Big Brother 17 Twin Twist: Can Liz & Julia Pull It Off? [POLL]

Julie Chen didn’t confirm which Houseguest would be part of the Big Brother 17 Twin Twist during tonight’s premiere, but since we already knew Liz Nolan has an identical twin while Shelli Poole has a fraternal twin, the choice seems obvious. But just how identical are the Nolan sisters?

Liz and Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17
Liz and Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Julie also didn’t mention they’ve done this exact same twist before during Season 5, but this is familiar ground for many super fans. A quick look at the preseason official cast photo of Liz and the bikini poolside “game on” photo of who appears to be Liz’s twin, Julia, and I don’t see there being a chance that it’s a different combo of Houseguest and twin. If you notice the haircut difference then you know they did that between Tuesday that weekend. I strongly believe it’s these two.

So do you think Liz and Julia can pull off the Twin Twist? They’ll be switching out via the Diary Room and updating each other on the latest events to keep up the charade. If they can survive undetected for the first 5 evictions then they get to play together as individuals, just like in BB5.

I suspect a super fan like Steve Moses will be tuned in to the idea of twins playing together like this while a recruit like Clay wouldn’t even consider it. Someone like Steve, he’s not the only super fan, could blow the lid off this but even if he detects it he might not say anything.

Personally, I think they look much too different even in photos to pull it off, but the other Big Brother 17 HGs could be so distracted that it flies right past them. What do you think? Check out the pics below and then vote in our poll & share your thoughts in the Comments section.

Update: I was wondering what the rules were here so I took another listen to Julie’s explanation. Julia & Liz would not have to go undetected, that’s just part of the fun. The twins would only need to avoid first five evictions to both play together. Liz could announce it the first night and if she wins five Vetoes then it doesn’t matter. Ah well.

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  1. I’m sure it will work. 1st, those might be from the era. 2nd, BB more than likely had hairstylist and makeup artist all over them before they went in hte house. 3rd, even small difference might not be notice unless they are side by side.
    Remember Natalie and Adria in BB5, they did have a small difference in their face and nobody really notice until they were side by side.

    • But what Liz & Julia have working against them is the history that it’s been done before. No one would have considered it in BB5, but the same can’t be said in BB17.

      • You might be right. But as Chris Berman keep saying: “That why they play the game”. LOL

      • Yes, they are expecting twists, but they already know about 2 major twists, so may not be expecting a 3rd. I’m hoping that the weekly twists will keep them so busy that they don’t notice. It’s usually the obvious that everyone overlooks.

        I don’t think it’s their differences that will be their downfall, though. I think it’s Liz. I’ve pegged her as going out right after Becky.

      • i think the HGs will be expecting so many twists that they will begin to see twists that aren’t even happening – i think the confusion of the twists will help along the twins

  2. So sorry to leave Captain ~ my page is jumping up and down and typing is very slow … a mess. See ya tomorrow … sleep tight!

  3. I say they could but it will be real easy to slip up and honestly i just see one getting voted off early and this twist failing like others.

  4. Another thing is it might be quite hard to strategize with twists every week. But we will see how it plays out. Cast doesn’t seem too bad.

  5. Its not the small facial features that will give them away; there’s a noticeable weight difference. Maybe when they’re not side by side it’ll be noticeable at first, but as time goes on it will be noticeable. It was noticeable for me at first.
    And Liz did not sound very bright in her interview so I don’t think she will pull it off very well but who knows- they definitely will not be like Adria and Natalie.

  6. They look different to me and since the hgs have little to do other than to stare at each other and analyze everything, I think someone will figure it I don’t think they will make it.out.

  7. I have a feeling that some of the contestant is going to be able to tell the different between the twins. I love the game. Been watching the show since the first show ever aired. What I am a little disappointed is the fact the contestant first and for most look somewhat like the previous contestant. I was also disappointed on the fact that the group of contestants are not a very diverse group from multiple cultures and background.

  8. I already thought she looked different in those photos before knowing she even had a twin. Not sure if it will work, but I surely hope it will.

  9. So, the big twist for this season of Big Brother – we’re… reusing old twists. The Battle of the Block and the twin twist, sounds like Grodner is running out of ideas.

  10. I don’t think anyone would notice enough to say something. With the Takeover twist and BOTB super fan houseguests might assume that that’s it for twists and won’t consider it. And since the twins won’t be side by side people will probably see some small diferences but not enough to call them out. I think production will do their best to keep Liz in the game until week 5 though.

  11. Liz will most likely get evicted before the whole twin twist comes into play, so i’m not too worried to be frank. Also, anyone else notice that a lottt of people think they might not be able to do it? ( i voted for that)

  12. With the HGs being aware that Shelli has a twin, I think their radar is out. That is the way my mind would work in that situation. Maybe production is using reverse psychology there thinking that having another HG with a twin, who obviously would not be switching places because the twin is a male, would take the attention away from the whole scenario. Or, people might think Shelli actually has a twin sister and the HGs might be suspicious of that and concentrate on her as the possible twin twist. So many possibilities. It would be a little ironic if Shelli is the very one who figures it out.

  13. Steve will not notice until it’s pointed out to him. In high school he used to mix up two girls who looked nothing alike, just because they had a similar haircut…

  14. Before I even saw the pictures of Liz and her twin I kept on reading about how there nothing alike and no one will be fooled and now that ive seen the pictures I’m calling BS on that. There pretty darn simimalr if not identical, sure ones face is slightly rounder then the other but were sitting here and analyzing two pictures, in the house with no real references or expectations (were specifically looking for differences, there not going to be) it will go unnoticed unless they do something drastic, if they do get found out it will be because of there lack of gameplay, not because there so “drastically” different.

  15. I think they’ll do okay, but it’s possible people could notice. Some have already noticed their hair. A few days ago on live feeds, someone told Liz (or Julia?) that her hair grows really fast. Liz said it must be because she doubled her vitamins.

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