.

  20. Matt – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for a season of great recaps – I always enjoy yours and look forward to reading them!!!!

    Hope to see folks back here next season! This is my favorite BB site. A lot of good insight from fans of the game without all the “stans”. We may disagree on our faves and on game moves but it’s nice to have a place where we can agree to disagree. Hey, sometimes posters here have influenced me and changed my mind so it’s all good!

      • Lol. Yes, I should stay warm. Hope you do the same and hope we can meet in person one of these days! Take good care – See you on FB! :)

    • Hey Triple B, thanks again for always commenting without insulting. See you next year! Think about joining us on Survivor Fandom.

      • Hey, Sharona – I look forward to seeing you back here next year – You are hilarious and even when you are just going back & forth with Cyril, sometimes I just crack up reading your back & forth – You are an entertainer! Lol.

        Take care and enjoy Survivor – Maybe I will show up there one day. I know Captain loves it there! Muawhhhh!

      • I only started watching Survivor last season…but I am really looking forward to this season b/c it’s my generation vs. my kids!! ;) And in Fiji! A-May-Zing!

        Mwahaha… I hope mine trounces theirs! What site do you post on Sha? I’d love to check it out. :)

      • I wrote a long post waaaay up there…but I’ll tell you again: it’s survivorfandom dot com A bunch of us go there and it’s a blast!

      • I will see you there.. I started watching Survivor this year…or um…last season (Survivor has two seasons a year I guess) when Caleb from BB 16 was signed…have to admit, I was disappointed when “Beast-Mode Cowboy” left the island in like the 8th or 9th day…But I enjoyed the show and I am definitely into this season. It is MY generation VS. My two sons’!! ;) lol! I hope my generation spanks theirs! haha

      • I was totally bummed too. ICaleb was the reason I started watching Survivor, and I think he showed real emotional growth from BB to Survivor. Don’t you think he seemed like a totally different, more mature guy? Of course, Caleb leaving didn’t make me stop watching.
        Nope, I was hooked by that time! I was like great another addiction… Drats! ;) haha

      • Oh, absolutely! He was a different person. I was all ready to diss him…in fact, Cyril was drawing lingerie on his publicity photos and we were making fun of him…then he came out as this mature man!
        Yeah, I wasn’t a huge Survivor fan…I only went to the site because of Captain—then I got hooked and by the time the second season (?) came in January, I was hooked big time.

      • Me too!! Now I am totally looking forward to this season! In fact, me and my youngest son Justin have had a running debate on BB this season… Justin wanted Nicole to win, while I wanted Vic or Paul to win. While he (Grrr!) won BB with his choice, I swear my generation is going to spank his in Survivor!! LOL!

  21. I hope they don’t extend the season next year. If anything they could shorten it a bit, as far as I’m concerned. It was a bit long.

    I’m exhausted – Glad it’s over ’cause I need the rest. Ha ha.

      • Agree! No vets, no relatives – hopefully no one who even knows a past HG and no prior relationships. :)

      • And no jury buy backs…all new comps…and truly have a reason to say, “Expect the Unexpected!”

      • I agree, one of the reasons Paul went so far is because Victor was like a buffer, Paul would have been voted out a couple of times, but Victor kept re entering the game and he was a bigger fish….consequently Paul stayed beyond his sell by date.

      • Agreed. Even though I came to love Vic, I shed no tears when he was 1st evicted and I would have had no problems with him staying out at that time.

      • Agree. But would love to see an all-star season with all the winners back. Or all the first evicted back.

      • I don’t care to see the first evicteds but I would like to see a winners season or a runners up season. Or just a viewers favorite season (though I would cross my fingers and toes that James would not be on it and take up the space of someone who would play to win, not just AFP).

      • I wouldn’t mind a season of runner ups or even 3rd evicted b/c 3rd is generally (besides James and Victoria that is) when the better player is evicted.

      • No I mean 2nd place which that would be Cody. Hey better then Paulie. Lol. And it would mean Paul too. And also Danielle when she lost to her Dad. And Danielle from I believe season 3. I think it would be a good cast.

      • The only thing is that Cody recently said that
        he will never even consider playing BB again
        Plus, that would mean Gina Marie, Porsche,
        Vanessa and some others-yikes! Ha Ha!

      • Ooh forgot about them. Lol. Well we could have a house full of crazy people. We would definitely have drama.

      • Oh I see what you’re saying …And yes, Cody is FAR better than Paulie! ;) A cast of runner-ups also means there might be a HUGE amount of floaters or coasters in that cast as well. However, perhaps being in a cast of all coasters, they’d have to actually play BB. ;) Haha.

        All I know is please make the cast a little more diverse. Why do all BB cast members have to be 20 something extroverts? Mix it up…have some twenty-something, some thirty-something and even some forty-something…now that would be a FAR more interesting cast of people. JMO.

  22. Personal part of me wanted Paul to win because he played a near Evel Dick, Enzo and Zach Rance game. Though I kinda wish he owned up more to his attitude in the game.

    But hey if Nicole can surpass my expectations by winning with the strategy she did good on her. She did alright in my eyes. Though I think she could’ve done a lot more.

    James while I wasn’t too impressed with had his reasons for getting far. Granted stupid reasons but still impressed that he made it from 7th last time to 3rd this time.

    And I’m really happy Vic won AFP. He deserved it.

    Overall a mixed season for me. Some I like some I didn’t. So it is what it is.

  23. This win pains me so much. If I get all of this frustration out in a rant it MIGHT make me feel better…

    I had a feeling Paul and Nicole were going to end up being F2. James did not deserve to be in the final three of this season. My opinion was obviously shared with Paul (he doesn’t respect James’ gameplay). I completely understand why Paul took Nicole, she deserved a spot more than James in my opinion. Even though this decision was a big reason why Paul didn’t win, I cannot blame him for choosing the person who deserves the spot more.

    Paul’s final speech was better than Nicole’s. Yes, he was a little aggressive but this is who he is! He said that many times. I do respect that he stayed true to himself in a game. Yes, this game is about the “right moves,” manipulating, and lying. But staying true to yourself and making it to final two is a great accomplishment. I’m actually glad Paul wasn’t being apologetic over his actions. He shouldn’t have to apologize. The “c-nt” word is not a pretty word, but come on jury people. Get over the comment. I’m sure that house fires up many emotions. And someone needed to tell Michelle how it is lol.. Nicole’s speech was full of “I don’t knows.” It didn’t seem like she had confidence in her game. Paul did. I believe the jury mistaken his confidence as cockyness.

    Let’s talk about the jury’s votes. It’s quite obvious the “girl power” was what driven some of these Nicole votes. Oh, and the fact Pauile’s family is friends with Nicole. Because that’s fair. Day was the worst out of them all. I can see the speeches being a swaying point for her. Paul had the better speech though, and until finale night Paul was Day’s “boy” and hoped he wasn’t the last jury member. It’s her vote though, I guess she can do whatever she wants with it. Something is not right about it though. I’ve seen some posts of people suggesting production gave Day money to vote for Nicole. Another conspiracy theory being thrown out there. Nothing would surprise me though since production controlled outcomes in this season more than ever in my opinion.

    Last but not least….
    I totally forgot about this until James got eliminated. When James was talking with Julie, he went on about how he talked with Tiffany and she gave him all this advice. Isn’t this a no no in Big Brother? I remember Nicole and Pauile were making comments about getting game advice from Derek/Cody. I don’t think it’s fair these vets had such an advantage. I did not like how Nicole said in her speech that she played the game before so everyone knew her strategy before coming into the game. This is not necessarily true because 1 – she didn’t have a strategy other than checking out Corey all season. 2 – as a returning player… wouldn’t you change your strategy?

    Nothing is going to change the fact that Nicole got to the end and she won. I’m just so disappointed in this jury. I couldn’t stand Paul at the beginning. Even I thought he would be out the door in the first few weeks. I grew to really like him and loved his gameplay. For me, this was the most disappointing season :( I was already dissatisfied with this season. Paul winning would of made it worth the watch. Instead it left me feeling even worse about BB. I absolutely hate that BBOTT will have a returning player. I want a season of either all vets, all new people, or perhaps all super fans.

    Well my fellow BB fans… that’s that. I will say I enjoyed reading BBN posts and talking with you guys this season. Keep us updated on BBOTT because I will not be purchasing All Access.

    • 1) Paul’s speech may have been better than Nicole’s but her answers to the jury questions were MUCH better than his. It was obvious from the answers that she put work into anticipating Qs and figuring out answers. Paul’s answers were just kinda like “I’m loud and crazy. FRIENDSHIP!”

      2) It wasn’t just the women wanting to vote for women (obviously, since Bridgette and Michelle voted for Paul). Paul called Michelle a cunt at one point, and when given an opportunity to apologize for his behavior towards the other HGs, he just completely didn’t do what they wanted/expected him to. Plus, the women were pretty open about wanting a female winner this season. Bronte, Day, and Natalie all mentioned it at one point. Paul wasn’t screwed over by them. He made the mistake of taking someone he could lose to over someone he would most definitely beat. Maybe Paulie’s vote was swayed by that as well, who knows, maybe he didn’t want his brother to be the most infamous for that.

      3) Is there some sort of official rule that you are citing? I am much more familiar with Survivor than Big Brother, but previous castaways giving new castaways advice happens all the time in Survivor. I’m not sure why it would be so frowned upon in BB. It’s not like Vanessa or Derrick could give them any secret recipe to a BB win- there is no such thing, since it’s so dependent on the other HGs and the jury composition and the twists. They just asked for feedback and advice on adjustments they could make to their games. I really don’t see anything wrong with that. Especially with James talking to Vanessa, a NON-winner.

      • 1) I do agree that Paul’s answers were a little too short and “in your face.” Although, when he did give a lengthy answer I believe it supported his game more. I’m sure Nicole was nervous in her speech but as I said I felt like she didn’t have confidence in her game.

        2) Who knows for sure that Paul would of won over James? Considering how unpredictable the jury’s vote were… it could of been a close one with James too.

        3) I’m not sure if this is an official rule. I read this information on the discussion board a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the post the discussion was on. I was under the impression from what I read that house guests aren’t allowed to talk to past house guests about the game. Or, maybe houseguests aren’t allowed to talk to other houseguests they are participating in the same season with…? This was around the time speculation arose that James and Nicole had a pre-season agreement. Maybe someone on the boards can clarify this for me. It’s true that the past houseguest’s advice don’t guarantee a win, but it sucks for the new people who haven’t played the game before. These vets are getting information from past players (who might I add were very good at the game). I also didn’t like how Nicole was faking conversations about flipping just for the cameras.. but that’s another argumentive subject since it is a TV show.

        I value everyone’s opinions on the game. Thanks for reading my rant lol :)

    • Hey everyone deserves a good rant. That what this site is for. Even though we all have our opinions it’s fun to see how others feel.

    • Vanessa is the type of person who would TELL you what was wrong with your game, whether you asked for it or not, because she’s this genius, see?

  24. Sorry but I am not surprised. I have been saying all summer I liked Nicole and that I thought she could win. Even if Paul had a lot to say I think it came down to who played better (was running the house) and the derogatory things Paul said to women. I think that is what won over Day and ultimately gave her the win.

    Paul is obnoxious and just because he acknowledges it does not make it ok. He was too loud and aggressive for me. But again I think it came down to game play and not calling women names in a house with a lot of women.

    • I agree! Yeah, maybe the women made a conscious decision to vote for a fellow woman over the man who had been saying derogatory things to them all summer. So what? That is a choice they get to make. And I have no problem with it at all. Not pissing off your jury by calling them slurs is a pretty big part of the social game/jury management. All of the people trying to pass it off as women not wanting to vote for any man against a woman are wrong IMO. They would’ve probably voted for Victor, maybe even Corey. But not Paul or Paulie after all of their antics.

      • I was surprised by Paulie’s vote and wonder if his vote was because of the pressure by Bridget of his dislike of women. BTW: Cody Calafiore blocked me on Twitter, as well as BB.

      • I may have commented on Paulie’s time in the house with Zakiyah. Somewat, I think they are cleaning up what Paulie will actually see on his account.

      • LOL…”may” have commented :)

        Pretty sure that Paulie will be facing a lot more backlash in the media (which can’t be erased) than one twitter comment.

        That’s almost a reflection of the kind of upbringing that he must have had….older brother/ parents cleaning up his mess to shelter him from taking responsibility for his wrong-doing/ giving him a god-complex. I liked him at first, until seeing how immature he is. It really came out when he got into fights (the slow hand clap, and below-the-belt retorts)

      • I thought he was the oldest? Anyway, aside from his idiosyncraties, he seems pretty much a …. I’m sorry I cannot come up with anything.

      • LMAO – I keep forgetting that he is the oldest…he acts SO immature, I always think of Cody as the younger one.

        Makes even more sense that he is such a pompous douche…oldest boy, apple of his papa’s eye his whole life…

      • Lol. Maybe that’s why he blocked you. I’m sure you’re not the only one he’s blocked. He’s going to be very busy blocking. ;-)

      • I don’t get why anyone would be surprised by
        Paulie’s vote. He adores Nicole(as does Cody)
        and she was a loyal ally of his, until he walked
        out the door(much to her & Corey’s detriment
        I feared, until they managed to turn it around).
        Also, he felt betrayed by Paul so there’s that.

      • I agree. I knew Nicole would have his vote. They worked together from the beginning and she never backstabbed him like Paul did.

      • So now Bros before Ho’s no longer works. Get out all the girls. Paul has an image to uphold. He was concerned how his projected image would affect his business

      • Not to mention she was the only woman by the end of the game that wasn’t and never did complain about him. I think he was also sending that message to those women in the jury too.

      • I guess they don’t think they need to keep up the social aspects until the end but they do. Nicole did though. They also forget women have long memories. Seriously “it’s just me” is not a defense in this case.

  25. Not a fan of Nicole but I hope that her family and friends enlighten her as to what scumbag Corey has said about her during the season and the fact that their relationship would end when the season did. Now she’s won $$ and he’s suddenly interested in pursuing it. Don’t want her to be a Z, she should kick his ass to the curb and laugh all the way to the bank

      • Maybe it has nothing to do with her winning,
        it could be that after being away from her for
        a week, he realized how much he missed
        her and what his true feelings were? :)

      • Yeah but couldn’t you detect the note of
        sarcasm? However, I’m willing to give
        him the benefit of the doubt until there
        is further evidence. Regardless, it’s her
        life and her business. No judgements
        from me, no matter what/who she chooses.

      • Agreed. Imo, at least Corey was loyal to Nicole in the game…Zakiyah is the one who really needs some serious help in the “choosing a man” dept. I mean wow! Paulie never showed Z that kind of loyalty–EVER! Smh. Sad.

      • IDK would really love to hear what Nic’s mother has to say about Corey and some of the things he said about Nic to some of the guys when he was in the house. Don’t think she’ll be a big fan of his

      • I know if that was my daughter…Okay, can’t go there. I’d be so mad at her (or any child I had boy or girl) for putting themselves all out like that on national TV…
        Anyhoo, I would not like Corey at all for some of his comments. And it wasn’t just *what* he said…it was *how* he said it, e.g., his smirking when he said “he wanted to be single at the wrap party and not tied down in a relationship”…It was so obnoxious and disrespectful… You just had to see the way he said some of the things he said to see the obnoxiousness of it all…I hope Nic’s parents DVR’d the show AND have the live feeds so they can flashback and show her exactly how he acted when she was not around.

      • So true! The Nicole/Corey relationship could
        not be more different than Zakiyah/Paulie, IMO.
        To my knowledge, neither Corey or Nicole ever
        threw each other UTB or said one bad thing
        about each other…And they had each others
        backs from start to finish. The way Paulie

        treated Zak at times, I don’t even want to go
        there. Zak deserves so much better, IMO.

      • IDK…He was only separated from her for a week. Furthermore, he seemed pretty calloused about the things he said. In fact, Victor even made the comment about how he felt sorry for Nicole b/c of the things Corey said about her behind her back. So, I can’t imagine Corey seemed like he wasn’t serious in the things he was saying about her.

      • Valid points and wise perspectives.
        I know about certain comments he
        made, the talk with Victor, etc… but
        I never thought there were personal
        attacks being made, behind her back.
        Just that he wasn’t looking to be tied
        down, in any type of relationship. IMO
        it was a rebound thing, for both of ’em.

      • He told Jeff last night that some of his comments were just going along with the guys and being locked in the house.

      • In the after show with Jeff last night he told Jeff that his comment when he got evicted about Nicole finding a nice guy was taken out of contents. He said he’s staying in touch with her and they both just got out of relationships and live in different states. He said he’ll see how it goes in the real world. Long distance relationships are hard but I think they will always be friends.

      • Yes, I heard the comments he made to Jeff
        last night. They do live really far apart but
        now Nicole can really afford the travel to
        Texas:) Plus, they each won a trip so maybe
        they’ll end up taking one(or both)of those
        together. I know well how hard LDR’s are.

      • I honestly hope so… I just know he did a lot of smirking with the guys about how much Nicole liked him and not all of it was egged on by the other guys. Some of Corey’s comments were volunteered by Corey himself, so one can only hope he is not the jacka$$ he (at times) appeared on BB.

    • Poor Nicole, as if she didn’t have man troubles before, now she will torture herself wondering whether every Prince Charming loves her or her money.

    • Kind of funny that the little immature blonde with the whiney, horrible voice now has F U money.

      • The fix was in from day one and we’ve been talking about it all season. Doesn’t surprise me.

      • You seem to have been watching the show with a keen eye and I don’t doubt your opinion on this. I know I have had my doubt all season about rigged comps and producer driven HG scenarios. Just like every other “Reality Show”, scripted and fake.

  26. Hey just curious…Did anyone notice how Dr. Will looked like he wanted to just crack up when Michelle had her melt down last night?? I swear he wanted to say something to her, but I don’t think he is allowed to… Now THAT would have been priceless b/c anyone who has watched Will Kirby play BB knows he’s ruthless. I would have loved to see him tell her to get over it or something! ;)

      • Boogie made a comment the other night (in an online conversation with Evel Dick) that Will is not allowed to compose his own questions to the jury. He and Dick both said that Will is basically given a proposed list of questions to ask and that his hands are pretty much tied about what he says during the jury round table. Now that bummed me out b/c that discussion would be so much more interesting if Will was given free reign to shake up the jury with his own personal opinions…Although, I suppose given what a good manipulator Will Kirby is, then we’d have BB winners that HE wanted! lol!

    • Yes, I totally noticed that, looked as if he could barely
      contain his laughter. Corey wanted to burst out also.

    • Yeah and her crying always sounds so fake to me. I cry a lot too but when I do it’s mostly just tears and not these weird fake sobs that she does. Maybe that’s just how she cries, I don’t know, but it just sounds fake to me.

      • Oh yeah. I mean puh-lease… her boo-hoo-hooing is the fakest of the fake! I wish Will would have said something. That would have made that round table worth watching. It was as boring as this season has been.

      • Her no-tears crying is such a manipulation technique. We have a word for it in the Mental Health community—but I’m not going to diagnose her without actually meeting her. However, if I DID meet her, I’d probably say she had Borderline Personality Disorder. Again, I’d NEVER diagnose anyone without meeting and spending time with a person—so that’s based solely on what I’ve observed on the TV box.

      • I knew there was something I liked about you right off the bat! I’m in school right now getting my degree in Psychology Sha. ;) I wouldn’t want to diagnose either, but she exhibits some classic symptoms of BPD if you ask me… JMO, but I think Michelle could seriously benefit from some mental health therapy.

      • Absofreakinglutely! I hope she has a therapist waiting for her at the exit gate…when she reads ANYTHING written about her, she’s going to lose it in a YUGE way. I’m actually worried about her.

      • OMG. I pray for Z every day. Seriously. I hope she sees the light before it’s too late. I’m afraid she’s just perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Did you and I talk about this before? I can only send her positive thoughts, love and light, and of course—prayers.

      • Sharona, I’ve talked so much here, not to mention my brain is aging, I can’t remember, but I think we have. The fact she would not listen to the girls who came in and told her exactly what was said, was sad.

      • She needs to break the cycle of abuse…and I’m afraid she isn’t strong enough. Something terrible is going to have to happen—and even then, I’m not sure she’ll see the light. I hope SOMEONE in her life, who has been watching her on the show, will persuade her to get into some sort of therapy. Maybe she’d be more willing to go to a group therapy than a one on one setting.

      • I totally agree with you, Sha. Have you ever watched some of the live feeds where Paulie is just going off on her?? She just takes it-again and again and again and…well you see my point here. It is like battered women’s syndrome. I sincerely hope her family let her watch herself and maybe that might trigger some type of self-saving behavior in her to break free and get help for herself.

      • I don’t think her family will be of any help. This is just my opinion—but I think she learned her behavior FROM her family. I didn’t see the feeds, but I watched a particularly disturbing event on BBAD. I was HORRIFIED by the verbal abuse…by that pig’s body language. I KNOW that guy.

      • That isn’t my field but I truly (no kidding now) think she should invest in some and take it to heart and have a happy life.

      • I’m not a mental health professional but I have a lot of experience dealing with mental disabilities, and I’d say that sounds about right. Either that or possibly that with some bi-polar mixed in.

      • Haha! Right? Or even worse…Can you imagine Evel Dick playing with Michelle!!! EGADS! (haha) She’d have to be committed afterwards! LOL!

  27. I feel like Day was paid off. First she quit the fight back after 30 minutes for no apparent reason and then she votes for the person behind getting her out of the house. Both strange decisions imo. Not in character for what we have seen from her.

  28. BB6 and AllStars Janelle Pierzina had great tweet last night ‘
    Paul– When it’s all over you will realize that its better to be a lovable loser
    (like me) ? than a hated winner. #BB18’

    • LOVE Janelle! Now that is BY-FAR one of the best BB players of all time and I don’t mean just best woman player either! I would love to see Janelle come back if they did another All-Stars cast. :)

      • Me too. I said last night, that I don’t ever want to see a BB cast with returning players, but I’d make an exception for Janelle. :) In case I don’t see you again TGJ, I had so much fun with you! We’ve GOT to get Cy to make us those hoodies. Talk him into it. You both live in LA.

      • Hahahahaha!! I had a blast with you too this season Super Sha!! You and K and a few others really made me feel welcomed here and had me cracking up every time we chatted. Thanks for that.

        Oh and as far as Cy goes… I will find out where he lives and send drones over his house with banners saying “Blodjked yuo! wwe wnat pour hoodjies nwo!” lol!! ;)

      • I’m going to miss you!!! Are you into ‘Survivor?’ I hadn’t watched it in years, but Captain555 suggested that I check out the Survivor Fandom site last year. There are a BUNCH of us from here, including Cyril—and he does the funniest photo shopped pics–OMG, I’m not even going to try to explain. It’s worth checking out. It’s a lot less time consuming and even if you’re not into the show, it’s a great place to just visit with everyone. I’m not ready to say ‘goodbye’ to you yet! Pls cheak ti oute, yup, yup! Wiki, 3peat! It’s (one word) survivor fandom dot com Just think about it. K shows up—but it’s during her busy season. Cy keeps us convulsing with laughter…as you can imagine. If however, I don’t see you, thanks for being so kind and so much fun. I’ve enjoyed you so very much!
        Seriously though, get in touch with Cyril about those hoodies. Yup, yup…louve youe–BLOJKED!

      • I will definitely show up, Sha. You guys are such a hoot…not ready gor it to end. :(

        I have to admit, I just got into Survivor so I am a total newb when it comes to the show, but I have no doubt you, Cy & K will make discussing the show educational as well as entertaining as hell!! LOL!

  29. Paul… I wanna leave this right here and hope some day you take the time to read all the way through these and find this one. You said why you WOULD NOT take James, instead of why you WERE taking Nicole in your speech. You were taking Nicole over James for doing the EXACT same thing you did.. make deals with both of the last two people in the house. That is you calling him a backstabber, when you did the exact same thing. I feel that you actually got what you deserved…. if you were a true game player, you realize the best move from the position you were in, was to take the person you KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT, you played a better game than. In wrap up, you messed up in trying to make yourself look good, and win at the same time. You sir, are not going to be compared to Cody, in anything but the fact that you made the wrong choice… at least Cody didn’t make his bad choice while being 2-faced. Happy -450,000 to ya, hope by the time you read this, you have ran out of excuses for why you “made the right choice”. ROFLMAO

  30. Off topic, but what’s with all the ‘manscaping? Do millennials not believe in chest hair or leg hair anymore? Give me a Tom Selleck over one of those guys in the house any day. Yeah, I’m a baby-boomer.
    Victor, the Puerto Rican Sensation won AFP!! He deserved it! Too bad he didn’t make it to F2…no offence to Paul or Nicole. But if I had my ‘druthers’ ( a reference to Nic’s ‘Daisy Mae’ costume from “Lil’ Abner”) Victor should have won BB18 AND AFP. He definitely won my heart. :D

      • Hey! What do you think about the results? I’m disappointed, but glad at the same time. I’ll tell you this: it sure was exciting, yes?

      • I wanted Paul to win. When I heard Ni’c final speech detailing her strategy in clarity, I knew she got this in the bag. Paul went with a more emotional route on how he was able to survive evictions by winning comps, and his speech was a little harsh at times.

        Now, Survivor…That’s exciting..It’s a gold mine for Jokesters…did you see the characters?.lol

      • On Jokesters? No…should I go there? Or do you mean have I read the bios? I haven’t read anything about the cast yet.

    • I was thinking Nicole dressed like Ellie Mae Clampet from the Beverly Hillbillies, lol. I’m sure it was the same outfit that either ‘Mae’ wore.

    • Won mine to Sha! Did you see his face when he won AFP?? Aww…he had tears in his eyes! Haha…

      Did anyone see Mr. Magoo’s (i.e., James) face when AFP was announced? (I am forever grateful to Adam Poch for coming up with that moniker btw!!) :)
      Anyhow, the stunned and all around “duh-wtf” look as he congratulated Vic was too funny! Sorry Mr. Magoo, you did not blindly fall into AFP this season!!

      • Loved it! I just adore Vic.
        Poor Jamesie Magoo. LOL! It wasn’t quite as a surprised look as when Mr. Glitter-Ejaculating Grande lost AFP, but it was precious.

      • Hahahahahahaha!! I am assuming you mean Frankie right?? You don’t have to answer..I know you and I say that is EXACTLY who you mean!! ;)

  31. I completely understand that many are disappointed that Paul Lost. But can we please stop with the conspiracy theories that production wanted Nicole to win and day was paid off and it’s a rigged show. Paul lost because he chose the wrong F2 and when given the chance to apologize during the question and answering, he decided not to take the opportunity. Natalie wanted him to apologize, it was all over her face when he didn’t. She was the swing vote in my opinion. I firmly believe if he’d have given a heartfelt apology she would have been swayed. He may have been true to himsef, but the point is to win.

    • Eh, let the hater’s hate. It’s honestly not that hard to ignore it. Or, you know, joke it off. Joking it off is actually a lot of fun.

    • It was not rigged. It was simply a bitter jury deciding based on personality and not game play happens all the time. No rigging happened.

    • I agree. That’s one good thing about the season being over that I don’t have to read any more ridiculous comments about production.

    • Thank you! I’ve had it up to here about production interfering,
      thing’s being rigged and what not! Just because someones
      favorite doesn’t win, something fishy must be going on, huh?
      Oh, and I’m sure that Paul was “forced” to take Nicole. SMH!

    • Are you asking for Posters to stop the ‘conspiracy theories? I would ask you kindly to stop asking them to stop..Keep dreaming!..You’ll hear this every f’ing season…so you stop. lol

  32. I read an article a few days ago about Julie and she said she thought Nicole would win. I think it was pre-decided!

  33. Im wondering what Nicole, Zak, and Corey’s parents said to them about having sex on live tv. We all knw Paulies familyn will give him an atta-boy.

    • I suspect Z may have been taught to always “use what your momma gave you”. And Nicole is the small town hook up girl.

  34. what a disappointing end to BB”s season,,,clearly not the right winner,,,Paul did work his butt off to stay in the house,,,Nicole laid in bed with Cory all summer,,,so disappointing,,,and jury made their decision personal and not on who played the better game,,,terrible,,,

  35. Needless to say, this season’s winner was a disappointment. I was not and doubt I ever will be a big fan of Paul because of his over aggressive and loud nature. I have known quite a few people like that in my life and to be honest, nothing ever comes good out of being that way.

    Now that, that is out of the way, I too feel Paul should have won against Nicole. His social game albeit as loud as he was, he was able to get to F2 on his own the hard way. Personally I would have loved to seen two other people in those seats, really any other two.

    This season is over and now I can relax and chill until next year. Hope to see everyone back here then to see who your favorite is and if any rigged comps are back into play. Until then, stay safe enjoy the upcoming holidays , be careful in the snow (if you get that in your area) and most important, enjoy the Spring when the world and Mother Nature wakes up from its long Winter sleep.

      • AHHRRGG!!! I’m disappointed Paul didn’t win, but Willie, I beg of thee—no more “Friendship.” EVER!!
        Also, you have a wonderful winter, too. Looking forward to seeing you nxt summer. :)

      • I came back to day to read the interviews from the last three and seen this. Now I will miss my Frog until next year.

      • Hey TGJ~~~what a sweetheart you are! Thank you for the note. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I miss you (and our friends), too….but, I’m just not up to doing the BB thang this year. Wish I was.
        Tell everyone I said, “you’re blojckd! yup…yup. 3peat.” I really do miss you sweetie.

      • oh…you’re a doll! I felt the hug. :) I wrote down your email address if you want to delete your comment…just so it doesn’t fall into enemy hands. Lol…
        Thanks you so much for sharing it with me. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. You’ll be hearing from me soon. Catch you on the flip side! xoxo

      • I’m so glad Sha! You are such a sweet person, funny as heck too! ;)
        You know what?? I’m such a goofball! I realized after I wrote down the e mail I forgot the 13 at the very end! Duh! Total blonde move. lol! So, just add a 13 at the very end after girl.. Okie-dokie.
        Now, I’m going to delete part of my comment above so no super spies get it! hehe

        Miss ya, hon, hope to chat with ya soon, Super Sha! ;)

    • A BIG disappointment indeed. I will be back next year, as well I will try out for Big Brother again when they come to Chicago for casting too, and I’ll keep trying.

      But as far as relaxing and chilling until next year, well that’s not going happen. We have a big election coming up in November and I work for the Board of Election, and we are working 7 days a week until around Feb or March of next year, so don’t forget to vote or not vote, it’s your choice.

      Later BB fans and PEACE OUT….

      • If you’re over 25 AND don’t fit the Big Brother casting look, forget about ever getting picked. The fact you have a job and are from Chicago (instead of Texas, small town USA, any nice beach town or gym) may work against you too.

      • I never said me being from Chicago or having a job is any advantage of making it on the show, I’m just saying period that I’ve tried out for the show before and will try again, as have many other past house guest who have tried over and over to get on the show. Some have made it and some have not I’m sure, and yes, I do happen to be over 25, so what, don’t you pay attention, there have always been 30 40 and 50 somethings on BB. Hell the oldest they had on the show was Jerry, who was 75 at the time. So guess what, I have as good a chance of getting on the show like you or anybody else who tries out for the show. Duuuuuhhhhhh

      • Cheryl you misunderstood me. I wasn’t slamming you at all. I was slamming Big Brother for casting the same young age group and how the new cast is just a cookie cutter of the last cast. My points were you’re probably too good for the show. Sometimes intent doesn’t translate well when typing comments. My apologies.

      • Well Xmanice, apologies excepted.

        But if I am too good for the show, then I truly deserve to not only be on it, but to win the $500,000.00. OK…LOL,

        Heck I know we could all use that kind of money in our lives. For me mostly to help my mom with our building we live in. It’s over 100 years old, and booooy does it need some restoring and remodeling done to it.

        Peace out

    • I’ll probably be back too. I figured out why I come back even though it’s SO heavily scripted. I think because it’s comes on all summer. If this were a 1 day a week show, I would have moved on a while ago. 3 days keeps me coming back for some reason.

    • One thing that both Paul and Nicole did right was they found their ‘ride or die’ early on.
      Having at least one person to trust seems to be the deciding factor to reach the end sometimes.
      Paul was able to form close relationships with Victor and paulie who were both always bigger threats that he was.
      Nicole had Corey to protect her with comp wins and the fact that he was a much bigger threat than Nicole.
      Been fun talking to you Willie, see you next year :D

  36. Everyone says Paul was stupid for not taking James but after this vote I don’t think he would win against James. I think a vet was going to win either way. Michelle and Day would’ve voted for James along with Natalie. Nicole played a great 6 six weeks, but Paul played the entire game. Jurist like Day never got to see how well he evolved. She was in jury for half the season. She only had other jurist perception of Paul. He backdoored her but he didn’t want to. He just had to. Nicole did pull off an awesome move getting Natalie and Meech to save her and Corey. Nat didn’t even fact check or take a moment to wonder why out of 80 days Nicole FINALLY spoke to Natalie. That NEVER should have worked, even Nicole said she didn’t expect it to. Nicole stayed in bed having sex with Corey for 3/4 of the game and then played hard at the end. Gross strategy and underlines why women suck at Big Brother (literally and figuratively), but at least she did start playing and WINNING a couple comps. Women have got to win comps. She did deserve to win.

  37. Paul and Nicole were the two who played the best game, so I am happy to see one of them win. However, Paul played the best game and deserved to win. Anyone even casually watching the show knows that Paul played the best game and it really wasn’t even close. Bitter juries have cost deserving players the title many times and this season is no different. Even some of the jurors who voted for Nicole agreed that Paul has played the best game. It was a personal decision. Who do I like better? Who can I see myself spending time with? Who do I want to have this money? The question that should be asked is only one. Who played the best game? The answer to that question should get your vote and the answer to that question is Paul.

    • That’s what makes the game interesting. You have to find a way to get to the end AND have the jury like your game play enough to vote for you. Just because someone plays the game harder does not make them the better players. It’s playing the game well, meaning, can you not get blood on your hands. Nic did a better job of that.

  38. And another thing, a 9 person jury is too big. By the end of game people like Day have no idea who kicked their game up a notch in the 2nd half of the game. Should be 5 – 7 person jury.

    • Smaller jury would make more sense. Some of the earlier jurors have been out of the game way to long to know what is happening. Da’Vonne has been out of the game for as long as she was in it 51 days in the game 48 days in the jury house.

    • I don’t care for Day but she knew exactly what was going on as she mentioned it many times during jury giving Nicole props for her moves. The right person won between the two that were left, Paul lost the game by taking her.

      • In season 2 and 3 the jury went home to watch the show like everyone else, but that lead to problems and probably the worst jury voting in BB history when Danielle was robbed in season 3 for her diary entries. But, I agree that the jury needs more information. How they could do that I am not sure. They can’t give them everything, but what they do give is not enough. They need to find a good balance.

      • I remember Danielle’s loss. The diary stuff definitly tanked her. She kept calling the one guy the devil, lol. Glad BB recognized and corrected that process.

      • Exactly. I think the jury should have live feeds, but not access to DR sessions. That way they can accurately see what is really going on in the BB house, but cannot hear the opinions and personal strategies of the remaining HG.

  39. With Paul and Nicole the right person won….and I knew the minute he voted James out that he blew it. I was yelling at the TV. It was like Survivor Australia when Colby took Tina. Big mistake!

  40. Dayvonne’s vote was the most shocking, Paulie too, I don’t understand how or why she won. Thanks CBS.

    • Nicole and Corey are friends, so Paulie’s vote makes sense to give it to his brothers friend. Da’Vonne likely wanted a returner to win.

      • Do you mean Cody? Ha. Yeah, Day may of wanted a
        vet to win, long as it wasn’t James-ha! Good point.

  41. The Talk is on right, they just went to commercial, when they come back NicHole is going to be on there.

  42. The votes went exactly how I thought they would except for James vote. And that vote for Paul was probably because Paul threw Nicole UTB when he evicted James and during his answer to James. Good move on Paul’s end. I’m glad Nicole won and deserved the win. But if Paul would of won I would of been okay with it. Disappointed but okay.

    • I’m sure it will take Paul’s ego quite awhile to recover from being the first man to be beaten by a woman in BB.
      When James voted for Paul my heart sank and I felt it was over for Nicole. I never realized until then that James was such an emotional player.

    • It was good on Paul’s end. I knew what he was doing answering James’ question that way and the eviction speech for James, too.
      Still I was surprised at James going that way somewhat and also I was kind of surprised that Bridgette went that way. Meech – I was not surprised until Jury Roundtable.

    • Paul was by far the most intelligent player this season and definitely deserved to win. Unfortunately, production wanted Nicole to win from the start. They got what they wanted.

      But the majority of the commentators here would have chosen Paul to win because he actually played the game. He didn’t spend two thirds of the season laying in bed with Corey.

  43. Looks like the fix was in. Nicole was handpicked by production to win this thing from the get-go.

    • Riiiiiight. And Paul lost because of production……instead of because he chose the wrong person to sit next to due to his need to punish James.

      • Jurors said in their mock voting that if Paul takes James, he wins overwhelmingly (like 8-1). The jury does the various scenarios.

    • Agree! Production wanted Nicole to win from the start and she did.

      Paul played the best game. Hands down

  44. Let’s put it this way, the game was Paul’s to win, but he let his personal hatred of James cloud his judgement and he took Nicole to her victory.

  45. I don’t know why everyone’s so surprised by Nicole’s win. Every poll I looked at for the past two weeks showed Nicole beating both Paul and James by one key. Everybody SAID they wanted Paul to win, but they sure didn’t vote that way.

    • A lot of sites with paul supporters were not especially friendly to the Nicole fans to put it mildly.

  46. The fact that Paulie and Nicole were “good friends ” outside the game because of Nicole’s past close friendship with Paulies brother Cody ( the nitwit that gave away the grand prize) was significant , she had Paulie’s vote no matter how bad or good she played and with that connection she was guaranteed Zakiya’s vote as well…..I dislike returning players in any form, and I hate players being allowed to re enter the game …out is out, It’s really unfair that you strategically engineer a blindside and the evictee lucks out and comes back in hating you for playing the game .

    • I agree. I don’t believe Paulie was thinking about his brother, I think he was trying to be a factor, and was willing to blow up the rightful winner because he is spiteful, conceited, selfish, and has no integrity. They’re always trying to come up with twists, but I prefer a house of first time strangers, unless they want to do an allstar game or something.

  47. Even in spite of the massive mistake of taking Nicole to F2 over James, he still played a better game than the both of them combined. So no, the right houseguest didn’t win.

  48. I think what everyone is ultimately forgetting is that this game is mostly made up of luck and strategy. And Paul not only made a strategically bad move in not taking james, who he would have crushed in votes, but mocked the big brother gods in believing that he gets to choose who “deserves” 2nd place. Had he not been so macho about it, he’d be richer than he is right now. Choosing who deserves which cash price is up to the jury, not the remaining houseguest.

  49. Da should have never been allowed to get anywhere near that house, especially for a second time. She’s an idiot.

  50. Glad that Walter person was deleted because he was about to be blocked for spreading false info. First about having a friend in the BB IT dept who told him that James won AFP and then by insisting that not too many people vote on those AFP polls.

    Regardless Paul definitely deserved to win and the majority here AGREE!

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