Big Brother 17 Premiere – Part 2 Recap: The Gang’s All Here

Julie Chen is back at the Big Brother 17 house with part two of the 2015 season premiere tonight on CBS following last night’s arrival of the first eight Houseguests. It’s time to find out what else they have in store on Big Brother.

Big Brother 17 - Premiere Part 2 Houseguests
Big Brother 17 – Premiere Part 2 Houseguests – Source: @JulieChen

Battle of the Block is back and that means we’ll need a second Head of Household to rule beside James Huling, the first HoH of the season. We’ll discover who wins the second part of the HoH comp along with the bigger question of just how many HGs will be entering the house.

Yes, we met 8 of the 14 Houseguests last night but why the uneven arrivals especially when the HoH comp was only made to support 7 at once? Could be a twist or surprise coming our way. I’m still expecting two more and we’re about to find out.

Speaking of twists, we’ll get more on the Twin Twist with who we expect to be Liz Nolan and her sister Julia. But remember, they don’t have to go undetected, they just have to avoid eviction for five rounds for them to play the game together side by side. Think they can do it?

When the episode ends tonight on the west coast the Live Feeds will launch and the Houseguests will be in front of our happy little faces starting right around 9PM PT (12AM ET). To watch inside the house you’ll need your All Access subscription up and running so do that now and be ready to go.

Bonus!: Feeds went live for about ten minutes just a bit ago and we saw lots of Houseguests & some early surprise details! Very, very cool. Flashback to 4:33PM BBT to see for yourself.

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We’re getting the Houseguest intros now with Liz, Jason, John, Vanessa, Becky, and Steve. Lots of fun folks in this group and they’re about to meet the rest of the house. Julie tells them they’re late to the party along with the other two twists so far.

HGs split in to two groups: Liz Nolan, Becky Burgess, & Steve Moses followed by Vanessa Rousso, John McGuire, & Jason Roy. The first batch of HGs are waiting there to meet and greet them. Lots of cheers and hugs all around.

Everyone gathers at the dining table to go around and do a full set of introductions. Once they’re done HGs start questioning the two empty seats at the table. They know to expect two final players coming they’re way and here they come. Julie welcomes out Phil Keoghan, the host of Amazing Race. He introduces Jackie & Jeff as the final two HGs and they head on in.

Time for the second Head of Household to be crowned. Everyone gathers for the next comp and once again we have one person needing to sit out. Vanessa volunteers and the other seven prepare for battle.

The comp is called “UFOh No!” just as we knew it would be. The players will be hanging to posts in the ground as tension cables hooked to harnesses are trying to pull them up in to the sky. The design is pretty good but reminiscent of BBCAN2’s cable pull comp.

It’s been going awhile but no one is budging. Wait. Here goes Steve getting slowly sucked away… and he’s gone! After a quick probing the aliens drop him back in the haystack and he’s out of the comp. There goes Jeff who says he threw it. John is about to go next. Yep. That leaves Jason, Becky, Liz, and Jackie are left trying to win. Wait, there goes Becky and Liz.

It all comes down to Jason and Jackie, but Jackie is just a nudge from being pulled off the poll while Jason has a solid grip at the bottom. Jason promises Jackie he won’t put her up if she gives up and it’s a deal she wants. Jason wins HoH.

That’s it for tonight but there’s more Big Brother coming up. Sundays 8/7c, Wednesday 8/7c, and Thursdays 9/8c. No resolution to the Twins Twist, though we know that’s gotta be Liz & her twin Julia. But wait, Phil returns to tell Da’Vonne & Vanessa their risk of sitting out may offer a reward, but then bails before saying anything else.

Okay, Feeds & BBAD launch at 9PM PT (12AM ET) so you know what to do! Get signed up:

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      • LOL! My name is Sharon, but when that song came out, I became: SHARONA! Love that song!

      • I had a waitress job at the time and every night while closing, I’d blast the song on the jukebox. I haven’t been called by my real name since 1979! Even my mom called me ‘Sharona’. When I hear it on the radio in my car, I start jamming and car ‘dancing’….you should see the looks I get from the young people who see me.

      • When I was in college that song had just come out and my favorite frat used to break out singing it every time I walked into the house. LOL

      • That must have been incredibly cool! I never had a frat sing it to me…a lot of other people, but never a frat. ;)

      • Thank you friend. I don’t know why I couldn’t get to it from my iPad. I guess I’m going to have to start using my laptop. Lol.

  1. I’m wondering if Da’V will be included in tonight’s HOH comp since she volunteered not to participate last night??? There’s 7 spots and only 6 new hgs arriving tonight.

    • According to twitter feeds, CBS photos of Jeff and Jackie from TAR were leaked and they will be joining the cast tonight. So, 8 HGs tonight. What I want to know is why they didn’t squeeze in an 8th board in the HoH comp, unless Jeff and Jackie were last minute additions.

      • Jim Raman? like as in TAR? please spare me I think I would prefer john. Seems less likely to hold back on the anesthesia.

      • Usually all the dentists I see on reality shows are the ones that are both muscular (not as big as Jim though) and pearly whites that can emit lightsabers because they’re so shiny.

      • HA! I just had a strange mental picture of Dr. Wil and Jim battling it out using lightsaber teeth.

  2. So I said I’d give it a week before I voice my likes and dislikes but I’m already sick of Jace.

    • Yeah, like no one told her. For all we know, it was Julie’s idea to get them on the show.

    • Yeah these things rarely work out for the new houseguests. Just bring them in with everyone else maybe?

  3. “Stuck in this little house” ??? Honey, a lot people would take your place in a heartbeat.

    • I’m still excited though. I haven’t watched BB5 when it aired so this is completely new to me as a viewer.

      (Although twins/multiplets have been a staple in other BB versions)

  4. Jeff please don’t me too confident she might just be the one to evict you.

  5. Does anyone else think Jason is annoying. I want him evicted like yesterday.

    • Yup time for some wine and dinner to kill the time before midnight! Enjoy your nap. So excited for the feeds.

  6. Tonight was kind of a let down….anyone else feel the same way? Going for tonight. Catch y’all on the other side.

  7. Wowser~ What a letdown. That HOH comp was contrived. I didn’t see anyone struggling to hang on and they were hooked to a crane??? How gullible does CBS think we are? I’m happy for Jason/Jittery ~ he probably wouldn’t be able to win a real physical comp.

  8. Oh ~~ I’ve got watermelon chunks for anyone who want them ~~ help yourself ~~

      • I found it, and now I’m not even sure how I got to interactive. I downloaded the CBS app. I think I went to feeds and signed in, but I’m not even sure.

        *i think I went to live feeds, then it popped up another CBS screen – interactive, select feeds. I signed up thru Matt’s, so he would get credit, but I think it must be same to get in

  9. A few observations: John/dentist ~ “I’m gonna play dumb” ~ really? What a quirky sense of humor. Steve is the resident geek. Jace/Jerk is so annoying ~ I want to delete him. Audrey seems to be keeping a low profile. Da’V seems defensive about J & J being hgs. Her unfriendly look did me in.

  10. Good to see Phil ~~ The clips of Screaming/Crying Rachel and J&J just took up time that would have been better spent with the hgs. The commercial breaks are pathetically long. They’re probably longer than the actual show. So disappointed.

    • He forgot to show footage of Allison and Donnie (the often mentioned boyfriend of hers in BB4 that has since become an ex- himself).

  11. 10 pm East Coast: I’m propping up my eyelids and eagerly awaiting BBAD at midnight. Somebody turn the lights out …

    • lol. I know I won’t make it. Tomorrow’s my last day of work, though I’ll only get a week off before my summer job starts.

  12. Okay, so… not liking Jace, DEFINITELY not liking Liz – I really hope her sister’s not gonna be that annoyingly obnoxious because I don’t know if I can take two of them being in the house.

  13. I’m watching it right now. The first 15 mins. I’ve concluded that Jace is a dick.

    • There is no hope ~ just watched the 1st two hours of BBAD and Jace is definitely the Jerk I’ve been calling him.

  14. I predict Jackie & Jeff will have a huge target on their backs. I think the feeling will be that they have already had their moment in the sun.

  15. Sort of just ok for me. TAR couple is just an easy target. John is annoying me because I hate it when people yell in the diary room. Too many did it in the past and I can’t take it for long. There is a mic in there and someone should tell him that. I thought that the HOH seemed easier than the first 1. Not easy but not as hard to do, did not require much more than a will to hold on.

  16. I need help please. I signed up for all access/live feeds. I’m watching on my laptop, but for the life of me can’t figure out how to watch on my phone. I downloaded the CBS app. I can’t find anywhere that leads me to the feeds. Im logged in but everywhere asks me to sign up n try out the free week. Anyone?

  17. First impressions: I really like this cast so far. Definitely one of the most diverse and very few stereotypes (at least for now).

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