Big Brother 17 Winner Steve Moses Says ‘No Hard Feelings’ Over Vanessa’s Vote

Steve Moses took the win on Big Brother 17 this week but he did so without the help of his former ally, Vanessa Rousso. Rousso cast her vote instead in support of Liz Nolan who came in second this season.

Big Brother 17 winner Steve Moses with Julie Chen
Big Brother 17 winner Steve Moses with Julie Chen – Source: CBS / Monty Brinton

Speaking with Julie Chen and her co-hosts of The Talk on Thursday, Steve explained that he had “no hard feelings” and was sure he and Vanessa would remain close friends. Read more and watch the full interview clip below.

The first topic that came up was what Steve wanted to do with all that money. Moses explained he had never anticipated actually winning so there weren’t any plans for how to handle his newly found fortune, though he assured Julie he wouldn’t do anything rash with it. Elsewhere we heard Steve mentioned paying off student loan debt and possibly helping with other family expenses. And don’t forget your taxes, Julie reminds him.

Steve credits in part his superfandom going in to the house this season as helping his chances, but notes that he couldn’t simply replicate a past strategy since everyone player is different. As for his own strategy, Steve points out he didn’t have the convincing abilities of Vanessa, so he had to be genuine and “then be sneaky when I won the final HoH.”

Speaking of the final HoH, this raises the issue of Vanessa’s vote and how she ultimately did not support Steve for the win:

“I was definitely caught off guard. Had Vanessa stabbed me in the back like she was going to, she would have had my vote a million percent, because she played the game phenomenally.” Host Julie Chen comments, “But she didn’t do it to you.” Moses adds, “She didn’t do it to me. But here’s the thing, we’re both gamers, we’re both strategists and we both understand this is a game and we can separate are personal feelings from the game. We’re going to be close friends outside of here regardless… There’s no hard feelings there at all.”

Watch the full clip below which includes a good line about playing in a house of people who all want you to fail, even your closest allies.

Source: CBS’s “The Talk”



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  1. Much as I love a good blindside, I also love it when a “Good Guy” wins. I think Steve gave us both. Good luck Steve, hope you get that Imagineer job at Disney you want.

      • Do you buy his geekieness. Let’s say that I buy a bit of it, but the crying and throwing up, was a little much. I think he spread it on, just a little too thick. He was ok, but not my favorite. I think he was not genuine.

  2. So happy Steve won – he’s a really decent young man and I know the money will make a huge difference in his life. Liz was an extremely gracious loser and went up a lot in my estimation, but the look on Austin’s face in the photo on this thread says it all as far as he’s concerned. Except for a couple of times when he was responding to Liz, he never smiled once during the whole finale, and his expression when Liz was giving her answers showed that he could see she hadn’t done well. He bore no goodwill towards Steve at all, and he didn’t care if we saw it. It’s going to be a looooooooooong time before he gets over the fact that he didn’t come away with the jackpot, and he can’t strut around as “The Winner of Big Brother” in the ring. Like he told Julie, he really thought he was going to win. Love ya, Steve, and especially loved the way you acted when JMac was giving you a hug after you won and Austin walked up and touched your arm – you looked around briefly at him and then walked off with JMac. Good for you – you’re no hypocrite and you knew he was just acting for the cameras.

    • EnglishRose, the first thing that jumped out of that photo, was the look on Austin’s face. What a sad, unhappy man he must be—not just for losing, but in his real life as well. SO happy for Steve!

      • That is what happens to people who rely on validation from others for their own feelings of self-esteem. I sure am glad that I struggled to overcome that for myself. I truly live and believe that what people think of me is none of my business.

        And oddly enough? I actually live in Hollywood. So I see people lost in this endless cycle of seeking validation all of the time. It almost always does not end well for them.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I went through the same thing when I was younger. I hope he can learn to love himself. As much as I’ve ragged on him and Vanessa this season—it was just talk. I wish only happiness and success for them all! Particularly though, for Austin. He seems so very lost. Now Occupy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts this season and hope to see you next year. :)

      • The only one who fell in my eyes, was Vanessa. Her vote was vendictive. I know her face was unhappy. I’m glad she finished out of the money–a cording to her, she doesn’t need it, but the ones who finished in the money, and James, deserved and can use the money!

      • I don’t think he is unhappy at all. I went thru the whole season, not liking him or the twins. It wasn’t to the last couple of weeks, that I saw something I hadn’t seen all season. He wasn’t as evil, as he wanted us to think. I’m glad he, and the twins, didn’t win, but I think he left with something he didn’t count on. A girlfriend. I hope they make it.

      • I hope you’re right, Stew…there’s just something about him that makes me feel that he’s lost—I can’t think of a better way to put it. I wish nothing but happiness for all who played the game. :) I haven’t seen you before…hopefully I’ll see you next season so we can chat! Have a great year!

      • Thanks Sharona! I have been receiving the Big Brother newsletter for a year and I just got the “nerve” to write a comment. I have commented on other Discus sites and have been slammed for my opinion and called names, so I have been a lurker this year. I will be sure to comment more next year, as I have found that the people here are very nice and don’t get ugly, if you see things differently from others. I will be sure to come back next year and not be so silent. I hope next year, we can chat more. I look forward to it! I wish that they did Big Brother more than once a year. See you next summer!

      • YAY! I hope you DO comment more next summer. For an entire year, all I did was read the comments…then in 2014, I finally (as you said) got the ‘nerve’ to comment. Most people here are great, helpful and fun to ‘play’ with. Looking forward to seeing you next year! If you’re into “Survivor”, there’s also a site where you can comment. :) Take care!

      • I have watched Survivor, on and off for years. I dint know why I stopped watching, but l lost a couple of Survivor years. I started watching it, this year, and I will have to find the Survivor comment pages and start to comment. Abi, is driving me crazy. I think I will continue watching, hoping to see what happens to her. Look for me–I will be posting!!!

      • Great! I haven’t watched the show for about 5 years, but because I remember a couple of the players, I decided to watch this year. And, yeah…Abi is kind of snotty. See you there!

    • I wish we could see his face now that he knows how hated he was! No soap opera appearances for Judas!

    • I did not notice him after Steve won and the face I remember seeing him make were ones kinda like he was embarrassed w liz’s answers/speech. in particular I caught him w his head down and at the end of one of her answers or speech, he got that “I’m thinking about it look” and gave the slightest nod as if to say,”yea, that might work” (work as in trying to convince jury). I absolutely loved Steve’s shaking and his squeal when he got that 5th vote. lol. that was great. he has presented as a very humble, gracious young man too. and I agree, Liz hot some points for me too. she was a good loser and very grateful to Steve.

  3. You know how this site is the best? Still check-in on the reg for stories. Great job you guys. Oh and if the comment section says anything Vanessa has the most comments by a long shot of the F3 interviews. Hate (I hope nobody really hates her) or love her, she is polarizing.

      • That’s what Austin said he had! LOLOL No wonder he and Van didn’t get along as much as she thought they had! Glad she outed him as he would have her at the end if he were in her place! :-)

  4. Steve is still being Steve outside the house. He is a much better man than me because I would lift my middle finger ata Vanessa for that bitter vote. When he says they are both gamers and can separate personal from game he is talking about himself. Obviously, Vanessa couldn’t do it in the house and she couldn’t do it outside the house either.

    • I wouldn’t brand him a stand up guy”! He did kick Johnny Mac in the teeth! I didn’t care for that move!

  5. so glad vanessa didn’t win. she was awful to watch with all that crying and panic talking. i jumped for joy when steve evicted her and forgave steve for not flipping the house to get to F7, which at the time was the dumbest move in bb history.

    • Ya, seeing her go out that way, at the 11th hour, when she could taste that money,really made me smile. I wanted her out for weeks, but how and when it happened was PRICELESS

  6. Damn, that boy is a gracious and humble winner. I’m really proud of Steve. He’s going to be just fine in life. Not a fake bone in his body, a rare thing these days, particularly in reality television.

  7. couldn’t be more pleased w steve’s win and his behavior. I don’t see the staying “very close”. if Vanessa is like she was in the house, good guys like Steve wouldn’t want to be around that behavior often. I know I wouldn’t. she would be exhausting. ha! on a good note, one could really get their long suffering practice in, which always leads to good.

  8. Vanessa’s jury vote for Liz over Steve proved exactly how it truly was NOT just about the game for her. She is a bitter, vindictive and hypocritical woman. Classless to the end. Thrilled that Steve won. He had much more gaming going on than most people gave him credit for. He was truly the only one in the final three who deserved to win. He helped to keep the season interesting for me. Loved his talking to the camera. Hated the way the others in the house dissed him but I guess it was due to his strategy of over-emphasizing his awkwardness. Steve was a true gamer who played without inflicting venom on other players. He is a stand up guy and I couldn’t be more pleased that he walked away with the victory.

    • Her vote showed her true colors! 3rd place couldn’t happen to a better person. It really got to her! I can understand Julia’s and Austin’s vote. That was a given and I wouldn’t them to go against Liz, but Vanessa was just vendictive! She proved what a loser in life, she is!

  9. I’m sure Vanessa will sleep better now LOL. Whether we like or dislike a HG, we have to acknowledge their right to play the game and try to win it. If they don’t win, they are completely entitled to vote however they want to. Steve and Van owe each other absolutely nothing.

  10. Because he’s a good person, unlike Vanessa the POS. Good for Steve and Liz. Vanessa got exactly what was coming to her. Her vote at the end perfectly summed up her vindictive, hypocritical, sore, insane personality. Justice was served, Big Brother.

  11. Steve showed true class in this interview. Vanessa is obviously a sore loser, and that’s fine. I would be pretty bitter as well if I lived a near 100 day delusion that I was an awesome poker player and had everyone nice and bullied to the tune of a cool half a million, only to be humiliated on live TV and chumped by the “nerd” of the game. ;) Please note my sarcasm.

    Vanessa can’t say anything at this point that would convince me that she can even play a game, any game, with the spirit with which it was intended. She truly believes that we are all clueless idiots and what happened to her is her own fault.

    If it upsets her that we are absolutely jumping for joy at her very public karmic payback, well, that is just too damn bad.

  12. I can honestly say that this was the first season, that there wasn’t a single person that hated. There were those that I liked better than others, but it seems like every year before, there has been a houseguest that I couldn’t bear at the end. My closest one, this year was Vanessa and a lot had to do with the spiteful way she voted at the end. I even grew to tolerate the Austwins–so all in all, it was a good year. My favorites, didn’t win. I would have loved to see James win–even Johnny Mac, I would have liked to have win–but at least James got $25,000! It was a good year!

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