Big Brother 17: Vanessa Shifts To Steve With Austwins Plan

Last night Vanessa continued her preparation for the next round of nominations and eviction with her goal to target the Austwins and finally have them split up. After a long talk with John about the twins she’s moved to working on Steve.

Steve Moses gets ready for his next Big Brother move
Steve Moses gets ready for his next Big Brother move – Source: CBS All Access

They don’t know the Double Eviction is going to be here on Thursday, but they are making plans and getting ready for next steps which they’ll be able to shift up if the mindset is there and Houseguests are willing.

Flashback to 8:47 PM BBT 9/1 as Vanessa and Steve sit down in the HoH room to run through scenarios. Steve propositions if he wins F7 HoH then he’d nominate James and Julia, though we’ve heard him mention Austin and Liz in private camera talks. Vanessa doesn’t resist Steve’s suggestion about targeting James as they move on to what they’d do in the F6.

Vanessa says there will then be a Double Eviction at F6 (we know it’ll be at F7) and she says that if she wins HoH then she’s fine with “doing what needs to be done.” That being targeting and splitting up the Austwins. If Vanessa is willing to do it then I’m sure she does hope it happens at the DE so she doesn’t have to deal with three days of an angry twin and her waffling showmance. “I think I can get a lot more people’s blessing on this move than people would initially think,” Vanessa tells Steve.

Looking at a F6 scenario with the Austwins targeted and James out next, if Vanessa puts Austin and Liz up, or some combination, then there would be three votes from John, Steve, and Julia. John and Steve could take their pick and Julia’s single vote couldn’t stop them. That would be quite the craziness and if it does come to that then I’m glad Vanessa can’t do it in a DE so we can enjoy those three days. Hmm, would Vanessa balk at the idea if she can’t pull it off quick like a band-aid?

Steve knows this is a big topic of betrayal that they’re discussing and reminds Vanessa that this will stay between them. Flashback to 8:49 PM BBT. Vanessa acts offended and says of course because she has never repeated to anyone else anything that he’s told her “ever.” Heh. Okay. At this point Steve once again references telling Vanessa something personal and private that he has hinted at on the Feeds but apparently only discussed during the downtime when Feeds were off. Vanessa promises she’ll never use that, whatever that is, against him.

Moving back to the Austwins discussion, Vanessa points out that Austin will have to throw F6 HoH or else he’ll be trapped in to targeting the twins himself. Of course we know he’d never make those noms, Liz & Julia, so yes, either he throws it that round or they’re back in a bad spot and stuck with the Nolans even longer. Vanessa says that if Austin wins at F6 he’d have to target John and “that’s not in his best interest.” That’s a particularly well favored line from Vanessa and we’ve come to learn that really means “it’s not in her best interests.” John going isn’t bad for Austin, it’s bad for Vanessa!

Vanessa hopes they’d see John win HoH at F6 as their best option with her winning as a backup. This situation assumes Steve is the outgoing HoH. Should Liz win HoH instead, because as Vanessa points out, Julia doesn’t win things, then they’ll have to say goodbye to John. With Liz outgoing, Julia seemingly incapable of winning, and Austin agreeing to throw it then Steve or Vanessa could win though Vanessa would also probably throw it so Steve has to do the twins nominations.


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  1. I know many of you will disagree,but I continue to be fascinated with this season. It’ll be interesting to see if there is going to be an on air scramble when the DE is announced.

    • I’m sure there will be with none the wiser…but I think they’ll have their plans figured out, they just have to work quickly is all.

      • That is providing that one of their alliance’s wins HOH. James could very well throw a wrench in those plans real fast.

    • It’s fascinating to me how everyone is doing what is best for Vanessa’s game and not there own. They are doing exactly what she wants and what is best for her, and hoping she is bring them with her to the F2.

      This season is shitty in terms of big game moves and people playing for themselves, Vanessa is the only thing keeping this season going, and it’s pretty sad.

      • james didnt do his own thing, he along with the rest of the goblins were doing Vanessa’s bidding like the rest of the houseguest. right after he won his last HOH who ran up to him and threw Clay & sheli under the bus? Vanessa, of course. then when Becky was HOH and she attempted to Backdoor Vanessa they stupidly saved her and now look where they stand.I find it funny that they have no one to blame except themselves. Go JMAC.

      • James had already planned to put Clelli on the block long before Vanessa went to him. He was targeting Shelli first and secondly, wanted to break up a power couple. Clay basically threw his game away for Shelli and Shelli was out for blood which is why it didn’t take much for James to decide to flip the vote and get Shelli out. Vanessa as forgotten what James did for her that week and now it will bite her in the ass if Meg stays. GO JAMES.

      • Now why did you go and get personal for? Did i ever say you were a moron for rooting for JMAC? NO!!!!! Did I say you were a moron for siding with Vanessa’s every move? NO!!! Now since you opened the door and now we both may run the risk of being kicked off of this site, I now have to attack both you and your intelligence.

        You see, everyone on here has a favorite player, shocking I know but for those pf us who are smart enough to know, know this. You on the other hand, do not have the intelligence to think for yourself nor do you understand that this is both a game and REALITY show where there may or may not be some script writing within this show. You have failed to even recognize the scope of your idiotic thinking.

        I too would love to see JMAC go to the final 2 and just as you I wouldn’t mind seeing JMAC win this game if for some reason that James can’t do it. Then again, you probably never watch this show and your more than likely a troll who just wants to start trouble then disappear behind your computer laughing that you got one over on someone on this site.

        Sounds like to me your a little pathetic little man with no friends and no love life unless you count your hand. Do yourself a big favor and move along to the next person before you find yourself in a war of words that you can’t spell or be able to read without the help of a dictionary. trust me, I AM BEING VERY COURTEOUS AND POLITE right now.

      • I agree that most people are doing what Vanessa wants but I don’t think Vanessa is doing what is best for her game. If she was Liz would be going home this week.

      • That’s exactly why Liz isn’t going home this week. It’s best for Vanessa’s game. If Liz goes, she’s thinking she’ll lose 3 votes in jury. If Steve and John take out the Austwins instead of her, she gets 3 extra votes in the jury. Vanessa is doing what’s best for her game. Also, the Austwins will go after John and Steve and vice-versa. She’ll be sitting pretty.

      • Getting rid of Liz would lose Austin and Julia’s vote in her mind. She needs to keep the Austwins and let someone else take them out to so she can save face and hopefully get her votes, this is what’s ‘best’ for her game…

      • Getting Julia out instead of Meg will lose her 3 votes anyway. You know the AssTwits really aren’t ok with Julia being on the block, even though they say they are.

      • Vanessa’s done regardless in the DE if James wins HOH Thursday. She is without question IMO his #1 target.

      • She is screwed either way assuming Asstwit pulls their heads out of their asses….

        If the vote somehow flipped even though it wont because they are all morons, then Austin and Liz are pissed that she got Julia sent out and they go after her at the DE. If Meg stays and James wins HOH he has Meg’s vote back and Vanessa is gone. So in either situation unless idiot Steve or John win her ass is on the line…..But then again thats what happens when you want to start an alliance with EVERYONE in the damn house….

      • Cant stand looking at Auston anymore..he annoys me and is hard on the eyes. Just a poor excuse for a man.

      • She’s so worried about jury votes but she’s never going to make it that far if she doesn’t break up Austwins.

      • Cause they are all morons…Brain dead morons, how the hell does James get off the block and she say oh Meg needs to go, and the mental midgets don’t even question it, they have all been told 1000 times she is just going to use them until they serve her purpose they have seen that as FACT and yet do nothing about it

    • I agree, the game is good but the live feeds sucks. You get to watch Liz and Austin make out, Vanessa being Vanessa ( and she is horrible when she wears that darn hat)

      • There’s more action on BBAD. Sliz and Austwit don’t make out as much on there, and there actually is some fun and decent game talk.

  2. I sooo hope James wins HoH and puts up Van and Liz and Van goes! That’s the only way at this point in time Van will get evicted because you’ll have JMac and Steve voting for Van and Austin and Julia voting for’ll be a tie and James will send Van packing! He should say, “it’s been fun while it lasted for ya, but your time is up!”

    • I agree. this plan from Vanessa tho to not target the Austwins again is pure ludicrous. I guess it works for her to be in a F6 with those people since she has a F2 deal with everyone, but common Steve and JMac wake up, they have no place in the F4 going with targeting James next week. Vanessa and Austin keep claiming they need/will take each other out, but they refuse to pull the trigger, this is so painful to watch.

    • I want to see and hear James use Gina Marie’s famous words to Amanda on Vanessa. “Vanessa, get to steppin”.

      • Nawwww…that’s just for this week only. There’s still plenty of time to rid the house of the stink called Austin, Liz and Julia! But not if you don’t get the major catalyst preventing it! hahaha

      • At this rate James is the only one who actually deserves to win….Everyone else is a brain dead idiot, you have idiot Vanessa trying to say Meg needs to go which is a waste of an eviction, and that Julia should be the pawn. Yet Austin and Liz are so brain dead they don’t call her out as to WHY John can’t be the replacement, a retarded 5 year old monkey would probably be able to figure out that must mean Vanessa has something going on with John and probably Steve….

        Everything about the way Vanessa was acting and how insistent she was that Julia be the replacement should have them questioning Vanessa but they are all too stupid….

        Only a moron would take Vanessa to the end, she would just point out she has gotten rid of everyone, nobody could beat her IF the jurors left personal feelings out of it which they usually do.

    • I agree, if James doesn’t get rid of Vanessa, Vanessa isn’t going anywhere. I’m sure she realizes that. That’s why she’s completely ok with Steve going after James.

      • I’m totally cool with James winning, or even (cough, cough) Meg, if James takes out Cruella D’Vanessa.

  3. I am rooting for Johnny Mac or Steve to win the next HOH and see them put up James and Liz on the block. That guarantees one of them is sent to the jury house. If one goes off via POV then, put on Austin as replacement.
    Steve and Johnny Mac should know that James, Austin, Liz and Julia will all target them this coming week if they win HOH. So, go for the gusto and do not hesitate at all! This is the week for the big moves. Go Big or Go Home!

    • Except, I really believe John and Steve are low on the totem pole of James’s target’s. The only ones that are likely to target Steve and John this week or next is Austin, Julia and Liz.

      • James is still in an alliance of convenience with Austin, Liz and Julia and he consults Austin with his every move. If James wins, he is not going after Vanessa much less, Austin, Liz and Julia. He still believes his Goblins-Austwins alliance is for real and the Austwins will readily target Vanessa. If James wins HOH, he will target Johnny Mac and Steve. James is still totally clueless.

      • When did you last watch BB? James does not consult with Austin anymore at all since he knows Austin is now closer to Van than he once thought. Just a tidbit got back to him yesterday that he only told Austin about and no one else. He didn’t have to wonder for long how that happened.

      • This is the same James who said Vanessa was a good trusted ally after she formed an 8 person alliance with Jason, James, Meg, Jackie and with the promise to backdoor Austin. Vanessa backdoored Jason, lied to their faces and broke her promise to their faces. He also, believed the Vanessa lie that she was all alone in the game. Even after the vote on Clay which was 9-0. James, Jackie and Meg are the most clueless house guests this season.

      • I place more stock in people’s actions because people will say things they do not mean and we are on Big Brother. For instance, when Austin threw Steve and John under the bus, while, keeping James and Meg safe showed on whose side he was. Given a choice, if Austin, Liz, Julia or James won HOH, it will be Johnny Mack and Steve on the block. I would be very surprised if James won HoH and went after Vanessa, Austin, Liz or Julia.

      • We will find out soon enough tomorrow because now, they have to make their move or get evicted!
        There is no middle ground or safe moves now except, perhaps for Vanessa. Everyone still wants to keep her in the Big Brother House.

      • I wouldn’t be..James has been talking about breaking austwins up all week..he won’t waste his hoh on john/Steve

      • Jackie was in on the plan to save Vanessa over Shelli when Vanessa is the bigger threat? She was just as clueless as James and Meg.

      • The major difference is Jackie had more awareness of what she was doing and what the risks were. Jackie wasn’t stupid. James and Meg are stupid.

      • For James, Shelli was a bigger threat to his game than Vanessa at that time. I have even stated this at the time it happened. I also stated that time will prove him wrong. James is far from stupid in this game, trusting people more than he should he is guilty of by far. James knows what he is doing he just laid low too long and now it is biting him in the ass. He is now not playing nice and as I stated on another post, they may have very well woken up the little Godzilla in him.

      • James is the only one not afraid to make big moves.. Keeping Vanessa was good for his game, it gave him a couple of more weeks in the house.. Shellie was out for blood..

      • HUH? Becky was HOH and couldn’t vote. Meg decided with James of her own free will to evict Shelli because she knew James would be going on the block if Shelli won HOH. Maybe she even thought that she would go up as well. Now not let us forget that Shelli’s alliance also had their hand in evicting her too but it was James who started the ball rolling on keeping Vanessa.

      • Sorry for the confusion and I’ve edited my post to say Meg and Jacky instead of Meg and Becky.
        My point was it benefitted James to get rid of Shelli and not Meg and Jacky since Shelli was going after him and not the gals. If they had stuck with Becky’s plan instead of stabbing her in the back they wouldn’t have given up the numbers advantage to the SS alliance which gave them little chance for winning the game.

      • I would have gotten back to you sooner but some how I logged out and forgot the password. Still though Meg said it wouldn’t have mattered whether Shelli stayed or went, they both would have still been in the same place as they were last night but evicted sooner rather than later.

      • You gotta write those passwords down Willie :D
        Since Shelli wasn’t as close to the Austwins as Vanessa by keeping Vanessa James kept the strong SS alliance active in the house while sacrificing Becky in the process. This gave the SS alliance superior numbers as they slowly decimated the Goblins one by one.

      • I totally agree with you. Had Shelli agreed to bury the hatchet until Vanessa and the Austwits were taken care of before she went after James and Meg I really think they would have voted Vanessa out that week. Shelli was too emotional and for a better use of words bull headed. Shelli cost herself the game and James did what was best for his game at the time.

      • How was this move good for James game when it caused him to forever be outnumbered by the Van/Austwins? Not only did he get rid of the less dangerous Shelli he sealed Becky’s fate by stabbing her in the back. Since the Goblins were unable to win comps they steadily lost a number at every eviction. If they hadn’t burned Becky’s game she could’ve been winning a few comps that would have kept them safe and a chance to gain superior numbers over the SS.
        James played in the moment and never had long term plans – as did the rest of the Goblins and this is why they are now in the jury house.
        Since I was a Clelli fan I couldn’t be happier to see James and Meg exit the game.

      • That explains a lot then. I am a James and Meg fan and this is why I said it was good for his game to have Shelli out. Shelli was way too bitter over the Clay going home thing to even play the game she needed to play to win. Even as a returning Juror, she was so bitter she couldn’t see the tree’s for the forest over James. Just as James couldn’t work with her over the same thing but all that doesn’t matter now except both James and Meg get to decide who wins the money and only Shelli does in her duo.

      • That alliance was broken when James went up on the block with Meg. Not to mention, that alliance was only as good as last week when Johnny Mac was voted out. Meg will be gone Thursday night and James will be all alone, he will be in a take no prisoner’s mode. He, I fully believe now is fully aware of who is in an alliance with who. All he needs to do is talk to Johnny Mac (which he did last night) and start working from thereon who each wan to target. Bring Steve in on the plan maybe and these three can wreak havoc on the rest.

      • I would love to see a final 4 of Steve, James, JMac and Vanessa with the 3 guys joining up to get rid of Vanessa next.

    • I can’t see them putting James up over Austin or, if she stays, Julia. They don’t seem to really have as many issues with James or Meg.

  4. You keep mentioning that Vanessa has F2s with multiple houseguests, but those aren’t REAL! Vanessa cannot win this game because she has no true friends left in the game. Vanessa has lost her credibility with most people in the house. The houseguests are just working with her to further their own end. Steve will take John vice versa. Austin will ANYONE else over Vanessa because he knows he can’t beat her. I don’t see Vanessa winning.

    • If Johnny Mac and Steve both win HOHs, that would be super awesome because they can pick off James, Austin, Liz and then, take out Vanessa in a last 4. Take Julia into a last 3 then, send Julia out to jury. A Johnny Mac, Steve combo for Final 2 would be awesome.

      • That’s assuming none of the comps are too physical…Steve won’t make it. So I would love a James and JMac F2!

      • Since, it is a double eviction week and there are time constraints, It is more likely to be a quick yes or no or multiple choice question type of competition to fit it all in the limited time.

      • It depends on who is with Steve assuming he is in Final 2. The last 3 HOH are varied with two of them more like a type of question and answer or maybe, a puzzle type and one endurance type. So, Steve will still have his chance. What if he is with John or Julia? Vanessa will probably beat him and not take him to Final 2 if she wins.

    • Vanessa will win this game with any of the HGs, except for Austin who I think has a big chance of winning if he gets to the final. The Jury don’t like getting voted out or lied to by Vanessa, but I think they all know she is a great player and will vote for her. Jame should try hard to go with one of the two dorks Steve or John and he may win it.

      • Not if one of the comps is endurance will Austin have a chance of winning. Big guys usually don’t do well in those as we’ve observed even this season!

    • i agree after tonight she’ll have 5 votes against her and if she goes to F2 with any of the austwins, that’s two more against her. just my opinion. Is this what you’re thinking?

  5. Ok James….listen very hard to my power of suggestion, WIN DE HOH!! Now put Liz and Vanessa on the block!! You will have the final vote. Kick Vanessa’s ass to the side!! Win every single HOH and vetoes from now until the end SUPERMAN!!

    • I said the same thing a couple hours ago. If James can pull that off, he heads up a real alliance. He wouldn’t necessarily need to win HOH or the veto every round. But he’s by far the most vulnerable headed to the DE and will almost certainly head out the door of he doesn’t win HOH or veto. JMac winning HOH would likely keep him safe. Everybody else puts him up

      • No….he’s not safe even from John. If, Vanessa wants him upon the block, John will put him up. That’s why I want her to go first so John and Steve can play their game.

    • That would be a stupid move – Why play personally and take out Van. There is a very well known three person alliance still in the house with only 7 house guests left!

      • Yes…a stupid move to get rid of someone who has the greatest influence in the house. The one person who has total control over Steve and John….and maybe the Austwins. The one person no-one else is going after…and can skate herself to the end. How stupid!

      • I agree. Though I would prefer one of the Austwins go, it is not stupid at all to go after Vanessa. People keep saying she has no one, wrong. She has EVERYONE. They all seek her permission on everything. Except for James. If Steve is able to get out of Austwins behind, It could be the three of them James/Jmac/Steve against Liz/Austin/Julia. I think that’s a fair fight.

      • Meg gone this week. 7 Left. James wins HOH puts up Liz and Van. Van get evicted. 6 Left(3 are in an alliance together). James can not play HOH. Austwins have a 60% change of winning HOH(3/5). They win and evict James. 5 left(3 in an alliance)…. I guarantee that one of them wins. Stupid to go after Van BEFORE and Austwin.

      • Hmmm….Meg gone this week. 7 left. James doesn’t win HOH. Vanessa tells whoever else wins HOH to put James on the block James go home. James wins HOH sends Vanessa out….there are John or Steve to get out Austin and Liz.. At least he’ll have a better chance of going further in the game without Vanessa there. Why should he play Vanessa’s game and not his own?

      • I agree it is stupid that everyone is focused on getting Vanessa out when there is a 3 person alliance of Austin and the twins. Step 1 should be break up Austwins. Vanessa has no one they can get her out at final four and they will have the numbers. They need to break up Austwins soon or they will never get the numbers.

    • At least then – everyone would be playing pretty much his/her own game and not under the Vanessa influence. Steve would have to think for himself (or ask Jmac what to do). Austin/Liz/Julia would agonize. But whatever they do/win/nominate/vote/etc – It would be without her whispering in their ear.

  6. And for those who said it wouldn’t happen (or make sense) that Vanessa will make her move next round against the Austwins like I suggested… ;)

      • He can team up with JMac and Steve to go after twins if they’re still there and Steve isn’t “consulting” with Van and asking her permission for everything!

    • I give props when its due, Vanessa has made some good moves all season, but not the ones she should make when it counts. For example her nominations this week. She has totally wasted an HOH on Meg… MEG, GRANDMA! the one person anyone is guaranteed to win against if they take her to F2. I got a feeling this DE is not going to go as planned, Julia has a purpose now and motive to fight harder if she stays, along with Liz… Something tells me the HG’s are really going to regret not making the big moves they should’ve to destroy the Austwins, sadly. Heres to hoping James wins HOH!

      • I don’t understand the notion that she wasted an HoH. Meg doesn’t like Vanessa and would be a number to vote against Vanessa. She’s getting someone who’s working against her out of the house. Not every move has to be huge.

      • At this point in time (in the season) every move counts! Especially when there’s a house full of jurors she helped put there. If she were to send home one of the Austwins there is no doubt in my mind that it would work in her favor for votes. I would hope people would see that shes ruthless and a great strategic player. But sending Meg home this week will only add fuel to the jurors fire against her, IMO.

      • Nope. Then she guarantees she loses all three Austwin votes in the jury. Turrrrrrrible move. I am in total disbelief that what you’re saying seems to be the general consensus, because there’s no way she wins if she had nominated two of them. People aren’t thinking this one through.

      • She still has one vote in Jury and that is Shelli. As long as Vanessa doesn’t take out any of the Asstwins, then she could rack up three more votes for a total of 4. Steve would be her only saving grace at the end of the game.

      • I think Vanessa wins in most final 2 scenarios as long as she doesn’t enrage the Austwin voting bloc. She couldn’t make the move everyone here is saying she needed to make. It would have been game suicide. I think the reason people keep saying it because they want her to lose, because that’s a surefire way for her to lose.

      • Again, assuming jurors don’t take the game personal i don’t see why she wouldn’t get more votes then you assume. Especially if she would’ve kept Meg, and somehow ended up next to her, or even someone like Steve would put her in a good spot. But now that you put it that way, and seeing how the Twins are very evil, malicious and nasty, I can see how that would be a bad move for her. Touche.

      • Have you watched this season? Most of them are totally emotional when it comes to making decisions. Meg, James, Austwins.. they will vote based on personal feelings. I feel like only Becky and maybe Jackie and John will vote based on best game play.

      • I appreciate your argument. Being that I someday hope to be in BB its convo’s like this that get the brain thinking.

      • Very cool. Good luck! I would never want to do this, but I’m so glad there are people like you who do. :-)

      • Which is why I said as long as she doesn’t have the HOH when the Asstwins get evicted. Steve more than likely will vote for her as well because he knows not any better. as for the rest of them, I seriously doubt they would vote for Vanessa and most have already stated that much. Vanessa is playing to win but the way she is going about it is what is making people mad and wanting her to lose.

      • I totally agree.. I think the jurors would respect her game more if one of the twins were sent to jury instead of Meg.. They will feel that’s a weak play

    • Yes there is a God, but I am sure He has more important things to do :). But I agree Austwins must be broken up

  7. Good analysis; if Vanessa does clear James, then she has a very good shot of at least F3, and may win based on the HG honest respect that she played the best game of deception and fooled most

  8. I’m so angry at those idiots who left Vanessa in the house when they had their shot to take her out. Would have been a much different game at this point.

  9. john, steve and james get to vote this week with liz and austin voting for meg, why cant they go rogue and go ahead and get julia out? Without all the Van permission? Those 3 are going to be targets anyway. Grow some, get julia out and then have mea culpa with Van afterward? Then it will be fun to watch rather than everyone getting permission to vote.

    • They should….and it would be more interesting to watch the aftermath….then there would be 3 on 3…best 3 wins…Vanessa would be climbing the walls…john and steve would have betrayed her.

  10. The suspense of this is terrible. Of course, I’m the type of person who always skips to the end of a book to make sure my favorite character survives before I keep on reading. Can’t wait for tomorrow night and the looks on their faces when they realize it’s DE. Don’t know who I want to win – just that, if there’s any justice in the universe, it won’t be Austin, Liz or Julia. Used to want James to win, but I’m really over all his juvenile behavior and what looks like laziness to me. Hard to believe he was a Correctional Officer. Not a single worthy HG this year, although Vanessa has at least played a game. I still shake my head in disbelief that they’ve allowed both twins to survive this far, especially since it was so obvious early on that Liz was using Austin, or Austin was using Liz. Whatever. Now it’s supposedly turned into a bone fide romance. Yea, right. Can’t wait for BB18 – hopefully, Production has learned some lessons from their terrible HG choices this year. BBAD was embarrassingly dull – I couldn’t watch more than 10minutes at a time, and 90% of the time didn’t watch it at all. Last year, I would keep my tired old self up until 2:00 and sometimes 3:00 in the morning, just to watch it. James commented last night how nice it was that they all get along and there’s not a lot of fighting and bickering. Yea, dude! That’s what makes you all so damned BORING!

  11. I despise John the freaky dentist more than anyone. He’s a nutcase, not funny and dumb as a box of rocks.
    He showed how truly dumb he is by saying that he is going after Meg instead of the twins.

    The only thing more annoying are you annoying fans who hate Vanessa and praise John. He is ugly as sin and dumb as all of you.

  12. Austin and Liz have to know that Vanessa is working with John and Steve otherwise why wouldn’t she renom one of them. If any of the austwins are HOH in the DE, they need to vote out Vanessa remain the only 3 team alliance and force James/Steve/JMac to beat them. Vanessa is too dangerous to keep now.

    • She has Austin convinced she is only fake working with JMac and Steve. Austin is an idiot for believing this considering he put JMac up and evicted him. He also knows that Vanesa put up James and Meg for basically no reason, certainly nothing as serious as creating a 5 person alliance with the sole mission of back dooring Vanessa. Yet none of the 5 involved in that scheme were nominated. Only the 2 not involved were on the block.

      If Austin and the twins don;t see what’s going on, then call them Meg and watch them get evicted too.

  13. Is Steve really buying this BS? Austin will throw the HoH at F6 because he would be forced to target one of the twins? What is she drinking?

    If Austin or the twins don’t win HoH at FR6 then it is almost certain he or the twins will be targeted. He has to win and them he just puts up JMac and Vanessa. If one comes down he puts up Steve. If the one person not on the block wins veto and takes Vanessa or JMac off then he has to put up a twin, like Julia and she will go home but its thte same thing if JMac, Steve or Vanessa wins HoH. They will put up two Austwins and unless the 3rd one wins veto one will go home. But winning HoH certainly puts them in a stronger position because it means only one person winning veto can hurt them.

    • She is feeding him the Vanessa scenario…it’s the only one possible and if Steve believes it…then he deserves to go home….i trust he’s playing along and knows there are many more scenarios than what she says.

    • It’s the same idiot who thought taking out Jackie was a big thing for his game. What do you think? To Steve…whatever Vanessa says is RIGHT!

  14. Steve the wimp is the new Christine. He thinks he’s part of their group, poor fellow. Vanessa is just keeping him happy (like a happy dog) so he will obey her command. He has to be at the top of dumb players right along with Christine.

  15. drumroll for number 1
    I can hear julie saying “By a vote of 3-2, Julia, you have been evicted from the Big Brother
    We haven’t have a good one for 2 season or any, #Blindside

  16. I went back and watched season 14 the past few days for some real entertainment… Why can’t we have blindsides anymore? It’s seriously been years since it has happened!!

    • I remember, Dan was something in an alliance with the QP I though he was in the silent 6 anyway Shane was still a threat to Dan’s game so you play for your self in that stage

      • He pretty much orchestrated 3 or 4 complete blindsides along with almost every other eviction. Dude was there to win and took no prisoners. Loved that attitude.

      • yep. You have to wonder though if the jury in season 14 screwed it up for everyone. A bitter jury couldn’t see Dan’s amazing game play and gave the money to Ian. Perhaps people are too afraid to play that sort of game now. Derricks strategy was to let everyone know they were going so he was friends with everyone in jury.

      • Let me backtrack
        1st Dan stabbed and blindsided Ian Shane and Danelia
        2nd Dan won 500K in season 10 so he has 550K
        3rd He played a good game by stabbing and winning HOH then turn on his allies Ian played a good game too by not stabbing and betraying
        The Jury knows well we won BB 10 too

  17. A Thought….Fame Hungry Austin gets called into the DR….where they hint that fans are finding this a really boring season with no real surprises…the fans are waiting for a Houseguest to make a really surprising move….like voting the favourite twin, Julia, out…..wanna bet he takes the bait????

  18. The phrase that nicole used was “I want to see some big boy moves, this is big brother not big baby” Vanessa pull your 2 ears and admitting them evicting Meg this week is a “baby move” and evicting an ausbrat would be a “big boy move” hipocrits them always admit stuff at the end and still do it
    Remember James HOH he nommed Shelli and Clay and veto was not used people wanted James to renom Vancrit, and get her out, his main goal was to split and showmance maybe the better move was to evicted Shelli or Vancrit, yes but his main goal was for the showmance to be splited

    • I agree and Becky had Vanessa almost BD’d except for James who blew that one up, if Van move up to F2 and wins 1st or 2nd that was James fault. And to make matters worse it got Becky evicted by Liz after the DE faux by Steve.

      Steve’s not going to make a big move unless he has no choice, he’s worse than Van about getting blood on his hands, it’s funny but the other HGs see lots of blood on Van’s hands, though she thinks she’s only got a little.

      • Yes, the biggest blunder in the game was James flipping on Becky. It was a stupid selfish move that changed the entire game. James knew who and what Vanessa is in the house. But he was so offended by the stupid shirt stealing that he lost his reasoning.

        Had they stayed the course and made a deal to work with Shelli and Becky (and maybe JMac too) they would have had a 6 person alliance that could have taken out the Austwins a long time ago.

        I don’t think Steve would have put up Meg and Jackie had the house flipped. And even if he did, they could have saved Jackie and let the good for nothing Meg go.

        James’s game blunder with Meg and Jackie was epic and seal all of their fates in this game.

        The rule of thumb is when you get a big target like Vanessa in your sights, don’t. James pointed his rifle at a bear, then chose to shoot the rabbit.

  19. John, Steve and James should go rogue and vote JULIA out. As spastic as Vanessa is, they canfix it afterwards! Let’s get some real drama going!

  20. From Jokers

    James in HN collecting his stuff.Meg:It’s not going to be a double tomorrow.James:I know…

    Julie and the fans will FOOL YOU

  21. Vanessa appears to be hinting to Austin that he would be better off without Julia. Hmmm. I wonder if Vanessa is realizing the opportunity in front of her, especially with a DE coming tomorrow night. If she can get Austin to flip she knows he is 100% with her and if he wins HoH he will go after Steve and JMac – with James as a replacement option.

    I doubt it but she did tell him basically if Julia is sitting next to him on the block he will go home.

  22. Worse case scenario ! Done with this season. Will not watch Austin or Liz or Julia win this game. See u next time BB

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