Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Sunday Highlights

Vanessa spent Sunday on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds going back and forth and back and forth on who to name as the replacement nominee when Clay uses the veto on himself.

Steve Moses can't take Vanessa's theories
Steve Moses can’t take Vanessa’s theories – Source: CBS All Access

The target has gone from Austin to Becky to Jackie to Austin to Jason to Jackie to back to Austin to back to Jason. Basically everyone not in the Sixth Sense alliance — even James, who can’t be nominated mind you — has been among Vanessa’s final targets. So who did she land on? Read on.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 26, 2015:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs starting out the day. Clay and Shelli in the backyard talking. They think Jackie needs to go this week or she could seek revenge.

9:15 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay are interested in working with Steve, but he’s going to need to start winning things if he wants to join them.

9:42 AM BBT – Chelli agree, Austin won’t make that lying mistake again and has learned from the errors of his ways.

10:30 AM BBT – Austin leans against the bedroom door trying to eavesdrop on Becky, Meg, Jason, and James. He’s hoping for something to use against Becky so Vanessa can target her and keep Austin.

10:45 AM BBT – Austin goes to Vanessa and tells her everything he knows. She thinks it’s great and can help her build a case since she’s afraid of just making a decision and owning it.

11:30 AM BBT – Steve talks with Clay & Shelli to figure out the renom & target. He likes idea of Meg up on the Block, but keep target on Becky.

11:45 AM BBT – Steve lets Shelli know the other side is still expecting Austin to be the renom.

1:30 PM BBT – Vanessa has a new theory to give herself the excuse she feels is necessary to take action as HoH. She believes Jackie, Jason, or Becky can be caught in a lie. She goes on and on running in circles. Steve is listening away. Vanessa has theories on who had the Last Laugh power and who voted for Jeff to stay. Steve was one of those people, but he just nods along.

2:40 PM BBT – Vanessa now thinks Jason lied to her and he should be the renom and target.

3:20 PM BBT – Guess what? Vanessa thinks Jackie needs to be the target. Someone give Vanessa a stiff drink.

4:50 PM BBT – Vanessa asking John who he thinks had the Last Laugh. He says Day or Audrey. She disagrees and tells him to think about it so he can figure it out like she has. Vanessa is leading him down a path to convince him of the same target she wants.

5:55 PM BBT – Clay and John talking about the game. Clay asks John who he would put up and he says Jason, Meg or James. Clay says he’d do the same. Clay tells him about Vanessa trying to find a reason to put Jason up this week instead of Austin.

6:05 PM BBT – Feeds have cut to highlights for the Outback Steakhouse dinner Liz, James and Vanessa won.

8:10 PM BBT – Feeds return.

8:45 PM BBT – HGs discussing why there wasn’t a Takeover this week.

9:45 PM BBT Mics on most HGs are currently inaudible.

9:58 PM BBT – Austin and Liz talking about Vanessa putting up Jason or Jackie. They hope it’s Jason. Austin says he wants to start drama after the veto ceremony. They agree they hate them all.

10:30 PM BBT – Vanessa has Becky in the HOH room digging for a reason to target anyone other than Austin. You can hardly hear Vanessa, but Becky is explaining to her that she thinks Day had the Last Laugh power and how voted to save Jeff. Vanessa says she knows “for a fact” that Day didn’t have the power (OK, Vanessa).

12:15 AM BBT – Austin tells Steve he’s frustrated by the Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa trio. Likens them to S6’s Nerd Herd.

1:15 AM BBT – Vanessa talking with Clay and Shelli trying to figure out what to do about Austin. They want to try and pull Becky in by giving her information. Now there is talk of targeting Jason as the BD.

1:45 AM BBT – Becky is brought up to the HoH room to discuss renoms.

2:00 AM BBT – Vanessa is now confident that the other two votes to keep Jeff were Jason and Meg (it was Liz & Steve, Vanessa’s allies). She tells Becky that Jason is more dangerous than Meg and should be the one to go up next to her.

2:30 AM BBT – Austin comes upstairs with Liz. He promises to Becky that he’ll throw comps and be a willing sacrifice as needed for the deal of him not going up this week so he can make it to Jury.

2:52 AM BBT – Shelli yells at Clay. She was mad that he was talking to her in front of cameras while she didn’t have make up on. Delightful.

3:25 AM BBT – Vanessa decides she isn’t going to talk to Jason first, she’s just going to do the renom. Downstairs Shelli tells Clay she’d rather see Jackie go than Jason.

3:40 AM BBT – Liz updates Austin that Jason will be blindsided. Austin plans to cook a bunch of eggs to mock Jason who had complained Austin ate up all the food.

4:15 AM BBT – Steve promises Becky his vote over Jason.

What a weekend shift. We knew with the Veto Ceremony coming up on Monday that Vanessa would have to figure something out overnight and that turned out very poorly for Jason. He’s the top pick right now to go up on the Block and evicted against Becky. It’ll be the Big Brother super fan vs the Tinder recruit. Go!

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  1. I think Vanessa is a smart player but she has no guts or spine. Like a female Andy.
    She’ll win if she gets to the final 2.
    Austin is too dumb to go after her if he wins HoH next week.
    Just put Clay, Shelli, Van in Final 3 and skip the rest of the season.

    • No, Vanessa has guts and spine. That’s why she is going after Jason. It’s a gutsy move to go against your word. But I want Jason to stay so badly.

      • I think she’s screwed. She told the house she was backdooring Austin and now changed her mind 100 x and is getting Jason out.
        I’m with you. I like Jason but booting Psycho Austin would be a move that could win you the game.

      • But booting Austin was giving up a number on your side. Going after Jason or Jackie makes your side even more powerful especially if you bring in Steve and Becky. This game is getting good.

      • How is it getting good? One side is being eradicated while the other is getting larger. That doesn’t sound good to me, that sounds boring. Sure maybe it’ll be fun to watch Jason freak out right now, but down the road, this could go downhill.

      • I agree are only hope is watching them turn on each other. It’s another nerd herd only thing Austin is right about.

      • Austin is a loose cannon & couldn’t be depended upon. Hell, they’re already talking about bringing Becky aboard.

      • Not really, you just want to see Austin get the boot because you may not like him. For strategic purposes I think getting rid of the outsiders is a good thing since Austin is Vanessa’s ally and number.

      • And last week she was telling Shelli that she need to keep her word to BD Audrey. Now that she’s in the hot seat she’s looking for a way out. If she keeps this up, she won’t make jury because no one will be able to trust her including Clay and Shelli.

      • Nothing gutsy about Vanessa. She has to “make up” an argument each time to vote anyone out (like with Jeff). That is the definition of spineless. How the rest of the house doesn’t see that she runs her mouth about the game constantly is beyond me. She is a Derrick-wannabe but with no covertness. The reason Derrick won was that nobody realized he was the puppet master till the very end. He made people believe they were making the decisions. It is way obvious that Vanessa is pulling the strings, followed by Chelli. And the rest of the house does nothing. Heres a prediction though: Leaving Austin in the house will come back to haunt Chelli and Vanessa, as he certainly will use the twins.

      • Right now she has 7 people ho won’t put her up next week I don’t think that is bad game play. She is playing the best right now.

      • I disagree. Clay and Shelli are only in it for themselves. Austin will use the the twins or they will use him to further their respected games. Steve will not win HOH and as for Becky that is a tough call. So really she may have only one that won’t put Vanessa up on the block. Keep in mind that Shelli, Austin and Vanessa have yet to be on the block. Watch them freak out when they go up.

      • Think about it, if someone expects you to target someone but you have a different target in mind. Why not just come up with a justifiable reason as to why you targeted them. If you go rogue and just target them than you look shady. Vanessa is just coming up with “reasons” to nominate someone to cover her tracks. It’s not because she is spineless.

        Also how would leaving Austin in the house haunt Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and the twins. Yes they might get exposed but it will still be 5 on 3 for the next HOH. Plus you have Steve and John targetting Meg and James. Vanessa taking out Austin doesn’t make any sense since AUSTIN IS VANESSA’S ALLY.

    • I didn’t like Vanessa at first either (esp after her first hoh), but she is playing a very smart game. You may say that her method for targeting people is spineless, but she’s getting stuff done and not causing waves in the process. If she can just keep her innate paranoia in check she will win.

      • But she will be causing waves once she put up Jason! I’m sure that Meg and James will be going after her if Jason goes home. Also, where is loyalty to shaking their hands saying that she is backdooring Austin? I hope one of them says: ok, it’s ok for you to lie but no one better lie to you – and put her up on the block! I’m so sick of Vanessa’s method – – it’s totally unfair to Jason who, by the way, helped her by telling her that her own alliance was lying to her again! I can’t take it anymore!

  2. This is starting to sound like and Abbott and Costello routine.
    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=WQXwt83hYkE

  3. Well they didn’t even make it through the night and Austin was already talking to Steve about Van, Shelli and Clay and was trying to make deals with people already. They are going to see he can’t be trusted and fooled them soon. Liz I actually think is aweful. Julia seems to be the better of the two. I’m actually beginning to wonder if the fauxmance is actually a real showmance that she is playing off to everyone, including Julia right now as being fake. If she is just trying to throw everyone off by letting them think she doesn’t like Austin she couldn’t really tell Julia either because it would be recorded when they switch plus more convincing if Julia doesn’t know. Either way Liz and Austin are dangerous and ironically Van, Shelli and Clay are blind to it but the other side of the house seems to see that, they just can’t see the alliance right in front of them.

    • I’m hoping that Steve tells Van about the conversation with Austin before the PoV meeting. Maybe, hopefully, she’ll switch the target back to Austin. (fingers crossed)

  4. My How things change in the BB House in 1 Day!
    It should come as no surprise that the original plan to backdoor Austin has changed, thanks to Shelli, who is in my opinion the head of the snake!. She couldn’t be satisfied with Austin going home because when Austin made the comment that their side would be down a vote and the fact that Becky would be a vote for the ‘other side’ this got Shelli moving in top gear. This started getting Vanessa to doubt the original plan which was to get all 8 to the jury–seems like an easy week.. the backdoor was going as planned and all that has to happen is Vanessa places Austin on the block. Now, about 15 hours later the plan is to actually put up Jason because he is a huge target? These people are seriously screwed up–probably thanks to production but also because Shelli started running her mouth. This girl has no game whatsoever and her first mission is to save/be with her son (Clay).

    The irony here is Vanessa says she is such a loyal person, yet here she is going against what was planned. I personally had no doubt this sort of thing would happen, even when Vanessa went on and on about throwing HOH and NOT wanting to remain up there because it was “too stressful”. She enjoyed her first HOH so much that her HOHitus caused her to continue acting like she was HOH when Shelli was up there. So now that she is back as HOH, it didn’t take long for Shelli to continue her reign as HOH even though she isn’t. At one time Clay/Shelli wanted to put up Jackie but Vanessa, being the loyal girl that she is (NOT), promised Jackie that she would not be backdoored if she lost her HOH. So Vanessa is (so far) staying true to this but yet has it firmly in her sites to keep Austin now and put up Jason. I have friends that were sure Jason would be safe because Clay/Shelli were in an alliance with Jason and Meg but I told them this is not the case as Shelli has only one thing on her mind–Clay.. she doesn’t know the game at all.. yet as Britney said during her interview with Julie Chen, that one of the Clay/Shelli alliance would probably win the game.. I would agree with her here, and say Shelli has a very good chance. All I can say is at this point, I’m not impressed with things.. but that is the same the past few weeks, when it was a no-brainer to put up Audrey but that didn’t happen.. thanks to production mainly.. now they can cause all this reaction before the POV Ceremony. What I don’t get is how Steve, which was the backup to Austin not going up, is not even being thought of anymore as a target… since one simple conversation Steve had in the HOH room today, the current side with power seems to figure he is an easy vote for them and he should stay, along with Austin. What I don’t get is how this side of the house thinks throwing up Jason and sending him home is going to place “less blood” on their hands when all they had to do is get rid of Austin. They still had the numbers–as it appears they have now roped in Steve easily and Johnny Mac is in as well, so long as Becky isn’t going home.
    So once again I am hating the show, simply because these HG have no game.. they are lemmings and no brain to think for themselves. 1: Clay/Shelli are a power couple.. that should be your first target and 2: the twins, now that you have allowed them to come in to the game, they become even stronger than #1 target as they are sisters and nothing comes between blood relations. So this current side in power has their work cut out for them if they want to make it to the end. If they were to have left it as is, and send Austin home, they all would have had an easier time to get rid of the twins the next week, which will most likely be a double eviction and possibly even Steve as well as one of the two evictions of the week. Then the rest of the house would have done just as they had planned originally.. to have a 8 way deal to jury. Monday is POV Ceremony so by Noon we should know what really happens and you can be sure if it is Jason up there, there will be some serious drama. What production probably doesn’t realize is they will have a mass exodus from their feed subscription as Jason is one of the most liked people in the house.. Austin’s numbers don’t even come close… he is creepy and in my opinion, worse than BM Cowboy was last year.

    Oh well, just another day in the BB House..

    • this is pure pressure by BB production to get Vanessa to keep Austin–the storyline with Austin groveling like an 8th grader after liz and her not really liking him is just too much fun for the production team and Vanessa loves all the camera time devoted to her switching her plans back and forth. I am sure production gives her the spin lines to use to explain why she changes her mind.

      • Completely agree–this is all production and any feeder that has watched the show long enough will realize this. They have to make for good drama going to commercial breaks. It happens each and every week. The problem is this week it could be Jason once again on the block and only this time there won’t be enough people to save him. I just hope Vanessa wakes up on the right side of the bed today and Jason/Meg/James are the last people that manage to talk to her before the meeting. If Clay/Shelli continue to be on her like bears to honey then most likely it won’t be looking too good for Jason. The irony is Shelli started this mess and really didn’t want it to be Jason and would much rather it be Jackie.. either way Jackie or Becky are much weaker targets then Austin would have been.. I’m just sick of this crap and wish the season would turn out different then it has.

  5. So Steve and Lizz, two Vanessa allies, voted to save Jeff and Vanessa has no clue it was them. Austin, her closest ally, voted to evict John and Vanessa had no clue. Austin threw a veto comp and talked to Jason about the twins and manipulated Vanessa to get himself out of hot water. Vanessa is certain Da did not have the Last Laugh. And now Vanessa thinks America loves Chellis and LiCreep.

    How can someone who is so wrong all the time be a power in the house?

    It wouldn’t be so bad if Vanessa wasn’t running around telling everyone what a genius she is but she keeps talking about herself like she has super powers.

    This season is so hard to watch at times.

    • My God, YES!!! I’m utterly disgusted with Vanessa. She’s not NEARLY as smart as she
      thinks she is and I have barely had the feeds on this weekend because I
      can’t stomach all her back and forth BS.
      I certainly don’t like Shelli (she who squashed the BD Austin plan with her Clay paranoia!), but I’m growing to HATE Steve, Vanessa, & Liz in this game. Steve is a WEASEL, Liz is a Mean Girl who’s lying about how much she “can’t stand Austin,” & Vanessa is just so wishy washy that I can’t even deal with her anymore! And Steve feeding Vanessa’s ego with the “you’re like Derrick” BS is RIDICULOUS!!! Derrick always kept his s*** together.
      I have 2 hopes for this week (the ONLY things that could possibly salvage the rest of the season for me!) – One: JULIA comes back into the habitat BEFORE the Veto Meeting & FLIPS OUT when she finds out that Vanessa is about to go back on the Backdoor Austin plan or Two: With Julia coming into the game, the entire week is RESET, there’s a new HoH comp with only ONE winner, & BoB is finished!

  6. It never seeks to amaze me that the stragglers at the bottom, Jackie, Jason,
    Steve, John, Meg, Becky are all pandering to Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. All they do is report on each other. Do they not see they are being picked apart one by one? They should have figured out by now that they are all expendable and the core alliance is merely using them?

    • don’t forget steve and jason are super fans and they have no clue or leader. They are going down one by one.

    • What are they to do without power? unless one of them wins and stays hoh they are forced to suck up to chelli and vanessa.

      • What they should do is form their own alliance and not add the other house guests in the other side. Keep their mouths shut. They talk too much and snitch on each other. Jackie wasted her HOH by agreeing with Vanessa who had no intention of honoring her end of it. Remember the promise not to put each other on the block? They need to play smart and there are enough house guests to still form two opposing groups if they really wanted to! Playing the way they are, they do not have a chance of winning at all! On the nominations, Jackie should have put up Shelli and Austin.

      • I expressed this before…I think the other side all individually think they will be the “one” that the power alliance with take will them forward…maybe to a F6…and then take their chances from that point?

      • shelli and austin are huge comp threats and you tick off halve the house by doing so and would most likley win botb. Putting up liz and james and having james throw it to get out austin was a great move for jackie, but clay and becky sucked too much. I agree jackie, john, becky, jason, meg, james and steve should group up to get out sixth sense, but unless they win hoh and remain hoh that is not happening.

      • Why is Austin a huge comp threat? Because he’s built like a mountain?? He’s only won one comp.

      • Fair but he is fairly intelligent and quite physical and most botb comps have been physical.

    • Your right…but individually they think they will be the “one” to move forward to maybe the final 6.

  7. please please please–isn’t it obvious that BB production got to Vanessa as they ant a showmance between austin and liz to play out. Vanessa had made a very strong case as to
    why she needed to get lying Austin out nd now she comes up with a last minute screwing of someone else–this is just nonsense. Austin should go home –no jury for him–production just likes he dama from his groveling for Liz who could care less about him.

    • Meanwhile, the viewers can’t stomach anymore of Austin & Liz in the same house.

  8. This is old news, but I forgot to mention this and haven’t seen where anyone else did. When Liz came back in the house and Van was needing to speak with her about the whole Austin being BD’d possibility, at one time, Jackie was up in the HOH with Van. Van told Jackie that she couldn’t be there when Van spoke to Liz because she didn’t want Liz to feel ganged up on. Then Shelli comes up to the HOH room and, of course, is allowed to stay and precedes to interrogate Liz along with Van. Maybe the feeds people could answer this. Was anything shown regarding Jackie realizing that Shelli was allowed to be in the HOH when she wasn’t? I’m hoping Jackie was paying attention. This is why the “other side” is in the predicament they are in presently, no big alliance and dwindling numbers, because of lack of simply paying attention.

    • I don’t watch the feeds so I can’t really answer your question, but I have seen Jackie come to pretty good conclusions but also miss things right in front of her. I watch Amazing Race and she seemed pretty dim there but she seems to be a little smarter than I initially thought.

    • I don’t remember seeing anything about that on the feeds, Karen. I may have missed it though. Jackie has been coming up alot the last couple of days and just comes in and sits and stares at Vanessa and whoever else is in the room. Personally, I think Jackie should go..not, Jason. Jackie is the “mole” in the house.

      • Thanks, Lynn.I hope Jason doesn’t get nom’d because if he does, he will go. I like his dry witty humor.

    • This crew does not pay attention to details. Vanessa imagines details that don;t exist but the rest don’t even notice the obvious things.

      When Liz won HOH she came into the house and immediately grabbed Vanessa and took her aside away from everyone else. That should have been a clear signal to the entire house that they are working together. Then again no one noticed the same people are going up on the block.

      • If they are noticing, they sure have kept it on the downlow. It’s almost unbelievable how utterly remiss they have been to pick up so many obvious occurances. I’ve been in a constant state of head-shaking.

  9. I’m just waiting for the day that Van and Shelli turn on each other. Both of them think they are the queen bee of the house. That’s going to be a huge blowout, with neither of them backing down.

    • Well, with Shelli expressing regret already about the plan for Vanessa to re-nom Jason, you may get your wish sooner rather than later. PLEASE, BB Gods….MAKE IT SO!!! Hahahaha

  10. Not a fan of Steve; didn’t care either way about him until last night.

    I hope if they vote Jason out that it will light a fire under Jackie’s, Meg, James, and John’s behinds. And Julia joins their side (the other side). Why are they going back to the phone booth, geeze louise, it doesn’t matter! I am putting you up because you are a threat to my game….Vanessa is a headache.

    • John thinks he’s not with Jason, Meg and James. He said that they are who he’d target. smh

      • Forgot about that. Did he forget that he Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa used him worse than a pawn. The audacity to ask someone not to use the veto on himself. They must think this sleep away camp and not a game (for an actual prize). SMH

      • At least he was smart enough to say no. No one is standing up for themselves saying they don’t want to throw comps or be on the block.

      • Which makes him a REAL dummy! They’re not the ones who put him up & asked him to do their dirty work! I like JohnnyMac, but really dude?!?!? SMH is right!!!

      • Dang it, JMac! I kept hoping that he was playing the big alliance and we were going to see him come for them when he had the chance. That hope faded when he told Becky that he would put James and Meg up if he won HOH. :(

      • I agree. JMac was my fav, because of his DR antics and winning PoV 2 weeks in a row and he’s a PA boy, but he just slipped way down imo. I’m rooting for Jason now.

      • I’m at a loss who to root for. With Jason most likely getting nom’d, and not enough brain material to activate any common sense in these kids, it’s a coin toss. But if it gets down to the SS alliance being all that is left, I will not be rooting for Shay or Van…ever.So we know who that leaves.

      • I am wondering if John is actually playing a little like Derek. He is just going along with the house knowing that each player that is evicted gets him one person closer to winning. As longs as its not him he will go along with the crowd.

        I think he threw those names out because Becky is no on the list and he wants to save her.

    • I can’t stand Vanessa anymore! I think she is just plain ole stupid and dumb minus her poker playing skills!

  11. I have never seen a season quite like this one. The alliances in the house is so clear, yet no one seems to care. You win HoH but make plans to be dethorned, volunteer for the block, volunteer to throw comps, volunteer information, its maddening. There is no real underdog to root for because no one outside the alliance is playing the game. The so called power in house only has the power because no one is playing the game. It boggled my mind when vanessa, clay, and shelli was talking about putting clay up as a pawn so the house would not think they where working together with Jackie sitting right there as if she was a part of their alliance.

  12. I am so sick of Vanessa. Ugh. I understand her thought process in a way but it isn’t a valid way to play the game. If you can play with no “blood on your hands” then yeah that’s great, but if you can’t just make a freaking move! She needs to stop digging for excuses and just do what she wants done. Stop obsessing about it and do something.

    I’m also really annoyed about them keeping Austin just for “a number” when they know he was the vote to keep Audrey. If you can’t trust him to vote with your side then he isn’t “a number” for you. Simple.

    • If you understand her thought process you may need medical attention! (:>) She bases all of her decisions on false information. Now she is claiming Da didn’t have the Last Laugh power? Give me a break. People all around her are pulling the wool over her eyes and she is clueless.

      And someone needs to tell her the odds do not matter when it comes to people. People are not like playing cards. They have different skills and abilities so you cannot compute the probability of one person winning the HOH over another as if all have the same chance – unless it is a purely luck comp and so far none have been pure luck.

      • Okay, I guess I said that wrong :P What I meant was that not wanting “blood on your hands” is great in theory, but isn’t a way to play that is always an option or guarantees a positive outcome.
        Just wanted to clear that up because I admit I have problems but I am not on her level :P

      • As you can tell, I am not a Vanessa fan! LOL. She drives me crazy when she speaks because she can;t complete a sentence without multiple long pauses or fractured thoughts.

      • I thought I was the only one who noticed that! I even hate her voice (more than Liz & Julia’s)! She just doesn’t make much sense anymore! Even staying in an alliance with Clay and shelli, – – doesn’t she know in the end of that, she will be nominated because they want to take each other to the end????? Duh???

      • Let me add my name to the group who can’t stand Vanessa. She gives me a headache when she talks all her so called logic nonsense.

      • She’s almost tolerable when she isn’t in power. And I agree, the rhythm of her speech makes me crazy. I said that to someone just last night.

      • Thank you Prince because I totally agree with what you have said. Reading cards and reading people are not the same thing and Van and all her so called logic of figuring out who did this and who voted what way have turned out to be wrong every single time. The other thing about her that bothers me is how she constantly says she hates liars (even though she has no problem when she does it) and yet she knows without a doubt Austin lied to her and instead has to go searching for someone who she thinks may have lied just like the Da thing and how she comes up with these calculations of why it couldn’t possibly be Da. Same with the votes for Jeff. I just wish there was a way to see her face when she realizes what an idiot she looked like when she came up with who it had to be when all along the votes all came from her own alliance. I had hopes for her before the game started but now can’t stand her. I don’t like anyone in her alliance and like people from the other side better. I was so hoping that Jason won HOH along with Jackie. For me a disappointing season.

  13. If someone lets it slip to Jason that he’s going up as the target, he might have a chance. He’s smooth talked Van before. He’s pretty good at smooth talking his way out of things.

  14. If I hear ‘I don’t want to get blood on my hands’ one more time I am going to throw up. Man Up, Woman Up! Get blood on your hands. Start playing to win and stop leading from behind. Vanessa makes me sick with her whining BS. If you want the 500K do what you have to do to put yourself in a position to win. Get rid of Austin while you have the chance because you may not get the opportunity again. Geesh

    • But getting rid of Austin makes her group weaker and the other stronger. If Jason or James or Jackie win HOH again Vanessa’s group gets even smaller because of the twins and then we get Jason running house getting rid of Jason keeps Vanessa running things and that is better for her game right now.

      • But, Vanessa is planning the demise of her own alliance way before they have to turn on each other and I want to see that!

  15. Clay must have fumbled his balls and never recovered them. Until he does, there is no Shay, there is a SHELLI, making all the decisions while leading Clay around by his balless tallywhacker.

  16. That house will be boring as heck once Jason goes..he is my comedic entertainment. I think I would have went for have to start thinking about who you will have votes from in jury now..Jackie will now be in jury and I think will taint it against Vanessa if she hangs around. From what I have heard on the feeds, Vanessa and Austin could care less about the’s all about the experience.

    • Everyone said that after Jace left and then Da’Vonne and then Jeff and then Audrey. Thecway things are going there are enough crazy people to makevthis season very entertaining.

  17. I think Shelli and Clay need to go. Their ego is huge..they think they run the house. Everyone needs
    to start thinking for themselves and going for the win.

      • That’s just because they have maintained power throughout much of the show so far. Anyone else would feel the same way.

  18. This seasons contestants suck so much that it’s entertaining. I think Jeff is right when he says a floater might win. Everyone in the house are dumb, indecisive, or just don’t care. I think Steve will win because he is a more improved version of Ron from BB 11. He hasn’t really made any bad moves while he hasn’t made great moves, he will slip by. Ultimately the alliances will pick themselves off anyway. This season will turn into BB15 all over again where the big powers of the house will be turned against which would be Vanessa and Shelli compared to Helen and Amanda.

  19. James to Vanessa: “I just want to tell you, you’re mom in the picture, looks hot.” lol If for whatever reason don’t workout for Vanessa’s mom and her husband,… James could be Vanessa’s step dad.

  20. Just waiting for the Vanessa meltdown. It’s coming….and it’s going to be EPIC! Mountains out of mole hills, can’t let things go, and she thinks she’s omnipotent. Someone else commented they think the meltdown will be when she’s nominated. I’m hoping it’s so epic that Audrey will be forgotten about.

  21. What does the stupid phone booth matter!!?! Its not like it actually affected any votes.

  22. They are INSANE to keep Becky (strong competitor) instead of Jason (no allies)!!!!!

    • Jason is the ring leader of the other side so getting rid of him is smart. Becky can be brought into the group so getting rid of her makes no sense.

      • There is no ring leader of the other side. They are not really together as a team. The fear of Jason is irrational since he has said his target is Steve.

        For Vanessa, the best play now is to let Austin go as they planned. Not sending him home could unite the other side for the first time and put a huge target on Vanessa’s back. Before this the other side would have taken out Steve, and the twins before coming after anyone else. We are going to see Austin betray Vanessa again before the others would have come after Vanessa.

  23. I don’t understand the people drinking the Vanessa Kool-Aid, she’s honestly playing a pathetically overanalyzed game. Everybody thinks she’s so great right now, the second that anybody compares notes over her, she’s done for. How many people has she brought up as a target this week? All Austin has to do is feel a bit scorned and now everyone knows just how expendable they are to Vanessa.

    So many people are saying that Vanessa is playing the best game, that’s debatable, but even if she is, it doesn’t make her a good gameplayer, it just makes her the least terrible. This season is filled with people who don’t comprehend how the game works.

    • She has the numbers on her side right now and that is what she needs. She is being very smart with her moves. Austin won’t turn his back on Vanessa just yet. He will wait until it benefits him to do so.

      • She doesn’t have the numbers – if the other side would stop trying to join Shelli and Clay. If Jackie and Meg, for example win the HOHs this week, one of the alliance has to go home unless Jackie and Meg get stupid – which a agood possibility.

        The real issue is, is Austin really a number for her?

      • I think JMac is playing the best game. He has a little bit of Derrick in him. He He goes along with the house without making any enemies. Who knows what he is thinking. He’s won a couple of vetoes when he had to. Its too early to tell yet but it would not surprise me if he went far in this game – maybe even final 3.

  24. Ughh Come on Vanessa!! You really need to learn to read people more especially those who are in your alliance whom you claim aren’t lying to you!! Like what did the other side ever do to you?! They were in no way ever going to target you! Yes they were targeting people in your alliance but who cares! Less people to worry about right!? I just have this bad feeling that this will come and bite her in the rear

  25. I read Jackie is talking with Vanessa and telling her she want the Dark Moon alliance to get together and talk. Jackie said she won;t be able to look past someone changing Vanessa’s mind about back dooring Austin unless the group meets and agrees. This is a stupid move worthy of Jeff. It will get Jackie put up on the block and out the door for sure.

  26. Vanessa wears me out around and around she goes. Is the biggest lier but hates liers. It’s like ok. Please be no next wk. The problem with Bob it takes all the drama and equal chance of hoh power away. It keeps one group in control. It needs to go away.

  27. I hope Vanessa looses this game, what a spineless person she is, Austin needs to go home, Vanessa and Shelli don’t need to win HOH anymore they cry and freak out when they have to make a decision, if Shelli or Clay win this week I will be literally sick, someone like John or Steve need the power for a change and turn the house upside down! !!

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