Big Brother 17: Will Returning Juror Be Next Evicted Houseguest?

Last night brought an evicted Big Brother 17 Houseguest back in to the game, but would that Juror soon become the next big target just like we saw happen in the previous season?

John McGuire and Vanessa Rousso celebrate a new plan
John McGuire and Vanessa Rousso celebrate a new plan – Source: CBS All Access

The agreed upon deal for several of last week’s surviving HGs was to go after the player expected to return in Thursday night’s competition. Now that it’s over some are still hoping that’ll happen, but they may end up disappointed.

It was the Austwins’ worst case scenario to see Johnny Mac win the Juror Revival last night and their immediate knee-jerk reaction was to ask for his prompt and swift removal via the Block. Vanessa has a better idea, how about no?

Yes, it looks like John may fare better than Nicole Franzel did last year when she returned only to commit the grave error of commenting on what a strong game Derrick Levasseur was playing. Oops! This time around though the returning Juror is already being integrated as part of a plan.

Flashback to 7:48 PM BBT 8/27 as Vanessa talks with Steve about John. Steve is clearly on edge and doesn’t want to get tangled up again with playing too close to John so he immediately says he’s not sure he trusts John. Vanessa says she actually wants to work with the two of them together. Why? Together the three of them could go against the Austwins.

Vanessa tells Steve that she believes him, her, and John could beat the Austwins in any competition. Hmm, interesting. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves and I’d hedge my bets that Vanessa is hedging her own by setting up both sides for cover, but that’s a discussion for later.

Steve heads back to talk with John where they celebrate his return. Flashback to 7:52 PM BBT. Steve wants to know what John thinks about Vanessa and I’m sure that flows from what she just said to him. John is all aboard for the Vanessa situation. He tells Steve he trusts Vanessa and after last week’s talks they buried any past issues. Steve says they’ll need to talk later but for now to continue acting distant.

Move ahead to 8:23 PM BBT as Vanessa heads back to talk to John alone. She wants to know what was going on with the HoH comp where he seemed to reject her deal. John tells Vanessa he was going to fall but didn’t want to accept her offer publicly. Better to keep that one between them, John suggests.

Vanessa tells John not to worry and he’s good with her this week and tells him they need to keep the facade of a feud going. John informs her that the audience loved to hear that he and Vanessa are working together after everything they’re going through. Now I think the crowd was fired up for John and he was fired up from the experience, but I’m sure that comment to her won’t hurt his chances.

Before she leaves the room Vanessa tells John that everyone assumes she’s going to put him up. “They have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s going to be crazy.” Yeah, it’s going to be a big surprise for two Houseguests and you can read more about the nomination plans here.

So as of now, John looks safe and won’t be one of the two nominees. I wouldn’t say he’s totally in the clear this week though. Should something fall apart with the Veto and one of the noms get it then he could end up on the Block with Vanessa’s limited options. We’ll find out more on that potential with Saturday’s PoV competition.

What do you think of John’s situation? Should he trust Vanessa and Steve again? Will they flip on him for the Austwins by the end of the week? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Think he has to trust Vanessa at this point, and assuming she puts up James and Meg, if one wins the PoV put up Steve, the Austwins wont vote him out, if anything to them it will look like Vanessa is breaking any trsut she has with Steve and they will see it as a chance to get Steve even closer to them and take out Vanessa and JMac. But if Vanessa tells the Austwins that her plan is to BD JMac, and the PoV is used, she will be stuck putting John to please the Austwins and stay on there good side, or put up Steve and potentially piss them off.

  2. Johnny Mac in his interview with Julie Chen said, James and Meg are solid, so with Austin, Liz and Julia. That leaves only Vanessa and he is willing to work with her. Trust issues aside, James, Jackie and Meg hung him and Becky out to dry, Austin also, hung Johnny Mac and Steve out to dry so, who is left? Vanessa needs both Steve and Johnny Mac as she faces Austin, Liz, Julia and James, Meg if she were not to get rid of him this week. Having Steve and John vs Austin, Liz and Julia, Meg makes it a more even fight for HOH. If Steve or Johnny Mac win the next HOH, they can destroy the trio of Austin, Liz and Julia and exact revenge over them. They also, get themselves further in the game as they move with Vanessa to decimate the other side.

    • Ya, but what would your plan be if james wins PoV and saves himself? I get the main plan, but what about her backup? Or what if the Austwins decide to vote out Meg and keep James, they heve 3 votes, they decide who stays.

      • Then you backdoor Liz and end the twin twist and the showmance in one setting. Juila is useless anyway, so your only threat would be austin, and I would take those three vrs him in most comps.

      • Alright I can get on board, just don’t know if Vanessa would do it. She needs the Austwin votes if she gets the Goblins in F2, if she pisses 6 ppl of enough that the wont vote for her, he’s screwed.

      • Usually once things calm down people in jury tend to realize what a good game others are playing. We already saw Shellie and Jackie giving it up to van and how good she is in the one segment we were able to see. James goes this week, then liz with the DE if they can win it. They could scoop up meg and That would leave Van and CO in pretty much complete control in a one week swing. Even if meg were to join julia and austin it would be a crappy team, and my money would be on Van/Jmac/Steve all day long in that.

        Now someone just need the balls to put up liz.

      • What is wrong is you people!!! Is time time for Van to split the house down the middle . She need to put up the twins if one wins the Pov put up Austin. She is at the bottom of their alliance , she is playing with House Money … Split them up and she will have the numbers !!! Plus James and Meg should be down cause their hands will be bloodless. Why would you stay in alliance with twins and showmance ???

      • because Vanessa is stupid. But that’s the same reason that she is still in the house. Only James is willing to get blood on his hands.

      • Under no circumstances will Vanessa backdoor, frontdoor (or even side door?) any of the Austwins this week.

        In no way does that benefit Vanessa’s game. In fact it probably costs her any chance of winning a half million dollars.

      • Then who does she put up if james takes himself off? If she puts up Jmac or Steve she goes right back to being the next target for a united austwins where she will always be at best 4th. (and I think they like james and meg over her)

        I know van is big about no “blood” on her hands but its geting low for options.

      • Vanessa is not the next target if Johnny Mac or Steve would get voted out. Johnny Mac, Steve or one of the Goblins will be a higher priority for the Austwins than Vanessa.

        Remember, just this morning Vanessa warned Austin that James was gunning for him. Austin trusts Vanessa more than James. Austin will take this as a serious threat.

      • How do you figure that? They have been working on ways to backdoor van for weeks. I don’t think you can assume James or Meg would go before her if they stay. IMO she has no chance to make it much farther if she does not break them up. She is the least liked member on all of those alliances. AUstin was toying with backdooring her last week.

      • Austin was toying with sending her home her LAST WEEK.

        Then the Austwins and Vanessa buried the hatchet. (it helps to follow the feeds or posts about what has actually happened).

        Vanessa is nominating James and Meg. The remaining Goblin may come after her (I’m not sure how scary that would be if it’s Meg!)

        Who else is coming after Vanessa?

        Steve? No she has a final two with him.

        Johnny Mac? No he is secretly working with her.

        The Austwins? No they are focused on JMac.

        Somewhere in the next several weeks someone will be going after the Austwins. Probably after the next HOH if the Austwins don’t win.

        Why should Van cost herself three jury votes going after the Austwins when she has two perfectly capable pawns to do her dirty work for her?

        Let’s discuss the game that is happening, not the game some of you wish was happening.

      • She will if James wins POV that is why she is going to circle the wagons and ask everyone in her alliance to beat James and to ensure the nominations stay the same. James will be by his lonesome like Johnny Mac trying to save himself. If he fails, he is done.

      • I agree over all, she needs there votes and wont BD them. Which means Steve or JMac as a renom and would be interesting if it were Steve next to Meg. If it’s JMac he’s gone.

      • Agreed if JMac goes up, he goes home.

        Steve is a risky proposition too. Vanessa could say the Goblins HAVE to be broken up and that is more important to her AND the Austwins that a Gobin goes home.

        It still brings some shade on Vanessa for risking Steve over Johnny Mac however.

        Here’s a thought. Veto is used. Vanessa FAKES a fight with Steve for some BS “Vanessa” reason.

        She tells the Austwins “that’s it, I’ve had it with Steve, he’s going on the block and I want you (the Austwins) to make sure he gets sent home.”

        Then after the nom ceremony, say some time on Wednesday, Vanessa finds “new info” that exonerates Steve and casts doubt on the remaining Goblin on the block.

        She admits her error to the Austwins and begs them to not vote out poor Steve because she could never live with herself if it was her hand that evicted this poor innocent lad!

      • How??? The longer she ride with the Twins and Austin she lose the numbers and she’s making it to final 5 at best !!! They will not take her to the final 4 … She has played a better game than any of them plus she could win Hoh and make it to final 2 and beat any of them head to head !!! If Van don’t attack them she is going home next week the Twins and Austin no they can’t beat her . She has won to many Hoh & Pov …” No Guts No Glory ”

      • If James wins POV, then, put Austin in place of James and pressure the twins to vote out Austin. If they do not cooperate then, if Steve or Johnny Mac wins HOH next, Austin and Liz would be on the block next week when it is double eviction. There are no more soft targets left so, either play the game or get played! Whoever wins the next HOH will get the advantage. Austin, Liz, Julia, James and Meg have the majority vote now so, you need to start breaking them up now. Otherwise, Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve are all done.

      • It’s a smart move, just not sure vanessa would do it. putting up Steve would seem like the safer pick if James were to win PoV.

      • Putting up Steve means he gets evicted and who is left to protect Vanessa next week when she cannot play for HOH? You would have Johnny Mac vs Austin, Liz, Julia, James and Meg. Vanessa should just slit her own throat if that is the case because she would have blown up her own game!

      • That will never happen….Austin can’t go on the block…Vanessa has declared it…and the twins won’t vote out Austin…he’s their meat shield…if James wins POV…it will be touchy for Vanevil if James wins.

      • The last thing Vanessa wants is to lose Steve and Johnny Mac when she cannot play for HOH the coming week. Her survival will depend on those two remaining on her side. If she betrays either one, she is the next one getting evicted and there would be no one left to save her. She will stick with Steve and Johnny Mac because they have atleast, a fair chance of taking control of this game. And the twins will make a deal because Austin while, an ally is dispensable and Vanessa will convince the twins that she will protect them.

      • The last thing Vanessa wants is to lose the game! The only way she can lose the game this week is to nominate one of the Austwins.

        Vanessa is still in good with the Austwins, the ONLY way that changes is if she puts one of them on the block this week.

        If the veto is used, her safest play (although not popular on the forums) is to re-nom Johnny Mac. If she wants to get a little aggressive, she will nominate Steve.

        Under no circumstance will an Austwin see the block this week.

      • Austin, Julia, Liz, James and Meg already have the majority in the Big Brother House. Vanessa cannot win Big Brother hoping Austin will continue to be loyal to the very end with her alliance. It is not happening and she already sees that she needs to move against Austin, Liz, Julia maybe, next week but, get out James first and remove one big threat on their side. If Vanessa does not make a move soon, Austin and his alliance of 5 will evict Vanessa next week because she cannot play for HOH. Vanessa will make her move if she is forced to and not wait till next week because if James stays and either Steve or Johnny Mac is evicted, she is done.

      • She will not move against the Austwins this week. There is no reason to do that, none!

        James has already talked about needing to get one of the Austwins out. If James stays, even after Vanessa puts him on the block, he may be able to be persuaded to still go after Austin next week.

        If she causes an Austwin to be evicted this week, she will lose the game. Period. Not enough votes in jury.

        we as fans may like the drama, but we aren’t playing for a half million dollars. Vanessa is and she’s pretty smart. Eliminating an Austwin this week is a dumb move.

        It won’t happen.

      • She already said she is putting one of the twins up was a pawn if the veto is used. That way she still controls who goes because JMac and Steve will vote her way and Austin and the other twin will not vote a twin out.

      • Can you point to a transcript of where she said this, because honestly it doesn’t make any sense. She risks sending the Austwin home OR completely exposing her other alliance by putting up an Austwin.

        She WON’T control who goes home!

        Let’s say Liz goes up. Austin and Julia vote to keep Liz. JMac, Steve AND the other Goblin vote to send her home.

        Vanessa is not going to do that. No way.

      • Vanessa, JMac and Steve are working together and she will do that. I don’t know the exact time but after she got her HOH room last night she was talking to JMac about who would be a good pawn if James or Meg win the veto. They discussed one of the twins because that way they could still get one of their targets out. Austin would not vote against Liz or Julia, Liz or Julia will not vote against each other and JMac said he would vote out James or Meg whichever is on the block. Flashback on the feeds to after she got her room and after she talked to Steve then JMac went up there and that’s where they talk about it.

      • Yup, it’d get interesting. But if it were Austin vs Meg, it’d be 2 vs 2 with Steve being the decindg vote. IDK if it’d work, but Vanessa could tell Steve either you are going up next to Meg and will be voted out, or I’ll put up Austin and you will vote him out. Steve could lie and just vote out Meg anyway, I suppose it depends on who he aligns witht his week, the Austwins or JMac/Vanessa, but I doubt this senario happens anyway, likely it’d just be Steve as a renom or JMac so Vanessa doesn’t piss the Austwins off.

    • I hope JMAC is better at dentistry than strategy. Why would he think James and Meg have more influence/power than the Austwins, who have already shown they are very willing to throw him under the bus? The trio voting block needs to be dismantled. Julia isn’t very fond of Austin, I think she would easily be a vote to send Austin to the Jury House……Liz needs to be evicted NOW.

      • James and Meg already have an alliance with Austin, Liz and Julia versus Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve. They already have the numbers if Vanessa does not send James out. The next HOH, Vanessa cannot even play for HOH. She will only be safe if Johnny Mac or Steve win the next HOH. Otherwise, a win by Austin, Liz, Julia or James, if he is still in the Big Brother House gets Vanessa evicted with no votes to save her. We are near the end of this season and there are no more soft targets. And Vanessa would be dumb if he puts either Steve or Johnny Mac on the block because that would get them evicted and she would have no allies left!

  3. I was about to quit watching BB this year; however, If they really can form of a solid trio of Van, Jmac, and Steve things get much better. It would be smart to get liz out first as that would break apart the twins and the showmance. You would have a pissed Austin, but who really cares. Hopefully they can make that happen with the DE this week. Never thought I would root for Van but here I am.

    • If they got out James and Liz/Austin, they’d be looking very good in terms of making it to the end.

  4. It would probably make her less annoying to me if she were working with the boys. Anything but those twins.

    • The twins are the most catty, rude, superficial people I have seen in awhile… they are everything you hated about a vain snotty cheerleader in an adult. I dislike van, but I am starting to hate the twins.

      • The twins are the only part of this season that I truly dislike. They are mean spirited and so full of themselves. Their comments just keep coming to show me just how vicious they are. Just on jokers:

        Fri 10:22 AM BBTJulia:
        “I’m so happy people aren’t coming back.” Liz: “I can say mean goodbye
        messages again!” Julia: “No, you can’t.” Liz: “Oh sh*t – HumanFrailty

        And she means it. From the message to Jason. How they talk about others – not in a game way – but personal and cruel. They made another comment last nite that they should make J/M have nots so they will be weakened this week while they target them.

        I hate to say this, because it reflects on me to say stuff like this – but these girls deserve it. They are rotten to their cores.

      • Good point. It is a game. But it is played by real people and I think it would be hard to be in that house so long and not have your true self come out, especially in the stress of the situation. So there is at least hints of reality (i.e. real life) that we see of these people – both good and bad.

      • Both. And the Twins are the worst. They should look in the mirror when they are describing others because they are describing themselves. It’s a little personal for me because my name is Julia Elizabeth and I do not like the way they are ruining my good names. smh and smirking

      • Those Evil twins also were so upset that JMac got wonderful clapping and cheers from the audience on Thursday night from the audiance…….it seemed to really scare and upset them…….they are horrible people! They were actually upset that the audience liked JMac…..WOW……they really are awful!

  5. It is actually a smart move. Not only does he not have anyone else, but he is aligning himself with h to smartest players. (James could have been a contender for a smart play until Meg struck him blind. ) Austin is pretty much an idiot and the twins are busy being mean girls and occupied with primping. Vanessa and Steve are playing the game.

    • You got that right. Outside of Vanessa, Steve is playing a very smart, low key game. I would not mind a Johnny Mac and Steve for Final 2. That would be awesome.

      • Yup, Austin spread them too thin last week and ruined by winning HoH. JMac can ride Steve and Vanessa for a bit.

  6. I think Van will surprise everyone with her noms…it’ll either be James and Meg or Austin and Liz or Julia! Please let it be Austin and Liz or Julia! Pleeeeease!

    • Actually, a James and Liz combo is probably the best. It would pit two groups in an alliance, the Goblins vs Austwins. They have to split the votes 2 ways. Johnny Mac and Steve could be the deciding votes on who to evict. It would also, make both sides try hard winning POV because now, it becomes a fight for survival. A big threat is removed, either James or Liz and weakens the other side. It deals them a psychological blow too which would be great going into a double eviction week. Anything is always possible.

  7. Vanessa blows with the wind on who she alliance with, if James would have won, she would be smooching his butt in game play from the get-go. Unfortunately James just may be the big target this week, and poor Meg

    • She does…cause she has to..otherwise she be already out…but the difference with her playing down the middle right now…is she knows how.

      • No doubt, she is playing BB, proper, because it is a conniver’s game.

        They usually get found-out, but she has done well to eliminate those who have been on to her, like Jackie

    • Ha ha ha ….poor Meg….really? Meg can’t win anything…..she may be nice and annoying, but it’s time for her floating booty to bounce! Bye bye Meg!!

  8. On Jokers: Vanessa asks Austin and then Julia if they were the second Jeff vote. They both say no.

    Julia and Steve voted for Jeff to stay. So Julia liiiiiied! hahaha

    • oooooo, she is in trouble. You know how Vanessa feels about liars and you know she can tell… Did she hold Julia’s wrist?

      • No and why would she even ask that in the first place if she hadn’t suspected it? She also didn’t look at the pulse in Julia’s neck either I bet..LOLOL

      • Someone, I think JMac, mentioned two people to Vanessa that he thought could have been the mystery vote. I’d have to look it up to see who he said, but he got Nessie wondering about that. And we know that Nessie has to have answers.

      • I thought Steve told Vanessa that he voted for Jeff to stay….maybe that’s why, after JMac mentioned those two people, it got her wondering who the other person was. JMac doesn’t know that Steve told her probably?

      • I believe it was Liz. She said she thought she could “control him” like she does with Austin.

      • Hey K, Vanessa was the last person I expected to win HOH this week but this is not looking good for your favorite. Things will certainly be dull without James in the house so I’m hoping the Austwins vote to keep him and vote off Meg instead.
        Not sure what happened in the HOH last night but I’m surprised the jury gals didn’t do a lot better. I hope JMac can somehow survive a little longer in the house since he’s my fave now.

      • JMac has a lot of fans. I’m anxious to see what he does as a returning juror. I’m afraid James is going if he is nom’d and he is the target. The Austwins have no idea that Vanessa is coming for them next.

      • Sadly, nobody wanted JMac except Vanessa and Steve so he has to work with the devil he knows. Don’t give up on James since he could still win POV or Vanessa could become irrationally afraid of Meg lol.
        I’m hoping James wins POV and Vanessa has to put Liz on the block and Liz is evicted.

      • That sounds good, Foxfire. You always have a positive outlook and that is one of the reasons I love to see posts from you. Liz being evicted does sound kinda nice.

      • Thanks K, I haven’t been to other sites but since James is this year’s fan fave I imagine a lot of people are upset with Vanessa right now.

      • I thought it was Liz. Didn’t they tell Austin about the vote? He may slip and tell Vanessa.

      • I’m beginning to wonder if Austin would go against the twins with Nessie. He might let it slip, “accidentally”.

      • Remember Liz and Jeff had a little “thing” going on that Austin was so jealous about? Liz told Julia in the DR meeting that she would vote off Jeff but she was lying to her twin. I think at this point Austin was jealous that Liz might prefer Jeff over him so Austin was behind the whole Jeff eviction.

  9. Only security John has is to win the POV. It’s 50/50 on trusting Vanessa.

    Liz and Julia needs to feel how it is to be nominated, and Liz out the door. Smart move would be to split them up now but Vaness may get a spiritual, paranormal, dream, picture message that will tell her otherwise.

    • Just a couple hours until the Meg waterworks factory is started up again as James and Meg will be on the block. I read on Jokers that they aren’t going to tell them before (???). Don’t know if that has changed, but it is going to be a bad day for remaining Goblins.

      • It’s been a bad couple of weeks. I could argue that Meg and James have been playing worse than anybody else with bad decision making and total misreads of the house.

      • That’s my take on the Goblins too. If Vanessa ousts James then Meg would have no choice but to join with Vanessa against the Austwins. Since Meg is an excellent follower she could make it to F2 with Van.

      • Vanessa has her waterworks factory working in this game too. I just think Meg’s tears are a bit more real and have feeling behind them.

  10. Austin knows Jmac potentially would come after him. If Van doesn’t put up Jmac as they all agreed to whoever the Juror that comes back, if she doesn’t do that. That would drive a wedge between them and it would be GLORIOUS!

  11. Van, Steve & John is a pretty strong trio. If Van does stay loyal to them they could def take everyone else out. BUT, if an Austwin wins HOH next week, Van will change sides again.

    • Absolutely. As long a veto is not won by J/M this week, Van is in a great position for next week’s DE.

    • I agree. I just hope Vanessa, Steve and JMac can keep the power going until the Austwins are on the block and out the door.

      • Me too. Rooting for a Johnny Mac or Steve HOH win next week to take apart Austin, Liz and Julia for good. Hopefully, James is evicted this week. If not, evicting Austin or Liz is just as good a substitute.

      • I can see why Vanessa would find James untrustworthy and would prefer to send him to the jury. Then she can throw the next comps and have JMac and Steve get rid of the Austwins. Not sure if this is a winning strategy for her though since the jurors might hold a grudge against her.

      • Vanessa has figured out–correctly–that she can’t fire the first shot at the Austwins to start getting them out. She really needs Steve or JMac to do that for her. She’s walking a very fine line. If I were her, I’d be tossing up Meg and James too

      • Honestly if I were Van I would stick with John and Steve. I’d rather have two allies who are loyal to me and are willing to get their hands dirty for me rather than a threesome orgy whose loyal to each other.

  12. oh I think the real game has just started! BUT I also think that V is setting up HER game by covering all sides, pretend this and pretend that, I hope she is smart enough to see keeping the aztwins together is not good for anybody’s game but the aztwins!

  13. Well based on what I’ve read on Joker’s Update it appears that Vanessa is planning a mean-spirited, but witty speech aimed at Meg and James. Austin is helping her because he is so creative. I really do not like what Vanessa is going to James and Meg. I can only hope that James wins the POV and takes himself off the block, HOH next Thursday night, nominates Van and Liz or Austin and sends one of these three to jury.

  14. What time is the nominations? Like waiting for water to boil. It seems like forever. I will watch a movie to kill time.

  15. Here’s my question after reading what Matt wrote… if Derrick ousted Nicole after she said he was playing a strong game, would that mean Vanessa will oust ZingBot after the Bot said she had a ‘masterful’ game.

    • Then he said at the crying game, I thought for a sec that Zingbot was going to mess up Vanessa’s game.

      • Zing said it will a long comedic pause in between and you could see V nervously looking around at the other HGs, to see if they were taking it as a serious statement of her strong game or just a joke.

  16. Wow, so Vanessa has ‘her boys’ (Johnny & Stevie) in her back-pocket and tells them to keep it on the down-low. She is devious & smart, I love her… no I don’t… anyway, that way she can flip back over to the dark side were the Austwins to win next HoH or stick with ‘her boys’ if one of them win it. I bow to the Master, she is steps ahead in what’s going to happen.

    If she gets rid of James, then as fans of Big Bro that despise Vanessa, our hope rest on Meg… ha, ha, ha, ha, you might as well laugh b/c crying won’t change anything. Well, maybe for Vanessa it has… I hope her GF is real proud of her, b/c she survives this week & next (DE), that makes her F5 at worse. There will be no stopping her.

    Wait until you see how she bust up Austwins, she’ll be the puppet master on that one (ousting Liz or Austin, most likely Liz) and come out looking like she’s not part of group that’s responsible. And if it appears that it would get votes from the Jury than she’ll be totally responsible.

  17. I think that John and Steve should continue to work together and play along with Vanessa and when they John and Steve get a chance go talk to the Austins and let them know that Vanessa is going after them and everybody should vote her out

  18. I love this alliance idea. A couple of weeks ago, ALL I cared about was getting Vanessa out. But Austwins are now on my radar. Vanessa is one person. Austwins are a huge threat and I couldn’t believe Vanessa agreed F4 with them. But now she’s realized that’s super dumb. And she tried to help out Johnny Mac who I’m in love with. So she’s good in my book.

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