Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 12 Nominations

After a long day of no Feeds from our Big Brother 17 Houseguests things finally returned with spoilers revealing who was on the Block at the hand of our new Head of Household.

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

The Live Feeds went dark for roughly fourteen hours starting just before the nominations ceremony Friday morning leaving us with a long delay to confirm what we expected. But now things are back in go mode and we’re ready to update.

Big Brother 17 Week 12 Nominations:

  • Vanessa Rousso nominated: John McGuire & Steve Moses

Just as expected, John and Steve were sent to the Block and Vanessa finally target may still be up in the air with the Veto competition waiting in the wings. If either noms gets the Veto then she’ll be forced to send either Austin or Liz to the Block. There are no alternatives at this point. Now that’d be fun to watch debate on who it would be.

Feeds were down for nearly sixteen hours, two hours past the promised time. Thanks, CBS. Once they returned we had Vanessa and Steve talking in the HoH room. Steve told Vanessa that John knows he (John) is the target. Vanessa promised Steve he was not going anywhere this week. We shall see.

Until then we can start looking for more conversations as Vanessa will be guiding the currently scheduled voters, Liz and Austin, toward her preferred eviction. Remember her deal from a few days ago with Liztin? She may still expect that to fly on this eviction and they’ll probably let her have it and why not? Vanessa has controlled most everything else they’ve done (well, not keeping Liz over Julia).

Want to join us online and watch the Feeds too? There’s still time to join in on the fun:


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  1. Vanessa has definitely tripped before the finish line. What a disappointment… Two straight weeks of the dumbest game moves

    • Negative. Why do you say that? Cuz u dislike liztin or you truly think that? Steve crushes her in mental puzzle comps and wins jury, hands down. Liztin does not. The thing I’m wondering is why John is the target? He isn’t winning the jury…that stumps me a bit. Furthermore she can trust liztin more than Steve and john. Remember John wanted her dead 4 weeks ago. And Steve is warming up on big moves and already took one snake off the 3 headed monster now he can zero in on her.

      • I see no logic in keeping a showmance who will never take her to f2 over two others who will… makes no sense

      • I see but.the show mane is irrelevant. Steve and John are solid Rockstars since day 2. No way they will split. V in the middle of 2 pairs of people loyal to eachother. I’d think jury votes and comp skills. No?

      • I just see Steve and Jmac as being pretty weak minded as they have already been willing to roll over to anybody in the house. I’m under the impression she has a legit chance to break those two up with some coercion. I see no way that happens with Liztin. I respect your view on it though, I understand both ways… my Austin hate is what gets me goin ;)

      • Know what, that’s the one thing that makes me totally understand your pov. That post described the cracks in thier partnership perfectly. I’m on the opposite side I like the villians, except Blair witch project.

      • Yes more so. My logic is Steve is dangerous and fav to win puzzle, BB lure comp. He needs to take out V to win first.
        Vanessa has said she’s never been able to read John, which plays to trust.
        She’s stated she always can read Austin and she feels she can manipulate Liz.
        She’s been through more with Austin and Steve and John have no actual feelings for her. As much as people loathe her I do believe she compensates for the need for feelings by trying to prove she’s normal. Examples; she reads the bible when shut out she begs about not being evil. She cares what people think of her. She loves. So Austin uses that to make all his arguments to stay together to the end. She isn’t the only one using incentives. Liztin know her incentive is Mel, likeability. She’s stated “I’m all alone in this game”. Austin uses that against her argument to be lethal towards him and liz even if it’s the best game move. That’s right people Vanessa has human traits. Boom. *

      • Human traits how true,
        Did u mention she cheated?! Remember the bribes, more then 1 or twice she tried that.(,against the rules,but it’s Vanessa, so it’s OK).
        Also guilty using the “gay” word for sympathy!
        Yes 2 examples of “stellar” game play!!!
        So she isn’t miss perfect, and yes she does deserve to win game!

      • Solid rockstars??? no way Neither onbe has the guts to do what should be done–John in particular. Stevve has only recently grown a pair.

      • Steve has the stones. He can win too. Steve chopped 1 head off the 3 headed monster. They do have a final 2, longest f2 of remaining hg. But it’s not as strong as I let on

      • y do people keep saying steve chopped 1 head off the 3 headed monster. It was vanessa who put him up to that. As much as i dont like vanessa, even when she is not HOH she still is HOH.

      • She isn’t going to keep a showmance. She is going to take Austin or Jmac whom she should definitely winn over those 2

      • She won’t beat Jmac. Too many people in jury dislike her. Can’t wait until Survivor starts at least they know how to play a game. This group are dunces.

      • I think Liz could beat Vanessa in Final 2, the others really a toss up b/c of how Vanessa played the game. I think Liz could beat everyone in the house if it came down to Final 2, b/c twins very like able in the house. Not sure if I think Steve or Johnny really a threat to her game. Also, I believe Liz can beat Vanessa in mental competitions as well as Steve. I actually was not a fan of Austwins, but I think Vanessa making a big mistake on who to take to Final 2. I believe her chances against Liz very lo.

      • I’m receiving what your throwing down. I posted one about why Vanessa did what she did. I think it has a pinch of merrit.

      • I think JMAC’s argument that he was evicted and came back to be in Final 2 is a very compelling argument for him to win on game night.
        I think he could beat Vanessa. I personally think she could only beat Liz at the final because she can argue that Liz is only at the final because of Austin and her twin.

      • She can argue that but the facts are the facts..She has won at least 3 HOH’s right and I’m not sure what else

    • How do you figure this was dumb? Her only chance to win is to take John to the final. This move is brilliant. She gains the showmance trust for next week and gets to take out the biggest target that can easily win it all… Steve

      • I think Vanessa can beat Steve if it came down to final 2. I can’t see here beating Liz. I think jury will think Steve played Vanessa’s game. I think jury will see Liz as competitive as Vanessa when it comes to competitions. I think Vanessa played a better game but still think Liz can beat her.

      • There might be something to the fact the Austwins never oficially targeted her and kept her safe for those 2 weeks back to back
        I recall she was so thankful. She knew everyone hated her and felt like Audry. Can it be that she believes in debt…

      • Interesting. I see her more likely to win against Steve than John. I don’t think Steve can easily win it all at all.

      • I disagree. John has the best chance to beat Van at F2. Steve will make it difficult for her too. If Van sits next to Liz or Austin at F2, 99% she will win.

      • I think you’re right. John (and possibly Steve) are the only ones with any chance at beating Vanessa in F2. Every time we see the jury house HGs they are slobbering all over themselves about what a great player she is. They may not be happy to be in the jury house, but they still admire her for putting them there and they are still drinking her kool aid. Who they should be admiring is the other person at F2 – who somehow managed to stay in the house with her against all odds.

      • The only thing about John though is that he has thrown comps and i don’t think that will set well with jury

  2. Wow don’t you see, Austwins are not willing to take you to final two. Keep John and Steve

    • Steve and John were down for her and she put them up, she better hope the one who is left doesnt go afer her she already has a short HOH

      • It literally does not matter because winning HOH in final 4 only guarantees your safety. The one thing that really matters in final 4 is veto because the winner of Veto gets to choose who to evict. Vanessa will need to win the Veto on Tuesday and evict Liz to take John or Steve + Austin to final 3.

    • If she evicts one of John/Steve, the other one is GUARANTEED to take her to F2, because it would be dumb to take an Austwin to F2.

      • Y not. He was cool to everyone. Even kept James safe once. Didn’t do anyone dirty. It’s media that dislikes

      • I am only saying that his game is not nearly as strong as Vanessa’s game. She is by far played a better game than everyone in the house….Just my opinion. She has risen from the dead! When she survived Becky’s HOH you could see the writing on the wall. Steve even surprised me with some of his lame moves. Getting rid of Jackie? Really? Well i am not saying i know a lot about the game because I’ve only been watching for last 3 yrs but it just seems like this house is pretty lame except for Vanessa. I am not a fan of hers but she is playing the game.

      • There are a bunch of idiots. They are all afraid of van. Well continue to be afraid of her cause that will give her a cool 500k. For the life of me i dont know y they would keep liz over julia. Julia does not win competitions Liz does, Julia is not in a showmance, Liz is. Liz and Austin are committed to each and will take each other to final 2. I hope they get there cause im supporting them from now on. IF Jmac wins HOH, Van will encourage him to put himself up on the block, cause to me Jmac does not even have a brain his head is just full of placque.

      • Queen, i think you hit the nail on the head.If Jmac wins the veto and survives this week and Vanessa goes to him and says you know that you were never my target he will nominate Austin and Liz because thats what Vanessa will make him do….I hope he’s a better dentist because he sure doesn’t know what the hell to do in BB

      • Vanessa probably will make him a deal whenever she needs dental work that he promises to fly to Vegas and do it for her pro bono!!

      • I want to see Jack Nicholson in the BB house. Now there’s a character. Can you imagine how he would handle Vanessa

      • What do you think would happen if Jmac went up to Steve and told him that he didn’t think it was very nice of Vanessa to sit up in HOH and say really bad things about his mother!! That he didn’t want to listen to it so he just turned around and walked out of the HOH room. Then mumble that he can’t wait to get away from these heartless bastards.

      • Steve would ask questions, give up nothing slump to one side, walk off and ignore it. Good idea thlugh

  3. I’ve actually stopped watching and just come here to read about the game. If anything exciting happens I’ll watch but this season is just too pathetic. Seasons have been boring before but producers are doing a terrible job with casting…particularly Liz and Julia

    • Check otu Nelson Branco’s interview with casting director Robyn Kass on the Toronto Sun website with regards to casting housemates for Big Brother over the years.

      • I read the Toronto Sun every day (as I live in Whitby) and yeah, even the casting director said oops this year. LOL

      • Quote from the article,

        ‘In fact, CBS President Les Moonves, who is married to Big Brother host Julie Chen, shocked fans and critics by saying in a Vulture interview that “this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother. Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments.”’

      • I’m a broken record because I think every post I’ve written on this forum is centered on what I believe to be true: Vanessa suffers from NDP (narcissistic personality disorder). If people are disgusted with this season, I suspect it relates to the disturbing nature of watching a deeply disordered individual who while highly intelligent and skilled at game play, strategy and manipulation is nevertheless a predator who makes us shudder.

        In a previous post I compared Vanessa to a piranha and the other 15 house guests as goldfish. The producers know by virtue of psychological testing who they are casting, and they have placed her in a tank with herbivorous competitors with no teeth. I don’t enjoy watching a piranha eating goldfish, and i don’t enjoy watching a boa constrictor corner a mouse before eating it. Suffering aside, such things don’t offer any drama; the outcome is certain.

        Narcissism raised to the level of manipulative, predatory pathology is not present in any other houseguest. Audrey is a curious case, but I’m guessing her narcissism is of a benign level and her issues might stem from the pressures of living in a controlled environment. Every other house guest is basically someone you could trust house sitting for you and not have to worry about them stealing all your quarters from your change bowl. In fact, every other house guest appears to be a decent human being, whether you like them or not.

        JohnnyMac is the antithesis to Vanessa and is the only one she feels challenged to manipulate. JMac, appears to have suffered from a childhood where he probably felt like an outsider, probably felt awkward around girls and uneasy with life in general. Instead of growing up and being a dick and projecting his suffering onto the world, he utilized his innate sensitivity for introspection and developed empathy which he temperamentally probably already possessed. JMac despises the soulless manipulations of Vanessa and would probably be happy with just taking her down, the prize money being a mere nicety.

        BB has tilted this game for Vanessa to win. Even if they are not feeding her inside info in the DR or manipulating the other house guests in her favor, and even if they aren’t motivated to juice up their future star of “Poker Face,” the producers knowingly have casted a high scoring NDPer against 15 basically decent human beings. It’s no wonder so many people, including Les Moonves, find this season to be hard to watch.

    • Totally agree the worse season ever if I was paying to watch live feeds I would be really peed and would want my money back o too quit watching got tired of seeing nothing happening yawn yawn I read the tweets and read about it on Facebook got grossed out listening to them eat like slobs and don’t like Liz and Austin’s showmamce another worse couple the producers all need fired and not to mention they promised a better bb and lots of surprise guests that didn’t last long

      • Are you saying the producers are in charge of romance? They made 2 pairs this season. Are you just wanting to watch porn? I thought it was a game to out wit each other like survivor but being watched all the time and living on close quarters

      • It is obvious they have their hands in it been known for it no porn just self esteem instead of sloppy ßmacking kissing and eating so long like pigs these house guests knew a lot what was happening from the Dr room from the producers people couldn’t be that insane for not voting out the obvious people

      • What makes it lame is the house guests do not have a clue on how to play the game. They should have the veterans interview them to weed out those who have no clue in playing the game. The next Survivor 2nd chance should be tons better because the Survivor fans had the choice of who they want to come back. A couple of do nothing floaters got voted back in but, majority of those voted in were gamers who will play the game. That is why Survivor has been the huge success it is! Big Brother casting for the 3 past seasons has been horrific!

  4. I am not sure that was such a dumb move. If one of them can pull themselves off the block, she would have no choice but to put Liz or Austin up and send one of them packing and she could not be hated for that cause there was no other choice. Otherwise I think she will send Steve out the door and still be sitting good with the rest. She is actually pretty darn smart and has controlled pretty much every move thus far. I think she deserves to win, my opinion. I also think her plan is to be sitting next to Jmac in final two cause she thinks she can win next to him, but maybe not next to the rest.

    • It’ll come down to a tie, at worst. Either way, she’d have to break the tie and “get blood on her hands”. As for her being smart, sure, I won’t take that away from her. However, look at who she’s had to fool to prove it. Getting Julia to target Austin in the veto comp should have been MUCH harder than that, lol. Also, getting these people to see her side of things should have been near impossible at times, but there were a few too many gullible houseguests this year.

      • I think it all goes back to when Becky was HOH and everyone was on board with getting her out and at the last minute flipped the house. James and Meg where mostly responsible for that fiasco and look where they are at

      • She seems smart because the rest are soooo dumb. Actually dumb is not really the word i want to use but ill leave it at dumb. She got the rest to vote out Julia over Liz, i wonder if steve or jmac are even paying attention to who wins competitions in the house. She got Julia to target Austin, now we know julia is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She is letting Steve do her dirty work for her, cause steve got rid of Jacqui, because she was able to convince steve that Jacque was going after him and plus she couldnt manipulate Jacque. Liz got rid of James and becky for her. I DONT KNOW WHERE CBS GET THESE HG FROM THIS YEAR BUT THEY COULDNT HAVE PICKED A MORE STUPID BUNCH OF PEOPLE. The only HG that came to win some money is Van the rest just came to be on tv and get some rest for the summer especially MEG and JMAC

    • She promised Steve he was safe this week, so her target is JMACK. If he comes down, she will then get Steve out.

    • She appears to also be pretty darn helped by production and being given inside information – such as who’s targeting her in the house – every week so she can spend three months in the house advertising the new show “Poker Face” she has coming on CBS this fall. And it should be at least a bit suspicious that every time she’s been targeted that person or persons has been “encouraged” (in some cases beyond reason) to flip the vote and keep her around.

      • It’s certainly not the first time BB has come under fire for appearing to “fix” the game. There are a number of articles out there about this season (you can Google them and find out), but here’s a bit from one of them:

        “Big Brother 17” spoilers are in, and if they are right it looks like the Vegas professional poker player, Vanessa Rousso, will win the game. And that’s not all; it appears BB17 producers rigged the game to ensure their pick (Vanessa) will secure a big win on the finale night. Is it possible that CBS planned for Vanessa to win it all?

        It all comes down to the credibility of an undisclosed inside source. A cameraman on the set of “BB17,” claimed that the show fixed it for Vanessa to win the prize in order to promote her new CBS show, “Poker Face.” He claimed that she was fed inside information – including production revealing to her when she was a target in the house – giving her a huge advantage in the game. If it is true, that could explain how she seems to know exactly how each of the houseguests is feeling about her and their position in the game.

      • Is this all from the National Enquirer … I mean Celebrity Dirty
        Laundry? Trust me, the “undisclosed inside source” doesn’t give a poop
        about this show. He probably does give a poop about his career though and is not
        likely to violate his confidentiality agreement with CBS unless he
        “never wants to work in this town again.” It’s a tough business and if
        you have a black mark like that on your record, you really will never
        work in this town again. Even the fact that the person is identified as
        “a cameraman” makes me suspicious of that info. If someone inside is
        talking, they certainly are not going to reveal their position on the

      • From what I’ve seen, the others all quote from CDL, so again, suspicious about the validity of the info.

      • Every year they do the same thing. Draw readers to their site. It’s business! They did the same thing with Amanda/Frankie. etc. It turned out to be BULL sh*t. Credible news sources wont carry the story because its crap.

  5. I really don’t think the house would vote against her. They have all said the same thing, SHE IS GOOD! Master at manipulation and that is what the game is all about. Do you honestly think that Liz truly is in love with Austin? haha, she is totally manipulating him throughout this game. You can tell by the way her face looks when ever Austin tries to snuggle up with her and kiss her, and how she turned against him in a blink of an eye when she thought she was going out the door and he was not going to save her butt. I hope Liz goes before Austin actually so we can truly see her view on that whole showmance once and for all. I hope Vannessa takes it to the end. She deserves it totally.

    • She truly does. I can tell. If she was putting on the show there would be way less needed on her part. Way less. In fact she did it first quarter of the season. Watch that you will see a massive change in her. I’ve strung people along ypuay have too. Or not. You’d know it takes no effort with the amount of effort he is putting in.

      • She did say she was manipulating him early on…but then she said she changed her mind and now she likes him.
        She said it in the DR, so why would she lie?

      • She did say she was manipulating him early on…but then she said she changed her mind and now she likes him.
        She said it in the DR, so why would she lie?

    • Austin is so gross, he is also very bossy with Liz in what she thinks and does….not a healthy relationship already. I agree, i don’t think they will be together outside of the house, or maybe not for long.

  6. A ha! She did exactly what I predicted she would do. As Matt says,
    this is her chance to get rid of Steve, if she thinks Steve could
    potentially beat her in an F2, although I don’t think he could. But it
    also opens up the opportunity to renom Austin or Liz, should S or J win
    the veto. This way, she can actually get rid of one of those two
    without looking like she was targeting them. I think she suspects they
    could be bitter votes in the jury house … the twins anyway … and she
    didn’t want to risk that. I think she also knows that S & J as jury
    votes would not be as likely to make an emotional vote in jury. I
    think it was actually quite a brilliant move.

    • Well look, if that was her plan, then she’d burn the left side of the bridge and the right side of the bridge she’s in the middle of. Liztin as reno ms would say to her “WA THA FU…” if she as the tie breaking vote got rid of one of them. There would be zero explaining. Austin would say all you had to do was stick with your plan. Dumb on her part. Burn one side only girl. Also John is her target. She’s stated that clearly and I have no idea why? Steve is more dangerous and ypu are rt there.

      • I really believe she’s trying to set up a final three of her austin and Steve . So she is guaranteed a f2 Spot. She has said playing for $50,000 is still a lot of money.

      • I can see her wanting to get to F2 with Steve, because his game has been so quiet and under the radar that she shines as the stand out player.

      • She must see JMac as tough to beat. Maybe so. Everyone likes him, so he could wrangle that social vote. And he’s been on the block enough times without being eliminated (except for that once and then won his way back in). He may just give her a run for her money based on that.

    • My problem would be that Vanessa couldn’t send Liz or Austin home without them betraying the other. Unless she finally wants to get blood on her hands as the tie breaker, and we all know how unwilling she is in that regard.
      Seriously she says it 5 times an episode. “I don’t want to get blood on my hands…”

      • That is definitely a problem for her, but I think she could work Liz. Potentially. She will never get Austin to vote out Liz, but she might have some leverage the other way. But yes, that is a problem she cannot avoid.

  7. She’s got to go next week and all 3 remain g hg’s know this because she would win in jury, probably.

    • I think she would lose simply because she is disliked. I feel like these are the types of people who would vote emotionally x.x

      • Possibly, but I think at the end of the day, they will vote for best player. Then again, who knows with this group. But I just don’t think anyone really sees Steve as actually playing a game. I think he is, but it is so low key that it’s almost imperceptible. Someone else made the comment once that he would come out at the end and say, “I’m Kaiser Soze!” I really think he’d have to pull off a Kaiser Soze to take this game.

      • At first they all feel bitter..after they cool down they tend to vote best game play in the end…i see that happening here as well

    • Can’t you just see her listing those accomplishments…I told everyone this about you after you disputed my game play so james you had to go and I told them it was good for their game to vote you out and they did. I have been very good at manipulating everyone in this game, you Shelli, you Becky, you Jackie. Ect ect. If its not all ready in their minds, I think she might bring it up just to prove that she did it socially and no one seemed to care because of her Jedi mind tricks.
      I would love to hear and see the sincerity when she speaks before the Jury.

  8. It’s possible…Austin told her during some Fish what Jmac said weeks ago when he was hoh. Mac said he wanted to bury her and has wanted to do so for weeks. Then again she knew they were mortal enemies on her own when he re-entered house and reestablished the new deal. Still I dono. I think people think Steve will beat her before jury. In jury he has been human to every HG except Jackies assasination. He is way more liked.

  9. In years past it was blatantly obvious that that the diary room nudged HG in certain directions or at the very least ask leading questions. You would see a houseguest go in with one clear target on their mind and when they came out they had a totally different target. Apparently the DR is not assisting Johnny Mac at all or if they are they don’t want him to win. Because the things that come out of his mouth sometimes is crazy and hurts him much more than it helps him.

  10. Of course she’s good at manipulating people. She is a professional poker player. she knows how to read and manipulate people. She’s another ringer put in by CBS. They may think if someone else gets to win, that makes it alright. Personally, I don’t. It’s one thing to search for twins to cast for the twin twist, but don’t hire a professional to mow the other HGs down. I don’t view Derrick this way because a cop is a much more common profession than a world class poker player.

    • Cops are hardcore Trained to read lies, body language, interogation tactics. Trust me my ex gf’s ex BF was a police officer. And she caught me lying and explained I was staring at the floor while answering and zero eye contact. Then she threw a mr. Pib at me in the market. Classic. He Trained her.

  11. Why does CBS continue to bring that idiot Frankie back? He was the worst house guest in the history of the show. They seem to have a fascination with his donut licking loser sister.

  12. Yes more so. My logic is Steve is dangerous and fav to win puzzle, BB lure comp. He needs to take out V to win first.
    Vanessa has said she’s never been able to read John, which plays to trust.
    She’s stated she always can read Austin and she feels she can manipulate Liz.
    She’s been through more with Austin and Steve and John have no actual feelings for her. As much as people loathe her I do believe she compensates for the need for feelings by trying to prove she’s normal. Examples; she reads the bible when shut out she begs about not being evil. She cares what people think of her. She loves. So Austin uses that to make all his arguments to stay together to the end. She isn’t the only one using incentives. Liztin know her incentive is Mel, likeability. She’s stated “I’m all alone in this game”. Austin uses that against her argument to be lethal towards him and liz even if it’s the best game move. That’s right people Vanessa has human traits. Boom. *

  13. Noms: Steve and John. Veto won by: John. John uses veto on himself. Vanessa puts Austin on the block. Austin/Judas goes to hell … ooops, I meant to say Jury.

  14. I think she should get John out this week. If Liz/Austin win next week, they might take out Steve.

  15. I am not a Vanessa fan. However, she has and still is playing every single house guest this season. By the time they relise it, it’s too late… or they are scared to stand up to her and roll over and do her bidding. As much as I don’t want to say or see this she deserves to win.

    • She does deserve to win. And frankly, if others are scared to stand up to her, then what are they doing playing Big Brother. She has been accused of bullying, and she is tough. Her manipulation skills are amazing and if she is able to scare people into not crossing her, well, that is what she is going to do. She is a strong personality. I wonder if other players in the house were also strong personalities if people would accuse Vanessa of being a bully. Oh, and for the record, I’m not really a Vanessa fan either.

  16. Jmac is the safest target of the four with the least blood on her hands.
    Even Austin and Liz tried to get him out. Steve may be a little
    disappointed but not that much, at least it isn’t him right? Steve would
    definitely vote Vanessa to win from jury. If Jmac wins veto she’s forced
    to put up Liz or Austin so they can’t hold it against her. My money is
    she’ll put up Austin and keep Liz. If she keeps Liz she is assured
    Julia’s and Liz’s jury vote as long as Liz isn’t sitting next to her, and they’ll talk Austin into voting with them. If she kept Austin and they make it to F2 who are
    both twins going to vote for? Austin. So yeah, if Jmac wins veto, her
    replacement target is Austin. And wasn’t it part of the Austin’s deal
    with her to not be put up he and Liz has to throw? LOL.Not sure if
    they’ll honor that deal, but it certainly tells you where Vanessa’s head
    is at.

    • Why on earth would putting any replacement n matter? She wants John or Steve out. Done. Who cares who wins veto. The other liztin votes to keep the other and she breaks the tie for them. He’ll yes there would be blood on her hands and everything would blow sky high
      She’s committed to burn one side. There is no explanation either liztin would accept that makes it “somehow ok” they’re going.

      • Sorr about the punctuation. I assume she would have put Austin up and John or went with Steve and John instead. No need to be sneaky now. Pardon the pun. Steve and John have to be pissed and hurt a little. They are human. If it goes the way ypu suggested, I don’t think all would be forgiven. I do apreciate your thoughts, always.

      • No need to be sneaky now? This is when she has to be especially sneaky. She’s sending people to the jury fresh off the boat. That’s when people are most likely to cast a bitter vote. It’s not over till it’s over and she has an especially sneaky game to play now.

      • Your rt but still, if she plans to axe a liztin, she might as well have just done it. They won’t forgive her because as it stands they are guaranteed final 4. Don’t you see that? She can’t explain she had no choice because she is the tie breaker. I don’t get why everyone keels saying that she can say she will save their jury vote. In liztins head, theyre final 4 bound with both mac and Steve up.

      • Everyone is saying that because juries historically have not voted emotionally, but have voted for the best player. So even if she does piss people off, they will recognize it as solid game play and strategy.

      • Not necessarily, on the bitter vote part. How many times in both BB and Survivor, do you see people in the jury who you swear will never vote for a certain player to win it all, because they stabbed them in the back and then ran them over with a bus and they still vote for them to win. I would say more often than not, people don’t vote with their bitterness, yes there are some, but it’s a very small minority.

        That’s why it’s so funny seeing Vanessa trying to figure out who she has the best odds against if she makes it to the Final 2, when in reality she will probably win hands down against any of the remaining 4. Although it might be a close 5-4 vote if she is up against John, but she still will win.

      • Yup totally agree Chris. I do believe this is part of the reason there is a time gap between the final vote and who gets put on jury. Yes anger & bitterness is there, but there’s ALSO a lot of downtime, debriefing, and perspective that is gained by those who make it to the jury. For the most part, people lessen their anger over time because it’s emotionally draining & exhausting to keep hating somebody. And let’s be honest, for most of these minor celebs, models, and athletes it was never about the money anyways, it was about exposure & profile (and they got it)…

      • I’ve been saying since the week after Austin came close to back dooring Vanessa, since then she’s been more committed to Steve and her as F2 than Austin. Just look at how she is with Steve when the two of them talk privately. She treats him like a little brother.

      • You are so right. I think she’s actually quite protective of him. It could even be that she’s trying to set up the final two to be her and Steve because she really wants him to take the $50K.

      • She says ” I’m like your mommy.” A weak manipulation but hey. She uses all the tricks in her hat.

      • Yes, Vanessa breaks the tie, but then Austin will be a lone vote against her or he’ll vote the same as the twins. You do understand that Liz would rather stay over Austin and might be a little grateful to Van for choosing her over Austin don’t you? And if Liz is grateful for that, so is Julia. And if Austin was ungrateful for that, what is that saying about his true feelings for Liz?

      • Oh yea bit I thought this was just to get to final 4 for now. Eliminate Jmac, whoever and then worry about what you said here. Ia be missing something. My first BB season and don’t understand final 4 and logistics yet. My only thought is that she would rather keep Liztin still because of what I said. Why chum the waters after you already chose a side at this moment. Again I’m not sure if I have this right.

    • If she wanted a blood free outcome she would have put 1 from each side and said “I’m so upset stressed I don’t know what to do so u each get even chance”. She would not have put a missile shirt on Steve and john. Doesn’t add up.

      • I completely disagree with this, if it says what I think it does. You never use punctuation, so it’s often hard to understand your posts

      • I’m inclined to agree, but I suppose you could also say that she wants to ”make good” with the 2 that remain from the side she didn’t target….

  17. I stopped watching BB a few weeks ago because I find the house guests nauseating .(primarily Austwins and Vanessa) I watched Thursday only because my daughter told me Austin and Liz were on the block
    Then Julia goes home. I truly can’t understand how someone successful playing poker can make so many stupid stupid moves with absolutely zero poker face(she’s crying like a baby at every turn)
    Now we’re gonna have Vanessa, Lucifer and his skank left for final 3…I’m done!!!! I will not be watching anymore I’m so over it. This season has to be the worst group of HouseGuest’s in BB history. Racists(disgusting,absolutely) these people,just plain vomit inducing (Ausliz).

    • The one thing I haven’t seen this season – although it has been obvious on other seasons – is blatant racism. Stupid and disgusting, yes. Racist, I don’t think so.

      • I was referring to I think it was last season when there were a couple of people making some ignorant remarks. This season they’re just disgusting (Austwins and Vanessa)..

      • You’re talking about Season 15, probably (Aaryn, GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen … that ilk). Some were so racist on that season they actually lost their jobs outside the house because of how they behaved and what they said in the BB house.

      • Yes…I don’t have the live feeds so I didn’t realize there were so many. I just thought it was Aaron and Gina Marie. Wow BB needs to do a much better job vetting there HouseGuest’s .

      • I was wondering about that comment as well, but I don’t watch the feeds, so was wondering if there was something I had missed.

  18. Its sad, but I knew it all along. Vanessa is such a p*ssy. She doesn’t deserve to win anymore. She just cost my Johnny Mac the game, by being a scared little baby. Come on, theres a few days left, get some damn “blood on your hands” and get rid of Austin. This season is very annoying.

    • It’s a game! Vanessa is looking out for what’s best for her game. If you were in the same position you would be looking out for your game.
      I think she’s getting the deed done. How is she being a “scared little baby?” She is doing what’s best for her and if that means Johnny Mac goes up on the block, so be it.
      I hope he leaves. That gives Vanessa a better chance of winning.

      • are you stupid? how does John leaving give her a better chance of winning? she and you are so stupid. vanessa needed to get austin or liz out, because those two people stand in her way of winning. not john. and now she has her chance of getting austin out, but again shes being a baby and is gonna go after Steve. this season sucks.

  19. Just as I predicted, they let Vanessa slide all the way while knowing they needed to get rid of her long ago. Let her play them like fools….these People are Stupid.

    • hmmmm Vanessa can’t play for HOH this week She best win the POV cause I truly believe that the door might open for her to exit If Steve is the HOH

  20. I think I’ll have to jump on the bandwagon that this “game” can be rigged to a certain point. After all the backdoor moves that’s she has pulled why does anyone talk to and trust Vanessa? She’s obviously working with everyone and telling lies about everyone else. I read she has some stupid poker show coming out. So maybe they’re trying to make her look like some genius manipulator and plan maker. i know most people aren’t very smart but if these people were like this in the real world they would have to live in a nursing home.

    • My husband has his shiny new dime on her show lasting no more than four episodes. I’m not sure I’d go that high. I’d bet on giving him change from his dime. From the viewers’ perspective – watching what we’ve watched this summer – who would spend minutes of their lives they’ll never see again watching her show?

    • Yep CBS had big plans to promote Frankie Grande to “star” status and their plans fell flat as did Frankie Grande. I would say that their attempts to help Vanessa achieve “star” status would also fail.

    • I find it hard to believe she is getting her own show. She does not have the personality for it. She is an unlikable character and any attempts to be sociable with the house guess appear forced and fake to me.

      But you ask a good question about why they all go to Vanessa. I think its because they fear her. She started early on with the same tactics of being confrontational and using emotional outbursts to manipulate other HGs. Her interrogations as another tactic where she puts people in a position where they think hey have to respond to her – and they do. No one ever interrogates Vanessa like she does them. If they try she gets angry, outraged and maybe cries.

      This has led to some form of Stockholm syndrome, IMO. Everyone fears her so much they see her as the person who controls them. Instead of fighting against her they want to join her, to eliminate the fear of another confrontation with her.

      Is it game play? I don’t think so. I think Vanessa is like that in real life. I think she is used to getting her way using the same tactics. I read some comments someone posted where she pulled a similar stunt at a poker tournament.

      At the same time only some people would be susceptible to Vanessa’s act. People like Austin who appears to dislike confrontation. He is clearly very afraid of Vanessa. Same with the twins. James was too and so was Meg. James and Meg admitted it.

      On the other hand people like Jackie, Becky and JMac do not fear her at all. Becky had her pegged and knew exactly how to deal with her, but Becky alone was not enough because Meg and James were there to ensure Becky’s plan would fail.

      • I agree with you. There were a few – Da’Vonne and Jason among them – who pegged Vanessa right from the start, so obviously they had to be eliminated. And the houseguests (most of the rest of them, anyway) stood there with their mouths open dumbfounded at how swiftly Vanessa carried out her revenge. That was all she needed – and that’s when the “yes, mommy; no, mommy; don’t hit me mommy” started.

      • I don’t see her getting a poker related show either. Watching poker on TV was big 5 or 7 years ago, not anymore, watching celebrities play poker is even more boring.

        I can see her and Mel being on The Amazing Race in the next 3 years though.

    • I read some comments about her coming out with some show as well. I hope she comes out of the house to all this negative press, and negative comments, just to realize her show will tank the pilot episode lol

  21. I think Vanessa must be thinking that being loyal to the Austwins at this point is better for her when it comes to jury votes. She can say she remained loyal to her allies to the end. Its a lie but its the only reason I can come up with for why she put JMac and Steve up and not Austin and Liz.

    Keeping the couple together in the house makes no sense. She knows if either of them wins the last HoH she is not making it to final 2. She must be very confident she is winning the F4 POV. That’s when she evicts Liz and goes F3 with Austin and Steve, neithe rof whom will take her to F2 – although she may not know that.

    or perhaps she is depending on the stupidity of Austin and Liz to keep her at F4 if they win HoH? Who knows but this seems like another stupid move by Vanessa.

    • She worries that Steve can beat her in comps and she knows that he actually well liked by the HGs. On the other hand Jmac is a total wild card and all over the place. She has no idea what he will do next despite their deal.

    • Not stupid at all. John is well liked by everyone and has the best chance to beat Van at F2. She can easily win against the other 3. Steve may make it close, but it’s an almost sure win against Liz or Austin!

      • That assumes she makes it to final 2. This move make it more difficult for her to get there. Like I said, if Austin or Liz win the last HoH, Vanessa is gone at F2.

        Then again, she could go to Liz again and tell her all this information she has about Austin to try to get her angry and spiteful. But if Liz falls for that and evicts Austin then she is even dumber than her sister.

      • What’s the point of evicting Liz and Austin now just so Van can go to F3 with the 2 people that have a real good chance of beating her for the $500k? If Liz or Austin wins the next HoH, Van can always present herself as a better choice to go to F2 with given how she has a hand in every eviction. There are risks for sure, but it is a gamble that she has to make at this point anyway.

      • Seriously? A showmance with a chance to win both 500 grands and 50 grands if stay together would choose to forsake each other and bring a stranger to F2 with a possibility to only win 50 grands?

      • She will have to use all her mind control power to convince either Liz or Austin to take her to F2 if she did not win the last HoH. Because what is the alternative? Go with Steve or John to F2 and lose? If you were Van, what would you do?

      • That’s what everybody else doesn’t seem to understand. If Vanessa made it to the final 3 with Austin and Liz, she would for sure beat them, especially Austin.
        But if she made it to the final 3 with Steve and Johnny Mac, they would give her a run for her money!
        I think it’s best for Vanessa’s game to get rid of Johnny Mac!
        It’s no secret here on this board, I want Vanessa to win. She’s my favorite!

  22. I don’t know if Julie Chen would allow it but I just hope when Austin, Liz and Vanessa walk out of the house they get boo’d . Especially Austin, that dumbass thinks when he gets out he’s gonna be famous. I read that he thinks he’s gonna put his stupid (smelly I’m sure) hat on e-bay and get rich…lmfao…wait till he realizes he’s a joke!!??

    • Wait until he finds out the we think he is a coward for not standing up to Vanessa. He is such a wuss its not even funny. Its one thing to be a wimp when you are build like Steve but when a guy of Austin’s size cowers to someone like Vanessa its pretty pathetic.

    • I might be mistaken here, but didn’t they tape Audrey’s eviction because they were afraid something like that might happen? I’d bet the live audience is also asked to not boo an unpopular HG, since I think some of the players on Season 15 were booed on their way out the door.

    • Being booed on national television is too much of a price to pay for stupidity. That’s emotionally scaring and is very 16th century. Public shamings? Really?

      • Dun worry hun, his skin is too thick to care.
        He would take the booing as a compliment of how good his Judas persona is.

  23. If it was me and my choice was a chance for $500,000 or Vanessas ranting I’d go for the money and her ass would be out the door.

      • LOL Omg. You have GOT to stop making fun of this girl for messing around with Austin. It’s so sexist. And, everybody has slept with someone at some time that they wish they didn’t. This summer and this person may be hers.

      • That isn’t a luxury prize, it’s torture. Her music sucks and she is also a horrible person. Who goes to a donut shop and licks the donuts? Oh and they always leave out that Frankie is only a half brother.

      • It would be a luxury prize to me. Her music does not suck and get over that incident already. People are too quick to judge. Everyone makes mistakes.

  24. Vanessa probably believes she can beat anyone for POV but, she should realize that Murphy’s Law is always there. Just when you need that win to survive, as so many others before her, like Danielle Donato and Frank, in his season, you will lose when you need very badly to win! Saving Liz, who is a good competitor might be Vanessa’s biggest mistake if she loses! I am talking about next week, when she is likely going to be on the block.

  25. if austin and liz each vote seperately then vanessa will have to bloddy up her hands sounds like a plan

  26. Vanessa chose the wrong side and hopefully John makes it to the end. If not the only hope will be Austin to get rid of this obnoxious, but great player.

  27. As far as her choice of picks , makes no sense , this is not a big move , unless she thinks the deal to split the winnings is real, and if so , this will be the first time in BB history, that the game is comprimised with the promise and the expectaion to split the winnings ,
    And if Jmac throws the comp, which is doubtfull, he needs to go, why throw such an important comp with nothing but a promise from a known liar,
    With her not wanting to get blood on her hands, makes no sense this late in the game ,
    Something more going on here she has deal with both sides, a weak side and a strong side, but only had a financial deal with one, as far as jmac and steve she made no deal with them to split the winnings, Her choice was not game since Jmac and steve could not win against her, if she was in final two with either of them It is about game not popularity,
    BUt THis couild turn around, remember if steve or Jmac come off, and the vote is split then V has to make the choice,
    I at this point would like to see Liz ,Jmac and steve make it to the final three or at least final 2 , let the least likely to win go all the way

    • Since when Van Van made a big move when she’s an HoH?
      Jeff, Jason and Meg. And now she (seems to) target Vampire Dentist.

  28. I think it may be Vanessa and JohnnyMac as two of the final three. CBS wants big ratings for the Survivor launch prior to the BB finale What better way to get ratings than to put up the “favorite” HG (polls) vs. the one most disliked (FB comments) Classic “good guy” vs.”bad guy” battle for the final HOH. Look at the ratings they pulled in for the first DE, beating football. This is CBS’s boat, why would they not steer it? And I am not “hating” on any HG, just an opinion.

  29. Next time please recruit people that actually understand the game…I’ve watched every season and by far this is the worst ever….WOW you can call this the Vanessa show…….

    • Last season was the Derrick show and it was annoying to watch. It was fun to watch Cody and Caleb though. Last season they also voted together and I don’t think Derrick ever went up on the block.

  30. I PREDICT: One of the big twist of this season is that Vanessa was hired by BB to play the game to promote her new show. They know she doesn’t need the money so they asked her to come in and pretend the HGs are part of a poker game.
    OR Vanessa is playing to win $500,000, because one can never have too much money. If she does not leave before final 3, she will win.

  31. Just gross to watch the twins with that gross guy….pulling for JMac otherwise it’s just been a wasted season.

  32. Another dumb arse move ! I have no hope for anyone period ! But if John wins veto, i will be smiling cause Van will have to choose who goes on the block in his place ! Her only options are Austin or Liz !

  33. I don’t like any of these leftover house guests…they all deserved to lose. Whoever the crazest will win this season.

  34. These are the two that I was hoping she’d nominate. In my opinion, I think John and Steve would be harder to beat if Vanessa made it to the final 3 with them. That’s why I think it was a wise move to try and get one of them out, preferably John.

    • I totally agree! It is risky keeping Austin and Liz of course because they are i”n love” lol but, she has a better chance for jury votes if she makes it to the final two against Liz or Austin. it’s still not 100% done deal if it were that scenario, but it is her best case scenario. I do think she might go home next week though.

  35. I’m rooting for Vanessa despite all of these jealous haters on here! If one of the two that are up on the block right now is her real target, then she’s doing what’s best for her. I honestly think Liz can be swayed to vote with Vanessa or choose to take Vanessa to the final 2. I also think Austin can be swayed to vote with Vanessa or choose to take her to the final 2. He already said that was a possibility.
    There is no way Johnny Mac or Steve would choose Vanessa as their final 2. They are more loyal to each other than they are to Vanessa and they’ve hinted at that a few times.
    I’m happy with her nominations. But until the veto competition and its subsequent ceremony, we won’t know who the real target is. That’s assuming that the real target doesn’t win Veto. Come on, Vanessa! She has to keep doing what’s best for her game. After all it’s gotten her this far in this competition!

    • Actually,Jasmine, I think that it is more like you are a jealous Vanessa lover. You protect her like she was the bottle of booze on earth and you were the world’s worst alcoholic.

  36. My theory from weeks ago that Van and Austin have a F2 deal outside of the game (I have forwarded a theory some weeks ago that he recognized her or vice-versa before the game even started and that they made a split the pot, go to Vegas and gamble the winnings deal), to split the pot and perhaps gamble the money in Vegas after; my theory seems to be holding up just fine. It even explains Julia leaving (so that Austin can keep his girlfriend around awhile longer, for fun.)

    I know this seems crazy to some, but please at least think about it. If you allow yourself to entertain this as a possibility, don’t the seemingly nonsensical moves of the entire season now make perfect sense? In light of this theory, everything just lines up right behind it. Everything.

    Another example that this goes way back to the beginning:

    Remember in week one who Vanessa saved when she won the fast forward? Austin. Their “friendship” goes back to the beginning.

    Without considering this, if the game was being played with any deals or manipulators driving it, then this season seems completely ridiculous with horrible, stupid, idiocratic players all around. That all changes when one considers this scenari. Now, it all “clicks” and now one can almost watch the orchestration and even predict it, all under this theory.

    I may be completely wrong here but it certainly has been fun to consider this and to think about it. :)

    • It’s a very crate theory, however I know it not to be true. Doesn’t mean it’s not very good. Also they are the 2 smartest people so they were drawn to that. That’s a social fact. You are drawn to who you feel you get, or are comfortable with.

    • I know, again for a 100% fact they never met before the game. That being said the rest of your theory is a great read and we’ll founded in alignment with each example you gave.

      • Well maybe not but they still might have recognized each other weekend and made the deal. Anything is possible. It isn’t like Vanessa, who is known for making deals with everyone anyway, even shady ones, didn’t try to make similar $$$ deals with other house guests before she got “spanked” by production, right? Maybe this deal was make before production even caught on … and is still holding strong…

      • The only time that could have happened is in the van on the way to the bb house after sequester. They did make a final 2 in the house, I recall. She secures her ass with everyone and we know it. Haha she did get spanked. Can you imagine wanting to win so bad that ypu use all your strategy, game learnings (through pro tournaments) btw, where your win relies on reading others and still having the Gaul to cheat! I’m thinking Enron. Out.

      • Updated my last reply with another idea… The one right before your reply here. Please read the update and tell me what you think? I am enjoying this conversation immensely!

      • The part I put in quotes. Deals, even shady ones, would be easy to make week one with all of the chaos. How could they follow so many conversations at once?

      • Absolutely and they did make a final 2 deal.back then, in the house. But with the plane going down and one chute left Vanessa will say im going to let you live i dont want to win…then ask you to stand by the exit, kneel and assist you with the chute. But not before pulling the emergency lever and kicking you in the spine, out of the plane, while sat hung the chute.

  37. You may be right. If she can read him she might be able to continue using him. Here’s a thought, we forget those who are successful for a long time, even in this game, get CONFIDENT and the brain relaxes a little. It thinks it’s already got that guy or girl wrapped around her finger. That’s when the hammer can drop. Lol sure you been there.

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