Big Brother 17 Summer Premiere Hype Begins

The Big Brother 17 summer premiere arrives on June 24, 2015 when a new cast enters the Big Brother house and competes for the half-million dollar prize. Are you ready?

Big Brother 17 premieres June 2015 on CBS
Big Brother 17 premieres June 2015 – source: CBS

If you were watching the Survivor finale last night then you could help but see the brand new BB17 commercial which aired several times throughout the show. Yes, the Big Brother hype machine is in full force and I couldn’t be happier about it. In just over a month the season will begin and I can’t wait.

The first commercial is full of clips from last season, as we’re used to seeing, but interestingly CBS decided to go heavy on the side of one particular HG. I’ll let you guess who, but here’s a hint: it’s not the winner nor “America’s Fav.” Matter of fact, Derrick only appears in a shared scene for a split second. Go figure.

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  1. What annoys me is that if Zach would have had as much ‘airtime’ in that clip you wouldnt have had a problem. But god forbid they show Frankie alot just because you didn’t like him. (Im not even a Frankie fan at all) But I noticed you are SO biased towards him to the point it’s super unprofessional. My biggest example was the exit interview you gave him when he was evicted. The whole thing was you trying to throw shade and passive agressive hate just for all the fans that hated him. I hated Zach so why not ask him about mean things he did? They all said and did mean things yet you choose to ignore that. Regardless I still like your pre-interviews so…yay I guess. Rant over/ I sound more angry than I am haha.

    • You do sound angry, but that’s okay. My point was they didn’t prominently feature the winner or America’s fav, two seemingly obvious choices, the latter of which is quantified “popular”, & instead went with someone they tried to push hard last season who was rather unpopular and not just by my preferences (try reading the comments on our Facebook page & tell me I’m wrong about a general opinion there).

      I did not mention Zach, who was one of my favs. I went with two other options who were voted “popular” & the other was the actual winner. So I wasn’t biased in who I thought they should feature like you suggest I would be. I think those are two very objective options.

      As for being unprofessional, my profession is being a critic…

      • My point is, Frankie was the only one you went out of your way to ‘shade’ in his exit interview with you last year, It was obvious you were trying to make him feel bad and hated. Why not do that for all houseguests? Why just choose one to give a bad interview to after their game is over? It just seemed a bit unfair to me.

      • So your point had nothing to do with this post but tried to use a tangent to bring up a nine-month old interview? Good grief. I think it’s time to move on, but I’ll promise you this: the very next interview I do with him will be nothing but sunshine & happiness. How’s that?

      • I had to do with this post because you throwing shade at him in this post reminded me of that interview and how anytime you mention him on this site it seems you always try to get a little hate in. I just always thought this was a non-biased site was all. If im wrong that’s fine, was just bugging me. Wasn’t trying to start a fight or anything.

      • I didn’t take any comments as trying to start a fight, so no harm there at all.

        My observation is still valid. CBS prominently featured (so much so that he’s co-delivering lines with Julie) an unpopular HG instead of more popular ones. I raised the same observation last year when they used Aaryn & GM across all their Feed promotions in preseason.

        If that complaint reminds you of a nine-month old interview, then okay, but it doesn’t change the commercial or the flood of negative reactions the clip received when I scroll through FB & Twitter. That leaves me with having to use a clip that I know is going to raise the same moans & groans, which it did.

        If the point of these promos is to build hype & excite their fanbase then it’s an odd approach that they continue to use.

      • Please don’t go out of your way to be extra nice! He doesn’t deserve it! I don’t think I will ever be a Frankie Fan!

      • I never saw that interview, but his job is to interview them, get information, and ask the tough questions people want to hear. Being nice accomplishes nothing.

      • He only asked tough questions to Frankie though. That was my point. He was trying as hard as he could to let Frankie know he was hated without just flat out saying it cause that wouldn’t be allowed.

      • I disagree, but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. It’s what make comments interesting. I thought the questions weren’t tough, but fit, because Frankie played a different game. He was quick to dismiss key things brought up, and tried to please everybody. It was his style, and differed from others. Nothing wrong with it, because I was curious as well, and thought they were good questions

      • I saw it and it was fine. He asked Frankie questions I didn’t think we’re tough. Frankie played a very social game, which does not always bode well for contestant(s)

      • Well said. I’m happy Frankie wasn’t featured. He was a pain, and high maintenance

    • The difference between asking Zach about the mean things he did and asking Frankie the same is that Zach admitted his. Frankie made excuses and denied. No one has to “shade” Frankie. He does that all by himself.

  2. If they put Frankie back on it, I’m going to pass on watching it this year. Had enough of him last season

  3. Frankie was so horrible bb is trying to do damage control. The producers loved him. Sure didn’t extend that courtesy to Aaryl. They trashed her and left her out to die. I don’t know if I’m going to watch this year. I can’t take another Frankie. If he wasn’t gay, he would have had the same fate as Aaryl of the season before.

    • I’m an avid fan of BB and never miss a season, updates from Matt, etc, but I don’t remember Aaryl? Is that the correct spelling?

  4. It is strange you don’t see Derrick or Cody in the clip and they were the winner and runner up. Not sure what angle they were going for with the fans but…whatever. lol

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