Big Brother 17 Week 3 Pre-Veto Comp Plans: “Perfect!”

The stage is set for the Big Brother 17 Power of Veto competition today and the players have been picked. Now the house is shifting in to position for their next big move.

James is one worried kitty on Big Brother
James is one worried kitty on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa and Austin were the initial HoHs this week and they’ve continued to work together towards Thursday’s eviction, but the Veto is their last obstacle in a perfect execution of their wishlist and that’s coming up today.

The Veto players were picked and we have Audrey (drawn by James), Austin (HG Choice by John), and Shelli (drawn by Vanessa). Yikes for James. Vanessa and Austin were shocked at how well that players-pick went for them. “Perfect!” declared Austin.

The odds are stacked against James with 5:1 working against him here, but his outlook could improve. Austin and Vanessa want their side to throw it to Audrey if possible. If they’re not careful and throttle back to much then James might beat out Audrey. Although, after what sounds like a miserable BotB performance his game might just be too off.

John visited Austin and Vanessa and they promised him they’d use the Veto to save him if they won, but they have no plans of letting that happen. Should things fall apart and one of them happens to win then Vanessa plans to try and convince John he’s safe on the Block against James. Uh oh, John.

Things have gone crazy in the house this afternoon too. Vanessa is trying to set the stage for not Backdooring Audrey like everyone expected. Her master plan was to catch Meg in a lie about Audrey so she could use that as “we can trust Audrey.” It didn’t go so well.

Flashback to 1:12PM BBT on your Live Feeds or grab the Free Trial now to start watching. Audrey, Meg, and Vanessa are trapped in a room and arguing it out. Meg insists Audrey told her Vanessa was voting against her last week. Audrey did say this, but is now denying. Vanessa wants to use this as a reason to keep Audrey.

It’s a huge blowout and Audrey doesn’t catch on to Vanessa’s attempts to help her out in the argument. Things flop and flail as Meg starts crying then yelling and Audrey starts crying and yelling. Glorious Feeds o’ Drama again today.

You’ll really need to watch it all, but now the “other side” knows what Vanessa is doing and that Audrey won’t be renom’d. Panic time for James, right? We’ll have to keep watching to see who wins the Power of Veto. Spoilers soon so stick with us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email!


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    • I’m loving this!! A LOT! muahahaha We needed a good day today as it was getting too lackadaisical lately with Day and Jace gone! :-)

      • Right I am loving overdramatic Audrey! She is one of the main people who brings life to the feeds! ^__^

      • And that’s without her knowing about the twins yet….if this is how she acts without that! hahahaha

      • Lol oh yeah I forgot she didn’t know! Wow well then when she finds out expect a theatrical drama based loosely off of Audrey’s paranoia that everyone is coming after her!

    • Because she is a target over them. But that can backfire because Jason mentioned he was gunning for Vanessa and Austin.

    • Day and some were more or less saying a lot of them are afraid to because she is a transgender and how would that look.

      • For real! I don’t think that should have any bearing on the game, she is very sneaky that’s for sure, I do however wish people would play their own game !

  1. Vanessa is getting herself in a terrible spot right now..if her side doesn’t win HOH on her not putting Audrey up as renom, if needed, they will come after her first. I like Vanessa, but she overthinks just about everything and talks way too much.

    • I haven’t had time to reflect on what’s going on but I’m with you about Vanessa, maybe she’s overthinking and overplaying the whole situation. I think I preferred the more straight forward Shelli as HOH. Will anyone be able to trust Vanessa if all her schemes are revealed?
      I’m glad that Meg is safe at least. Crazy things going on indeed!

      • I like Meg (who wouldn’t), but she is not a strong player, and will continue to be a pawn till she is eventually voted out.

      • I think Meg is a better player than we all think. From watching her pre-show interviews, it was her plan to lay low and let the bigger personalities knock each other out first. I think the second half of this season we’ll see her true power. If she can survive that long.

      • They got a lot of big personalities this season, and then they got Becky and Jackie…

      • Haha right as of right now they are both irrelevant! I always seem to forget about those two ^__^

      • It was, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time this season. I do deserve it, not joking, every now and then.hehe

      • The strange thing is that on TAR, Jackie had a much bigger personality than Jeff.

      • I saw them in TAR. I thought Jeff was nicer.(in his edit) I was surprised with his aggressiveness in the house.

      • such a completely different game ~ strategies, living side by side in a house for 90+ days, etc.

      • Oh come on!’re just saying that because it’s true. lol….what up Cuddles?.

      • My time is up ~~ watching Celebrity Family Feud ~~ enjoy your chatting ~~ see ya around the Ponderosa!

      • Jackie was the fun one and Jeff was the too nice, stick in the mud. Now they’ve switched personalities, except that Jeff only thinks he’s the fun one.

      • Perhaps, but her social game has been impeccable so far.
        Let’s just say there are a few others I would prefer to see go before Meg.

    • I noticed last night she listens a little too much from the guys that’s obviously positioning themselves on their next move. That alliance is still evolving. I hope they have her back next HOH Comp.

  2. I hope John wins POV since currently things aren’t look very bright for him if Audrey wins POV.

    • I’d like to see JMac wiin the POV, and Jeff & James head to head on the chopping block, with Jeff waving good bye.

      • I want to see more from James so I’m hoping it’s Audrey and Jeff on the block.

  3. I feel that Vanessa was toying with Meg’s emotions, then nicely hugging her, and then made the accusation to others that Meg was playing emotionally, which she is. But Audrey was lying and being manipulative , as usual, and I’d say that Van knew it, Aud was crying, also. Then Van says Meg was manipulating the whole thing to make sure Audrey goes home. DRAMA!!! Poor Meg. Toughen up girl and go get ’em.

    • Of course she is!!! And doing a fine damn job of it too!!! Meg has to keep in mind this is BB…not always how it’d be at her own home!

  4. Is there such a thing as overplaying? This group sounds like they all want to play 150%.

  5. James is wearing the knit-cat-hat ~~ Liz was wearing that very same hat ~~ hmmm, this year’s pink baseball cap?

  6. Hubby has dementia, and I’m only watching the shows and occasional BBL this year, and I still can’t understand why James is a target. Has he done something I’ve missed? How has Audrey managed to avoid being on the block? There’s no one to really dislike this year and, so far, no one I’m really rooting for. Can one of you really knowledgeable people fill me in just a little. Thanks :)

  7. Is it jus me that it feels …kinda racist…the white folks sendind day home..instead of audrey

  8. This season should have been called Big Brother 17: Blackeyed Pea. All light skinned people with one dark skinned person. Poor dark skinned person didn’t stand a chance. Show is racist and fake, as if we didn’t know that already.

    • the show tries to represent america so the houseguests will be overwhelmingly white. 13 white 2 black 1 asian would be the appropriate mix based on america’s race.

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