Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

Nominations spoilers reveal who went up on the Block today at the latest Noms Ceremony following Vanessa Rousso and Jackie Ibarra taking over as the new Heads of Household.

Big Brother nominations memory wall
Big Brother nomination spoilers revealed – Source: CBS

Initially I thought we’d get opposing HoH plans with someone gaining power from each side of the house, but that expectation was dashed when these noms were settled and agreed upon as part of a new mega alliance.

With the Battle of the Block persisting we’ll have another week of four noms. Last season this twist ran through Week 8, so this thing may only be half way over.

Big Brother 17 Week 5 Nominations:

  • Jackie: Lizia & James
  • Vanessa: Becky & Clay

Nominations were settled as a group last night and the plan is for James to throw the BotB so Vanessa can be dethroned when Clay and Becky win their way to safety. From there we’ll have to see what happens with the Veto so Jackie can pursue her real target: Austin.

Julia and Jackie chatted in the HoH room and confirmed there were no hard feelings between them. Julia says they’re even now. Just a moment before that Julia revealed to Vanessa that Austin has an alter ego “Judas.”

Vanessa is already working hard to keep both sides blind by lying to Jackie about what Lizia knows as the twins prepare to swap out at any minute now.

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  1. I’m still crazy confused on all the backdooring this season. I’m hoping that Austin does get the boot, as he totally creeps me out.

    • seems like the plan is have james throw botb so jackie stays hoh. Then plan is too backdoor austin. Unless austin wins pov in which case steve goes up and likely goes home.

      • It is really the same plan over and over again…but that is what happens when you have battle of the block… That is the way to work around it…

      • That’s why they should end BOTB…now! Bad mistake by CBS. Winning HOH simply means less than it used to. It lets big alliances rule, which is why we’ve seen monstrosity sized alliances the past two seasons.

      • Hate BOB. Worst idea ever and it changes the whole dynamic of the game, not in a good way. It promotes all these petty alliances, which come to nothing, but which prevent people from making long-term plans that could actually benefit them.

      • Why can’t BOTB be two HOH’s, but they each only get to nominate 1 houseguest. If that HG wins VETO, then the HOH is dethroned and could be possibly put up. THAT would be a good use of the BOTB.

      • Right…Austin will HAVE to win POV no matter what so he can save Juliz. If he doesn’t, I’m sure the sixth sense alliance will make sure the one that does win doesn’t use it and vote James out….but they can’t let Jackie know this. Why didn’t Jackie nominate Clay and Becky as she was wanting to do initially and not have anyone throw the comp to dethrone Vanessa?

    • How is he anymore creepier than jams or Steve. Thing about Austin is that Liz has used and flirted with him. So he has gotten the wrong idea. I. Eliebe he thinks she is totally into him.

      • Austin stalks Liz because, as she admitted during a switch out with Julia, she has been “whoring” (yes she used that word) herself out with Austin because she thinks he can help the twins out in the game. Liz has lead Austin on. While his actions are creepy, they have a legit cause.

      • I think Austin is just straight up creepy. Claiming someone as YOURS when you don’t even know them, scamming to try and break up “twins’ because “No one comes between my twins” is creepy. Last I checked, my opinion is my opinion…

      • totally! That’s how I see it also. I don’t think he’s creepy, Liz (I do like her and can’t fault her for doing so.) is just leading him on. however, if he does have a girlfriend back home!? (I don’t know how serious?? But if at all serious, it was enough to mention her,) then not cool!

  2. See, I hope this happens and I also hope that Jackie can put up Vanessa like she said she wanted to because its smart to get her out of the house now then keep her around. She needs to go.

    • Yeah that would be great if Vanessa didn’t have so much allies and people to work with. No one would vote her out if she’s sitting beside Liz and only a few people would vote for her to leave if she’s sitting beside James. So Jackie has no choice but to keep her bargain of the deal

      • There is that too! Vanessa is trusting Jackie to keep their deal this week, though too!

      • Yes which is exactly why Jackie should not try to backdoor Vanessa since it would mostly backfire for her if she were to try

    • If she has the votes, fine. Vanessa is a bit of a wildcard and it’s possible to catch her. But she seems to be on point right now AND the underdogs seem to not connect any dots yet. They’d have to expose Vanessa some way. Things are going her way right now though. If you can’t get Van right now, at least take out her (potential) allies.

      • Well said…it’s because the underdogs can’t connect the dots like you said that really nothing is brewing to uproot the current power alliance….they seem like stragglers with no real plan…there all taking a wait and see position..a leader has stepped up to the plate yet..or maybe never will.

    • If she was smart, she’d back door her instead of Austin if Jackie remains HOH!

    • She won’t as she made a deal with Vanessa before the HoH that if she won she wouldn’t target Vanessa this week at all. Jackie won’t go back on her promise, at least not this week. Jackie didn’t count on Vanessa winning HoH, though either. Either way, Jackie will keep her promise and put the target on another she wanted out too…Austin.

  3. I like the idea of getting Austin out because hes so creepy and maybe its just me but I think this plan could go bad really fast. If Austin gets picked for veto and theres a good chance he will, he will fight hard to remove Liz from the block and theres a good chance he will do it. I think Jackie should have put Clay and Shelli up as pawns. Austin isn’t loyal to them really. He wouldn’t try as hard at the veto if he was picked so there would be better odds of someone else winning removing clay or shelli and up goes austin. If he would happen to win then up goes Liz.

  4. Just hope the BOTB isn’t a crap shoot. Then all their plans go out the window.

    • Right! Although it would make some good TV to see their plan fail miserably and fun to see Clay on the block a little longer… But I sure hopes it goes accordingly since I can’t stand watching Austin harrass poor Liz -__-

      • can’t really call it harass as she is not trying to stop it in fact is enciuraging it

      • Yes I guess that’s true. I just don’t like the way he’s trying to get her to like him in that way

      • I pray Vanessa can convince her current allies to go through with this plan. Austin still believes he’s in the sixth sense alliance and will be protected by them…a little too sure of himself, huh?

  5. Oh, I hope Austin wins POV and takes Lizia off. Can’t stand Jackie on BB, liked her more on TAR.

  6. I feel so bad for Steve. Then John. John is going to get royally screwed if this mega alliance holds.

    • It will hold, because of the two HOHs and the ignorance of the non-allied side of the house.

      • Oh I sure hope so! Right now it’s a crapshoot of sorts…all dependent on who wins POV now.

    • I don’t think John would get screwed. Becky is his friend and she might want to protect him.

  7. get shelli out with jonh- meg -becky- steve- Jason- austins -liz vote break up the couple and power

    • Shelli isn’t going up, no matter what else happens this week. She’s not even on anyone’s radar. Although, I think she’s shown that she is a threat.

      • You are exactly right. Shelli is all about making friends, not enemies and so far it has put her on an untouchable pedestal in the house. Wonder how long that will last when she has to start sending her “friends” home???

      • She already had to send one home and handled that okay! Yes, Audrey was her friend as a person, but not good for her game is all.

      • Yes but EVERYBODY in the house wanted that eviction. I’m talking about an eviction that puts “blood on her hands” as she puts it…

  8. Vanessa may just be the new Derek in the house!- That’s if she can manage to stay away from the block and keep control over most of the house guests

    • No one will ever be as brilliantly devious as Derek. I really disliked him because I felt those were scary attributes for a police officer to exhibit, but at the same time I understood his game play.

      • Yes that is true but she is up there for being able to cover her grounds and being able to keep herself from being seen as a huge target

      • I don’t think she’s going to be able to do it….she’s spreadin some thorns in her garden and she goin to get pricked by one!

      • But then he didn’t have someone like Vanessa to play with him…Van has a great poker face! hahaha

    • Bingo. I think Britney’s prediction may pan out if this is the example that’s still being set! LOLOL

  9. Will someone please answer a question for me? If Austin wins the power of Veto and uses it to save Julia/Liz won’t the HOH still have to nominate a replacement? And by using his POV to save Julia/Liz won’t Austin then make himself an available target again? Am I really this confused as to why they would then go after Steve instead of Austin who is their primary target anyway?

    • Well wouldn’t that mean more motivation if the target was just nominated.

      • They don’t want the person they’re backdooring to know it until it’s too late.

  10. When is someone going to get smart and put Clay or Shelli up? Is it too early in the game for a big move like that? They’re going to sail through to the half a million if people don’t catch on – at least, Shelli will. Glad Austin is a target right now – he’s so creepy and delusional – they need to get either him or Liz out of there ASAP – the thought of her being stuck in the jury house with him is frightening.

  11. Seems like a gut reaction plan of Vanessa’s to backdoor Austin. Its a very LONG week and he could redeem himself with Vanessa. Also, Vanessa could have worked with Austin a few more weeks and keep the numbers strong for the 6th Sense alliance. Then when they have the house in order and decimated, get Austin at a better time. Just doesn’t seem like she’s playing the good odds and long term plan (like Derrick did).

    • She’s more emotional than Derrick ever was. Also, her pet peeve is people lying to her. Hmmmmm…. Poker Player and BB HG and hates people lying to her. What’s wrong with this picture? LOL

      • Everything…the kettle calling the pot black…I think she wants to be perceived as a straight shooter always telling the truth but in reality…she lies like the rest of them…and puts on an act that she doesn’t want to be lied to….a very dangerous persona to play…a slippery slope.

  12. Jackie stop playing with your hair, so annoying and do you have to constantly dress like a tramp?

    • Lol. I was twirling a strand of hair as I read your post. Ha ha :) But I’m not dressed like a tramp so no hard feelings. :>

    • She seems to think, like a lot of young girls theses days, that her looks are her best asset. She’s a smart girl. Her brain should be her best asset, IMO.

      • Just curious, what does her former occupation have to do with her hair twirling habit or how she dresses?

  13. Just please let them stick together long enough to send the creepster home!!! He is the biggest fake in the house! How does Liz stand him? $500k ain’t worth all that….

  14. So the plan this week is to back door Austin ? Wow. Theres alot of back dooring this season ! What will happen if there plan back fires ? I wonder !

      • Technically yes it would be a waste IMO. The HGs all believe Steve is way smarter than he actually is and that he is throwing Comps that he really isn’t…

      • Just as they first thought Audrey was America’s Player and look where that ended up? hahaha

      • Do you mean in the house? I forgot about that… I suppose if they thought that it may be a reason to target him but I keep hearing them talk about how smart he is and how they think he is throwing comps… If that is why they are just wrong. Steve is not that smart nor is he that good a player. If that is what they are afraid of why keep Johnny Mac? He is way smarter and a much better player than Steve… (I am not hating on JMac- I like him too)

      • I think all of the above contribute to targeting Steve, but there seems to be something I am missing about why a few are so adamant about it. Maybe it is that simple, IDK. With these HGs, the possibilities are endless.

  15. I have to say I have not been a fan of Miss Trainwreck so far but her talk with Jackie in the HN room last night did somewhat impress me. She never asked for anything and only gave advice to Jackie on how to improve her game from the mistakes she herself had made as a former HOH. One notch higher on my BB totem….

    • I’ve never disliked Becky…just didn’t think she was suited to be exposed as a power player. She works best behind the scenes without bashing anyone and that’s helped keep the target off her because she’s liked by the opposition even if she’s not in an alliance with them.

      • Yes, I never disliked her either. I just never had much of an opinion at all until last night…

  16. Although I’m fairly sure unless something changes soon they will both be on their way to Jury Duty… Go Team Jason and Meg!!! Both are real, take me as I am, as honest as the game allows, entertaining HGs! I hope to see them pull it off to the finals!!!

  17. No, no, no, no! Clay is safe again. Jackie won’t be able to backdoor Austin like Vanessa has told her even with Jackie as head HoH. The sixth sense won’t allow Austin to be backdoored like Jackie wants and they’ll con Jackie into agreeing to that no matter who wins Veto. Therefore the house isn’t really divided, not with James (who’s not in their alliance) on the Block. Jackie needed to nom Becky or Meg and Clay to achieve that. Think reverse psychology since they’re such fans of backdooring the opposition. The strong alliance will make sure Liz is safe and get the person who wins the Veto to not use it. They’ll end up voting out James instead of backdooring Austin. I’m seeing Vanessa’s strategy now. Stick with the stronger alliance, get herself dethroned and be that “saving” vote to save one of them and pick off the other side until she no longer can do that. Tell me I’m wrong about this.

  18. Well…interesting noms…I REALLY hope the twins can remain safe! I also hope that if the POV is used, Jackie – if she’s still HOH – doesn’t name Vanessa as the re-nom. That would suck. If Vanessa or the twins go home any time soon, I would not be as interested in the season anymore.

  19. I still like Austin, I don’t think he’s creepy he is simply thinking Liz likes him, it’s a good play on her part but it does make him look kind of pushy, or clingy?! Totally a good game move for her! I just don’t respect him because he has a girlfriend back home. of course a lot sure how serious but it was serious enough for him to mention her at the beginning of the game, I think?sadly, this season is very predictable, very top heavy within the alliances and really doesn’t have any excitement! aside from reading stuff on here, the episodes are pretty boring! and I have been a huge big brother fan since the very first season! as well as Big Brother Canada :-) I feel Big Brother Canada did a good job, if not better with games and whatnot! I live in Canada, and to be honest with you I thought Big Brother Canada would be a lot more low budget then it is…… But I think it’s great aside from a few twists I did not agree with. in my humble opinion :-)

    • “he is simply thinking Liz likes him”
      I could argue that this on it’s own make him creepy. I think Liz will be more than happy to see him go. She is caught in something that she doesn’t seems to know how to stop.
      I agree with you that BBCan does very well with what I’m sure is a much smaller budget.

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