Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

Veto spoilers are in for this week on Big Brother 17 revealing the results from today’s competition opening up the HGs to start working on their latest plans.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Not everything had been going to plan this week which makes this opportunity all the more important for them to get just right. Find out if this competition finally worked out the way the HoH had hoped.

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Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Clay Honeycutt won the Power of Veto!

Joining Vanessa as HoH and the noms Clay and Becky were Shelli, John, and Liz. The majority’s concern was Liz winning the competition, but instead Clay finally broke his losing streak as the last Houseguest to have never won anything. See the pics of Clay in the comp costume below:

click images to see full-size views

Clay will definitely use the Veto and take himself off the Block. Now Vanessa will definitely have to name a renom and right now that would be Austin, but the Veto Ceremony isn’t until Monday so you never know what might happen.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Update: Feeds are blowing up! Fantastic Feeds tonight. Flashback to 5:45PM BBT as Vanessa unloads everything she knows to Liz about Austin. You’ve got to turn on & watch!

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. This is a good outcome. Now Vanessa need to put on her pant and put up somebody else. Hopefully she doesn’t chicken out of putting Austin.

    • Vanessa is playing the best game ever. Hope she wins. She deserves money. This is the best big brother yet.

      • I just love Vanessa. Her game play incredible. She is so smart and the cutest. Love her

      • How did you know? I do get the chills watching her moves. She takes my breath away.

      • Something is up with Johnny today. He looks very pale and has been extremely quiet all day

      • Poor guy ~ they’ve put him through the wringer since he stepped into the BB house~

      • I totally agree! Vanessa has a great sense of reading people hence poker! she deserves the money because of her play, and I am a fan of hers from poker however I don’t necessarily want to see her when only because I would rather someone who needs it more get the money. she’s already wealthy, and has a lot ofpoker still ahead of her :-) plus a lot of endorsements

    • Putting Austin up would be stupid for her game. That’s getting someone out that will never put her up. Like Steve said, that would be shooting yourself in the foot.

      • Austin has no loyalty to anyone except to himself. He’ll turn on a dime to get Vanessa out if he had the chance. Hopefully, he won’t have that opportunity.

      • I dont think he would. He lied about the Jason comment but that doesn’t mean he would turn on Vanessa. He was just trying to get in good with Jason.

      • He’ll do anything and everything to ‘get in good’ with just about anyone. He has no morals.

      • I hear what you’re saying Cuddles, but in truth everyone only has loyalty to themselves in Big Brother (just that we the audience see how Austin is trying to play both sides of the house)… For now, Austin isn’t a threat to the alliance even if he isn’t trustworthy.

    • It is looking like Austin will stay. Chelli is concerned over the lack of excitement when Clay won the POV. The dream is gone and so is Vanessa’s game.

      • You may be right…or, they may just have looked like squirrels….or, I could be nuts.

      • Actually I don’t… :( My vague memory tells me squirrels but once I saw the debate here, I started doubting whether I’m remembering it correctly… But I think they were squirrels…

      • I’m Canadian, so I knew it was beavers. From Wikipedia BB 3 Canada page: “The game saw the HouseGuests dress as beavers, and they were required to swim through a “dam” to get to their puzzle; Kevin was the winner.”

      • lol… There’s actually a few of us Canadians on here. Where would Big Brother be without a few cannucks thrown into the mix? ;)

      • Used to love squirrels – had them all over our garden when I was a sweet young thing in England (OK, it was a long time ago). Fed them goodies, and thought they were really tame, until one of the little buggers bit me on the finger and I had to go to the hospital. Still have the scar.

      • Sorry about the scar. I still love squirrels, but I haven’t been bitten, and I see at least 2 every day hanging out in our front yard. So you are from England ~ thought I detected that in your accent (LOL). Haven’t you said ‘spot on’ several times here?

      • I feel your pain Rose, I was once trying to save a squirrel from my dogs and the poor thing chomped down on my finger too. Quite painful wasn’t it and I didn’t think I would ever get the bleeding to stop.

      • HAHA! Since I’m over here typing away I’m surprised you asked that question :D Nitey nite…

      • HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! You’re just too much tonight Cuddles!!! I want some of what you’re drinking now :D

      • Veins in my left eye ruptured, saw the Dr. on Friday and am wearing a patch over my left eye so I not seeing double anymore.

      • I’m allergic to alcohol and haven’t had a drop since about 18 when I found out by turning blotchy red all over my body. I take acetaminophen only for arthritis pain relief. And you???

      • Just be sure to take the correct dosage of your pain meds – whatever it may be :D

      • Thanx so very much for your very thoughtful concern. Everything’s under control ~~ and has been for many years. You check your dosage, I’d hate to see you overdose. bye bye ~

      • I’m still a little bit concerned though Cuddles, are you taking the correct dosage of your psychiatric meds then? I notice you seemed very different lately and thought you might need to have your dosage adjusted. :D

      • No psych meds here, and Yours? R U sure you don’t need an increase of psychiatric meds and more visits to the psychiatrist??? Take care now and … well I’m sure YOU know.

      • You may not have noticed Cuddles but one day you’re extremely pleasant and on other days extremely hostile – so perhaps you can better understand my concern for you. You should seriously consider getting a mental health check up while you’re recovering from your eye problem. Yes, I’m a nurse so I do notice things like this and I wanted to let you know there is help out there and there’s no reason to suffer from mood swings when medication can treat your problem.

      • Up to 12 weeks to heal. Have a follow up with Dr in 4 weeks. Could be related to diabetes.

  2. I would be very very happy, even if I wasn’t a tad drunk. C’mon Vanessa, send that hairy creep walking!

  3. Congratulations to Clay for winning a very crucial POV comp for his alliance. This is possibly the best case scenario for Vanessa.

  4. Best thing that could have happened in this comp, second best thing would have been Becky winning it.

  5. this is terrible. all the wrong people are winning. I’ve really hated this show ever since was voted out.

  6. Clay uses the POV on himself. Vanessa backdoors Shelli with a little speech saying it was all Clay’s idea… it could happen right?

  7. If Vanessa sticks by her word and noms Austin, I wonder if she will pick a fight with him. That has been her MO so far. Of course that was also used as a ploy to gets others to join the Vanessa zombie line.

    • I know! Why does she have to have a “reason” to put someone up? The reason is it’s Big Brother and you nominate people who are a threat to you winning. No need to make it personal.

      • She needs a reason because she is a scared little bitch. I really want players of the past who would just nominate people and not worry about “blood on their hands” a saying I really hate.

      • Well, she doesn’t actually. But, they lose all semblance of common sense when they walk through those doors. The main problem, that I see, is that they play scared. “I don’t want blood on my hands.” etc etc

      • I do know she doesn’t really have to have a reason. I’m just annoyed with her thinking that she does. Like I said, the only reason anyone needs is that this is Big Brother. I’m totally with John – I hate “blood on my hands.” Play the game people!

    • Austin is currently in the HOH room begging Vanessa to let him stay at least till he can be on the jury…and spend time with Liz there.

      • I was reading that on Jokers last night while it was going on. I just finished reading to get up-to-date. Austin probably has some bruises from that beating. I don’t know why that I am just realizing this, but John is out of the loop. I think he knows, but doesn’t realize the extent of it. When he said that if he won HOH, he would target James and Meg, I was surprised. I hope he has a plan to get himself into the game soon, unless his strategy is to stay in the shadows( except for being a pawn).

      • I’m starting to realize the same thing K, nobody seems to be playing the game except for the SS alliance – while the other side hasn’t even noticed there is an SS alliance yet. They are young and carefree but if not for the SS alliance I don’t know if BB would even be interesting to watch this year. At least John hasn’t made an enemy yet so he has that going for him. I hope he’ll stick around until the SS alliance has to start turning on themselves. He’ll be able to choose which side to go with at that point.
        I kinda felt sorry for Austin when he was begging for his life. You know he has a degree in Medieval Romance studies or something along that line so apparently he’s more into romance than playing BB. Another thing is I don’t think Liz could bear to be around Austin all the time if she really disliked him as much as she says she does. Plus, Vanessa has deluded Austin into thinking Liz and Jackie want him. Since Jackie is coming after the twins it might be better for her to go on the block instead of Austin. Anyway, I’m glad to see the southerners playing such a good game this year.

  8. Round 3 ~~ and Austin wrestles Vanessa to the ground. Vanessa overcomes Austin, flips him and he cries wolf. End of bout ~ Austin goes up on the block (and is evicted from the BB house). The crowd roars with delight.

  9. You never know what Vanessa will do her and Shelli make such a big deal out of putting up people, if your gonna cry and freak out every time and worry about getting blood on your hands stop winning HOH, I’m tired of that same bunch always winning everything anyway, I would love to see John in power and see what he would do.

    • Shelli is already getting cold feet and talking about getting Becky out! Shelli is such a dunce. If Vanessa is so smart how come she is falling for everyone’s BS? Liz told Shelli and Vanessa the whole house wanted Clay out this week which is an outright lie and Vanessa should know better since she knew Jackie was after Austin from the beginning. Vanessa should know now that Liz is not loyal to her – she is protecting Austin.

      Vanessa needs to worry about her own game if she keeps Austin. Shelli is only out to protect Shelli and Clay.

      • You are so wrong. I’ve just finished watching the entire conversation first with Shelli and Vanessa then with Shelli, Liz and Vanessa and just now with Austin and Vanessa. Vanessa asked Shelli if she heard Clay was the target from Austin. Shelli said she had a feeling because everyone seemed upset when Clay won POV. Austin clarified it to Shelli and Vanessa that were just talking about it before POV that the other side have the numbers if they wanted to get Clay out. It was just a discussion between Clay and Austin. And it wasn’t Shellis idea to go after Becky. Liz, Vanessa and Becky were all talking trying to decide what they should do. They were talking as a group trying to figure things out. So Shelli is not a dunce. Watch the feeds. Shelli is very loyal to Vanessa and the twins also. You have your entire story wrong. Now after Vanessa and Austin talked Vanessa told Austin to go talk to Clay and Shelli and see if they’re on board to keep you.

      • About two hours ago Liz was talking to Shelli and Vanessa and told them the whole house wanted Clay gone. This made Shelli paranoid about the rest of the house. It was shortly after that that Shelli asked it this was a good time to get rid of Becky.

        That’s what I heard and it seem to me that’s what got them all thinking about keeping Austin – which is a huge mistake.

      • No that wasn’t how it happened. Flash back and watch it. It all started from Austin and Clay having a conversation about it before the POV. Then when Vanessa brought it up to Shelli she (Shelli) said she wondered because Becky was mad because Vanessa picked Shelli for POV and after Clay won they looked mad. And how it got started about not backdooring Austin was when Vanessa was telling Liz everything and Liz not Shelli said but Austin is still a number and what he lied about was not being malicious he just talks too much. That’s when ALL three of them were discussing who they could put up and send home. It’s still not certain what Vanessa is going to do.

      • oh so now that I’ve scrolled down, I apologize, it is below. sorry I doubted you Lav.

      • Are you Shelli’s sister or some other kin? Shelli is a piece of work. If you have read the threads, she is not well liked, and will not be fan favorite., Jason and Johnny got that covered. Shelli is not smart and has not had an original thought since Kindergarten. And I must say a little hot in the pants, going after a 23 year old Shelli is just a nasty little entitled girl.

      • Just because I like someone you don’t have to be a smart a$$. NO I’m not related to her. Are you related to Jason? I was just stating the facts from the feeds. And if you watched them and listened to all of Shelli’s game talk and figuring things out you would realize she is one if the best players. Yep Jason deserves fan favorite he is playing such a good game. He sits on the couch in the backyard and smokes. Good game. And I love John but all he does is agree to be a pawn and throw things. Are you sure you’re watching Big Brother? It’s on CBS.

      • Woah ~~~ take a deep breath and slowly let it out. I understand your frustration, but you know better than to let a bottom feeder get you angry, right?

      • Thanks for reminding me. People get on my last nerve when you comment about someone and they make it personal. I could care less who people like. Everyone has a right to their opinion. If they want to debate back and forth about the players and game I’m fine with that but someone’s always got to be smart and make a sarcastic remark.

    • I couldn’t agree more, I am tired of seeing the same people winning. I attribute that to mostly weak players this season though, everyone playing to not go home, instead of playing to win.

  10. You mean CLAY actually win a competition?! Shocking! I didn’t know that was possible!

  11. Vanessa cannot keep Austin in the house now. That would be a huge mistake. First, he cannot be trusted and neither can Liz. After this week it will be Liz and her sister. If Liz convinced Julia to stick with Austin they will have to go after Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. They are the power in the house and their chief competition.

    But Liz set this up by telling Shelli the house wants Clay out. Now Liz will be stuck with Austin groping her fro the next few weeks.

    • Austin would grope her till the end since they would both be in jury. Liz is reall not thinking

  12. Well, I guess Austin is staying. I had a feeling Van was going to change her mind. Who goes up Jason?

    • Vanessa is a mind changer ~~ she’ll change it again and again and again, etc. b4 she decides on the final selection.

      • She MUST have a reason..I really like Vanessa..but, she is playing BB…just put the person up you want have protection right now! She drives me crazy with this reason stuff!! Just do it!!!

      • I’m in awe over how she thinks if she gives a good reason, then everyone else in the house will understand hence (and there’s no blood on her hands), but anytime someone goes up on the block, unless it’s a pawn, blood is going to be on your hands no matter what your reason is to them personally! Just do it if you really want them out. Things change from day to day so don’t worry about that.

  13. Guess what? Austins staying and Becky is the new target……But anything could change in the next 2 days.

    • Wait, what?! I mean, it makes sense for Vanessa’s game to do that, but what changed?

      • OMG such a long story. But I’ll give you the short version. Lol Vanessa, Shelli and Liz were talking and Vanessa told Liz everything about Austin wanting her sister gone and some other lies he told. She told her the plan was to backdoor Austin all along. After all three of them were discussing it they thought Austin is still a number for them. If they take him out then it will be only 5 of them against Jason, Meg, James, Jackie, Becky and John because he adores Becky. And who knows where Steve is. So they decided if Austin stays and wins he’s not putting them up but if Becky stays and wins she would. It’s just numbers right now. But they haven’t figured out how to do it. Hope you get what I’m saying. Lol. Now I gotta get back to the feeds. They’ve been very good.

      • That makes the most sense and I was confused why Vanessa would get rid of Austin. In a numbers game, that move made no sense. This makes a lot more sense, and I’m happy to see she’s thinking more clearly now.

      • The problem is, Austin is not to be trusted. Is he a number? or will he turn to Judas? Plus, he is under the spell of Liz so they have to worry abut what she wants because he will do what she tells him to do.

        Keeping Austin moves give the twins a huge advantage in the house going forward.

        As a fan of BB, ff they let Austin stay it will be a huge disappointment.

      • Austin’s lies have been mostly whatever to the SS alliance. He shouldn’t have lied, but with people like Becky, Meg, and Jason all chomping at the bit to eliminate Vanessa, Clay and Shelli, doesn’t it make a lot more sense to keep Austin who maybe lies a little bit over people actively plotting their downfalls?

      • Yes, if they couldn’t get Austin on the block. Pre HoH Becky, Meg and Jackie were also targeting Vanessa. That V has some good instincts.

      • This is the first time I’ve heard this and I’m so glad the SS alliance will probably survive this little brouhaha. I hope SS has now learned to never put an alliance member on the block to throw the competition again. I had no idea Clay was so close to going home.

      • Becky, Meg or Jason have to do some HOH winning to have that shot, and so far, they are not so good at that.

      • I agree! Also, if Vanessa really is hung up on people lying to her, when Austin lied about voting with the house to evict Audrey when he didn’t evict her, that should be enough for Vanessa. That means that Austin has lied several times now and he is a liar! He will lie again and again especially if he can be with Liz in the jury!

      • However, BB is all about lies and deceit – you can really trust no one except if you have a twin in the game, you can trust her/him whatever!

      • austin has one thing on his mind LIZ she has one thing in hers using SEX to advance her game. If she gets stalked by him its her fault for leading him on

      • BB needs to give the fans a week every now and then where we call the shots. This would be a good week to allow the fans to vote on who the replacement nominee will be.

      • Now that’s a good idea. I don’t think Vanessa knows what she’s doing yet. She’s having another meltdown. Lol But the feeds are sure good tonight. I hope they slow down soon because I need some sleep. Lol

      • Enough Cuddles . . . . you keep going off track of the conversation. You seem like you’re just here to gain someone to talk to directly (not about Big Brother)! To be honest, it gets quite sickening when someone goes off track and then someone follows and so on and so on! Just stick with conversation – you know?

      • Thanks for the summary and I think the SS alliance is making the right decision to keep Austin for a little bit longer. Wonder who the new target will be.

      • Austin thinks with something besides his brain. How can Vanessa believe he will take her to final two when he tells her he’s in love with Liz? Vanessa is in a pretty good spot anyway with the other side of the house. She can’t go two final three with Shelly and Clay because they will take each other

      • Vanessa can take Julie then. Austin is a bigger target than Vanessa and it’s good for her game if he stays.

      • Duh, the only thing is no one knows who is going to win the next HOH – it could be James, Jason or Meg – in which case, all of there “overthinking” just goes out the window. I know for sure that James, Jason or Meg will go after one of them and probably Vanessa or Shelli for always being in power – that would be good!

      • if jason wins he will avenge mamaday if john wins avange becky if she goes. if they both win oh well:-)

  14. So how did Liz take everything Vanessa told her about Austin? Was she surprised or disappointed? Did she try to influence Vanessa into keeping him? They have no guarantee Austin won’t put them up, especially if someone spills the beans to him that he was the real target this week – remember, no one in this house can keep their mouth shut! wish Austin was still going home, even if it’s not the best game move – if he gets into the jury house it’s going to be a nightmare, especially if both Liz and Julia end up there. He won’t be a happy camper. Get rid of Austin anyway, and backdoor Becky next week, although I don’t actually see her as that big of a threat at all yet.

      • Just got home, so I don no nothin. I’m trying to catch up. reading Jokers right now.. Cuddlessssissesh

      • Usual stuff/changing plans/Vanessa having talk fests/ etc. Have fun catching up David. I’m going to Craigs list to check on the antiques. See ya tomorrow.

      • See what I mean – all she does is mix her own life with Big Brother – I wish her computer would lose the internet so she won’t be able to keep going off track of the subject. Where or what does craigslist has to do with Big Brother – just go and do whatever you want – no need to explain. We are here to talk about Big Brother not you!

      • I don’t think this’ll matter tonight anyway. This could always change five more times come Monday.

      • Do you feel like there is drawing of the line? I haven’t watched the feeds but I will later. From Jokers that’s, how I feel?

  15. As a live feeder all I can say is this: My head is spinning right now. but, man, this is fun to watch! The only thing I know for sure is going to happen on Monday is that Clay will use the POV..other than that…who the heck knows what will happen from there! By the way..Vanessa was brutal to Austin..and I loved it!

    • Oh Lynn … music to my ears that Vanessa gave Austin what he so deserved. Yessssssssssss

    • I like the chaos. Some of the players are showing their cards. Judas is doing what he’s supposed to be it!

  16. Its like the “other side” can not win ANYTHING. Seriously, I don’t want to root for the Sixth Sense, but at this point its getting kind of ridiculous. The Sixth Sense is picking off the other side one by one and they are doing nothing to stop it. I’m so annoyed right now.

    • It almost seems like they are floating along. At least SS are playing and winning comps.

  17. ..and here come “Mole Jackie” to find out what the heck is going on! She is no longer HOH..but, she thinks she is.

  18. Okay, seriously, if Vanessa wants to get to the end, she needs to keep Steven in this game for a long while. His anecdote about the Zach and Jocasta week was incredibly well timed.

  19. I don’t understand everyones want on here and in the house on voting out Austin?!?! Why? I hate to keep saying this but this season so far has been pretty boring and very predictable! Yes voting him out would be a blind side and entertaining (for the 45 minutes of television!) however why not get out someone who’s totally boring like Jackie, Becky, Steve, James… Yes I know some of those people cannot be replacements but just some examples of people I forget or even in the house! Plus, unless I have missed something why would The Sixth Sense Alliance breakup now? they should stay strong at least until jury. again, maybe I’ve missed something but aside from the fact that people see he is creepy in regards to Liz, but he thinks she likes him so just because we know she doesn’t and it appears he is being a creeper, really he isn’t! I just don’t like the fact he has a girlfriend! But then I don’t know how serious it is. Serious enough for him to mention it at the beginning of the game!

    • I honestly believe that before he left home, he told his girlfriend that whatever she sees on tv, is just for the game but he really loves her and don’t believe it even if it looks real! That way, he can get back with her once he loses the game. In all actuality, that would make sense – while all of us in tv land is calling him all kinds of jerks! I’ve learned that in this game, it’s all fake relationships all the way to the end. Rachel and Brendan’s relationship and Jordon and Jeff was out of the normal – can’t believe Brenchel is still together today!

      • I disagree. maybe Austin and his girlfriend initially said that but I do believe he has a very strong and real feelings for Liz.

  20. side note, just learning this tool here! so I apologize for not responding or thanking people for filling me in on some information I missed! I might have just figured out how to see if I have any replies! :-) kind of a tricky app oops I mean whatever it is lol this Disquas account thing! but I certainly love reading all the updated info plus all the comments :-) I have been following this group, I mean website lol for a few years now. I only just started conversing and it’s great….

  21. I can’t stand Vanessa when she’s HOH she’s constantly yapping!
    Oh yeah, somebody tell her to lose those goofy glasses, and the stupid hats!

    • Totally agree! She speaks with such authority and they all fall for whatever she says. She acts like she’s God and she will decide if you get into heaven based on if you’ve lied to her or not! and those goofy glasses are horrible to look at. Never understood those winter hats in the house – style – N O T!!!!!!

  22. This truly is the most boring cast! Audrey and Austin were the only ones bringing something to talk about (and I’m not saying that was dynamic!) but good Lord these people are dull!

  23. I doubt Vanessa will have what it takes to put up Austin and if she doesn’t then needs to be the next one to go. Clay, Shelli Austin or Liz leaving will make my week.

  24. Please Van put up Austin as replacement ! If you don’t Austin could send you home instead if he finds out about the backdoor plan.

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