Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 15 – A Backdoor Plan Flops

So now pawn talk starts. Clay decides that he would go up next to Becky so they can win Battle of the Block and dethrone Vanessa. Becky agrees to go up as well. So the only thing left is to find out the right person to go up next to Liz.

So Vanessa pulls in James, Jason and Meg to let them know that they want to target Austin this week. So by the end of this conversation, James is going up with Liz and they all know that Austin will be backdoored this week.

There’s one more thing Vanessa has to do and that’s explain to Austin why she’s putting up Clay. She tells him the plan is to backdoor Steve and that this is the only way to ensure that Jackie keeps Steve as her target.

So at the nomination ceremony, Jackie goes with James and Liz and Vanessa goes with Clay and Becky as planned.

It’s time for twin switch. Julia fills Liz in on some of what’s going down, but they’re so distracted about being nominated that Julia can tell her the entire backdoor Austin plan. So now Liz is back in the house and not happy she’s on the block. So she continues her fauxmance with Austin now that she’s even more vulnerable than usual.

At the Battle of the Block competition, the players are faced with a spelling and Big Brother history competition. They have to spell names of players from last season by throwing paint on invisible letters. Clay and Becky completely flop and some how, Liz basically wins the competition by herself.

So the plan this week has already backfired as Jackie is dethroned and Clay and Becky remain on the block. Did someone check Shelli’s pulse?

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  1. No thanks to James. What was he doing, throwing paint on Liz’s back ? Wasn’t that too obvious that he was throwing it ?

      • James was killing me, he was throwing paint everywhere “trying not to hit any letters”, dumping it on Liz’s back Hahahahaha, AND yes so happy to win food HAHAHAHA I’m dieing here. BB17 the comedy season, even the cast looks like a comedy team, just stand them in a line.

    • This was the most exciting BoB this season. I even stood up while watching them come up with Christine. I was thinking that it is possible the producers wanted the twins to come in the house together so they would make it easier for Liz to win as they did with Frankie and Caleb.

      • I’m pretty sure I saw letters on the shirts without paint though. If I remember right they were kind of obvious even before that.

  2. It wasn’t a TOTOAL flop on Clay and Becky’s part. They were literally seconds from buzzing in, but Liz beat them to it.

      • Really? Why did Shelli complain that Clay and Becky were only milliseconds behind Liz. Then she said, “They were so close. They had it.”

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember seeing that Clay and Becky had Christine’s name spelled wrong. Not positive about it though.

      • They did. Shelli just thought it was that close. So, I don’t think that there was hinky editing.

      • Maybe they didn’t. But its common that it is edited to look that way for excitement.

  3. James should have thrown paint on the letters “by accident” Then Liz would have had to wipe off each one before putting it up on the board.

    • or he could have just thrown it in her eyes … oops! Some people just dont know how to throw a comp.

      • Or drown her in the buckets of paint, it’s Throwing A Comp 101! I’d be more afraid of Vanessa’s wrath than a good meal lol

      • Yes! He could have pretended to throw it on the front of her shirt and hit her in the face. But then Austin may have jumped the comp and pummeled him!

    • He could have hidden some of the letters that she needed. If there was only one Y, that would have been a great one to hide under a bucket of paint.

  4. I have watched a couple of episodes of BB After Dark for the first time ever. Does Vanessa ever shut up? I hope she leaves soon and Jackie is an idiot for trusting everything she says. This show is really boring, but I will watch a few more.

    • I didn’t realize Vanessa shook hands with Meg, Jackie, Jason, and James when she promised to back door Austin. How can she back out of that now without proving she can;t be trusted?

      It was also good that they showed Vanessa talking to the camera about questioning Austin since week 3. Why in the world would she trust him now after he has lied to her so many times?

      And this idea of bringing Liz and her sister into the game for more numbers is just crazy stupid. Does Vanessa realize Liz and her sister will have to go eventually and now they added another player they have to evict to win only this one comes with a bond of trust stronger than any other in the house?

      I thought last year’s HGs were stupid – at least Derek showed he had a brain. I am not sure there is one brain in the house this year.

      • I’m with you about Vanessa. She’s too paranoid and worried about how she comes off to America and she’s going to have a meltdown on the show soon! Audrey will be forgotten and Vanessa will take her place. I’m betting money!

      • I think Shelli is even more obsessed with how she looks on TV. I think she looks stupid and petty – as well as gullible and paranoid. Judging from the popularity polls most people do not like her and that will come as a shock to her.

      • I agree! I had such high hopes for this season. But this has to be the most disappointing one sided BS game of BB I have seen in a long time if ever! I can not handle another week of Shelli being in charge of everything! Her fit throwing as a 33yr old that she did the other night by coming into HOH when everyone was there looking as if someone just slept with her boyfriend when she found out Vanessa (at the time) was still thinking of putting Austin on the block. I had high hopes for Vanessa. But she proved this week that she is a hypocritical liar who seems to think sheis the only one entitled to play the game and win the money to add to the 4.5 MILLION dollar net worth she already has! Which makes her behavior all the more sickening! And dont even get me started on Liz who seems to think laying in a bed with a delusional stalking creep that she doesnt even like while the rest of the game goes on with out her. Then wants to act so shocked and floored at everyone else when AUSTIN says such disgusting stuff about her own sister! And even more shocked when Vanessa tells her she is a target for being in a showmance and being a twin. I mean if she would get out of bed with a dude she claims not to be attracted to and pays attention. She may learn something! I sincerely hope her sister is able to knock some sense into this idiot once she get inside the house! I have NEVER been one to believe any of the crap about production fixing the comps or influencing the game. But I must say something seems so off this year especially with all the slip ups from cast about production and their “plans” for each house guest etc. I dont know…The only thing I know is this season went from so much potential to quite honestly the worst for me! And I have NEVER said that! Now if Jason goes. It will be smooth sailing for this sixth sense BS alliance to plow right through the rest of these puppets! Because he is the only one who would have won anything esp an endurance comp! So as a true BB fan I will keep an eye out for things. But doubt I will support with ratings or buy feeds next month. Just not worth the investment to me to see such disgusting selfish human beings wipe out good people. Oh one other thing! I do NOT get all of this Jmac love! He is a complete wuss comp throwing pansey. Who must think he is on some sort of weird rock band vacation! The way he allows this alliance to dictate how he plays. As well as back stabbing every other person in the house makes me sick! And I do NOT respect his game what so ever!

      • Yeah, I’m starting to lose respect for J-Mac too! He already appears to be an idiot just from the way he talks like Bob Gotwaith – now he is acting like one by allowing them to continually use him as a pawn. I really believe that that is the way he is going to be backdoored (thinking he is a pawn) – the same way Vanessa is getting ready to backdoor someone in Austin’s place! Production is messing up their own show! They should just let the houseguests do their own thing. I notice that production didn’t try to save Da – Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with them looking more like the other houseguests than Da (it’s typical) and every year the same BS – I would never buy the feeds anyway – afterdark is enough for me. I hope Vanessa goes home next. I’m sick of her!

      • Err, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding this way more enjoyable than last season. Honestly, by the final seven of BB16 I kinda gave up watching and reverted to checking BBN to stay informed about it, it was just a giant snoozefest. This season, the cast are characters, not sheep. They have strong opinions, fears, and strategies as how to go about the game, but unfortunately for them they do not realize what flaws those strategies entail. And honestly, that’s what I find to be so great about this season. There’s no “perfect player” like Derrick from BB16 who is just massacring everyone else, nor one giant “in-crowd” who pick off the outsiders before the factions turn on each other like BB15. Everyone has their own agenda, and (for the most part) are all looking for the grand prize at the end. This leads to everyone’s name being thrown out and an endgame you can’t predict (as of now at least). In my opinion, my favorites this season are John, Julia, and James, but there are a lot of other interesting houseguests that keep me entertained, and that’s what I enjoy.

      • She is horrible at this game, she should never try to win HOH if she doesn’t want “blood on her hands” (if I hear her say that one more time!!) I don’t understand why she is even on this show…..and why she keeps changing her target….doesn’t that make it worse…making people think that she is targeting them? ugh I cannot watch her…and she talks so fast.

    • she doesn’…it gets grating too because she doesn’t have the voice of an angel by any means.

    • Last year I couldn’t stop watching BBAD. It was my first time watching the show. I lost a lot of sleep. This year it’s wonderful insomnia cure. I’ve yet to stay awake through it.

  5. This Liz/ Austin thing really bothered me a bit. Takes you out of the mindframe that it’s a “game.” Austin has gone from creepy to victim all in one swoop during tonight’s show. When Liz won the comp and ran straight tot Austin, jumped up on him, and wrapped her legs around him…that told me the truth of the whole situation. Playing with someone’s emotions is just not part of the game. That’s personal. Liz is going to have lay in the bed she’s made. And for those interested…I’m so sick of Vanessa saying the word BLOOD! I swear it could be a drinking game with her. You’d be drunk in sixty seconds.

      • Julia missed that boat when she could have warned Liz. Jumping on a man like that only tells him one thing. Bad idea Liz, hope you can handle the giant wrestler after this.

    • Liz isn’t innocent by any stretch, Austin is simply that easy and deluded. they kind of deserve each other lol I admit Liz is the attractive one out of the twins, her personality is cute. Julia is withdrawn and moody at times. I think it would be hilarious to have Austin and the twins in jury, I would agree with you about Vanessa, she had so much potential to be a solid player, but that is all but a afterthought at this point.

      • Oh yeah. i don’t want to repeat myself (I commented somewhere below) but I’m predicting Vanessa having a meltdown on the show…..sooner than later.

      • I so hope you are right!! And since the idiot is now allowing Shelli and Clay and Liz to play her game for her and is keeping Austin. I would LOVE to see him be the one do it! You do not make an elaborate plan to backdoor someone and then be an idiot and back out of it and save him. And be stupid enough to think the creep wont be coming for you the second he gets a chance!

      • Has Vanessa ever been right about any of her conclusions? Now she is saying she knows for a fact Da did not win the Last Laugh despite the fact both John and Becky told her they think day won it. Vanessa is convinced it was Jackie – even though Jackie said the night of her HOH room reveal she got deodorant in her basket of gifts and how its was funny that Kathy Griffin message when she picked up the phone was to use deodorant.

        Before that Vanessa claimed she could tell who was lying by their pulse! She still hasn’t figured out it was Steve and Liz who voted to keep Jeff in the house.

        But honestly most of these HGs make me cringe.

      • I don’t understand why Vanessa is focusing on Da and not the game. Da is gone – that is over with now. Why don’t she focus on some other lie (like the ones Austin keeps telling her)! Da was the 7th call so how does Vanessa mingle another houseguest to say they were when they were not? Vanessa’s game is falling apart. I really hope she goes next!

      • I know exactly what you mean. lol they make me cringe as well, I was so hopeful for Vanessa and Audrey but they went completely off the rails. Vanessa likes to play with shadows, because she doesn’t have any real clue to confront anyone without resorting to dramatics, naturally everyone is after her in her head. this season feels like a group of people they found at spring break and they all decided to show up on a dare. :P

    • I said this very thing a couple days ago…one of the first weeks in the house V lied to Austin saying that both twins, and Jackie, had a thing for him and he just had to pick. He of course picked Liz, and even though V knew none of those girls had any interest…she still convinced Austin otherwise.
      Now that on top of the way Liz has been throwing herself at him…I really cannot blame Austin for getting tangled in her web! I really do feel bad for Austin…or I would if he wasn’t such a **** to Steve.

      • Correction: I don’t think V ever told Austin that both twins and Jackie had a thing for him. I believe Austin was talking about the twins and he also admitted that he liked Jackie too, but Jackie didnt’ like him – V was only telling Austin that he needed to decide which one he really felt anything for. If I’m wrong someone please correct me!

      • Well now I am not sure! I know V was instagating the twins and Austin…but Jackie…now I am not sure about her hahaha

  6. Did anyone else notice that Clay and Becky were using cups to throw and paint and Liz and James were using much larger containers

    • Yeah I noticed that, Becky and Clay? not the brightest bulbs. Sometimes he just stares into space like he doesn’t have a thought in there at all…..and she is just taking up space at this point.

  7. Yes! Thank you for saying the reason the Double HOHs is flawed! The two HOHs ALWAYS get together and make their decisions as a team. That is why it is horrible. I think BB originally thought it would be a battle between competing HOHs to make their picks stand. Nope. It has turned into collusion between the two, endless pawns, then many times someone “throwing” a comp. Say that JUST Jackie won HOH this week like it used to be in the old days — big moves would be made against the allied side of the house. You’d see Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Twins all scrambling.

    • So true! As it should have been! This BOB BS has totally ruined Big Brother!

      • Totally! Production may think it makes the show better, but what makes the show better is one HOH and not their love-interest and their best friends running the show for them. Two HOH’s just makes it messy – it makes more people in on things where one person would do a better job and production should also not advise the players who to nominate – it just isn’t fair to the people they don’t like. Big Brother is going to lose their ratings if they continue their bs. They also should make the house more diverse (not just 1 Black, 1 Gay and 1 Asian and all the rest White)! This automatically makes the minority lose once again!

    • I was hoping that this was the week we’d see a true BoB battle, since Van and Jackie were on opposing sides and don’t like each other very much. But, nope, even they collaborated. smh

  8. Clay regrets volunteering as a pawn and shelli so worried about clay being on the block, like hellooo, you didn’t care about how Johnnymac feels when you asked him to be pawn and when he wasn’t able to win BoB or veto last week.

  9. Ok, James tried his best not to make it obvious. Liz did her best and pulled through, kudos to her.

  10. Vanessa and her holier than thou attitude is quickly becoming unbearable to watch. I really liked her at first..but, she has really become a disappointment to me. The way she belittles people if they dare tell her a lie is ridiculous..hey,’re playing Big Brother..lies, deceit, backstabbing..that’s the she so naive that she can’t connect the dots and think that maybe Day took those 3 votes out to throw everyone off..which is what she did. Vanessa is positive Day did not have the phone booth thing and she is trying like heck right now to find out who did and if they lied to the queen..why does the phone booth even matter right now? I can’t take much more of Vanessa.

    • She wants the person with the last laugh to be Jackie so she has an excuse to back door her. What makes Vanessa look bad is she touts herself as such a genius. But she is always wrong in her assumptions – except for the time Austin threw the veto comp.

      I want so bad for two of the others to win HOH and put up Vanessa, Shelli, Liz and Austin with Clay and Julia as back door options. More than anything I want Shelli and Austin to get evicted before jury.

  11. So now Vanessa wants to keep Austin who blatantly lied to her several times and threw a comp he was supposed to win all because “his head is muddled with love” and it’s causing him to make bad decisions. She wants to send home the person responsible for keeping an alliance to Jeff and voting for him or the person that tried and failed to help Da, another Alliance?
    She would rather keep a bad seed in her own alliance and send home someone that has done absolutely nothing to her personally, even though she is all about “doing the right thing”???
    Oh unless of course she finds out its Liz that voted to keep Jeff….
    She is grasping…..

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