Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother 17 spoilers are in revealing which Houseguest won the Power of Veto competition for Week 12 after the latest nominees were named during the long Feeds drought of 2015.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

With one side on the Block it was critical for them to break through with a win here to even the score and give them a fighting chance at surviving the week. If the Veto fell to the HoH or the HGs not nominated this week then it’d be a locked up case.

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Competition Results:

  • John McGuire won the Power of Veto!

Time to scramble! I love it. Now we’ll see either Austin or Liz go up on the Block and they’re trying to figure out what will happen. Austin says JMac was Vanessa’s target but she could still split them up by sending out Steve. They are seriously stressing, as they should.

Liz thinks she’ll go up while Austin says maybe he will, but I bet he feels better about his chances of skirting the Block this week. Hmm, I dunno yet. Steve is much less stressed, but he was already on the Block so maybe that shock has warn off.

Flashback to 4:42 PM BBT on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to watch the start of the fallout.

Vanessa is now back upstairs working on her plotting and planning the renom as one of those two are going up and if she’s working through the M&Ms scenarios alone then that means she really is thinking this through and might not have had a plan B ready to go.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday, if we get to see the fallout, and we’ll post spoilers when that happens.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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      • Oh why because you don’t want him to win? Yep the shows rigged. Every season it’s rigged. In fact I made a phone call to Allison and told her I want JMac to win so could she fix that for me. She said sure no problem.

      • This is the FUNNIEST string of comments that I’ve ever read on here!!!! LMAO! THANK YOU!!!!

      • I know right! It’s refreshing to read something funny on here for once! Instead of everyone constantly insulting Vanessa character! And gameplay!

      • I went over your head and call Les Moonbes. He says no problem; he’ll pay Vanessa with money out of his own account. I mean, they could NEVER find another poker player to host a hot, new reality show.

      • I heard he plans to bankroll her in Vegas so he can quadruple his money or more b/c he sees the master expert game strategist she is. Look at her move those ‘skittles’ around, she’s got this in the bag… well, once she’s done using them that is.

      • Hold on now there! That can’t be true cause somebody on here just told me the other day the show is rigged for Vanessa and the other contestants had to sign a contract saying they wouldn’t ever let anyone know (even on the live feeds)… They said it was obvious so nobody could disagree… They even got as many as 8 likes – so it can’t be wrong! ;)

      • I would think if they had to sign a contract to let V win BB would have had to pay quite a big fat amount to the other HG’s to agree to LOSE. I wouldn’t agree to that for less than 100G’s

      • LOL …. you read that too!? lol yeah, isn’t it rigged for Vanessa to win because CBS is then going to “have Vanessa on some new so they are developing”
        everything we read on here has to be true!
        because when viewers don’t get their way, it means it’s because the show is rigged! What a joke!
        it is refreshing to know that I am NOT alone! :)

      • Hey you…

        We’re back home after being gone for most of the summer. I haven’t been commenting on BB because I haven’t been watching. It’s been utterly surreal but I didn’t want to get all invested in it when I didn’t know if I was even going to be able to watch from Portugal.

        As it turned out my internet access turned out to be sketchy so while I was always at liberty to watch Pawn Stars and Pickers on History I wasn’t able to access BB through the satellite. Which, if you knew how much I detest those picker people, totally sucked… So you know, we made do with the ocean and mountains and lots and lots of family instead… it was great!!!!!

        You still have my e-mail, right? E-mail me when you can and we’ll catch up.

        In the meantime… hugs, lots and lots of hugs, Matt.

      • Wow how great is it that you’re back! :) I thought you were done with this site last year… turns out for some unknown reason you’d much rather go on vacation and experience adventure than staying glued to your computer for these message boards (weird weird indeed)! ;) Hopefully all is well, and now you’re ready to get back to commenting on the state of all things Big Brother? :)

      • That was after Audrey broke down and left after being paranoid of a sure win. Guess that happens after you lose you… never-mind.

      • Everyone has been saying it’s rigged for Vanessa to win now your saying JMACK, come on people make up your mind.

      • Vanessa will be in F2, I’m not sure who the other will be, Liz /Austin/John/ Steve will all take her. We will see…

      • Can I take that to Vegas? You definitely got the #2 HG in the F right. Oh crap… “We will see…”, bet off, bet off.

      Thank the Lord

      My naive heart wants to believe John could somehow win. And my head, well… it’s just aching. :(

    • Ha-ha he always was..I tbink he just went on a long Vacation…. But nevertheless he’s back! ^_^

    • Unfortunately I think you’re right. And if she does that she deserves to lose even tho I don’t want either Liz or Austin to win

      • I’m the complete opposite. I feel like all three of them aren’t the nicest of people. They don’t really EVER seem sincere. However, at least Vanessa’s playing an awesome game. I can’t say anything good about Liztin.

      • IMO she’ll nominate Austin and vote him out in the tiebreaker. I think she wants to work with Liz now, two on two against Steve and JMac

      • 3 on 1 IMO…..She cut John loose this week and he knows it. John has already told her he is coming after ALL OF THEM!!

      • Do you really think that Liz won’t share this with Austin? Vanessa just made a huge mistake if she did that

      • Johnny is always going to be the target! Its too late in the game to take a target off anyone. It’s all about who can win comps and save themselves or hope you have some awfully good luck that someone other than you is on whoevers got the powers radar

      • If you are a van fan then that makes you an evil person as well. It’s the end of the season and I don’t have to be nice to evil people any more.

    • I’m actually fine with this as Steve has been obnoxious all season. I get that he’s probably autistic and it’s not his fault, but I still cannot stand him

      • Listen you DON’T KNOW that Steve is autistic. You’ve more than likely have not met him in person & I’m pretty confident you’re not a Dr. So just zip it! Besides….. You say this like its a BAD thing anyway!! You’re ignorant. Seriously!!!

      • Not everyone is perfect,you ignorant kid. At least he got Salutatorian. If you don’t know what that is,look it up. Some people have social problems Steve has,but at the end of them day, Steve will become successful with millions while you’ll still be here waiting to disrespect the next set of houseguests.

      • He is young. He has plenty of time to get out and experience life.

        Please do not pick on someone who struggles with “social” experiences. You have no idea how hard it can be for someone to just to walk into a room.

        I know first hand as my son has an anxiety disorder and it takes everything he has just to have a 1 minute conversation with a family friend. He gets mentally exhausted.

        He used to. I have a great family and friends who understood him and have helped him to start to overcome his anxiety.

        He is now working very successfully at a hotel interacting with guests, making new friends and making huge strides to initiate conversations and working at an internship.

        Please do not pick on anyone who may have any type of disorder.

        This page discusses Vanessa bullying. You are doing the same thing.

        Have some compassion and understand he is just getting out in the world and he really exposed and challenged himself just by being on this show. He should be congratulated not shamed. I am sure this was a HUGE step for him.

      • i am so glad to hear your son is having success in his personal interactions. my grand daughter is 16 and she is the same way he was. it is like she lives on an island all by herself. glad to hear that there is hope for her

    • I don’t think John will trust her for sure especially after she was going to keep Steve over him and he knows it but he will tell her what she wants to hear but i think this is where you will see her cry a river!

      • If i was John i would vote to keep Steve just to force Vanessa into showing her hand. I don’t think it really matters to her because she feels like she can control Liz-Steve and John. If she doesn’t win the next POV she is gone.

      • I hope jmac wins hoh so he can put Vanessa up on the block and get voted out and sent packing to the jury house… Lol

      • that would be nice….really all you have to do is win Veto from here on out……would be nice to win hoh and take off the pressure

      • I am with you on that…..that would be awesome…if he plays his cards right he can get everyone else on board to take her out as well. All he has to do is convince everyone else that if she makes it to final 2 she is a shoe in……Refresh all she has done so far…they can’t be that stupid to see that none of them could beat her

      • All i can say is that she only has a 25% chance of staying because she can’t play in the HOH. She has 1 chance in 4 which is 25% chance to stay and a 75% chance of leaving. If i was anyone of the remaining houseguests i would not want to sit next to her on the final vote. Thats all i can say because she has controlled everything and a bitter jury usually ends up voting for the smartest game play

      • And Vanessa has to contend with Murphy’s law. Just when you need that one win, chances are good you are going to lose. She only has to look at those who are competition beasts in the past like Danielle Donato and Frank in his season. She would be well advised since, she would probably be on the block, to evict Liz while, she has the chance. That removes one tough competitor for the next POV which she needs to win. If she evicts Steve this week, it may be Liz who evicts Vanessa from the Big Brother House next week!

      • Oh pretty sure Austin thinks Liz could beat her….but then again, Austin thinks Liz is Americas Favorite player. Unless that’s a new ‘TWIST??’

      • He cannot be that stupid! I mean, I truly hope he’s not. There’s no way he truly thinks that this girl is America’s favorite. I mean, do they really think they are in love? Someone has to be the brains of the operation. I truly hope that these two people come out of the house and sees other faces and wake up. I mean, for the first two months, he was very ‘Pepe Lepew’ by forcing himself on her. It was uncomfortable to watch. Now, they’re truly upsetting.

      • During BBAD Austin was trying to tell Liz & Julia that he thought Liz was Americas Favorite player. Only to persuade Julia into letting Liz stay over her. I think she bought it cuz there was a huge smile on her face after he mentioned it.
        Liz kept saying it was Julia’s ‘time to shine’ but ended up being the selfish B she is & took the opportunity to stay.

      • Exactly, force her to show which side she is on. If she edicts Steve, John will know she is not loyal to him. If he wins next HOH he will have to put her up.

      • Austin said that so I would take that with a grain of salt. I haven’t seen anything yet where Johnny Mac said that himself.

      • Yes for sure it is. But I’m hoping Johnny Mac had different reasons for offering to throw it to Austin and Liz. Maybe to get a read on them, or to see if they would tell Vanessa, or to see if Vanessa would tell him? I guess we’ll never know.

      • I’m hoping JMac was not being truthful to begin with when he offered to throw the comp but he can now justify winning due to the fact that he couldn’t let Steve win.

      • I believe he intended to not throw it but now he has a “reason”. Still think he’s crazy, ya big Lizard?

    • I do too but these HGs won’t do that, they will do the opposite of what they should do and get rid of Steve. Austin/Liz will vote to keep the other one and John will vote to keep Steve (at least he should). That puts Vanessa as the tie vote and she will choose to evict Steve. If she doesn’t, I will be completely shocked.

  1. My husband was wondering why I was screaming with delight (he is a non-BB person). JMAC !!! I want him to win now that James is gone.

    • The dream is for JMac to get to final two (because honestly, unless he wins everything from now on, I don’t see him getting the 500k), getting the 50k, and letting James get AFP.

      • JMac can’t beat Austin or Vanessa. He could probably beat Liz but in my opinion he doesn’t deserve to win.

      • What are you talking about ? He has 4 vetos so far, probably 5 next week. He sure deserve to win.

      • JMac is the only person left in the house that isn’t buying Vanessa’s BS, no wonder she wants him gone next.

      • I wouldn’t go that far but you know how he just says Yeah, yeah, all the time she’s BSing him? She knows he’s on to her at least.

      • Well, Van is the master expert game strategist (MEGS), she’s got a diploma on her wall at home. He must have been saying “yeah, yeah” to Austin/Liz when he was talking about throwing PoV too. LOL.

      • I think he was saying that just to cover his butt if he didn’t win POV. He was trying to make a deal.

      • Jmac says yeah yeah, agrees to everything then does whatever is best for his game. Even when he loses a comp he implies that he threw it to the other person.

      • That would work too, especially if he’s got or think he has a deal with Van… and some people think he’s not playing the game. Watch his eyes when he talks, I know Vanessa does.

      • It’s not all about comp wins, it’s about who played the best overall game. John spent 71 days doing nothing and basically gave up the week he was getting evicted. Once he got evicted and came back, he still played the same clueless game. I will give him credit for improving his social game a little bit, but overall his strategic game sucks. Plus on top of that, why give someone 500k when it took them 2 tries to get it. It seems unfair to the runner up UNLESS the winner played a better game, which John didn’t. In my opinion he doesn’t deserve it, and if he wins he will be the worst winner.

      • I disagree that he spend 71 days doing nothing. Didn’t you listen to everything he said in DR. He was playing the best way he could with the sitution we was put in. I think he did very well. Much better than Austin and Liz.
        The winning horse is not always the one coming 1st to the last stretch.

      • I now have a picture of Vanessa riding a racehorse with Austin’s face. She’s whipping the crap out of him to get to the finish line.

      • I give John a pass for the first month because that is the best stage of the game to lay low. But around Shelli’s eviction, he just slept and let the game play him. Austin was at least able to save himself from a potential eviction on week 5. He was able to play a good social game to avoid being targeted for 80 days. I think that Liz and John are both on equal playing field since both of them didn’t do anything. But Liz was able to build trust with Vanessa by confessing the twin twist and thus leading to the Sixth Sense alliance which ended up carrying her. John didn’t do anything. He just slept, got evicted, came back, and still was the same clueless player.

      • Yet, JMac is still there and him & Vanessa are the 2 that are 100% sure their safe for this VTE, unless something unexpected happens. And he had to win ANOTHER PoV to get there… yeah, he’s pretty much has done nothing… 4 PoVs & 1 HoH over the other Jurors to regain entry into the House, he’s a slacker alright.

        Actually I’m glad you brought this all up, I’m more convinced now that I’d like him to win it all and think he’s got ammo to win it and he’ll have even more IF he makes F2.

      • That’s like saying the wild card in Baseball shouldn’t have a chance to win the World Series, well they lost their division.

        Hey “clueless” could be a strategy, at least he didn’t grind it out like Van, she got to be running on empty. Thank God for Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) is used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD.

        If JMac gets to F3 he deserves to win as much if not more than any other HG, maybe more so b/c he came back from Jury.

      • Clueless could be a strategy but I actually believe that he really is clueless. He has no idea what he is doing half the time, Vanessa actually puts in work to make things happen. John just lays there and let people run all over him instead of actually playing the game. I don’t see how John deserves to win more over the other four, when they haven’t been evicted. Also they all played a better game than him. If anything he deserves to win less because it took them ONE TRY to win while it took John TWO TRIES.

      • He does seem to know what is going on, he just didn’t choose the right people to align with early on, and therefore there isn’t much he can do about what’s going on. The fact that he’s been nominated so many times and is still in the game even while being evicted says something. Though I do agree with you, his game isn’t great. He is very likeable, but he’s not a great player. Not terrible, but probably not deserving to win over Vanessa. She may have been awful to watch but she did play a better game.

      • If John was a target every week and was nominated so much, got evicted and made it to the end. Maybe there is an argument. But John was not a target every time he was nominated, except for the week he was evicted. I don’t think he deserves to win over Austin, Steve, or Vanessa. Him and Liz played similar games, but I prefer Liz to win over John because Liz wasn’t evicted. Just because he is likable doesn’t mean he deserves to win.

      • He’s made it this far by himself without the help of others like everyone else left. Funny how the other 4 left were in an alliance since almost the beginning. They had the help of other people. JMac fought all by himself. He was evicted and won his way back in. And he just won a POV when he would of been evicted. Just because he doesn’t run his mouth, have tantrums, scream and yell doesn’t mean he isn’t playing the game. He plays a smarter, quieter game. He’s played the best game!

      • He made it far by doing nothing. It’s not like he was targeted every week and had to save himself. Not to sound disrespectful but I think you are just playing favoritism and you hate to believe that John is a bad player. I guess we can just agree to disagree.

      • Nope. I like him but even if I didn’t he’s still the best player. Sounds like you don’t like him and can’t accept he’s played an excellent game.

      • No I do like John but I am not going to play favoritism and say that he is playing a great game and deserves to win when the dude is horrible at this game. If he wins I would be disappointed with the jury’s decision.

      • I sure don’t know what you’re watching but it’s not BB. He is playing Vanessa like a fiddle. He’s won just as many comps as her, won more than anyone else. Won his way back and didn’t go right back out the door like all the others that have won their way back in. He’s played basically alone. All the others have been working with a group to get to the end while he did it all alone. He has played a smart not in your face, stay out of drama game. What more do you want?

      • I think your a little bit blinded by your love for Johnny Mac. It’s cool we all want our favorites to win. I like James & Meg but they were trash at this game. It wasn’t JMac’s strategy to not create allies and play this game alone. He is alone because he hasn’t actively gone out and create a solid alliance. He hasn’t done anything this entire season. He even implied that he hasn’t done anything in his DR on Sunday’s episode. I don’t care about him not creating drama, the best player doesn’t have to create drama. Also who cares about competition wins, Cody won 6 comps last season yet Derrick still won.

      • Not tried? Every time he thought he had someone he could trust and work with as soon as their butt was on the line they threw him under the bus to the next HOH. He had Clay, Shelli and Becky but they were gone early on. Oh he’s tried plenty. And once again just because I like someone is not the reason I think they’ve played a great game. I liked Clay and his game sucked.

      • You like John and his game suck. But you don’t want to admit that. It’s okay, let’s just agree to disagree. We both have a different perception of how John is playing the game.

      • I never said I didn’t like John. But that’s NOT the reason I think he deserves to win. And obviously I’m not in the minority here. He’s played the best game. And I don’t need to explain myself again.

      • Truthfully we (fans) aren’t sure who the target is most cases, these HGs flip-flop more than any have over the all these seasons, at least in my memory. And lots of cases a HG saying who their target is and they don’t win HoH or the HoH says they’re going to BD a HG and then they don’t, a HoH puts up a BD w/HGs lined up to vote her (Van) out and they change their minds. TARGET, it’s been a moving target the whole season.

      • Oh he knows exactly what’s going on. It’s easy when you have an alliance to work with that helps you get to the end. He’s worked basically alone this entire game. Won more comps then Austin, Liz or Steve. Also threw a lot of comps he could have won. And now he’s going to be in final 4 and he did it by himself.

      • Like he was ‘clueless’ winning the PoV and setting up Aus/Liz with I’ll probably throw the PoV even if we don’t have a deal. Lavendargirl has explained it quite well.

      • I’m not only saying that John shouldn’t win because he got evicted. I am saying he shouldn’t win because he hasn’t done anything.

      • You know you have said exactly that (b/c he was evicted) plus he hasn’t done anything… a few of us have told you what he’s done & said wait until you see what else he’s going to do. But just to repeat 4 Veto Comps & 1 HoH over the other Jurors is NOT doing nothing unless we don’t understand what your definition is of ‘doing nothing’.

        Take too long to answer and he may have won an HoH and another PoV. LOL

      • I think Austin said it best last night in his DR. It’s not about winning comps, it’s about putting yourself in a great position moving foward. What has John done to improve his position in the game. He has always been on the outside because he hasn’t done anything. Yeah he improved his relationship with Vanessa but he still hasn’t done anything strategically in this game.

      • Actually what JMac did was strategically place himself w/Van to feed her crap (reverse psychology, then reverse-reverse psychology) and get into her head & also mess w/her ‘skittles’.

        You not know that normally a returning HoH is turned around & sent back to the Jury House immediately? He has survived 4 evictions since returning.

      • Now you are just reaching for reasons, John did improve his position with Vanessa but I don’t think he is using reverse psychology. Telling someone what they want to hear isn’t reverse psychology, if that is the case than everyone in this game is using reverse psychology and thus they all deserve to win.
        Also the returning houseguest evicted isn’t turned away immediately. Look at Amy from S3, look at James from S9, Judd, and Nicole, they weren’t evicted immediately after returning. John came back, made a deal with Vanessa (good for him) but than did nothing else. Had James won the veto during the DE John would have left, had it not been for Vanessa targeting the goblins he would have left. John happened to be in a situation where there was a target that everyone wanted to get out. It’s not because he strategically got out of being the target after returning. Unless he was targeted multiple times (like Frank Eudy) and won or manipulated his way off the block that doesn’t warrant someone a win. If that’s the case than Victoria should have won S16 since she was on the block 10 times.

      • I agree. And he did it by himself. The others had alliances helping them. Real easy when you have other people winning HOH and protecting you. A lot harder when you have to do it alone. He’s played a better game than any of them.

      • The only ones I would accept winning are Johnny first….great player. Plays stupid perfectly……Steve second…..nothing bad about a MaMa’s boy and Vanessa third….she did play a great game even though she is very unlikable. Austin and Liz…..I hate them……and hope neither one gets a penny.

      • Your clearly being objective, John is not a great player what so ever. The winner should be the person who played the best game, not the person who you like or hate. This isn’t BBUK.

      • Well you have a point. I just have an intense hatred for Austin and Liz and it is because of their vicious behavior which Id rather them not be rewarded for. At the beginning I was thrilled that the twins were able to become one and play the game but they changed for the worse. Austin I never liked…..I don’t think he is a great game player at all. Look at how ridiculous he was during his reign as HOH…..he was tortured over making a decision and then didn’t even make good decisions at that.

      • I don’t like Austin and Liz as players, but they are probably great people in real life. Just because we don’t like their actions on TV that doesn’t give us have a reason to intensely hate someone that we don’t even know. I always give BB players the benefit of the doubt because emotions run high when they are in that house. Also I think Austin is a decent player at best. His HOH reign is sloppy because he had deals with everyone. So it makes sense to get rid of the player who is a non-entity in the house, so you don’t make any waves.

      • I agree that people can be different in real life but your true colors still come out especially the amount of time on BB/TV! However I think it is so obvious if you watch the live feeds that you don’t see on tv that the EVIL FAKE MEAN LYING BITCHES are exactly that in real life! The twins i mean! Also controlling STALKER CREEPER and disgusting pig who rarely uses soap and water and does he even shower? Hygiene wise he is terrible too! Goes to bed with dirty feet and so much more! Vanessa has played the best game but i am rooting for JMAC! I hope he gets next HOH to ensure final 3! Glad he won veto to make things tough for V! She will cast deciding vote on who goes! I hope she sends Austin or LIZ to jury! Most likely she will send STEVE to jury! Would like to see her make a gutsy move instead of safe move like Steve!

      • i guess i just don’t see a guy who dumps his girl friend of 2 years by cheating on her with another girl as a great guy in real life.

      • I agree I don’t really care who wins at this point as long as Austin and Liz are not there.

      • I agree. Just because he plays a more quiet game and stays out of the drama doesn’t mean he’s not a good player.

      • I think JMac could win. He would be the first returnee to make the final 2. I think that is impressive. Plus he does have some POV wins.

      • I do think he could be Austin. If the jury is bitter than he could beat Vanessa. i think he ca beat Liz too.

      • Thanks for your opinion… we disagree on everything. But that’s okay. Like I said before it makes me realize more I’d like to see JMac win & I can see better now why he should and would against anyone in F2.

      • I still don’t see him beating anyone except for Liz. Everyone else have a better argument or a better speech as to why they should win over John. I get that you like John and are rooting for him, but to be completely honest he is not a good player and doesn’t deserve to win at all.

      • He has 4 but would have like 6 or 7 if he did not throw some! I wonder if he threw this last HOH? He was tied with V with 9 eggs and dropped his and V edged him for the win! Hope he knows now he must win or go to jury! He threw Steve’s HOH to him because they are team!

      • JMac has Shelli, Becky, Jackie, and if Steve goes he has his. At least that’s what I think. James and Meg can’t stand Vanessa so if he’s against her I think he would have their votes. If he’s against Austin then James and Meg would be a toss up. But you don’t know if they’ll vote personal or strategic. They’re not the brightest players.

      • It really depends….meg had positive words on Vanessa’s game during her departure with Julie and you know that James has a little crush on Meg so she could convince him…..but there is a lot of game left so who knows.

      • Well, maybe James will get lucky then. Seems Meg left during a Van HoH, oh, but James was her target (he won PoV) so I guess Meg wouldn’t hold that against Vanessa. So maybe Meg was just being nice when she was talking to Julie, Meg didn’t trashed anyone the whole time she was in the House.

      • I think James is one of those people that once he makes up his mind he’s not going to change his mind. You know how southern men are :D

      • I just don’t see it as bitter to hold Vanessa accountable for the bullying tactics she has used. That can be done by not allowing her the win. James is my guy and I’m counting on him to be one against her.

      • I don’t think it’s being bitter either. But for the people who enjoy watching Vanessa cheat and bully all season they will be screaming bitter betty if she doesn’t win.
        Let’s hope James can keep the jury house sane if they are pressured to give V. the win.
        My own views are that Vanessa’s social game is one of the worst ever and she should not win for that reason. She may be one of the best liars of all time on BB but I don’t think that makes her deserving of winning the season.

      • Me too K., I just don’t want to set myself up for disappointment since she’s definitely a survivor.

      • John vs Vanessa:
        V: Shelli, Becky & Jackie (both maybe), Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve
        J: Meg & James (both maybes)

        John vs Austin:
        A: Liz, Julia, Steve (maybe), Vanessa, Meg, & James (both said Austin was playing the best game)
        J: Shelli, Becky, Jackie (maybe)

        John vs Steve
        S: Meg, Jackie, James, Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
        J: Becky, Shelli (maybe)

        John vs Liz
        L: Austin, Julia, Vanessa
        J: Meg, James, Shelli, Becky, Jackie, Steve (maybe)

        Based on jury segments, and what I see on feeds.

      • I disagree. Shelli loves JMac. Did you not hear what she said in jury. She wants Johhny or Steve to win. Becky is another one that loves JMac. She worked with him until she was evicted. Jackie hates Vanessa so she would vote for JMac. That’s 3 votes no matter who he’s against. He also has a good argument why he should win. He’s won more comps then Austin, Liz or Steve. Tied with Vanessa. And if he wins the next HOH he’ll have the most wins. Also was evicted and won his way back in and made it to the final 2. I’d say just that is deserving of a win. Come on give credit where credit is due. Just because he’s not in your face and causing drama doesn’t mean he hasn’t played the best game.

      • Shelli said she would vote for Vanessa if she was in the final 2, same with Becky. I DO NOT see a bitter jury this year. If it’s John and Vanessa, John will lose. Vanessa has the Austwins plus Steve, Shelli and Becky. I don’t see Meg, James, and Jackie being bitter at all. Just because someone was BFF with a certain HG doesn’t make them an automatic vote.
        Also winning comps doesn’t make you the better player. Cody won more comps than Derrick, yet Derrick won. I give John credit for improving his social game but he is still didn’t do anything in the game. The jury will ask questions like “What was your biggest move?” and “Why should you win over the other person?”. What will John say? “I won comps”. That doesn’t matter. Austin, Vanessa and Steve will produce a better argument than John will. Just because he got evicted and made it to the end doesn’t mean anything. In fact why would you want to give an evicted player the win, over the player who made it to the end in one try.

      • How will they? What would Austin Steve and Vanessa say? I won comps that’s it. What else has Austin or Steve done. All Austin does is hang out in bed with Liz getting his rocks off. All Steve does is creep around. And what else has Vannessa done except throw tantrums? Once again I disagree. I think John could win but I’ll just have to wait and see along with you because let’s face it neither one of us can be sure who’s voting for who.

      • Austin has a valid argument, he can say he avoided being nominated for 80 days, he avoided a backdoor plan on week 5, he was able to set himself up with certain people. Vanessa’s argument is simple, she ran the house. Every she wanted to happen, happened. Steve can eloquently explain his game better than John. If not, I still think Steve will win over John because he had better social connections with people. I am just going based on feeds, and what they show during jury segments. I just don’t see John winning unless he is sitting next to Liz.

      • Response:

        Austin: While he avoided the block for 80 days that’s not enough to win.

        Van: She may have ran the house but pretty much the jury hates her. Plus her social game was atrocious.

        Steve: okay at social game, but he sucked strategically

      • Austin’s social game is what kept him off the block for so long.
        Vanessa may be hated but this isn’t a popularity contest. The winner is the person who played the best game. Who cares if you like her or not.
        Steve and John both sucked strategically but you say that John deserves the win when he doesn’t.

      • 1. Just being off the block doesn’t mean anything without a strategy. Austin pretty much had Van and the twins protect him when he was targeted.

        2. Van may be good strategically, but her social game sucked. I know this isn’t a popularity contest but you need to learn how to handle a bitter jury. And considering her paranoia and abrasive attitude, some of the jury can be rubbed the wrong way.

        3. Steve understands the game, but often panics under pressure. His social game isn’t the greatest but when it comes down to using his head he actually makes pretty good moves (Nolan twins, need I say more?).

        4. John may not be the best strategically, but he has the biggest resume out of all who’s left.
        a) He’s well liked by the jury
        b) He’s able to get to final 4 without making a real alliance (Becky and Steve were merely just his closest friends)
        c) He’s able to dodge bullets in order to stay alive
        d) He has won four vetoes (Which is tied for second with James Rhine and Shane)
        e) He was a former jury member and thus would be given the underdog story

      • 1. Having Vanessa & the twins protecting him got him this far. I’m not saying Austin played a great game, but I think he played a good social game in that it was able to keep him off the block. Vanessa almost bd him back in week 5, but he was able to talk his way out of it by looking pathetic.

        2. This maybe an issue if the jury was actually bitter. Based on the jury segments, I don’t see a bitter jury. I know her social game sucked, but she deserves to win based on gameplay alone. Dan is a good example of that, he played a great game but his social game sucked.

        3. I agree Steve cracks under pressure which is why I have a hard time rooting for him. But he had a good social game and a decent strategic game. He made social bonds with the Austwins, Vanessa, and James. If he was in the final 2, if he is not sitting next to Vanessa, I can see him getting those votes.

        4. Liz played a similar game as John, as in she hasn’t done much. The only thing she did was build trust with Vanessa and because of that she was able to be included in the Sixth Sense. If it wasn’t for that she would have left a long time ago.

        5. John’s only resume is that he won comps. Good for him, but that is not enough. He may have friends (by friends I mean Shelli & Becky) but that doesn’t mean it’s a gaurantee that he will get those votes. He didn’t have a solid alliance because he didn’t actively go out and create one. He didn’t do anything to improve his game. What bullets did he dodge? He wasn’t a target except for this week and in week 9. Nobody took him seriously because he was a floater. If John was the target everytime he was nomimated and was able to fight himself off the block he would have the underdog story, but he didn’t do anything in this game.

      • 1. Good social game? Sorry, Joey but I disagree. The only time Austin had social game was with Liz, Julia, and Van. He pretty much made moves as told by Van.

        2. I agree that Van played an excellent game. However her social game was pretty lackluster. She pretty much overshot her strategy and deals- which is why she’s little chance of winning. Look at Dan- he did the same thing and lost.

        3. I see Steve winning against Liztin, but I’m not sure about JMac.

        4. Liz is probably the weakest in this game. She’s good at comps but she’s just been controlled by Van.

        5. How is John a floater? He pretty much laid low for most of the games and pretty much blended in. A floater would be someone who would suck up to the HOH and make an alliance with them every week (see Jerry BB 10). Plus John is aware that Van’s controlling the game, he just the perfect opportunity to get her out. Van may be a big threat but if you wanna take her out you need to find the right time. John couldn’t earlier because he was never HOH. But if he does he might gun after Van.

        Joey, I hope there is no hard feelings. I just disagree with you choices and pretty much gave my own reasons and vision of the game.

      • Actually Becky said she wanted STEVE to win so if it was STEVE and JOHN in final 2 it would be interesting! Shelli likes both also! Depends on who is in final 2 people! To many maybes so we shall see on FINALE!!!!!! As far as comps anyone have exact comp wins? I think Austin has 3 STEVE 4 LIZ 5 JMAC 5 and V 5-6? Of course Austins veto and STEVES HOH were thrown to them by JMAC! That would be 2 more comp wins! Also 1 less for STEVE and CREEPER as a result! Austin and V’s co HOH was luck with the GRONK PONG!!!! That comp should have gone to CLAY and JEFF!!!!! Plus JOHN may have given V this HOH? John is a comp beast!!!!!!! HE is just trying to hid that fact!!!!! Atleast 1 HOH win could change everything for JOHN if people know all the facts that I am sharing now! Vanessa has won 6 comps? 4 HOH’s and 2 vetos?

      • I know she’s won 4 HOH’s and I believe 2 vetos. And your right John would of won a lot more if he didn’t throw a few of them. I hope he’s in the final 2. I think he’s got a good chance to win.

      • agree he has played a different game than anybody else in BB history, so far it has worked, he risked being on the block, he was voted out and came back in then won when he had to and kissed butt when necessary, he is in no way stupid, he is now available to play for next HOH and get out Van who he probably cant win against!

      • She would. Can’t wait to see it. Maybe she will offer money to the winner for the title like Russell did on Survivor.

      • lets see if she has a tantrum and throws chairs and kicks and screams like she did many times when she lost a poker hand , i seen it happen more than once.

      • Question: At what point in the finale are the (real) occupations of the players revealed? Liz made the statement that she did not want to give the money to JMac because he would earn more money than any of them because he is a dentist. I thought how ridiculous but given their junior high mentality it is possible they would vote with this in mind (@ least the twins). If they knew Van’s real occupation then it might level the field. (Of course this is IF they both should make it to F2).

      • if he does in fact make final 2 he will have a pretty good resume as to what all he did to get there

  2. I hope Austin goes this week. YAY FOR Jmac! Thank God. I want Steve to stay and Austin to go. Liz could go too. . Vanessa should go next week. ._.;

  3. Soooo happy!!!! Was checking my phone every minute to see who won! Glad he did not throw the competition! Now he has to win next HOH and really shakes things up! Made my night !

  4. Good! now I don’t have to eat crow on this one.Now Steve has to work his magic on Vanessa, Oh who am I kidding? Steve’ll only stay if Vanessa wants him to stay.

  5. I feel Vanessa will renom Liz, since she wanted her gone last week (one of the few times Vanessa didn’t get her way). But in the end I think she gets rid of Steve on a tie vote.

      • In that case Steve’s going to Jury, he didn’t expect to get this far so he lived his dream and will find out we think he sucked. LOL… actually he was okay or below average but definitely weird.

    • Playing devils advocate she might fear Austin, Steve, Jmac teaming up (boys alliance) against her next week when she can’t be HoH.
      She knows Liz hates Jmac and Steve too much to ever team with them, though if she’s alone, I think she might. But she’d probably be more of a sure thing to team up with Vanessa. :)
      Be interesting. :)

      • I agree and think Austin would be the better choice to evict than Steve b/c of the shomance relationship as compared to Steve & JMac’s relationship. So saying that, I’ll just say good-bye to Steve at this point. Van is unpredictable & the master expert game strategist.

  6. Good for Johnny Mac for atleast, one more week in the Big Brother House. Steve is probably gone unless, Vanessa decides on getting rid of either Liz or Austin. Johnny Mac might vote to evict Austin or Liz and Austin or Liz will vote to evict Steve leaving the final decision to Vanessa on who goes or stays.

      • I want to see this so bad – I’m almost tempted to order the feeds.
        Finally Vanessa didn’t get her way. Go JMac.

      • I read that Vanessa was threatened with a penalty nom for something she said – I figured she was also a sore loser.

      • from twitter “For those asking what Vanessa could have gotten in trouble for; She bribed Austin the other night, something about giving Liz a loan” and “The actual bribe with proper context was If Liz wanted to start a business and needed an investor or a loan, she’d owe her a favor.

      • They’ve already warned her once about doing that sort of thing, and they should give her a penalty nom now!!
        But Vanessa is so unique and special isn’t she?

      • Yes, she is awful. I try to stay quiet after being trolled on dicus for days by one of her minions, calling me ignorant and other names. Fan since season one, on here for ages, and this is the first season that I have been trolled . Took a while to shake her too. Very annoying.

      • I’m sorry to hear that bitzi, I hope that didn’t happen here? Just flag the comments if anyone does that to you.
        It’s good to be careful though, you never know…

      • She’ll calm down and figure out a way to get out of this by turning it into a positive, she always does.

      • Vanessa still controls the deciding vote so, my guess is Steve is getting sent to the jury house unless, Vanessa changes her mind. It is in Vanessa’s interest to get rid of Liz to have a better chance at winning the next POV. With Liz still in the game, the Austin and Liz combo will send her packing next week.

    • “Steve is probably gone unless Vanessa decides on getting rid of either Liz or Austin.” Strong take.

  7. Austin and Liz must be crying and cussing up a storm. Tee hee hee! And Vanessa doesn’t get to play for the HOH. Ha!

  8. I think it would be awsome for JMAC to plot with Austin or Liz to vote either Liz/Austin. Those both being there will impact their “game”. Without the other one to “protect” they could play harder and get Vanessa out.

    Don’t forget individually Liz and Austin stated earlier this week they eventually have to look out for themselves. I would not be too shocked if Liz made the pact with JMac and voted Austin out.

    Then She, Steve and JMac could easily get Van out the following week.

    • I could see Austin going for it, but definitely not Liz. Steve just got rid of her twin. I don’t see her voting to keep him over her boyfriend under any circumstances.

  9. Finally bb is worth watching again. I literally checked my phone every ten minutes. I was actually scared to look.

    • I guess she never heard of paper and pen to make list of pros and cons.

      Can always burn it so no one finds it.. but so much better than M&Ms,

  10. The only bad thing is van will still run the show bc regardless who she puts up of Austin and Liz the other will vote to keep that person over Steve and I don’t see Johnny voting out Steve so it’s back to Vanessa to decide who goes, hopefully she’ll get a brain and put up and vote out Liz.

    • Depend. JMac could make a deal with Austin/Liz at this point. All against Van next week, could mean her end in this game.

      • In this game, getting into trouble is inevitable. The fact that he has been able to get himself out of it so many times, even to the point of being evicted and winning his way right back into the house, speaks volumes.

      • Of course, I was just opining that if Clelli had stayed JMac would’ve been in a better position during the end game.
        The fact that he’s managing to hang on and pull out the win when necessary will look very good on his resume. Since the jury will be full of former SS members he might have trouble winning though.

      • You are absolutely right. Hopefully the jury will respect his game and how he has made it to that point should he make it to the final 2, especially compared to Vanessa. On that note, do you think Vanessa would have a chance of winning against anyone she makes it to final 2 with, especially knowing how everyone in the Jury feels about her?

      • Only if they bring Dr. Will, Dan, or Derrick into the jury house to rig the jury for a Vanessa win. The same way they did when Andy was up against Ginamarie, Dr. Will was brought in to inform the jurors that they wouldn’t be as cool as he is if they couldn’t see that Andy was the only person that deserved to win. Jury rigging or brainwashing call it what you will.

      • Just between you and me I think that was one of the worst moves this season. I washed my hands of James at that time too.

  11. Come on JMac! Just one more POV win to tie the record for most veto wins in a single season.

  12. Yes, yes, yes way to go JMac! So for those of you that say he’s done nothing I believe that’s POV #4 also won a BOB. And gosh how many comps has he thrown? I believe that’s more comp wins than Austin, Liz, Steve and just as many as Vanessa.

      • I know. I’m praying. I was so nervous all day yesterday thinking they were doing the POV and feeds didn’t come back when they were supposed to so I went to bed. Then when I got up and found out they didn’t play it yet I was nervous all day again today. Lol awful how a reality show can get me so worked up.

    • He just needs to win HOH next week or POV so he can have the power to evict who he wants. Go JMac!!

  13. Maybe JMAC knows needs to win HOH now to keep him safe I hope he does and get Vanessa out next I believe they all know if Vanessa go to the
    very end she will win and if JMac doesn’t win HOH and he is put up again maybe with Vanessa just maybe either Austin or Liz will vote off Vanessa
    knowing she will win at the end by taking her.

  14. If Vanessa doesnt send home one of the lovebirds she is officially the dumbest person to ever play big brother

    • By this i mean one of the love birds has to go up johnny mac will vote out which ever one is up while the other will vote out Steve vanessa gets the ultimate decision as to who gets voted out

  15. Yes, yes, yes,yes, yes, YES! I was afraid to hit Continue Reading because I just knew that Austin or Liz had won it, but JMac came through!!! Of course, Vanessa still has all the power, so let’s see what happens. If she has even half of her sanity left in that crazy brain of hers, she’ll get rid of Liz or Austin. Can’t wait for the POV ceremony.

  16. By how many happy comments there are on here of everyone happy he won makes me think Johnny will get America’s Favorite Player :)


    • I prefer James to win it, especially if John goes to F2. But if James doesn’t get it, I’m totally cool with John getting it.

      I was never a John fan in the earlier weeks, but he is about the only likable person to root for left in that house to me.

  17. Bravo for JMac, thought he might be toast, especially when he was talking throwing the PoV.

    Can not understand if V doesn’t use this as chance to break up Austin/Liz, seems they would be the hardest nut to crack at F3. I’m not the master expert game strategist like the V(iper) so Steve is gone, but if she went for the shomance I’d say get Austin.

    Van would have to know Austin has a better relationship with the other 2 guys than Liz does, therefore he’s more dangerous to go against.

    • Johnny and Steve….of course Johnny will take himself off the block and Vanessa will have to chose either Liz or Austin to replace him…..oh happy day!

  18. Repeat from 13 hours ago: John wins Veto and used it on himself. Vanessa puts up Austin/Judas. Austin/Judas goes to hell … oooops, I meant to jury.

  19. Yay! John won. He was just messing with Austin and Liz’s head I hope by telling them he was going to throw it so they wouldn’t try as hard. So glad John is smarter than that!

  20. Oh, sooo nice to hear John won POV. Now one of the real turkeys can go up and go home. With 2 evictions this week, hopefully Vanessa gets the screws put to her, and also Austin.

  21. Congrats to John, though this won’t guarantee Lizten’s being split up this week. True, Vanessa’s been telling Steve he’s safe, but she never said who her target. Time to see where her loyalties lie.

  22. Thank all that is holy and good! John won the veto! Vanessa would be smart to get Liz/Austin out right now. The way this season is going, it will most likely be Steve though.

  23. John went from alienation to domination KING!!!!! I don’t like the way they all treat John, he is the only one I want to win. And Steve said he was going down in big brother history for breaking up a power couple….NO…Steve, John is the one to go down in big brother history for being the housguest (like Oliver Twist, love that movie) to power through the snotty so called upper echelon houseguests: liz, austin, vanessa steve and win the POV!! I’m delighted!!

  24. I am with JMac all the way!!! love his crazy laugh!! In BB16 i really hated the promotional stunt with Frankie, so if the Vanessa roomer is true then i am through with BB all together. Votes don’t mean crap if it is already decided.

  25. I think this is actually best case for Vanessa. I don’t think JMac was actually her number one target and Now she can dwell on it and essentially decide who she wants to send home with her tie breaker.

  26. On Jokers, Steve is stuck in the room where Austin and Liz are doing the nasty in the bed next to him (under the covers) Little Stevie needs to scamper up to Vanessa and tell her there ain’t no way either of these 2 will take her to final two….she needs to break them up and eliminate one of them.

  27. Vanessa is in trouble now. If she puts up Liz and the vote is split she will have to decide who goes out, Steve or Liz. If Steve goes that mean Austin and Liz’s main target is gone which makes Vanessa their new main target. The same would be true if she puts up Austin and he goes.

    On the other hand if she evicts Liz or Austin she still becomes the main target for the entire house. She needs to win veto next or she is going home. Frankly, I hope that’s the case. If Liz or Austin goes home and then Vanessa, it might be worth watching the show again. Right now seeing Vanessa or Austin and Liz groping each other makes me sick.

  28. Headlines should read: Alienation to Domination KING Johnny Mac the savior of POV and hope for Big Brother mankind!!!!!!

  29. Oh, yeah! So glad JMac was not being serious about throwing the POV. Way to step in and get ‘er done at this critical juncture. Cannot wait to watch Vaneficent lose it.

  30. JMac’s game is simple at this point–keep them confused. That’s why Van needed him to go–she can’t figure him out and that worries her. JMac says whatever comes into his head at the moment and its making Van even crazier.

  31. Thank goodness! finally when he really needs it. Austin will be leaving this week. I believe Vanessa wants Liz in the F2 with her. John will unfortunately take Steve and probably lose since there are too many people in the Jury who like Steve.

    • I think she’ll put up Liz and then who knows, her and Austin have been besties since day one so I don’t think she’ll damage that relationship unless she really wants him out, Liz is the easier renom with less blood since she’s a “comp beast”. I don’t know who would leave out of her and Steve though.

  32. Vanessa can now eat CROW with a big, big spoon oh I mean M & Ms and skittles!! Hahahaha. Sh*t Can the Van Johnny Mac!

  33. There is no move at this point without risk for Vanessa,myself would send Steve packing,he truly fears her being with him at the final two,the other 3 would fear her less as part of the final two,so those are better odds.And further more the other ones would be easier to flip than Steve,he already sees himself as the “big play” guy and that is dangerous persona to leave in the BB house for the final four,he has to go.

  34. this show is so rigged. i bet the creeper john wins. whats up with cbs picking creepy people to win. im done. fuck.this show. worst season ever

    • Look when someone claims a show with LIVE FEEDS is rigged or scripted they are just mad that the people the don’t like are doing well. So go back to watching your fairytail movies and leave reality tv to real people.

      • Did you really just say reality TV was real? Wow. The feeds are down plenty and we don’t see hardly any of the diary room interviews, you’re a fool if you think CBS doesn’t give them “suggestions” for good TV. As awful as Vanessa is as a person she’s what people talk about, so yes they are encouraging them to keep her so people tune in.

      • lol the producers told people a long time ago that they do not rig things in favor of certen players. Someone would have said something if they were really strong arming people in the dr its been on for 16 years lol

      • Umm do you not recall Dan saying something about it a couple years ago when he was a coach? He flat out said CBS gives them “suggestions” what to do to keep the show juicy and that they set up certain competitions for hoh and veto to favor particular players to win them if they’re in danger of leaving.

      • He was a coach lol and did they say if you don’t do as we say you will get a penalty vote or something no lol.

      • They might not penalize them for not going with the suggestion but I bet they definitely reward them if they do. Clearly you didn’t watch that season because he wasn’t only a coach, he got 2nd place as a contestant. They make the contestants sign a million waivers saying they won’t release any info or they can get sued and fined, Dan didn’t care because he’s won so much from them and he’s a BB legend.

      • I watched the season and I know the outcome LOL. I just know that It would be easy to tell if someone got a reward for doing something production wanted.

      • Okay so I get on BB and sign a waver saying every word between Production and myself is confidential and I risk a huge lawsute and lose all my winnings.

        If I did tell they would never dare do that because that would kill their show. Think about if someone calls them out on some game manipulation and they say Im sewing you for reviling that we rigged the game. Yeah that would never happen.

      • Yeah that’s what happens, clearly encouraging contestants not to blab. It’s reality TV, obviously not real. Strings are pulled in people’s favor. You’re a naive fool to think otherwise. I’m not saying they went into the show with a cut out winner but as the season progresses CBS picks who brings up ratings caters to them. I don’t understand why this is so blasphemous for you to comprehend?

      • Its noncence because if someone feels wronged by the show they will call it out. Its been 16 years and not one person has complained about them rigging the game.

        It would be suicide for the show to punish someone for coming out and relieving secretes.

      • Once again, DAN DID THAT, he called them out and the video was seen by millions of people and clearly Big Brother is still a successful show. Go to bed kid.

      • I will, but I’m suspect of this, given that Dan seems to make regular guest appearances on BB US, BB Canada, and I’m sure other BB franchises. Why would they bring him in if he “exposed” or “dissed” them and violated his contract in that way?

      • When’s the last time you’ve seen Dan? Exactly. CBS has already said since the incident with him disobeying his contract that they won’t bring him back as a contestant in the chance there’s another Allstars season.

      • He’s an author, Public speaker. etc BB Hall of famer..Well respected in the BB Community..what the hell is she talking about?

      • Let’s be honest here. Reality TV is about as real as a bean stalk to a giant in the sky. But that is a different thing than saying the game is rigged. Of course production has their hand in everything, and anyone who thinks they are watching the 6 o’clock news when they are watching BB is delusional. There is always going to be a certain amount of influence from production in reality TV. That is the nature of the beast and to use a well worn cliché, they aren’t doing this for their health. But to cast these shows into the realm of conspiracy and accuse them of being rigged is ridiculous. Production couldn’t care less who wins. They know we are all going to watch anyway. And frankly, even if they did rig, we are all going to watch anyway, because it’s like crack for our brains and we debate and we escape. At the end of the day, does it matter if it’s fixed? Who flippin’ cares, as long as you are being entertained.

      • I would not watch if it was fixed lol but thank you for making my point production has loyal fans and they know that the winner will not change that.

      • You’re welcome. I get really weary from all this “the show is fixed” crap. And honestly, I don’t give a hoot if it’s fixed. Maybe the flippin’ thing is called on day one, but who flippin’ cares? As long as we are being entertained. I don’t think it is fixed, to be clear, but man, some people treat this show like it’s a federal election. It’s a TV show!

  35. Liz is the safer nod for Vanessa,has a bit more bond with Judas overall,so either way whoever goes home is a win for many tears lately they might need to rename the show “The Crying Game”.

  36. Ohhhh yeahhhh! This is AWESOME. I can’t wait to see which foot VaMESSa sticks in her mouth. I’m praying JMac wins the next HOH.

  37. Now that John has secured his safety,we can hope that whichever one of Liztin go up, that John and Van might vote out the opposite of what we all are expecting !

  38. Vanessa love or hate her has been the show this season,the one contestant who has run through BB house each week like someone who’s hair is on fire in search of a water hose,truly a guilty pleasure and almost would feel unfair for this runaway train to come this far and not be in the final two.

  39. Here lies the problem with the GPOV if your on the block you can win and take your self off. People have become dependent on the veto to win the game. Before the gpov people actually tried to stay off the block now if they go up they are like its ok I can win veto. John has won the veto 5 times now how is that fair that someone can be constantly saved by winnning a comp. Whats the point of not being able to win hoh back to back if you can still save your self with veto. BB fix the problem

    • He actually has “only” won it 4 times, weeks 2, 3, 7 and 12. Next week would be his 5th if he can win that PoV.

    • Um, I am having a difficult time understanding where you are coming from. The POV is a legitimate part of the game. If the game were just noms and evictions, where would the drama come into play? Of course there is a POV competition. I don’t ever remember a time that there wasn’t a POV. BTW, what is the G before POV? Is this some super secret one that I don’t know about and we are actually talking about something completely different?

      • I think she is referring to the golden power of veto, but this season that never came into play. It had in past big brother seasons but not this season.

        But i am also not really clear on her point.

      • Season 2 was Just hoh
        Season 3 was Silver veto you could not use the veto on your self and everyone played in veto.
        Season 4 Everyone played and it was GPOV
        Season 5 and 6 the hoh and nominees chose who played in veto
        season 7-present Random player selection

        My point is they should go back to season 3 veto

      • Did you wanna change something in the game? Maybe part of the game you didn’t like?..just curious.

      • I want to go back to the time when players had to reliy on strategy to win the game. In today big brother most players just rely on veto to save them. Thats why people sit in a corner and talk instead of playing the game.

        You will notice that people got moving in seasons 2 and 3 because they knew that they could not rely on comps to get to the end.