Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Live Show Recap

Julie Chen returns to host as we discover who went home last night when the Houseguests went back inside the Diary Room to cast the latest vote on Big Brother and evict the next nominee.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 eviction
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 eviction – Source: CBS

Houseguests Da’Vonne Rogers and Meg Maley were in the unenviable position of awaiting their fate and the official vote from Julie, but it wouldn’t be that simple when the Last Laugh twist hit.

Three votes will be eliminated tonight on Big Brother 17 as part of Kathy Griffin’s final visit to the house. We’ll watch as the Houseguests take turns answering the phone and one of them is awarded this special “Last Laugh” power, but will it be enough to shift the votes and change tonight’s plans?

The phone booth arrives as the Houseguests prepare to each take a phone call filled with zingers, well kinda. When the 7th call arrives Da’Vonne is there for the special power to be awarded. She keeps a straight face until it’s over and lets Jason know they need to start working on it.

Julie Chen reveals the next Big Brother Takeover twist will be delivered by Rob Gronkowski because, um, CBS airs NFL I suppose. No word yet on just what the twist will be but we’ll know more soon.

We’ve arrived at the Twin Twist segment. Da’Vonne has discovered Liz Nolan is playing with her sister last night. This happened on Monday just after the Veto meeting and last night Julia admitted the truth to Vanessa and has joined the Sleeper Cell alliance with Shelli, Clay, and Austin. Everyone but Audrey knows about the Twin Twist.

Last Laugh has arrived and Julie informs the three HGs who were nullified: Jeff, Jackie, and Becky. The rest of the will vote now.

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Big Brother 17 Week 2 Votes:

  • Jason votes to evict Meg
  • Clay votes to evict Da’Vonne
  • John votes to evict Da’Vonne
  • Audrey votes to evict Meg
  • Austin votes to evict Da’Vonne
  • Julia/Liz votes to evict Da’Vonne
  • Vanessa votes to evict Da’Vonne
  • That’s enough. Da’Vonne has been evicted.
  • James votes to evict Da’Vonne
  • Steve votes to evict Da’Vonne

By a 7-2 vote, Da’Vonne Rogers has been evicted from Big Brother 17.

Gronk announces it’s party week for his BB Takeover and he won’t be having any Have-Nots this week, but he likes winners so it’s time for everyone to head to the backyard.

The remaining Houseguests, minus Shelli as the outgoing HoH, will compete to become the next Heads of Household. A win here won’t insure safety though as the Battle of the Block can knock either of these HoH’s back to the danger zone.

Big Brother 17 Week 3 Head of Household Comp – “Gronk Pong”:
Houseguests have to launch a ball in to giant solo cups to score points.

click images to see full-size views:

James and Audrey are tied at 23 while Audrey gets a 17 and Clay a 6. John and Jackie both missed. Jeff gets just 14. Becky elaborately flings the lever and completely misses.

Austin takes the lead at 28. Jason misses and gets a 0. Meg lands a 1. Steve bounces off 28 to nothing. Vanessa ties at 23. Tie breaker!

Tie-breaker: Julia gets 22. James gets 35. Vanessa gets 52.

  • HoH 1: Austin
  • HoH 2: Vanessa

Congrats to Austin & Vanessa. Looks like the Twins Twist will survive another week!

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live fallout from the HoH comp. Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about.



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  1. A minute of silence please. Former Raiders Quarterback Ken Stabler died today at the age of 69. Colon cancer.

  2. Tornado warning keeping live show from airing on time outside Philadelphia. :(

  3. The Clay/Johnny Mac convo the funniest thing this season. Clay: “If you’re not comfortable, just say no..Jmac:..NO!!!. lol

    • But you have to love that Bobcat Goldthwait voice (with a nervous stutter to boot)… I wish ALL the interview clips were with JMac! ;)

      • She was smart enough to figure everyone out, but not smart enough to keep it to herself.

      • She wasn’t as smart as she thought she was and it led her to breakup her original alliance.

      • Which is a shame, because she was (imho) the most observant and tactical of starting players… she just couldn’t control her temper or her attitude. She still thinks it’s other people who caused her downfall but it was her… she had a clear path to the final 5 at least.

      • And not smart enough to realize that relationships matter… when you become confrontational (especially with a power couple + their allies) what did she think would happen?

      • sigh… yes… I think we’re all sadly aware of the twists… who knows? Maybe there’s going to be a twist where the producers stop pandering to the cheapest most sensational tactics and let the players actually play the game! ;)

    • Me too. Who will she blame in her interview ? Or will she fess up to her mistake ?

      • Of course you do. Because then she would fit your expectations, wouldn’t she?

      • Which are fairly predictable and reasonable expectations wouldn’t you say? Dr.Phil has a saying that is apt: ”The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.” I think Sharona is merely stating what she (and many of us) have seen…

      • She made too many mistakes. Between the twin twist and the last laugh, I don’t know where to begin. I thought she was a super fan…… what a let down.

      • Shelli has made more mistakes. And when she’s finally evicted maybe she’ll admit her faults too.

        I mean seriously voting out someone who wasn’t popular in the house and couldn’t win comps?! How is that a big move lol! A big move would be evicting someone like Austin! Shelli now has more people in the house than just Da who don’t trust her.

      • Well said! The seasons I’ve partially watch they never send the strong players or the “all Americans” home first even when the opportunity presents itself. I’m tuning out now because I feel it’s rigged!

      • I agree. Had she put up Audrey, she would have had Becky in her back pocket for sure. Sad she let Clay run her HOH for her, not a smart move if you ask me.

      • Like I said to someone else… who is to say that the others house-guests didn’t already have their suspicions
        about the twins anyway? They could’ve just been thinking it yet they
        hadn’t said anything, which is what Da’ should’ve done.
        I don’t
        think the house-guests are that stupid. But if they haven’t noticed the
        twins until Da’ and Jason said something, then they aren’t great
        observers because Liz and Julia look a lot alike, but they also have a
        lot of dissimilarities.

      • Jason didn’t notice it until Day told him. I agree she should have put that in a I will play you later pile instead of telling someone.

    • I can’t wait for HOH. Hopefully the good people Meg, James, or Jason win HoH. Second base case scenario the basic people/floaters people might win HOH next: steve, John and Jackie, and I hope the evil people Clay, Liz/Julia, Vanessa, Austin and Jeff don’t.

      • I like Meg and James is ok but can not stand Jason. He has annoyed me right from the start. Can’t wait till he is gone. I’m liking John and Vanessa

      • I like John, Vanessa, Steve, Meg, Liz. Dislike Clay, Shelli and Audrey. We will see what happens this week with Austin and Vanessa the HOHs until BOB.

      • Richie we are on the same page. I was happy with who won hoh. It is going to be a interesting week I think.

      • I cannot stand Clay or Jeff. They think they’re running the house, but they’re not. They expect to last a long time…not if the other side keeps winning HOH’s and POV’s you’re not.
        I also want the lying, scheming, manipulating b**** Audrey to go. She’s a beautiful person, but as a player…SHE SUCKS…She was calling Da’ the demon, but she’s the real demon.

      • My guess is the same as what Da said to Julie last night. They are afraid to nominate her because of her background. Not because of who she is and as a player in the game. She could go all the way to win the $500,000.00 if they don’t do something soon.

      • Vanessa is definitely not evil. She seems to be the most sweetest, genuine person in the house. I’ve watched a lot of the live feeds with Vanessa on the cameras and she seems so legit.
        Liz/Julia aren’t evil either. I hope they can last until the 5th eviction. I want them to both enter the house and make people uncomfortable. Lol.
        I hope Vanessa remains HOH….no…scratch that…I don’t want a target on her back this early in the game. Austin can remain HOH and get the blood on his hands.

      • Jeff is just as much a manipulator as Audrey is. The live feeds are proof of it. He’s scheming to get everybody out, thinking he’s just going to be safe every week. You’ve got another thing coming Jeff!

      • I’m looking forward to Vanessa being the HOH and she puts up Jeff (and Jackie). So Lynn, I agree with you half-way ~ LOL!

      • As much as I would love Vanessa to have power, I don’t want her to get the blood on her hands this early in the game. I really like her. I don’t want people coming after her. I want her to win.
        If not her, then one of the twins…but they’re kind of just going along with the crowd, not having their own mind, but hopefully if they survive the fifth eviction, they can be better players in this game!

    • She probably does know. She just hasn’t said anything or either she thinks it’s too good to be true. I really don’t think she’s that stupid.

  4. i think i’m the only person that likes day… lol oh well, on to the next.

    • I don’t think anybody dislike her. I, personally, think she overplayed her hand. She was her own worst enemy.

    • I liked her but I am ready for her to go though so that I can come out of hiding lol
      Didn’t care to debate anything……

    • I was rooting for Da’V but didn’t like the mistakes she was making (i.e.: telling her suspicions about the twins to Jason).

      • And in case it didn’t work, Jeff and Jackie would still wonder who doesn’t trust them enough to block their vote. Plus the HGs would think J and J are working together. And after Jeff spent all that time distancing himself from her!

        Yea, it looks like Day might get the last laugh after all…

      • That is the best answer given. I didn’t think of it that way. She knew how Clay was gonna vote and the most of the rest she thought they would vote for her. I wonder what is going through Becky’s mind about this as well.

    • Am I the only one annoyed by his voice? There is just something about it that makes me cringe every time he talks.

      • It is not just you. When he’s in the DR, I guess he doesn’t realize that he’s wearing a mic—because all he does is screech in there. I mute him. Seriously, his voice jars my fillings loose.

      • Oh you don’t love his Bobcat Goldthwait voice? I laugh so hard everytime I hear him… I even went back to watch old clips of the Police Academy movies just because of JMac! ;)

      • No, don’t tell me that! Seriously, when he’s in the DR, stray dogs flock to my door. My cat has seizures. And, as I said, my fillings are jarred loose. In fact, I think I may need a root canal. : ) On another subject, Mr. Good Taste sent me a message that said, “Sharona, I meant if you tell a gay a secret, you may as well tell the whole WORLD, ’cause HE sure will.” How do ya like them apples? Hope you’re doing well!

      • Matt, in case I didn’t make it clear (I have a tendency to make things sound convoluted), he DID mean what I said he did.

      • Someone earlier on said it reminded them of Bobcat Goldwaith LOL. Too funny.

  5. I love Audrey. She really needs to win HOH tonight though. I would be very sad if she leaves next.

  6. In memory of Day’s tenure in the house: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=de2rBeWNgFo

  7. OH! That is B.S….her being transgender has nothing to do with it, Da. Casts have sent gay people home…Honey, you don’t make sense.

    • Wouldn’t those same people fear being labelled racist for voting out the only black contestant this year? Her mouth is definitely faster than her brain :)

      • But there is Black houseguests every year and after BB15 where people lost their jobs, people would understanable be hesitant to be the reason the FIRST trans houseguest went home

      • Well, that’s just ignorant if that’s truly the case. Game should be judged on play, not race; sex; religion; marital status; preference of foods…etc.

      • No because they think no one will notice why they have such a dislike for Da, they also don’t care, and they know people will make excuses for them.

    • Actually a few did say that but they Audrey went wild and they changed.

    • I do believe people may have been hesitant for a minute.but it didn’t last long.

    • Day-glad-you’re-gone is one of the most racist people ever in the house. The only ones worse were in BB15.

      • I am hard pressed to believe it’s always a coincidence that the minorities are first to go in big brother. People who look different (generally due to race) are targeted for eviction first.

      • No. But because of her attitude that gave them the fake reason they needed to vote her out

      • You can thank production for continuosly casting minorities that happen to be annoying loudmouths.

      • Well that’s really not true either… Some of my favourite players from past seasons have been Asian, Black and/or other minorities… Candice (in the dreaded season 15) was one of the most patient, kind-hearted, and victimized people I can recall… She deserved to win on that basis alone! I’m astonished that most commenters on here keep jumping to extreme statements of racial intolerance (either for or against whichever ethnic group they identify with)…

        Da’s mouth got her in trouble (not the colour of her skin), but to say that the majority of people on the show have been like that from ethnic minorities is really offensive… One day, ONE DAY, people will learn to judge a person on the merits of their character and NOT the colour of their skin!

      • D was talking to loud and thinking everyone should be under her feets… Since the first day of the feeds she was thinking she was more than everyone else. If somebody didn´t bowed to her… it was crap. If somebody didn´t do like she says… it was crap.
        Yeah she found out some informations… and the twins? She was told about it in the DR. She barelly talked with the girls. Then she gets into the DR and comes back talking about twins? Kinda like the other talk that, with 16 seasons and Audbrey started to talk about the twin twist of season 5… kinda strange to go into that without other talks.

    • the only people the evil side of the house has considered getting out this week has been James, Jason and Audrey. Pretty strange coincidence

      • You mentioned when did jace figure into this equation not me. I don’t think he figures into the racial aspect of it all. But they wanted Jace out first because Clay felt threatened by him so he had to go. Then Davonne bruised Clays ego by sticking up for herself and calling him out on his pot stirring and that gave him the excuse he wanted in the first place to evict her. Up until that point he didn’t have a reason.

        I hope that answers your question

      • You were talking about minorities. I merely asked how does a white male figure into your equation??

      • and I told you he doesn’t. Since the main one in power is a white man –what a surprise–Clay, I can’t imagine he or the other majority of white people in the house wanted a white man like jace gone for any other reason other than he was a threat

      • Jace was kicked out because he annoyed everyone… he was a loud talker and a project of gigolo. (remember bb16? the first one out was the same kinda of card)

      • Its not a strange coincidence if you have watched the show. James, Jason, and Da were considered because well, they are in an alliance together, and Aubrey was considered cause her entire game was blown up. But you can keep grasping for straws.

  8. I like that Da admitted that she put her foot in her mouth because she really did. She played too hard to fast. I will miss her antics though. Bye Da!!

  9. Day was cast as the ghetto, loud black chick from Inglewood, and she played that role a little too well. You can’t be the loud, tell-it-like-it-is black person in the Big Brother house and expect to last very long.

    • That’s right, though. Coming from another black person, she was just the stereotypical black girl with attitude. There are a lot nicer, sweeter black people out there. I loved Da’ but when they cast people like that, it makes me slightly feel ashamed of my race. I mean, we don’t all roll our eyes at the drop of a dime, we don’t all have irritated looks on our faces 24/7, we aren’t all loud…etc.

      • Check this out.. So everybody knows about the twins right? So lets say Liz is just coming out from DR, and every one in the living room cheering..they go like..Hey…Liz! ..oh NO “It’s the fake Liz..nooo! lol

      • awwwwwwwwwwww, you’re so so funny *Cy* ~~ you’re a ray of sunlight after a dull dreary day!

      • You’re hysterical *Cy* ~~ it’s beddy bye time here on the East Coast. G’nite … see ya tomorrow.

    • I love Vanessa! I wish they’d show more of her. Seeing her on the live feeds is awesome. She is so interesting, sweet, genuine, honest.

  10. Vanessa and Austin!!! I like it. Hopefully they will go after Clay/Shelli and leave Audrey alone.

    • Yeah, one of them needs to break that pending showmance up. I’d say let Austin be the one to do it. Vanessa’s my pick to win, so I don’t want any targets on her back this early in the game.
      Get Clay out first.
      Then Jeff.
      Then Audrey.

  11. Do Chelli, Van, Austin, and the twins have an alliance? I’m playing catch-up.

  12. Yeah! I was expecting Vanessa couldn’t pull it off but what a miracle! I think you can guarantee that the HoHs, Lizia, Chelli and John are safe this week, while everyone else is up for grabs.

    • Yes, it couldn’t have gone any better. Bye Clay! Fingers crossed. If not Clay, then bye Jeff…or Audrey…or Shelli!

  13. Really interested in seeing who Austin and Vanessa target this week. They’ve been considered the “outsiders” for the past two weeks, so I wonder who they’ll go after now that they have some power.

    I have a feeling they might play it safe and go for Audrey (since the ‘house’ wants her gone), but I’m hoping they try and take out Jeff or James. That would shake things up.

    • I hope they DON’T play it safe. As much as the Snake. In. The Grass. bugs me, her manipulation skills are awesome. She certainly is fun to watch.

      • Audrey said in her interview that the one thing she didn’t want the other HGs to know about her was how smart she really is. As flaky as she acts at times, I do think she is intelligent.

    • I think Austin is thinking long term and he’ll do whatever it takes to secure Vanessa, Liz, and himself have the numbers coming into future weeks. With that being said, I believe they may choose to go after someone not affiliated with either of the two “sides” so I think their target this week will be Steve or Audrey. However, there is plenty of time for Jeff to lose everyone’s trust giving them the perfect opportunity to take out a powerful player.

      • I’m really hoping Vanessa and the twins can stay in the game. I love them!
        Don’t really care about the guys. I’m rooting for the girls!

  14. I have a feeling Austin will get a big player. He’s got game. I thought convincing Shelli to re-nom Meg is an example of a good strategist. He protected his ally…that’s a move.

    • I’m excited to finally see Austin’s game. I have a feeling he’s going to prove he’s a be a force to be reckoned with.

      • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Shut up!!! You’re terrible. And…maybe. Those tats look pretty good. ;)

      • Austin is a side show looking for a place to flop! ((yeah, I don’t agree with you and KSJB))

      • Ha-ha-ha! It’s 3:00 a.m here, and I’m up because I’m in a lot of pain. Then I read your comments and I laughed SO hard!! Karen knows I’m only joking about Austin. I AM interested to see what he’ll do as HoH, though. Oh my gosh, Cuddles…laughter is the best medicine! Now I don’t need any Ibuprofen! I’m going to be laughing about this for a while. Bless you! :-)

      • Thank you queen and Cuddles! Y’all are such sweet people. Cuddles, That thorn is stuck like the sword in the stone in Excaliber. ; ) LOL!

      • Where’s Karendeer with the snippers?? LOL! Hey Sharona, sorry about your pain ~ Ima tryin’ to pull that Austin thorn outa your side and it won’t budge. (( Bless you back ))

      • How do you pull a thorn out with snippers, Cuddles?I hope I never have a nurse like you. hehe

      • No, you’re the one with the snippers Karen! I was implying that Austin is a thorn in Sharona’s side. I wasn’t referring to Sharona’s real body pain. Didn’t get enough sleep last nite, huh Karen?!

      • Sending ice packs, warm thoughts, and wishes for a better day ahead.
        Austin talking about allowing Van to remain HOH. I thought he was a fighter. :(

      • Thanks, Kare-Bear! Could you send some Vicodin too? JUST KIDDING! About Austin…I know, right? Maybe he has some kind of ingenious plan we don’t know about. I doubt it though. I cannot believe he would give up HoH.

      • Maybe Cyril would send you some of that Blue Dream stuff. Oh, wait, would that be illegal?
        You have reminded me of the many little CareBear toys that I purchased back when my daughter was little and I still have them all boxed up. :)
        An ingenious plan would be a nice change in the game. Sounds great!

      • I have a niece named Sarah and I’ve called her Sare-Bear ever since she was a baby. She’s 30 now, but still signs all of her cards “Sare-Bear”. Yeah…um…those blue dream thingies… aren’t those pills Cyril takes start with ‘V’? LOL!

      • Something called Viagra, I think. I’ve heard of it but not sure exactly what it does. Cyril seems to be in a good mood all the time.

      • Game wise I like him. I thought I’d hate watching him at the start since he kept talking about his alter ego/split personality thing and I hate that. He does mention it from time to time and I have to mentally tune that out.

      • I’m still trying to decide about most of them. I’ll like them one day and not the next. I’m not really having positive vibes about anyone and I usually have a couple of possible favorites by this point in the season. I hope my intuition kicks in soon.

      • I feel the same way. It makes it easy to watch since I don’t feel that invested in whoever gets nominated at this point.

      • Hey queenbratty (playin’)! I missed your input today. A little drama going on in the house. Maybe you’ll post tomorrow. Later, I’ve got some packing to do.

      • I hope you have a great trip. I have just been keeping to myself. You can call me that, some of my friends do or bratty or QB.

      • Thanks, I always have fun if the grandchildren are around. Hope everything is OK, bratty. I love that name. It has character. If I ever say anything to upset you I’d honestly want to know. You have added much fun to my season already this year.

      • Ty, It was not you at all. I got annoyed with all the racial comments when Day was in the house and a few people twisting my words around.

      • I didn’t get to read all of the threads this week , but I was so irritated when I started trying to read a couple that I had a little rant on one thread. I never did finish reading them.

    • If he’s smart, he’ll find a way to make sure his nominees win Battle of the Block. That way blood doesn’t get on his hands. He knows he’s good with Vanessa, and he’d still get to compete in next week’s HOH. Remember, he’s a “physical” player, and for whatever reason, big muscular guys always get targeted early in the game.

      • That’s so true. Yet, it seems like the ‘big strong types’ don’t seem to do as well in the comps. I keep thinking about Howard from season 15…for some reason he sticks in my mind. I could be wrong about him…it’s been known to happen (about Howard, I mean).

      • Jeff has been playing EVERY side. He is another Audrey…yet he’s a tad sneakier…and obviously playing better than Audrey since she’s been found out. But Jeff’s time will come…oh yes, it will. Can’t stand him or Clay.

      • Austin is talking with Julia right now. They both want Jeff, and Vanessa is sure to listen.

        Wow, Audrey is going to slip through AGAIN!

    • Even though he lied, it was the best for shelli’s plan anyways since meg and Day were allied.

  15. Bye bye Day Day!!! I’m glad she is gone. She won’t be missed! I’m rooting for Clay Shelli and Audry!!

  16. Day was hilarious. Loved her in the last episode when she picked out Steve for the Veto- her expression was everything. Sad to see her leave so early.

  17. I’m so disappointed with Da’V’s 3 choices of who to sit out the vote. Over the past 2 weeks she made too many game mistakes. Adios Da’V ~ enjoy your daughter.

    • My husband and I were both like huh? Why did she pick those 3? I don’t know that it would have mattered but I expected her to at least pick Clay to sit out.

    • It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Since the people she asked to vote for her didn’t vote for her to stay. She also didn’t want to make it seem obvious that it was she who got the last laugh power. If Clay was chosen to sit out, it would’ve been more obvious to Shelli and Clay that Da was the one who got the power. Remember that Clay already suspected that Da’ had the power anyway.

  18. Bye, Da’Vonne. You were an entertaining HG and an ace in the DR, but you were way too emotional to make it far in this game.

    On the bright side, Austin is targeting Jeff! GET JEFF OUT!

  19. Finally, an HOH comp, fair to all hgs, that wasn’t rigged by production. Not happy about Austin. Extremely happy about Vanessa. Now she’s gotta choose the right hgs to win the BOB and stay HOH for the week.

  20. So basically, the “BB Takeover” had pretty much zero impact in the entire game.(so far).. Is that why this season is so good?..I don’t know, it’s working for me.

  21. I am entirely happy with the eviction tonight and who won HOH. The comp looked fun and I’d love to play that. I didn’t think so many would get a 0. That was funny. I am glad they don’t have a have-not this week. I hate that aspect and that room looks awful.

    Not related but do they ever clean the kitchen? It looks nasty every time they show it. I did not really care for Jason referring to Liz as the fat one or fatty even though I knew about it and read the excuses beforehand the way he said it seemed serious to me. I can’t imagine any woman who would want to be called the fat one on tv.

    • I was laughing hard at that whole segment…but I was also like, “once this is over, Liz is going to watch this season and be like “I’m fat?” She’s then going to starve herself to look more like her twin Julia. In my opinion though, they’re both beautiful, but Liz is prettier to me.

      • It’s no wonder woman have body image issues when skinny people are called fatty. I too think they are both pretty, and fine as they are.

  22. Glad the DaVonne is gone. She was just not likeable at all and all that attitude wears you down. Too much for the house.

  23. Why does Audrey keep voting against the house? Hope she is the next one sitting next to Julie!

  24. So do you think Austin or Vanessa will try to get rid of Audrey. Or will Audrey again be like Amanda. People will hold off getting rid of her because she will be easy to vote out. And before you know it, it’s jury.

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