‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers are here for the Power of Veto Ceremony with the outcome settling who would be the final nominees this week to face the eviction vote.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

After much debate and repeated wishy-washing Chelli, last Clay & Shelli shorthand, have settled on how to handle the situation they didn’t want to find themselves in. Time to find out if they’re making the right choice for their game.

John McGuire won the Power of Veto and a good thing since he was on the Block as a pawn while Chelli were hoping to keep him there. No such luck and despite Shelli asking him to not use the Veto, she really did that, John wisely went ahead and used the Veto to pull himself off the Block and Meg went up in his place as the renom.

Chelli (that’s Clay + Shelli) had debated over renoming Meg or Liz to go up against Da’Vonne, their main target. Originally they were going to go with Meg, but she talked them out of that and aimed the spotlight at Liz. Liz took the news well at first, but broke down crying later.

Austin didn’t want to see another close ally at risk so he convinced Chelli they needed to go with someone else. Back to Meg they went and Shelli confirmed this plan in a late-night meeting.

Now we have Da’Vonne and Meg as the final noms for the week and one of them will be evicted. Had Liz been up there I think we might have seen a chance at Day staying, but not against Meg when they’re both on a similar side of the House split. Nuts. Da’Vonne provided excellent entertainment on the Feeds and she will be missed.

Keep watching the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) to see what happens with the Last Laugh Twist.


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  1. Matt, I always enjoy your synopses of what goes on in the house. You always bring a smile to my face. I do like Chelli (Clay + Shelli) SOOO much more than your idea of Jiz (Julie + Liz)! LOL! I agree, it’s going to be kind of a drag without Da’s antics. Audry will still be there, though, so lots of opportunity for drama (with a capital D).

  2. If Day could convince the house that Meg is more likeable than her and thereby a threat, she’d have a chance. But that would of course require talking to people other than Jason….not likely!

  3. If Da’Vonne gets the laugh last twist (which I hope she does), there is a SLIGHT chance that she can stay. If she talks to the right people that is. I really don’t want Day to go, she is entertaining.

    • I hope the twist sends the whole house in an uproar where Meg is gone (unbeknownst to her and others now) and Day gets to stay! Will definitely be productive in creating more drama for sure! :-)

      • Yes exactly and that would make for good TV! Plus the twist would actually be useful and hopefully won’t be another waste/fail! ^_^

  4. I find Day entertaining as well. Unlike some, I’m not easily intimidated by outspoken people, HGs dont always get rid of outspoken people Traci. Think Zack, Rachel, the list goes on. They simply don’t like Day. Playing with emotions as opposed to playing the game. IF they were smart, they would keep Day and have someone with a target on their back because she definitely has no plans of becoming silent. Not in her. She and AUdrey together would make for some entertaining dialogue. Instead we’ll be left with ZZZzzzzzzzz. I love Meg’s personality, independence and willing to go against the house.I dont want to see her go. However, if I’m a HG and had to decide who I had a better shot against getting to the $$$,,,, DUH, it would be Day. Meg is liked by all and I think she has a competitive streak that will surface. Instead of them thinking with a BB brain, these HGs are keeping people around who they’d like to have a beer with outside of the house. And dont get me started on these women who think the guys plan to take them to the end. Another sad group playing house for the summer. Hoping Steve starts playing and that Vanessa stops sleeping so much and gets in the game.

  5. I am glad that Meg was the renom instead of Liz / Julia. I want Liz / Julia to survive five evictions so they can both be in the house at the same time. I want to see the other houseguests reaction when they find out about the Liz / Julia twin twist. I wonder how CBS would reveal the twin twist?

    • If she/they are not on the block for the 5th vote, I would just have them both walk out of the DR after they voted.

  6. I don’t think Shelly made the right decision. She stated she was doing what is best for her game but to me it’s a bad move. She has now exposed herself as being aligned with a proven liar and manipulator, Audrey.
    I know that it’s her HOH and kudos for her for doing what she wants, well what Clay wants, and not what the house wants, but having played this hand she has made more “enemies” out of former “allies” than need be. She has shown that she would rather keep someone like Audrey who has started rumors and tried to play everyone against everyone instead of someone who hasn’t really done anything like that. (forgive me I don’t have the feeds but I haven’t seen any real indication that Day has). For me I wouldn’t trust Shelly or Clay anymore than I would Audrey. She had a better chance going after Audrey this week and then picking Day off next. But that’s just my opinion.

    • I don’t think people think she’s aligned with Audrey. She’s said so many times she wants Audrey out next week that I don’t think that’s in discussion.

      • Right. Now if this was a male HOH trying to remove the only person in the game going after him this wouldn’t be considered a dumb idea. He would be praised for sticking to his guns despite what the whole House wanted.
        Ironic isn’t it???

      • and what was her ‘best’ mistake? (( I’m getting punchy ~~ later folks! ))

      • Since there’s been so many I won’t even attempt to answer that one :D. Nice talking to you today Cuddles.

      • redroses…didn’t Da’ say last night that she would go after Clay and Chelli, or am I mistaken. She has a lot of hostility so I may have heard her wrong

      • She was sitting with Jason out by the pool on one of those chairs and she said “if I stay..I’m gonna take her ass out.” Don’t know if that is verbatum, and I don’t know if she was talking about Shelli or Audrey.

      • I think she wouldn’t have if they hadn’t nominated her….but it would only make since to turn back the favor and nominate the people who nominated u and if one of them were to escape the block just put up another major target

      • If she had back-doored Audrey this week and she went home over Da, Da then in turn would’ve came after Chelli. I’m pretty sure of that. While Da is entertaining, I don’t think she’s very good at comps (re: JMac’s BotB comments last night), so it’s not a imminent threat, but more of a threat than Audrey, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t target Chelli, as they’re the last of her “allies” (used very loosely here).

      • I don’t think Da is a big comp threat either (based on the BoB they showed) but she might surprise folks and win one sooner than later had she stayed. I don’t know if she would have targeted Shelli/Clay right away though. I THINK she is more strategic than that..Maybe go after Austin? She, Jason, James, Meg I believe are pretty tight. James mentioned before about gunning for Austin and vice versa. Austin seems (to me) to be close to Liz/Julia, Vanessa. I think if you take out Austin, the ones left might not be so solid, ya know? He’s such a leveling force among them..or so it seems to me (that he has something going on upstairs and is calm about it).??
        But yeah, as of this week, Da wasn’t pleased with Clay. But Week 1 she warned Aud that they can keep her in their alliance but because of her showmance with Clay, only at arm’s length. She probably would go after Clay (more than Shelli, I think) if she stayed and won HoH at some point.

      • This week proves Da had something to worry about with Chelli. I don’t think Austin would’ve been going after Da, so not sure if Da would go after Austin. I think she definitely would’ve targeted Clay for sure and put up Shelli too to try to knock out at least one.

        A lot of suppositions going on here, so it’s always hard to say what shoulda, coulda, woulda happened. Who knows, this week’s twist could save Da and evict Meg—that’d be very interesting to watch next week.

      • Yeah for sure. I like Meg, too, so I don’t want her gone either. Has to happen at some point. All but two anyway. Lol. If I was a Shelli/Clay fan, I’d think the noms were perfect. Being a James/Jason/Meg/Da alliance fan, I find it unfortunate to say the least. Ha!

      • I don’t think Da’ would have listened to Johnny Mack even if he was trying to win the comp unfortunately.

      • I think – Da would have targeted Clay (if she stayed/stays this week) only because her gut feeling was right about Shelli. Remember she told Aud that she was concerned about Shelli playing for Clay over their alliance and that they’d have to watch her/keep her at arm’s length (but still be aligned with her)? And that proved right, I think. Clay didn’t know (I don’t think – unless Shelli told him and she shouldn’t have surely) about Shelli/Da/Aud alliance. So Shelli should have neutralized that counting situation and then circled back to touch base with Da on the down low, to be sure they’re cool, thereby protecting both her alliance and her boo – keeping them cool with each other.
        I agreed with Da – I was afraid Shelli would choose Clay over her alliance, too. And she did. Da wasn’t doing any wrong being in the room and if it looked sketchy to Clay/Jeff (even Shelli), then Shelli should have tried to play it off til she talked with Da later.
        Don’t get Britney’d, Shelli.
        I also think James would have wanted Da to target Shelli so he could have Clay work with him but as for Da – I think she would have targeted Clay instead.

    • Actually Day has said even prior to nominations that she doesn’t trust Clay and Shelli and they’d be targets of hers. Shelli definitely made the right move for her game. Audrey isn’t coming after Shelli and Clay, whereas Day would have. Also Shelli and Clay have repeatedly told everyone else in the house they are down for evicting Audrey next week and are not working with her. I’ve been watching the feeds and honestly Day and Audrey played a very similar game but just went about it in different ways. I think 90% of the turmoil and he said she said comes from Audrey and Day.

      • Im sorry… But I’m sure she (Da) would have weeded out Aubrey Since she exposed her.. I think Da would have went after Clay not Shelli, Just because of the Alliance that was made at first.. Shelli Flipped for a Romance.. So Da I hope would have showed her (Shelli), either you with us or against us.. Stick to the Plan and GET THE MEN OUT……#includingAudrey.. IJS!!!

      • Agree. I think she would have targeted Clay as he was a bigger threat to her. I also think James would have pushed for Shelli to go over Clay so he could pull Clay in to work with he mentioned that once before. I don’t trust Clay. If he hasn’t bonded with James yet, for James sake, I don’t want James to have false hope he can wrangle Clay in at this point. But yeah, I think DA would have targeted Clay first for the reason you stated.

  7. I’m just happy Johnny Mac is safe. For some reason, his DR sessions always crack me up. Such an odd fellow.

      • I think it’s because he’s so used to talking over that dentist drill! Plus I’m pretty sure production makes everyone hype up their DR sessions. For him, it’s even more intense/loud.

      • I think it’s because he’s also a musician, which makes many people deaf.

      • not sure it seems like this happens a lot….they all scream in there even when they vote HI JULIE I VOTE TO EVICT ________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I really hope Meg does not go home, I like her, Da’ needs to go, but there is that phone twist this week so anything can happen.

  9. I am really struggling to come up with a favorite this year. It seems easier to come up with a list of least favorites! I actually am disappointed Da is going home because there are others I would live to see go before her.

    How about Jeff? Does he ever stop talking game? Does he ever stop talking? Can anyone say, “Dude” or “Bro” more?

    Audrey is just nuts. I get it. Its big Brother so starting rumors is part of the game. But I have never seen anyone start a different rumor about every house guest in the same week! Talk about overplaying.

    Austin, please put a shirt on before you hug the girls in the house. Sorry, but pressing their faces against your bare chest is disrespectful to me.

    Clay and Shelli need to be put on the block. They are getting too arrogant.

    • Here’s the thing…Jeff is always talking game. And leading points he’s trying to make with this phrase…Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing…I’ve heard him say it so much that another HG said it. I think it was Clay.

    • One HOH put Shelli up and the other HOH puts up Clay… He needs to go.. He has not game.. Just mouth with Shelli!!! I Say Save Jeff to sit next to in the end.. Guaranteed win.. NO MOVES #atall

  10. I don’t have live feed, so how does Becky feel about Chelli not putting up Audrey?

    • I’ll tell you what I know. Shelli explained to Becki why she would be going after Da’ instead of Audrey since it was better for Shelli’s game to do so. Becki behaved in a very mature manner and said it was Shelli’s HOH and Becki would respect her wishes.
      As far as I know they still like each other and plan to continue working together. I hope so since I like both of them.

    • She wasnt happy and she has questioned Shelli since originally they both agreed to go after Audrey even if it meant backdooring her. When Beckly lost HOH, She looked at it as getting her target out, but with Shelli having the blood on her hands. But when it was to name a replacement, Becky is still questioning why Shelli didnt put Audrey up.

  11. Day blew it with Clay, and that is why she is going home and not Audrey, she showed her attitude way too soon

    • Yes, I agree. She did herself in. I hate it though. She was a number for James. Not the biggest fan of Chelli/Shay. I get why Chelli/Shay want her out. You know Da wishes she had a “rewind” button right about now so she could be cool with Clay from the get (over her being in Jeff’s room).

      • I hope Da bows out gracefully, its more important to her not to go out mad, hopefully she learned from this. I thought she had a shot to go to at least the final 5, but she never really had it, I was turned off by her unfair outburst

      • I think Day was too cocky with the whole counting thing, but then she was crying. I think leaving a nine month old behind was more then she could handle. She was too quick to start barking (send me home bring it)!

      • she ws there Counting…. Im not gone tell yall I’m counting so you can start counting too.. She did NOTHING WRONG… Except one thing, but we won’t make it racial… but you know how it goes.. Clay was rude. Instead of saying what was you doing, he said you rude you this you that to Jeff and Meg I think.. No… Re-Watch….!!!!!!!!

      • Agree Da counting was not wrong. She was smart to do that. She’s strategic that way which is why I like her. Her instincts are not always 100% but at least she’s tuned in.
        But in years past some HGs have messed with people stuff so I can see why it looked sketchy to Clay/Shelli whom she isn’t aligned with (though secretly she WAS with Shelli, who I think should have squashed Clays concern/neutralized that whole situation. She could have had a touch base with Da about it later). Obv Da was right about her concerns about Shelli that she shared with Aud, that Shelli would put Clay above their alliance.
        I think Da could have deflected better, hindsight being 20/20. And I did not like the way Clay handled it either. That was awful. He blew it. He acknowledged it later but still he was a jerk to her.

      • I totally Agree, I want her to calm down as far as emotions.. Save it for the BIG BLOW UP…. we already know DA’s don’t stay in the house very long, just because of people being bullied in school, some are so threatened by that type of Character they automatically think people or crazy deranged, also they think BW are bossy etc etc etc… I just hate people when they say their BIG FANs of the Game, and then come in the House with a Mouse Attitude.. Ohhh You lied.. wee wee weeee……… Big Brother is not a game of Integrity unless you win HOH POV or Battle of the Block every week…Then You have nothing to worry about as far as Strategy… for the record.. I appreciate(ED) Audrey’s style at first, but she got caught up in her on game.. (Then her True Colors came out) She’s Not playing the Game, She knows how to MANIPULATE, like if you don’t give me what I want, Ill call the police and tell then you RAPE me type of Chick….. tisk tisk tsk.. She would have been a good sports wife… lol…

  12. Uh-oh…Day is on to Liz/Julia. She just told Jason to really study their faces..she has noticed differences. So what happens if they don’t make it through five evictions?

    • I think she just gets evicted. If they survive 5 evictions, then they both get to play in the game as individuals at the same time is all, I believe.

      • Natalie and her twin made it through..so they got to play. So, would one of the HG’s have to go into the DR and say “I know who the twins are.”

      • I think it doesn’t matter if people find out — they could tell the HGs if they wanted to. They just have to not get evicted in the first five then both get to join the game at the same time.

  13. Watching the news feed I can’t stand the snobby clique with their better than attitudes ugh. Jeff is like a middle aged crisis, school girl running around the house gossiping. He hates Austin so much because he’s insecure. Yuck, mama day needs a twist to stay! She’s the only one with actual character + Jason or the season will be a yawn fest

    • I haven’t kept up with the feeds, do you have any insight on Jeff being skeevy? I saw somewhere that he’s being an ass to the women but I didn’t see any examples.

      • I don’t recall him ever being an ass to women, really his only downside to me in the feeds is that he’s a bit two faced (which game wise is a strength) and he is obsessed with getting Austin out despite playing nice and bro-ing down with him to his face after supposedly burying the hatched with Austin.

      • Thanks for the reply. I know I’m missing a lot not watching the feeds, it’s just so hard to keep up with it all!

  14. I’d like Da’V to have another chance. Cute, bubbly, adorable Meg should not be on the block. Audrey should have been back-doored.

    • RIGHT! Why wait a week to show her up? All agreed to back door her, then when the chance came it was squash DaVan pity

    • Yes.. Cause she (Audrey) is After EVERYBODY.. No Alliance.. And a Master of Manipulation…. Its the way to win to game.. Especially after being exposed and you still stay… People thinking bout saving her for the end.. IS A BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She will Win)!!!

  15. Shelli (not Chelli) is actually smarter than I initially gave her credit. Smart move on her part to put up Meg instead of Liz (wouldn’t be a bad thing to get rid of Meg, either, considering how well-liked she is in the house), and sticking with gunning after Da instead of Audrey, despite the house wanting otherwise. Now, if she would just drop Clay before the two quickly get targeted because of their obvious pairing.

  16. There’s a ‘drum roll’ in effect in the BB house ~~ that powerful, eagerly awaited, sometimes dreaded, phone call! It could change the dynamics of this week’s game/eviction.

    • You think they’ll wait til Wed/Thu to put the phone in? (Sorry, I don’t have feeds but I have not heard anyone yet say the phone is in the house yet)

    • Certainly, very curious who is going to get the 7th call if I understood it right. Being able to nullify 3 votes is a big deal. So far, liking the BB Takeover. They can have different twists every week to keep everyone on their toes and playing the game!

    • ultimately I don’t think that 7th call will really matter, day would still need 5 votes and I don’t see how she would get them, Jeff is closer with meg then he is with day and JMac was apart of the plan to back door day in the first place so I don’t see why he would switch now.

  17. I am glad that Shelli put up Meg because I would everyone’s reaction when they find out that Liz have a twin sister switching all the time throughout the game. I remember last time, twin switching was back in 2004 with Adria and Natalie. I would like to see the drama and reaction to all of this. Oh well, have fun watching Big Brother…..

  18. Why didn’t Da’ at least tell the house that John threw the Battle of the Block? If I had a feeling that I was being set-up, I’d be singing like a canary!! Telling everyone’s business, except the ones that I felt were “truly” loyal to me!! Talking to “us” and yourself in private gets her nowhere! It’s time to play the game, Da’ or at least start some drama- go out with a BANG!! Leave knowing you had some type of an impact against someone else’ game!!

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