Big Brother 17: Vanessa Plays The Middle In Final 3

Vanessa Rousso looks to be one competition away from winning Big Brother 17 but that doesn’t mean she is going to rest on her game play.

Vanessa swears her F2 deals don't exist
Vanessa swears her F2 deals don’t exist – Source: CBS All Access

Shortly after the Final 3 formed Vanessa was already in action mode with both Steve Moses and Liz Nolan to shore up her deals and secure her position of playing the middle of both her F3 opponents.

Kick things off on Wednesday night at 6:24 PM BBT 9/16 as Vanessa sits with Steve in the open bedroom. Steve asks if Vanessa made a F2 deal with Liz. Vanessa wags her finger “I never had one with her. I give you my word. Nope. I did not.” She raises her hand and repeats, “I did not. Those words did not come out of my mouth.” We’ve got a semantics game here again with Vanessa as she continues to insist there is no F2 deal between the ladies.

Steve continues to question and asks if she and Liz are taking each other. “No,” responds Vanessa as she shakes her head. Steve is surprised that Vanessa didn’t try to make a deal with Liz in exchange for keeping her over John in the eviction completed just minutes before this. Vanessa says if she did that then it’s between her and Liz.

He reminds Vanessa that he’d be easier to beat than Liz in front of the Jury. She agrees and says “that’s why I made the promise that I did.” That promise was Vanessa would take Steve to the end.

Jump forward seven hours later to 1:31 AM BBT 9/17. Steve has just gone inside the DR which means it’s go time for Vanessa and Liz to talk alone in the bathroom.

“Listen. He can not know we have a deal, okay?” says Vanessa. “If I get to finals with [Steve], whatever I tell him is not the truth. Okay? Listen to me, I give you my word. I am going to take you. He can not know,” continues Vanessa.

Liz then questions Vanessa the same as Steve did. “He thinks… don’t you have a deal with him?” asks Liz. “No!” exclaims Vanessa. She tells Liz that if Liz doesn’t pull through on Round 2 then she may have to make false deals with Steve. “If I win I will take you though no matter what I tell him… I just need you to keep your mouth shut.” Then my favorite Vanessa line. “My word is good and you know my word is good.”

Making things even easier on Vanessa is Liz’s explanation that she won’t try to make a deal with Steve. “I literally only have you,” explains Liz who goes on about how she won’t be going to Steve to work around her.

Right now Vanessa has promised both Steve and Liz that she’ll take them from F3 to F2 while knowing they each fear the other opponent. This helps keep them from talking to the other out of concern that it’d be run back to Vanessa and she’d take the other instead.

Gridlock. Just as we’ve seen all season, the Houseguests fear upsetting Vanessa. They are paralyzed from taking action against her out of fear that she’ll take revenge and exclude them. Each believes they have a reliable route to the F2 if Vanessa at the wheel. I really doubt either Liz or Steve will risk that by talking to the other to make a Round 3 deal.

So what is Vanessa really planning to do? At this point I think she may want to take Liz. Vanessa has explicitly promised both, but the deals with Steve are older and she’s more recently getting in to the details with Liz.

It’s really about who gets second if Vanessa is involved and makes it to F2. She won’t lose to either of them even with Liz starting out with two votes in her corner. I don’t even see Steve voting against her if she cuts him. He’ll respect her game move more than being bitter enough to vote for Liz.

What do you think Vanessa is up to here? Her “word” can’t be good with both players if she wins Round 3 and I don’t think she’ll possibly throw that comp to avoid breaking a deal. So what’s the game plan? Honor her F2 deal with Steve or Liz? Share your thoughts.



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  1. I just dont think that either Steve nor Liz is smart enough to imagine taking Vanessa out of the game at this point. I want to see anyone win, but her.

    • While there is not question that Van has played a better game than anyone, I have no respect for how she has done it. The constant use of tears and the victim card is dishonorable–and is precisely what is doing so much harm to this country.

      • I figured out the perfect metaphor for her. It’s unbeatable. “Vanessas the mongoose and the snake”. Fused

      • I liked the monologue it was fairly accurate. Btw, to see that live is riveting, the mongoose is relentless & takes it’s time & the cobra is poisonous & when it strikes is vulnerable . Vanessa doesn’t take it slow, she’s constantly striking and is more like the cobra than the mongoose.

      • I can imagine how cool that is, IT just always stuck with me from hs when I heard about this animal designed to take out the wicked snake. Reminds me of a wolverine for different reasons.

      • Well the cobra is deadly poisonous and attacks anything that comes near it, including the mongoose. But the mongoose is a master snake assassin. They play a dangerous hunting game. Both different anals with different agendas, since the mongoose doesn’t care about killing anything that comes near it. It’s calculated, the viper, reactive. So when Vanessa is bullying,pointing distributing mad energy on aderol, she’s the viper. When she’s challenged, she becomes the calculated mongoose and cries bawling backing up playing weak, just baiting the viper to relax. Then the mongoose strikes from another angle and kills the snake. Whew, and I don’t watch animal planet. Maybe there is a better analogy, give it a shot. Animals only.

      • Remember Operation: Mongoose – Austin/Austwins were ok to keep Becky/John around to be the mongoose to Vanessa?

      • Agreed. If she would just own it and be like “yeah, I got you out, I lied, I did what I had to do to get to the end, and look, I’m there” rather than play the victim, I think people would like her a lot more. But this whole constant stream of tears and “I’m not a bad person” is just annoying, and fake.

      • She is an unbelievable liar. She takes out Austin against her promises (which is part of the game), but then she cries and proclaims how hard it was for her and plays the victim as if this was harder on her than it was on Austin or Liz. So now here Liz is force to show compassion to the one who is the perpetrator. Ay. How I despise that woman!

      • I liked Dan. I know alot of people didn’t – some of my friends couldn’t stand him, called him a snake. But I enjoyed him. I was “in” on it because he told us in DR what his sneaky self was up to. Derrick – I got no beef with Derrick. We knew what he was up to, as well.

    • If either take her out they’ll win not just bc the other person is easy to beat anyway but having Vanessa eviction under your belt is a secured half million.

  2. Vanessa is back to riding the middle lane as she did in F5. Didn’t make her move until she had to. She may have known her move, but I’m not sure she did.
    She will ride the raft until she has to, then jump to where the water is shallowest.
    She’s still in a good spot, as she was winning F5 HOH. Being an odd amount of people, it still will always leave HOH with potential voting power, and clearly Van is about the power. It wasn’t an issue to not compete in f4 cause the veto is all that truly matters at f4, and was probably her reason to play as hard as she could for that f5 HOH.

    I think she will take Liz only because she probably sees house voting for game play and nothing else. And sorry but being diddled by Asstin is not strategy or game play, that’s nasty play.
    If Van believes jury will vote gameplay, she knows Liz had much less game than Steve, which will make her choice to take Liz pretty easy. Van probaly sees Liz as good as taking Julia to F2.

  3. She tried to say “I give you my word”. Woow. Delusional and a liar. + both have to believe her or they out themselves. Booo

    • I’m pretty sure this woman has proven beyond a doubt she can not be trusted in the House or any other place for that matter. If I was Mel I’d be concerned.

      • Mel’s chilling in a mansion between two furry tigers, I mean dogs. She’s got a stipend bank account and freeeeedOM. but taking what u said, better shore up some funds,,,,off shore. No doubt.

      • Don’t forget a lot of people that have or had money or made/won a lot of money are deep in debt, Van’s or Van/Mel’s net worth could be negative or just above water-level. LOL.

      • Well she has not won any poker money in years. Over the past 3 years or so she has actually lost money in poker tournaments, so I would guess her finances are not great.

      • I’ve been wondering if that was the case. She keeps saying she “needs” to win and I’m starting to wonder if she’s in serious debt.

      • I don’t take part in any politics, I don’t vote, etc, but…for some reason I can’t explain, the idea of President Trump scares the pants off me.

      • Did she come from money? Since she attended Duke and law school, that doesn’t mean she did but she might have.

  4. So, Matthew, in your estimation, the only way Vanessa loses is if Steve wins Round 3 of the finals. He’s said he won’t take her to F2. If Liz wins Round 3, I believe she’ll take Vanessa, who will win the game.

      • Because she doesn’t like Steve (who evicted her sister and boyfriend) and isn’t smart enough to realize she has a better chance at F2 with him. But we shall see…

      • Yeah, but didn’t Vanessa evict judad?

        Liz is dumb because she fails to see how much Vanessa has manipulated her.

      • I suddenly have this overwhelming feeling that I am going through child birth and am awaiting delivery!

      • Not sure she actually hates him. Hate is one of those meaningless words that the twins flung around to fill air space. If she reads her m&m’s as showing Vanessa has enemies in jury, then she might chose Vanessa.

      • I know everyone hates the twins but I seriously enjoyed thier uaaaAHU’s cuz they were so timely ubswurd and deffinately miss Sigmunds lack of intel, it was amazing and every day there was a new one. They were entertaining.

      • Easy……sangeron. I don’t know your reasons but the comets they made were weak. Not but 3 moments later they didn’t mean them, VINDICTIVEly and I think viewers missed that all season. I grew up with 12 italians. My aunt would tell my dad, during dinner he was a bastard, he’d reply you evil witch then she’d get up grab a frying pan with rage and say I hat you ! I’m going to fry your eyeballs out. 30 minutes later they were apologizing and hugging and loving eachother. And this went on like every day with everyone. My cousins who were the sweetest girls ever, told me they hated my guts for stupid reasons then wouldn’t talk to me and we were 17. I honestly didn’t believe they meant vindiction. Also they would love and play with steve and who ever they made a comment about and mean the good vibes. Last they cooked for all every night and no one gave a sht. And the flour thing is a perfect example of piss funny to me. Come on! It’s like they look at a coke can, saying aluminum was discovered on mars. And we haven’t been on Mars yet. Funny sht

      • Lol! Sorry i dont see the twins doing any of this to be funny. I think theyre dumb,mean girls who have been told theyre special & beautiful all theirs lives. Sorry again,cant stand them. However, would rather see liz or steve win over van. Slim pickings in my view.

      • Hmmmm. Definitely Liz cuz Austin is my personal guy to root 4. Ignoring that statement above, for your sake and the rest of america, I’d pick steve. He is a terrific young man, without a vindictive evil bone in his quirky body. I’ve even seen h grow as a person to the point he looked cool and handsome with the fohawk later in the season as his confidence grew. I like how he comitts to the passion for the game he has by passing all hours of the night. Yes he’s a bit strange but who isn’t under a microscope. Steve is the most deserving human, no doubt.

      • I didnt, used to upset my emotions, lol. Thank you and yes we all have one. I respect wise ones rather than vomited ones. Ha. Urs r good.

      • Who acts like the twins? Not sick people. Sangeron responded with a good example. Self entitLemontay play into it. Actually san-explained it very well in a response.

      • Seriously! I missed that one … Too funny! Ranks right up there with the “lion” tamers, seigmund and Freud in Las Vegas! Swear to God, that was PRICELESS! And Austin’s facial expressions were great, while Steve isn’t paying much attention to Julia, other than saying (to her comment): Do you mean Penn & Teller? Best hysterical moment for me this season!

      • I ever liked them bc I was a huge Johnny fan but now that it’s Liz, Steve, and Vanessa I’m rooting for Liz 100%

      • Really, didn’t know that. Thanks. We’ll at least it’s a crap shoot then or as Jim Carey once said. “So you’re saying there’s a chance”.

      • The final 3 part HOH is always easy to guess. Part 1 is endurance. Simply who can stay up the longest. Part 2 is mental. Normally some kind of a puzzle with a slight physical element. Part 3 is always how did past house guests complete these statements. They say a house guest and then read part of a statement. You then choose A or B from the 2 choices that are provided. Obviously most points wins. It is split this way for one part physical/endurance, one part mental, one part how well do you know your housemates. Generally it was just the final 2 sit at a desk and choose A or B, but recently they gave it a little more production value like last years Derek and Cody on scales.

    • If Steve wins R3, I think the odds are about 50:50 whether he’d take Vanessa or Liz; maybe a bit better that he’d take Liz. If Liz wins R3 (probably not happening), she’d definitely take Vanessa, and I think Vanessa would take Liz, since she’s on record that she wants a girl to win this season. (Of course, Vanessa’s an enigma. She’s said so many things on the record … but we all know how good her word is.)

      • I think he’d be smart… you know what ‘flip a coin’, against Liz he’s 2 votes down and probably still wins. Against Van he’s 2 or 3 votes up.

        First things first, he should beat Liz in head-to-head but against Vanessa I can see him pooping his pants… she wins & takes Liz, she’s down 2 votes, she takes Steve she’s down 3 votes.

      • Without a single doubt in my mind he would throw it to her, he’s so dumb!!!! She’ll be like trust me trust me I’ll take you, you have my super awesome integrity to back up my word Steve. VOMIT!!!!!!! Someone needs to buy her a dictionary and a better personality.

      • She should be able to pay for a new personality with the $ she already has. I just wonder about mel…what kind of person could live with van? Mels gotta be special! Lol

      • It really makes me question their relationship after this, no sane moral person could ever approve of Vanessa’s actions. Whether it’s a game or not she didn’t magically flip some vindictive switch, that’s who she is. I personally find her vile.

      • Be beautiful if Liz and Steve made a split earnings side deal off mic. And just shut the door on this.

      • If Steve wins HOH and takes Liz I will be SOOOO happy, but realistically he’s a giant child afraid of hurting Vanessa’s feelings he would lose $450k for her so I don’t see it happening. He has to know if he takes her out he’s got a guaranteed win, Liz is easy to bet to begin with plus having Vanessa’s eviction under your belt is a secured half million.

  5. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where I shoot a gfs boyfriend in the back after giving them both her word, not to and 2 days later telling the gf, who witnessed the murder no less, that she didn’t promise steve a final 2 deal but she can’t talk to him about it. And that she gives the gf her word she never promised Stwve a final 2. An eyeball should have poped out of her head and stuck to Vanessas plaid suit cloak. Never been done. A lie on a lie on a word that don’t mean sht since week 2

  6. It’s literally a bitch and two nit wits in the house left, they’re all so terrible! They seriously ruined this show! Steve seems to be the dumbest of the three so hopefully it’s a Liz and Vanessa finale and Liz wins. Seriously shoot me if Vanessa wins. I bet this will be the lowest finale views since the beginning, those three are absolutely awful to watch. 16 seasons was a good run, it’s all doomed from here on out.

  7. Matthew I could not disagree more that she wins against either of them. She should win, but I doubt she does. The jury house video we saw on Wednesday, although always tough to tell because you don’t know what production leaves out, confirmed my suspicion that the jury is not impressed with Vanessa’s game. Shelli was extremely impressed with Vanessa, but no one else was. Steve has been very impressed and if he is evicted I fully assume he will not be bitter and vote for Vanessa. Austin knows the flaws she made in the game and there were many. If he wants to which it appears he does, he can easily convince the jury members that she played a bad game. Remember who we are talking about in the jury maybe the easiest people to ever convince. I hope this doesn’t happen because Vanessa deserves the win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanessa only get 1 or 2 votes no matter who she is against.

    • I had this delicious theory (conspiracy and conjecture) how V off mic offered Shelly a bribe to flip the votes. Recall it was a week before she was scolded by BB for that julia car bs etc. Because shelly was cool and Vanessa was gone city. Next day super suspiciously Shellys smiling big getting voted out. I was bewildered had that gut feeling something invisible is off here. Also shelly didn’t even try in the jury comp. She was cool. She gets 14k plus whatever V offered her. Remember V will do anything to avoid those jurors at the time, she was responsible for putting g them up by lying etc. She is a stress case, add aderol popper (being redundant) so she would die trying to avoid the jury lockup. She’s alone in the house

    • I hope she doesn’t even get second, she’s such an awful person who doesn’t deserve a penny left alone 50k. Yes it’s a game but you don’t have to be that deceitful and mean to people, she should be disqualified. Fingers crossed Steve wins HOH and takes Liz and Liz wins. I hate them all but she’s the middle road of stupid and mean so congrats? Ugh I hate this season.

      • I hate Vanessa as well, but absolutely you can be mean and especially deceitful. Being deceitful is what makes the game fun to watch. I have a problem with her as a person not the way she played the game.

      • And how easy it was. Cuz most people would sniff her bs out and call her out and not whimper when she but back. I know I wouldn’t I’d put my hand up in her face and hold it there till she fainted from the tears. No alphas after Becky left, and james. But she bullied h too and he back tracked. I was disappointed in h up in the hoh. Expecially after he peackocked his chest up to clay but when Vanessa started yelling at him he backed down

      • I think it was probably a male/female thing. He is comfortable standing up to Clay since they are both men, but doesn’t want to be seen as being disrespectful to a woman.

      • That is the only thing I can think of because James is not afraid of anyone. But treating a woman badly he would be afraid of.

      • Yes but.not an excuse for all the hgs. She keping the threat of screaming, bawling, your making me mad or furious rt now and running downstairs and making a scene was a bullet she used all season. Stwve makes me sick after she made him hyperventilate and have a panic attack on the show with that exact tatic, he took her to the end?! Bs Stwve. No excuse.

      • I just feel like you can play and win the game with much better tactics that she brought. If she wins it isn’t because she’s a good player it’s bc the others are absolutely terrible. Just depends how bitter jury is really bc chances are she’s going to the finale.

      • I agree that her game wasn’t that great. As Austin will point out to the jury there were many flaws with her game. The other players were also terrible. I see it as a coin flip for if she goes to finals or not. Part 2 is a puzzle comp as always so I would say Steve has the advantage over Liz. Then for part 3 the finish the statement is always a coin flip. So most likely it will be Steve and Vanessa in part 3 and a 50 50 shot for who wins/gets lucky. Steve will most likely not take Vanessa and Vanessa obviously would take herself.

      • I hope Steve would take Liz, that would be my perfect finale, at this point, and honestly the only way I’ll bother to turn on the tv except the last ten minutes to see John win AFP. Do you really think Steve would drop Vanessa though?

      • You never know with Steve, but he has constantly said he will not beat Vanessa in final 2 and has to get rid of her. Personally I think even if he takes her he wins, but he thinks he has not shot. At this point I feel he evicts her.

      • I feel like if she’s in the finale she’ll win, she played Steve so hard it’d be crazy for her to lose to him. I really hope he takes Liz but for some unknown reason Steve always feels like he owes Vanessa something, in this instance half a million dollars. He talks a lot of game but his bear makes better moves than him. I just don’t see him having the balls to evict her.

      • Too funny about the bear statement! I said something in an earlier entry (above) that Steve has been mumbling about taking Liz to F2 … Okay, then I pray that one ounce of testroene kicks into his balz to remind him he has the courage to evict V and, simultaneously 2 brain cells in his oblongata kick in – one each traveling to each hemisphere of his brain to KNOW Van’s gotta go and screw the consequences. Besides, he’ll be in his mommy’s comforting arms within a couple hours after V is evicted and the show has concluded!

      • I would scream! It’s literally the only way I’ll even bother to watch the finale, I’ll vomit if I see Vanessa sitting there.

      • A final blindside – I love it! And Vanessa can’t cry foul over the lack of loyalty in Jury now that they’ve all compared notes. Even if she does, I don’t think it’ll matter because he was going to be 2nd to Vanessa anyway. The Jury would know that he only survived because she allowed it to be. He won’t get credit for being in F2 with her; she’ll get the credit for it.

      • Oh completely! I can’t stand her but him getting this far is because of her and jury will acknowledge that if they’re the final two. I really hope he doesn’t pull a Cody and take her bc they’re besties.

      • That’s what I fear out of Steve. I hope he proves me wrong (Liz, too) and does what’s best for HIM. This isn’t “Who’s The Most Loyal”. I hope he doesn’t think he’s Ian taking Dan.

      • Haha who knows with him. They’re all so delusional from being removed from the real world he might be under the assumption he can win with her in the finale and still have his loyalty in tact. But I hope he wakes up soon and realizes he doesn’t have a chance again her. He don’t have a chance to Liz I think but I prefer her win than anyone left.

  8. It would an interesting psychological test to do, if Vanessa were to make it to the Final 2, regardless if it’s against either Steve or Liz, and both final House Guests (Vanessa and whoever) give their final speech on why they should be voted the winner, and right before the jury votes, Julie mentions to all of the jury that Vanessa was a multi-millionaire.

    I wonder if that would change anybody’s mind on who they were going to vote for. I’m not saying it would or wouldn’t change their vote, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if anything.

    • It probably would. For a real fan like Steve the players background would have no effect. He respects the game and would vote for the best player. However, for many of the others like Meg, Becky, Jackie, Julia, Liz who are recruits and don’t really care they would let emotion and who needs the money take over. That is why Vanessa has been very careful not to let this slip.

      • I don’t think it would be any more fair to do that to her than to out Derrick for his police training. Vanessa may frustrate me sometimes but that would not be cool to out her like that before voting.

      • She would never. Many players hold back their background for game reasons. Vanessa with her poker, DaVonne with her poker, Austin with wrestling, John being a huge superfan. Many players hold back information Julie would never reveal it until after votes are cast.

      • Becky already said in her eviction interview that she respects Vanessa’s game and would vote for her if she made it to F2

  9. Everyone’s debating who Vanessa will take and who she can beat. Steve is going to win and he’s taking Liz and kicking Vanessa out the door. Problem solved!

    • Pretty much a 50-50 shot between Steve and Vanessa winning part 3 unless Liz shocks Steve in part 2s puzzle. Vanessa going to finals is absoultely not guaranteed.

    • Perfect finale in my book, well at this point. I really hope he wins HOH and takes Liz but I think he’s too attached to Vanessa and feels like he owes her something always, this time he thinks he owes her half a million dollars. He has to know he can’t beat her.

      • He thinks he has no shot and I think he would evict her. But, Cody last year had to know he loses to Derrick and I thought he would evict Derrick, so you never know.

      • I was just about to mention that. Cody had to have known he would not only lose to Derrick but would 100% win next to Victoria and he still chose Derrick. I think Steve would pull the same move bc of loyalty.

      • Bromances, bromances; I think Cody and Derrick really developed a brotherly love and respect for each other. Glad to know Cody has a successful modeling career and (I think Derrick paid off some of Cody’s bills? Or something) … Now they are super close friends … And honestly, we would have all moaned over what a wimp he would have been to take Victoria. Okay, I don’t know the male psyche all that well, but maybe as a man, a person true to himself, he just COULDN’T take Victoria.

      • From what he’s saying he wants that notch in his belt that he evicted Vanessa the one that played the whole house. He wasn’t afraid to go after the Austwins. I’m praying he wins part 2 & 3. I really think he will take Liz. But none of us here can be sure what any of them are going to do. We can only hope.

      • It would definitely be a glorious notch. I feel like no matter who evicted Vanessa wins the show. As long as she doesn’t win or even get second place I’m thrilled. She’s played such a nasty game she doesn’t deserve anything but a padded room.

    • Yes, yes, yes – let it be so! I am Sooooo on board for a V psycho reaction at eviction because it would give me such a sense of satisfaction; like when your body aches, and you lower yourself down into a nice, hot Jacuzzi and say; Aaahhh!

    • Oh LG, you know as well as I do that Vanessa has got this one in the bag. Heck even the conspiracy theorists and gossip column readers agree this one is wrapped up for Vanessa! :)

  10. “…the house guests fear upsetting Vanessa. They are paralyzed from taking action against her out of fear she’ll take revenge…” Matthew, truer words could not be spoken. And in my humble opinion, to ME that shows she’s a bully. Just my opinion. Bully. Intimidation tactics. Yeah, that’s how to win the game: lie, cheat, break promises, etc…, but that’s not the kind of game I like to see. Derrick was an amazing puppeteer last year, without having to resort to intimidation, fear, or bullying.

    • Liz would fear her more than Steve because Van promised to buy her sister a car! If Liz chooses Steve over Van, Van will void that transaction (something that should never have been promised to Julia at all). Steve on the other hand does not have that reason!

      • Prior to the R1 comp, I understand Steve had been cam-mumbling about wanting to take Liz to F2; and he was also mumble-practicing a “I have to evict you Vanessa” speech. Hmmm, if Steve were in this position, could he really do it without Dr. Who’s help? :)

  11. Last night on bb after dark fans asked questions. 1 was what would u do with your winnings. Wis liz said “well, umaahhuaA I know a guy who knows a guy, in miami. He’s a hitter. I’d hire him to dissappear VanessauaaaH
    Then I’d use the rest for some fake papers, passports id’s etc Jason boirneuaH style. Stick the rest in an off shore and vanish. Then she’d. Ross her legs smile and wave her hand in front of her face like when she’s closing a confident statement in the DR.

  12. I want Steve to win! I don’t understand the hold Vanessa has on these people. Everyone on the jury has been her victim and it surprises me that Shelli is backing her. I don’t respect at all how Vanessa has played this game, she’s a bully and uses her “tears” and interogation techniques to get people to get what she wants. I would LOVE it if both Steve and Liz talked and evicted her this close. She would be pissed and I would LOVE it! Go Steve!

    • Not all but certainly some. There were people who saw through her nonsense but couldn’t do anything about it because they never won any comps. Liz, Steve, Julia and even Austin were under her control for sure. Who else? Meg, James, Jackie, Becky, JMac, Da, Jason and even Clay before he left, were on to Vanessa. They just couldn’t do anything about it because did not win enough HoH comps.

      • Meg and James were onto Vanessa? You mean when they flipped the vote to keep her when she was facing eviction??

      • They were on to her but decided Shelli was a bigger threat and when Julia stole Clay’s shirt back from James with Shelli’s approve James blamed Shelli. After that James was certain Shelli was coming after him so he decided she had to go not Vanessa. They knew Vanessa was a manipulator. When Jackie was evicted by Steve, they blamed Vanessa.

    • Can you just imagine Van being evicted at F3? She’d stand up, put her hands on her hips, and yell: I’m not going anywhere … Get Les Moonves in here now! Far fetched scenario? Yeah. But a couple weeks ago someone entered they had read something about V at a poker game and didn’t want to show her hand – although the rules of that game required it. She threw a hissy and someone on the floor came over to moderate the argument. She DEMANDED to see a Floor Manager, and he said: Well, that would be me. Ha! (Just paraphrasing this story to the best of my Swiss-cheesed memory.)

  13. Sorry, but all the hgs are not that stupid! Vanessa has only gotten this far because she is promoting a new cbs show. Vanessa has been so easy to read from day 1. The gameplay has seemed so fake this year you almost don’t have a choice but to assume it’s all rigged. I’m tired of Bb putting people on the show to promote things… I loved the show when it was normal, regular people playing for the money. These promotion people obviously don’t need the money. Vanessa has tried cheating in a comp, bribing other hgs with money or gifts and even accused BB on live feeds of cheating. She’s a joke, not a mastermind at all!

  14. I expect people to lie in BB and sometimes you have to do that to get ahead in the game. Vanessa lying isn’t necessarily what bothers me, its how often she states that she has integrity and never goes back on her word. If she just made deals with people and Left the “integrity” part out, it wouldn’t bother me as much. However, I would have also preferred that she stopped all the crying bits too. That got old really fast.

    • Each player goes with what they think ‘works’. Dan swore on his mother’s life, his wedding ring, and the bible. Derrick knowingly lead Victoria on to believe he liked her more than he did. Andy knowingly followed people and wouldn’t leave them alone to have conversations without him in the room (and he’d stand behind doors if he was told to leave the room)… Each winner has one thing in common – they each know how to best manipulate and/or coerce the people from their season. Vanessa’s tactics and self-perception might not be easy to watch, but they seem to work in this season.

  15. I’m hoping Vanessa is still sharp enough to recognize she needs to take Steve to the final 2… I do get the sense that Austin might very well keep to his word of voting ”against” Vanessa, but beyond Liz I don’t think his opinion will matter to the others (I loved James’ little smirk and comment to Austin when he told everyone he got backdoored)… ;)

    • I’m torn on this. I think Liz might be the better one to take. I think she knows she’s already lost Austin’s vote and will be banking on a non-bitter jury. I don’t know. This one is tricky.

      • I think V wins against either one. I think she’s ok with either one. I think she’d like to take Liz for all female duo. But if she takes Steve and beats him, she’s the 1st female winner who beat out a guy in F2. If ego is involved, she’ll take Steve. I think she is not too worried about which one she takes, just that she gets to pick.

      • I think it will be a lot closer if she takes Steve. She may even lose. Liz, Julia, Austin, Becky and Meg will probably vote for Steve in that instance. Liz has fewer routes to get the votes.

      • Agree with you,very tricky..she should roll the dice with Liz because Steve would have 3 automatic votes in my opinion,Austin,Liz, and Julia,would only need two more to win..right now see the voting this way with Liz and Vanessa as the final two..Liz gets Austin,Julia,and Meg for sure..Shelli,Becky and with John saying in one of his exit interviews that Vanessa is the best player would make 3..feel Steve would lean toward Vanessa,he may not like her but does admire her survival skills,so if Vanessa can split the vote between James and Jackie she wins but a big “if”.

      • I won’t go into too much detail as to what I was thinking of potential vote breakdowns because yours was pretty darn close to what I was thinking as well. Steve seems to be the more dangerous choice to go to for the finals. If Vanessa can choose, i think Liz is the way to go? Dunno.

      • Very dangerous because Liz would be raging mad not being picked,just no time or way to recover from that jury wise,the Austin twins alliance would almost sink any real hope of wining.

  16. We have no idea what Steve and Liz are really thinking. Deals at this point mean nothing. Liz and Steve need to take who they think they can beat regardless of any deals with Vanessa and I think they both know it. Liz and Steve are probably talking to Vanessa to get a better sense of who she would take rather than make a deal with her.

    I find it very hard to believe when Vanessa tells Liz, “My word is good and you know my word is good.” that Liz has already forgotten that Vanessa said the same thing to Austin just a few hours before evicting him without his shoes.

    I think if Steve or Liz win HoH, I believe neither will take Vanessa to F2 regardless of what Vanessa thinks.

      • It’s sickening. She just broke her tightest bond and word to Liz about austin when she back stabbed him 2 days ago and now she’s ready to play on her word. Nutz. She’s nuts. We wouldn’t be that ubswurd, arrogant, nuts. We’d say, or normal people would say…I know my word doesn’t mean much rt now but…..

      • Honestly what other course did Vanessa have at that point if she held out any hope for making the final two,Austin would never pick her over Liz,same in reverse,to take this “showmance” any further would be the kiss of death,you call it blindside,i see a game move to give her least a chance at the finals,leaving Austin would have prevented that period.

      • Opened my eyes a little wider, hep. Good argument. I just didn’t think the chk would win and win and win evert frikn comp for heaven sakes. So she was guarenteed final 3 with #’s. But she won and won and won
        And it suked

      • It did not have to be a blindside. She could have told him she had to break up the showmance. What was he going to do about it at that point? In fact, by blindsiding him she angered him and may have lost his and Julia’s votes.

        The point is, its not that she evicted him which was probably the right move, its how she did it and how she is now asking Liz to accept her word because her word is good! Either she thinks Liz is as stupid as a toad or she is completely out of her mind to think Liz doesn’t realize she just broke her word to Austin. How arrogant do you have to be?

      • Finally, a decent person. Thanks I see it this way clearly. As Obama would say. Or any politician for that matter. Clearly…bash bash bash bash

  17. Is Austin aware that Vanessa is a wealthy poker player? I’m almost certain I heard them discussing it, either on live feeds or After Dark. If he does know, you can bet the farm that he will fill the jurors in….

    • I don’t think she told him. Expecially him. She was scared of his intelligence more than anyones. Too paranoid to leak that. I may have missed it though…

    • He is working on James meg Jackie and Julia as well as himself. If they stay on course, she looses. All the jurors know now too.

  18. “Vanessa says if she did that then it’s between her and Liz.” WOW. Says the woman who interrogates everyone all season over every word they’ve said.

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