Big Brother Twin Reveals: “My Name Is Julia”

The Big Brother Twin Twist is formally out of the bag after Julia Nolan revealed to Vanessa Rousso, “I’m not Liz.” Da’Vonne Rogers was right and the ruse is up. So how did it happen and what now?

Twin Twist on Big Brother 17
Twin Twist on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Overnight the House has seen an interesting potential shift with the votes and that’s got the Big Brother 17 Houseguests talking more than usual. More talking means more sharing and soon we found Vanessa putting the big question right to “Liz.”

Flashback to 2:08 AM BBT Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now to start watching). Vanessa is telling the Nolan sister that Day can’t be trusted in the long run as they debate her attempt to flip the vote and stay over Meg. As they discuss having an alliance and numbers Vanessa point blank asks her, “is it true?”

Meet Julia. She reveals to Vanessa that yes, she and her sister Liz are twins and they’ve both been playing the game. Julia tells her she’s so relieved to have that off her chest as they giggle and celebrate the big news.

Julia says she and Liz trust Vanessa “100%.” Vanessa in turn warns her over all the visible differences between them including a birthmark on their back, hair color, and the way they talk. Julia confirms that Da’Vonne had caught her on Monday when she asked to see her glasses but then stared at her face.

Panic is on Julia’s mind as she fears the whole house knows. Well, everyone but Austin & Audrey have been told, but she doesn’t know that for sure. Vanessa says the best bet to keep her safe is to join up with Austin, Shelli, and Clay. Then if they can get Liz and Julia through the fifth eviction they’ll have a sixth vote.

Vanessa is confident they can throw off the rest of the house by simply telling them they inspected “Liz” and they’re both the same. Nah, too late, the other side of the house knows and once they recognize you’re trying to protect her they’ll move in for the kill. (Or at least they should!)

Both agree that they don’t tell the whole house, but they need to confirm the news to Shelli and Clay. Flashback to 3:10AM BBT for part two of the night’s Twin Twist reveal.

Shelli and Clay are on board with bringing Liz and Julia in to the fold along and want to tell Austin on Thursday. Shelli asks Vanessa to wait to tell him about the twins when he’s in the HoH room so she can see his reaction. They’ll have to hold the meeting early before they lose the room to show preparations.

Should be an interesting day and even more interesting few weeks ahead as we see how the house decides to handle the twins. Their secrecy is over, but will Big Brother continue to have them swap out and pretend? I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to milk it longer for the show while we watch away on the Feeds.

What would you do with Liz and Julia? Try to get “Liz” evicted before they can both play or let it ride and make a play for their votes later?


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  1. Yes!!! Thank you Vanessa! Someone finally realized the real potential here of having another vote if they work with them! It is just too bad its not a secret anymore. Out of everyone I figured Vanessa would work with them and not target them and use it to her advantage…just hope she doesn’t get targeted herself for helping!

    • I don’t know, although I see a tight group between Austin, Vanessa, Liz, and Chelli forming, meaning we could see a house divided soon enough!

  2. If Shelli and her hot boy toy are smart, they’ll MOST DEFINITELY want to include Julia into the mix! I’m sooooo happy Julia shared the information with Shelli and Vanessa. Now, all they have to do is make it thru five evictions so they can vote out Audrey, Steve, Jeff and Jason.

  3. Getting out Liz, now, uses up only 1 eviction. while If they wait until week 6, then they have to use up 2 evictions to get them out, which could be better spent getting rid of Shelli, Clay, Austin, etc..

    • There’s no need to evict Liz/Julia. They’re not a threat in any stretch of the imagination. The threats need to be taken out: Jeff, Audrey, Steve and Jason.

  4. Big Brother should have been a lot smarter and tried to make them more alike. Hair color is an easy fix, and there’s makeup that can cover moles, or, even better put a fake mile on the twin who didn’t have one. The voice is a different matter, and let’s face it – they aren’t really identical. It was just a matter of time until someone figured it out. Hope they don’t get evicted before week 5 – their strategic use is valuablel

    • They look just alike to me. If Julia was as bubbly as Liz nobody would be saying a thing. Hell, only Da’vonne said anything anyway.

      • You can definitely tell which one is which. I’m surprised it took the house-guests this long to figure it out. I mean, seriously, you live with these twins 24/7! You’re bound to notice some differences sooner rather than later. Watch this latest episode again and observe the twins sitting side by side in the DR. There are a lot of differences between the two…other than the obvious skinny one/fat one difference.

      • I’m not saying either is fat. I’m just saying that’s what most people say when it comes to inquiring as to which twin is which. This is how Da’ and Jason first referred to them. Of course Liz isn’t fat. But she does have a little more weight on her than her twin Julia. However, that is not a bad thing at all. I think they’re both gorgeous!

    • Really? If you could have noticed how come whenever people were writing updates on twitter and these blogs, no one knew which ne was Liz and which was Julia. You only say this because you know more now than you did. Otherwise BB could have done this is nonsense.

  5. Wow, a solid (I’m hoping) all-girls alliance (Vanessa, Liz, Shelli) with a ‘token’ male! I’m excited to see how this plays out.

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