Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Down All Friday – Update: Former Houseguest Returns

CBS has announced, via their Big Brother Live Feeds news ticker, that the Feeds would be going down Friday, September 11th, for roughly fourteen hours due to a compressed schedule of events leading up to the season finale.

Update: Feeds finally returned around 1:35 AM BBT, more than two hours later than promised.

Big Brother Live Feeds only on CBS All Access
Big Brother Live Feeds only on All Access – Source: CBS

Last night the Houseguests wrapped up the HoH competition and after a few hours of a frantic scramble by Vanessa to secure her targets a quick trip to the Diary Room brought news to the Houseguests that they’d need to be ready sooner than normal.

Vanessa returned from the DR at 10:32 PM BBT 9/10 with her HoH key to show off her room plus a warning that they would all need to be up, showered, and ready by 9:45 AM BBT (12:45 PM ET) the next morning (Friday). Yes, that’s the time Feeds are set to go dark and are not scheduled to return until 11:30 PM BBT (2:30 AM ET). Ugh. Fourteen hours of Jeff Loops.

Vanessa informed the Houseguests that Big Brother was moving everything up which Austin recognized as a “speed week.” Liz then asked if that meant Noms and Veto would play out tomorrow. Yes, that seems that could be the plan as this would allow more than enough time for the Nominations Ceremony and Veto Competition. Super fans in the mix should have seen this coming. Steve had a camtalk moment the other day where he said he hoped to see the house still on Tuesday which must mean he was anticipating this already. See Update 2 below on why there’s so much downtime.

Since Houseguests went to sleep very late, Vanessa was up until almost 5AM BBT, it’s unlikely we’ll get anything much of value from them though they should be back up soon. This also means we’ll be in the dark over official nom spoilers and Veto plans until the middle of the night when Feeds return and there will be a flood of spoilers likely taking us up to a pre Veto meeting state.

Yes, I’ll be up at 2:30 AM ET waiting to find out all the results and spoilers, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get all the latest results, spoilers, and updates sent directly to you.

Update: Another observation is the downtime could be for Liz’s luxury trip that she won during the HoH comp. That could certainly be related and they’re just doing everything together. Don’t know anything for sure as CBS has not responded to my request for comments on the downtime.

Update 2: Per CBS’s promo, a former Houseguest was back in the BB17 house today to take Liz (who won the Luxury prize) and another HG (Austin, I’d assume I’ve been corrected that Liz promised to take the winner of the HoH comp, Vanessa) out of the house for the day. With that in mind the HGs probably did not have the Power of Veto competition today without two of them. We may only get the nomination spoilers at 11:30 PM BBT when Feeds return.

We don’t know which former HG or what event was attended. I suspected we’d see BB16’s Derrick involved, but that was purely speculation on my part. Then there seems to be a “Think It Up” event going on in the area, maybe on the CBS lot, involving celebrities. That’d be quite the “once in a lifetime” event, right? Hmm.

Update 3: Sorry to disappoint, but the surprise guest was Frankie. Liz and Vanessa had to sit through a concert backstage under heavy disguises.


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    • Well…they had a chance to be in power last night but Vanessa won. You have to give her a bit of credit for keeping herself in the game this long.

    • Right now she controls her own destiny. If she wins the next POV she is in final 3 and she decides who she goes with.

    • Right and since most of the jury was stupid by not evicting her earlier they will also be stupid enough to vote for her to win. If I was in the jury, I wouldn’t vote for her to win because she is a horrible person. I could care less how she “played” the game. Now I’m thinking those meds she gets from the DR are for someone who is bi-polar.

      • she mentioned she has ADHD so I think it was ritalin which would explain the motormouth. I hate vanessa but i think if she makes final 2 she should win because they rest of them are too stupid and don’t deserve good things. Even Julia and Meg saw through her but if anyone threatened her game the house banded together and evicted that person! seriously, screw them all.

    • I don’t think the rest of the house will vote for Vanessa. It’s not the same as last year. Derrick was able to say, “I orchestrated everyone of you being voted out” and everyone was like “Yeah, he played a good game!” This year, there are a bunch of vengeful people in the jury house. They will hold that grudge. Becky hates Vanessa. Shelly will want revenge for Clay. Julia… Julia and Liz jacked up Meg’s stuff when Meg was on the block, then did it to Austin when they thought he betrayed them. No one will let Vanessa win this. Whoever she takes to the end will be the winner.

  1. Impossible to tell who her real target it is. She tells Austin she wants JMac out right after she says he’s the only one she could beat in the F2. Hello? That doesn’t sound fishy? lol They can’t trust her, but they all have to shake there head and hope they aren’t her target this week.

    She should target Steve and Austin, those are her biggest two threats IMO.

    • Steve lacks mental toughness. He might be smart and have a lot of knowledge, but he hyperventilates the second pressure is put on him. I feel like Austin and Liz would be smart for her to keep since their focus seems to be more on Steve and Johnny Mac. My heart wants her to take out Austin and Liz but probably not the best game move…..

    • I have read too many judgemental comments about Austin and the twins. I personally like them and do not judge Austin because of his hasir or tattoos.

  2. Wow, Matt – What will you do with your day??? :)
    But man, what a night you will have. Bless your heart!

  3. Steve might have anticipated the black out but he sure didn’t anticipate the block nom he’s about to get. If Nessie the Monster goes through with noming Steve and JMac, it is really peculiar, I think. I’m not “getting it”. But everything can change within a matter of seconds in this looney bin. This season has become a farce to me.

    • When the feeds are stopped, usually for an HOH or POV comp, they put on highlights from the past week, hosted by Jeff Schroeder. These are pre-taped and play over and over again until the feeds come back

  4. It’s a shame that none of those in the house had the guts to get rid of vanessa. But than vanessa is fixed to win. I don’t think anyone had a fair shot to the money. I read production fed vanessa info through out the game. That’s why she’s still there. It made everyone look stupid. If vanessa wins I’ll never watch again. I hate shows like this that fix the game. Vanessa has a show coming out that’s why they decided to fix it for her to win. Watch an see.

    • Don’t you know better than to read rumors? None of that can be proven!
      Why are people so upset that this woman is a beast at this game?!!!@#$!!!
      I don’t understand all this hate! Nothing is rigged for her!
      She could very well be the one going home on Wednesday. I hope that’s not the case, though.

      • cbs is giving her a new show called poker face when she gets out, BB was probably publicity for it. But she made herself look pretty bad

      • Not a rumor. It’s fixed because of her new show coming out called Poker face. She doesn’t deserve to win. It was not a fair game

    • I agree that the game is RIGGED for Vanessa. When she broke one of the main rules in the contract by offering people $$$ to help her win and offering to give Julia $10,000 if she “accidentally” went to jury when she put her up as a pawn. From Vanessa’s own mouth regarding the punishment for cheating ” I got a little spanked in the DR” for offering $$$ and I highly doubt that even happened. Production more than likely told her to be careful what the live feeders hear but you can’t un-ring a bell. Vanessa is a pathetic CHEATER and the game is RIGGED for her to win….

      • I read that CBS wanted her on BB to get a fan base following so that they will follow her on the other Poker Face show. Yea, it’s set up for sure. Wonder what the DR tells them all. Like when James and Meg switched gears and didn’t vote her out. Wonder what they threaten them with or ???

      • I’ve noticed many of the hg’s come out of the DR rather confused as when Austin said to Liz “I think someone is lying to us, based on the questions I was asked in the DR”.cut to fish More confusion than past seasons after DR sessions.

  5. Van needs to go ASAP. Who has the balls to do it? Nobody. I hope Austin goes too. I want JMac to win……. He’s better than the other ones.

  6. Guess I’ll be up late excitedly waiting to find out who’s on the block and who won POV. I’m just praying my boy John has that POV and is safe.

    • She’s no Derrick. Or Dan. Or Mike Boogie. Or Janelle. Or Evel Dick. Or Jun. Or Will. And as much as I hate to say it (because I can’t stand the snarky witch), she’s no Rachel.

    • Vanessa is the Master of NOTHING! She is a manipulating, cry baby bully who was casted with THE worse group ever. She is evil and gets her thrills by getting a rise of those she is bullying. Loved it last night when she tried it on JohnnyMac and he didn’t flinch. He knows she is crazy and he is no doubt laughing at her on the inside when she goes wacko. He made my day yesterday when she made threats to him and he was calm and said…”that’s cool” when she said he and Steve were going on the block. Love JohnnyMac for NOT playing into the hands of Vanessa the psycho. WAY TO GO JOHNNYMAC….for making Vanessa look even crazier than she is!!!

      • I love Johnny Mac. Sometimes when someone gets angry and starts ranting at me (usually online…lol) I’ve done the same thing…just say “Cool”. There’s no comeback for that!

    • She’s not a master, she’s evil. Will not watch any show of hers and all of her friends should be careful around her. Who could trust her.

  7. Van is not a very good player.she over plays her hand every week. If she was on any other season she would had been sent packing pre jury.problem is too many recruits from dating sites and other reality show pools. Perhaps more age diversity and people who really need the money and willing to fight tooth and nail to get it. However because of this blunder headed cast i find this season very compelling. Everybody including remaining houseguests know vansessa is gonna win so I’m on the edge of my seat to see if one of these knuckleheads will get her out

    • Vanessa is awesome.
      Last year Derrick was hidden in an 8 person alliance. Derrick did
      not direct who went each week. That was decided on by which of the 8 were
      in power that week. Derrick never had to “mist” anyone or talk his
      way out of a decision he made–because he didn’t make the decision. He lucked out by having a final 2 with a
      person inside the 8 person alliance and his fake final 2 was with a little girl
      who thought Derrick was in love with her (Victoria–Derrick shamelessly led her
      on). I’d like to see Derrick even try to
      talk himself out of being nominated like Vanessa did when Shelli tried to tell
      everyone that Vanessa was behind all the evictions. Everyone there KNOWS how good Vanessa is and
      KNOWS she is a huge threat but she still can talk them in to keeping her. The veto where Vanessa told Julie to pick
      Austin had Liztin fighting and made Austin become even closer to Vanessa because
      of it—and she told them 2 different stories.
      AMAZING..!! Vanessa joins the
      ranks of Dr. Will, Dan and Boogie.

      • Derrick’s style was to boost the egos of the houseguests making them feel good about themselves thus building trust. He was real careful not to spread rumors that could lead back to him. There have been others that played vanessa’s style of game those people usually get sent packing early in the game. With a lot of luck she has somehow survived this long. However she has now worked herself into a corner so she has to win f-3hoh to win. And btw steve’s resume is much stronger than van’s so she better not be sitting next to him

      • I totally agree with you Angie. Vanessa has played an awesome game. She always has a convincing argument for her actions. So much so, people seem to glaze over when she’s talking to them, and agree with her, just to shut her up. She bombards them with continual conversation and they can’t think quickly enough to process everything. If she took a debating class in school, I suspect she was an A student.

  8. Loved and was all for his win. He was good. Vanessa however is better. Because she is a woman she a witch. Some things just don’t change. She still the Master.

  9. They said Vanessa is friends with the lady that is in charge of big brother production and she is the one the put her on the bb17.. Something to do with that show that Vanessa has called “poker face” that will be coming out on cbs sometime soon… If big brother 17 is fixed and Vanessa wins that will be bulls**t and a lot people are saying they won’t be watching big brother anymore…

  10. All of you Vanessa haters are disgusting to listen to at this point. All the delusional hate and retarded cynicism being typed from your illiterate fingertips is downright deplorable. Seriously, why the hell do you even watch Big Brother if this is how you “fans” act every single freaking season? It’s gotten old. Just accept the game for what it is and take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy the show. It is what it is. Your whining, hating, yelling, ranting, insulting, and lecturing is pathetic and annoying. Enough.

    • Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just because everyone has their own favorites and comments about them doesn’t make us pathetic. I’ve been watching BB since season 1 and also watch the feeds and I can’t stand Vanessa. Why does not liking someone mean we shouldn’t watch? Actually your ignorant comment makes you the pathetic one. And why do you come to this site if you can’t take the comments? Oh are you perhaps related?

    • Ain’t it just great how when people in this country don’t like what others think they have the right to be complete azzhats?

    • Your comment is filled with insults, you are spewing hate as well… Your “delusional hate and retarded cynicism being typed fron your illiterate fingertips is downright deplorable. Hypocritical much?

    • This is meant to be a safe habitat for people to communicate their own opinions about the show we all love. Is everybody going to agree with each other 100% of the time? Of course not! Sadly, we get dragged into petty arguments over our own favorite HGs (which, I admit, I’ve been guilty of doing – not claiming to be above it here). It’s just part of the fandom, like it’s part of any fandom. If you can’t handle the constant complaints about someone you’ve become invested in throughout the course of the game, then just stop reading the posts. It’ll just upset you more.

    • Agree. I haven’t posted near as much on the site this season as I have in the past. Seems to be so much more negativity and just plain mean and nasty comments.

      • ..I should clarify myself and say I do not agree with your “delusional hate and retarded cynicism” comment. I do agree with taking it with a grain of salt and just enjoy the show!! I know we all have our faves and ones we don’t care for. I just didn’t find myself wanting to comment that much this season, that’s all!!

      • I wish I would have commented less (actually not even started) but I have an addictive personality. I will be glad when it’s over so I can get a grip. I won’t fall into the trap next time…I hope.

      • I was that way last season with Frankie. Probably 90% of my comments were directed towards him for the disgusting and vile person that he was on the show. It can become so addictive.

      • Don’t feel bad, Murphy – the show is designed to stir up strong emotions. Most of us do it. I’m with Lynn, I was horrified at the way Frankie acted and the things he thought it was OK to do and say. I thought he should have been kicked out of the house. I also thought Derrick’s personality wasn’t appropriate for an officer of the law, but everyone outvoted me on that. I always swear I won’t get caught up in the drama the next season, but I always do and thoroughly enjoy it.

      • I think that it’s because of this season’s choice of players. BB followers have never been hit with so much celebrity focus and grime (yes, grime) and it kind of feels like a kick in the teeth. Good thing you don’t have to read the posts isn’t it? Most of mine are about strategy but when I see sleaze and bullying it’s hard not to incorporate it into my comments.

    • Deplorable. Good word. I don’t like her as a HG but I don’t like massive extreme assaults either. Subtle is key. The louder you are the less we listen. Just ask your parents people.

    • They said the same thing about last year,really gets old,BB is a simple fun show,not rocket science,people need to relax and accept the general premise of the program or switch the channel… and none of the house guests no matter what deserve such pointed anger or hate for entertaining us this summer.

    • Watch since season 1, this season the worst since production has insulted those of is who can see through all of BBs, BS.

    • They can say anything they want as long as it’s within the boundary of commenting rules. I have no problem with it. I can skip or read them. A lot of times this forum makes up for the boring feeds. The comments here can be hilarious.

  11. They may have done the POV immediately after nominations then the trip. I’m hoping POV was played so we know who’s safe and who’s not.

    • No, the trip before nominations to see who Liz takes, then the nominations, then the POV comp. Fourteen hours is a long time and the nomination ceremony only needs a couple minutes.

  12. No info krissyluv, Production is doing the minimum, the ‘every week twist’ was a farce and the outcome is predictable.

  13. This game was fix from the get go to promote her new TV show poker face on CBS and another why wood they get a nasty player like her who has millions they need to bring back the original big brother not to have people that have millions to play the show and let regular people that have regular jobs to win and have a better life this show is so fixed if you guys cannot see this by now you’ll see everybody needs to boycott the show so they the ratings can drop and they can pull the show off that’s how I feel whether anybody likes it or not!!!!!!

  14. “Then there seems to be a “Think It Up” event going on in the area, maybe on the CBS lot, involving celebrities. That’d be quite the “once in a lifetime” event, right? Hmm.”

    If this is the luxury trip that Liz promised to take Vanessa on, it would be awesome. Since it’s only a day thing and not a big trip post show she might follow through and take her especially if it was pre nominations and if they didn’t know exactly what the trip was for.

    If it’s a celebrity thing and Austin didn’t get to go he will self implode. The fur will fly, literally. Of course this is a lot of speculation but it could be a real game changer. Would it be fixed to cause drama if it is the case? Who cares? It’s tv.

    If Liz gets a real luxury trip after the show (meaning this speculation is wrong) she will obviously take Julia. As she said, no man will come between me and my sister…but how about a Vanessa?…lol.

    • Did you notice that during the family messages, Julia only asked Vampire Dentist, Van Van and Lil Stevie? You can see how the Big Troll got so irritated about that, he was dying to make a SPEECH on live television. He did complain the other day that Julia never asked him a question during live television hahaha, and this guy deserves to win it all?

    • Self implosion eminent. I didn’t know it was a day thing. Wonder how they do that since they’d have to keep them away from other people who could act like the megaphoners who shouted over wall.

      • I looked up that “Think It Up Event”. It’s a charity event with with A List celebrities in attendance. Google it and see. If Austin missed out on that it’s going to blow the roof off that house. It would definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

      • Sooo good… I’m so glad that would be enjoyable to someone else. These people have brought out cattiness that I had no idea that I had lurking inside of me. I don’t write on message boards or even use Twitter. I just recently found this.

      • You know what thou, that was a good move for liz game wise. She looses the comp wins the perk and can take HOH to a bitchn event where that can talk about it and b bff’s all night during a critical time. Doesn’t effect Austin and thier aliance just the hair like you said. Final 3 gotta win anyway. I like it. Steve will be squirming the most, guarenteed. Mumbling..They’re binding blahave blah

      • I think she took Steve. I saw Liz and Steve in the audience on one of the pictures of a couple of the stars.

        (Just kidding.)

        It will be interesting to find out if they went before or after the nominations and if they knew where they were going. This is quite a twist.

        I’m glad I could provide something more to comment on!

      • Hey, I could have let it run for awhile and then come clean! Maybe I’m making the whole thing up and there is no such event…now that would be mean!

      • Thanyou for that small favor! Lol He annoyed me at first but now, I’m crazy protective of Steve, like I know this guy. I’m so stupid. He probably, secretly, gets laid often because of the puppy factor. It would be HILARIOUS if he was like the Dos Equiis man…this James Bond type that SLAYS in the bedroom!

      • Whether or not he “gets laid often” is irrelevant. He has social issues, probably Asperger’s, and that is a tough road.

      • You hink he’s on the spectrum? I just think he’s really sheltered. I hope this gives him confidence and that he is able to experience life more. He’s not my fave but I would be really happy if he was able to win.

      • I definitely think so…high functioning. His social awkwardness, especially failure to read social cues, failure to maintain eye contact, rituals (including pacing), gestures, obsessed with and very knowledgeable on certain topics. Yep, that’s my diagnosis.

      • Wow… Lol you know the signs. It seemed obvious with Ian but I don’t know it with Steve. Ian was a genius. Saw him on a talk show with this dry erase board with his strategy mapped out on it. He turned it into this ELABORATE equation. It was amazing.

      • Lets just say I have had a lot of experience with mental health issues…lol. Actually I’m a bit of a whack job. It’s 4:00 a.m. here and I think I should go to bed…my dog isn’t impressed. Nice chatting with you. Take care.

      • Yeah but it would be so awesome if she did that for him. Steve, I mean. His head would explode but not for the right reasons, you know? It would be lovely to watch him there.


        Jason Bateman, Halle Berry, Justin Bieber, Julie Chen, Terry Crews,
        Jennifer Garner, Taylor Lautner, Joe Manganiello, Seth Meyers, Kacey Musgraves, and
        J.K. Simmons are Among Latest Stars to Participate in September 11, 2015 Event on
        ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC 8 pm ET & PT / 7 pm CT

        Previously announced participants include Kristen Bell, Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Renner, Ryan Seacrest and Jessica Williams

      • I’d like to mean Jason Bateman and Seth Meyers. And, I just want to hug Colbert; he’s brilliant. And J.K. Simmons seems like he is an interesting convo.

      • Seth Meyers lives in a friend’s building in NY. Every time I’m there I want to ride the elevator all day, just to try to meet him. So far, no luck, but I did meet the woman who plays Kimmy Schmidt in her elevator. Not quite the same, at least for me, but she was very sweet. I am so with you on wanting to me Jason B and hugging Colbert!

      • Omg. A fellow NYer. I don’t know ANYONE else who is into this show like I am and I’m scared to tell anyone; I don’t want the shame that I still carry for not watching ‘The Jinx’ last year. First, Kimmy Schmidt girl was the Office’s Cousin Oliver (Google cousin Oliver, depending on how old you are) and I would elevator linger for a Seth Meyers convo as well; I’d actually tell him to STOP kissing Amy Poehler butt.

      • She’d know he was famous. Good enough for her. I hope seeing other people will help her realize that she cannot keep grossing all over Austin on national tv. Like a reality check…

      • I had no idea that this was a thing happening today. How could they shield them from tv or internet having them behind the scenes of a live broadcast like that? Especially, if it’s aired on multiple networks? Though, it would be genius because they could write off the cost of running the show for the day and the day it airs footage as charitable write offs and still make money on advertising.

      • THAT would make Austin’s head explode if she didn’t take him! tt would NEXT level awesome to see him freak over that!!! OMG! I’M giddy thinking about that.

      • I had no idea either. I just thought to google “Think It Up” because it was mentioned in this article. Perhaps they kept them backstage. With all those stars there no one would give a crap about the BB guys…and the show was only an hour so not too hard to keep them secure I wouldn’t think. Julie Chen was there so it’s sounding more and more like this was probably the luxury trip.

        Has anyone else mentioned this? I’m surprised no one else looked it up or posted about it. I was too curious so I had to google it. I will watch for it on youtube because it will be on there at some point…probably after the live feeds come back on…lol.

      • Wait so this live telethon thing happened TONIGHT? How did I mias that? Why would they do it on 9/11? It’s a day of mourning.

      • Think It Up is a charitable organization that promotes hope for the future. They are raising funds for education today and people are pledging. This is just what I think and I just googled it and then went on Facebook to check it out. I live in Ontario, I’m Canadian, but 9/11 affected us all and anyway, that’s what I get from it. Turning a day of mourning into something strong and united is good right?

      • I get your point. People may be more reflective and in a giving mood. I just was focused on the attacks. I almost lost my dad to 9/11 & my best friend’ lost family. He had two kids under ten and called home from Towern one to say goodbye because he knew he was dying. It’s really just a somber day in the city & it’s still very real.

      • Of course it’s still very real and it will never go away or be ok. There is no best way to honour those who died and suffered and those who risked their lives to save and help others, including the police dogs. I’m not a Pollyanna but I respect charities who try to help others. I live in Ontario, very close to the US border, and I feel like we are an extension of the US, and by association have been victimized as well. I have family members who work at the border and I worry about them every single day. Peace.

      • No, I’m sure. I hope that didn’t come across douchy or minimize your connection to today. Didn’t mean to. If I did, I apologize. It’s not something to one up someone with.

      • I didn’t take it that way. There are different ways to look at things and both of us are good people with good intentions. No need to apologize, and I hope I didn’t come across in a negative way either. : )

      • No, not at all. Your take was very positive. It’s difficult to communicate well with just words because you can’t hear tone of voice so there’s room for misunderstanding.

      • I can’t even begin to imagine. I remember watching it unfold on TV that morning and it felt like watching a movie, it seemed so unreal and unimaginable. I have a lot of friends in Manhattan and am grateful none were in the towers. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have lost friends or family that morning.

      • My father is former NYPD and was doing corporate security for a hedge fund company and would’ve normally been there at that time except for the fact that that day was primary day for the mayoral race and they faxed (it was 2001) him an updated itinerary telling him to go to the Bronx to work with the candidate they endorsed. I happen to be home that day and, even after the first plane hit, being a lifelong NYer, he still was getting ready for work; you know, just rolling with it. Once he realized how bad it was, once the 2nd plane hit, he had me back bags with water, blankets, and flashlights so he could go downtown. I BEGGED him to not go but he did and I prayed that they wouldn’t let him into the area. They didn’t. He came home and actually cried because he felt too old to help.

      • Wow! You all must have been so relieved about that new itinerary. Your dad had to have been pretty shaken by all the emotions around that. So happy to hear he got to come home, even to cry. .Again, can’t imagine it!

      • I couldn’t process it at the time because it was numbing. I’m grateful to God for that; my best friend’s brother in law worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in Tower 1 & called home to say goodbye to his kids, after the first plane hit. They found his collar bone the following Spring and identified him that way. His kids were 8 & 11 at the time. He was a huge wrestling fan so his daughter is now a professional wrestler with TNA. She had a WWE apprearance but she is still with the other co. His kids really turned out very well, considering what they went through. Decent people, hard workers, clean. They didn’t flunk out of school or do drugs or anything, even during the first few years after it happened. They were good kids and now productive adults. I’m sure he’s very proud. I spoke to her a few weeks ago but I don’t know if she made it back from LA for the ceremony. I told her not to let any spoiled a-hole spike her drink at parties and stay away from Mollie. My friend was like “she’s 25! And could kick their ass!”.

      • I didn’t know BB US was broadcast there. That’s cool. I wish they broadcast BB Canada & BB UK here. Is BB bigger there than here? BTW, I’ve never been but I hear that CA is beautiful.

      • Or is CN? What’s the abbreviation for Canada again? It’s 3:00am here and I get stupid as the night progresses. .

      • BB Canada was lame last season. I like yours much better. Canada is a good place to live but we ride on your coat tails for many things, especially tv…lol. I am very proud to be Canadian. I would say that the best thing about living in Ontario is that we don’t have the racial issues that you have and our healthcare is great (even though people complain).

      • If you have the money, we have great healthcare. If not, bare minimum in care. I sensed that race is not a huge problem there. How can you complain over free healthcare? I get the impression that it’s very civil there. I’ve known people from there, two Inuit people and friends who’ve lived and have fam there. No one has bad word other than the cold, which is uncontrolled. Lol

      • Our healthcare isn’t free, we pay for it through our taxes, but it is supposed to be a one tiered system with equal access for everyone. People who have money will go over the border for MRIs and stuff because our waiting lists are long. Race isn’t a huge problem here, at least where I am. Of course there are idiots everywhere. There is a bit of a clash with Aboriginal issues…like treaties that were made many moons ago. As far as the weather, I live 20 minutes from the US border and our weather is not much different than many of your northern areas. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live here, so that’s good.

      • Just gotta pipe in here, as a Canadian, and say that the Aboriginal issues in Canada are more than a “a bit of a clash with … treaties.” Residential schools, missing and murdered aboriginal women, systemic racism, not to mention Japanese internment camps, etc., etc. We have and have had huge race issues in Canada, but they manifest differently than in the US. Our history with racism is shameful.

      • All valid points. I was looking at it from a day to day average person walking down the street perspective as compared to many areas of the US as we have seen over and over again on CNN. “A bit of a clash” was downplaying it and I apologize.

      • Thank god we have different gun laws here or we could be talking about a much different situation. And yes, you are right about the day to day walking down the street perspective. Watching American news sometimes makes me feel like the whole place is just going down the toilet. Americans! Stop shooting each other!

        And on that note, thank god they don’t allow the right to be armed thing follow the players into the big brother house. Eeek!

      • I didn’t want to go there with the gun laws because it usually opens up a whole other can of worms. When I mentioned racial tension and healthcare I deliberately avoided the gun thing. More guns mean more deaths. Very rarely does someone accidently stab someone, children included,…but guns? I love Canada (just not our tv so much).

    • LOL! You have to be a it of a fame whore to be on these shows but I don’t remember one as absolutely delusional and just…not smooth about it as Austin. “Put me on Bold and the Beautiful, Julie”. I’m surprised she didn’t go ‘Austin, don’t tell me what to do and please go f@ck yourself’. If she did, I’d like her a million times better.

  15. A super twist would be if Liz took Steve on a luxury trip for the day and they switched her out as Julia. Now that’s entertainment!!!

    • Why is a HG returning so late in the season? If it’s a rewind or could be Pandora’s box. Omg. I am getting high blood pressure just thinking about Julia returning. I kind of feel like CBS just needs to get this season over with already. Put us out of our collective misery.

      • Just being practical, I would think the BB producers and CBS knowing that Austin,Liz, and Van have languished at the bottom of the polls all season would bring out the Pandora Box to give JMac a chance to make the final 4 at least. I can’t help but think the ratings are going to sink to new depths otherwise.
        Common sense would indicate a JMac/Steve finale would have bigger ratings than Vanessa/Austin.
        Since most of the audience doesn’t watch the feeds or read the updates they’re probably not seeing the same Vanessa that we’re seeing.

      • We’re here talking about it on a friday night… good or bad, people just don’t seem care, as long as they are talked about. BB is a top ten show every week. Those are NFL numbers; think about how many people watch football games. CBS makes CRAZY advertising money off of that fact and people know it. Look at how many people have spun reality show success into careers: Elisabeth Hasslebeck is ACTUALLY considered a jounalist now.

      • This season is a success BECAUSE so many people ARE talking about it. I would be SHOCKED if that gossip about rigging wasn’t planted. The crew on these types of shows sign IRON clad non-disclosure agreements; unless that person can truely afford to lose their careers and money to go up against CBS, I doubt if it’s true. The network makes too much money off of this show.

    • trust me, vanessa is a poker player not a celebrity! And, in the poker world they do not care about the show lol nor do her fans!

  16. Hey you, thankyou, yes, I found the site, I donated $300 to his site, what rock have I been under, will donate alot more next season of BB, said “nope, you can express your opinon anytime” Look for me there, as I won’t be back here, again, thanks so much! His THANKYOU was so nice!

  17. All this business we covered with the conspiracy. You know it would make sence if Vanessa was a plant on purpose and if she really had a show coming. But then she was responsible for alot of good peeps going home so it’s void.

  18. I have been thoroughly entertained this year by these house guests. I guess it surprises me that a lot of BB fans are so superficial and silly. Vanessa has played a remarkable game and, as of now, deserves to win. She has manipulated all of them to do her bidding and most of the evictions have been orchestrated by her in some fashion. That’s what this game is all about folks. You seem to all take this personally and don’t seem to enjoy good game playing when you see it.

    • THANK YOU!! it is so refreshing to read things like this from the odd person who sees it like I do! Thank you thank you thank you :-)

    • Every year, it’s the same thing. Worst season ever! Game is rigged! Just wait until next season, which is sure to be the worst and most rigged season yet. :-)

    • The game would be better with a stronger cast in general. CBS has already admitted there were multiple mistakes made within houseguest selection. Of course, it’s also highly possible the cast was designed to be weak in general so CBS could keep Van around for awhile to promote her new poker show on the network when it debuts. But the way most everyone just rolls over for her is highly suspect.

  19. The move taking Vanessa actually smart…… Had be Austin’s idea cause he one who actually can think of game things. Keeps Vanessa from being alone with John and Steve for hours of he and Liz were gone. So yeah this was a smart game move plus they also probably think Vanessafeels buttered up….. Going out in public for Vanessa could be bad though. If anyone sees her and blows her cover could be bad and force her make deal with Liz she might not want make. Then course Liz would tell Austin.

  20. A ha! She did exactly what I predicted she would do. As Matt says, this is her chance to get rid of Steve, if she thinks Steve could potentially beat her in an F2, although I don’t think he could. But it also opens up the opportunity to renom Austin or Liz, should S or J win the veto. This way, she can actually get rid of one of those two without looking like she was targeting them. I think she suspects they could be bitter votes in the jury house … the twins anyway … and she didn’t want to risk that. I think she also knows that S & J as jury votes would not be as likely to make an emotional vote in jury. I think it was actually quite a brilliant move.

  21. If anyone has listened its about the game, the experience, something new/different. She’s a game theoriorist. And she’s lost money being away and not being able to play during tournament time.and yes as someone said she has just as much right as others. Did you people get on Frankie grande to who’s sister has a ton of money? Never mind how well off and well known he was? And I know for a fact her gf says they wanna start a djing business of their own. So who knows how much longer poker will be in her future. And yes someone else mentioned who knows how much of it she really has liquid assets vs money in bank! I’m rooting for van but a little worried for her ATM!

  22. After watching last nights show all you Vhaters should now see that everyone of the BB hg are lying and paranoid. It comes with the game. One by one they admit it and reason being is they see how good Vanessa is at gaming. it is like they trying to pick her brain. Now who is using who? She is all about the game and the others are the ones on a head trip.

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