Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Backdoor Plans In Week 5

The Big Brother 17 Power of Veto competition is underway as the HGs prepare yet another Backdoor plan and this one might not be a surprise for much longer.

Austin Matelson wonders if he's next on Big Brother 17
Austin Matelson wonders if he’s next on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Over the past few days the House has been shifting against Austin and with the Veto results just hours away his fate may be sealed by today’s PoV spoilers.

Yes, Austin is this week’s Backdoor target and with Vanessa retaining her HoH throne she’ll be able to see this one through to the finish. Unless she gets distracted by another shiny object, of course, and with a long time until Thursday night that’s entirely possible.

Veto players were picked with Shelli, Liz, and John set to join Vanessa (HoH) along with Becky and Clay (noms). Vanessa picked Shelli as her HG Choice while the other two were drawn. Vanessa’s choice set off fears with Becky because she knew Shelli would be playing against her to save Clay. Offsetting that is John who openly said he’d play to win and save Becky.

Of course having Liz play wasn’t Vanessa’s best case scenario. Austin isn’t up on the Block so it’s not like she could have saved him, but in a way she could. If Liz hears about the BD Austin plan and doesn’t like it then she could refuse to use the Veto which would have created a vacancy for Austin.

Right now Liz and Austin think the plan is to BD Steve, but now even Steve knows that’s not true. Earlier Steve spoke with John and they’re on to the Austin plans this week. That’s got John frustrated since he was kept in the dark, as he was explaining to Becky just before the Veto comp began at 1:55PM BBT. I wouldn’t expect the Feeds back in under two hours.

So with Liz in the mix there was a choice to be made for panic-stricken Vanessa. Yes, Vanessa is freaking out again. Flashback to 12:05 PM BBT. She feels confident in her choice to target Austin but is worried that Liz might not agree and then she’ll make an enemy out of her with this move.

Vanessa wanted to pull Liz in and tell her the truth about her Backdoor plans and why she was doing this. Jackie strongly voted against that idea saying it’d be better to wait and see how Veto goes because they might not have to convince Liz of anything if it’s not up to her.

Shelli arrives, Flashback to 12:20PM BBT 7/25, and supports Jackie’s suggestion. Shelli says that Liz would most definitely run that information back to Austin even if it was just to tell him how mad she was about what he said. At that point the conversation was derailed by Have-Nots arriving (Clay, Shelli, & Steve so far this week).

The Power of Veto comp is now underway and the odds are very good that one of the noms, Clay & Becky, will be saved. A Clay or Shelli win means Clay comes down. Becky or John winning would result in Becky coming down. Vanessa has said she doesn’t want to win it unless she sees Liz winning.

Should Liz win it then there are more variables, but if she doesn’t learn any other details then she’d also use it on Clay per her discussion with Austin earlier. What happens next will be decided by Monday, but right now things look very bad for Austin. Spoilers coming up soon and we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I like that John said he would save Becky instead. Because if clay were up there and Austin gets renommed then it wouldn’t look as suspicious that they are really trying to get rid of Austin instead of clay.

  2. Is Liz playing or Julia. I thought they were talking the other night that they would switch one more time before Veto.

  3. Is Austin going to be part of the Jury? I always thought it was the 5th person out was the first in the jury.

  4. Isn’t it getting close to time for a dbl eviction? Seems like it’s usually the 5th or 6th week.

    • Probably won’t be this week, since they have to reveal the twins. Also, they usually announce it to us the week before and there was no announcement. Maybe next week, which would mean that the 2nd one evicted starts the jury.

  5. Hey guys totally off topic. But wanted to liven up your weekend. Especially if you live in So Florida where we are having dark clouds and TS.
    Last night watching tv when a show came on that peaked my interest. (Not really) The show is called Dating Naked. Show is self explanatory. All of a sudden who starts walking out of the woods? David from BB 15. Ala Gina Marie crush! I was stunned

  6. I’d like someone to hold him down while I take off that hair with a chainsaw. It looks ridiculous.

  7. Am I the only one that hopes Austin stays? Did anyone call Dr Will or Mike Boogie when they faked feelings to get ahead? I have a feeling this season is going to be all about backdooring.

      • I’m starting to think the SS alliance is breaking apart a little bit too soon by getting rid of Austin.

      • Since I’m a Shay fan I still think keeping Austin might be a good idea, even though I’m not a big Austin fan by any means. Liz needs to keep Austin occupied so he doesn’t cause any more problems to the alliance.

      • I like clay and Shelli. I think Shelli has proven that she doesn’t mind putting up strong players. I still remember week one when Audrey kept not including her in the discussions with Clay.

      • You are now officially the 5th member of the I like Clay & Shelli club here at BBN :D Welcome, and I look forward to talking to you as we try to figure out why everyone hates Clay and Shelli.

      • I’m not a Shelli/Clay fan. Liz has other fish to fry and doesn’t need Austin following her around.

      • Too bad for Liz, she’ll just have to bite the bullet and do what’s best for the SS alliance. Btw, they are officially only 4 Shay fans here so I already knew you weren’t a fan :D

      • Alliances and/or showmances come and go ~ integrity and self worth don’t. I hope Liz knows the difference.

      • I hope Vanessa knows the difference too. There are here to win the money after all and it’s just a game :D

      • She needs to have a talk with Austin. Especially after the kiss last night. Needs to stop leading him on.

  8. I’d like to know why Austin knows he’s the target. Dont these idiots know that the best way to back door someone is to not tell them. He now has four days to talk his way out of this situation. What frustrates me most about this cast is that they are playing this game so so so badly.

    • I do too. Did Liz tell him. Can you imagine if Liz and Julia and Austin Switches to the other side?

  9. Just imagine what he thinks of himself when he is Naked and Dating. I was dying laughing when he thought he was “all that” in the manly category and all the girls were saying no.

  10. It’s a very weird show. Maybe that’s why David is on it. Takes place on a remote island. They all walk around naked and go on dates. Then two couples come back to the house (where clothing is optional) there are the other Coles who they have dated. Then they chose one to keep and one to send home. Last people left are soposedly are in love. CRAZY!!

  11. yeah what was funny is he thinks he’s all that and he is “packaged” well. All the girls could do was just shake their heads and say nothing. He is the most arrogant and vain person ever no wonder he was voted out first on BB15

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