Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Comp Plans In Week 9 – Update: Players Picked & Steve Worries

James and Meg have discussed not using the Veto if they win it to protect the other. Say James won Veto and saved John then Meg could be the renom and vice versa. So the Goblins won’t be helping out John or Steve this week.

While John thinks all is well Steve actually knows better. Steve sat down with Austin last night (7:25 PM BBT) to discuss the week’s targets. Austin immediately defends Vanessa which makes Steve ask if James is now the target with John as a plan B. Austin says he’s still split on James or Vanessa. Neither of these claims are true as we just heard in Austin’s camtalk. Steve calls Austin on his born-again Vanessa trust and knows things aren’t as they seem.

Steve might now strongly believe Vanessa is not the target, but if he thinks the James plan is a reality then he’ll also be caught off guard. Notice though that when John and Steve spoke in the bathroom Steve didn’t mention any concerns to John. Instead he actually said they were on a good course. My theory is Steve might not want to tip John off and have more competition at the PoV with them both in possible danger.

Later today, possibly this morning as we’ve seen before, the Zingbot will arrive and host the Power of Veto competition. Considering the dangers of having someone in that suit in the heat I think we’ll more likely see either an early or a late comp, but not mid-day.

John will need to win that Veto if he wants to survive the week but he probably won’t know the threat level around him. But if he throws two comps this week and volunteered to be up on the Block in the process then there’s little excuse for the situation.

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Update: Players have been picked for this late in the day comp. Vanessa, Meg, and Julia were selected to join Austin, John, and Steve. Yes, John picked Meg again.

Steve finally talked to John alone about his worries that they may end up the targets this week. Steve warned John that the Austwins may have a deal with James & Meg. We know they do and it’s called “Brass Tacks.”

John has been warned that they can’t mess around in this comp and will need to win it themselves to change up the noms in hopes of getting Vanessa or James up on the Block.

From what we know, I wouldn’t expect either of those two to go up but instead we’ll probably see Meg up if there’s a renom and the remaining original nominee is likely to be evicted.

Veto competition has yet to be held so we’ll keep watching for tonight’s spoilers.

Update 2: Veto comp finally began at 6:30PM BBT. Spoilers in a few hours.


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    • Too little too late for him to expect his alliance to do a lot for him. It is obvious Johnny Mac is his number one and Austin sees that too. See ya.

      • I agree. I think Austin sees that Jmac-Steve are each others #1 in the house.

        And I also think he sees the value that steve brings that Jmac does not, but he doesn’t want that value to be 2 votes strong. So, he can weaken steve by taking out Jmac.

        And with Steve-Van competing to be the Austwins #4 as singletons, that is best for austwins to control them. I believe austin knows the attack on the three is coming – and he needs additional assets for himself to survive it.

      • Austin and the twins made an alliance with Johnny Mac and Steve. Putting both on the block and evicting one would tell Steve that he should not trust Austin and the twins. He is still in Vanessa’s back pocket. I see Steve or Vanessa if they win HOH next putting Austin and Liz on the block. They would need to chop down Austin and the twins who have 3 votes among them. Two strong competitors can flip this game over. Rooting for Becky to come in then, it becomes more fun if she wins the HOH after that!

      • The Austwins did make that deal with StevieMac, but it was recent AND they made deals with EVERYONE. When he won HOH, Austin was going to have to piss someone off & break deals. Steve already knew not to trust Austin (or Van).

        I do like the idea of becky or even jackie coming back. If jmac (assuming he goes this week) or Shelli come back… Yawn… Becky is most likely to do what should be done – attack the Austwins. I don’t think that Van would do it – for similar reasons why Austin is saving her now. Steve is more likely to turn on Austwins than Van.

      • The only one who deserve to come back is shelli because she actually applied to be on the show , becky was recurtied by a dating site called tinder, jackie was also recurtied, and say john is evited he really does not bring anything too the game

      • Richie not becky but shelli because becky was recurtied where shelli applyed too be on big brother

      • What is more relevant to me is not how they were taken off the street or applied to Big Brother, are they playing the game and making big moves? If so, they deserve to be on Big Brother rather than the likes of Meg who does nothing in the game. It is boring enough as it is. We do not need house guests who treat it like they are on a long vacation. JMHO

      • Why do you think alot of the players don’t know how to play big brother never seen the show until they got on the show

      • What is going over at CBS? The producers don’t have the time to read through applications? I’m disappointed that they recruited so many players. Have they done this in previous seasons? CBS sure did pick a bunch of losers this time around. Where the hell did they get that slutty Liz? And her sister is one of the worst floaters of all time. At least Meg and James add laughter and fun to the game. If James does not win I hope he gets fan favorite. I think JMac is an ok guy, but I don’t understand why fans like him so much. JMac is low energy and no real personality. If JMac is a good dentist he’ll make a half million in a couple years. Him and Vanessa do need the money.

      • Speaking of doing nothing in the game, Julia is worthless, she has done absolutely nothing since entering that house except watch her sister and creepy guy make out.

    • Think Zingbot now and what is about to go down. I cannot wait. Something is going to be revealed to JMac, who still thinks Van is the target, about what transpired in the camtalks by Austin. Maybe that will spark a fire under JMac to win the Veto. Otherwise, JMac will just give up and not try to win it at all.

    • I think Steve is really trying to save JMac. He’s just not going to throw his game away while doing so. He’s trying to figure a way to save them both. That’s why he was telling Austin he would go up as a pawn but not against JMac.

      • Thanks, boy… I know you’re agreeing w/girl but it looks like you’re agreeing w/man. Ha, ha. Just noticed the last word of each of our names… kind of crazy, huh?

      • I think Steve is trying to save Steve… he could slap JMac awake with some info he knows but he’s choosing not to b/c he wants a better chance of winning Veto.

      • I really think Steve is trying to save JMac too, but he can’t do anything other than provide info if JMac is willing to receive. Steve knows JMac is a beast in comps when he is able to…he just wants JMac to fight for it, since he knows JMac has been wanting to give up.

      • So you think Steve feels he’s safe and can go ahead & fire up JMac to give himself less a chance to win POV? That’s not computing w/me, not logical… DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER.

  1. You know, rather than CBS teasing us with “the most twisted season ever”, they should just say same show – different season. And what’s with them recruiting all these players?

      • Well, when someone finds the script for BB let me know… seems with this being BB17 it would have ‘leaked’ somewhere that it’s rigged or did they kill off all the previous contestants. And buried them with all the WMDs over in Iraq.

        The stuff you see on UnReal is unreal, though I’m not an authority on it after a show & a half.

        I think BB is missing the boat not adding a half hour program of the Jury House once they get at least 3 juror in there. The Live Feed doesn’t show any of that does it?

      • Thanks, BB use to show more footage of the Jury House but the last few season they got away from it. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear what Shelli, Jackie & Becky (funny all those name end with ‘e’ sound) are saying. It would be funny if it was “Screw Big Brother, lets party like it’s summer vacation… none of us want to go back in the House”.

    • I heard they are doing a Big Brother 18 season with All Stars. It is about time. The casting the past 3 seasons leave a lot to be desired. You want more gamers instead, of do nothing floaters! Survivor atleast, addressed that by letting fans vote for who they want to return for this upcoming season. I voted for most of the gamers so, should be a good season. Floaters like Kass and Shirin got in. They have to play or get evicted early.

    • I watched a show the second week of bb and guess who was getting his apartment redone for free !!!! Austin !!!!! Guess you know by that he will be staying around ….All set up !!!!!

    • I honestly think they tried using more recruits this season to see if they could outlast the super fans. It seems to have worked. Being a super fan doesn’t mean you’ll make it far. You have to be able to read people well enough to get far in the game and by getting recruits you have more of a chance of finding those people. Now if you’re a super fan, read people well, intelligent AND are physical then that’s a great combo to win. Derrick won last year because he was a super fan, very intelligent and was extremely gifted reading people. It’s such a toss up though with the twists and things that happen in the house daily that you also have to have a little luck to get by.

      • A lot of super fans do not really know how to play the game. In this season we had Jason and Audrey. And nobody can teach you common sense. For example, you and a couple of others have been on the block numerous times while, some house guests have not been on the block at all. That should give you a clue that maybe, these guys are in an alliance protecting each other? What about the unanimous votes like in Clay’s case? That is after they promised you they would vote out Shelli. Nobody is even bothering to count the votes to figure out that they have been lied to?

      • Yeah that was part of my point. Super fans won’t always have common sense so they can’t be chosen to play on the game unless they’re put there on purpose. I think starting with Clay’s eviction they stopped paying attention to the votes and started voting together, which is stupid. It shouldn’t matter if you think or know the votes are going a certain way you should still vote how you want. And the Goblins should’ve realized they were being lied to just by votes alone and realized there was an alliance against them. Becky seemed to be the only one who figured out what was going on and she even told the Goblins and they still were cluless. It’s ridiculous how much they LACK common sense.

    • Me too! Wish an insider at CBS would tell us how many people have dumped their live feeds over the past 2 weeks.

    • Yes im very sick of big brother it just doesn’t seem real.i don’t even watch it i just come on here cause i can’t believe these idiots! !!!!

    • Me too! I was fortunate to take the free week when Vanessa had her melt down. Then when Liz won HOH I had had enough!
      I can’t even watch BB After Dark…too many MORONS screaming (Liz, Julia & Meg) not to mention Austin/Liz’s bedroom follies!
      I can’t wait until they come back to “REALITY” and see what feeders / fans really thought of them and the A$$es they made of themselves. Just hope they don’t come out as F1 and F2. ! That would be a real shame!!

    • Considering the Vanessa alliance is in full control of the Big Brother House. It is pointless when majority of house guests are not even playing the game. I thought of signing up but, why waste monies even at $5.99?

  2. On I don’t know how much more I can stand! This season is sooooooooo bad! No one wants to make big moves and each week is the same. If Vanessa isn’t blindsided this week and sent home I’m done with this season. Lame season. So sad.

  3. Whoa, I just found this. I’m starting to believe Austin is a pissessive, narcissistic stalker: he said this to Steve:

    Austin said he will need Steve to help him at the wrap party because men will be all over the twins.

    I think production needs to protect the twins from Austin. This is too stalkerish. Anyone watch the tv series, Stalker?

    This is disgusting to know how far in advance he is planning their lives.

    He doesn’t have a ring on either of the twins fingers. I would love to know what they think about this.

    I think Austin must be jealous of Steve s sudden closeness to Julia.

    • Oh lord…what a menace Austin truly is. Yes, I’ve watched both seasons of Stalker…very good show and pretty accurate to some degree too. I had acquired a stalker myself many years ago…not a violent one…she just would show up at inconvenient times and try to embarrass me in front of an audience with some untruths. I almost had to get a restraining order on her, but after talking with her mother with the threat of doing that, the girl stopped harassing me.

    • So you’re saying Austin wants them both?

      I heard his GF outside was glad he left for BigBro, she feels like she’s escaped from him. She’s going to move away from CA and change her identity.

      • Oh, you’re going to know… BANITAP will make sure you know. She probably can check the BB17 script to see if that’s upcoming.

        Why hasn’t BigBro interviewed the twins parents yet to get their view on the Liz/Austin shomance? My guess is they are mortified (that word makes it sound REALLY bad) and have refused an interview. Now watch they’ll be on Sunday’s show. LOL.

  4. Vanessa will walk away with the game if they don’t stop her. The jury will give it to her just because she managed to NOT get evicted.

    • Can’t see too many audience members (on the finale) clapping if Vanessa wins. I prefer they just boo her.

      • As much as I don’t like Vanessa, she’s the ONLY one playing the game. She’s playing mind-games with everyone. As of right now, everyone knows it. But, should she get to the end, I have to say she deserves to win. Think about it, this girl has the whole house scared to evict her. That’s game play.

      • and that’s why I said they are going to let her walk out with the win. They are all too dumb to realize what’s going on and what’s the big deal with evicting her? why is everyone so afraid?

      • I have no clue what they’re scared of. Maybe they think if they’re sitting next to her at the end, they’ll win because she’s pissed everyone off. But that’s the one who usually wins. The one who pissed everyone off by playing the game.

      • i totally agree with you and although it will piss me off if she wins, if she lasts til the end she deserves it. Austin is a little pussy. He would have made points with everyone if he put her up and got her out.

      • I think by not putting Vanessa on the block it should be clear that Austin and Vanessa are working together. Hopefully James will pick up on that and put Austin and Liz OTB together!

      • She’s got dirt on some HGs and even if she doesn’t she’ll make some up… a HG doesn’t want her as a enemy, they think if she’s on Jury and voting for them then she’ll convince other Jurors to vote for you & vice-versa if she’s your enemy.

      • I (my name is Rashawn smith)and I am reading some of these tweet and you guy are right about van.winning the game of BB.If I was on the show,she would been evicted already.I would not be afraid of her.

      • You are so right.! Everyone is aware of what she is doing yet they still keep her in the game??? So it appears “fear”, of what I don’t know, out weighs trying to win $500,000.

      • And apparently, going big for Vanessa has kept her from going home. She’s good at the mind games. I can’t stand her, but I do believe she’s playing the best game so far. She’s the target no one wants to touch.

      • I think Vanessa’s in limbo and she doesn’t know it yet… it’s coming though.

        HGs are realizing you can push her around & make her crazy by just refusing to talk with her… Austin give me 3 more minutes… NO. Steve, I need to talk with you… NO, now not a good time.

  5. I’m still fairly new at this, so here’s my (dumb) question. I thought I read that whoever wins the POV, if they use it on someone else, they are also safe. So if JohnnyMac won & used it on Vanessa, then would he come off the block, and both he & Vanessa would be safe? Also…if that is true….if he used it on himself & Steve, would HOH have to nominate 2 more? Hope that’s clear & not confusing!!! Thank you!!

    • Nooo…JMac and Steve are on the block. If JMac wins Veto, he’ll more than likely use it on himself, then the HoH has to renom another to take his place. But if someone, say James wins Veto (he’s still safe because he’s not on the block) he can use it on JMac or Steve, but then after he uses it, he could be renommed by the HoH. He’s not going to let that happen. He’ll probably not use it and the noms remain the same. POV can only be used on one person.

    • The Veto (Golden Power) has a shield and a sword part.
      Whoever wins the Veto is safe from being nominated(shield). The Veto can be used to remove a nominated person (sword).
      If you are on the block and use it on the other person on the block, you stay on the block because you are already nominated (so the safety shield cannot work), another person has to be nominated. If you are not on the block and win, you can use the shield (so you are not nominated) and choose to remove someone (sword).

    • How PoV works…
      1. A person not on the block wins the Veto. They can keep the noms the same or use it on one of the noms. If they use it, then both the PoV winner and the person they used it on are safe and neither can be the renom.
      2. A person on the block wins the Veto. If they use it on themselves, they are safe. If they use it on the other nom, the other nom is safe, but they remain on the block and aren’t safe. If they don’t use it, then they remain on the block and aren’t safe.

    • Linda, My husband has always said “The only “dumb” question there is, is the one that isn’t asked.”

    • I think you’re confused. If you’re OTB you can ONLY use it on yourself and come off the block; If you’re not OTB (like Vanessa, she’d not OTB) she could use it to save JMac and keep herself safe at the same time. Does that make any sense?

  6. Too true! For me, this is why I kinida hope he just goes away and doesn’t come back. He is just not a BB player.

  7. This really is, in my opinion, the worst season ever.. in hopes that Jackie returns is the only thing I see saving it from complete disaster. Watching Austin constantly smother Liz is so gross and the fact that she likes it is even worse. They (the twins) have done absolutely nothing all season and have nicely stayed hidden behind the meat shield. Now they will glide to the finals.. how pathetic!

      • Oh really? Just like it has supposed to have been all season? There aren’t any interesting players left (James/Meg can’t do everything enjoyable to watch). What could possibly be “juicy” enough to watch? I have given up on the feeds since Jackie left, checking in once or twice a day and what so I see, Austin/Liz in bed.. gross. Or Steve talking to himself.. no thanks.. I have been a loyal patron of the feeds from season 1 and I have absolutely lost all hope of anything good happening until my girl Jackie comes back (if she is the one to return) and even then I think it will be too late for her to do serious damage.

    • The only thing that can save this season, IMO, is for Jackie to come back in the house and for someone to put Austin on the block against Liz. Austin and Liz are IMO worse than Shelli and Clay ever were, and instead of us watching the other HGs watch their “love” bloom from afar, somebody should have cut through all that nonsense and broken up that 3-headed snake. Now, it seems, it’s almost too late.

      • And this is because these HG are the dumbest ones yet.. no game play what-so-ever. Summer Camp is what the twins would call it.. Steve the so-called super fan gamer has no game.. no social game either. Jason at least knew everything about each season and could rattle it off his tongue in no time but he was overly social and forgot it was a game (being stupid).. no, none of these players are great.. James has been tolerable all season just for his pranks and light hearted humor.. Meg–you just have to bless the girl.. always a smile on her face.. but for her she just has no idea how to play in the comps…She’s a shoe-in for 2nd place if they can manage to get rid of at least one of the twins.. Liz ideally as she is the one that has been winning comps and that would devastate Austin’s game, pretty much like Shelli’s was when Clay left.. I’m not sure why everyone loves JM.. yeah sure his D/R sessions are a blast for us viewers but he really hasn’t played the kind of game that anyone wants to watch, that is for sure!

      • The problem is, whichever of the Austwins goes up on the block, he/she will have two other votes to save them, and with only four votes left, it’s almost a moot point. The only way to get them out is to put two of the three on the block together.

      • That is ALWAYS the way to get the player you want to go home.. split the power couples up by placing them both OTB. In this case they are 3 so it does make it more tough to do but it is still doable. The problem is these HG are so dumb, they continue to use people (like Van) as a shield b/c they don’t want to get ‘blood on their hands’.. (I’m so over that saying as well as “at the end of the day”)..

      • Anything that comes out of Vanessa’s mouth is so annoying. Her “let me tell you” and her “omm omm” right before she lies is ridiculous. How no one in the house has caught on to that one still blows my mind. That is her “tell” in this game.

      • Exactly. Put Austin and Liz up together. BUT it’s gonna take someone who isn’t scared of “getting blood on their hands” to do it. Like I said above, a solid alliance of 3 is much more dangerous than Vanessa.

      • Getting rid of him wouldn’t do much of anything. Except leave Meg on her own and an easy target. Liz would be the best one to get rid of next.

      • But his target is only Vanessa. He’s not seeing what the Austwins are doing. Plus, he and Meg made an alliance with them. James would focus on Steve or Vanessa. Someone needs to step up and split up the twits and Austin.

      • Yes he does
        He and Austin made a final six, then each man for himself. Austin is honoring his agreement

      • But James shouldn’t since he lost Jackie. He will always be outnumbered and there goes Austin and the twins sailing into F3.

      • Don’t you mean Shelli? Johnny Mac isn’t gone yet so we can’t be absolutely positive who is being evicted Thursday. I prefer Shelli to come back but either way all of the girls know to target Austwins so as long as that happens first I’ll be ok with anyone coming back.

      • I hope JMac survives since Shelli would like to work with him if she returns. This should be a very entertaining end game to watch even if the duo don’t make it to the finale.

      • Got some inside news…one of the twins could be going next week! Which one is still to be determined, but splitting them may well happen!

      • You are right, only one can come off the block. You are right about being concerned with the number of votes left during the next round.

      • She wasn’t too bright (or at least acted that way) until she caught on to Vanessa’s MO, then all of a sudden she became too dangerous to Vanessa and had to go. That’s how you can tell when Van realizes someone’s on to her – when they all of a sudden *have* to leave.

      • She still wasn’t bright enough when she voted out Shelli instead of Vanessa. Nothing good coulda come out of keeping Vanessa.

      • Good point Valerie, Jackie did what was best for James’s game and not her own by voting out Shelli.

      • I’d love for Vanessa to win HOH and put Liz and Austin on the block. That would shake things up.

    • I’m waffling between wanting Jackie or Becky to come back. I worry that Jackie will just listen to James and Meg and focus on Vanessa and not the Austwins. Becky, however, is pissed about the Austwins taking her out. Getting rid of one of them would be the best thing. Best case scenario, evict Liz. Then two players are weakened (Austin and Julia). Yes, it’s letting Vanessa slide for yet another week, but I honestly don’t think she’s as dangerous as a solid alliance of three.

      • She’d probably go after Vanessa too. I hope she doesn’t come back. I’m leaning more towards Becky. Or whomever it is that is evicted next. They would be the ones most pissed off. Shelli is just pissed at Vanessa.

      • If Shelli returns I’m hoping she will once again team up with Vanessa and take out the Austwins. At least Shelli is on to Vanessa now and can play accordingly once the bigger threat of the Austwins are out of the game.

      • Since Becky injured her toe Shelli might be the only person capable of besting Liz in the comps now.
        Can’t wait to see what Shelli would do next. I do not want to see Liz become a comp beast !

      • Very true. I’m hoping for that miracle of Shelli winning to come back and then winning HoH! That would be the greatest comeback in this game.

      • I agree. Vanessa knows she’s 4th with the twins and Austin. If Shelli came back they might team up for now and split those three up.

      • As long as Shelli wins the game I wouldn’t mind seeing her team up with Vanessa either. Since the Austwins linger at the bottom of the JOkers polls ratings will really suffer if the Austwins continue to control the game.

      • Except we heard Becky say if she is still on jury at F2 and Vanessa is one of F2 Vanessa would get Becky’s vote because “she’s the best game player.”

      • After Vanessa wormed her way out of being one of the noms this week I have to agree. I’m far from being a fan of her but she’s playing a very good game and deserves to win.

  8. So last week Austin’s all up and raring to go against Vanessa if, for some strange reason, he should win HOH. Now, for some strange reason, he’s HOH and all of a sudden Vanessa’s nowhere near his radar. One of two things has happened: (1) Vanessa has gotten back in his head (this one’s an obvious occurrence) and/or (2) production has gotten in his head (not as obvious, but just as likely). Let’s face it: Vanessa is good TV. The Big Brother house, without Vanessa, will literally become a shell of its former self unless production comes up with a few unexpected twists.
    The problem is this: CBS and Big Brother want good TV. Viewership and sponsorship is their bottom line, *not* who wins Big Brother. If Vanessa wins (looking more and more likely), *everybody* will be talking about Season 17, probably till the start of Season 18. And who’s the big winner here? CBS. So it shouldn’t matter to us anymore who wins this season, as long as we are guaranteed BB beyond Season18 (18 has already been confirmed). And the longer Vanessa stays in the house, the better that chance becomes.

    • When it came down to the nominations Austin seemed all panicky. He had deals with everyone and his head was spinning. The last person he would speak to changed his mind yet again.
      As time dwindled down to the nomination ceremony he was so confused he decided to speak to Vanessa last.
      Vanessa entered the HOH room for a private talk with Austin and once again she calmly told him what to do and what was best for his game. Since Vanessa and Austin have been working together from the beginning Austin was comfortable with Vanessa taking all the responsibility of the noms off of him and realized he wasn’t ready to lose her just yet.
      After Vanessa pulled that off I decided she deserved to win BB.

  9. I really thought JMAC was smarter than this. I thought near the beginning of the game that he was building relationships, and start manipulating later on.

    But it appears he’s just clueless. Too bad, I liked John.

    • Time to order another pizza again it seems! Maybe an unexpected pizza should be delivered to JMac with a note, “eat this special pizza then WAKE the HELL up boy, you are about to be blindsided!”

    • Johnny Mac is one of the nicest guys to ever play BB and that is a big problem when it comes to playing the game of BB.
      I’m always glad to see a few nice guys in the mix and think he was a good casting choice.

      • Yes, if he were more assertive or aggressive the would step-up his play… just seems that is not her personality. Tend to think JMac & Donny (last season) would have been good friend.

  10. If John throws the competition, then he deserves to go home and hopefully not come back.
    At this point of the game, all of the HGs should not trust each other and try to play for themselves while pretending to make alliances. I hope Steve goes home and John wins the veto. Meg being up on the block will be great for the goblins to stop trusting Austin and his dumb angels.

    • Even if Austin changed his mind about Vanessa, he should still purchase her up to scare her a $ s into submission, LOL

      • I agree. Next to Steve and he should go and Vanessa will know she is alone in the house and hopefully won’t win HOH next week so she can go and never come back.

  11. Hopefully John wins veto wakes up and saves himself. Austin stupid not to put James and Vanessa on block.( he could of told each you are safe used as pawn) Neither will keep the promise made. James put clay and shelli on block after promise if she drop out they were safe. As we know clay went home. Dumb to trust James.

    • If I was James, I’d be shaking in my boots until after Veto ceremony… still think James or Vanessa could be the replacement nom. And at this point Vanessa is almost safe b/c there are at least 2 decent reasons to keep her in until next week.

  12. I hope John is smart enough to figure this out. Hopefully if Steve is a friend he will tell John what’s up. If they wanted to play the game to win they would form a F2 together and “F” the rest of the HGs. If John doesn’t have the will to survive this week then he is not the player I thought he was. I can’t believe they are Vanessa all so afraid of Vanessa. Vote her out and that’s it. Its not like you have to be her friend outside the house.

    • I don’t look for that to happen. Could be wrong. Steve hasn’t been honest/forthcoming with Jmac so why would he pledge his loyalty to the guy with the least time left in the house? You know? I think Steve is trying to win and until he thinks he’s figured out what’s underway, I see him playing his cards close to the vest. Why scare Jmac into winning POV when it only helps Steve’s chances of winning it and staying, by Jmac having a false sense of security? Steve isn’t sure yet what’s up. Doesn’t know if Vanessa got Austin to target him, Jmac or someone else. He’s exercising caution until he figures this out. Probably wise on his part.

      • Yep, Steve about Steve and he’s only giving JMac part of the truth, he’s keeping JMac in the dark as much as he can to increase his odds of winning POV.

  13. When Steve was talking to Austin he also asked in one of those conversations is JMac plan B. That’s why one of the times Steve was talking to himself he said JMac is going this week and I’m going next. Steve knows Vanessa and James aren’t going anywhere. And JMac is not revealing everything. He’s picking Meg because he knows she’s a loser and he has a better chance of winning. Like I said before he’s not stupid.

  14. All the players are so worried about Vanessa winning when the real threat is Liz. She has astrong three person alliance and both Austin and Julia would bring her to the end. If the voted Liz out then Austin would probably self evict and Julia hasn’t won anything. They should have been targeting Liz not Vanessa if they don’t get her out next week they will lose their chance.

    • I am thinking that this is WHY she is “with” Austin. No way she can actually stand him. Julia has made it clear that she hates him but lately is all smiles. I think that Liz and Julia are using Austin as a shield and that Liz is taking more than one for the team. It is a sick tactic but unfortunately it works.

      I think that once Austin has outlived his usefulness he will be a very lonely man– in AND out of the house.

  15. Everyone gives Austin too much credit. I don’t believe he really analyzes strategy much. For this week he just wanted to win the hoh room for him and his boo, and he didn’t man up and nominate Vanessa so just went with nominating iMac and Steve ( since he seems to want to stick with twins and goblins).

      • And everybody is yelling back “DON’T PUT ME UP”!!!! Have they not figured out that at the end of the game there will be “2” of them left with only “1” winner????

    • Really?..I don’t think so. Everyone or majority here gives gives him credit for being gross….he’s a side show.

  16. Zingbit has a lot of material…from Vanessa’s green beanie, to Liz’s hickey, Austin’s tune filled pony beard, Meg’s “fall”, Steve’s camera talks, James’ scare tactics, Julia not being picked for anything….

  17. Austin is in for a rude awakening when he finally leaves the house and learns that his expected continued “TV Time” is OVER.

  18. I am thinking that here is WHY Liz is “with” Austin: There is no way she can actually stand Austin but is just using him like the ho that she is. Julia has also made it clear in the past many times that she hates him but notice lately is all smiles?

    Therefore, I think that Liz and Julia are merely using Austin as a meat shield and Liz is the chosen twin that is taking more than one for the team. It is a sick tactic …. but unfortunately history proves that it works.

    I think that once Austin has outlived his usefulness, then he will be a very lonely man– in AND out of the house.

    • Hopefully Liz and Julia have some kind of brain between the 2 of them (i.e. college educated and all that) and put Austin OTB with Meg possibly.

  19. If JohnnyMac goes out this week not knowing that he is being blindsided, I hope that he looks at Steve and says “Olly”

  20. More Zingbot predictions …
    What is the Twins favorite wine? Chardonaaaaaayyyyyy.

    We all know that Austin sucks. The proof is on Liz’s neck.

    Meg so much wants to be like Becky that she let the OTEV train smack her in the face.

    JMac will be changing the sign outside his office to his new name – Dr. Pawn

    If the shower stops working, HG’s should stand under Vanessa’s eyes and call her a bully.

    James’s pranks are almost as scary as Austin’s garbage-dump-in-a-beard.

  21. If Vanessa stays this week, I hope she wins HOH and puts up anyone of the Arsetriplets, that would teach them. Vanessa is smart and knows she needs to break them up soon. They only have one, maybe two more evictions before they control the house (with numbers).

  22. Can’t stand Vanessa, but if she ends up winning, she will deserve it. Easily maniuplating the weak ones, like Austin, all season long. For a big, bad pro wrestler, he doesn’t exhibit much courage.

  23. I hope Vanessa wins the veto. Sorry to all the John fans, but enough is enough. He needs to go. He was a lot of fun at first, but now he’s just a wet blanket and his shtick as worn thin. John needs to go and not come back. I want Jackie back in the house, and I want Austin and Liz gone. This needs to happen and we’ll be set.

    • I agree John should go. But not because of how he acts. He can be an entertaining side show & I think a lot of people like him because of his antics.

      But as a gameplayer, he is terrible. That’s why I think he should go. He is a non-strategic piece for all sides – i.e. just a number. And he does nothing to make himself more than that. Volunteering to be a pawn this week & expecting others to throw HOH to him – HELLO!

      • Hey, at least give JMac until the end of the week, I believe he’ll be all out to win Veto, something about Veto comps get him jacked.

  24. At this point, as much as I detest Vanessa’s histrionics, I do believe she has one of the best brain’s for the game among the remaining in the house (and yes that hurts to admit). While I am NOT rooting for her I am curious what you all think will be her strategy going forward. Who does she go after first? How does she get passed the Austwins etc….

      • That would be the best scenario in my mind, although I believe most think she will go after Austin first for some reason, leaving the twins 2 strong against her. I can’t understand that rationalization.

      • Even though the former SS alliance have had many disagreements in the past over shady gameplay; in the end they always end up together and change their minds about evicting one of their own, even though they realize this will have to happen sooner or later. They just seem more comfortable with each other and I can see why they would want to stick together to make the final 4.
        If they do survive that far into the game I can see a Vanessa or Austin win.
        Has Vanessa or Austin even been nominated yet?

  25. I am not a JMac fan or hater but I honestly don’t think he’ll throw the veto. That would be stupid. While JMac’s allegiance to Clelli was stupid, I don’t think he is stupid in general. So I think JMac will be fighting to win.

  26. It’s hard to believe that the Austwins are dead set on getting rid of JMac since this only seems to benefit Vanessa’s game.
    I don’t know how she does it but Vanessa is once again controlling the game.
    What happened to “let’s keep JMac since he wants to evict Vanessa” alliance?

    • Not really, they’re willing to let James do it for them, believing their 3 votes will be enough to take them to the end and take out anyone left standing after they’ve outlived their usefulness.

      • The only person that will benefit from the possible JMac eviction is Vanessa since JMac has been working well with the Austwins and throwing comps when asked.
        For what conceivable reason would the Austwins want him gone instead of a more dangerous James or Steve? Vanessa obviously has something to do with this.

      • There are many reasons – I’ll list a few…

        1. Austin knows that Steve-Jmac are a block of 2. They are a block of 2 that could flip on them instead of Vanessa – who is only 1.

        2. For all the hate she gets, Van is far more loyal and a better shield. Austin trusts her. And Van really does not have anyone else. That is easier to control.

        3. Austin needs Vanessa (or possibly James) to ultimately help him take out Julia. I believe he feels she is the best one to help him.

        4. Jmac’s only contribution is his myopic focus on getting rid of Van – then what?? Austin is not close with Jmac. He doesn’t know where he will turn after Van is gone. I think this is directly tied to #1 above – I don’t think the Austwins trust Steve either.

        5. Van would be the best partner to help with the inevitable attack that is to come on Austwins. Sure, Austin could take out Steve or James – but which one???

        6. “Jmac has been working well with the Austwins” – for a week or so. He was closer to Shelli/Clay before that and was doing their bidding. Jmac is in the last of the austwin alliances and is the most expendable

      • If Austin is planning on Vanessa doing all the dirty work for him he should realize that Vanessa would probably win instead of him.
        Austin should also realize that Steve is a much more dangerous threat than JMac.
        Vanessa might be all alone right now, but if she were to team up with the survivors to go against the Austwins I think she would be able to do this without too many problems.
        I do agree with the Austwins strategy that as long as Vanessa is in the game she is a bigger threat than the Austwins – but Vanessa will probably be able to sway the remaining HG’s to realize that the Austwins are a much more dangerous alliance than Vanessa since she is all alone now.
        I would like to believe that Austin is a master strategist but since he let Vanessa decide who should be the noms this week I still think this benefits her more than the Austwins.

      • Jmac is a new alliance and has a former connection with Becky whom they sent home last week. Austin has said in private talks with Julia that he trusts James and Meg more and has more fun with them and would rather keep them longer than Jmac. Vanessa would actually rather have seen James go this week. Knowing all this could change at any moment in this house this is mainly my reasoning…

      • Sorry, but Vanessa definitely wants JMac out before James since JM is on to her and she knows it. He has stated he will be going after Vanessa if and when he wins HOH. That is why Vanessa told Austin to put up Steve and JMac. Remember the one sided fight between Van and JM last week in the HN room and how Vanessa exaggerated that fight to everyone else?

      • In her last minute pitch to Austin right before the noms, Vanessa was attempting to get Austin to put up James with either Jmac OR Steve. She knows BOTH are gunning for her and it’s only a matter of time. She does know the only reason she stayed against Shelli was because of the previous vendetta James had to get Shelli out first. She has not let up throwing out James’ name ever since Austin won HOH. She is just smart enough to know how far she can push him right now with her BB life in his hands.

      • During the last meeting between Vanessa and Austin before the HOH ceremony she was throwing out many names since Austin told her she might be one of the noms but only a pawn and not the intended target.
        So she threw out many names that she should go up against. I can’t even remember them all. But in the end she persuaded Austin to not use her as a pawn and told him he should nominate Steve and JMac with JM as the target – and that’s exactly what Austin did.
        As I mentioned in the first post of our discussion, Austin made noms that benefitted Vanessa. Vanessa has managed to work herself back into the Austwins alliance and is managing Austin’s HOH the same as she has managed most of the HOH’s this year. Besides, Austin is too busy having fun with Meg, James and the twins to worry about stuff like that anyway.

      • Well I hope you’re right anyway because I would much rather see Jmac go home than James!! Jmac is the most boring HG on BB IMO. He adds zero to the house. His DR sessions stopped being funny after the 3rd week…

      • I think James is safe during Austin’s HOH. The only way I could see James going up is if Meg had won POV. But who knows what Vanessa will do when in one of her paranoid states? She might forgive Steve or JMac and decide she wants James out instead. I doubt that will happen or that Austin would stab his buddy in the back right now.
        I wish JMac was a better player too Jenni, but the guy’s so nice I can’t help but root for the good guys sometimes.

      • I so wanted Jmac to be a better player! I really, really feel so sorry for him! He is socially awkward in a nice way, unlike Steve. But as a HG he is just so boring!

  27. Let’s face it they just aren’t very bright. Vanessa has gotten them this far. I don’t like her as a person but have to admit she is a good player. It’s just too bad that we don’t have any other good players this season to measure her against.

  28. I would be more impressed with Vanessa’s gameplay if she wasn’t so paranoid and delusional. because she plays with emotions too much and will end up another Audrey case, I see John leaving this week if he doesn’t pull off Veto, otherwise Austin needs to backdoor Van for the sake of all their games, because no one is winning against her in final two, I hope Becky or Jackie return, because V is going to have no excuses then.

    • I agree about V gameplay and problem is it’s worn thin of the other HGs too.

      Becky probably would go after Liz first, she might even team up w/V and then stab her in the back after Liz is gone. I’d be like, Becky here’s the check that goes w/1st place.

      Were Liz gone it would be interesting to see what happens between Austin & Julia and were that to go under-the-covers I’m done watching. LOL.

      • I just look forward to next week already, when no one can come back and Vanessa can finally get off the live feeds. its long overdue and this game should be more fun, then I wouldn’t care who wins. so long it isn’t the conniving millionaire who doesn’t need the money, I’m not watching BB for her to win money she doesn’t need. just wouldn’t be interesting and if she makes it to final two, I am done with this season.

      • F2… so you’re saying “done with this season” meaning you’d skip the final show? Now that’s funny… lol.

      • The way this season feels, from how everyone is saying V is going home this week, but when they come from DR its like their targets change on a dime and they come up with stupid reasons to nominate or backdoor someone else. I have feeds and I won’t watch their end result of making Vanessa winner, in fact I haven’t been watching since Austwins took over power from the Goblins, I’ll start caring again once V is gone and can’t come back.

  29. I’m wondering ..

    If it comes down to Julia/Austin/Vanessa at Final 3 who does each pick. Does Austin feel compelled to pick Julia for Liz? I would think Julia would rather pick Vanessa, but wouldn’t she feel compelled to pick Austin for Liz. I guess she probably wouldn’t since they are using him, but Liz seems to like him somewhat.

    This season is about to become as boring as last year. While Derek is a mastermind, it made for a very boring year, because you knew the results of each week by the time of nominations. If they don’t get Vanessa out, it is going to be the same way going forward.

  30. OMG, are freaking serious, another week Vanessa stays, they are afraid to send her to jury because they won’t have the votes to win, well keep her in the house much longer and that won’t be a problem because she will win the game.

    • As convincing as she can be, do you really want to be the one that sends her out? So she can convince the whole house to vote for you?

      You gotta think long term! MONEY BABY. More than one game being played here.

      • Exactly!!,if nothing else Vanessa can see beyond one week and frankly she would be your worst enemy in the jury house,could do lots of damage give the time.

  31. Just on jokers:

    Sat 3:53 PM BBTSteve:
    I’m worried about Austwins. Why put up 2 allies unless they’re working
    with James & Meg? JMac: No, we can trust Austwins

    Jmac is so dumb! He may win veto and then Austin will buddy back to him, but if he doesn’t – he is gone.

  32. You don’t win BB by acting like a piece of driftwood and that is what Jmac is currently doing,everyone going into that house realizes on any given week anything is possible on BB,only a fool would think otherwise,to throw a HOH or POV at this point in the show when in no firm alliance is a stupid and sometimes fatal move,James and even space cadet Meg knows that,,Jmac whole attitude the last week or two has gone into the toilet,if he doesn’t come up for air soon then most likely drown this week in lazy stupidity.

  33. JMac is too trusting. Steve was just talking to him after the feeds came back and said I think the Austwins are with James and Meg because why else would he nominate two people in his alliance. JMac says no you can trust them. Wake up Johnny and win the veto or you’re gone.

    • Unfortunately for Steve and JMac, Austin is basing his nominations on having the people he has the most fun with remain in the game and S/JM aren’t as much fun.
      At least Steve tried to warn JMac.

  34. I am thinking that here is WHY Liz is “with” Austin: There is no way she can actually stand Austin but is just using him like the ho that she is. Julia has also made it clear in the past many times that she hates him but notice lately is all smiles?

    Therefore, I think that Liz and Julia are merely using Austin as a meat shield and Liz is the chosen twin that is taking more than one for the team. It is a sick tactic …. but unfortunately history proves that it works.

    I think that once Austin has outlived his usefulness, then he will be a very lonely man– in AND out of the house.

    • If Liz is only using Austin, she’s going to extreme lengths to fool him. Over and above the requirements of duty, I’d say. Not very impressed with her. Doesn’t she know her parents will see what she’s doing?

  35. It’s time for Steve to go and Becky or Shelli to come back … And take over the damn house… Cuz James ain’t doing much no more

  36. Ok if Vanessa doesn’t go by next week look for her to win and Meg 2nd place. Meg may be 3rd, but know one considers her and soon someone of that 4 (Vzan & Astwins) will pick her up in their group.

  37. To everyone saying that Austin is an idiot for not targeting Vanessa, I say…NO, he’s not. He, along with everyone else, still wants to get rid of her, just not yet. They’re waiting until the Returning Juror comes back, THEN target Vanessa. So, looking at it closely, Austin is doing okay, in my opinion.

    • You don’t wait when you have the chance. Who cares which player comes back. It’s always next week. They’ve been saying that for three weeks. Go ahead wait then she wins HOH. Time is running out.

  38. Everyone! Don’t go straight out and say Austin is an idiot! He still wants Vanessa gone, just not yet! They’re waiting for the Returning Juror to come back and then strike. Don’t go crazy and lose all hope, please.

  39. Ugh, John is hopeless :-(. Doesn’t he know the rule ‘never get too comfortable’? He’s really comfortable right now and it’s looking like he isn’t worried about winning too much. Hopefully Steve talked sense in him, if not. Then I can’t feel that sorry for John as he didn’t think clearly. He should know how dangerous Vanessa was and he should’ve tried hard for that HOH from the start, that’s where he messed up. *sigh* whyyyyyy *cries*
    I commend Vanessa, I can’t stand her delusionalness but wow, she gets away from elimination every week, I really think she’s going to win this game unless Becky or Jackie returns and wins an HOH. Liz also has a really good chance to win. I think out of the sixth sense alliance I wanna see Julia win. But I know that’s likely not happening :-(

  40. I understand that everyone wants to get rid of Vanessa but I don’t want to get rid of her now just because I don’t want her to possibly come back. I hope Becky or Jackie come back. I love Johnny mac but I bet hes going to win fan favorite.

  41. I feel CBS only shows the nice guy but there always leave off his terrible playing of the game on the tv shows. I think they could show both he being nice but at the same time being a moron when it comes to playing the game of big brother. I am annoyed with his edits.

      • I did see he came out of DR angry. But thought it was because Liz wouldn’t go to HoH room with him.

      • No..they just put a seed in A’s ear letting him know that someone wants to split the twins up next week or take him out.

      • I’m telling you. Hubby told me that I’ve had CBS Access for awhile now. I don’t remember signing up to get live feeds. Had to have been drunk when I did….I just don’t remember. He said it’s been on the CC for the past 3 months. Ahahahaha That’s the only explanation because I don’t remember having done that! So I watched a bit of the live feeds today…booooorrrrring! My month is up Sept 3, so I took advantage of those! hahaha

      • You are too funny.

        You think JohnnyMac will still be wearing that beautiful smile on his way out?

      • Well sorta, but not really. Doctor told him if someone comes down he has to put up Van, James or Meg. He doesn’t want to put up any of them. Not a lot of options here, huh?

      • Just like when they told James about Shelli. He came out of the DR angry saying he knew it was Shelli who went through his stuff based on the questions they were asking him. Maybe, the same thing they did to Steve. That’s why he was so uncertain today. If, they said anything to John, maybe his head is too thick to get it. lol

      • JMac was soooo pissed when he found out he was the target and Austin said he wasn’t and everything else Austin and twins would throw the HoH, but didn’t.

      • Right? lol I can only hope that whichever one goes is the person that comes back in that same night – then the two of them dominate the game from that point on – I can dream, can’t I?

      • I think the stress will have been too much if Steve goes and comes back than if JMac did. Hate to say this, but we really do deserve to see a girl win this year. As long as it’s Shelli, Jackie or Van who wins. Will crap my drawers if either Meg, Julia or Liz do, more so Julia! :-)

  42. Austin’s pissed. From Jokers: Austin says DR isn’t asking him stuff like “how does it feel to be in a great position & the king of the house” so he’s concerned.

    What an ego!

  43. What I really don’t understand is why HG don’t think about the way they’re treating these other people can have a profound affect on their vote in the jury. You tell a person one thing and turn right around and do the opposite it can lose you a precious vote. I think even if Austin makes it to the end he won’t have the votes. JMHO

  44. Of course production is in control!

    Big Brother is based on the book “1984” by George Orwell, where the government has cameras in every room of every home. That’s Big brother!
    We are all voyuers at heart.

  45. Now look who’s paranoid! From Jokers: Now Austin says the fact JMac asked who to use veto on means he might be playing him (after complaining that no one conferred w/ him after picking veto players).

  46. Austin said that maybe John is an actor who went to dental school. Julia goes….yeah….like that wasn’t his calling or something…lmao. The combined idocracy between those 3 is too much.

  47. I am rooting whomever has the balls to attack the Austweenies first to win the whole thing. I hope it’s James or John.

  48. With the remaining HG, the house is gold mine for Zingbot. Some players will have issues with their zings and take it personal, which I like lol…It’s their reactions afterwards that’s fun to watch on feeds….ok Zingbot, make them feel like crap!

  49. I think I’m coming to the realization that the ones that I hate are probably going to win this game. The hypocrites of BB17 (Austwins and Vanessa), the ones who constantly are responsible for evicting and lying to people meanwhile whining and crying whenever anyone even looks at them funny are tearing through this game right now and facing virtually no opposition.

    But to be honest, I don’t think I’m really rooting for anyone at this point. Aside from the obvious jerks, there’s James who has guts, but he’s incredibly lacking in the ability to perceive what’s going on in the house.

    Let’s be honest, Meg is useless.

    Johnny Mac is flat out terrible at this game, he has no strategy and is completely unaware of his surroundings, all he can do is win comps when he doesn’t need to.

    And that pretty much leaves me with Steve, who finally is catching on a bit, and I liked that he fought back against Austin, but even he is too much of a coward to do anything about it.

  50. Possible veto comps scenarios – ranking from least to most chaotic:

    1. Van wins veto. Noms stay same. 100%. Thursday can’t get here fast enough.
    2. Meg wins veto. 98.152% Noms stay same since she would be too scared that James is renom and I don’t think she would trust Austin even if he said he would put up Van.
    3. Julia wins veto. Julia seems real close to Van. Will be tempted hard if a push comes from Austin/Liz – perhaps if/when Van gets paranoid. But the noms ~90% stay same.
    4. Austin wins veto. More chance he could do it himself to BD Van, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Like #3 – Van would have to get out of line for this to happen. Most likely, noms stay the same – just like Liz did last week.

    And the 2 wildcards…
    5. Steve wins veto. Uses it on himself. Most likely Meg goes up to force the Jmac evict. Van/James BD though has a chance here
    6. Jmac wins veto. Anything could happen. If the target switches to Steve, then perhaps a Meg renom. But maybe Austin relents and sees that he must BD James or less likely Van. But the next 2 days will be feeds gold!

  51. Though I’ve found myself giving up on Jmac as a player, I still hope he wins veto just to screw with Austwins plans. If they cower out and decide not to put on Van, then Meg or James are the alternatives, and it’ll be great to see the Goblins realize just how little they mean to the “Brass Tacks” in the big picture. Could blow up their game.

  52. I know this is super off topic (my apologies), but has there been any mention of Austen’s girlfriend of late? I’m just curious — poor girl.
    Found this quote on the WetPaint site: “Back away, Big Brother ladies! Austin admits that he’s not open to any sort of showmance while on the show because he already has a girlfriend on the outside. Austin says he plans to honor that relationship (his “princess in a castle out there” as he puts it) and, after remembering that homie studies medieval romance literature, are we even surprised? Either way, props to Austin for being loyal!”
    Loyal. Well, that’s a euphemism for cheater I never heard before.

    • And GF didn’t have anything nice to say about Austin as of today I was told by another. She states that “Austin is like leading a horse to water. The dude has to be told when to shower!” How’s that for a supposed gf?

    • The sister of Austinky’s former gf stated on Twitter that she wanted to break up w/ him prior to BB. He begged her not to do that. Also, an open relationship was not an option according to the sister.

      • First of all – ‘Austinky’ is freaking brilliant! Great new-name! Secondly, the man did some significant damage to his career as a professional wrestler with this showmance with Liz. With the scrutiny all public figures, especially athletes, are under with the topic of infidelity or abuse of the fairer sex, Austin has damaged any gains he may have thought he made with the publicity he has garnered by being on BB in regards to his wrestling career. To be clear, Austin has never been in any way abusive towards Liz, but his treatment of Steve combined with his perceived unfaithfulness toward his now ex back home is a lose-lose for Austin’s professional future.

  53. Either Zingbot is going on or Veto comp…I’m thinking Zingbot since it’s been on Fish for about 1/2 hour!

  54. You know what I think is so disingenuous about this season of BB, that they couldn’t find adequate players and had to recruit. The no -recruits didn’t stand a chance, not knowing they were playing not only against the recruits, but production as well. I believe this is why the non-recourse were ill – prepared for this level of play, which in my mind, is unfair at best, and they should be rewarded with hazard pay having to ENDURE VANESSA.

    Penny for your thoughts

      • lol, As far as playing against production, they have to do that every season. I hate the idea of recruits and wish they would only accept players who know the game. I used to think super fans would be good however, knowing the game doesn’t equal being able to play the game.

    • I get that production recruits to find very attractive people to be HG’s because viewers of both genders like to watch eye candy all summer. That being said, I would love a season of super fans vs. recruits (like Survivor’s Fans vs. Favorites). Have the recruits go into the house together first week, followed by the group of super fans. Transparent and up front for all us viewers. That would make a great season IMHO.

      • Yeah but when I was naive to the level of productions’ involvement, I enjoyed it more. Ignorance is bliss.

      • Yeah, you’re right. Sorry that production is really showing their not so invisible hand lately – for both of us. Hoping they don’t ruin their creation.

      • That would be interesting, as long as the recruits were intelligent and not just eye candy. Possibly a generation or so more mature than the current HGs?

      • Well, it appears that recruits this season like Clay, for example, binge-watched previous seasons of BB to prepare. I am guessing that’s all one can do to prepare for the show.

      • Considering Vanessa was a recruit, just a really intelligent one, I can see it working. Becky was also a recruit and even though she made mistakes and is in jury, I still believe she is intelligent and played a decent game. Jackie IMO also caught on to the principles of the game, just maybe a week too late. Whereas, we watched 2 super fans go home before those 2 recruits with Jason and Day. So I think it could be interesting with the right cast…

  55. After Dark is repeating last Thursday’s eviction alongside fish while we wait for the comp to conclude.

  56. This is the first year that I have been on the thread and joker. I am seeing BB in a different light and I no longer feel the same about the show. It’s as if the rose colored glasses have been removed.

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