Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Comp Plans In Week 12

Pressure is on for the win across the board this week in the Big Brother 17 house for today’s Power of Veto competition that could decide which side of the house will be split.

Liz Nolan & Austin Matelson debate a Veto offer - Source: CBS All Access
Liz Nolan & Austin Matelson debate a Veto offer – Source: CBS All Access

We’re waiting on very important results that will tell us whether Liz and Austin can stay united or if the pairs will both face that everyone should be fighting to win. Should be. One of the Houseguests might have other plans.

With John and Steve on the Block and Vanessa at the helm this is the chance for Austin and Liz to win Veto and secure their safety and dual spots in the F4. If things flip and either John or Steve win the Veto then you know they’d have to use it and force Vanessa to make a choice between Austin and Liz on the Block against the remaining Rockstar nom.

John spoke with Austin and Liz last night to offer a Final 3 deal where he’d take a dive in the Veto competition today and give them the chance to win it to keep the noms the same. From there his offer expected them to then both vote to keep him, presumably against Vanessa’s wishes.

I’ll be very disappointed in John if he does throw this. A guaranteed spot in F4 is far better than hoping two others win and then maybe they’ll agree to go against someone they’ve yet to truly betray all to keep someone they’re not even aligned with. Yeah.

Vanessa will also be fighting hard to get this Veto so she can either lock down the noms or if she gets really wild and bold, change them up in the guise of making sure everyone voted how she wanted. A swap to have one player from both side would give a strong chance that she’d be able to break the tie with only two regular votes out there this week. Of course that’d require Vanessa to get some “blood on my hands” and we know how often she expresses her dislike of that situation.

Everyone should be playing their heart out in today’s competition and that’s what I hope to hear has happened when the Feeds return and we find that medallion around the neck of one of the Big Brother 17 Final Five Houseguests. Who do you hope will be toting that bling this week?

Update: Veto Competition is underway as of 12:51 PM BBT. Hopefully we’ll have results before too long.

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  1. If John throws this veto, he does NOT deserve to win the game. He could have easily beat Vanessa and Steve when both won HOH but he still let them win. What a tool.

    • I understand where John is coming from and to say that he is a tool is ridiculous at best. He has to play the game he needs to play to secure his spot in this game and winning HOH may not be the spot he needed at that time. I do agree he should not throw this VETO if he wants to go further in this game but time will tell us how he decided and if he could really have won the POV.

      • John proved he’s not a tool by making the deal with Austin and Liz. I am completely baffled why people don’t see this. He will play the veto to win. He’s no dumby. But if he doesn’t win, he can say he threw it and fall back on his deal with Austin and Liz. People need to read a little further into actions sometimes, rather than just taking things at face value. If John is a tool, he’s the best damn tool in the drawer.

      • UMM, I never said he was a tool. I was replying to a post that said he was a tool. You might be just a little confused as to who you should be replying this answer too.

      • I know you were replying to a post that said he was a tool. I was supporting your position in response to that post. It’s a discussion thread. I wasn’t confused. I was carrying on the discussion.

      • My bad, I was having a long day and thought you said I called him a tool. Sorry for the confusion on my end.

    • It would be stupid if John wins veto and not use it and Steve wins mostly likely shell put up Liz she knows Liz would have a better chance at betting her in final two or she could possibly put up Austin. Best if Austin or Liz win veto and keep noms same and evict John. I’d rather see anyone win it but Vanessa maybe John anyway I’m praying Austin or Liz win veto.

    • Me too i hope he wins it all and i especily hope he wins next hoh and outs up vanessa or backdoors her. I want her out..shes already a millionaire and shes just gonna use this money to help her win more miney in poker..don’t think its right to let a millionaire play the game. Nust not fair. She a manipulating bitch and everyone seems to do what she wants them to..ues shes playing a good game but i cant stand her…Jmac made it back for a reason and that reason is to win! Him and ateve are the only o es left that i like…just hoping and prating jmac dont throw the veto and wins pov then HOH next and put vanessa up or backdoor her. She CANNOT WIN..even if he dont win pov and ateve dont..i think they will put steve up cause he put the austwins up last week..

      • You’re right. Unfortunately, I think if JMac wins veto, you know they’ll all vote for Steve no matter who Van puts up. And if she’s the tie-breaker, she’ll send home Steve. As much as I don’t want Van to win, I’d hate it even more if Austin or Liz win it all!!

      • I agree with you about vanessa. I can’t stand her but unfortunately the show is fixed and producers set it up for her to win the whole thing because she’s coming out with her own show. Ivthink b it’s unfair to other players. I’ll watch till the end but if she wins the whole thing I’ll never watch again

      • HOH doesn’t choose who to evict on Wednesday, the Veto winner does. If you want Vanessa to get evicted, you need to hope she doesn’t win Veto and whoever does win Veto chooses to evict her

      • I’ve more or less stopped watching because I’m tired of seeing all the people I hate get exactly what they want. Bleh.

  2. If Vampire Dentist and Lil Stevie leave in the next two evictions then bye bye for me till the finale night, just to see who wins the AFP, not the winner coz who cares?
    Van Van, the Big Troll and his missus as F3 is what’s wrong with the world nowadays … BB world I mean.

      • Easier to keep that promise going, though, compared to those who refuse to watch with still half a season to play out.

      • Like who cares?
        I don’t threat anyone, I don’t like getting bloods on my hands. I just say what are the incentives for me to keep on watching? Should I swear on the bible?
        I am not a frikking evil person, you know.
        I just want to be put in the Bold and the Beautiful so badly.
        Also they don’t allow me to drink more, I am like where’s the wineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
        Btw fish fingers with garlicky flavor is yummy!!!! My grandma approves this message!!!

    • Johnny has the AFP vote, James is in second place, and believe it or not Van came in third. But if any of them come in first or second they pass it to the next one in line:) I’m hopping Johnny comes in FIRST, if not second, and that James walks with $25,000.00 Johnny been my wish winner since the game started, him and James, not that god awful Van

  3. Is anyone else having trouble seeing all cameras today? The “camera bar” at the bottom of the screen is stuck on Jeff and Danielle loops from yesterday. I can click on any camera and see in the house..but..the bar stays on the frozen loops.

    • They don’t know how. That’s why the ratings are dropping and Les Moonves himself said he was disappointed in this season’s cast. Even with the show rigged to have a manipulative sociopath and pathological liar win (ie Vanessa), the show still disappoints, ratings dropped, causing advertising revenues to drop.

      • They’ve been “guaranteed” a Season 18, but I’ve also heard rumors it could be another all-star season. Beyond that, I can’t imagine there aren’t enough applicants that they can’t find fewer than 20 to compete. Why they thought 11 out of 17 recruits was the way to go is perplexing.

      • Well too many twist suck. Canada Big Brother had so many twists this season and it never felt like the actual big brother game. I like the classic game.

      • And you know it has to be bad if Les himself went on record saying so. All CBS is concerned with is the bottom line for this show. And if advertisers are pulling out at the same rate as feedsters, that is probably very disconcerting news for him.

      • Stop saying it’s rigged. It’s so fucking stupid that every single season people say it’s rigged because their favorite players get evicted. Buncha babies

  4. Ya, JMac has been ‘throwing’ comps all season, he needs to realize he needs to win one of these. He can’t throw them all. He needs to win Veto, then make a deal with the Liz and Austin to keep them safe this week to keep him safe next week or something. Not throw it to them to keep him safe…

      • If he throws this one, I’m gonna have to eat my words on his gameplay.Of course if he throws it AND survives, he is brilliant.

      • Still, he’d be taking a serious risk. Austin (especially) and Liz have never turned their backs on Vanessa, despite talking big about taking her down. If he throws it, Van will have them talked into saving Steve in less than an hour.

      • Austin and Liz are idiots! Austin didn’t join the game to win the money; he is looking for fame and a spot on the Bold and the Beautiful, wrestling fans, a girl to hook up with, invitations to other shows…. Dumbarse, he is losing that game as well. He and Liz will get invited alright, just not the show he is thinking. Liz and Julia just wanted to be in tv.

      • I would say – put them on Survivor. Past Reality TV Losers Edition. And they can only make it a 3-day long show, because none of them would know how to survive without a stocked kitchen/pantry, pool, bathrooms and actual beds.

        The lack of strategy would be hilarious!

      • At this point in the game if i was John and i won the veto i would walk right up to Vanessa and tell her in front of everyone DO NOT try and tell me what to do with this veto because you lied right to my face about us having each others backs and you was going to go back on your word and send me to jury! Well guess what Vanessa,I AM NOT GOING anywhere this week and just so you know….I am coming after your lying ass so don’t even come around me because i am done with your lies and don’t want to hear it anymore. All i can say is you better win BITCH…

      • i mean really,what does he have to loose? It would maybe at least get him to final 3 and maybe a 2.

      • The truth is he is by his self. With Steve gone and I’m not so sure Steve was ever going to side with John over Vanessa anyhow, he is on an island. he has to win the Veto and the next HOH or veto (2) chances to move on. His only path 2 the final 2 will be to take Austin,Liz, assuming he wins the Veto and Steve is off to jury. I think his best chance to win would be to steam roll over Vanessa, Austin and go against Liz in the final. That would make for an impressive finish and even if he is sitting next to Vanessa i think he would have a chance. I just don’t see where Vanessa is that well respected by anyone really except herself.

      • Not to mention the fact that she would keep Austin and Liz all night crying her river of tears….That might give John a competition advantage as well…..

      • Bill, You Da Man! I doubt I’m the only one (besides you, of course) who would love to see that happen, but it won’t – for the main reason there aren’t enough life boats to save the remaining HGs from all the tears that would be shed. Yes, it’s a short week for Mama V’s HOH reign, but it would probably be the longest three days the HGs have ever existed through. Talk about turning into victim mode … can you just imagine??

      • Koko , It’s all we can hope for…..I wish i was in that house i would make that bitch cry so hard she wouldn’t be able to lift her arms because of lifting tissue papers all week to wipe her tears.

      • I know for a fact that i couldn’t take much of Vanessa. I didn’t say that i would win the game ….what i am saying if i was in this exact situation what i would like to do…After all,it is just a GAME…:)

      • actually I can pretty much judge how I would act in the house because of the person that I am and I kno w that I would play on other people’s weaknesses for example Vanessa paranoia I would definitely enhance that and her depression and crying I would also work on that and just play with her psyche

      • Hey Koko, If we need to we can set up a donations site for “Lifeboats for Vanessa” and we can come up with enough cash to buy some life boats!

      • If he throws this veto he will be the biggest dumbs imaginable. How can you throw anything at this point? John already has said to Vanessa that you can’t believe anyone in the house..and he is right….If Jmac doesn’t make it to the end i am hoping Vanessa is going to be in the final three because if it comes down to Austin or Liz choosing who they are taking to the end the look on Vanessa’s face will be PRICELESS!

      • Not to say it wouldn’t be a dumb move, maybe he figures it his only shot to get to F4 and maybe F3.

        Steve asked Van after noms “Does JMac know he’s the target?” and she said “yes”… but who knows with a liar like her. Whether JMac’s the target or if she would have told JMac, why would she tell him that? If the “glove don’t fit you must acquit” or at least know she’s effing lying again.

      • I agree…..but at this point you win and your in….Thats your only sure way to get to the final 2 i think…..SHOW ME THE VETO BABY!

      • Totally agree, he should want to win any & everything you can and saying you’re throwing a comp only to help you win or play the other person on a deal if you don’t win. At this point HGs don’t need to make it harder… like Vanessa is, hopefully it will be her downfall… lack of sleep (look at her) and next is bad decisions which she been doing lately. Example she set up the Julia eviction when it would have been Liz otherwise, her & JMac’s votes. She’s no way getting the twins votes, especially Liz’s under any scenario… so maybe she intend to take her to F2 to avoid that non-vote, wait that doesn’t work b/c of Austin & Julia vote Liz. Van is screwed when are people going to realize the best she can do is 2nd which to her, she could win that or 10 times more in a single hand of poker.

      • Really if she doesn’t win the next Veto comp her ass would be gone. If Jmac wins HOH he will definitely put Vanessa and Liz up. If i was him i would tell Austin and Liz that the only reason i am choosing Liz over Austin to go up on the block is because Steve told him of Vanessa’s plan to take Liz or Steve to final 2. I want to make sure that Vanessa goes to jury. Steve is no longer an issue but Liz is still here and i want to keep Liz. Austin, I am putting up Liz because i know 2 things that are not LIES! You love Liz with all your heart #1 and second a king will always save his Queen! Guess who is going home in this scenario ?

      • Yeah, I know your right but at least i can hope…I just don’t think that i would throw anything intentionally. If i couldn’t win i would try to make it look like i threw it

      • And looked what happened, go JMac, go not play the game like lots of fans believe you’re doing or is that not doing?. LOL

      • I hope he does win because then we will all see which road Vanessa is going to travel…right now she is driving down the middle

      • Say JMac does win the Veto and takes himself off the block.
        If Vanessa renoms Liz than JMac should vote for Liz to be evicted while Austin votes for Steve’s eviction.
        Vanessa will have to break the tie and get B all over HH. during the live eviction.

    • Also JMac seems to the the target, why? He is the easiest to manipulate, will throw any comp and in F2 they can say he won the least amount of comps. They should all want him in the F2.

      • How does Jmac even know he’s the target? Does he just assume that, or was he told that when feeds were down? Vanessa should want an F2 with him more than anyone. But her logic is that the others will choose him over her for F3….I don’t get these people at all.

    • At this point in the game if you throw any comps you are an idiot. There chances of busting up the power went out the window long ago. WIN BABY>>WIN BABY thats all you can do!

      • But if you don’t win, have a really good back up plan, and that’s what he has if he has a deal with A & L

      • Even knowing that Vanessa is and having figured out her game Liz and Austin still won’t do anything to upset Vanessa. She is the only one who is allowed to make deals and call the shot’s!

      • He can try all he wants all i am saying is that if he throws the veto he will be evicted for sure….if he wins the veto he will be safe….DON”T THROW ANY COMPS!!!!

      • He needs to keep himself safe and not depend on Austin or Liz…You see that as soon as he tried to make a deal with them they went running to Vanessa…..

      • I think you were taking him at face value. He never intended to throw the comp, but was just protecting himself in case he didn’t.

      • i didn’t think he would throw it either thats why i said that if he did it would be the biggest dumbs move ever. What i was trying to say is i guess it was ok for him to say it just in case he did loose it. I am HAPPY he won it….

      • Jmac isn’t dumb….he knows whats going on but is just not doing anything about it. He just isn’t a great player….Dumb he’s not

    • I agree, I have liked him the best all season but if he throws this comp too I will be so mad because he is playing a stupid game.

  5. Vanessa doesn’t want to have to break a tie. Remember, she doesn’t want blood on her hand. LOL

  6. If John throws the Veto competition in the hopes that Liz or Austin will agree to vote out Steve, that would be his dumbest move to date (and that’s saying something). At this stage of the game the all-important Veto is THE prize to have, and if John doesn’t understand that, he deserves to be evicted. I like John, and would like to see him in F2, but we’ll see. Maybe he’s too dumb to deserve being there.

      • He’s not going to throw it. But don’t you see that if he doesn’t win, he can say he threw it and fall back on his deal with A & L. It’s brilliant. He is covering his butt no matter what happens in the veto.

      • I pray, pray, pray that is his strategy! It would be brilliant. I am on V an’s same page when she says: I can’t get a read on him. Go Johnny, Go! (Wasn’t there a song with those lyrics? :)

  7. I may be in the minority but I don’t think John is an idiot or is as simple as he is portraying himself to be. From the episode with his family and coworkers, they are all shocked at his gameplay, that’s not the John/Dr. Mac they know.

    Yes, he messed up a few of his moves (who hasn’t in this game) and he has everyone confused. I think he is also playing with Production. He probably figured out he can’t let them know too much either or they may give the other players hint/clues. I think John is playing them all (maybe even us).

    The returned evicted player for the win!!!

    • I’d love to see him win, or at least be part of F2. But come on, John, don’t you think it’s time to play the sanity-super fan card?

    • I considered the same at several times during the season.. But did he not know that his message to Julia would hurt him for votes if he did just happen to slip into a final 2 position??? (He told her that he wished could send both of them home). Like Vanessa says Jmac is hard to read which makes him a threat.

      • I don’t think he cares for them (and Vanessa) and that probably was a slip/genuine moment… “I wish I could vote both of your annoying, dumb behinds out. I am sick of the crying, the tantrums, and high school shenanigans. Gosh, I wish I could vote you two out.” Oh no, silly laugh, did I say that out loud? Silly laugh, oh well, let me get ready for more tears and them hating me (more).

      • The good bye messages are edited sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad Jmacs bad was left in the message lol

      • I get it i really do but when you think about it they should vote for the best game play and not what John said in his goodbye message. But i do agree with you….

      • Well, it was the twins he might have alienated after all so I doubt they will consider JMac’s gameplay at all if it comes to a decision.

      • Yeah, i forgot to consider the stupidity of what was in the jury house. I didn’t take into consideration that if they were stupid when they got there that a few weeks wouldn’t make a difference. You R RIGHT!

  8. I think this may be Vanessa’s strategy after the dust settles w/PoV comp & if there’s to be a re-nom. She has the tie-breaker in the VTE (in a poker hand that means she’s got the NUTS) so she will try to firm up a F2 which includes any help to get to F3. Yeah, I know she has F2 w/everyone except Liz, that’ll come w/Liz & Van’s night out.

    I can hear Liz now “Vanessa, stop… no more game talk-ah!!! Geeze-ah”.

    At F2 Van will use her “expert’s” strategist play as proof she be named Winner and as a Clincher she’ll claim her Loyalty during the game to the 2 or 3 HGs that get to F4 w/her… hoping the disloyalty, lies & backstabbing to the others will go unnoticed.

  9. John just win the veto and ensure your saftey and force Van to nominate one of the showmance and in twist result in events, they send one of Liztin to jury ! I know theres little chance of that happening but a girl can hope !

  10. I want Liz & Austin to be the final two and I think Liz deserves to win. She had won four hohs and she was able to sneak in and out with her twin for five weeks without being sent to the block.

    Austin is a weak player and hasn’t won anything.

    John is a cool guy but he hasn’t won anything and offers to throw comps too much.

    Vanessa had a good game kind off but it’s not derricks.

    And Steve is just too scared to make big moves and he’s annoying.

    Who do you want to win?

    This is my opinion. Don’t call me names and say I’m dumb because I want Liz to win.

    • Liz and her behavior on national television, the way she eats and the way she talks…uuuhhh is the same kind of annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard or a mosquito around your ears that just won’t go away. Aside from that, she has done some productive things in the game. But I’d rather see her in F2 with John. Austin is a wuss who doesn’t even deserve Liz (in my opinion), and Vanessa … well, you can fill in the rest of the blank for yourself.

    • Uh John has won three vetos. Little nitpick.

      But I will want JMac to win. I’m sure he can throw Liztin off (I hope)

      • I hate that the jury houseguests were all saying what a great game V played, to me she played stupid, crybaby, asshole, bully, should I go on? Just a bunch of young heads afraid of the old mental case if you ask me.

      • Obviously the jury house has been brainwashed.
        I hope these jurors have the fortitude of the Survivor jury that denied Russell Hantz the win on his so called great season.

    • Sara, John has won 4 Veto comps and is only 1 behind the all time leader who had 5 and as you mentioned he threw some comps. You may not like him and thats your choice but to say he hasn’t won anything just isn’t true.

  11. John’s playing the odds. Depending on the comp, how would they know he tried to throw it. So he hopes they believe that and follow through with the plan to vote out Steve his odds are now 3 to 2 in staying

    • One would hope he is just “covering his bases” or as others have pointed out, using some “reverse psychology” into getting Liz and Austin to maybe not try as hard in the comp.

    • Didn’t Liz wanted Steve out because of her sister hopefully they will vote Steve out first then JMac that if JMAC doesn’t win HOH.

  12. Like I said I do not have a favorite on the show they are all stupid the saying goes stupid is that stupid does and I guess Vanessa is stupid is and the rest is stupid does whatever Vanessa tells them.

  13. Why don’t they have players that have a mind of their own. Bunch of sheep this year. Need another full cast like Evil Dick

    • Sixteen Evil Dicks. That would be something to watch. People are losing their sh__ over Vanessa being mean. I can just imagine the comment boards lighting up with 16 Evil Dicks.

  14. Vanessa needs to get Liz out. JM is sneaky as is Steve. Austin is well..I don’t really know what Austin is!!

    • Two things: a city in Texas and a sasquatch who has to be reminded on national television by Big Brother producers to wash his hands after using the potty.

    • Speaking of sneaky, if we have to hear Steve say ‘sneaky’ one more time in that high pitched nasally voice, BB should give Austin permission to strangle Steve in his sleep.

  15. I would love to see JMac or Steve win the POV, Van put up Liz and the house knocks Liz out.

    Austin already stated during the Liz/Julia vote he has to think of himself. I think he would flip in a heart beat if it meant he would stay.

    I also then think that JMac, Steve and Austin should vote Van out.

    Why or why can’t they all just see she has no allegiance to anyone but herself. The way the game should be played. Actually, I don’t think anyone has any allegiance to anyone and any promise made is a lie? Get real.

    And I think Austin should just turn into Judas like he threatened after he won POV.

    My two cents.

    • The problem is Vanessa has been running around for the last three months telling everyone she just wants THEIR game to be the best it can be (i.e. to Steve: here’s how you can improve your game …”), and only a few of them have actually wondered ‘why the heck should she care about MY game? What’s in it for her?’ Along the way somebody should have just fired back at her, “put a sock in it, already, Vanessa. Everybody here knows the only game you care about (or should care about) is YOURS, so play your own game and leave the rest of us alone to play ours.” But nobody did that. Why?

      • Someone made a point similar to that. Why is everyone tell everyone else everything they hear?

        I think the interesting part will be the Jury votes comments, etc.

      • By now, Becky, Shelli, and Jackie, probably don’t even remember what reality game show they were on and who’s left in the house.

      • And the last time we saw them they were all drooling over how amazing Vanessa’s game play was. As in, “she’s goooooooood!” If they all really believe that, she’s going to win, and it won’t matter who is sitting in the F2 chair.

      • Totally agree. I mentioned in another thread, Vanessa in the Final 2 with any of the other four currently in the house and she will win handily. Maybe John could give her a scare in the Final 2, but I predict he would still lose 6-3, with Becky, James and Meg voting for him.

      • Because there’s not a set of balls among all of them. That’s been the problem this whole season. Why hasn’t anyone done that? They’re a bunch of cowardly fraidy-cats. Astounding.

  16. Jmac better NOT THROW THIS veto comp. He would be so dumb to…vanessa is a manipulating bitch..she is making everyone play the game how she want them too and its ridiculous that they are all doing what she says. Shes inly really looking out for herself..God i hope Jmac wins the veto and next HOH and puts her up on the block..i so dont want him to go nor steve..they are the only 2 i like that are left….also this has to be the worst BB season EVER..also Vanessa is already a millionaire..if she wins shes just gonna have more money to make more millions from poker..i dont think its right they let a millionaire on BB to play..shes dont need any money. Not fair and she is a crybaby annoying bitch..

  17. Anyone but Vanessa. She’s a crybaby manipulator, the worst type. I wouldn’t be swayed by those fake tears that’s for sure. Vote her out on Wednesday, PLEASE

  18. Can you imagine Vanessa’s final speech “integrity, honesty, truth, justice, under God…” with tears in her eyes while holding the Bible…. Austin and Liz’s would be pure stupidity while flexing (hopefully with a shirt on). Steve’s “look mom, I made it to the end” (while hyperventilating from all the excitement ). And surprise, John gives a very intelligent speech while everyone sits in confusion wondering…. Vanessa, “I knew he was a twin. He was a plant by BB to throw us off”.

    • Then after she wins with a 9-0 vote, Mel drives up outside of the CBS studios in Vanessa’s Lambo and she gets in and says, “see ya bitches, thanks for the easy 500k” and drives off to Vegas, while all of the jury and 2nd place finisher just stand there with their mouths wide open.

      • well, I’d like to say with their fingers in their …. Okay I won’t say that — too undignified!

  19. Don’t get me wrong. I love Johnny Mac and I’ve wanted him to to win since the beginning. However, he’s playing this game so terribly that I feel like he himself doesn’t even wanna win. He should try his best to win Veto. Then if he doesn’t win, he can start making deals. Plus, why would he remind Liztin that he back stabbed them in the back when he needs their votes? I hope he can come back from this by winning the Veto. If not, we might be seeing Johnny Mac in Jury sooner then we hoped.

    • I can understand parts of this idea but not all of them together seem smart.
      Him reminding them how he hasn’t been wonderful to them in the past would make him look like he’s being completely honest. On top of that, if Vanessa tries to talk about his past, they already know and she’d be less likely to make them feel deceived.
      I can understand the idea of offering to throw the veto as a sacrifice to show trust. Maybe not smart, but I can sort of see the merit as one of those things that sounds great to offer but really stupid to actually do. I think the better idea is to say that you’d like to work with them and if you win you won’t use it, meaning neither of them would go up so you saved them from that. Besides, it looks more sincere now rather than going to them after they’ve possibly won. Later it’s just desperate begging rather than a plan.
      I’m saying I see the logic and some psychology behind the ideas. But I don’t think it’s at all the smart thing to do.

  20. Im wondering if Vanessa can convince them to let her play for next HOH. With all the conspiracy theorists abound, anything is possible!

  21. Gee, Derreck does get around. He just tweeted a picture of himself with Mel (Vanessa’s gf). Turn out she’s french-canadian, her name Melissa Ouellet.

    twitter dot com/DerrickL/status/642611284484091904/photo/1

    • Only a player who makes it to final 2 deserves to win. I have a feeling Vanessa is not going to make it that far.

  22. To cover his bases just in case he didn’t win it would be the one answer that someone else gave. A smart move this late in the game.

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